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Well whatever was wrong with his tummy seems to have fixed itself.

He has only been off antibiotics for two days and he is starting to limp on his front legs again - surely the infection would have cleared up by now. He has been on antibiotics for 4 weeks and had stopped limping about a week ago.

I will just watch him and take him back if the limping gets any worse.

He has slept all day today - lazy bugger.

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Update on the lad.

His leg problem is definitely a cruciate ligament issue but we have been trying to rest it to see if we can get away without surgery (which apparently is inevitable in the long run) for the time being.

We are taking small walks in the park - no running or trying to climb trees to get the birds, every second day. He is resting on the off days and so far that seems to be working.

If he sleeps for a long time, he seems to limp for a while until his leg warms up a bit.

He is weight bearing on it most of the time (unless he acts like a loon and seems to hurt it trying to do things that he should not).

So we have decided to put the surgery on hold indeffinitely, unless he really needs it. When I asked the vet about putting him under for the surgery, he was not worried about it at all. He thinks that Ollie is well enough to cope with it. My biggest concern is the recovery period, it is a long time to recover and he is 11 in June.

That said, we are not saying never, if he needs it, he shall get the operation.

But for now, he is disgustingly well again (touch wood!)

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