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Can lipomas shrink?

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Hi Members, any experience with shrinking lipomas. My corgi dog Bella of 13 years of age and has two large lipomas on her stomach/chest and one small lump under her right armpit, confirmed by biopsy. 


Since I have returned from interstate and am on a mid-semester break from studies, I have been closely managing her diet to reduce her weight and have noticed her lipomas are starting to shrink. Previously, she was slightly overweight (under 13.5kg). I usually aim to keep her weight around 11.5-12kg.


In researching online, I have gathered they do not disappear entirely but can shrink. I am curious what other dog owners have experienced with your dog's lipomas?

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One of my Giants had a large lipoma in the middle of his back.  It would burst sometimes when he rolled on his back .  It eventually went away altogether.  It did seem to get smaller after each time it burst.

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Lipomas are fatty tissue (there is no fluid in them so I cant see how they could burst - anymore than a human boob can anyway).


You can shrink them with steroids or syringe the fatty tissue out, but I'm not aware of being able to shrink them any other way. I'd suggest the weight reduction is making the lipomas stand out less.

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A sebaceous cyst will burst because of pressure. But often grow back because the whole content (like a cheesy stuff) hasn't come out.

I'm not sure lipoma re-absorb in some way but Anne's probably right. They may have had an extra layer of chubbiness. :) 

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