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URGENT - Dog Needing Rescue in Gilgandra

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**Update** - Please be advised that this dog has been rescued.  Unfortunately we will no longer use this site as it does not appear to be the rescue hub that it used to be.





Hi, we have a blue cattledog in the Gilgandra Pound that is in need of a rescue organisation that will be able to provide behavioural training.


Huckleberry was found at the local Caltex Roadhouse on 16 December 2021 by a passing traveller who handed him in to our vet.  Despite advertising, an owner didn't come forward to claim him.  He is a really smart dog - he walks well on a lead and knows basic commands.  He likes to be around people.  However, he is a terrible barker.  This obviously puts potential new owners right off and we are unable to find him a new home.  Interestingly, he does not bark when on a leash.....


Huckleberry is an undesexed male about 5-6 months old.  He is microchipped, flea and worm treated.


Gilgandra Pound only has 6 dog kennels and we currently have 5 dogs in the pound.  Unfortuately, when we are at capacity, we have to start considering the future of our dogs.   Huckleberry deserves to find his place in life.  We are unable to work with a trainer due to distance and we are really hoping that someone will see Huckleberry's potential and will be able to bring out the best in him.


Gilgandra Shire Council has a fantastic track record of rehoming - one of the best in NSW for a rural/remote council.  


You can contact us at [email protected] or call us on (02) 6817 8800 and ask to speak with the Ranger.




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42 minutes ago, tdierikx said:

@asal... any ideas? Huckleberry looks like he really wants to be a good boy... and is only young, so some training might sort out his barking issues...



I love that line!  '...looks like he really wants to be a good boy' :thumbsup:

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On 12/01/2022 at 6:20 PM, persephone said:

has anyone considered that perhaps he has a career as a worker? All that barking may be of use somewhere....

Years ago I bought a Rotti from trainers who were on several acres. 
They were offered a Cattle X that was facing euthanasia because he was a problem barker. 

The trainers put the dog on a wire run above a dam that overlooked their training area where he spent the day running back and forth yapping it's head off at any dog being trained. He, they said, was the perfect distraction for the dogs in training to learn to ignore. 
A win win. 

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