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  2. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    Another question on ethics, I used to be friends with someone who was fostering through a rescue group, she was given lots of donated food, coats etc, not only was the stuff being used on the foster dogs but her own dogs as well. Is this ok.
  3. Just curious

    Didn't think of that. Our family has always gone for the male pups
  4. Just curious

    With Labbies there is always more demand for girls.... could be a way to encourage people to buy boys.
  5. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    Oh I don't know. I am on an email list that sends the pound needies and temp notes for the local pounds. It also has bits and pieces/requests from rescue groups. It just seems to be the same ones, constantly needing food, bedding, wormers etc etc. Probably the issue is more me, and I feel terrible that they are struggling. But I can't help but wonder.. Edit to say - working within your means. You nailed it.
  6. That's a really good question, never thought of that before. I've seen pop-up rescues, seemingly very inexperienced, get into trouble very fast. You have to work within your means. That being said, you can toddle along quite nicely with even the best management and some cash behind you but one massive unforeseen bill and you're done for. Rescue is unpredictable that way. IMHO if there's a constant & desperate begging for help, they should be encouraged or assisted to get their fundraising approval so they can put out donation tins, do bbq's, approach businesses, sell merchandise. Pro active stuff. The term enabling makes me think of hoarding though. Without naming names, is that what you're seeing?
  7. Dog ear hair

    Oh look! My pic worked!!! What a little spunk!!
  8. Dog ear hair

  9. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    Going off topic here.. Just wondering others thoughts.. what about the little 'one person' rescuers, that have a million dogs that they can barely afford to feed, let alone vetwork. When they cry out desperately needing food, wormers etc. Are we really helping by dipping into our pockets? Or just enabling?
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  11. Just curious

    You would have to ask the sellers that question.
  12. Just curious

    This is a question that I am curious about. I have often seen breeders advertise their puppies for sale as limited registration, which means they are to be purchased as a family pet. Why then are in some cases, the female puppies more expensive than the male puppies?
  13. Dog Shows + Undershot Jaw

    Staffords are a tough breed, very competitive. Personally, if the bite is as bad as it sounds, I wouldn't be bothering even attempting to show her. You're not doing her or yourself any favours. It can be difficult enough to win with a good dog, let alone one with a major fault such as a really bad bite. You're just setting yourself and your daughter up for disappointment. If you really want to do something with your Stafford, other than allowing her to be a pet, maybe consider obedience. Bite problems aren't an issue there and it can be a lot of fun as well. For myself, I'd also be wary of a breeder who is happy to allow someone to show a dog carrying their prefix if it has a major fault. I wouldn't dream of showing a Stafford with a bad mouth myself and I'd be horrified if any of my puppy people were to do so.
  14. How is the beautiful girl this week?
  15. Best day ever...

    And another day with great company and awesome doggy cuddles... I'm truly enjoying the new friends (skin and fur) I've made through this forum... genuine people with the same love for animals as me... T.
  16. Life Wise kibble

    https://balancepetfoods.com.au/t/dry-dog-food Seems to be the same guy that produces this. Interesting they’ve chosen new brand, new website etc
  17. Expose into Dog Food on The 7.30 Report

    Discovered a really good food a few weeks ago, my extremely fussy dog is finally eating well and its healthy, Frontier Pets is the name of it. https://frontierpets.com.au
  18. Expose into Dog Food on The 7.30 Report

    Hi Christine_72. No nothing will come up on google - its a 'one man' operation and he works entirely on referrals. His name is Terry ('Pete' is his dog) and his food is human grade. He delivers as far as McLaren Vale and is here once a month. I'll PM you his phone number.
  19. Puppy food guarding around my cat

    I would keep them separated at meal times but continue working on reducing the food guarding behavior (not with the aim of allowing the kitten to be around her during meal times, but to make treat times and meal times less stressful and safer for everyone). I work in a vet hospital and seen a couple of cats badly injured (and one killed) after making the mistake of walking too close to a food guarding dog while it was being fed. Even though a cocker is a smallish dog, it would still be big enough to inflict some serious damage to the cat. A good resource is Mine!: A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs
  20. puppies don't have fingertips with to feel textures etc...so use their mouth ! they get new teeth at around 5 mths old ..and REALLY need good chewing resources then ;) make sure she can access lots of different textures and tastes . deer antlers rope chews fresh bones like turkey wings/necks apples /carrots THESE BALL things make noise and seem to be fun and THESE TOYS are good value and tough (in my opinion)
  21. What chewing things are you given the pup at present . As your pup is in the teething process chewing gives them relief . With our pups we rotate the teething options because it’s a fun factor.Some teeth with ease others really struggle so make sure you have some variety in this area . Also don’t forget to ask your breeder various questions we love to help our puppy owners . Whilst playing onlead is not ideal you have no option .Personally we do t leave the lead trailing here because it requires human management which can affect the dogs ability to be independent
  22. Yep! Bought three from Little Gifts. Exactly what I was looking for. I'll post photos when they arrive. Mia is very excited. And after they arrive I'll look amongst all your suggestions for the next lot! Thanks everyone - really appreciate your help and advice.
  23. Agree .. lead outside is fine for as long as you need. Even when the fence is done, you can leave the lead on while you're there, and just let it trail, while you're practising recalls. (I live on an acre backing onto bush, with somewhat porous fencing, and lots of pademelons in the area, so my BC girl was several months before she was leash free. or even leash trailing, outside .. I did have a longish lead on … and we did, and still do, massive numbers of recall games. These can include her chasing you as you run away, and finding you when you're hidden and call her .. massive party when she gets to you. Especially while she's eating random stuff, the leash is going to save you a lot of trouble. If you haven't already, teach her to swap/trade what she has in her mouth for what you have .. if necessary, throw treats on the ground near her so she spits what she has, then hand feed her more treats while you remove the forbidden "treasure" .. and be thankful it's not a decaying wallaby carcass . For the nipping in crazy time, just freeze all the action on your part, look away from her, maybe give a big sigh, and wait till she takes a breath or two … then maybe sit on the floor and give her some calming handling. It could take quite a while for her baby brain to get this … I still have to remind my crazy BC at 15 months,, that although I want excitement and energy from her, OTT arousal and careless teeth means the game totally stops for the time being.
  24. Aussie Dog toys https://aussiedog.com.au/
  25. Last week
  26. Dog Shows + Undershot Jaw

    Our vet is involved quite a bit in showing just with a different breed and isn’t overly familiar with Staffords in regards to showing. There is a noticeable gap in the bite, at least a few mm, definitely not a level bite. I was going to try measure today and get some photos. It would be wonderful if it did correct but I’m a little doubtful at this point that it will.
  27. Max used to have his wild times. He'd go hell for leather around a little track he made up, which of course went past me. Meg and I would just sit on the couch out of his way. After that he'd murder his teddies. I love watching them have fun. He did crash onto his pen one day - it was a soft pen, so no damage done. Lead outside definitely a necessity if the fence isn't up. She can still explore and it keeps her safe. She can run and play unrestricted inside, so it's fine. Safety first
  28. Yes I have noticed she’s completely crazy at zoomies time I worry about her banging into things! right now I’m still not letting her off the lead outside. I just walk with her. She’s quite consistent with her wees in the one place (happens as soon as I take her out).. then she wants to go exploring so I just follow her around the yard. The lead biting may be slowly reducing...I’m just shoving toys instead or distracting her so she forgets about it. She’s only doing it during crazy time now. Also she’s more nippy and jumpy when she’s all hyped up. Do you have any advice how I should handle that? I still can’t let her off the lead in the backyard because the neighbours fence guy hasn’t finished up! So annoying! Do you think it’s ok to keep playing on the lead outdoors? Also she’s so curious she’s putting everything in her mouth and chewing on it...sometimes even eats it! Stones, bark, soil, mulch, leaves, grass.. basically anything outside. Is this ok or should I try stop it? She’s constantly gnawing on the pavers today! Just wondered as well, how long everyone keeps going with the puppy play pen concept.. the way I see it, I’d keep going for ages because it’s so helpful! But wasn’t sure what generally happens.
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