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  2. Perses' Pups

    What is it about alpacas lying around like they are dead... Cadbury, the one at my work does it all the time too... lol! When he's not humping Cardigan the sheep anyways... errr! I bet the Boss is really chuffed with these 2 boys perse... hopefully they'll turn into really productive workers for his team. T.
  3. Even 10% of that money would make a huge difference to the recue that did all the work for none of the recognition... T.
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  5. Bull terrier puppy mill

    no Idea how long this may be available to read at this link. But they made the effort and went to court, won their case. And you would think their reputation and lives back. but read and see the real impact.. lives, health, ruined...... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wZlwuuNydiIXQtYBjO-HaV9An6dx_GXh/view?fbclid=IwAR1wUlgf-xsJ5jkG02cDRFBSAd6q-zD3mb-nPc9D3BPGs6c8FGdW-QDtTmk Justifies my belief at the time in 2000 that taking them to court for aggravated cruelty to Stringy, as Richard wanted would achieve nought but bankruptcy for my family was correct.
  6. Canine Circovirus

    Sorry for the late reply, I couldn’t see my notifications properly. Or I just was too new-Mum, sleep-deprived to read properly. Either one. No, he’s not. Thank God. That’s a good idea. Thank you. I have contacted other university graduates directly in the past to ask about their work, and they’ve been pretty helpful. I might just bug people again :). I think it just shook me (reading about it) due mainly to the contrast in notification style here vs USA. CDC reports, blogs a million...here, one lousy newspaper article. I want to agree with you re vets, but surely they have continuing professional development hours to complete each year, bulletins to read, etc....not to mention a duty to their clients to disclose everything - including what they ARE NOT qualified to speak to?? This isn’t a kind chap off the street who has kindly volunteered assistance, it’s a paid professional with an ethical obligation to their clients. Unfortunately even the best ones seem to be more like sales reps for puppy preschools and enforcers of council bylaws than practitioners. At least to some extent. I’ve got a good one for Bubs, very hard to get into though as she actually *gasp* travels interstate to....learn. When she’s gone though, I’m left with the “oh, I know enough already so I’ll stop learning now, knowing things is not at all pertinent to my job - have I given you a puppy preschool flier???” vets Haha, PCR, aw....that’s so not going to happen any time soon. Here in SA, we brush everything off with “oh, that’s only in the EASTERN states! And Northern Territory! And parts of WA....but NOT HERE. No. Just no. Not South Australia. That NEVER HAPPENS HERE. Except for that time when it happened two streets away. BUT APART FROM THAT IT NEVER HAPPENS SO STOP CARING ABOUT THE HEALTH OF YOUR DOG, YOU ANNOYING CHILD....give me money now.” There have been two cases here in SA, last year they were confirmed I believe, although it doesn’t sound like there’s much knowledge re whether we’re looking at a parvovirus mutation or what... I really just feel SO jipped that I was told conclusively that one week after the final shots, my kid would be covered. Obviously I’d take him in quick smart if I saw any parvovirus like symptoms, but there was no “but be careful as there have been cases of..” or “your dog is now protected as optimally as possible”. Maybe it’s due to a push to get puppies out and socialising. I know I was frowned upon for waiting til he was vaccinated to take him out. (That’s another scary part - it predominantly hits puppies under 6 months of age - the vets couldn’t add one little caveat of “maybe be a bit on the cautious side until 6 months”?). I know I sound slightly/very crazy here, but this is MY DOG! My responsibility. Anything wrong is on me, regardless of the advice I’ve received, I know that (which is why I care not about getting all the facts as opposed to the fliers). I will never forgive myself if I let something happen to him because I was too stupid to either make full use of the professionals hired to help him (I would happily pay for an additional consult - I know overseas you can book one with just you and your vet, here, I don’t know, it’s never offered ), or too eager to relax that I neglect to do my due diligence as far as sourcing or checking advice. Thanks guys, for your help.
  7. Coping as an only dog

    He has been enjoying the one on one without any competition but we did notice a few changes within a couple of weeks of Hugo leaving, me going into hospital has definitely not helped the situation but he didn’t react like this when I went into hospital to have my daughter which is what leads me to believe being an only dog has something to do with it. My son hasn’t come home from the hospital and at this stage he’s not likely to until he has his heart surgery in January so except for us visiting him every second day everything else is back to normal, Rascal has been going with my husband to do the school run, we have taken him to visit the grandparents and we have been taking him to the oval where we would normally go for a walk. While he is a friendly little dog I don’t think he would enjoy doggie day care, he doesn’t interact with dogs out in public except for a quick sniff or bark and he’s only really been interested in playing with two other dogs (both were fosters) in his life. He is predominantly my dog, I make sure I have time for him every day no matter what else is going on and he will happily interact with everyone else, if I’m busy he’ll go and hang out in my sons room or play chasey and tug o war with my almost three year old or chill out on the couch with my older daughter or go and supervise my husband outside, although our lives have been turned a bit upside down he has still been a main priority.
  8. Would you feed your dog pet mince?

    Pet mince is often okay but there can be a some variety in the quality ... there are companies in Victoria around that may suit your needs - www.tuckertub.com.au - deliver most areas and www.bestforpets.net.au - deliver in the north central area.... I have bought mince from both of these and been very happy with the quality. I am a full raw feeder, changed over to raw 10 years ago and wean my pups from 3 weeks of age onto raw... we don't use kibble at all... instead we follow the Vets All Natural system.. you can learn more about this on www.vetsallnatural.com.au... we also feed bones, yoghurt and sardines a few times a week.
  9. Dog, imagine what $360,000 could do for cash poor rescue groups. Vet bills across Australia could be significantly reduced for a start but instead they will probably be Christmas bonuses for Pet Rescue staff.
  10. Coping as an only dog

    Rascal my girl Stussy is now an only dog after 11 years of being in a 3 and 4 dog household. She is enjoying the extra attention but is a bit nervous when one of us leaves the house. I thought she would really struggle as an only dog as she is very social and interactive with other dogs (even strange dogs). Besides Hugo going he has also had you out of the house unexpectedly and now you are home and your focus is elsewhere (totally understandable with new bub). It is possible he is reacting to more than just the loss of Hugo - dynamics in your house have changed considerably in a very short period of time and things could be fluid for some time to come. Is it worth checking out doggy day care options as that might give him socialisation and activity in his routine plus have him in a supervised environment at times when you wont be home for an extended period? Who is he closest to in your house - is it possible for that person to devote some focused one on one time to him every day to develop a new and enjoyable routine? I know you don't need this worry on top of everything else. I hope it resolves.
  11. Perses' Pups

    LOL...how wide is Rose ????!! she can certainly Sqeeeze LOL these pups are weird ...they are different from others we've had . I just keep laughing!!! They hardly eat .... they will deign to have 2 meals a day(fresh) ..but at their own pace .....and don't complain if they sometimes just get one!! (yes they have self serv puppy kibble all night ..never touched) They will flop down and nibble away at a ball of pet mince or some chicken wing bits ...mostly sharing ....and think it's heaven if they score a piece of big dog kibble for sitting & not getting in my way when I feed the adults they LOOVE Bruce the sheep ..he's their mobile lolly/snack dispenser ..... They also got the message in one lesson , that when cars start , and make that VROOOM noise ...it's time to retreat away from where the cars are parked . They will never get run over now one of their favourite play surfaces is on top of some fencing panels .laying flat .. steel panels covered in fine chicken wire! ... they have their toys on there ..and just love it weird, I say ....
  12. Perses' Pups

    Unlike Rose, who is still tiny, with a thing about closed gates, gotta get through first at any cost. Harley is much sweeter and cares about others. Harley: Mith, are you dead? Mith: Piss off Harley. Your good pups make my lot an embarrassment.
  13. 52/2018

    yes! I can see a smidge of white on that there bunny
  14. 52/2018

    Talking about rabbits with a coloured past. This one is a dark coated with a ginger hint, and if I hold my head right I can find some white, not quite a stripe and spot, just almost. Bunny of the Day 49/52
  15. Coping as an only dog

    Not considered crating he has not been taught to be crated and I think it would add more stress, our property is dog proof he only managed to get out because my husband stacked bricks against the gate so not worried about him getting out again now they have been moved. I could leave some of my clothes for him, not sure how I would record my voice and be able to play it back.
  16. 15km is massive... I agree with everyone else above. Work on mental challenges. Short quick sessions. You'll find out how enthusiastic your dog is to work quite quickly.. and wear it out as well. Operant conditioning.. Reward the behaviours you want to see. Reward heavily and frequently initially.. You should start to see the dog offer said behaviours pre-empting a reward. Interupt anything you dislike, and then the moment a wanted behaviour is shown reward heavily again. It becomes a game for the dog, but as an added bonus they tend to offer what you want more often.. If you can't control the environment to reduce unwanted behaviours occurring then you need to work to do so.
  17. Coping as an only dog

    Have you considered crating him while you are out with some of your clothes or bedding in his crate? Another idea is maybe recording yourself reading a story and putting that on for him while he is in his crate with your scent.
  18. Out of left field .... unless she is digging under fences ... I wonder if she may be sore ..and is instinctively seeking cooler and soft spots in which to lie ? has she an anxiety ..spurred by an absolute whirl of activity with walks & runs .............then .........................................................? her system needs the motion/noise ... is she teething ..? What does she have to actually GNAW ? You said there are days she eats nothing ..what do her teeth and gums look like ? have you tried making her iceblocks? take a large icecream container . place inside a few bits of apple ... a few bits of tasty processed meat ..hot dog etc ..just 4 or 5 . a few bits of her kibble , and maybe a few chicken hearts . fill the container 3/4 full with fresh water . Freeze at LEAST 12 hrs ..preferably 24 ... and then let her have it The cool may feel nice on her gums & teeth ?
  19. Coping as an only dog

    I’ll pick some up on Fri along with the collar hopefully both help.
  20. Perses' Pups

    I am so proud of these 2 ..bums on ground waiting for gate to open .....
  21. woah, that is an insane amount of exercise for that dog. And she is your 2nd aggressive dog. Instead of physical exercise try some mental exercise. Exercising the brain tires a dog out - a lot. And I'd look into getting some sort of secure run for her. That would limit her ability to dig and help protect people who visit. "i had an american staffy who was classed as a dangerous dog"
  22. Would you feed your dog pet mince?

    I buy pet mince from my butcher as it contains minced chicken frames ,hearts, livers ..much more of what a pup needs than meat minced for human use ..if intended as a meal ... I also feed a puppy kibble , and large meaty bones .
  23. Not a fan of pet mince as I think the standards are lower. I buy mince for human consumption and feed raw daily.
  24. Coping as an only dog

    Yes. It's just a supplement.
  25. Coping as an only dog

    Is this ok to use along with the Dap collar?
  26. Coping as an only dog

    I’ll look for the collar on Friday and if it works I’ll buy a few online. I really hope it helps normally we would only leave Rascal to go shopping otherwise he’s with us and he has been fine with that but the hospital is so far away we are gone for 4-5 hours. This is one of the main reasons I never had just one dog (except when I was still living with my parents).
  27. Coping as an only dog

    Yes his world has been turned upside down in the last month, we have tried our best to make sure he is either with us or he has someone home and between my husband and my father in law they did as much as they could to keep his routine normal while I was in hospital.
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