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  2. Hey no problem, puppypaws. I just felt the need to check, because you'd be amazed at the sorts of things you see online when it comes to people finding dogs. If you give me your general area, and you can PM if you'd prefer, I may be able to give you some contacts. Some people I know give discounts to rescue groups. It's just that NSW is a BIG place.
  3. Hi guys, Its okay this dog has been through all the correct procedures including doing pound time and had veterinary work completed. She is in rescue with an A+++ rescue group. Just wanting to discuss things with a behaviourist. This dog has been bush most of its life as locals in the area know the history. Please don't make more out of this than necessary. A behaviourist is being contacted by the rescue, But I thought I'd ask who people here recommend.
  4. And how is that variability any different to any other breed or any rescue service? They all have their advantages and disadvantages given there is no such thing as the perfect dog and greys are no exception. It would be really helpful if the 'breed experts' provided a balanced view of the pros and cons of the breed which helped rather than hindered people looking for a dog. Genuine further question not in relation to Maddy's posts: Why is it beginning to look like there is an exclusive club here that you need to belong to before you can suggest a greyhound which doesn't seem to apply to any other breed? Every time someone other than a selected few here suggest a grey they get jumped on and the discussion proceeds to damage the breed further. Its beginning to look like the worst of purebreed snobbery. I actually am beginning to feel very sorry for this breed - there's little hope for it with all this absolutely damning advocacy going on here, not to mention current publicity. I'm not going to discuss greys any further here as I don't want to be party to damaging the breed further. i'll continue to support the breed outside DOL and refer people to GAP. Well done people. Another breed advocate gives up on here. Play on... ETA: And BTW this sort of public discussion is damaging. And I for one am tired of trying to defend it and explain it to people who are simply trying to choose a dog.
  5. What about a beagle ? Meduim size , robust , sturdy . Will happily spend ages with its nose to ground in offlead park .
  6. I'd use welded panels rather than chain link... and at least 4-5mm mesh at that. I had a rotti who managed to literally stretch and tear open chain link when he was determined to get out... errr! When I built my pet fox enclosure, I attached welded 5mm gal mesh panels to wooden framework - but I have the frame on the OUTSIDE. Mesh was attached with gal stripping with bolts at around 5-6cm gaps. Foxes are smarter than the average dog, and mine haven't worked out any way to escape yet. The run is also on a concrete slab, and has colorbond roofing also bolted at 5-6cm intervals. Easy peasy to build for this old woman actually, so you should have no trouble doing something even more flash for young Kotz... *grin* T.
  7. I don't know. It is meant to be a chew toy, I've seen them before. Maybe he was wearing a different red collar and it's a coincidence, but I have never heard of a "coiled collar" before? I have seen coiled springy leads made out of those surf leg rope type materials, maybe they got collar and leash mixed up, people do that surprisingly often. Nonetheless it is quite a weird turn of events. I am annoyed though that he tricked the public, the media and let alone the police into thinking it was true though, such a low thing to do. Perhaps he had a (probably twisted) reason to do so, but regardless.
  8. Listening to the media today and it seems like it was a bullshit story. He and someone else own the puppy (probably an ex partner) and he claimed it was stolen and it wasn't. He's been charged with making a false statement or whatever the charge is. What an asshole.
  9. We wired panel to panel ... it probably could be done better ;)
  10. This government has plenty of balls when it comes to shutting the door to pensioners, anyone unfortunate to have to deal with centrelink, some one killed themselves last week because he couldn't cope with all the demand letters for return of payments yet they had been advised he had mental health issues and did not owe anything. As I said earlier cut the funding to shelters and domestic violence resources. Plenty of balls when it suits them whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty, thousands should not be penalised for the few who do break the law. surely a domestic violence victim should have the same protection as a rabbit or any other species used for live baiting? at the moment that does not seen to be the case. although I suppose it would be a long bow to shut down marriage or defacto relationships to stop it happening? Thats what you are calling for as regards the greyhound owners, although it seems many value a dogs right to life and happiness, over and above someones spouse in the same danger..
  11. That muzzle looks like if the dog pressed its mouth to something, it could grab a mouthful of the muzzle and start chewing. If Monty really needs a muzzle to stop him from eating things, I'd suggest a quality basket muzzle with a stool guard.
  12. This. I've had my fair share of complete nutters. They were nice nutters, for the most part, but a 35kg dog that is made of muscles and excitement can be a difficult dog to manage. A lot of people seem to expect a gentle giant who will cuddle all day on the couch, surrounded by kittens and baby bunnies (a dog sold to them by groups like Animals Australia), and they're often disappointed to discover that greys (not unlike other breeds) come in a spectrum of activity and prey drive levels. I've rehomed a handful of kitten-cuddlers but the vast majority are somewhere in the middle- they love a good nap but they're not above wrenching your arm from its socket if they happen to spot a cat while out walking. Also, I think it's worth pointing out that not all GAPs are created equal. Some, like GAP Victoria, have a very good reputation for doings things right. Others.. not so much. It's no different to any other rescue/rehoming group in that you have to do your research.
  13. I have some panels from pet panels aswell. They are very sturdy. You will need to add your own floor if you think he'll dig out and a roof.
  14. The other morning I woke up at 6:30 to the sound of Monty coughing and vomiting up a (medium) mango seed. The second morning in a row that he threw up something weird. Over the year we've had him, he has been notorious for eating weird things, he's not as bad as some dogs but it's pretty dangerous! We have several fruit trees, and when each come into season he eats the fruit/nuts that fall (excluding mulburries, he also picks those haha). At the moment he has been chewing up macadamias (the hard shell then (probably) eating the poisonous nuts which are nowhere to be seen among the crunched up shells and peels) and also mangoes. The bats get in the mango tree despite all of our efforts to stop them, then they take a little nibble out of the mangoes and often drop the rest in the middle of the yard. Then Monty will go and eat the rest, usually skin and all, and at least one time he has eaten the seed too (the one he threw up!) Surprisingly this hasn't had any particularly negative effects, and gorging on lily pillies doesn't seem to do much either and mulberries when they are in season just causes purple poos and a tummy ache. But one day I swear that dog is going to make himself really sick. I was really worried about him getting a disease from the bats but apparently it's very uncommon and things like Hendra virus are spread from bats to horses to dogs? We have tried fencing the trees off with a temporary wire fence and a puppy pen kind of thing, and we pick the fruit up as often as possible but it doesn't help much. I was thinking of maybe trying a "Smuzzle?" any thoughts?
  15. Do you think the red thing around his neck is meant to be the 'red coiled collar' they talk about? I find it really bizarre. It looks more like a toy.
  16. They're still changing but along the same lines. Daisy has become like velcro. She wants to sit on your lap and sleep on you when it's nap time. Obi is still ADHD and and likes a quick cuddle, but he's always more interested in playing. He's the first to wake and the last of wind down. He's go, go, go. I'm so in love with these two! ❤ They're tiny too. They look big in the pic but being a petite breed, they're still quite small. I love watching them slink around the house. When you first come home or when they first wake up, they roll over in front of you again and again, wanting tickles on their bellies. They purr non-stop. Daisy is vocal but Obi not as much.
  17. Good to hear SG... you have gone way above and beyond for this rescue and Molly, but you and your own dogs need some downtime now... T.
  18. It's close to an outcome now T, one way or another
  19. Here's the new news report. ^^^ Not sure if it's true, but apparently he made the story up to cover up for accidentally killing him or losing him or something. That's appalling that someone would make rubbish up like that, wasting police time, the public's time and media coverage. I remember thinking "wow, it's unusual that it has been so widely covered", but obviously it's because a) dog lovers felt sorry for the owner and the dog, and b) media would've known it made for good story; a cute pug with a cute name stolen at knife point. Meanwhile actual stolen dogs and lost dogs aren't getting coverage (suppose that's "boring" for news) This whole time we were worrying for the owner, and being worried about what these "burglars" would do to Egg, but then it was the owner we should be skeptical of... Hopefully Egg is ok. (if he ever actually existed I suppose.)
  20. You can't control live baiting because it's done on private property where no one see's . The industry is full of thugs and our government has no balls .
  21. Agreed Westiemum. Where a dog's sole purpose in life is profit, there's *always* going to be ongoing issues with welfare and cruelty. These systemic issues can never be resolved. Shut it down.
  22. of course they can't shut it down, it's no different to preventing cruelty to pets. Some people will always do the wrong thing no matter what. Would you like to outlaw pet ownership as well? All that can be done is make the penalties tougher and enforce them. For everyone.
  23. very disheartening, but it shows whats next for the pet dogs, if cant guarantee no breeder neglects a dog then that too will be shut down, this is what is coming, one offender, all are guilty by association. When or if will it dawn on pet owners and breeders AR have brainwashed the public. A woman has died almost every week of this year due to domestic violence and they (by they, I mean our wonderful Prime Minister who has made no cuts to his or his ministers spending though) are shutting down funding and shelters so more will die. Yet all owners and breeders of greyhounds are guilty by association and pet owners and breeders are guilty by association when someone breaks the law, and just the same for pet breeds when the banner of puppy farm eradication is waved. who else sees hypocrisy in this scenario?
  24. While I absolutely agree PC, two quick things before I go back to work - firstly, many breeds pull and pull hard - so greys are not the only ones. Small dogs are tripping hazards for the elderly, and bigger dogs are heavy to lift and pull (and thats a problem for me at age 55 as well so not confined to the elderly) - so again I think its a case of carefully matching the dog to the person/people/circumstances. Given that falls are the biggest cause of disability (and eventual death ) in our elderly folk bar none, (look up the stats), I think size needs to be a prime consideration. Secondly the reason I always say GAP greys is because of their very thorough matching process which should almost always ensure a dog well temperament matched to the new owner and their circumstances, regardless. Having said that, sure, greys are not the only dogs for elderly folk. But if well matched I still think overall they are a good option.
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