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  2. Oh it's a shame you got a grumpy rough judge and a not helpful steward .. but so glad the other competitors in your breed were helpful. And what a shame about the weather. And reading your description, it's a tribute to Chase's temperament and your training and handling, that Chase didn't seem to mind too much .. that's a relief, because rough handling by the judge can really have a big impact on some pups. I'd be so cross,... there's no excuse for it with baby puppies. Luckily most of the judges I've seen have been really nice with the youngsters, handling gently. So glad
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  4. I just asked the judge who ignored me, so I asked again and he responded “if you want” then he told me that I didn’t need to put him on the table. Oh well, the judge was about 100 years old and clearly didn’t want to stand there in the rain. Don’t blame him I suppose!
  5. I’m so sorry!!! I should’ve come and updated. The heavens opened and it was terrible weather, it rained so hard on our way to the show that we could barely see to drive. I was fortunate that the other Amstaff people were very nice and helpful because the judge and steward were not helpful at all. The judge was a crusty old grump who didn’t allow me even a moment to stack Chase he came straight in for a very invasive examination, forcefully grabbing Chase and manipulating his joints and then going straight for his mouth to check his bite, he then told me “you’re supposed to show me his bite
  6. Thanks I’m going to ring them as soon as they open this morning. Unfortunately up here vet visits are expensive and they charge even for follow up stuff. Its been quite a few years since I had a female dog desexed and I don’t recall any of them having anything like this afterwards.
  7. I’d ring them and describe it and see what the vet says. Max had something similar. It turned out to be absorbing sutures that weren’t behaving as described. If I remember correctly, they had to remove them like the old style ones. Post surgery consults should be free unless they have to do something unexpected and major.
  8. I am having some issues with our 9 month old chi and her toileting. They are a breed that are notoriously hard to toilet train, we had our previous girl very well trained but Maisie will get up on furniture and poop/pee, she will do it on the carpets and even in the big dogs beds. She is in a puppy pen at night so that’s not an issue but any other time it’s a big problem. We have the bedroom gated so she can’t access the carpet, but the dog beds and couches are more problematic. I had major surgery 8 weeks ago and spent a week in hospital, then I had a huge recov
  9. On Tue Cassie my kelpie girl went in to be desexed, surgery didn’t go straight forward and she lost more blood than she should of. We took her home and had to monitor her closely for a couple of days, luckily she was fine. Today I have noticed a hard marble size lump at the surgical site, not sure if I should be worried, stupidly I forgot to close my bedroom door during the day and she jumped over the baby gate a few times. I assume it’s not a hernia as it’s hard but not sure if it warrants spending even more money at the vet tomorrow. I am super paranoid about anythi
  10. yeast infections do smell, malaseb you can use on her belly. My vet told me to use a good oatmeal conditioner after each wash as malaseb is very drying.
  11. Thank you, everyone. I've tried giving her chicken necks/wings for the past week. So far it's been working. Solid poo and no anal liquid. I'll get her chicken frames too next time to mix things up a bit. Another question though. Is some odour on a dog's belly normal? Rosie has recently been diagnosed with yeast infections on her paws (probably because of allergy). The vet told us to wash her paws twice a week with medicated shampoo. Just thinking whether we need to wash her belly too if it's also infected by allergy. She always wants us to scratch her belly (we thought this was jus
  12. Hoping Chase behaves himself and does really well for his first show... go Chase!!!! T.
  13. LOL. . . . Me three. I hope you, Chase and family had heaps of fun.
  14. Last week
  15. An earlier summary of the same study https://skeptvet.com/Blog/2020/01/new-evidence-about-when-to-neuter-your-dog/ Personally I would like to see the details (pay wall problem). A one percent increase may be statistically significant but still unimportant in the real world, especially when N is large. I'd also like some evidence that the dogs sampled accurately reflected their breeds. I can imagine, for example, that the difference between field and bench Labs might be greater than the difference between Labs and Goldies.
  16. This!!!!! There's almost no limit to the ways baby puppies can act up .. including, behaving absolutely perfectly!! But it's all about the impression he gets about showing .. you want him to be happy and confident, so you have to pretend to be confident. Hope you have a really lovely steward and judge who will help to put you and Chase at ease. Just check if babies of non table breeds are being examined on the table. I think that's what's happening here under COVID protocols.
  17. Thanks so much for posting this, @Powerlegs. It was referenced by Dr Christine Zink in a webinar I was watching last week on the Avidog site - my dogs are enrolled in their Fit For Life canine fitness program, and there are some really helpful webinars as well. It's so refreshing to have some work which covers the various pros and cons acroass a range of breeds.
  18. There are several adult German Shepherds available from kennels on the Dogzonline German Shepherd breed pages at the moment. An adult dog might be a safer bet than a puppy for a few of the breeds you’ve mentioned, including GSDs. I’ve owned several lovely GSDs but when I was training my last GSD I saw some highly overexcitable GSDs come to the GSD club for training.
  19. Be ready to line up for puppy in group. That’s where I found the catalogue most helpful - I checked the numbers in the breeds later in the group, so I knew whether I had time for a coffee break and when to take my dog for a toilet break.
  20. Chase looks wonderful. I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly.
  21. Hi Lemon, We have two Kelpie x Collies and they are a total delight around kids especially.VERY devoted and affectionate,will run and catch a ball for hours and hours with the boys. Never really bark (although there is always someone at home). They launch at anyone aiming to harm their people or home though...but otherwise are very non-aggressive.You need to check on the specific dogs' nature from the foster family but ours have brought untold joy and playful affection to our home for years. My niece is blind & autistic too...and when she is with us they instinctively never le
  22. Yes terrible, our mini collie nearly bled to death after being mauled by two staffies. Both our dogs have been bitten multiple times in dog parks. I complained to council, the Victorian state dangerous dog register - nothing ever happened. And you can't control rude crazy humans bringing untrained vicious dogs into public spaces sadly. Now we all avoid dog parks as it only takes one crazy person to bring their a single vicious dog into an enclosed space (Council Dog Park) and all hell breaks loose...kids are traumatised,dogs injured, adults all screaming at one another...suburban p
  23. I'm always finding piles of poop on my front lawn... some people walking their dogs obviously think that as long as it's not in their yard... *sigh* T.
  24. No it's not illegal. Yes put a sign up. Spraying water with tsp garlic and/or chilli powder in it tends to deter cats and dogs from any garden or lawn.
  25. Definitely not meaning to bring up a debate! I'm well aware it's a hot button topic. Anyway, this might be something you've already seen, they expanded the range of breeds involved in a new study and compared to the past studies. (Article dated Sept 2020) I found it interesting anyway. https://www.dvm360.com/view/study-gauges-best-canine-sterilization-ages-by-breed-and-gender?fbclid=IwAR3RMkbOEM69vqQ5whsZtB9CFs1Y4gPHl_-uUnOonNHrdAYDj1UdwuvKbPI Present study referenced (8)
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