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  2. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    The woman behind the product!! FB profile link and : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4001792/How-one-young-woman-s-pet-dog-saved-depression-created-successful-business-selling-shampoo-pets-owners.html
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  4. Bought the dogs a pool

  5. Bought the dogs a pool

    Toys r us was selling this cool pool on sale for $100 so I bought it. It ended up being about 1/3rd wider than I expected and a good 20 cm deeper than expected. (was worried it wouldn't fit in the shed for a bit) I think when fully filled even Thistle will have to swim. It has a metal frame, a filter, a water-your-garden attachment and most importantly - this 3 layered tarp stuff which is very strong for both dog feet and the plastic chair I use as a platform to help them get out. We have been having lots of fun with it. Originally both were a bit hesitant, especially Thistle (video), so I started out with it only 30cm deep and have been putting them in the pool myself. It is now about 50cm deep. Today when I opened the shed and was setting up, they both put themselves in it as if to say "Hurry up lets play!". It is quite hot today. (putting himself in) favourite thing is, of course, fetch! good thing i got two floating balls now (ball?!) (ball?!!!) Video: Link (to meet local regulations and general safety for dogs, it was set up in the garage. they only access it with me around)
  6. puppy training questions

    It doesn't matter if she moves out of position after you click & before you deliver the treat. If she understands the click, then she will know that it is the click that is marking the precise moment that earned the reward not the reward itself. Just make sure that you treat EVERY time you click so that the clicker retains its value.
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  8. puppy training questions

    It all depends what you wish to achieve with the dog I think. At 12 weeks she's still a baby, so based off that I wouldn't even bother with tricks, or cues too much at all. I'd be working on firstly creating a bond between you and the animal, and secondly working your clicker or marker word and simply reinforcing EVERYTHING that you like. It could be calm behaviour, good toilet choices, sitting, waiting. I wouldn't be working too much on duration. Just rewarding anything she offers that you like. Given that she's already taken to learning so quickly and is offering behaviours willingly I think one thing will quickly lead to another. Make sure the rewards are always near by and try to reduce the gap between the mark and reward. This may mean extending duration until you are in a position to follow the mark quickly. As you start proofing your cues I've found it quite beneficial to also offer strange body movements with it. It causes the animal to think and listen rather than just read body language. For instance holding a hand above the dog and asking for a down will go against their natural instinct to sit or stand. Then reward from the other hand down nice and low. Little things to keep the brain engaged will ensure they don't get bored. Keep the sessions short and fast paced with a high rate of reward.
  9. Itchie staffy

    Diet seems like it shouldn’t be triggering it, that’s a pretty good diet I think. (That’s what we feed ours, seems to keep itches at bay) Probably allergies to some environmental factor (like grass) from being Spring. Your vet will be able to give you something for that if it’s the case. Our dog used to get spring allergies and vet prescribed Prednisol, which worked a bit the first time, but the second year it made him really glum and stressy and he had withdrawals. So we stopped that but now we don’t seem to need it anymore. I would try the holy coconut oil, it fixes everything that stuff! Our dog had Flea Allergy Dermatitis, the Flea meds weren’t working properly and even though we didn’t see any fleas he’d been bitten a few times and was really allergic to the saliva. We swapped to Advantage, and used coconut oil with a good diet and that worked wonders. We gave 1tsp a day orally, and you can use it softened/melted topically as an ointment too.
  10. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    How does the raw food work in a can? Would it still require refrigeration? Also, what are the ingredients in the product? Will that be released soon?
  11. Gentle Giant Breed Recommendation!?

    The Bernese that I see every day just amble along, that way they can stop and say hullo to everyone they meet.
  12. Pet door recommendations?

    Hi Wiz,s Mum, we're Searching for a pet door for a timber door, but our existing doors haven't held up to the punishment they receive from our Boxer. (Don't want to go back to being a doorman for her.) Just seeing if someone knows of, or has a better quality door. Thanks for any help.
  13. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    What is the science behind your food?
  14. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    My argument would be that a high protein diet would be normal for a dog therefore their bodies wouldn't go into ketosis the way a human does. Or rather ketosis doesn't apply to them. Silly marketing ploy using catch phrases to suck people in.
  15. Itchie staffy

    Hi, I have my best mate suffering with itchy skin, he’s 2 1/2 years old, I feed him raw meat both Lamb & beef, lamb neck bones as well as Blackhawk dry food which he graises on, I also give him a little of what I’m having for dinner. The itchy skin only started about 3 months ago, under his front leg he’s developed a sore from scratching that I discovered last night and I’m heading to his vet this morning. I read online about a cure from a site called “Albert Moons” and the product is “daisy oil” for itchy dogs, wondering if anyone has tried this remedy
  16. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    I did a little searching on ketogenic diets for dogs. To my surprise, there is some clinical evidence indicating that, in some cases, ketosis is helpful for control of epilepsy. Could find no clinical evidence that it is helpful for cancer or weight loss in dogs.
  17. Gentle Giant Breed Recommendation!?

    Geez you must have known different Newfoundlands than I have! They would leave a Mastiff for dead!
  18. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    Dear dog lovers, My name is Agota. I'm a founder of SHOO Natural and Rocketo dog food. First of all, I'm super excited that you are interested in our products and I'm especially happy for your questions! I'm a dog lover not a business woman, so each of your concern helps me to grow and learn from my mistakes. Let me answer all of your questions one by one. Agota

    Loved it - I got my current dogs through them - 16 year old Bella the Border and Diesel the Koolie.
  20. Pet door recommendations?

    Are you after a recommendation for a sliding door inset? or just a through wall/wooden door type or a glass door/window type pet door?
  21. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    35% fat, 17% protein? Sounds great if you want weight gain and pancreatitis. Given that fat has nearly twice the energy density as protein, this would result in the dog getting roughly 4 times as much energy from fat as from protein. I don't get why people think carbs are so bad for dogs.
  22. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    Ketogenic is a strange word to use when talking about dog food.. You eat a ketogenic diet to go into ketosis. I guess low carb doesn't sound as sexy. Just plain silly.
  23. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    Yeah it’s very weird... before I thought the company was legitimate (they already sell grooming supplies) but now I’m a bit skeptical... Better not buy any
  24. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    canned and raw don't seem to go together AT ALL . Raw is raw is uncooked... AFAIK not sure in which country this food is produced .. but on my skim read ..there are enough spelling/grammatical errors to make me wonder. to CAN/preserve food ..it is pressure COOKED in-can. how can it be raw ? maybe they mean "natural" ?"raw" as in without something? if anyone solves the mystery , I'd be happy to learn something new this has me intrigued .
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  26. Dog breeding facility planned for Bathurst

    I support condemnation of RSPCA seizure of animals and it's ramifications for the animals and the owner. But perhaps that is better discussed under a different heading?
  27. Lost Poodle West lakes SA

    ZIGGY is home. Almost 7 weeks, she had 1 scammer try and get the reward money then a 2nd man rang her and they met a a vets thankfully he is back with the owner again This poor boy only came to me a year ago from an awful awful breeder, so he deserves all the love he can get.
  28. Gentle Giant Breed Recommendation!?

    Bernese are gorgeous dogs but if you want a dog that walks slowly I think Newf would be the one for you. Slowest walking dogs Ive ever known
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