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  2. Litters Due December 2018

    It seems a mess for those with Anatolians ( I dont know much about the breed at all)
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  4. Selecting a Dog Breed

    That’s a bit of a blanket statement as far as GSDs and Labs go, I’ve both known and owned a few of each who would beg to differ when it comes to the great outdoors! Especially since it’s a bit hard to swim or dig (preferably in that order for maximum mud coverage ;) ) whilst inside. It does depend on the owner though IME, if they’re prepared to make their breed-appropriate sized yard a fun, interesting, safe place for their dog (s), not to mention spend time out in it themselves, and just generally be dedicated owners, dogs can indeed do extremely well outside. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people imagine their dog can more or less be “stored” in a tiny, boring “designed with humans in mind” backyard save for a brief walk and a weekly obedience class and expect all to be well. I’d like to see more information circulating about exactly what a good dog-yard is and how to make one as dog friendly as possible. I know that years ago, gardening shows etc used to have regular segments on this...Dr Harry might pop up to tell viewers that dogs enjoy elevated view points to take in views of their ‘hood...just random things that many people don’t seem to take into account now. As for the grooming, Labs are extremely low maintenance, admittedly not as much as a Basenji, but still precious little “work”required. Just their daily swimming/rain chasing activities and the subsequent towel drying will keep their coats sleek, it’s actually better to not overly bathe them since that will mess up their natural oils. Throw in a brush every couple of days, more if required or if you both feel like being beautiful lol and viola, grooming complete. Now the pitbulls, I concur wholeheartedly. I hate especially the current trend of young girls getting one to look cute on Instagram with, only to be devastated when the dog attacks the fellow un neutered male that the owners thought they would just love meeting suddenly and spending the day in a pen with together *eye roll* . As for Brave? Well, even if we take the actual dog raising out of the equation, yes, you’re very brave to be asking for the council etc to please begin hating you. Sorry for the long post and I’m not trying to be a d**k, I’m just over people labelling dogs as incompatible with nature or as high maintenance as a Kardashian when really, those claims come about from people who somehow thought their dog was going to brush themselves whilst sitting calmly amongst their rose garden. If OP can pick up a brush and go outside for a play with their dog, they should be right.
  5. Bone biopsy?

  6. Bone biopsy?

  7. Bone biopsy?

    CT done and biopsy sent off! Cautiously optimistic? CT results are as weird as the Xray, but nothing is screaming "cancer!". Just....weird... (her spleen does have two little bits of hmmm in it, but odd are benign for that location? watchig them) CT results will be sent for international vet forum thing (like DOL but for vets? i love it!). Biopsy ETA is in about a week. Her incision site is super small, so no running for FOUR weeks but calm walks and rallyo are okay also the odd jump here and there isnt a death sentence but try to avoid. Blood and urine back tomorrow I have house split so the dogs will not play when i am not present (and to avoid the sore dog crankieS) Go pick her up in an hour and a half. and pay the bill. ouch. almost fully body CT scan on a big dog OUCH go back in a month for another scan (xraY?) and see if anything changes good or bad.
  8. I noted in your post you said you give him toys when you go to work, and take them away when you get home. Other than you and your girlfriend does he have anything to play with when you get home? If not it will partly be boredom I suspect. My dogs always have access to toys. Nice things to show it's ok to be left are bones, treats and aussie pigs ears. He is jumping because he wants attention and to be with you. I have a dog who digs to china when stressed if we leave him outside, so I don't. He is inside when we aren't home, and inside with me 95% of the time, unless he chooses to be outside. It does not mean he's always getting attention but he's always with us as he is happier. He knows he can come on the couch, but he also has his bed we can send him to when he is too much, and that is great. He is 9 and only just became secure enough to sleep in his own bed this year after a lot of work. I also agree with getting a trainer. Good luck.
  9. Okay thanks! I think we are going to build him a dirt pit towards one end of our yard and see if I can encourage him to dig there instead (: I have actually NEVER seen him dig a hole with my own eyes and he only does it when we're not around. When we were building our garden beds and raking up all the dirt in the area to make the ground even under the pallets we were using he was with us (because I wanted him to be involved) but he didn't dig or try to help us even when we were right in front of him knee deep and messy in the dirt :/ is this normal for him to never do it in front of us even when we're digging too?
  10. Selecting a Dog Breed

    I don't think people were replying to you - Jessica Parker was the one saying 'most people go for GSDs, Labs, or Pitbulls if they're brave', disregarding the fact that none of these breeds would do well mostly outside, nor do they have minimal grooming needs.
  11. Selecting a Dog Breed

    OP, good on you for doing your research into appropriate breeds for your lifestyle part of the reason so many wind up at the “pounds” is because others buy without doing such prior thinking. I have lived all my life with dogs; big, little, cross breeds, rehabilitated rescues, deaf dogs and pedigrees...all have been inside/outside, and all have preferred the outside. Which can feel a tad insulting when they choose their little building under the patio instead of coming in with me! :P Whether a dog will be fine outside for long periods will depend very much on - climate - are you happy to be outside in at least part of your yard in (almost) all types of weather? (Things like snow change the game lol). -yard set up - will the dog have an area that can be an equivalent of “inside”? Such as Access to an insulated & renovated shed (which you’re happy to store only chewable furniture in ;) )? - Are there enough shaded areas/sheltered areas/sunning points/lookout points etc... -are you neighbors nice and not likely to pester your dog? - safety issues - Can you keep your yard clean enough to ensure vermin choose to live in your neighbor’s yard instead? If “yes” to the above, I personally have found that dogs (if their breeding is suited for it) will genuinely prefer you coming out with them instead of having to sit around inside watching you be boring lol. For a first time dog owner, I would actually say go with a puppy. Rescuing requires at best a lot of flexibility on your behalf, as the poor dog has been at least socialised/raised differently to how you’d have liked, and at worst, needs a full time commitment to rehab a traumatised, starved dog who may have life long phobias which they are beyond being desensitised to. You mentioned that you have a large period of leave - if you are willing to spend even four weeks training and secretly/obsessively observing your dog (are they entertained whilst you’re “gone”? Do they know where their water is? Is it in a container they can’t knock over? Are they comfortable and confident? Can they reach that item you swore they couldn’t? Do they know that I leave yet always come back?) then I vote you will be fine it IS work on your behalf - those casual strolls outside have to be timed perfectly - but it makes for a happy and relaxed dog if you’re prepared to stress yourself out for a bit ;) As for actual breed, that honestly depends on your abilities and likes more than anjthing! if you’re at all timid about taking on dog raising, I would be looking at a Lab or Goldy due to how easy they are to train and exercise, but mainly how gentle in nature they are - they’ll forgive you any mistakes far more easily than some other breeds might! Otherwise, I’d head to a Show to check out different breeds, or even ring vet practices for a chat. This will not only help you find out whether X breed is one you’re capable of feeding, treating etc but also give you a read on the person you’d like to be caring for your new addition
  12. 9th Storey Apartment

    I think it's do-able but definitely wouldn't be giving staffy unsupervised access to the balcony with such low clearance. A friend of mine has lived with her GSD from puppyhood to present (5 years old) purely in apartments. I've lived in single room sharehouses with my cattle cross. It's do-able if you put the time and effort in. I would rethink the blue colour though. It's irrelevant to the staffy personality.
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  14. Greyhounds

    welcome to our world Bryan! Are you after a fancy leather collar or a plain one like they use at the races? And there should be a pic and a name
  15. Greyhounds

    OK team... Have recently come aboard the greyhound world.... via rescue.. Ages ago I bought for our whippet a beautiful leather hound collar. Could anyone point me in the right direction.. I've forgotten from whom I did.
  16. Italian Greyhounds

    The corruption of an innocent!
  17. interesting article

    Re the first post. I actually looked at it from the human behaviour perspective and the lack of resilience in our children. It has a ring of truth to it.
  18. Mollymutt

    Boronia I need to get private tuitions from you on online shopping!!! thank you very much indeed eta damn postage us a killer on petandcountrystore, which happens to have the ones I like!
  19. Mollymutt

    can you get them from here F? or is the postage prohibitive? https://www.petandcountrystore.com/en/au/Molly-Mutt/b-88.aspx maybe here---> http://www.mammothpetsupplies.com.au/buy/doog-molly-mutt-stuff-sack-medium-large/2018693 or here---> https://petsuppliesempire.com.au/?s=molly+mutt&post_type=product
  20. Oh good on you for coming to get advice. We humans are not always the right match for some dogs. My own dog, a Shepard x kelpie, is completely bonkers. He came from a home that simply wasn't the right match for him. They were a lovely family, but he was alone all day, needs lots of exercise & brain games. I highly commend his former owners for surrendering him, and I am very thankful they did. He is my dog, he was exactly the dog we were looking for. And he is so happy with us, I feel like I understand him. Anyway, I think you're doing a great job trying so hard. There is absolutely no shame in surrendering the dog (to a proper reputable rescue) if it's not working. It would surely take a huge load off your shoulders! Good luck, hope you find a solution.
  21. Mollymutt

    Does anyone know if this brand has been discontinued in Australia? Their website is down and most stockists seem to be out of stock...
  22. interesting article

    When my boss goes to China on a buying trip he shops in a district where buildings are literally whole neighbourhoods in size. You can walk for literally kilometres inside one building. One day he reckons he walked 17 kilometres inside one building with no backtracking.
  23. Sudden digging (4-5 year old dog)

    We have a designated digging area Same as TSD, I scatter food in the allowed area. Sometimes I go in an turn the dirt over to make it "new and interesting" again over the areas I'd rather they not dig in. Like smack in the middle of the yard. Pretty good about it, fun to watch them dig and I appreciate it being kept to one spot. For the couple of errant holes in the middle of the yard, I didn't correct them or anything. They don't really understand boundaries like I do. Just popped their poo in it and covered over, then hid something REALLY GOOD in the allowed digging area.
  24. Sudden digging (4-5 year old dog)

    I scatter dry food in the sandpit, put dig on command and make sure they have something to DO when I’m outside with them as they are BUSY working dogs. Also, I never ever weed the garden in front of my youngster because her idea of helping is getting straight into that area and digging it up So I’m more likely to take them training and/or for a walk/free run. They they chill inside whilst I work on the garden. We have a bush block up the back and I weed that whilst they run wild as they can dig all they like. Provided our chickens aren’t up there that is To add, my Dalmatian has never been much of a digger and he’s nearly 12 so he hangs out with me in the garden.
  25. To The Spotted Devil - you mention that you use management and training to deal with dog digging. May I ask what kind of strategies you use when you are with your pups?
  26. Okay if it's normal then I guess it's okay... he is just ripping up the grass and digging to the dirt underneath plus he used to spend a lot of time outside at our other places and we didn't have any problems with it - just seems to be at this new place that he has taken it up (which is why I thought maybe there was another reason for it rather than it just being instinct). I may have to invest in getting a patch of dirt or a sandpit that's in another area for him to dig in and direct him to dig there as it would be preferable. Thanks for the tips so far (:
  27. Last week
  28. It is a normal doggy thing to do ..it is not 'acting up ' . Why not give HIM that part of the yard to dig in/play in/chew bones on /have his pool on ..and know he is entertained, relaxed and happy to keep occupied ? many dog owners would be thrilled if their dog would entertain themselves in a particular area :D Compromise ...pick your battles ... be pleased that he does this instead of , say 'fence running/barking at next door people/dogs' . Sorry ..probably not the advice you wanted :P
  29. Sudden digging (4-5 year old dog)

    The funniest photo I have is of my 4 year old Bitch showing her daughter how to dig I LOVE a nice garden but dogs love to dig. I have a sandpit for them but they need lots of reinforcement for using it. So....I use compost panels to lie on top of the ground/grass whilst I’m waiting for things to grow, I train and walk/run them daily AND they are all inside when I’m away from home. Leave them outside for 5 min unsupervised and, yep, they will dig somewhere. It’s a normal dog behaviour that I use management and training to deal with. Punishment is pointless. I just suck it up when they dig something up and balance that annoyance out with how much JOY they bring me.
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