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Phantom pregnancy dogs?

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hi, has anyone gone through phantom pregnancy dogs? how to treat it without medication and if any medication is available in the market, how to buy then.

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We have a working Koolie who regularly gets a phantom pregnancy . We don't "treat it" as such - she has a toy she carries around, sometimes she won't eat for a night  when the due date is ..she never usually has a huge milk supply - we just cut her food back, increase exercise and give her lots of bones/chewy things to distract her . She mothers her toy for some time, then one day decides it is "weaned" ...and is back to normal. 
You may want to discuss things with your vet if it is a problem .  

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I'd be getting a vet check first. Then, is it a full blown phantom where the bitch goes around collecting toys, or just the bitch coming into milk? Most breeders just carry life on as normal. Some cut back food and up exercise to decrease milk.

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