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How to post in this forum

This forum has been created specifically for aiding in the re-homing of URGENT dogs that are in a rescue situation. (see below for more info on what constitutes a rescue situation). Keep all 'general' rescue discussion in the main Rescue forum.


To better enable the most effective use of this forum, if you start a new topic, please ensure you accept responsibility to update the current status as required so that obsolete information is kept to a minimum.


When creating the title, please make it descriptive so potential rescuers have a good idea of things from the title without having to open the thread.


When you deem the dog is no longer in need of rescue, please remove it by clicking the 'Remove Topic' button


Topics that are inactive for 5 days will be deemed to be abandoned and will be removed.


If the dog is no longer deemed 'Urgent' but is still in need of rescue and you wish for it to be transferred to the 'Non-Urgent' forum, please Click the 'Report' button and request the thread be moved to non-urgent.


What is a rescue dog?

In order to keep this Rescue Forum as useful as possible (and to help the dogs in greatest need), please use these 2 simple criteria when posting.

  • All dogs listed must be genuine rescues. (i.e. the dog is currently either in a pound/animal refuge or in a foster care situation). Private re-homing is not generally premitted unless the dog risks being harmed, neglected, or will be surrendered to a pound if a home is not found quickly (also see below about private re-homing).
  • Dogs in a private home, foster care or in a rescue groups/individuals care must be advertised as desexed. The only exemption is when the dog is;
    1) Elderly
    2) Too young (There must be a condition in the contract where the dog must be desexed when old enough AND/OR a desexing voucher given. Please state this condition when posting.)

Private re-homing

If you need to re-home your own dog (or you need to re-home a dog on behalf of the current owner) and it is not urgent, please see the "Do you want to re-home your dog" topic for help. A dog in his situation is not really rescue and as such has more appropriate areas where they can be advertised. This will free up the resources for this forum for the dogs in real need.


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Hi Troy,

Just wondering what the process is for moving a post into "Past Requests" with the new forum, as I can't see an equivalent for the icon11.gif symbol with the new layout. You must have your work cut out with the forum upgrade, so no probs if you have more pressing issues to worry about in the near term - thanks for all your hard work!




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There is now a 'Remove Topic' button at the top of the topic when you view it.  This removes the topic from being displayed.  The button is shown only for the person who originally posted the topic.


The 'Past Rescues' forum will be eventually removed.

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