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Japanese spitz fur

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I have no experience with longhaired dogs but there are owners and groomers here who will answer your questions.

They may need to know how old he is and whether he is desexed or not. A photo may be useful too.

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Not an expert, But a light scissor trim should be ok. But a clip/shave of a spitz coat is not recommended unless fully matted like some of our rescues that come in. :( 


Beau before, with a heavy coat.





Beau after a bath, blow-dry and scissor groom.


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I clip one of as a client regularly, but he has chronic health issues .

A light shape trim of tips wont end the world & clip off doesnt mean disaster BUT if the owner is not brushing weekly to the skin then problems can be created with horrid skin under matter coats,felted so bad the skin will take a beating being brushed out BUT even a matted coat once the layers taken off will still need to be brushed to get the last bit unfelted .
Often using a dryer to dry blow is great at helping move dead coat even some matting whilst being brushed 


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Hi I’ve been grooming almost 30 years so have plenty of experience with these coats, you are best to scissor trim feet, pants, feathering and skirt but never clip the entire dog, it is very hit and miss on how it will affect the coat, there is a risk the coat will not grow back the same and it is often left harder to manage, I have also seen these types of coats grow back patchy, the older the dog the bigger the risk.

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