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  2. ANKC could not ever have been geared to anything else once they accepted the belief that only pedigree pure bred dogs were worthy of recognition. Thats objective. To anything not of the object. But dogs are the subject. Of their Environment. So inseparable.
  3. She is looking terrific
  4. oodles can never become a fixed type, until their admirers can select for the non shedding gene just for one or there is no point to the resulting puppies anyway. BUT as so many see, too many oodle lovers keep forgetting they need to be regularly groomed AND CLIPPED. TOO MANY poodle owners forget too. I gave up grooming other peoples because they would turn up with an unwashed, ungroomed bundle of knots to the skin and expect to pay the same price as a clean tangle free. forget it as for more and more laws? you cant legislate out stupid.
  5. the ankc is largely geared to exclusion. exclusion of anyone perceived to not breeding only to replace for the next generation. exclusion of anyone perceived to breed pets. my friends Nancy Gate and Betty Stepkovitch used to occasionally take one of mine and show it to champion to shut up the people who thought I was not showing enough and stop dialing the rspca to try and get me into trouble enough to give up being a member and that was from 1980 on. I did show occasionally but I did not like the show scene, I did not like attitudes of too many
  6. @moosmum……..“To measure equality by its diversity can only diminish diversity, because equality cancels it out” I think I might be quoting you. I love this. It’s really not hard to grasp, yet somehow ……..
  7. Value is always subjective. Applying it objectively is negative/subtractive of the value being measured. Those who promote or subscribe to Critical Theory need to understand this. It was the wrong measure of Humanity when we accepted oppression of some. Its the wrong measure to combat it now. The measure of Humanity, or Domestic Dogs, is ONE. With all parts being equal to that sum. There can't be a 'measure' of equality if it really is 'assumed' You can't measure what is equal with out fracturing its sum. An all inclusive
  8. Also , look at the reasons why we have what can be perceived as less than desirable commercial dog breeding facilities. A couple of decades ago there was a strange shift in attitudes regarding dog breeding. When the first few of the really horrible cases of puppy farm busts hit the media, there was naturally an outcry, and the cogs began turning in the “war against puppy farms” . In the race to legislate them out of existence, all that happened was pedigree breeders sort of shot themselves in the foot, where it became positively taboo to actually breed dogs! Breeders eyed suspiciou
  9. People breeding ‘pure breed’ dogs largely don’t seem to be able to grapple with the concept that ‘protecting’ is denying them exactly what they seem so keen on protecting !
  10. The day after her arrival.
  11. Good post scratch ,,,,, I have always been sceptical about showing ect , i've never shown a dog but whilst i can appreciate the time effort put in i question whats happenning , i live over looking a dog beach , i spend half my life on it , either walking or swimming or just in my kayack , i fish there , my little dog is always with me maltese /cross from the pound ,, now he runs up to dogs and people and they come to him , so i always end up talking , and too be honest i look at some breeds and think what the ,hell ,, especielly GSD's , every single owner will say , i got him
  12. Try convincing the farmer with a ‘short coat border collie’ who works hard daily and saves him the wages of several men, that his dog is less worthy than the show winning pedigree border collie, and vice versa...... All dogs have value in the big picture. Before the introduction of conFORMation dog shows, domestic dogs were bred almost exclusively for purpose. And more often than not, practiced their purpose. The look of the dog was secondary to what the dog could do, and even when ‘looks’ were taken into account, preferences were usually based on the terrain the dog was expected t
  13. Looks like a happy healthy dog ,
  14. Though I would update on Toka after her 8/9 months with us. She has filled lots, much healthier. Her chest is not too narrow anymore. She has a natural attraction and love of children I'm very happy with. She seems to pick up very well on language/communication and is becoming much better at it herself. She likes that she make us laugh. Impulse control is ongoing, but she is very biddable otherwise. A good alert. Seems quite intelligent!. She has just about learned to open the front door Her old owners came to visit and watching them interact
  15. @sandgrubber I'm not as up to date on what Finland is doing atm, though I heard of some interesting developments from a few years back. Hope their new developments are avoiding the 'solutions' of some European countries ie Breed Wardens. IMO they are only further narrowing the selection pool to cater to those individuals personal priorities. There seems universal agreement that education is needed. The problem is most who agree think it should be up to some one else, or some specific body. A new registry based on function/purpose and responsibility would include tha
  16. Yesterday
  17. only a breeder is supposed to fit the ethical responsible definition by making so little they could not afford to breed unless the sufficient finances to do so at a loss, your time alone is considered to be worth nothing without factoring food, vet, maintenance and parasite, heartworm etc. the mainstay of ankc breeder members used to be pensioners who relied on the 'pin money from their puppies.
  18. Gee wish my litters yielded a decent net profit.
  19. But who should make that decision, when? The pedigree dog fancy has made a mess of it (although a few countries are seriously trying to clean up the mess...Finland is doing some amazing stuff). If clubs were seriously trying for health and good temperament, health data and indicators of temperament would be kept along with parentage, and decision about what to breed would be postponed until breeding age. BTW, the expense of breeding a pup is usually exaggerated by citing the case where things go wrong...unless you pay a living wage for the hours put in caring for the littl
  20. Hi, My pet dog of 14 years sadly passed away last week. To make things worse I am currently trying to move back to QLD, which is quite difficult at this point in time due to the lockdowns. I would prefer a burial for him rather than cremation but can't seem to find any burial cemeteries in Victoria to be exhumed at a later date or transportation companies to send him to a cemetary in Qld. Any help would be appreciated thankyou.
  21. umm its not just our domestic pets in danger according to this. serious food for thought, pardon the pun. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/sep/17/are-we-eating-ourselves-to-extinction?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other&fbclid=IwAR0s4ftAobzaygq6g4iYhApDxbfIvwx8kpNXhfEifEsguuasxbh3jlH_9Kc
  22. We've had magpies and plovers in our playground for years. The kids know to avoid those areas or to run really fast.
  23. Last week
  24. Yes. Let them evolve naturally into breeds, If enough people choose similar types as with the breeds we have. Not create breeds as a short cut to 'legitimacy'. But there should be no shame to admitting a purposeful cross either.
  25. The alternative is to have mentors and the use of proper breeder experienced veterinary services. Education. People breeding popular breeds need to stop lying and claiming fantasy theories about their provenance and health. They are not doing even the 'new' or exotic (meaning long haired frenchies etc) breeds any favours. Extinction isn't going to happen in our lifetime (despite the pressure from PETA and other nutters) but rare and endangered breeds are going to die out due to lack of popularity or even knowledge of their existence. Or maybe even the possessive nature of keepin
  26. "Jessica Hekman: I think it would be that the way that we handle dog breeding as a society is not keeping up with the changes of the 21st century, and that we need to change how we handle dog breeding. I don't think that the changes are actually that difficult. I think the most difficult thing will be overcoming the entrenched perspective in the culture of dog breeding about being what an ethical, responsible breeder looks like. If we can start changing what that picture of a responsible, ethical breeder is, or expanding it to include some new characters, that would be the message that I would
  27. Yes. Thoughtful breeders are an even more endangered “species” than well bred dogs. I think splitting dog breeding enthusiasts into more and more separate and often opposing interest groups will do greater harm than good. Also, although I don’t think the pedigree show dog fraternity has all the answers, I don’t see the benefit of creating new “breeds”. There’s a lot of propaganda about poodle crosses and I doubt if many cooperatives would have sufficient knowledge and resources to stabilise type or temperament and also avoid creating new inbred populations with their own lists of genetic susce
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