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  2. Has the dogs thyroid levels been checked
  3. I am surprised that the boarding kennel does not accept the 3 yearly core vaccine where the canine cough part is still given yearly . They are behind the times
  4. Hi Papillon Kisses and Powerlegs, Thanks for your replies. No, I wasn't given a behaviour modification plan when I fostered Keisha; I have had a phone consult with a respected animal behaviourist and I will be taking Keisha to her for an assessment and recommendations shortly. Hopefully I will then be able to help Keisha, but she is an 8 year old dog and it seems that these behaviours have been reinforced for a long time. I am having to walk Keisha at times when she is unlikely to see another dog (midday Monday to Friday, and at night on the weekends). So far this has been successful in not triggering these behaviours, but sooner or later we will encounter another dog....... I will continue putting the Lovan tabs in a chunk of Prota roll. According to the rescue group, Keisha's previous foster took her off the Lovan and Keisha's behaviour got a lot worse. I don't know if a proper weaning off over time was done, or whether she was just taken off the Lovan abruptly. If Keisha was just taken off the Lovan abruptly, I am not surprised that her behaviours got a lot worse. Humans have to taper off gradually from SSRI meds, and dogs have to as well. Cheers, ricey
  5. I saw that; so beautiful. Her name is Wounda, and she's at the Jane Goodall Institute's sanctuary in DRC. She's still under human care, but with a great deal of freedom. I'd be drowning in tears!
  6. I saw a clip on FB today of a chimp being released into the wild. He came back, jumped up on his crate and gave cuddles to Jane Goodall and the other carer. You’d have to have nerves of steel to let him go. Tears all around, I imagine.
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  8. T .. I think you work somewhere near, or in, heaven!!
  9. Poor Gilly. I can relate in a way. Malcolm used to be extremely toy selective and also has a noise phobia. If a toy wasn't a particular type, size, smell, texture, material and silent he at best wouldn't play with it and at worst be terrified. For example you'd think if a dog were into tennis balls they'd all be ok right? Not for Mal back then! He still has preferences/worries (mostly noise + plastic) but now that his anxiety and confidence have improved I'm making up for lost time by buying alllll of the toys. If your dogs are food driven and you use super high value threats, food dispensing toys are one way to get them into things. In saying that I spent three months DS/CC Malcolm to his first food toy, but once he got that downpat and started Nose Work classes he was off!
  10. There's no 'how to' with grieving. We all grieve differently with each loss. No two losses are ever the same nor ways to heal. My only advice is to take gentle care of yourself just as you would if you had a physical wound, and don't try to stuff your feelings away. Grief is something you need to go through and process to get to the other side, where it still hurts but is, for the most part, a less raw and jagged pain. I am so sorry for your loss. This new dog will never be a replacement, no dog could ever be and not would anyone want that, but I hope she will provide some comfort at this difficult time and some smiles too. I think your beloved Jack would want that, for you to heal and be happy.
  11. One more cutie. and yes we did have a few babies!!!
  12. Hey T, you made me go looking for some of my guinea pig photos. I have posted some for your viewing pleasure also. Love the playing piggies.
  13. This is in the wrong place
  14. *melts* ............ fantastic images yet again ........................
  15. I've sent you an email. Be interested in your opinion once you have seen him. Lovely young dog.
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  17. Fantastic! And she's looking beautiful too.
  18. I'd check just to be safe but no, last time I used Lovan on a dog it was just a tablet in cheese. Easy. So weird that you were given a dispersible one grossss. Not sure who makes up 'flavours' of medication. As a note, Lovan made my anxious dog quite growly and strange (and had negligible effect on his anxiety) so we weaned him off.
  19. I don't think there is a right or wrong. The pup may or may not help you (but I bet it will). It can be common to feel like you're "betraying" your last dog when a new one comes along (I did. I cried when I adopted my most recent dog, Id had the one before for 15 years). sorry for your loss.
  20. Hi all whippet lovers.I am a jrt owner but have had many diff breeds as well.I have never owned a whippet but I have trained some and my sister-in-law had one so I have a fair idea of their nature.i have always loved whippets however I live on a property with sheep horses chooks- the list goes on. So guys how do you think a whippet would go on a property with their hunter like instincts. That is one of the reasons I have never owned one as we've always lived on property. I don't know them well enough so I'm asking you experts how she would go on my property. What do you think peeps?
  21. Hi. I lost my Jack Russell last week. She was 17 and and to sum up she was just amazing. The best friend I have ever had. Can anyone give me any tips on how to get through the worst time of my life. I live with my mother on a huge property. She lost her Jack Russell about 5 years ago but she is ready for a new Jack and she is coming in a few weeks. Do you think this will help me through the grieving process?
  22. You should ask the prescribing vet before changing anything but I don't think it would matter. I take a dispersable medication that can alternatively be chewed or swallowed whole. My dog's Prozac is compounded into a capsule as he's tiny but I know others who buy it in regular tablet form. Cheap as chips when purchased from a discount chemist (veterinary script required of course). I find it weird that it would be dispensed in a dispersable form to a dog. Were you given a behaviour modification plan to go along with the medication?
  23. Sometimes I have to supervise my dog to make sure she goes when I let her out... especially if she's been on kibble for dinner and it's raining. dinner is usually 6:30pm and Last pitstops 10:30pm but not always. I don't usually get a puddle surprise - I get woken up with frantic persistent yiffing... at 4am.
  24. I agree, Corvus. I had a hell of a time trying to find tracking harnesses for my 3kg dogs.
  25. Hi all, Keisha ( my new foster Amstaff from Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue here in Perth WA) is on a daily 40mg dose of Lovan (Prozac/fluoxetine) for anxiety. She gets very anxious around other dogs and I am not sure whether it is dog aggression or fear, as I'm not about to let her off lead to find which it is LOL. When I say she is anxious, it is a bit of an understatement; she is majorly distressed; whining, salivating, commissures pulled right back and up, shaking her head, pulling both towards and away alternately from the dog she has seen. Hackles are up, tail is up and flicking side to side. Around people she is the most relaxed and calm of dogs, and is only just a little bit pushy for human attention . Keisha is great with kids and quite submissive with them. Apparently Lovan is considered to be very appropriate for treating anxiety in dogs and the 40mg daily dose is about right for her size (she is 33kg, but probably should be 35kg and I am working on that). My question is this to anyone who has experience with Lovan for dogs; does it have to be dispersed in water as it says on the medicine packet? I have tried to get Keisha to take it this way by dissolving the 2 tablets in a small amount of water and pouring the water (maybe 30ml or so) onto some of her favourite food, but she won't touch it. After this had happened a few times, I dipped my little finger in the solution and tasted it! Yecccch! It tasted like a cross between licorice, aniseed and paint thinners! Bloody awful and I hope I never taste anything like that ever again. I am not surprised that Keisha won't touch it. So, is it OK to just hide the two tablets in a chunk of Prota roll and give it to Keisha this way? She swallows the chunk of Prota so quickly that she never gets a chance to taste the Lovan. Cheers, and thanks in advance for any advice, ricey
  26. Here's your Enzi fix for today! He's such a little character; when the males have their disputes, he goes running over all puffed up, to 'sort it out', and gives drama-queen Sandali a hug when he's been smacked around. Even at eighteen months old, Enzi wants to be one of the big boys! I will be surprised if he is not the alpha male someday. Zuri, Zombi and Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr Enzi by Amy Atherton, on Flickr
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