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  2. Vizsla breeders?

    Kozmicus (not sure on spelling) Hubertus, Graebrook are just a few. Like most breeds there's not many at the moment. Kozmicus isn't breeding for 12 months, they are awesome though. Kenoz/Kenishka in Tassie is where I got my old boy from.
  3. What should I do?

    Oh I think it is a wonderful offer- very kind and thoughtful .
  4. What should I do?

    I think whichever way you look at it, it is intended to be a kind offer.
  5. What should I do?

    Yes, I have the same concerns. They have invited me to visit their dogs, even Kane’s sister that they kept and see their skin. They promise me no allergies. also I would have definitely dealt with his allergies, no matter the cost for my boy. It would’ve been a small price to pay (even if it was a high price) for the beautiful nature. I read the genetic testing certificates of his parents and a lot of info on breed specific genetic testing and cannot see allergies listed. anyhow, I’m a researcher and there is no rush.
  6. What should I do?

    I wouldn’t rush into it yet , you have time . The best dog I ever owned I lost a few years ago and i still find it hard to see another dally out walking . I would never have another because he was perfect . I wish everyday I could have him back . You might find another dog just lands in your lap and is meant to be .
  7. What should I do?

    Yes..that thought would steer me away, for sure! Generous offer, or not.
  8. What should I do?

    Sometimes getting the opposite gender and even a different colour can help your heart stop expecting the second pup to be like the first. I would be concerned about getting the same health issues though, especially if it is a full sibling. Not the blockage, but the rest.
  9. What should I do?

    These are the exact questions running through my mind. I think with time the answer will become clearer to me. Right now I’m not sure. I mean yesterday I never wanted another puppy at all! definitely all good for thought. It’s so helpful to hear your thoughts
  10. What should I do?

    Not for probably 12 months. Thanks for the advice
  11. What should I do?

    I would be asking your vet some very serious questions re the health issues Kane had and the chances a full sibling ( I am assuming ) will present with the same. Not so much the bowel obstruction but the skin problems. When would the next litter be?
  12. What should I do?

    A new dog is certainly NOT a 'replacement '..it is a NEW beginning - someone different, a new challenge ..new tailwags, new mischief, new ways of showing love . You will start to sort this out when GRIEF start to be a bit less brutal , and yr brain can have a bit of thinking room. Do you want a puppy who reminds you of Kane in looks/manners every day? Do you want the memories ? Are you willing to accept another puppy may be the complete opposite? Lots on which to ponder It is a very generous offer ...and definitely worth considering ...
  13. What should I do?

    Don't feel the need to rush into anything. You'll know when you're ready, don't push yourself to be ready sooner When you do add a new little life into your home, you won't be replacing Kane nor will it change your feelings towards him, so do what feels right for you at the time
  14. What should I do?

    Every dog is different, so you need to reconcile yourself to the fact that there will never be another Kane. Dogs come and go, each of them occupies a special place in your heart, some you like a lot, some not so much,, but each is special in its own way, and each takes with it a part of you and leaves a part of itself behind. Once you can accept this, I am sure you can find the love in your heart for another dog - not another Kane. Please believe me when I say that there are many dogs out there just waiting for the love you can give, please don’t go looking for a replacement for the dog you lost, accept your new puppy for the wonderful animal it is not for what it might have been.
  15. What should I do?

    Firstly, I have plenty of time to think about this but I would love to hear some other dog lovers points of view on this. for those of you who know my journey, I lost my 5 month old boy Kane last Thursday, turns out his death was a result of post surgery complications of his bowel obstruction surgery he had in May. i loved him with all of my heart. I feel like there could never be another dog like him. He was so smart and sweet and gentle. the breeder we got him from, who does have genetic testing certificates etc for Kane’s parents has offered me pick of their next litter free of charge. it is a beautiful gesture and I am very tempted. I have to be honest and say that I am somewhat scared by the issues I dealt with with Kane but even more so for having lost him. there is a hole in my heart and I’m not sure if it’s possible to fill with another dog, even Kane’s sibling. His parents have beautiful temperaments and his sister from his same litter also has a gorgeous nature. is this my best chance to have another dog as wonderful as Kane in around a years time or would this set me up for heartbreak when this dog obviously isn’t Kane? i guess no one can know the answer and there is no pressure to make a choice right now, I’m wondering though, if it were you, would you accept the offer and why? thanks everyone, the support here has been magnificent.
  16. Goodbye my precious boy

    So sorry for your loss.I have been following your journey with Kane and so sad for his passing so young. Re the grief, I'm an old hand but it doesn't get easier. When its sudden like that, it puts you into shock. long ago I gave myself permission to be a wreak until I'm not. I was just thinking I am ready to write a eulogy for The Moo near a year after her sudden loss and 8 days ago lost my other girl suddenly too. Shock and anger for 2 days, then reality hit and I am a mess. Crying with you in heartfelt sympathy. Not alright, but we will get there.
  17. Townsville rat bait alert

    WIN News Townsville 22 mins · Townsville City Council has discovered a concerning amount of rat bait pellets located around The Strand and the CBD. Rat bait can be lethal for dogs, even in small amounts. Anyone with information on who could be placing the bait around the city is urged to contact council on 134 810. Full report tonight at 6. #WINNews6pm
  18. What to do? Changes at vet hospital

    The difference between me and probably a large percentage of their clients is that I have had many many dogs over the years and there have been times that I’ve been there every few days for weeks. Add to that the number of dogs (rescue dogs and my own) who have been taken to SASH, my experience with vets has probably been greater than most pet dog and cat owners. Most people go to their vet a few times maximum a year. And, up until these last few months, the service has been dedicated and caring. (Except for a few glitches over the years when medications have been forgotten, mislaid, not ordered, mis-ordered, etc etc several times in a row - but one of the receptionists was playing silly buggers - god knows why.) I actually tried to speak to the vet yesterday, but he was just laughing and saying how everything was good, everyone was okay, they have two new vets, all good etc etc. I have loved and trusted this guy totally as my vet, but I wasn’t happy with his “nothing to see here” attitude. Anyway, he still gave his lovely, caring time and expertise to my little Mezza so I guess I can’t ask much more. I was lucky to get Mezza back He is a darling boy.
  19. Cant help with a shunt but had a bitch with a liver tumor. From the first weird sign to asap vet diagnosis we where told 3 months enjoy 6 months if your very lucky 12 months . We where given the diet options but our vet is also very real & had good trust in us to know which path to take . She lasted 10 weeks & was feed what ever she would eat .Eating became a struggle each week & all i can say is you will absolutely know when . We gave her every chance diet wise but when it changed to eating being a struggle we knew it was time for palliative care & to make a decision on just needing food to next stage . My advice make the most of every day ,take happy snaps & make memories hope for the best but be realistic about the worse
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  21. What to do? Changes at vet hospital

    For a while I kept googling my preferred vet and vet nurses to see if they had switched clinics, so you could try that? I was expecting a mass exodus as I could tell the vet in particular was unhappy. Malcolm was so comfortable with them and the old clinic itself, but even that has gone. He used to direct our walks there to weigh himself (lol) and say hi to his friends!
  22. Goodbye my precious boy

    Kane was meant to be in your life for only a short time... He taught you many things, including unconditional love and joy for life... Remember him with huge smiles for the wonderful memories he gave you... not the pain of his having to leave much too soon. He wouldn't like you being so sad... T.
  23. What to do? Changes at vet hospital

    It’s a pity you can’t get to speak privately to those vets you knew and trusted and find out what’s going on or if there’s any way you can get your dogs treated by them. how sad that the company doesn’t seem to be living up to it’s name. It’s certainly not best for vets that’s for sure.
My doggo was taken into vet for follow up Ct scan of chest (unrelated issue).

By chance they found portosystemic liver shunt. Inoperable so we will follow palliative Care

. She was eating drinking perfectly fine prior to CT scan, and she has always been woosy after anethesia. Following Ct, She was little poorly and not eating at all and had signs on minor was put on IV for day or two following this and responded quite well. Walking and eating little by little upon returning home.

So as this was quite a shock to us all, dog went from 90% active older dog. To little disorientated and unbalanced. This has improved, but not completely.

 We gave her Nutrigel today, and she seems to like that, what other ways could we stimulate her appetite whilst she recovers. I have a few questions, as all of this is quite sudden development its taken us all by suprise:


1/Has anyone dealt with HE before?

 2/Can anyone recommend Low protein diet guide they have used for Liver Issues?

 3/ Vet advised us she may stabilise or may deteriorate, but she's a tough Dog and we want to give her chance to recover, I also don’t want her to suffer. Family has spoken about giving her ‘her wings’. Its hard/sad decision. At what point do you decide, and what suggestions in regards to “wings” would you recommend to make it easier on family? 

Thank you.
  25. Goodbye my precious boy

    We have a cause of death. Secondary peritonitis caused by dehiscence of his surgical wound from bowel obstruction surgery. i also had the beautiful offer from his breeder to give me pick of litter from his parents next litter at no cost. its nice to have answers. I just wish those answers could have helped before we lost him.
  26. Seller needs advice

    Inquire at Fair trading nsw https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/help-centre/online-tools/make-an-enquiry Guess: it depends on the contract, if any. Interpretation is up to the courts
  27. Vizsla breeders?

    Doh! Thanks!
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