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Puppy Broker Banned From Selling Animals for 3 Years Continued to Trade Illegally . ABC 7.30 Report 10/3/22


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I watched the 7:30 piece about this, and all I could think was that we keep enacting more and more laws, but we aren't doing anything to actually fund the proper enforcement of them. The agencies responsible for that enforcement have other agendas which conflict with the job they are tasked with, which doesn't help either.



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Yep, and when there is sufficient resources to take action, the laws are too weak to prosecute effectively. Think about that in context of the Bill. I’m not saying I support or don’t support the Bill but it’s a complex situation that needs careful consideration. 

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I first saw the stupidity of more and more laws being enacted in 1999 when I became a volunteer at Burwood Animal Shelter.  Up until that time, I had no knowledge at all of the terrible underground of dog farming and abuse.  This was around the time when the Companion Animals Act was being put into legislation and being pretty wet around the ears, I thought this was going to put an end to lost dogs.  How naive can one be?

In my naivety, I put together what I called my Seven Point Plan and one of those points was, @tdierikx, enforce the legislation that already exists.  

After a few years, I realised that people actually don’t want to do anything.  Little frogs, big frogs, all desperately protecting their own little pond or puddle of water.  

The politicians at all levels are useless.  They talk, make big announcements and most of the time nothing happens.  As Greta Thunberg says, we don’t need any more, “Blah, blah, blah.”  So succinctly put, Greta.  

I have said on many occasions, if DOCS can’t protect little children, even those known to be in danger, what chance do our animals have.  

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spot on,  along with on in particular doesnt even bother to work with what is legislated, way prefer to "form the opinion" and act on that, knowing no matter how the targets protest the pollies will back them.


regardless of what is actually legislated, those who have been given the powers to "form the opinion" and strike where they like, just use whatever contributes most to the income stream.


considering their portfolio is now over a billion in assets and investments been pretty successful, all the figures are available in the agm reports but the pollies never question the sacred cow 


let alone put anything in place to hold them accountable or an avenue of appeal for the targets robbed of all rights



trouble is joe public think only the guilty attract the punishment


no one else can be subjected to trial by media?


even pedophiles have more rights than a pet owner

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