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  2. I love that squishy face! Albert is sooooo cute! Thank goodness he just had passing symptoms.
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  4. He looks a real character, LG. I’m so glad the dreaded SP fever was over and done with quickly.
  5. Thought it might be time for some Albert spam. Poor bubba was showing signs of Shar Pei Fever over the weekend (slightly swollen hocks and not quite himself) but he's back to himself tonight, Mr Cray-Cray dragging all the floor mats everywhere. He was trying to eat my sister's hair just before this photo
  6. I've found this really interesting reading about these problems , WHY , because i'm having all these same skin , scratching , inflamed ears ect ect , problems with my dog , I ask myself why is it different now has opposed to dogs for the last 40 years , and i keep coming up with the same answer ,, when i was a kid we had dogs , they were always healthy and in good nick , but my parents always said there the kids pets , both of themn were not paticulary fond of dogs and animals , so the rules were steadfast , there your dog , YOU c lean up there mess or THEY GO , there dogs they eat what we leave , we were poor i suppose so alls they got was a spoonful of pal , chappie whatever , over the scraps to give it taste and that was it , yet i cannot remenmber a dog we owned that did'nt live a long live and ever had problems that took them to the vet , and to be honest my dad would of rather spent 10 cents on a bullet than 10 dollars at a vet . Fast forward i got married we still had dogs , i and my wife are dog lovers , but 40 plus years later . all our dogs lived to a far far more life expectency than what they were supposed to , and NOT ONE of our ogs has cost us much at the vets , all of them were not fed speciel diets they were all fed meat , bit of kibble tin of pal , lots of scraps , all of them were fed what we has a familly did'nt finish , all of them topped up by supermarket kibble , for when there were no left overs , quite often a spoonful of tinned meat to give them the taste , and ALL OF THEM have lived long lifes and very very rarely at the vets Now present day , first little dog , first dog i've ever spent the money on in regards money is;nt the object , i buy whatever he needs i buy whatever i read is the best , I've spent THOUSANDS trying to clear ear infections , and he still licks ,m still seems in distress , so i said to my wife NO MORE , stuff the expensive 150 dollars a bag of kibble , stuff everything i read , , for his ears about a month ago i said give him ear , (scuse the pun ) and i swabbed his ears with Cider vinigar , i stopped buying expensive kibble , and buy a small bag has a filler , the rest of the time he gets scraps , meat , chicken , basicly what we eat , times like tonight theres no left overs so he gets kibble and a couple of spoon fuls of pal to taste , , also he gets bones , i have started treating him like what he is A DOG back to basics and guess what , his coats shiny , his nose is wet , he's running up and down the hallway , with his toy in his mouth growling and snarling , jumping on the furniture and behaving like a pup , he's actually become once again a healthy dog
  7. Thanks everyone. It was very peaceful. He had 3/4 family sized block of chocolate before his sedation and was snoring loudly on in arms when the vet administered the final injection. The vet cried too. She didnt rush me, asked me if I was ready etc. It was the right time and he had no anxiety and was just happy snuggled in my arms eating chocolate.
  8. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/home/pets/colin-amatto-killed-in-dog-attack-of-extreme-ferocity-inquest-told/news-story/9070c73528418275473b088e287aad51
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  10. It is a great idea...but a pity...that the legalities have to come into it. What ever happened to people being responsible for their own decisions? Now we are all wrapped in cotton wool & the lawyers are out there waiting for someone to trip up, so they can sue
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  12. Oh Fivers, I just saw this. We get no control over when it is 'time'. We can't hold it off because life is already hectic or something amazing is happening soon. It sucks. You've got a plan to bring him with you into your new life and that is the best you can make of this situation. I'm sorry. Big hugs to you. Your boy is currently having a ball over the bridge without his frail body holding him back. He will still be there at your new place in your heart and memories. My shar pei Tempeh is the first dog I ever cremated because I knew I would be moving house and I couldn't leave her behind. She still 'talks' to me here. Her strongest connection was with me, not where we lived. Take care of yourself. X
  13. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-03-03/bluey-rochester-dog-reclaims-guinness-world-record-as-oldest-dog/103513372
  14. I think this has some merits - but yes, legally it could be a minefield!
  15. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-03-02/home-owners-rent-backyard-to-dogs-for-cash/103443534
  16. Wow, that's interesting. My dog has what looks like a mite infestation but nothing showed on the skin scrape. I will go straight to Petstock and purchase the treatment! Fingers crossed!
  17. I have a dog with a terrible skin condition (don't know what's causing it yet) but there is so much conflicting information. I read that fish is a "heavy metal" and shouldn't be given but I also used to give sardines and tuna. What the?
  18. Can you tell me about the dermatologist and/or specialist? I have a dog that is not responding to ANY treatment.
  19. Hello Sonic, Regarding the height specifications for Labrador Retrievers, I understand there might be some confusion. As of my last update, the general height range for Labradors is typically as follows: Males: 22.5 to 24.5 inches (57 to 62 cm) at the withers. Females: 21.5 to 23.5 inches (55 to 60 cm) at the withers. These measurements may vary slightly between different breed standards or kennel clubs. If there have been any recent updates to the breed standards regarding height, I would recommend consulting the most recent information from reputable sources or the relevant kennel club for clarification. Additionally, if you're interested in learning more about various dog breeds, I've recently published a blog post on my website about the top 20 military dog breeds, In there I published a detailed review of Labrador retriever. I think you will find it interesting. you can check from here https://petadog.xyz/top-15-military-dog-breeds/ Best regards, Pet a Dog
  20. I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending you and your family lots of love at this difficult time May your sweet boy rest peacefully
  21. Thinking of you... what a tough day for you. Go chase those birds, boy !!
  22. Thinking of you and your family @fiveplusone as you give your darling boy one last amazing gift. Whilst he mightn't have been able to enjoy your new property in life, know that he'll enjoy it with you every day in spirit. Run free sweet boy and keep watch over your family until you're reunited.
  23. Unfortunately your prefix gives away your breed and I was able to track you down through Dogzonline. Unfortunately you breed staffords, which are one of the most saturated breeds on the market alongside breeds such as golden retrievers, cavaliers, labradors and frenchies. Having had a quick look at the puppy listings, there are currently 43 stafford litters listed, 390 ads on Gumtree selling "staffy pups" and 68 ads (Gumtree) selling "staffords". This means you're not only having to deal with the cost of living crisis where people are becoming far more frugal with their spending, but you're also competing with hundreds to thousands of other stafford puppies on the market. You'll need to work harder than other rarer breeds to promote why people should buy your puppies rather than Joe Blow's two doors down, and that's not an easy task when buyers have so many litter options available. I also feel that people are moving away from staffies/amstaffs as family pets because of the negative stigma they generate from the media. Oodles have become the popular and "safe" choice now for the every day household.
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