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Any experience with Lyka Pet Food? Any good? Pros and cons?

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Hi all,


So we've been feeding Eureka a fair bit recently + some home cooked and raw. Due to busy jobs we're looking at adding a more fresh food we can quickly feed and Lyka seems decent.


I know the review on pet food reviews is very good but it doesn't really cover much about how people have found it. Does it work out expensive or do you kinda get locked in with the subscription etc?


This is the review - https://www.petfoodreviews.com.au/lyka-dog-food-review/

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When a friends dog passed away she had some of this left and gave it to me  but my dog refused to eat it also.

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Wolfie eats Lyka for dinner. He refuses to eat the fish version but any of the other varieties are good. 

Breakfast is Prime100 roll. Seems to work for him.

Our foster dog Maggie doesn’t like the chunky textured varieties so she sticks with Royal Canin soft pouches (she’s only 8kg) for dinner and has Prime100 roll for breakfast. Seems to work for her.

Different strokes for different folks :)

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