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I agree!!!    I suppose I should also introduce MY new addition.... LOL.  I'm a little bit smitten with her - she is totally what I was hoping for!     Meet Tempo!   http

Some recent photos of my gorgeous Koda  He will be turning 7 in May! I've made some changes to his lifestyle over the last year, he's lost a bit of fat, coat is shinier and he's generally fitter. I ju

Posted Images

There's some awesome Aussie merchandise out there :) I lost many hours yesterday going through them all :laugh:

I am now on the look out for a nice gold charm to wear on a necklace. I don't wear jewellery much but I do tend to wear stuff that means something to me and I would love to have an Aussie close to heart all day :) I know, I'm a complete sap :laugh:

I have emailed for a price on this one


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Aww Nik!! I agree with MDD, they have grown so quickly!!

We have our first brag. Nova got Best of Breed today :)

Looking forward to trying again this weekend and next weekend.

Poor boy is too tired for photos laugh.gif


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Thanks guys :)

It was our second show, but our first was a year ago in baby puppy. So seemed like a first. biggrin.gif

We have another show on Sunday, but we are the only aussie entered that day. It will be good practice though.

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Well done Lisa and Nova, that's fantastic!

We had a classic Aussie vs. BC play style clash at the park today. A guy had a super focused BC who was taking his ball fetching job very seriously and when he would run after the ball Quinn would run as well, behind and off to the side of him, just for the chase, she doesn't care about the ball. At one stage the ball ended up near some staked tree saplings they're trying to grow at the park so the BC had to go between a couple of them and pick the ball out of mulch. Quinn bounced along behind him so when he turned back around with the ball she was there. She was just standing there but he obviously didn't like her being that close so he bit her on the nose :(

It must have hurt her quite a bit because she yelped and stepped away, but then being her, she decided it wasn't cool for him to bite her so went back at him doing her 'serious' bark. He wasn't one to back down either so they carried on for a few moments but luckily there was no other physical contact after the first bite. You could see neither really wanted to fight but they were both assertive dogs so neither wanted to back down. It settled quickly enough when they responded to us calling them away then poor Quinn just sat panting and looking at me like "what happened? why did he do that?". She recovered quickly though and just has a bit of swelling and a tooth graze on top of her nose to show for it.

It was such a classic example of how different such similar looking breeds actually are!

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Glad Quinn was okay!

Sounds like when Koda is interrupting Dodge when she's herding something. She usually doesn't react because Koda is dominant over her, but she has occasionally given the odd "get away from me, i'm busy" nip... Dodges only method of playing consists of barking, herding and play biting (sometimes a bit too hard though)... yet Koda will punch, body-slam, do zoomies, roll on his back, get exceptionally bouncy... and overall just be an idiot :laugh:

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Lisa go Nova!!! How exciting, congratulations :)

Robo has a new friend, Bucky. He's a 7 week old so still drinking milk. He's fairly tame but still a bit standoffish, loves a scratch on his ears!

I think Robo tries to play with him by running around and kind of invites Bucky to chase him... Bucky doesn't understand so usually stands there looking at him.



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Thanks SG and Scootaloo. We got Best of Breed on Sunday too, but we didn't have any other Aussies against us. It was a great weekend though!

SG I'm glad Quinn is ok. How is she going now? She's not a bit worried about other dogs, or did she bounce back ok?

Scootaloo those photos are gorgeous! You must keep us updated on their adventures together as Bucky grows biggrin.gif

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Good work Lisa and Nova!

We have another Aussie joining our home next weekend :thumbsup:

Hopefully it helps wear Titan down a bit more so he isn't so destructive :D plus he needs company when we go out during the day :laugh:

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Oh, exciting squinty! Hahaha, either Titan will calm down OR you'll have double the trouble :laugh:

Lisa, Quinn was fine, she was back to her usual self within minutes yesterday and was happy and relaxed at the park today. She's a tough little nut :D

ETA - OMG I just accidentally poked her in the eye for the SECOND time today :o I'm more of a danger to her than other dogs apparently :mad

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