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Tick or skin tag ?

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Today I came home to find a spot of dry blood on my Maltese X Shitzu front leg. A closer look and I found a lump pink-ish in colour. I wasn't sure if it was a tick so I thought I should try to rinse in some warm salt water, before picking it off. When I submerged his leg in water and dabbed with a paper towel the dry blood came away instantly and it began to bleed. This is the best pic I could get. Can anyone offer some advise?? Please!



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Take note. I am NOT a vet :)  But ticks are dark. Not pink unless there's one I haven't seen?

Anyway it could be a reaction to a bite or it could be a 'senile wart'. 
The other option is the beginning of a tumour.


So definitely a vet visit.

She may be nibbling at it if there was a scab.
If it's benign and not irritating, we usually get them removed with their dental. 

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17 hours ago, Maltese wit Maltese said:

Thank you everyone for all your responses, it helped to keep me calm I have a vet appointment on thursday so hopefully its nothing but he is 14 (human) years old.       :thanks:    :worship:  :angel:


Let us know how he goes :) :heart:

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