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  2. The Papillon And Phalene Thread

    Hello, I have 2 lovely toy poodles (female spayed), and am considering adding a papillon pup to the mix. I don't have a lot of experience with the breed, but have liked the dogs I have met. My dogs are my world, live indoors, and I do low-level agility and obedience. Is there anyone here that can provide any information on pros and cons of the breed ? I am specifically interested in the reality of how much they shed (as have been very spoilt with only poodles over the past decade). Thank you !!
  3. Hello, Apologies for posting on here, but the papillon thread appears to be very dead.... I have 2 lovely toy poodles (female spayed), and am considering adding a papillon pup to the mix. I don't have a lot of experience with the breed, but have liked the dogs I have met. My dogs are my world, live indoors, and I do low-level agility and obedience. Is there anyone that can provide any information on pros and cons of the breed ? I am specifically interested in the reality of how much they shed (as have been very spoilt with only poodles over the past decade). Thank you !
  4. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    received an update. He said to keep checking this link and the date for submitting submissions will be announced on it. https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/committees/listofcommittees/Pages/committee-details.aspx?pk=263#tab-submissions
  5. Meet the Winton dogs that stole their scene

    Sounds like it would have been fun
  6. The Claytons 52/2019

    So love Pudden. No, no grass, (that didn't last long). But a dust-roll must feel good, ginger cat likes edgey tractor tracks for a back massage, grey cat not impressed.
  7. Goodbye Zephy Man

    Oh Grumpette I am so sorry. He was a beautiful boy inside and out and I will miss seeing his smiling face and hearing about him. Sending a warm hug your way while you get through this. XXX
  8. Meet the Winton dogs that stole their scene

    What a gorgeous story!
  9. Last week
  10. Decades a go they did a study on early castration of colts and was very interesting. the foals castrated at a few weeks to a few months old, some grew over a hand or more, taller (a hand is four inches) than their full sibling brothers that were left entire. even more interesting even the pelvic shape was different. lucky horses dont seem to develop the incontinence problems early desexed puppies have been found to
  11. The Claytons 52/2019

    No grass in which to roll, but Pudden rolls anyway ...:)
  12. The Claytons 52/2019

    Aww... damn cats! he has a gorgeous face..stinky, fighty tom that he may be
  13. Kippers

    Like Tassiee, I would start with a big soft toy not a ball. Start in the house, in the passage. All doors shut so he cannot escape.. sit on the floor and get the pup interested in the toy, then throw a short distanc (1 meter ) and en courage the pup to go after it and as soon as he goes to pick it up, call him back in an excited voice and welcome him with enthusiasm. Do not immediately take the prize (toy). Play with the pup and toy for a while and only then,ask him to give it to you . Start all over again.
  14. Bunnies...

    They are rehomed to pet homes @Loving my Oldies... and all our bunnies are adults. The lop eared ones in the photos are mini lops, so they aren't huge, but not tiny either (around 2kg each)... and the sable one is a standard, so weighs in at around 3.5-4kg. All of our animals enjoy going out and interacting with people... and if they don't enjoy it any more, then we find good homes for them to retire to. My boss is a stickler for that. T.
  15. The Claytons 52/2019

    More cat woes - yet another feral has moved in to call the car-port home. He was calling on the previous stray, I think she has a de-sexing tattoo - but this boy is all battle-scars and male hormones. Will try to trap him and take to vet, get desexed and whatever shots - I'd like them to go back to their old homes but obviously that's not in their plans
  16. The Claytons 52/2019

    Not many bees around this spring, it's been mostly too cold and windy. There were just a few around the pear trees, would be hundreds in better weather.
  17. Bunnies...

    With rabbits, I only see adults at the local farm-pet-pat marquees at shows etc. I think baby rabbits are a bit fragile to be over-handled. I know the owner of one does a lot of farm animal rescue, and on-sells lambs etc to good homes to help fund the rescue work. Can't speak for all of them, but those I have personal knowledge of are ethical and re-home their animals - a couple of our lot came to us this way - from a drought property and via a 'petting nursery'.
  18. Kippers

    To be honest, I wouldn't start with a ball.. For me, a ball, unless it's on a tug lead of some kind, is not particularly interactive. I start my pups off with a soft toy (maybe on a soft lead of some kind, that I can get the pup excited about by dragging it round the floor and making it like a prey animal trying to get away. That should get the pup interested and chasing and you can have a gentle game of tug. Then using another soft toy or super high value treat, and holding your hand under the pup;s chin, encourage him to swap the first toy back to you for a treat, or a game with the other toy. To start with, you can do this sitting on the floor. Once the pup understands the basics of the game, and gets excited, then you can start a gentle throw of one toy, and encourage the pup to b ring it back and swap it. Once the pup gets the idea of this game, s/he will start to understand that bringing one toy back gets the game going again. If pup doesn't bring it back, just sip your coffee, look at your phone .. whatever, and wait .. you can play with the toy you have, then once the pup is intrigued enough to bring the one toy back, it's game on again. Keep it short, excited and frequent .. and don't leave these toys around for pup to amuse himself with. They are special for playing with you. Reasons I don't play ball with my dogs … I want to be more to my pups than a ball launcher .. you can get a machine for that. And also, chasing balls, particularly when thrown with a Chuckit type ball thrower .. is placing the dog at risk of injuries .. subtle at first if you're lucky, but maybe worse and more expensive, like a weakened or torn cruciate ligament.
  19. THE Best Dog food?

    There's no best dog (or for that matter, human) food. Dogs, like humans, are omnivores and do well on a variety of diets. And like humans, dogs tend to be healthier if they're kept slim.
  20. This ABC drama is excellent, Deborah Mailman is so talented and here's a story about the dogs https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-20/dogs-steal-scene-in-total-control-during-filing-in-winton/11618384 Meet the Winton dogs that stole their scene in ABC drama series Total Control premiere ABC Western Qld By Damien Larkins and Oliver Wykeham Posted about 11 hours ago Photo: Winton local Steven Elliott was cast as an extra, but after meeting him the producers wrote him a much larger role. (ABC TV) These outback Queensland dogs are probably the only characters in Australia that could steal a scene from star Deborah Mailman. Key Points: Sheep dogs steal the scene in ABC drama Total Control Originally cast as extras, were given larger role when producers saw them Owner Steven Elliott says they would return for a second season The Australian border collies captured hearts in the debut episode of the ABC drama series Total Control. The scene sees their Winton owner Steven Elliot offer Ms Mailman's character a puppy, to distract her from telling him to take his medication. The well-trained canines jumped on her ute as she tried to drive away. Mr Elliot was originally cast as just an extra in the Blackfella Films production. The directors saw something special in him and the dogs and wrote them all a bigger role in the show. "They all slotted in and done their little bit," Mr Elliott said. "They were working really good and really enjoyed it." Photo: You can find Steven in his backyard, making cattle brands or training his sheep dogs. (ABC Western Qld: Ollie Wykeham) From rodeo riding to a wheelchair The 42-year-old partly severed his spinal cord when he fell from a horse in a rodeo in 2003. Nowadays you will find him scooting in his wheelchair around the backyard of his Winton home. It is there he crafts hand-made branding irons and trains his beloved dogs. Photo: Steven has a sheep pen in his backyard he uses to train his dogs. (ABC Western Qld: Ollie Wykeham) It was a long day filming on set, but the dogs took to it like ducks to water. "They sort of got sick of it by the finish," Mr Elliott said. "One fell asleep underneath the car at one part." Scores of the Winton locals were cast as extras in the production and the larger role came as a surprise to Mr Elliott. "We were thrown in the deep end there a little bit," he said. "They said 'we're going to do something next week', then they turned up that afternoon and gave me a piece of paper," he said. "They said 'this is what you've got to say and we're going to start at half past six in the morning' and out we went." Leaving their mark With a quick whistle and a flick of his hand, the dogs are quick to respond to Mr Elliott's every command. "They all really enjoyed it, all the film crew and everyone, they all love the dogs," he said. "They were enjoying the extra pats." Photo: Steven's dogs are so well trained, they will wait for his command to eat. (ABC Western Qld: Ollie Wykeham) Mr Elliot is hopeful for an even bigger role with Ms Mailman if there is a season two. "We kinda clicked after a little bit and got on real good too," he said. "It was pretty fun to work with her." Mr Elliott thinks the dogs left an impression in more ways than one. "I think the dogs ended up making a bit of a mark on the camera stand at one point," he said with a laugh. You can watch Total Control on ABC TV and on iView. Photo: Dog Wiggles and his pack left their mark on the crew and their equipment. (ABC Western Qld: Damien Larkins)
  21. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    Amazing, it is Sunday and have received three replies saying the submission will be forwarded to the Inquiry. this is the last one with more information than the previous two. Dear S, The select committee that's has been formed to conduct inquiry has not had it's first meeting, this is due this week. Once that has occurred details of our to send submission and closing date will be published on website. Kind regards Mark Banasiak I thanked him for his reply and just received this... Dear S,No problems at all, please feel free to pass on to all you know who are interested, more details should be up on the parliamentary website by Friday.Kind regardsMark Banasiak I had sent copies to everyone named in that link that was on dogzonline.... interestingly one of the persons named in that link does not seem to be aware he is named as being on the committee.e.g. ...... .Dear inquiry I have received this unsolicited submission and I am forwarding it to the inquiry. If you have any further inquiries, please contact my staffer member - Sachin Saxena. Regards Walt Honourable Walt Secord
  22. Goodbye Zephy Man

    I'm so very sorry. Zephyr was such a sweet, handsome boy and I know he will be sorely missed.
  23. Help needed training

    Hey Mischie, I would encourage you to consult a veterinary behaviourist and a positive trainer. The reason food is not “working” is probably because she’s too anxious to think and learn (unless she’s overfed or your food isn’t high value enough for the situation). It might also be why she appears “disobedient”. If you thought your life was in danger you’d hardly sit down for a meal or follow cues that seem in opposition to keeping you safe! You’ll need to train within her comfort zone and, if she has an anxiety disorder, treat that too.
  24. Goodbye Zephy Man

    Wonderful wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing.
  25. THE Best Dog food?

    I feed my dog a mix of Big Dog BARF Patties, meaty bones (turkey necks and lamb necks), sardines, eggs and natural yoghurt.
  26. Help needed training

    hi Sorry to hear there are problems .... When you say "rescue" , from where did you get her ? privately, or a pound, or a shelter ? How long has she been with you now ? What is your daily routine ..yours with your dog's ? What does she do when people come to the house ? Which picture does she most look like then ? CLICK ON THE PICTURE to see a larger version . Which picture describes her best when she won't come to you ? What ARE her very favourite things ? Toys? Cuddles? Racing around? Being massaged? Being left alone ? Chewing a big bone ? Sounds as if you are both a tad stressed
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