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When You Can See The Bridge In The Distance


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Hedds, thank you so much for you post. I know exactly how you are feeling. last night I was inthe lounge room with The Divine Miss Sophie( 11.75yo) and Jake( 10-12 yo). The Divine one is ageing by the day and had very bad joint problems and jake has just been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. I could see my couches empty in the far too near future. Then I looked in their eyes and i know that it is not quite time yet. Thank god for every single moment of every single day.

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Hi Katey,

Her name is Jemma, she's a firey little red ACD :laugh:

(well, not so firey at all these days, but she's still with me and I'm thankful for every day I have left with her)

Here she is in March, on prob her last trip to her beloved beach - her dad had to carry her back to the car coz the sand was too much for her.

ETA: Pic


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I read somewhere that the cruellest joke is the short lifespan of the dog.

But they pack so much life into those few short years!

That is surely their gift to us- to live like there's no tomorrow. And when they pass, their memories are with us forever. They aren't really gone when they are so alive within us...

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I started this thread 18 months ago, and today it finishes.

My best friend has gone to Rainbow Bridge.

She went in my arms, and tried to lick the tears slowly leaking down my face away as she calmly waited to go. She was just too worn out and tired to stay any longer. She went the way she had lived her whole life, with dignity, and pride. She is not alone, she has taken a huge chunk of me with her, there is a big hole inside me that cant be filled.

A special thank you to Dr Avril Williams, who has been so wonderful the past few months, and who so kindly came here so Jem could be at home with her family at the end.

I hesitated before posting this, as there are people who have enough darkness in their hearts to find my grief interesting, but I started this thread out of love for a worn out little red dog, who loved hard and long, and it is for her that I am finishing it. No one could say anything anyway that could make me hurt any more than I already am.

Goodnight my darling girl, please wait for me……...




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Be Strong ,Hedds, the piece that your Jemma took with her was for her strength, the gap she leaves is for the memories.

Your post reminded me so much of our red ACD, Gemma who is coming up 13..Thoughts are with you.

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Oh, Hedds :eek: My heart aches for you. :)

It is fitting that you have returned to this topic to bring it to its conclusion, I don't think anyone here would deny your right to publically farewell your beautiful girl.

I remember this topic well, Hedds. Not long after you started it our Stewie was diagnosed with cancer, and reading your beautiful writing helped me in my grief for him. Stewie is at the bridge now, and I know he will keep an eye out for Jemma and show her around.

RIP Jemma, another beautiful furry angel to watch from above :rofl:

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