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  2. I understand your concern, 47 Celsius is too hot for a dog like pomeranian because he has a double coat. Why don't you try giving him cool haircuts? I've seen many pomeranians in haircuts, that not only cut off the upper coat, but also gives a charming look to them. Here are few examples of haircuts that you can try on your dog. He will definitely look cool in it, and I hope you won't regret later, and the summer problem will also be resolved in this way. You don't need to worry, as the fur will grow again.
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  4. It's all covered in the 'definitions' sections re Council, Police, AWL, RSPCA and Cat Protection. I've not been in a real life scenario so I can't help you with what to do if they want to enter your property.
  5. Thank you for coming back with an update Youare certainly working at changing things! I think we need a photo of the 'good' henry ;)
  6. have a look at this page https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/puppies/cocker-spaniel.asp also go to shows (you can find the events list here https://www.dogzonline.com.au/event-diary/list.asp and sometimes next to the event there will be 'BN' so click on that, it will show you what breed of dogs are entered) and talk to the owners If you cannot see the puppy in person and you are interested in a pup that has been advertised elsewhere make sure that you ask on the Puppy SCAM awareness AUST to see if it's legit https://www.facebook.com/groups/666467654086008/
  7. You have been through so much trauma Rascal. I don’t think anyone would ever feel anything but empathy for the bravery you have shown with everything you have been through and not understand under these circumstances you would need to protect yourself for the sake of yourself and your family.
  8. I feel similar to this. I respect that some situations are different though. But because it is something I hold in myself as a non negotiable in my life it honestly is a situation where my brain won’t let me ‘walk a mile’. It is not a personal attack on anyone as it is devastating losing a much loved family member and I would always empathize with that loss. It is just the way I feel about it.
  9. Ok thanks where could I find or if you know ? Regarding letting the following into your property police council rspca what rights do they have
  10. Hello Everyone I just wanted to provide an update. All is well. I am now in charge of the household. When Henry attacks my ugg boots (whilst wearing them) my hand goes straight down and over his mouth and he releases without injury. He is now 13 months old. I learnt a lot from the vet who came to my home and I was prescribed medication for him to reduce the hyperactivity and aggression but I chose not to use it unless I became absolutely desperate. In short I pick my battles. Ive learnt that after a "NO" if I quickly ask cheerfully "where's your ball" I can mostly redirect his b
  11. Thank you and that’s precisely why I’m telling it, I know it can be very hard for people to understand why others do certain things or behave in certain ways and I just want to get the message across that judging other people without knowing their circumstances is extremely unfair even if you disagree with them. For anyone on here that has not been exposed to death I just want to tell you that the idea of your dog/cat etc just falling asleep and not waking up is not reality and it is more often than not kinder and less stressful to take them in and have them gently and calmly PTS, if only
  12. DPI is kind of the state boss. They set the laws and standards the RSPCA and AWL can inspect. There's also CAA and POCTAA
  13. Thanks for that this is the only / complete thing needed to refer to ?
  14. He is too young. A puppy should be 8-10 weeks old before you bring him home. As your puppy is too young, so he needs to be fed 4 times a day. So better leave someone who can give him food after every 3 hours.
  15. I think telling your story makes people feel normal and if not Atleast understand it’s not that simple and no one needs to know why things changed for you but things happen in life that affect everyone differently .
  16. Hi guys Where exactly can I find the legislation for nsw regarding the housing of dogs ie being kept in a run etc ? And also for a “hobby” breeder is there any legislation apart from general welfare and pups must be microchipped ? Far as I’m aware in nsw there is no specific limits on the amount , correct ? many thanks jeff
  17. No one on here probably cares about me putting in my two cents but I will anyway. I have worked in the animal industry for years, actually my entire adult life, when I was young and naive I couldn’t comprehend anyone not staying with their animal in their last moments, actually I thought they were gutless cowards, then I experienced life and changed my mind. I had to have one of my older cats and also one of my dogs puppies PTS a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t stay with either, you see I have been that person that held numerous clients dogs while the vet administered the injectio
  18. Your post showed your mind was closed so no discussion was possible. You made it very clear what you thought of people who didn't do what you thought they should. Now, before I tell you an opinion I have that would be very hurtful, I will be bowing out of this conversation.
  19. everyone can have an opinion but it doesn't always need to be said out loud.
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  21. Absolutely you can have an opinion just like me but there’s a level class in the way you push it and to say I should think why well that doesn’t offend me what so ever ,your opinion will never hurt me. As a side note a good friend committed suicide after her pets passing . She had mental health issues but was never suicidal. Her mental health team,family ,closest friends and vet clinic worked together for weeks leading up as time was coming to ensure my friends dogs passing was beautiful as she could not be in the room and could not cope with that decision at first ,her v
  22. No. That is one of the advantages of a crate, you are teaching him that crate=bed and security. You can move it wherever suits you and he will still think of it as his bed and safe haven. you can move the crate a bit at a time so that he gradually becomes used to a new position. Dogs who are properly crate trained look upon their crates as refuges and choose to lie in them when they want to relax. Get one big enough to accommodate his sleepy time toys and leave them in there so that he knows where to find them when he is tired. have to second the others —. He is very Cute!
  23. Hi! Me and my fiance are looking for a little fur baby to join our family. Looking for active cocker spaniel breeders that are either in vic or can transport to vic or so forth! thank you so much
  24. so sorry Powerlegs but Perse said it beautifully
  25. Thank you so much Perse. I hadn't thought of it like that.
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