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  2. Any bull terrier breeders? I have a question...

    Also, yes, I have researched the breed, I'm still deciding if I should get one, and yes I know colour is not important if it's "the right dog" But I'm in the early stages of putting out my feelers and nothing is set in stone. But I do like the solid coloured dogs and that's my preference.
  3. Can I ask any Bull Terrier (or specifically Miniature Bull Terriers, in case it makes a difference?) breeders a question on colour? I've been googling and researching breeders looking for red or tri colour dogs and the majority are brindle, and a lot are mostly white as well. I'm looking for breeders with more solid coloured dogs with no or limited white on their faces. Are dogs without a white blaze less desirable, therefore not bred for? I'm just starting my journey and I know nothing about Bull terrier colours (ie, what's "in" ) so I have no idea if the colours I are looking for (red and tri colour) are harder to find because they are rare and hard to breed or just not very popular. Same goes for the lack of white blaze on the face. I would prefer less white on the face mainly because I live in Tasmania and our sun is HARSH. It's a skin cancer state and I want to prevent risks before they start.
  4. Experiences with dog transport

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow - it will likely be a very emotional day for everyone
  5. Experiences with dog transport

    Fingers firmly crossed for you .. and kudos to your breeder. What a tough situation for her too.
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  7. Be skeptical about boutique dry food

    This article seems a bit biased. They talk about "contract manufacturers", and then say it's a bad thing... But a lot of companies do this. Usually smaller companies that either can't yet afford to run their own factory, or don't have enough orders to warrent a factory at all. (in such case, it may still be made in house, in someone's garage.) This is just basics of business. Only the big companies can really afford to buy or rent their own factory. Also, this article says such products are "not pet tested"... Based on zero evidence. Lastly, this post comes from a blogspot. Whilst genuine articles can come from anywhere, blogs that any random person (or bot) can create should be taken with a grain of salt.
  8. False ultrasounds

    When I was breeding (Labradors, so fairly large) I lived near the Murdoch Uni Vet School. They had top grade equipment and radiographers. My girls pretty consistently had 9 or more pups. They never miscounted by more than one. BUT I don't think they wouldn't even attempt a count at 41 days. I always booked for 31. Ultrasound depends on amniotic fluids to work. By 41 days the pups take up too much room in the uterus for effective scanning... or so I understand it
  9. False ultrasounds

    Thank you so much guys! I really am praying she is. This is our first litter and the excitement is unreal. People try to take our girl home all time is why we decided to breed her so we are really hoping for the best. My hopes were so broken yesterday so I’m just going to keep waiting and hoping the xray shows different. I go back October 2nd, which it 7 days before her due date. So finger crossed! I will keep you all updated.
  10. Experiences with dog transport

    Well, there are no autopsy results yet but the breeder has offered our family the pup that she had retained as she feels so awful about what happened. She is flying here on Sunday. My blood pressure is through the roof and have so many mixed emotions. So heartbroken that the breeder is saying goodbye to the pup she has been bonding with, anxious about the flight, still processing the trauma of what happened, but then excited to welcome our new family member. Fingers crossed it all goes well this weekend.
  11. False ultrasounds

    Nowadays I don’t bother with ultrasounds as they can be problematical both ways. i wait until 7+ weeks then X-ray to get a count which is usually spot on.
  12. Anal Glands

    Thank you jemapelle!
  13. Anal Glands

    I do my dogs' glands and I definitely don't stick my fingers in their anus! Let me see if I can find a video on how I do it. ETA:
  14. Training a pup for confirmation

    In summer I often wore 3/4 length pants and a nice blouse. Never a jacket. I'm awful in the heat.
  15. False ultrasounds

    It can be very hard to pick up pups on an ultrasound. If your dog is pregnant she may be only having one or two. But she is a large breed and was difficult to scan. You could rescan her in a weeks time or get a blood test done to see what her hormones levels are at or wait until the xray. And I would xray just so you know what you are actually dealing with. One pup often doesn't trigger labour. My first litter was only 2 pups. Greyhound. Now there is nowhere to hide anything on a Greyhound and I took weekly photos and yes you can see a slight change in shape and weight as time went by but being obvious? Didn't happen until at least 7 weeks and even then most people would have thought she was just getting a bit fat. Not every mating produces pups. Cross your fingers, hope like hell and xray at the correct time.
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  17. False ultrasounds

    Hi, I took my 3 year old St Bernard to the vet today for an ultrasound. Today she would be around 41 days. Well the ultrasound they did, they couldn’t find anything? Has anyone else ever experienced a incorrect ultrasound. Where their dog was still pregnant? My studs owner said her female didn’t start showing till 45 days. She really isn’t showing any signs other than not really eat, and more lazy in my opinion. People say she looks bigger but I see her everyday so I don’t really notice a difference. I would say maybe her boobs are a little more saggy... any advice. Anything anyone has ever went through. They still want me to go back for the X-ray. That also did say she wasn’t the easiest dog to ultrasound.
  18. RSPCA in the news

    sadly another person made the mistake of thinking RSPCA Yagoona is safe to use as a vet surgery. Took their cat for a "check up" made the fatal mistake of telling how they acquired her. I hope she goes to the press. They are not a vet surgery, NEVER take your pet there if you hope to see it again. Apparently happened this week. 16/9/20 Cheyenne Speed 1d For the past month I had been feeding this beautiful pregnant mum and kittens from our local gym. I then captured them all to try and get them rehomed to have a better life. I have been able to home the kittens(they were 5 months old)! And the pregnant mum had a home too! We took the pregnant cat who was about 1-2 weeks away from giving birth in to RSPCA Australia RSPCA NSW FOR A CHECK UP (they have Vet services at the location taken) We specifically told you we will take her back and look after her. She was just going in for a check up, you said you would keep her overnight just for observation (due to give birth in a week so wanted to check she was healthy and prepared for birth ) We were on the way to pick her up but you called and said you’ll keep her for a couple extra days to monitor her, we said that’s fine let us know when we can come collect her before she gives birth so she isn’t stressed. We didn’t get that call, we contacted you a few times to get updates because you hadn’t called but couldn’t get through and today you told us you EUTHANIZED HER AND HER KITTENS. I am absolutely heartbroken, I feel so incredibly guilty and I have been sitting on my floor in tears. I captured them for a better a life, we would have given this to her, BUT YOU TOOK THIS AWAY FROM HER AND US!! We ONLY took her to you for a check up, because you preach love and care for animals, we thought she would be safe. My whole dance studio was invested in these beautiful cats, they donated food and money to help these kittens and pregnant cat. I went there daily, sometimes twice a day to feed them. Your excuse you told us over the phone... she wouldn’t be domesticated. That wasn’t your call to make, WE TOLD YOU WE WOULD TAKE HER BACK, you were just supposed to do the check up. We need answers and you need to be held accountable. This post won’t bring her back but maybe it will highlight what you do behind the scenes. Don’t preach love and care for animals and decide to kill a cat and her kittens that were due to be born in a week when she had a home. I know we can’t save them all, but she was saved. I am so sorry to everyone and most of all sorry for this beautiful cat that never got the chance to have a forever home and be given the love she deserved.
  19. Training a pup for confirmation

    I’m worried about how hot it will be in the sun in QLD! I’ll find something.
  20. Training a pup for confirmation

    Thanks I just requested to join!!
  21. Training a pup for confirmation

    I wear what Diva wears. And decent covered in shoes.
  22. I appreciate your advice and everyone else who has responded to my question, that’s exactly why I posted on here, to get honest answers from people that have either owned or know both breeds well like yourself. i believe there is a risk with any dog that you bring into your home but I feel I’ve done my research as best I can, not by just posting on here, but speaking with both breeders and owners and gaining a lot of different perspectives, also preparing my son for the possible arrival of a pup/dog too. Thanks for the advice about the small standard, definitely something to consider.
  23. Yes use treats. Wear shoes you can move in. Some women wear skirt suits that look like a cross between mother of the bride and a cocktail party. But trousers and a nice jacket are pretty common too and my outfit is usually black pants, blouse, nice jacket. Just make sure you can bend and run in whatever you wear. if you are on Facebook look for group ‘Australian dog show newbies’. If you post it is your first show and you need a bit of help someone will usually offer a hand.
  24. Transfer of ownership issues

    What state are you in? It’s a matter of law and legislative requirements for companion animals and each state is slightly different. Regardless of state the breeder has absolutely no rights to threaten anything and they’re powerless under the law to do anything too. You legally own the dog (assuming you have proof of purchase) regardless of the previous owners promises to the breeder.
  25. Training a pup for confirmation

    I was so excited but then saw that it is tonight and he isn’t fully vaccinated yet. Such a shame because we are about to register for our first show on the 24th october. Something like this would be invaluable! he has his vax booked for tomorrow. i have no idea what I’m doing but just going with the plan that I will try to make it fun for him. do people use treats in the ring? and what the heck do I wear
  26. Is it just PTSD?

    Thanks I had a great day. My family spoiled me and I didn’t have to cook dinner. Win win.
  27. Grooming for beach loving spoodle

    I'll look into a drier. I've bought a few tools to make grooming work for us, as well as some leave in conditioner, and we've started on grooming manners. At the groomer tomorrow we'll be going through the points you've made!
  28. Is it just PTSD?

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