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  2. I have noticed there is a trend among some people using very strong behaviour to discipline young puppies. I seriously don’t understand this mentality, you bring a new baby into your home/life the most important thing is building a bond and trust, using some of these scare tactics does neither of these. I feel it needs to be discussed since some advice being given out especially to anyone new to dogs could potentially cause there puppies to be fearful, untrusting, reactive and at worst fear biters. I have specialised in grooming aggressive, fearful and biting dogs
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  4. just took a 10 week puppy to friend who had to quarantine due to possible exposure so couldn't get him till now. I was worried he was growing so fast his now much bigger size might cause her cats to be more inclined to see him as a threat. Her boy she had lost last year had obviously missed the no dying until covid is gone. He had never met her till now So what happened? She called. Here puppy puppy Amazingly. Well if the thought police are to be believed. He sure wouldn't have ran to her tail helicoptering with joy at meeting a new best
  5. I keep reading that. Socialisation of puppies in lockdown is not possible? Socialisation is the breeders job. Talk to your puppies. Play with your puppies Laugh with your puppies and what happens? Happy enthusiastic puppies You don't need a crowd to Socialisation baby puppies They are so young they don't yet differentiate between faces. They run to anyone who sounds friendly and happy Its not rocket science as the thought police try to convince everyone. I haven't had one single person call to get a pup who isn't r
  6. Great advice about putting him on the washing machine as I found that when I washed and blow dried him the other day on the top of the machine he was fine with me brushing him there and using the hair dryer, come to brushing him in the lounge etc it was not going to happen, he kept trying to bite the brush like it was a game. I will persevere though and hopefully take control of that one, like you said it’s a life long thing he will have to get used to it. He has his first proper groom in a couple of weeks to get him used to going regularly. fingers crossed it’s not too traumatic for
  7. Thanks for everyone’s advice. I have found in the last week that the “time out” putting him in a separate play pen or my laundry/kitchen gated area, when he gets too cheeky and bitey is proving to be most effective for our little nipper. He is also starting to understand that if he does it we remove ourselves and stop playing with him. I also feel that he’s starting to have much more calm and relaxed time than what he was a week ago. Lots of patting with no nipping where as we couldn’t even really pat him without him going in for a good nip before. Lol! Fingers crossed i
  8. Big difference between conditioning a dog to collar holding & what you suggested for discipline which was Lift it up & say no .Personally something i would never dream off doing lifting a dog up by the collar to say no & certainly not on a breed or individual dog with a soft neck . As your Malinios showed signs off aggression i gather it was working lines & would have been trained doing bite work from 8 weeks like many are in that breed . I would also doubt service dogs are disciplined in that manner by forcibly lifting them up ?? Service dogs are taught to accept &
  9. Ok grabbing a collar in a positive way is what should be done, grabbing a puppy by the collar to discipline it before it has been taught to accept it is a problem. And I never said it is traumatic but it is a good way to cause reactivity in a breed that has a tendency to become reactive. I have lost track of the amount of poodles I have handled that are bad biters, so much that their owners are scared of them, many started out with using too much negative reinforcement. I assume from your comments you have plenty of experience with poodles.
  10. In some communities the population of dogs has dropped up to 30%. https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/7088192/cross-border-bans-mooted-to-slow-deadly-dog-disease/?cs=9676&fbclid=IwAR081n0hUgfzbHBqMcZjOhU3SHxCF88C2bd9jjTdxQhUepy7cg7OQzWD4t4
  11. Taking hold of the puppy's collar, disengaging it and saying no is not traumatic, and the action of holding the collar should be something that is conditioned from day one. If you don't do that for fear of upsetting the dog, you are doing your dog a disservice, as well as anyone that may have to catch or hold the dog in the future and is redirected on. If poodles were so sensitive to not be able to handle that, they wouldn't be in the Fab Four for service dogs, especially psych work.
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  13. At 10 weeks, be very careful about freshness, especially with chicken. Healthy mature dogs can handle Salmonella. It can kill baby dogs. I've encountered chicken mince sold for dogs that smelled putrid.
  14. I wouldn’t advise disciplining a poodle the way you have suggested, they are a very sensitive breed and it doesn’t take much to make them become hand shy and turn into serious biters.
  15. I have a Malinois, I still get bit on the regular, though as a young puppy she used to flat out attack me. When it was time to show her that that isn't appropriate, I just grabbed her collar, lift up a bit, and said no. Don't make it a big moment, but show that it isn't appropriate and it won't get them anywhere. Once calm, start a game, but only when they're not trying to bite you, otherwise you'll just reinforce the biting. Re grooming, look into the Premack Principle ie bad thing first, then good thing. Common example – eat your veggies, then you can have dessert/tv/game etc. If
  16. I would do premade, especially for a puppy. I used to do full DIY and whole prey, it's a pain, and there is no way I'd shortcut it with supplements. My preferred would be Proudi, then Big Dog. If I could avoid an astronomical feed bill, I'd love to do premade, but I have two large sport dogs who already eat a ridiculous amount of food.
  17. An excellent tool I was told helps get your dog used to far more noises than they hear at home was do a tape of street noises. or any that worries your dog and run it at home until they get used to it as background noise. also playing the radio gets them used to hearing voices different to you and your family so less reactive when you go to shows. worked a treat
  18. Thought : might be worth trying a whistle. I've been doing whistle based recall training with a Springer who does more alert barking than I'd like. She gets a treat when she comes. If she's barking when the whistle sounds, she immediately stops barking and comes.
  19. Hi, the above info sounds like great suggestions. And you are doing so much to help him have a full and long life :-) I haven't dealt with this exact problem, but like the idea of a 'safe' word. So that regardless of what it is, he learns that if you say 'pineapple' that means whatever it is won't hurt him. And then in 5 years if all of a sudden he hears/smells something for the first time (eg: a train), he doesn't have to learn the train is safe, cos he will know he is surrounded by an invisible forcefield when he is protected by the verbal 'pineapple'
  20. What Tassie says makes a lot of sense. I wonder if, as you can't show him everything that startles him, if you actually teach him a word, that means yep that might be scary but stick close to me and I'll save you? So rather then taking him up to the gate he learns to stick super close to you as you go past. I think it would take time as it is a trust issue. Maybe stick to the same route for now as well so when he hears the "monster" ie gate or the dog barking it is one he has passed many times and one you have "saved" him from many times so it builds the trust. Not sure what you can do about o
  21. Sounds like you've been doing a great job with your lad. I think I'd be using lots of treats and a matter of fact voice to help him get the idea that if you say the . gate, bike or whatever ... is a reason for him to turn to you for a treat .. so it could go something like .. pup starts to react to trigger, you say something like .. yes it's a .... and treat.. if he reorients quickly to you, then super party and multiple treats. It would be helpful to start teaching him this with some distance from the triggers. It's the same sort of protocol we might use for a dog triggered by
  22. Hi all. I have a 4.5 month old staffy x kelpie puppy, who after a terrible accident is now mostly blind. He only has one eye now, and that eye has very limited vision. Unfortunately the accident happened before he had finished his last course of puppy vaccinations, so he hadn’t had much exposure to the “outside world”. (He had attended puppy school and visited with various dogs of friends we knew were fully vaccinated.) We are slowly introducing him to new places and experiences - we have been walking lots and going to the beach, which he loves. He gets around really really well, plays and run
  23. https://nationalpurebreddogday.com/looty-the-pilfered-pekingese/Here's a photo of 'Looty', the little Pekingese taken by British troops from the plundered Royal Palace in Peking. Looty was taken among 5 other little dogs who'd stayed near the body of a lady, thought to be an aunt in the royal family who'd committed suicide at the approach of foreign troops. After being taken back to Britain, Looty became the pet of Queen Victoria. This article gives information on what happened for the other little Pekes.
  24. pardon me while I laugh my head off. If i was going to breed to make money it wouldn't be cattle dogs, all that work for less than half the return of the cavaliers, oodles u name it "popular" breeds. As well as the fact if the buyer had no knowledge of working dog breeds its a disaster waiting to happen. They are way too smart for the average dog person. Will end up in charge and training the human.
  25. As one told me when I asked, she isn't in it for the money. Which is the mantra I know my friends have been repeating too. I asked them then does your doctor treat you for less than the cost of running the surgery to prove they are not in it for the money? Why is your time worth nothing? We all know how long the hours are raising a litter. I know when the first one put up the add for 1000 each, I had someone ring me and ask would i like to come and we buy one each? To resell for 2000 . I didnt, but did wonder how many have?
  26. check with your breeder that they are happy with what you are planning and aren't voiding any guarantees. All my, large breed, pups were raised on a mixture of raw and commercial food. I never added much in the way of vegies unless I had some left overs. Raw meaty bones/mince plus some eggs, sardines, sometimes left over rice/pasta. My dogs do all like raw carrots though! But that's as a treat.
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