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Saba Daba Doo


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My OH's first dog had to be pts today after his back end collapsed and he lost his motor functions

He was 14 years old, deaf and going blind, but he was a happy boy, who loved his bum being scratched, it wasn't unusual for him to come to you backwards so his bum got scratched before anything else! :rofl:

Some photos of him from last month, looking pretty spiffy for his age :D

He will be missed greatly




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sleep well.....

i'm sure that there is that favourite branch awaiting your itchy ass

play hard....

just cos you can.....

our hearts go out to you guys at this difficult time

remember the sunshine feeling when the clouds cover the sky



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What a handsome old boy Saba Daba Doo was and my thoughts go out to you both, 14 years old what a grand old man he was.

You are now young and strong again Saba so run free and be happy at the :rofl:

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Thanks guys, OH is taking it really badly even though we knew it would come soon enough

Saba was very special to him

Lately, when playing with our 2 stafford nutcases Saba had been the best in a long time, following them around the yard and almost playing again, it was great to see his last months with him a bit lively

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