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  2. So if i did want to show or breed i will need mains ? But from what i read a few comments ago , mains are only needed if you wanted to join dogs nsw / ankc otherwise if u wanted ti join a different breeding organisation u wont need them sbd could still breed right ? As for showing u absolutely need them obviously ye ? But breeding is different depending who you join
  3. There is a similar sport called GRC – Gameness, Relationship, Control. It includes treadmill, weight pull, spring pole and wall climb. It’s something we are looking at getting into, most of us have working bred Malinois that love to run and bite, it’s just another outlet without the seriousness of bite sports like IGP. Some of us have dogs that excel and thrive on these sorts of activities, and we get enjoyment from our dogs being genetically fulfilled
  4. Some chemists will also compound medications for pets – one of my rats had to be on antibiotics a few weeks ago, and it was something I looked into as the liquid was a bit gross.
  5. Unless you want to show, and since you say you’re not interested in breeding, then you have no use for mains registered dogs and most breeders will not hand that over willingly.
  6. For someone who says they don't want to breed you sure are very interested in the whole process.
  7. I have msged two ANKC members and they didnt want to offer with the main register. Would you say because they werent happy with the pup ? Or ?
  8. Oh wow , okay so if somone wanted to be part of that then obviously they would HAVE TO get a dog with pedigree main register papers. But if another breeder didnt care about that then they could buy a dog without main register and join some other breeding organisation become a licensed breeder then sell the pups legally yeah ? Im assuming thats what the people on gumtree are doing. Also even if you brought of a ANKC member but you only got limited register you wouldent be able to join the ANKC and register the pup because you got a limited register so you cant own the bloodline pedigree
  9. Actually, there are fairly onerous and expensive legal requirements with which dog breeders in NSW must comply. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/299803/Breeding-dogs-and-cats-code-of-practice.pdf https://ablis.business.gov.au/service/nsw/animal-welfare-code-of-practice-breeding-of-dogs-and-cats/16905
  10. Yes but is it ethical? If you buy a dog from an ANKC breeder and it's on limited registration you have to ask yourself, and the breeder, why. It may have a fault that makes it not suitable for breeding but no impact on its life as a pet. Who knows what your dog may pass on if bred with another dog. And ignorance is no excuse. I'm in Victoria and the laws are quite strict.
  11. So you can join other dog breeding organisations without main register of the dog you own and stil breed them and sell the pups legally?
  12. So basically anyone can breed and sell pups legally. But if you wanted to join ANKC then you have to have pedigree and main register of the animal correct ? So for the other dog breeding organisations you can join them without having the main register of the dog anf still breed and sell pups legally? Is that how it works ? Thanks
  13. Thanks for that, I was wondering which campus. Gatton is actually really good for me. Thanks for the info re those remedies. Yes, transitioning to something more natural would be helpful. Just wondering if stress is a factor in all this. Household got a bit going on. Hopefully that will quiet down soon after we move and that could help...
  14. I have been thinking a lot about this lately with my 16 year old .. I love the look of the eco urn.
  15. I had assumed they'd have something like the tray that is inserted in to powder make up containers, with holes cut out to stop the contents from tipping out in a big pile at once. That being said, I've never looked in to them before and maybe a lot of them are the same as the Eco urn and the scatter box Rebanne got with just a regular lid and the ashes in a sealed bag. It just seems weird to me that they're given different names if they're basically the same thing.
  16. UQ Vet Hospital is now at Gatton Oil him with Keri oil, leave on for a couple of days then try bathing your dog with F10 shampoo (I found it's best to shampoo with another brand first to get the dog clean and oil-free then do the F10 after he is rinsed off) Some links (have an on-line search for the most economical as my link is just an example) F10 Chemist warehouse and Priceline for Keri Oil When your dog is very dry dust him with Curash powder...make up your own with Zinc Oxide powder and cornflower, have a hunt round online for the cheapest option though you can
  17. I go through phases of being pissed off with the pedigree registry system, and there are some good dogs that aren't registered, especially working dogs. However breeding off register can get dicey....can be hard to find an unrelated dog that's health tested.
  18. All of mine came back in a carry bag, with a candle and potpourri. The scatter ones had a gift card with the dogs name. I just had a look inside at my one from a few years ago and the ashes have become quite hard . They would not be able to be scattered now. Bit upset they are like that now so if you want to scatter I would recommend sooner rather then later.
  19. The scatter box I got was a very plain one with an easily removed lid. The ashes were in a plastic bag. You just undid the tie and tipped the ashes out. I remember being surprised at how much ash there was for a 34 kilo dog.
  20. Ah okay, I actually don’t know. I was googling some of these companies and they had scatter boxes that looked exactly like the eco urn in your photo (and they cost about the same as an urn as @jemappellementioned). I didn’t think they would have any features that would allow pouring out the ashes because the container is a cylinder so you just open the lid and pour (at least that’s what I had in my mind ). Having said that some scatter boxes I saw were actually square boxes.
  21. Correct. Except that the breeder only has to own the bitch (at least that is the rule in Victoria). You can agree with the owner of the sire to use him “at Stud” and for that service pay the owner a “fee for service”. There are rules and conventions about using a dog for Stud, but that’s another topic! The owner(s) of the sire and the owner(s)of the dam have all got to sign the application to register the litter which (in Australia) has to be done by the owner of the bitch and registered in their kennel prefix.
  22. Not sure about a referral there. Sydney Uni Vet, you just call to make a specialist appointment. And get the office to request a copy of your dog's record from your vet so they have a history to work with.
  23. Ah, thanks for that. This lot were in Brisbane but on the the north side and not associated with the University as far as I could see. We are moving closer to Brisbane, so it might be worth checking them out. Did you have to get a referral or anything?
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