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  2. I’m gathering your Albany way ? The shows there are only held in Feb and Nov so the rest of the year you would have to travel . Dec to March all shows in Perth are night shows from 6 pm .
  3. I like Mareka Ley at Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital. (8390 2266) Mareka is also a qualified chiropractor.
  4. Can I have a couple of recommendations for a Greyhound with some issues please. Not mine, a newly adopted one
  5. You've had her all 9 yrs and this is the 1st attack?
  6. Honestly , there dogs , and has much has we all love our dogs , its worth bearing in mind that they are dogs ,,, This one has bit the other so badly its lost an eye , now you can give it all the medication you want , you can see all the dog behavourists you want , but the facts are your never ever going to be able to leave them all alone and not be suprised if it happens again and he loses the other eye , then after that an ear , ,,, My son had a little shitzu cross that used to attack the other little dog he had , , so he gave it away to his brother , its now perfect a beutiful little dog , but first it had to learn its place in its new home , his brother has a blue heeler , and the shitzu went for that has well , virtually the first day it arrived , the heeler put it in its place , and every now and then when he feels brave , the heeler puts it in its place , you just have to remember its a dog not a human , and they need to know there place , its just showing who's leader of the pack and it will carry on doing so , If a dog attacks other dogs or people give them to someone who can control them or change its enviroment ,,, , like i said we all love our dogs but some people think there people not animals , and a daily doze of prozac will fix things , , having a dog which you can't trust with the other dogs or people , i'm afraid just is'nt fun , or worth it , there would be lots of homes out there where he wil be took care off has a one dog familly member , or like in my sons case with another dog he cannot boss or hurt .
  7. Muzzles need to be the right size/shape for the dog breed, and the dog also needs TRAINING so they can be worn correctly. They are not something you just throw on and leave on .
  8. I never give my problems away to someone else ! A behaviourist, as suggested. Vet check up as also suggested . Are they normally friendly ? Was it just one slash/bite? Were you present? Was it noisy? Was there any food or toys involved?
  9. How old are the other 2 dogs. Whats is the 3 dogs daily enrichment . Does the 9 yr old have health issues such as arthritis,vision loss,hearing loss. Who was there first . Are they sterililized . Bitches can be cows together. Just because this dog lashed out doesn’t mean it’s the troublemaker so what is the actual pack dynamics But the easy solution is management .
  10. Separate the shitz/toy from the other 2 dogs. See a behaviourist as Rebanne suggests. See a Vet about possible medication. What was the fight about? Was it about food or toys? Is this the first time she has done this? Get a Vet to check her over to see if she is in any pain or unwell.
  11. Can I say I really like the way you're thinking this through, and the questions you are asking here. As far as gong to a show and talking to people is concerned, it can be a bit hard. Probably rule #1 is don't try to talk to someone when they're obviously busy getting a dog ready to go into the ring in a short time. Just take your time to have a wander and have a look at the breeds that you like. It's worth looking at the ANKC websit to see the list of breeds and the groups that they're in. Some make a lot of sense.. like Group 5 .. Working Dogs .. pretty much msot of the stock working breeds. Others have a weird and wonderful mixture. A good approach to not so busy people is to appreciate their dogs, and ask about some of the characteristics. That would be an icebreaker. On your question about Rally and Obedience. Obedience is a much older discipline, and is very formal. The dog/handler team are told what to do by the judge, and the exercises are laid out in the rules, and how penalties are to be applied. Handlers are limited in what they cansay to their dogs and when. Rally was introduced to have a rather less formal competition, which still requires good formal obedience skille .. heeling, neat sits. downs etc., but allows the handler to talk to their dogs, and encourage and praise them as they make their way round the course, which consists of a set number of 'stations' where there is a sign indicating the action to be performed by the team.. Some of those will be turns, others, things like have the dog sit, walk around the dog returning to heel position, and then once the station is completed, move on to the next numbered station. Handlers (without dogs) have a period to walk the course and work out what they will be required to do. The handler is responsible for getting round the course, once the judge has told them to start. So in that sense, it's a bit more relaxed,
  12. Um you need to get a reputable behaviourist to come and see your dogs, all of them. Impossible to diagnose or offer any suggestion over the internet and so much info not given.
  13. Its a hard one , theres 5 sides to the story ,, Rescue dogs are fine , , i've had 3 from the pound including my current dog , all have been great dogs . However if you want a specific type of dog because it suits your needs or you just like the look of them , well expect to pay more from a breeder . Now once that is established breeders , spend copiious amounts of money we all know that and are entitled to a return and maybee even a profit ,, we all know that has well its not rocket scence , Now how much should you pay ,, for me if i want a dog for showing which is going to be good enough for the crufts dog show , i would expect to pay BIG MONEY , and then expect the dog to be on mains regitrar , with the papers and pedigree to back it up , and after i / it the dog won the crufts show , i would expect to get some money back from its pups , But if i bought a dog from jack up the road who just likes great danes , owns two , puts them together and then tells me he's a responsible breeder , and thats why his pups are 6 grand each , well sorry jack unless you give me mains registrar , i'm not giving you 6 grand,, i would also want a good pedigree , and too see that jacks two dogs are a good example of the breed ,,, Now Jack can get has shirty has he likes but for me , its simple ,, breeders of good dogs especielly show dogs are proud of what they have acheived and whaen asking big money are proud there offsprings are producing champion dogs , when the purposly do not want you to show or breed there dogs , that just says closed shop ,, go on bugger off i don't want you breeding and selling pups to cheap , because at the moment i can get 5 grand a pup with no or little money spent and big returns and i don't want competition , Now they will call you a BYB and defend themselves all day long but the facts are most of them are BYB , like i said quality dogs will reflect the price , and if i want a dog to show or breed from , then i will expect to pay big money but for a pet , nope not me i'd certainly look for a rescue dog . But the price of dogs being very high , its really just a case of supply and demand , In days gone by you wanted a German Shepard or a rotty , if you wanted a pedigree champion you went to an established quality breeder if you did'nt well there was always the trading post you could go buy one from , because Jack and Jill had two shepards that had pups ,, thats no longer there or not much , so you have to go too a registered breeder ,, who polices the rules by refusing to sell on mains registrar and insisting you get the pup desexed ,,, But bear in mind they are dog breeders no police ,, now bear in mind in SA , its illigal to buy a dog from a breeder and not desex it UNLESS you become a registred breeder yourself ,, so the laws are there there is no need for breeders in SA to give themselves a badge and police the law ,, the only reason for insisting on ltd registra is simple ,, CUT OUT COMPETITION .. But like i said if Joe Blo spends thousans and thousands , producing award winning show dogs he can expect a return on his money thats fair ,,, If his neighbor Bill spends thousands importing working German Shepard lines to be bred for security , don't expect these dogs too be cheap , you will get what you pay for ,, the problem is'nt with these people its with the others that just register with the appropriate assoc , call themselves reptable breeders and really just offer poor sub standard dogs for ridiculous prices , and to defend them,selve quote the figures that the good breeders spend
  14. Wow .... I think you know the answer , you.ve got a loaded gun there all ready to fire , its just going to need the right circumstances and it will be Whoops , sorry your honor , i did'nt really think he would tear the calf muscle of a tradie , or Sorry Sam , i knew i should of got rid of him ,,,, You know what to do you don't really need anyone on here to tell you ,,,, With saying all that i blame the rescue group , the fact that they had to watch you and the dog for so long means they KNEW that dog was'nt suitable for rehoming , not everyone is Ceasr Milan ,, and a dog that bites especielly one that bites through fear or pain is a potentially dangerous weapon ,, If you paid for him i would be asking for my monbey back , they took advantage of your good nature
  15. Ok, so on Sunday our Shitz/toy poodle lashed out at our toy poodle, and took the front part of her eye off. Mad dash to the vet, and our poor little darling had to have her eye removed. My question here is...Do we have our xbreed destroyed (shes 9 and a little darling too), give her away to be in a household that she can be the only dog (we have 3) or try to find a daily calmative solution. I bought a muzzle yesterday for her, which she just swipes off, and doesnt keep it on. From my point of view , not a nice way to live, but she is intimidating the two smaller girls(both toy poodles) which is no good for them to live with. If some one could give me a positive review on a daily calmative, that will mellow her, Id appreciate it. I have apprehensions of giving her away, for a lot of worrying reasons, and also I feel it a total betrayal to her, but still trying to protect the other two girls. Very mixed feelings about the whole thing.
  16. Keeping these dogs in any sort of proximity to each other even with fences doors pens carefully managed etc, it’s akin to making them live in a domestic violence relationship. While ever Rebel is still your dog, Sam is living on eggshells. It’s not fair.
  17. Dogsfevr incorrect, I didn’t have management issues, yes the carpet was a big expense however no different to an unexpected c-section. I ended up breaking even and got a free puppy to add to my pack so I’m the end actually saved myself about $5000.
  18. Look here: https://www.ppgaustralia.net.au/find-a-professional If you need an online option (it’s good, promise, don’t wait until out of lockdown): https://politepaws.com.au/puppy-preschool.html https://m.facebook.com/PolitePaws/ ETA, posting this too as common mistakes are waiting until vaccinations have finished and not understanding what socialisation entails! https://avsab.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Puppy_Socialization_Position_Statement_Download_-_10-3-14.pdf
  19. No one here would ever lightly tell you to euthanise your loved dog. We know the pain and heartache you are going through. We know the sick horrible feeling in the stomach and the heart of having to make this sort of decision. Most of us have all had to do it at some stage. What @tdierikxhas said below is 99.9999% guaranteed to happen. The rescue group is totally at fault in this case and have been derelict in their duty to the dog, the foster carers and, in particular, to you and Sam. My deepest sympathies are with you, but for the sake of Sam, yourselves, delivery drivers, tradies, you don’t really have a choice. Chose a day and time, load Rebel up with painkillers, give him a great time and the true love of releasing him from his devils.
  20. We have to keep trying, I'm pessimistic but that's no reason not to do anything.
  21. If only the above comments where true. Most rescues come under no form of regulation or requirements . Many place dogs out knowingly to the wrong homes without full disclosure of history and no plan to take back when owners struggle or get fobbed off with try a bit longer or harder .They need to move dogs on & often the only way is to be creative . I see dogs monthly from rescues placed into homes inappropriately & with obvious issues never disclosed on the paperwork & in return owners who will never go through rescue again which is devasting & they certainly wont recommend that path either . We have done/helped breed rescue & being honest & realistic comes with many tough decisions, heart ache and wonderful endings . If buying from a rescue group then apply the same rules make sure of there reputation & qualifications
  22. I'm going to be picking up my new cavalier puppy in a couple of weeks, and I'd love to be able to get him some early socialization at puppy preschool. I took my existing cavvie to classes at Croydon obedience club, but they aren't running at the moment and I can't find out whether they will be doing any puppy preschool before the end of the year. Failing that, does anyone know of any good puppy preschool classes in the eastern suburbs that may be running or starting up again before the end of the year?
  23. Yesterday
  24. I'm so sorry. This is a head vs heart decision. And I think you know the right thing to do.
  25. Arghhh I can understand a bit of how you are feeling . many years ago , we 'rescued ' a wolfhound cross - friendly girl, obedient, - but a hunter . That was fine - we live in the bush - plenty of rabbits , and the odd pig. fast forward to the awful day she killed one of our bitches who was in whelp She was happy to see her humans come home ...but . For everyone's peace of mind, she was euthanased. It is just not worth the heartache /the 'what ifs/the constant preventative measures... Your Poor Sam his personality will change from being attacked. YOU will change from having to try & manage Rebel's behaviour. REBEL is NOT a happy and comfortable dog . You love him? He is lucky. he gets to be respected and sent on "the long sleep" by people who DO love him and want there to be no more mistakes- no more pain. In my mind there is only this one plan of action- sorry.
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