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Anyone Feeding Their Dogs On Raw Food Only?


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I also feed 'part BARF'. I always have a bag of eagle pack holistic dry food around, and I use it as an bulk up for feeds, not a replacement.

I couldnt do any sort of BARF cheaply without a chest freezer (2nd hand) especially for dog food. We buy a box of chicken frames for $5, and get roughly 40-50 frames in a box. I buy bulk chopped beef, roo etc from a greyhound supplier (have to take it home and re bag it into day sized bags) and bones I pick up where ever I see them dirt cheap. The three that I feed here had a shank each yesterday (it was a treat after a big weekend) coz I was in the supermarket and they were reducing them to a crazy price. Flaps, necks, bones, chicken wings etc I buy in bulk on special from wholesalers, and freeze. OH's fishing adventures keep dogs well stocked in whole fish (once gutted in case of hooks etc) and I pick up the odd whole fish when I see it cheap cheap.

Vegies they eat like we do - what is on special that week we pig out on. Yogurt etc the same - some weeks lots, other weeks not so much.

Pretty slack hey? :swear:

Not counting the dry food I choose to use, the rest costs me much less than the tins of dog food I brought in the 'old days'. The dry food is used for high energy days.

Less dog poop and beautiful healthy coats. :banghead:

ETA: Ours do get left over pasta, rice etc. if its available. Leftovers gets scraped into dog bowls, and just mixed into what ever else is on the menu next day. Raw eggs the same. We dont use that many, but if its as cheap to buy a dozen, its a raw egg, shell and all mashed into dins.

Did I mention I was the slackest BARF feeder on DOL? :whip:

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