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  2. As an added thought - how do you know it’s demodectic? There are two mange mites - demodectic and sarcoptic. If you live in an area where there might be foxes, wombats or if your dog has come into contact with other dogs, it could be sarcoptic mange which is highly contagious.
  3. Demodectic mange definitely has an hereditary link in chronic/severe cases. The mite, as stated above, lives on all dogs and the immune system normally deals with them and keeps them under control. In dogs with compromised immune systems, the mites run riot. To ensure that is what you’re dealing with, you need a skin scraping done at the vet. The drug of choice to deal with mites is ivermectin, but it’s use is regulated because it’s toxic. If you do a search in this forum for demodex or demodectic mange, you’ll find oodles of info and discussion. I once took in a rescue who had almost no hair left on her body and was one massive skin infection, due to demodex.
  4. If you like Purina Pro Plan I’d give it a go, see if your current dog does well on it. It meets WSAVA criteria. As do Hills and Royal Canin, which is why vets recommend these brands. WSAVA nutrition guidelines and Tufts veterinary nutrition websites have lots of info. I hope your dog’s tummy feels better soon.
  5. My BCs seem to eat grass for a couple of reasons ... occasionally they will throw up after eating it ... but most times .. especially when they can find nice tender grass. it really seems to be just for pleasure .... they are deprived at home, because the visiting pademelons and the occasional rabbit beat them to it.
  6. Well to me a dog is a dog ,, my dogs have always been well looked after lived long healthy lives and been happy dogs i treat them has mates , after all thats why i get a dog . my dogs have always had a role which was to be a good dog and a familly dog , but protector of the property has well , hence i mainly owned big dogs , and for at least 30 years i alweays had two dogs , i figured they need company during the day if no ones home , , regards sleeping simple they slept where they want inside outside i don't care , some would want to sleep outside your bedroom door others go outside in there kennel had one dog who during the day wanted to be in with you , but at night would howl and scratch the door if you did'nt let him out , he would lie in the middle of the garden in a storm and would refuse to come in , would'nt even go in his kennel but heh i'd say to the wife leave him , he's a dog , and he's got a doggy door if he wants to come in , they have all been mates companions protectors and a joy to own ,, now thats my version My wifes version is different all my dogs ,i've never allowed on the furnture , i'd have a cushion which was for them they knew they have there cushions , but soon has i'm gone the wife allowed them on the settee with her , she would give them a bit of whatever she had , one for you one for me sort of thing dispite me saying they know there meal times , I have never been able to convince my wife there dogs , you don't have to leave the light on for them , and you don't have to leave the tele on for them theve got each other when were not home , , even now , when we go out she will always say to our dog , has she gives him a kiss , won't be long baba be good ,, leaves the tele on for him , he don't care he just sleeps ,, i've put the security cameras on my phone and said to her look at this he's not watching tele , he's not budged he's in his bed asleep ,, no matter how much i say to her , he's not a baba he's a dog ,, her answer is always the same he's my baba ...... Now this all coincides with the kids ,, she talks about our 3 lads , and refers to them has the kids ,, it annoys me , i tell her for gods sake woman there not kids , the youngest is 35 theve all got there own kids , there adults not babies ,,, her answer don't care there my babies , Point being who cares what people call there dog , call it furbaby , baba , or dog has long has its treated well who cares
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  8. Thinking , if i wanted a dog thats easy to train , low maintenance , hardy and fit , capable of long runs in summer , one that likes to stay close to its owner , are usually good off lead ,, my first choice would be a heeler ,, but shedding is or can be an issue , so 2nd choice a kelpie ,,, 3rd choice a springer spaniel ,,, other than that i'd give up and just buy a picture of a dog i liked and stick it in my wallet i have owned a heeler and a springer and will say both used to cross country run with me , both would'nt leave my side and too be honest can't really remember except for the occasional once a week brush spending too much time on grooming with any of them
  9. Looking for opinions. I have a 5 month old hound that has a very slight overbite. The top teeth touch but overlap the bottom teeth. She did not have one with her deciduous teeth, it only appeared when the adult incisors came in. The rest of her bite is a perfect scissor bite. What are the chances this will self correct before she is done growing?
  10. The pet store was really good about it, refunded the bag after showed them the Emails from black hawk, picked up a small bag of mfm he likes it but his stomach isn't adjusting at all to it, feed him chicken, veg and rice for a week, stomach started to get back on track, introduced a quarter of a feed of the mfm and his stools have gone back to slop, will call the vet about it but they will just push hill science diet range Tried to find his old food around all the local pet food places but only new stock. So annoying they just switched formula.
  11. I also used my 2 dogs at the time - JoJo and Cindy became Jocin. When I was breeding cats a lot of people used parts of their kids names.
  12. Our dogs love grass when they can get it (dry part of the world ) they graze like the sheep some days! LOL
  13. I imagine it’s especially fresh and tender with all the rain.
  14. My cats eat grass and vomit it up on my rugs with great regularity! I was also under the perception, I think told to me as a young child, that cats and dogs eat grass to aid with digestion and digestive upsets. My cats don't seem to know this though... they just do it. I could stop it by removing the grass I planted in their cat run, but I figure it must hold some value to them and their instinctual ways, so I leave it growing and cleanup after them. More fool me I guess.
  15. Yes some dogs are just cows when it comes to grass I've had a couple. I do believe they will seek out certain grasses if feeling a bit "blah" but it's not likely they will find what they need in built up areas.
  16. Dogs eat grass because they like it LOL. I have noticed that they particularly like the long soft type. I knew one dog who, when let off the lead, would race to a patch and spend ages just having a wonderful time munching the grass and jumping around in it.
  17. Last week
  18. I too have often tried to find info on grass eating. Molly does this too and so does my cat. Doesn’t happen all the time, just on and off and neither appear “off” in any way and I haven’t changed their diets at all.
  19. I have searched the forum for this topic but surprised to find no match. My dogs are all going crazy for grass lately. Like for the last month. We have had lots of rain and when they are let out of a morning they are heading straight for the wet fresh pick. This is a new thing for them. They even stop to eat the grass on our morning walks. I know it was always said that if dogs eat grass they are sick or lacking something but their behaviour is perfectly normal they are energetic and acting the same. I feed mostly black hawk kibble (yes recipe has changed) they also have a small amount of pet mince most days, and a fresh chicken leg once a week. I have bought a more expensive kibble called meals 4 mutts, and we'll see if this makes any difference but meanwhile wondering about others experiences please.
  20. My prefix which I got when I was breeding German Shorthaired pointers, was made up from my two first GSP's Flynn & Tahnee i.e. Flyntahn. I know of quite a few people who have got their prefix this way.
  21. has that only just gone to court? gee no mention of the fact ALL the dogs they didnt take had been given to rescues and all successfully rehomed. Despite the fact they had applied to the court to not only kill the dogs they took but to get a court order to seize all the rest of them, so lucky for the remaining dogs they went to the rescue before the rspca could get them and put them down too. absolute disaster for the rspca's assertion none of them could be safely rehomed. Nor would they let any they had go to the rescues to see if they could rehome them as successfuly as the others they had, public relations disaster only the rspca had problems with the dogs they took, remember the link. the rescue or rescues. forget if it was one or more begged the rspca to let them retrain the ones they wanted to kill. at the time they seized them on the grounds they would not make eye contact with the inspector. it was on tape. Found the link
  22. I agree with Rebanne, go for something pronounceable - short is also good because as well as avoiding the prefixes of every other breeder, you need to remember that the maximum field available when registering pups is 32 spaces, so if you have a long prefix you restrict the spaces available to you for pup names.
  23. I don't disagree with any of the points you have raised. All very valid. I think its more complex than that though, and essential that its not made any more difficult to breed your own dogs with out joining a registry or doing it commercially. For the basic reason that breeding for your own 'backyard' (subjectively) is the foundation of the breeds and domestic dogs in general. If that foundations lost, we will loose Domestic dogs for all but t he most wealthy. No ifs, buts or maybes. Its inevitable with out that foundation to stand on. The near universal breeding of dogs to suit our own needs and environments, purposes etc is the only reason we have Domestic dogs that suit and can adapt to so many varied Human environments. We will lose that ability in our dogs, bit by bit, till theres nothing left and the costs and drawbacks of keeping dogs is too much to be a worth while consideration. 'Back yard' breeding absolutely needs to be done much better though, with much more thought and consideration. Rather than trying to stop byb we would all be better served in promoting the expectation that is done with thought and consideration. The last thing we need is a black market in dogs, yet legislation so far is increasing that likelyhood. Partly though the rising costs of dogs associated with meeting legislative demands. Reducing those able to breed makes commercialization of breeding inevitable to meet demand. Inevitable that those undertaking breeding will be far less likely to have any knowledge or real life experience of how to do it or what it entails. If the idea is greater responsibility taken, its not going to be achieved by reducing our abilities to respond. That can only cause the opposite. Rather than making it harder, any legislation should be to make it easier to do do better, and promote the expectation that it will. The best start would be to reduce the cost of registering entire dogs, but demanding publicly available genetic testing for entires. That means any one with an entire by choice dog has the means to understand the most basic basic requirement of breeding- Some understanding of they have in front of them. Buyers also have that available. Both would quickly understand the importance of using that information. We would be promoting that expectation. It would be the 1st step to promote real responsibility. The only thing we are promoting so far is reduction. If that doesn't stop there is only one end. And a likely gain for Pure bred Pedigrees as well, with that understanding. Win win instead of loose loose. The increasing costs of buying a dog are only going to encourage breeding as a profit venture with less experience and understanding to do it well.. You only have to look at the huge demand of 'covid' dogs and the fall out happening now on Gumtree with supply now rapidly out stripping demand. Not the fault of Gumtree, but poor and unknowledgable choices made. Gumtree just provides a good window to see what IS going on.
  24. You need a word IMO that is easy to pronounce. Also you may change breeds. My prefix that was used for my Greyhounds is actually made up of parts of the names of 3 German Shepherds! That was the breed I thought I would end up breeding. When the time came to register a prefix I thought of all sorts of names to do with greyhounds and yet I kept coming back to my original, put it first and got it. Good luck, I'm not very creative so not much help with a name
  25. 300 dogs would need a decent team of staff to care for to the minimum welfare standards. If done properly, it is not unfeasible... technically... One would be concerned about dead rats in kennels if they had been poisoned by rat baits... the possibility of a dog ingesting a poisoned one would be a major health risk. asal makes a point regarding the fact that commercial breeding may be needed to service demand for pets if AJP proposed legislation is passed. The AR nutters don't seem to understand that the vast majority of pets found in pounds and shelters are NOT typically those bred by registered purebred breeders or even commercial breeders... overwhelmingly they are the unregistered and unchipped products of the backyard breeding "industry". Current AND proposed legislation does little to address that particular issue, even when advised of that fact by those tasked with policing that legislation. Another case of politicians needing to be seen "doing something" to address an issue, but failing to understand exactly what the issue is. T.
  26. Also ring and ask if the ones you like are not already taken, saves you lots of time to know first up what are not already taken. good luck
  27. dont know about others but the link wont open for me
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