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  2. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    Miele cat and dog- works wonderfully both on tile/floating floorboards and rugs. Especially now it's coming to warmer weather with a fluffy lappie. :D I use it to quickly vaccum her bed mat too. It's not too noisy and the bags are quick and easy to use. Hope that helps.
  3. Sighthounds

    Never too many photos of Bella! She is so beautiful.
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  5. So worried about snakes!!

    Moving to New Zealand is another solution .
  6. So worried about snakes!!

    simple answer is to not walk him there. He won't be sad if he doesn't go, you could find other things for him to do. My dogs love going to the slipping track for a run but they don't go in the height of summer. So for around 4 months they don't get to have a run. Doesn't seem to worry them one iota.
  7. So worried about snakes!!

    I guess the question is if he is bitten and collapses what is your plan. If you can walk out calmly then it's a bonus . I know many of the Retreiving people carry Vit C to hopefully give extra time but in the end it comes down to what type of snake and how your dog reacts . I would more worried about finding out which vets can treat a snake bite if in that area
  8. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I don't know for sure - but agree with Anne that it is not logical. Just think of the costs - if every flight that had a dog in cargo had a vet onboard, then it would cost many hundreds, if not a $1000 or more , to send a dog from Adelaide to Melbourne. There would be the cost of the seat, the wages of the vet - twice - as I am sure the vet would need to get home :-)
  9. So worried about snakes!!

    With all the snakes that have been seen around in Brisbane, and on the news/facebook etc I am more worried than ever about my Whiskey getting bitten! My biggest concern is that he is over 50kg and there is no way I can carry him anywhere. So, if we are out walking in the forest (we only stay on track and I do keep him leashed during spring/summer to be extra sure) and he is bitten, I will not be able to get him back to the car without him walking himself. He loves his weekly forest walks so much though and we would both be really sad if we had to stop them completely for many months. So basically what I want opinions on is, if a large healthy young dog gets bitten, would he be ok to walk back to the car with me, or would that most likely not be possible or cause more damage? Also, I have been reading about carrying vitamin c injections to give if this happens, what do people think about this? Worth having on hand maybe? Are there any other treatment tips i should know? (aside from rushing straight to the vet of course) Is about the only time i kind of wish I didn't have such a huge pup!! Photo just for aww factor
  10. 52/2017

    Early Spring, so a few (like hundreds) of baby bunnies around. Can't usually get close, they are as wild as mice, but camera was focussed on the ducks behind him when this one froze for a moment and disappeared again at light speed.
  11. 52/2017

    Falling way behind, but not missing anyone elses' shots - so much, so good. These are my latest two geese, semi rescue, breed uncertain. The dam should be a clay-brown colour, but a blue-sky sunset has done something to the water.
  12. Really unique looking dog

    My first dog when I left home looked like Madi... but Rebel was border collie marked (black and white). Mum was a GR, and no-one knew what dad was... lol! T.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Really unique looking dog

    Isn't this dog adorable! I love the starburst of hair on her face. Sadly, I don't have space for one more. https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/573104
  15. Filled it in. Not with a lot of optimism (lies, damned lies and statistics, all that). But it's like voting, or the current yes/no survey, if you don't participate you can't whinge at the outcomes.
  16. Water bowl for bearded dogs

    Her feet aren't to bad though her hair is cut short on them. I am gradually changing her diet from Advance+chicken frame/necks to a barf based diet with vegie slops (with acv) bones, yogurt and ground millet/rosehip/linseed mix plus some other beneficial herbs as well as a tooth-brushing each day. The Westies do well on this and their yeast-problems disappeared so I may as well give Zara the same
  17. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    It isn't logical. Imagine the cost of employing someone to sit in an aircraft going back and forth, and not being able to do anything anyway because the animals are in the cargo hold with your suitcases and cargo? I say bullshit.
  18. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    I can but yeah once he's done barking he lays down and goes to sleep or sits and watches. Usually he is being left out of something and that makes him sad. I'll try to remember this Sunday to record!
  19. Enzi- Growing Up Chimp

    ... and they finally have the approval to start building it... yay! T.
  20. Water bowl for bearded dogs

    Honestly owning a breed with beard I have yet to find a bowl that would do the job you want but never had an issue with yeast and your dogs face is not hairy . Staining like that is due to saliva and often food. Are the dogs feet orange
  21. Enzi- Growing Up Chimp

    I hope that will be the case; it will be a huge boost to the region.
  22. Enzi- Growing Up Chimp

    I have a suspicion that most of the animals fo the new Sydney Zoo may be coming from sources other than Australia... just a suspicion mind... T.
  23. Enzi- Growing Up Chimp

    He's a slippery little fella, you have to be VERY lucky to get good shots! That would be the best solution IMO, but even that would be a long way off... it's a lot of work to build a good chimp facility. Another option could be the new Sydney Zoo, as they are intending to house chimps, though I was under the impression they'd import from outside the region.
  24. Water bowl for bearded dogs

    I thought the rabbit/guinea pig waterer would be ok Mjosa but decided against it as dog's seem to like lapping up their water with gusto, it may be a little slow going for after walk drinking
  25. Water bowl for bearded dogs

    I have a ten month old puppy who tips her water out when she is in her crate for the night, so I bought the large Rabbit drink holder, has the stainless steel tube that she licks, now no more wet blankets in the morning.
  26. Water bowl for bearded dogs

    Thanks RP, I have to go to Bunnings tomorrow so I'll have a look then. There are also these Tassie-suggested Road Refresher bowls, they may be worth buying to see of the top will fit a stainless or glass bowl instead of the plastic https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_odkw=Road+Refresher&_sop=15&_osacat=1281&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.TRS0&_nkw=Road+Refresher&_sacat=1281 they may work better than the Cruiser bowls as they have a float that sits on the surface of the water and under the lid, as Dogzfevr said; Cruiser's are ok for traveling and keeping ears dry but not beards
  27. I did this survey and encourage everyone to do the same. If you find yourself in difficulty deciding between a degree of agreement or not to a statement because in some circumstances this and in other circumstances that, then answer the question assuming the most common circumstance, and make a little note for later. At the end of the survey you will get a chance to input your thoughts so you can clarify there. There has been some comment that the group leader doing the survey is known as an anti-ANKC person, so we will wait to see how the results are tabulated. Governments WILL take notice of "research" like this - hopefully the raw data will be made publicly available to that we can interpret results for ourselves and discuss if we need to take steps (as ANKC affiliate group members) to work towards more education. Do share with your friends as well. The more who respond the better the data.
  28. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    Can you record him, Thistle? Not barking doesn't necessarily mean better. There may be other anxiety signs like excessive panting, drooling, pacing, trembling, etc.
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