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  2. Thank you for the recommendation, I have had a look on Pet Rescue and contacted rescues adopting out similar dogs. I haven’t tried Vic Dog Rescue but shall do that now - has high hopes for one rescue but sadly haven’t heard back from them. Very sorry that you were in a similar situation, it’s a very hard call to make.
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  4. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    I've just been to the vets and now have Meloxicam as mentioned by Dogsfevr. There is definite arthritis there so will now see how we go and hope for some improvement.
  5. Limited Slip Padded Collars

    There’s a lady who has a stand at some dog shows who makes great ones, including padded polar fleece. I had her card on the fridge for ages but of course now i can’t find it oh my sister remembered - lucky! https://m.facebook.com/Handmade-for-Hounds-by-Ally-1407832612669976/
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  7. Limited Slip Padded Collars

    Yes, thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think I might just go & get one from America, at least then I know what I am buying...maybe I should buy two at the same time
  8. I had to post this, what a little trooper; going as fast as those little legs will go
  9. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    Seems common sense is still alive somewhere.... Good decision.
  10. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    That is excellent news Snook! Absolutely nothing would be gained from euthanising that staffy. Horrific experience for all involved. I hope the dachschund's family have learnt some important lessons here.
  11. Lost Dog Bungaree/Wallace/Ballarat area

    I am SO pleased. That will help the owner's healing
  12. Have you tried VIC Dog Rescue? Good rescues in VIC - have a look at www.petrescue.com.au and see who is rehoming similar dogs. I'd avoid AWDRI (rescue for working dogs) but plenty of others. I've also had to return a dog i had on trial, he was not good with my other dogs and was getting worse rather than better, it can happen to anyone but the golden rule is always your own pets must come first.
  13. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    I'm pleased to read today that the council have decided the staff was not to blame and will not be euthanise. They have ended the investigation. I'm assuming no charges will brought against the owner of the dachshund either and that the death of her dog is considered punishment enough. https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/pets/hero-the-staffy-saved-from-being-put-down-after-mauling-of-dachshund-c-565288
  14. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    He has never liked the laminate flooring hence I have mats that I put down for him to walk on. He comes in fine just doesn't stay in for long.
  15. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    Well I'll go back to the vets and let them know not to fob me off and that I want answers. I've always found this particular vet to be very good but perhaps he isn't and it is time to find a new one.
  16. Lost Dog Bungaree/Wallace/Ballarat area

    Such good news. Perfect.
  17. OH that is such good news. Her owner will be so relieved … and the little dog.
  18. 'Olly' found on train track after bolting from Western Fwy smash 20 November 2019 A dog that bolted from a car accident on the Western Freeway at Wallace has found safe and well this morning – but her owner remains in hospital. After a cold and hungry night on the run ‘Olly’ turned up at the Bungaree General Store, but friends of the Lara owner – who volunteers at the Ballarat Tramway Museum – had to chase the Maltese-Jack Russell cross for about 2km, picking her up along the Ballarat train line. The owner’s friends desperately searched for the little dog until dark last night, after a car accident around 5pm. Friend Gail said she believed exploding airbags caused the dog to bolt. Olly had been microchipped but had recently chewed off her collar. “The owner is just a mess - an absolute mess - and missing the dog terribly,” she said earlier today. “Even though Olly’s been gone for a short time, we’re just begging that someone can pick her up or just find her for us.” Neville gave the station a call shortly after the story went to air, saying a staffmember at the Bungaree store was a tramways volunteer and recognised the dog straight away. “She looks uninjured, but she’s probably had a cold night,” Neville said. “She was initially quite disressed but she’s now looking relaxed.” Neville and other friends at the museum will look after Olly until her owner is home.Source: https://www.powerfmballarat.com.au/news/local-news/93535-olly-found-on-train-track-after-bolting-from-western-fwy-smash?fbclid=IwAR0PY1SIXPU2EL9WfPW9AlA6ppVETZFrA6iCGGjfQSBZd1mAqNpLk8G6cmILocal News© Power FM Ballarat
  19. well it seems he is safe now Perse whew! there's more info under this post
  20. Lost Dog Bungaree/Wallace/Ballarat area

    Be Safe, little Ollie
  21. Exactly , if he’s limping he’s in pain . You would take something if it was you with arthritis. You would be surprised how much they improve with anti inflammatory meds .
  22. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    Many vets will fob you off at that age ,some will over sell & others treat the dog like each day is a bonus at its age no need to spend much ,it is but it can enjoy some comforts in the progress,personally at that age i would be asking to give a low dose anti inflam meds a go like meloxicam . You don't even have to give it daily but you may be surprised how more restful/relaxed he may be & if limping after walks thats what the pain meds job is for . Discomfort like us can be confusing .
  23. Limited Slip Padded Collars

    Hey @sheena, is it worth contacting Clean Run and asking how cheaply they can ship? A pain with the $ being where it is, but they don't seem to be available here … and with the good quality, it might be worth the extra outlay.
  24. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    What flooring do you have inside? Could he slipping?
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  26. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    Speaking with the breeder we decided we would wait till he is gone before we got a puppy as we feel it would be too annoying for him even though he is very easy going. I had always wanted to let me see out in final days in peace. When we put him on Green lipped mussel years back it made a huge difference. I have been to the vet recently (6 weeks and 4 weeks ago) and they didn't feel he need anything
  27. I wouldn't subject an old dog to a puppy. Green lipped mussel doesn't really cut it for old bones, they need pain meds, anti inflams. dogs in pain take themselves away to be alone. I would do a vet check and get some relief for him.
  28. This came up in a FB page I am following to AUSTRALIAN Caravanning/Camping Travelling With Dogs 28 mins · I have had a major car accident and Ollie has escaped from the car and ran off. Near Wallace and Bungaree 15 mins away from Ballarat. Happened at about 5.40pm on the Western Hwy. If everyone could share it would be great please. Alastair Reither 11 hrs I have had a major car accident and Ollie has escaped from the car and ran off. Near Wallace and Bungaree 15 mins away from Ballarat. Happened at about 5.40pm on the Western Hwy. If everyone could share it would be great please.
  29. Limited Slip Padded Collars

    there are some here on Etsy here
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