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Heartache and Hope

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On 28 December, my precious Sooty crossed the Bridge and my heart was broken.  She was such an amazing little girl who’d graced my home for just short of three years.  She was so brave and resilient having coped with starvation, untreated broken leg, blindness and neglect before old age and dementia overcame her.  I am so thankful that a managed a decent selfie a few weeks before she passed away, so I have this photo of us together.



I had been fostering two 8 years old Pekingese sisters for a few months who had brought Shala (adopted in June 21) out of her shell and despite telling myself 1000 times, “No, no, no, no!!!” I felt I could not take them away from Shala and am now in the process of adopting them.  So this is Shala jumping up on the couch and giving me kisses for the first time ever.



And here are the little sisters, Bunches (mostly white) and Beatrice, who, despite coming from a puppy mill via the RSPCA, are happy, confident little girls who bring so much brightness into any day.  




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LMO it takes a special person to do what you do.  Giving love and hope to older discarded dogs.   Thank goodness there are people like you to take care of these dogs and bring happiness into their lives.

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Sooty certainly got lucky for the last three years he spent with you.  I'm so sorry he has gone but as always, they leave us with lovely memories.  I've learnt that there is always another dog who needs a place to call home, at least that's what happens at my place!  So glad you have adopted the sisters.  They look very much at home, and will be a comfort for Shala.

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 So very sorry to hear about your precious Sooty.  Definately heartache in losing her, but so , so, wonderful that she found you & that you could find a place in your heart for not just one but two girls to share their days with you & Shala. Wishing your new furry family many long years together! Shala & the Peke sisters look very happy indeed!

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It doesn't matter how long they stay with you they always touch your heart though some (or one) just that little bit more; it seems that Shala has done that with you as did Sooty and Danny-the-legend.

I love the Pekes, I had thought that they were lap-dog sooks until I watched videos of them doing agility...grand wee dogs!

Good luck with the adoption :)


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@Boronia, fancy you remembering Danny :flower:  Yes, he was a bit of a legend - he will always be My Boy.  

As for the Cheeky Peekies (as the groomer calls them), when the rescuer, Denise at PAWS, asked me to start writing their adoption story, the first thing I wrote is that despite being totally gorgeous, they were not ornaments.  

@Deeds, I do the easy bit.  The really special people are those who start rescue organisations and see the horrors day after day after day.  They person I am fostering for at the moment has been doing this for 30 years!!!  And the really tragic thing is that she  and other rescuers say it is getting worse.  

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