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Senior GSP Advice - Melbourne

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Hi there everyone, I'm hoping someone here might be able help with regards to my lovely senior Geman Pointer (13yrs).


The sweet old lady has been living with my mum for the last 5 years after I moved to Melbourne at the same time. 


She's been declining over the last yefew years with some hip and back issues but she still gets around reasonably well and doesn't seem to be in pain generally.


It's got to a point where mum no longer feels she can look after her and is suggesting that we put her to sleep. I am having a hard time with this option given how alert and aware the old girl still is. 


I work long hours from the office most weeks, and live in a 1-beddy. Hence why she hasn't been living with me to date. 


I'm willing to try her at my apartment, but will need something to assist in her care if I need to leave her for long stretches at a time.


Does anyone have any resources, advice, options or thoughts on this.

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You could try AAMBR


And in the Pet Professional Guild Australia directory, go to the advanced search, select state is VIC, then click the relevant items under pet care services and see who is in your area.



A lot of the people in the PPGA directory are also force free trainers, so if needed they could help you with an enrichment plan and any training she might need for apartment living, e.g. using a toileting area, navigating lifts, being ok with noise from neighbouring units or hallways, and building up her alone time.


If you ever need veterinary help for behaviour (e.g. anxiety, dementia) or pain, I can highly recommend Dr Kat Gregory at Creative Animal Solutions. She has further qualifications in veterinary behaviour, and anaesthesia & critical care (and therefore analgesia), and has lots of experience with GSP.



Might as well throw in this resource for you too.



I’d consider also whether supports could be put in place in the home. If someone came every day to do the yard clean up, a walk or other enrichment activity, feeding, and grooming as required, could they stay at home together?

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Agree with the dog walker option.  Or Doggy Day Care if there aren't too many excitable pups there.  Is she taking any natural supplements or medication for her hip and back issues.


There are a lot of people working from home still.  Maybe one of your neighbours who needs the exercise or who loves dogs.  Much easier to walk an older quieter dog than a younger energetic one.



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The old girl will be in pain with the issues so I gather she is on some form off pain relief .


This is a massive change for an old dog something that may work or something that could be distressing .

It comes down to how the dog copes in a new home,how the dog may cope with strangers taking care and whether the dog copes being alone for soo many hrs .

Maybe do a trial run on a weekend when your home to see how the dog goes .


Relying on neighbours to deal with a senior dog is not an option I would place on someone especially if a large old dog is mobility impaired and needs some help 

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Thanks all. She will be staying put for the time being. We'll keep managing her pain and mobility but it seems like she just had a bad few days.

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