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I very rarely come in here as I can't really cope but I wanted to make a post for Sonny. He is the reason I found this forum so many years ago and he was so very special.


I got him from the pet shop before I knew they were dodgy. Of course I picked the runt of the litter, just thought he needed a bit of feeding up and TLC! Long story short and many vet bills later it turned out he had an intrahepatic portosystemic (liver) shunt. A congenital defect that required a high risk surgical repair. So before his first birthday we made the 15 hour drive to the specialist vet in Sydney and thankfully had a very successful surgery. 


He has been the most amazing dog, typical husky would ping off and never come when called, full of quiet dignity and grace and complete goofball antics. I miss him talking to me and his howl that sounded more like a cat being strangled than a wolf howl. I miss our long walks that used to be runs. I had to learn to be an early riser and a runner even though I am not an early morning person or a runner, he just loved it so much and his joy in running gave me joy.


Even as his body failed his spirit was so strong, but he was tired. I wanted him to tell me he was ready, but he would never be ready to leave. The indomitable husky spirit that I love so much kept him moving on even through the pain. I knew I couldn't let him get to the point where he physically couldn't keep going. So I had the vet come to our home and took him on his last little walk, fed him all the roast chicken he wanted and said goodbye as he lay down beside me. 


It's been a few months now and I'm still heartbroken. I miss him so much.




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How fortunate was Sonny that you took a chance on him and brought him into your care all those years ago.  What special memories he has left you.  I guess we all wish they never had to go, but the time spent with them is always so beautiful and our dogs give us so much.   

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I am so sorry WnH,

I have just said goodbye to my Henry and the missing-him hole in my heart is just there all the time so I know what you are feeling.

They don't live long enough


B :hug:

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