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Fun (and great) idea for responding to 'but he is friendly' dog owners


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** I just read this on FB - it said 'copied from an unknown source' so I can't quote the author unfortunately **


"COPIED from an unknown source."

The other day I was at the local public park (not a dog park, but dogs are allowed there). We were walking along in a high movement area so I had my dog a leash. Another dog, off leash, sees us and starts approaching.
My dog needs her space so we start moving away, but the dog got to us before we could leave. My dog was stressing a little so I politely said to the woman, sorry my dog doesn't want to play and ushered her dog away. Her dog gets the message and moves on.
Quite good, right? Here comes the juicy part: As I'm leaving the owner comes to me with a speech more or less like this:
Hey, if your dog is nervous and doesn't even want to play with other dogs, go somewhere else! Don't come to the park and ruin other dogs fun.
I heard this and a wave of fury started taking over, but suddenly I think I had a lightbulb moment and switched gears completely.
With the biggest, friendliest smile, I opened my arms as  wide as I could and said Ohhhhh! Come here... I want to give you a BIG hug!
With panic in her eyes she backs up, speechless and quickly starts walking away.
I said "Hey, don't run, I'm so friendly, come on, I only want to give you a hug! I'm friendly I promise... I just want to Hug You!"
Still speechless and backing away with terror now, I said "Wait, You don't want my friendly hug?" She yelled No!
I said "Well neither does my dog! Have a nice day.!!!" As I walked away, I saw her just standing there,
speechless and she was leashing her dog!
I think I'll try this approach more often

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