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Neighbour's dog saves a Farmer's Life


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I saw this on FB. Amazing story!


I had a mother and son stafford rescues. The mother came to me just on a year old with a phantom pregnancy that didn't end up being so phantom! She started to whelp the same day in my care and ended up needing a cesar. The chonk of the litter was quickly adopted when he was old enough but at 6 months developed severe epilepsy. I still had his mum as she had post cesar complications and a hard time of it health wise and we bonded through it. The son was going to be pts so I said I'd take him back too. He was heavily medicated for those first few years but kept safe and loved while we worked on a better way of dealing with the situation (which my amazing vet did).


At the time I lived on a small acreage property and my parents also lived on a small acreage property next door. I'd been unwell for a few days but finally felt well enough to sit out in the sun to at my lunch (cup of soup and a bread roll)/ I started walking down my front stairs and my leg went through the gap and I flipped, cracking my head on the brick wall on my way down and landing on the pavers unconscious. Apparently my scared, medicated boy ran next door and was making high pitched barking noises and running to and fro my parents house towards our shared fenceline. They sensed something was wrong and drove over and found me. His mum was sitting by my head watching and sniffing me. Apparently it wasn't until I was moved that she went in and ate the bread roll and licked up the soup! I'd injured all four limbs and needed medical attention for a while to recover. I still have a big dint in my leg from the fall.


Fast forward a couple of years and both dogs and I were living in the suburbs. We'd had a big day and were all half asleep on the downstairs lounge (split level house). Suddenly the dogs went from 0 to 100 going beserk and flying upstairs. Three men were upstairs ransacking my house for valuables and had been working their way through all the rooms. The dogs chased them out of the house - one from a window (he was later caught with a broken ankle from it) and two from the front door. But instead of chasing them up the street, once they were all off our property the dogs ran back inside to me. By then I'd grabbed the phone and run and hidden in my back yard petrified. Even worse the police could not attend (it was hours before they arrived) and the Triple O operator had me walk with the dogs for protection back through the house to make sure they had gone and lock up the house again. It was terrifying. Changed my entire life.


So those two little rescue dogs with their issues saved me twice. You often hope your dogs would be there for you in a moment of need and mine were. 

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7 hours ago, Little Gifts said:

.... It was terrifying. Changed my entire life. ....



I don't doubt that, it would change anyone's outlook in so many ways.  Fear-trauma of that kind can be coped with and managed, but we never really "get over it" and it colours the way we look at people and our daily environment.  Not being constantly reactive, but aware - 'risk management' becomes second nature.

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I was always very security conscious at work (because of violent clients) but at home I was very cruisy (living on farms and acreage over the years didn't help!). But after the home invasion I had security screens put on everything, even solid glass panels because I felt they could be easily broken. And once you have people in your house you feel they know what you own and might come back. They had been working systematically through my entire upstairs house - looking under mattresses even. My computer was all unplugged and sitting on the front verandah, jewellery boxes were sitting on the front lawn. How did I not know they were there? I had to leave the whole lot like that until the police came the next day for finger printing so all night I was worried they would come back for it all or someone else would steal it (I had a security guard friend doing regular drive bys). So the fact I couldn't clean up and reclaim my life that same night and that the police didn't even have time to come to me when I was in need also made getting over it difficult. I'm still overly security conscious but Jonah is very responsive to stranger danger and has a scary bark!

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That sounds terrifying @Little Gifts. What good dogs you have! I must admit, part of the reason I want dogs back in my life is the alert and security aspect. Living alone was fine at first, but as I get older, I find myself getting more concerned. Even a bark is better than having no warning of intruders at all. I am doubtful my choice of small dog would scare anyone off, but just having more sets of ears in the house with a noisy mouth, would be a comfort to me.  


I have house bunnies and ducks that can make a ruckus when they want to, but it's usually to alert me to a dying fly behind the litter box, or a mouse in the coop :doh: A dog is probably going to care a bit more and attract more attention if I was to be incapacitated in any way.


Amazing story that this man survived. 

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That’s amazing.  Good dog Zollie!


As a kid I always thought my dog Bobby would save me if anyone attacked me because whenever my brother would beat me up Bobby would always come to my aid.

Then one day I was walking through the railway underpass and a man grabbed me.  I was terrified……and so was Bobby. He took off for home without a second glance back at me and left me to look after myself and fend the man off, which luckily for me I did.  

I had a friend with a lovely German Shepherd and she saved his life.  He had a fire break out in his kitchen. Annie the Shepherd started barking and bolted out of the house. My friend was disappointed in her and thought she was a coward.  A short time later some people from up the street came to his house because Annie hadn’t run away in fear, she’d gone for help.   They said she went running into their yard barking and then running back out onto the street. They quickly realised she wanted them to follow her.  What a star she was.   I actually knew Annie and she was a beautiful dog.  If I had a Shepherd I’d love one like her.  Sadly she and her owner have now passed away. 

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