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  3. yeah she had all the basics done for a presentation like this and it was all normal. Unless it’s something really obscure her symptoms don’t match any of the obvious medical causes for anxiety.
  4. Ohhh..I am glad you put in a photo . It IS a cute shot!
  5. thanks for sharing your story Paul. It’s such a difficult situation. It really resonates with me. I feel so aware that we have no back up plan with her as she is so scared of other people she can’t be looked after by anyone else. Our daughter has been in hospital 300km away for nearly a month now and one of us has always had to stay home to care for Penny. It’s been really hard. It’s a big sacrifice to make. I’m also worried that one day we’ll be backed into a corner. sounds like you did everything for your big lad I hear ya. I am really annoyed but I am also really burned out. I have had to block her as interacting with her was making my stress levels go through the roof. When we rang the department of fair trading they told us we would need to sue and I just don’t think I can go through the stress of that. I will still put in a complaint to the governing body.
  6. Hey guys, I just wanted to drop in with an update. I also appreciate your posts and responses even if I have not responded directly to all of them. gosh it’s hard to know what to write. It’s been such a painful and difficult experience. I feel so much pressure to help her and get her going better but I feel like a mechanic without a tool box a lot of the time. I don’t know how far we can get and I’m trying to be realistic but also optimistic. I wish I could come here and say that I’ve got a plan and we’re doing great and I’ve found some deeper meaning from the whole experience but we’re not there yet. The good news is that Penny is making progress. She’s confident enough in most parts of the house now. She is even opting to go into the front yard sometimes and the front yard is pretty scary because there can be people walking past and the sound of kids playing and noisy cars. She can now be in the same room as our son without feeling scared. The most amazing thing happened two nights ago when I went to take our other dog for a walk and Penny decided that she wanted to come too! She actually did really quite well on the walk as it was late and no one was around. Other than this I don’t take her out more than a couple of times a week to secluded locations. If she gets stressed it can take her a couple of days to be ok again. One of the most tricky things is that she is just so disinterested in food but this too has shown some improvement. When she does eat it’s like even the slightest noise will put her off. It means that when we give her her medication mixed in with some good quality wet food we all wait with bated breath for her to finish. Whilst I’m on this topic I want to say thank goodness for Big Pharma because her Fluoxetine has held the line for us. Interestingly Penny has met up with her sister a couple of times. Her sister is from the same litter and they were together until they were five months old when Penny came to us. Her sister came to live in the same town one month later. But it’s really weird as it’s like they don’t know each other at all. Penny in particular just won’t even acknowledge her sister. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t seen each other since they were eight weeks but they lived together until they were five months. They first met back up after being separated for only one month and there was no acknowledgement between them. I just find it so strange. Anyway I thought it was time to include a photo and it’s a pretty cute photo. This is Penny snuggled up to our big boy Brian.
  7. I watched it on iview. I’ve been following Aticia (Pilbara Dogs) for a few years on Facebook. She’d mentioned Gossip Girl but nothing about how or why she had her. I was surprised to see them on this.
  8. Last week
  9. ..and you have already worked wonders! he certainly looks settled in! LOL The "Portrait of small Dog on Coffee Table" is just delightful Well Done yet again !
  10. My latest little foster is a severe neglect case, but once he is back in full coat he is going to be gorgeous, hence his new name: Dazzy, the Tibetan Spaniel. @mita, @Wiz's Mum His list of ailments is long but all are being steadily addressed and with medication and Malaseb baths already the coat he does have is starting to shine. Dazzy on arrival. N Back from the vet. Cherry eyes fixed, desexed, dental, hernia repaired, biopsy taken of little mass at anus. This turns out to be an Adenoma and will be removed shortly. Settling in. Well, what can you do? The coffee table has long been a favourite of fosters over the years. Dazzy has a meeting tomorrow with prospective adopters, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. He won’t be ready to leave until his Adenoma surgery has been done, but, in the meantime, I have a really sweet, happy loving little dog keeping me on my toes.
  11. It drives me absolutely crazy when I see dogs off leash on busy streets. They do it all the time in my street. It's quiet for Inner Sydney but there are still passing cars and other dogs walking to the park. Half the time the dogs are way in front of the owners or way behind. Talk about having absolutely no control over your dog.
  12. On- leash walking is a very important skill. For owners and pups. The leash is an important training aid ..along with voice, praise, treats, toys, etc. walking on leash is essential if your dog is to lead a life away from the same parks/home routine A dog on leash can go to lunch with you, can walk around the neighbourhood and get to know the area in case they ever get out - they can walk safely along many beaches , in National parks etc where off-lead dogs are not allowed... In the end the leash is just "there' the communication you have with your dog is what keeps it in position/tells it to go slower/to stop/whatever ..the leash is a safety net for a trained dog
  13. Please for the sake of the breed....don't get a border collie
  14. Looking at your list it sounds like you really don’t now what you want . showline Border Collies aren’t less energy and will need daily stimulation Golden Retreivers daily stimulation. Poodles come with the grooming costs you don’t want . Havanese will have grooming expenses if you aren’t prepared to brush . The Papillon I know are either spooks or very active,live life dogs that thrive in agility ,obedience,tracking,scent and trick training which equates too dog with a passion to learn . As to cuddly the dog decides that in the end and how pushy the owners are in there expectations for snuggles . Barking in the end is the owners whilst some breeds can be more vocal the owners decide where the boundaries sit . Goldies and BC can be vocal . Cavies can be whiners . Poodles yappy . Walking offleash will only be as good as the effort you put in and walking onleash is a life skill for the dog especially into its seniors years so onleash walks are very important and something the humans need to commit too ,there only as boring as you make it and offleash parks often teach lots off bad manners,habits and injuries too dogs . There more like the lazy owners option for I sit here whilst dog runs around feral or gets bullied . Training is about the leash .
  15. Your heart seems to have been taken by the Papillons. Lovely looking little dogs. Years ago, a Papillon was a member of the Pal SuperDog Team that used to put on agility displays at events. It was the lone small dog among the team of Border Collies who'd zip around the course, going over hurdles & obstacles. The Papillon would run last and would adapt for its all size...going under hurdles, along tunnels etc at great speed. It was brilliant and was the crowd favourite.
  16. Same here @persephone I think it's going to be a bit addictive. And interesting as a Border Collie person, sho's had one dog that learned to work Merinos, to see the big groups of dogs working on the large properies. No expert .. but they're a nice looking litter of pups.
  17. The paps I've known are smart, energetic dogs. Fairly easy to groom yourself. I've never heard they are hard to house train. I wouldn't recommend taking such a small dog to a dog park. If your daughter want to do some training then she can be the one that grooms it and takes it for on leash walks. That way she'll have a good bond when it comes to training.
  18. Definitely Havanese. I'm not a small dog person but all the Havanese I have met in the park have been absolutely delightful.
  19. Have you sourced any breeders of your chosen breeds? Might be worth doing to see if/when litters are planned - you could be in for a wait, and also to ask any questions regarding the breed.
  20. I will watch it on catch up TV. Was watching the tennis.
  21. @Boronia, fancy you remembering Danny Yes, he was a bit of a legend - he will always be My Boy. As for the Cheeky Peekies (as the groomer calls them), when the rescuer, Denise at PAWS, asked me to start writing their adoption story, the first thing I wrote is that despite being totally gorgeous, they were not ornaments. @Deeds, I do the easy bit. The really special people are those who start rescue organisations and see the horrors day after day after day. They person I am fostering for at the moment has been doing this for 30 years!!! And the really tragic thing is that she and other rescuers say it is getting worse.
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