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  2. Tell me about Cancer

    Yep I saw them DD. Bit annoyed actually as the listing makes it seem that having them would be really onerous - and it wouldn't be. To start with you'd need to get on top of things - but they would be easy peasy in the long run. If Sarah was younger and I wasn't in a rental I'd have them in a heartbeat.
  3. Tell me about Cancer

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  5. Tell me about Cancer

    I've got similar photos of both of my guys. So sorry to hear she's not well DDD. Give her a scratch behind the ears for me.
  6. Tell me about Cancer

    They are beautiful.
  7. Ticks???

    Im not too keen on using either product with so many reported bad side effects, especially the Bravecto. I also don't need a preventative since I won't be taking them back there, I just needed the one off treatment to kill what was on them.
  8. Blackhawk Grain Free Salmon

    I know! I can only assume that consumers see 52% and equate that to better quality ingredients with less filler.
  9. Tell me about Cancer

    yerrsss ok, but look at those faces sigh...
  10. Going after chickens

    wrt "quadrants" respectively discussions about it: IMO it doesn't matter how we call it, or how different people class it; what really matters IMO is a) whether it works, and b) whether it is beneficial for the dog and its environment. My goal is not the employment of a specific method for the sake of whatever, my goal is the best outcome for the individual dog and the associated environment. wrt "splitting complex behaviours into tiny parts": that's the challenging and interesting part in herding - I don't think it is possible. While working sheep I can try to take the steam out by letting the dog taking a holding position (drop, stand, hold, etc., ) putting everything "on hold", and despite that it might be a perfect balance, nothing moves: it won't get the dog into a thinking space or to a lower arousal level. She still listens to me, yes, she follows my cues, yes, but compared to agility it is like talking to someone who's mind is far, far away. If the dog has a high drive, you won't get the dog out of this hunting / herding mode if the sheep are still in "striking" distance. In agility I just ask her to drop and she switches from working mode in resting mode in the flick of a second. We can raise or lower the bars, change the course, she might watch, but doesn't bother, till I fire her up again. Wrt knocking bars (happens rarely): it is not a failure for me; I know she always tries to clear it, so if it happens it doesn't matter to me and I never try to correct it. If it happens it is mostly my mistake anyway as I asked her to do it from an impossible angle or confused her with unclear hand signals.
  11. Tell me about Cancer

    Okay, stop looking at them.
  12. Tell me about Cancer

    O Man! no, I don't need any more dogs stop looking at them NOW
  13. Blackhawk Grain Free Salmon

    yes, how stupid is that 52% eeeek imagine what that'd do to a dog's kidneys
  14. Blackhawk Grain Free Salmon

    The 52% is supposed to be that 52% of the total ingredients is made of up protein. But once cooked etc it comes down to the guaranteed analysis of 28%. Not sure why they think that 52% protein is a good advertising point but they obviously think it is.
  15. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    Oh thanks, TSD. I’ve only ever bought syringes for feeding from them, but will look more closely at their goodies.
  16. Gold Coast man kicking dog at park

    Evidence shows that that continues to be the case. I’d like to someone kick, starve, tie up, the magistrates/judges who continue to let these creeps off and they race off down the stairs grinning like champions.
  17. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    They are great DDD - I do shop around for price on worm/flea products but happily buy many things there. Yes! Free shipping today only. And they give you $ off when you earn enough points.
  18. Gold Coast man kicking dog at park

    i saw it on my feed, and i'm sure everyone thinks he as a complete w%%%%%r, full of roids probably . What concerns me most, is the other dog didn't get taken, he is clearly happy to beat his dog in public, and she does nothing either.I actually hope he gets a slap from someone for it, because i'm sure the courts will as usual do FA in giving him a proper sentence.
  19. Going after chickens

    I’m an animal behaviour scientist and I hate getting caught up in the quadrants. It’s a slippery slope to arguments that go round and round in circles. My point is that I selectively reinforce the behaviours I like, split complex behaviours into tiny parts, set my dogs up for success, record keep (notes and video) my training in order to find out what I am doing right/wrong (am I really reinforcing what I think I am?) etc. Something like a NRM is a very rare thing for me to use and is used purposefully in a specific training focus. They are generally over used. I might not even say anything if my dog knocks a bar. I might just take ages to re-set the bar, tie my shoe lace etc. That is sufficient to take the dog out of that high arousal into a thinking space. As for your example about you delivering a late cue and having to call the dog off and the dog becoming “pissed off” I will teach it differently. I have a cue that indicates to the dog that they must pull off the obstacle (again thank you SG). And they get reinforced heavily for demonstrating impulse control. I train it, I build confidence, I test it. Just a different way of approaching the same problem. I agree about treats vs live pheasant or rabbits or quail or whatever. Note I am talking about things I do not how I think they should be done. I have the SAME problems. However, as I said earlier I have learnt how to transfer the value and to use PERMISSIONS. I teach them to run PAST the duck to retrieve the dummy. Then they get to retrieve the duck. I’m always asking how well they understand the behaviour? What if I now add this distraction? I want to get them so high high high with excitement around game or an agility tunnel and then sit when cued quietly. That’s why I can whistle sit my older bitch on a rabbit at 100m. A little lateral thinking is all that’s required.
  20. Blackhawk Grain Free Salmon

    Thanks for that Tassie, it is the exact page I was looking for Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein 28% (min) Crude Fat 18% (min) Crude Fibre 2% (max) Crude Ash 9% (max) Calcium (Ca) 2% (max) Phosphorous (P) 1.20% (max) Moisture 10% (max) ME 3750 Kcal/kg
  21. Where do you buy your Protexin?

  22. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    I was going to mention this org as well because they pop up in my emails from time to time. They have free shipping at the moment. Dreadful response from your original supplier, @westiemum. Unfortunately seems the trend.
  23. Going after chickens

    @TSD: first let me tell you I really wish they had come up with different terms when they described operant conditioning - reinforcement is o.k., but using "positive", "negative" and "punishment" is just a recipe for confusion, heated debates and frustration. Wrt NRM: technically (please take it with a pinch of salt) if employed it represents a stimuli, and if you use it, and the outcome is a decreased unwanted behaviour, well, it is technically positive punishment. Some dogs doesn't like working with NRMs (understandable, you just signalized them that they missed the chance for a juicy treat), some dogs take it neutral or even appreciate the guidance it provides. So whether it is really positive punishment or something else depends actually on the dog. My dog is too fast, respectively I'm too old or too fat for agility, so the only way to guide her around is by cues. I don't use a clinical NRM, but she knows from my changing voice wether she aims for the right or wrong obstacle, or does the right or wrong turn. Iiii, ahhh, no, uhhh. oooohhh etc. gives all the same result - she knows it is the wrong obstacle, listens, and picks (mostly) the right one. If she is unsure, she appreciates my guidance, and even looks for me to ask for it - if I'm too slow with my cue and have to correct her while she is already close to an obstacle she is actually pissed off. With sheep herding it is totally different. You could argue that the noodle is nothing else than a NRM, my dog doesn't bother, it just a reminder that nipping is the wrong choice. She won't take any treats, on a scale from 1-10 the treats she normally (obedience, agility) works for has a value of less than 1 while working with sheep would be 10 or even higher. It all depends on the individual dog, his drives and instincts, the bond between the dog and his handler and the task. Knowing as much as possible about multiple trainings tools and behaviour science helps of course, but I will never settle on a certain approach assuming that this is the silver bullet for all trainings scenarios.
  24. Tell me about Cancer

    @westiemum This is the little couple. Quite a few medical issues, though. https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/580373
  25. Oh that's a shame @The Spotted Devil. But yes, you're right @Jess. It really is hard to juggle .. and especially when instructors are trialling. I'm currently trying to work out a calendar for a Foundation Agility block at our club ... It's just going to have a few big gaps..
  26. Blackhawk Grain Free Salmon

    Hi Boronia. Not sure about your pup with the struvite crystals, but I changed my dogs from BH Fish and Potato to the Grain Free Salmon when my old girl was diagnosed with Lymphoma early last era and our holistic vet said go grain free. So I'm about on my 3rd big bag for my now 9.5 year old BC boy .. he doesn't get a lot - about 3/4 of a cup morning and night. He also gets quite a few treats in training during the day .. but his weight is maintained nicely at 21.2 - 21.5 kg. (My youngster is primarily raw fed (ig Dog Barf patties) but does get some kibble for treats and in her pacifier (Kong). That 52 % protein is misleading, isn't it, but if you scroll further down the Black Hawk Salmon page, you'll find tabs for Ingredients list, and Guaranteed Analysis .. in short 28% protein, 18% fat 2% protein.
  27. Tell me about Cancer

    Yes, photos are the go, copy them into unusual places on your computer that way they pop up when you're looking for something else, it's sad but lovely at the same time. I found a couple of photos of Penny and Mac the other day in a folder marked Garden Pest Info (subfolder 'Rats') Thinking of you and Jeune. Dog-oldness and cancer is the pits!
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