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  1. Hi all,


    I had a dog enrolled with Lort Smith for about 5 years until she passed away at 19 y/o and now I think I'd like to enrol again with my new dog who I know will make an awesome therapy dog.


    So now looking for any recent personal experience with either of the two therapy dog programs, the Lort Smith one and Delta Therapy Dogs. 


    There's only so much one can tell by looking at the two websites so I'd really love to hear from anybody who has recently had anything to do with either of them.


    With any comments or recommendations as to which program would be the better of the two to enrol in Melbourne, one thing , it does look like Delta is not so big in Victoria compared to other states.


    TIA :-)


  2. Has anybody here tried the "Woofin Good" range of dog food Coles recently started selling?




    Interestingly it's made in Italy, ingredients sounded good so I tried a couple of cans with my 5 y/o American Bulldog.   


    Out of the can it looks and smells good and my dog likes it but she seems to be pooing more frequently and very soft stools. 




  3. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-03/baby-dies-after-familys-rottweiler-dog-attacks-in-north-nsw/9506136



    A one-year-old girl has died after she was attacked by a Rottweiler dog in northern New South Wales this afternoon.

    All the Rottweiler's I've known have been lovely dogs.


    I suspect that regardless of the facts of this case the breed's reputation will cop a hit.


    Just like after these years people still seem a little unsure when I tell them my next dog will be another Doberman because of their lovely gentle nature and "velcro" characteristics.


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  4. >Edited. Sorry, looked up the pack. I misread it as thinking you were intending to strap a backpack on her for extra exercise as a ‘cure’ for separation anxiety


    LOL !!    Katie just looked up from her basket when I burst out laughing reading that :-D


    I would love to read what you wrote initially ;-)


    Haven't taken her to a specialist vet but regular vets have agreed it's well ingrained in her since she used to my parent's dog (both passed away now) and she was *never* left alone. So now she only has me and always needs to know where I am or she frets.


    >But lovely you can take her with you too.


    I figure at this stage of her life for her remaining years I don't want to put her through anything stressful. She brought so much joy into the lives of my parents and later she did the same when she was a star pet therapy dog at various hospitals and aged care homes.  Dog therapy trainers have told me she is a 1 in a million dog with her gentle and incredibly forgiving nature even when inadvertently handled roughly by patients.



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  5. Though my 18 y/o Maltese cross Katie is in remarkable health and vigour for any dog, let alone one of her age, her separation anxiety gets a little worse each day.


    I can hardly walk to the end of the driveway before she'll start barking and fretting. If I'm in the bathroom for more than a minute she'll be wandering in and out to make sure I haven't left her home alone.


    So I pretty much need to take her everywhere with me, including work, where luckily my clients adore Katie and have no problem with her wandering around their offices when she's not sleeping quietly in a corner.


    She's also had an Anterior Cuciate Ligament (ACL) operation on one of her knees 9 years ago so I may need to be prepared for the day she has trouble walking, though there's absolutely no sign of that yet, she trots along nicely with my two other dogs and often jumps a step a little higher than she is, to get into the house when she doesn't wait for me to lift her.


    So I've recently gone and bought one of these:



    I haven't tried it out yet, I want to carefully plan how to introduce it to her and I realise I may end up having to give up on the idea. But I'd like to give it a try.


    So wondering if anybody here has any experience with these, especially with smaller, older dogs, and who may have some tips for me.


    The last couple of days I've just left the dog pack lying in and around her basket so she gets used to the look and smell of it. Yes I'm prepared to take things very slowly :)


    Thanks in advance :)







  6. My 17 y/o Maltese absolutely hates bath time, fights me like a wild tiger. Especially hates water anywhere on her face let alone in her eyes.


    Somebody recommended I try a hydrobath for her.


    Can anybody recommend a place I can take her (DIY or they do) in Melbourne, northern suburbs preferably :)


    thanks :)


  7. Just wondering with the laws but what if like my griff or say a pug they have no muzzle to put a muzzle on?

    Get him a false nose from a party shop and whack a muzzle on that :)

    Thanks for the responses everybody.

    I actually didn't know such small muzzles were available. Think I'll order one today for future trips.

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