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  2. Thanks Trish
  3. Makes me laugh every time I see it!
  4. Lots of good points fron PK above. We've recently been through this. I think the big thing is that every medication works differently, but especially in dementia. We were using vivitonin & it wss really amazing - until it wasnt. You can get diets fror CCD (Aging). Im on my phone at the moment but will try to pop back much later today.
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  6. Yes, many people think their dog is a "registered purebred" when they show you their council microchip lifetime registration papers. Lots of confused people out there
  7. $5.50 a kilo for frames is pretty extreme! You can get whole chickens for less than that. I only buy frames occasionally but they work out about 50c each from the local chicken place, twice that from the supermarket.
  8. Hmmmm.... So I won't be paying the $5.50 a kg! Such a shame, it would've been great if only they were better priced.
  9. The first thing I thought was Canine Cognitive Dysfuntion (doggy dementia) too. The thing is that it's a progressive disease that presents differently in each dog, so you may only see a symptom or two to start and not ever see the whole gamut of behaviours that you read about. So you're seeing crying, confusion/distress, some repetitive behaviours and nighttime anxiety. Other symptoms may or may not come in time. The timing is interesting, but it is common for dementia patients to be anxious and have increased confusion at nighttime. If you think it's diet or GI related, perhaps you could try a different hypoallergenic prescription diet and/or see an internal medicine specialist. Does eating at different times produce the same effect? Perhaps that might give an indication. Ask your vet. How long has she been on Seleginine? It's my understanding that with meds like these it can take some time to see whether medications like these are working, as in weeks or months. Early on you can get an indication of benefit but not the full impact. There are other medications that you could try too if Seleginine doesn't seem to be helping enough, though the positive things you are seeing are great. The thing is that it's not a one-size-fits-all sort of a disease... an absence of the amount of progress you'd prefer doesn't mean the diagnosis is necessarily wrong (if they thought has crossed your mind). I would highly recommend consulting a veterinary behaviourist. That's a vet with additional qualifications in behaviour, kind of like a psychiatrist. They also rule out illnesses that masquerade as behaviour issues. Some calming things that may help at night: - a crate that's dark and decked out with comfy blankets etc. Not to lock her in at all, just as a den. - a thundershirt or other body wrap - Through A Dog's Ear: Music to calm your canine companion. I use the albums with my dog and they really do work! There are even specific ones for geriatric dogs dealing with brain problems). - Adaptil diffuser or collar Please don't give any calming/anxiety treats or supplements without consulting a vet. They can interact dangerously with prescription medications, negating their effects or causing worsening illness. I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Seeing our pets in distress is a awful.
  10. SUPER URGENT CATS 26/4//17 12.3- Hawkesbury pound URGENT CATS HAWKESBURY WED 26/4 Fbk link to share
  11. @Scottsmum advised me that the below photo belongs in this thread. She's probably right. So here's Malcolm looking like he's been caught showing off his puppies in a makeshift strapless dress. You are welcome.
  12. Probably left of centre but... when wounds on humans don''t heal,properly or take a long time it can be because they have undiagnosed diabetes
  13. That is great news of the vet not finding any opportunistic infections yay! The challenge, as you know, is to keep it that way. At the risk of upsetting the cats, put a puppy pen or something around the litter trays so cats have to jump in to use them and puppy cannot access them as it is too risky to let her eat cat stools. If she is finding cat stools outdoors, you will need to either exercise her only in a run or on leash. I'm sure that with your vigilant care, she will recover quickly! And @persephone I beg to differ. She is a pretty girl now LOL, even at the awkward gangly stage!
  14. Don't worry Phyl, you didn't come across as offensive and we're all always learning. My oldest dog, who will be 8 on 1 July, is a toy poodle x maltese. I got him from a breeder as a 6.5 week old puppy after searching for a "moodle" puppy for a while because I knew someone who had one and he was a great little dog. Saxon is great little dog too. He wasn't from a puppy farm, I met both his parents, who were much loved family pets and he was well cared for and socialised. However his parents weren't health tested, which I would never accept in a dog was getting from a breeder again, and he should have stayed with his mum and litter mates untul he was 8 weeks coz his nipping was BAD as a puppy. Fortunately he has turned out brilliantly temperament and health wise and is a pleasure (most of the time) as I'm sure your girl will be. I refer to him as poodle x or poodle x maltese and have nevet had any issues with him being accepted on DOL. I have done obedience and agility classes with him and various trick training and he thrives on it so I'd recommend something like that, plus Poodles can be stubborn little manipulators so just keep in the back of your mind to make sure you are training her and not the other way round ;)
  15. Don't go away Phyl pleeeeeeease! People who get frustrated and upset over an issue can sometimes be a bit emotional and, let us admit, bombastic which can certainly be overwhelming, it does happen on all sorts of public communications media. We can sometimes attempt to educate with a shotgun rather than reasoning, as has been said. Apologies if you felt shotgunned.Welcome to our little DOL family - all families have the odd tiff LOL. We can't wait to watch photos and hear stories of your little girl as she grows up, and of all your other fur family too!
  16. She's lovely Selkie! And the sheen on that coat shows how well you care for her!
  17. I work near a Steggles wholesale factory place and pay $8 for 10kg.
  18. Great advice! Whip is easy enough to hold the lead and work the brake with one hand but I found it much harder with Boost. I hate using the front brake, too dangerous and I feel like I'm going to go head first over the bars!
  19. I think so too, now you mention it. I would think a Facebook page would be most effective, as it probably has more potential to reach people, and posts can be easily shared. I'm sure there are many breeds that could be considered 'hidden gems' and could fit in with a great many families who simply haven't heard of them.
  20. My 10m staffy has turned from a super friendly to super dog aggressive, we can't work out why or what to do. Hoping for some recommendations on here pretty please
  21. I haven't got anything yet, money is just too tight at the moment for luxuries
  22. OT but I reckon this kind of info would be really good for promoting pure bred dog ownership to the general public - demonstrating that pure breds aren't only for showing and aren't all about how they look, but the vast majority are much loved family members who live with ordinary people with ordinqry ordinary lives and are all different and are all still funny and cute and loving and silly like any other pet dog. Plus showing the huge variety of breeds there are. I don't quite know how the info would be put out there but just thinking out loud.
  23. I have a 16 year old dog that has been crying or howling in short bursts for almost a year. It mostly happens at night, and mostly starts soon after eating, though not every time. It doesn’t seem like she is in pain, but more confused/in distress. The noise is similar to the noise she would make if she discovered her favourite toy was behind a shut door. It can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes or so, though there are small breaks of quiet in there. If she is lying down she will sometimes sit up, and if she has her toy with her she will sometimes repeatedly pick it up and then drop it again, whilst crying. It can happen a few times in one day, or not at all for a week. We’ve been to the vet multiple times and they think she has ‘canine brain aging’ and so we have trialled her on a medication for that, Selegiline, which I thought was making some difference, but now I’m not sure. It’s hard to tell as the crying is somewhat random anyway - she tends to do it for a few days and then not do it for a few days, and there isn’t any real pattern to it. She does perhaps seem slightly more alert since starting the medication. Mostly I’m asking if anyone has had a similar experience with their dog because whilst I trust my vet, I am not 100% sure that what my dog has is caused by canine brain aging. The crying is the only symptom. She doesn’t pace, doesn’t seem confused in any other circumstances, doesn’t go to the wrong side of doorways, doesn’t go stand in corners, hasn’t lost her toilet training etc. The fact that it seems related to eating is what makes me wonder. She has had stomach problems in the past that were related to diet. This stopped once we started her on Royal Canine’s Hypoallergenic diet. It’s not at all similar to what happens to her now, but I do wonder at the connection to food. She had a dental a few months (up to a year?) before she started crying like this, but the vet has checked her teeth multiple times since then, and I brush her teeth daily. Her health otherwise is pretty good for her age. Her last blood test showed a slightly elevated liver enzyme, but the vet said it’s not high enough to worry about, and there are no symptoms of liver disease. She has some mammary cysts that I check regularly. Her vision is not what it once was, but the only time it seems to bother her is at night when the lights are off and she wants to go down stairs. If anyone has had a similar experience, or has any advice, I’d be really grateful. It seems to distress her, and does interrupt my sleep so it'd be great if it was something we could fix.
  24. When one of mine was in the last few weeks of life with bone cancer she was at the vet every 3 days for pain management. The number of selfish morons who thought they had a right to shove their ill behaved mutts in her face was a disgrace. Even when I told them anyone knocking her would cause her great pain, that she dying, they still said 'oh just let him say hello, he wants to'. I physically had to push a couple away, but it was the owners I wanted to kick.
  25. I thought it'd be fun to do some 'getting to know you' type stuff... largely because I love hearing about everyone else's dogs! 1. How many dogs do you have, and what are their names, ages and breeds? Two dogs, both mixed breed Lottie Matilda 9 and Beatrix Mary 2 2. Do you have plans for a new addition? No 3. Did you have dogs growing up? Yes 4. Do you have names saved for any future dogs? Too old for future dogs 5. What is your favourite breed? Boxers 6. What is your favourite group? Utility 7. Is there a breed that you admire, but probably wouldn't own? Mastiff 8. Do you compete with your dogs in any discipline? Used to do obedience 9. Have you had an achievement, large or small, with a dog that you're particularly proud of? Lottie won two obedience titles before she was 2. Three boxers with CDs 10. What games do your dogs most enjoy playing? Chasing balls 11. Are you drawn more to male or female dogs? Don't care 12. What are your favourite coat patterns or colours? Don't care 13. What discipline or sport in the dog world do you find most interesting? Obedience 14. What would be your dream household of dogs? Lots of boxers 15. Where is your favourite walk? Don't have one 16. Does your dog have any funny habits? Trixie dances sideways when she's following her food bowl 17. Do you have a favourite piece of dog gear? No 18. What are your goals for your dogs? 19. Have you had what you consider to be a heart dog? My beautiful boxer Emily. Died too young at 7 from cancer 20. List five things you love about your dog And... post a picture of your dog/s
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