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  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-62490192
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  4. I liked the lab, with his tail waving
  5. Peeing on every tree at the park .... sounds like a pretty good substitute for the beach. and surrounded by love -- there are worse ways to go .. for him it was a gentle passing ... for you ... a big gap in the family, but beautiful memories of a special boy. Condolences to you all.
  6. Sorry for your loss. He was a special little man.
  7. Sorry to hear this Rascal. Sending virtual hugs
  8. So sorry he's gone now- and you didn't get to carry out your plan He went well loved and in your arms- all he ever knew
  9. Really sorry to hear the little guy is gone. Shame he never got to the beach but I reckon he knew without a doubt how much his family loved him. Take care.
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-62487600
  11. We never made it to the beach yesterday, I knew he wasn’t good and I was too worried he wouldn’t cope with the long car ride so instead we went to the local park where he’s enjoyed most of his daily walks (before he got sick) he pottered around happily marking every tree, my mother in law came down and got to see him and say goodbye, as did my mum on Sunday. Last night he refused to eat and the same this morning, I knew it was time, called the vets but he collapsed before we got there, he perked up for a couple of mins after they put the cannula in, just long enough to say good bye and now he’s gone. Taken this morning not long before he collapsed, he was on my bed with my two daughters and then spent his final moments in my arms both at home and at the vets. Thank you everyone for the support, we have had many losses but this has been the hardest and I’ll always feel like the luckiest person to have had him be part of our lives.
  12. Last week
  13. Now we await the Lab results. ;)
  14. http://www.kelb-tal-fenek.com/indexeng.htm It closely resembles the Kelb tal-Fenek, the native dog & national dog of Malta, an island country close to Sicily. Seems to be a bit smaller. The Kelb tal-Fenek means Rabbit Dog in Maltese (used for hunting). When taken to Britain, the Kennel Club changed the name to Pharaoh Hound because they thought it looked like the dogs on ancient Egyptian tombs. But the Kelb tal-Fenech is from Malta, not Egypt.
  15. Good girl Bobbin! Clive is a good boy and just wants to be your friend... maybe if you let him have half the bed? T.
  16. Oh bless him. And I was waiting for a photo of Clive and Bobbin. Being brave and getting used to Bobbin was one of my favourite CLive stories.
  17. Such a very sad time. But I reallu like your plan .. and admire you for the decision to let him go earlier rather than later, hard as that is. Extra hugs for my two in Rascal's honour.
  18. and this one taken today - poor Petal got his feet wet in the nasty river, which invaded the firepit! If it was a hose running, he'd be soaked!! the River? NO thankyou LOL
  19. two CLIVE shots this one's of Clive and Bobbin Cat ....
  20. I’m so sorry. It’s a hard time for you all. We experienced very similar with Boofy. We also took him to his favourite beach for one last walk in the sand. His little belly was very swollen and he waddled along slowly, but his eyes lit up and I know he enjoyed it.
  21. No words except so sorry, it is a horrible situation. It is wonderful that he is surrounded by love (2 and 4 legged) and he still has good days - but from experience I know that it is both bittersweet and heartbreaking at the same time, so at the moment it is just crushing
  22. So sorry to hear your terrible news. Sounds exactly how my Zena was. It’s so difficult. Spend some extra special days with him. Take care. Xx
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