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  2. Desexing at 8 weeks is a convenient, easy way for a breeder to absolve themselves of further responsibility. It certainly does not benefit the animal's health, if the many studies that suggest increased cancer/orthopedic risks are to be believed. Personally, I would not buy from a breeder who desexed at the age. If a breeder is willing to risk actual health to avoid potential unauthorised breeding, I think they have their priorities totally upside down. Further, if oodle breeding is going to happen anyway, surely it is better (both for the resulting pups and the people who buy them) for the parents to have come from breeders who will likely have paid more attention to health? Don't get me wrong- I disagree with random oodle breeding (and I wouldn't own one if they were the last dogs on Earth) but we can at least attempt to mitigate some of the potential problems. I'd much rather people were oodle-making with healthy parent animals than with BYB dogs full of heritable conditions that will guarantee a lifetime of misery for the pups.
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  4. Unfortunately the reply I got from Cavaliers SA was simply they didn't know anyone reputable with Puppies at the moment. No information further then that im hesitant to purchase from interstate without referrals as I won't see before purchase. Can anyone recommend anyone interstate that would be worth contacting regarding waiting for a puppy?
  5. I had a similar but sort of.. opposite experience with BH. Dogs seemed to be constantly ravenously hungry all the time but were bouncing off the walls, like kids after a huge bag of lollies. Output was pretty unpleasant, also. And this was back when BH was still a "local" company and very respected. I'd never feed it again. My dogs are mostly raw fed but if we do need kibble, it's either Ziwipeak (mostly used for training treats) or Taste of the Wild. ToTW is our reliable go-to food for dogs who need to be weaned off kibble and onto raw. Never had a dog refuse it and it's an acceptable substitute for dogs I adopt out to homes that don't want to raw feed. They seem to maintain a reasonable condition and scurf/kennel coat doesn't seem to be a problem (although in winter it can still happen if they aren't getting the right amount of fats). We've also tried Ivory Coat but found palatability was below average and in all other respects, it seemed just.. average. Average, but quite expensive to get down here. Personally, I'd always go with a mostly raw diet if possible. It can be daunting to get into and the internet can make it seem a lot harder than it actually is, with so many different opinions about what dogs need to be eating. There are the people who use products like VAN, the people who believe dogs need pulped vegetables, the people who believe everything needs to be carefully weighed out into ratios, the pro cottage cheese people, the anti cottage cheese people, BARF, cooked human-grade, prey model, the probiotics/assorted magical powders people.. and so on and so forth. Personally, I just feed my dog fresh meat and bone (from a local pet meat abattoir) in whatever quantities equals roughly one kilo per day, per dog. It might be a stack of fresh roo tails one day, and then beef and mutton pieces the next. No vegetables, no powders, lotions, potions or cottage cheese, and they do great. Might not work for the next person though, it's really trial and error.
  6. What garbage. If you use appropriate flea prevention on your dog, any fleas they do pick up will only live a very short time. There is no reason infestation should be a chronic issue. Wanting to be rid of fleas is not some germ-phobic unrealistic attitude, it's perfectly doable and prevents so many other health issues. I rescue greyhounds. Despite having a few dogs who came in crawling with fleas (who were treated immediately), I have never had an outbreak and my own dogs never picked them up. We currently have four dogs and three rabbits and the last time I found a flea (which I brought home from visiting a family member with a cat that was allowed to roam) was approximately two years ago. A single flea. Before that.. I can't even remember, it's been literally years. I doubt anyone here wants people to feel ashamed if they have a flea problem but telling people that fleas are natural and it's fine.. that's crap. Have you ever seen a dog whose skin looks like elephant hide because it suffers from severe FAD? Or dealt with dogs whose gums were bone white from the chronic anaemia caused by infestation? Bathed a dog who turned the water pink from all the dried blood (flea dirt) dissolving into the water? Fleas are a health issue and should treated as such. No, we don't have to shame people with flea problems, and obviously we should be providing them with sound advice. "Lolz fleas aren't a problem u germ noobs but even if I'm wrong, I can flip my argument anyway because trollin 4 lyfe" is not sound advice. I'm not offended by your opinion, I'm offended by stupidity and there was plenty to be found in your claims. Jumping between arguments because you can't back up your initial claim is poor form, by the way. Here's a summary of your comments.. "All dogs have fleas" "I didn't mean that all dogs literally have fleas, I meant that fleas are a thing" "No, all dogs do have fleas, just not necessarily an infestation" "I didn't mean that all dogs have fleas, just that it can happen and you should groom/treat as required" "All dogs do have fleas, it's just that environment prevents severe infestation" "Sure, not all dogs have fleas but that's just because of treatment"
  7. Little from col. A, little from col. B.
  8. Yep, most probably from reading the last half of this thread.
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  10. Personally can't wait.
  11. K9 Angel - hello 6 years - wow .... It probably seems both like yesterday , and a lifetime ago for you .. Hope all is well with your family ..and that you are still enjoying making lovely things .
  12. I got so excited that all these old dolers were back... then realised it was a 2011 thread!! and no fleas here, 4 cats, 1 dog and I'm regularly in contact with many other animals who also don't have fleas
  13. Good quality toys are awesome but you tend to not want to see them get destroyed lol. The destroying bit is often what dogs (especially pups) love to do so to give you more options for rotating toys it pays to make your own free or cheap things. If you're looking for mental enrichment anything which keeps them occupied and out of trouble is great! A big meaty bone (non weight bearing), an empty milk container with a handful of kibble inside, meals stuffed in a kongs, nylabones, antlers (every now and then), puzzle toys, hiding food so they have to sniff it out, scent games, a cardboard box taped up with treats a toy or a chew item inside, scattering kibble in grass to be found, 2nd hand soft toys for ripping up and destroying, a tub full of balls with treats dropped in, a sandpit for digging with chew items buried etc. Generally the things you see your dog get enjoyment from are what you try and provide, some like digging, some eating, some chewing or ripping etc. Something like a fleece tug or similar is especially handy to keep close when pup is in the playing\biting stage so you can redirect from skin or clothes straight to this. You can start to teach the beginning of self control with games too, like sit and then the tug toy gets wiggled. Watch how fast they learn a sit means the game continues! There's heaps of ideas of things to make and do on the internet too. Here's one to get you started..
  14. hahaha, DDD, you made me laugh we have a troll it seems
  15. Hi Amber, I just wanted to share my experience regarding looking for one of these designer breeds. Like you, I would also be a first time dog owner, and originally wanted to get a Labrador x poodle (due to my limited experience in dogs, breeders and the resulting phenotype of these crosses) during the school holidays, as half the families around my neighborhood had them and told me how great they were with kids and about their no shedding bonus. But as as I was looking for lab x poodle breeders locally I came across a blog/website on google called "farms of shame" which was a real eye opener for me on the going ons on puppy farms. So many people discussing on there had come across lots of health problems in their purchased dogs related to poor breeding crosses, uncertified parent pedigrees etc, the list goes on. But more importantly the thing that saddened me the most was the conditions the dogs would've been living in and the puppies would've been born's hard to imagine how one breeder could realistically socialise and care for puppies from 10 plus litters simultaneously in the house, as a lot of them say they do, rather than an overcrowded outdoor kennel. while I'm sure there may be some good and ethical "designer" dog breeders out there who may breed genuinely, I couldn't go ahead with my original plan for moral reasons and for the reason that I may be unknowingly supporting puppy farming. Then I found dogzonline and the experts on here have given me some great alternatives and invaluable advice. Best of luck in finding your puppy/dog
  16. Hey K9angel! Still remember when you lost your beautiful girl. Hope things are going well for you, the kids and your doggies. Gosh your kids would be so grown up now!
  17. Blimey.
  18. For my beautiful girl, Gypsy. It's six years closer to the day That we'll meet again, Six years to the very day Your precious life came to an end. The tears still fall My heart still aches, I'll always remember you Yesterday, today and tomorrow, And for all eternity too. The years may have passed by quickly But it still feels like yesterday, I love you and I miss you Gyps Every single day. xox xox
  19. I think that's wise. I understand why poodle breeders do it, but it'd be a deal breaker for me especially if I wanted an active companion.
  20. Food dispensing toys. Not just Kongs, though Kongs are great too. Don't even bother buying a regular bowl, it's a waste of a potential enrichment or training opportunity!! Ideas: Sprinkles, snuffle mats (buy or make), Kong Wobbler (can fill partly with shredded paper when it becomes too easy), Kyjen slo-bowl, Kyjen invincibles range.
  21. Oops!! Hahaha Totally forgot to check!
  22. The offence exists only in your imagination. I related a lived experience, as did many very experienced people on here, and you dismiss it because you cannot move beyond your preconceptions. Good luck with that.
  23. It's a very cute male!
  24. Thanks everyone...I have reported her to the FB Admin & she has been deleted
  25. Great stuff. When taking pup out make the whole going outside all about fun & the loo. Ideally let pup walk to the door that will be the access to outside & make excitement start inside about going outside (many just pick up walk & outside & place it where it needs to go.) By doing this your teaching pup that door is where it asks to go out or wanders too,even if it may not need to go reward pup for going to the door & letting it out . If you plan to have a doggy door get one sooner than later
  26. My friend said she told her to pay via western union !!
  27. She answered my PM with a request to email her...gave me an email address. Maybe I should inform the community group that it is a scam
  28. My favourite toys are the heavy duty chuck it balls, floating water retrieve sticks and a remote control car that I've only had one week. Reslly like my flirt pole too and a ol traditional wrestle.
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