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  2. looking for obediance trainer

    Welcome! I have an anxious dog of my own so know all the ins and outs of treatment and training. Here are links to the two veterinary behaviourists you have in ACT. http://www.innersouthvets.com.au/ http://www.hallvet.com.au/ And here’s a recommended behavioural trainer. You’ll be wanting a home consult not obedience classes. Anxiety is not an obediance problem. http://www.caninecoach.com.au/aboutus.html Be sure to take your Shepherd to the vet for a comprehensive checkup too, as sometimes other medical problems cause or contribute to behaviour problems. Good luck!
  3. Not always impossible, but can be impossible. If you have time to look for lots of properties, don't have other strict requirements for the property, and otherwise can make a good application, it can go well. That's not true for everyone, however. I have really struggled in the past, and nearly had to send my dog to live with my mother for a time. This is when I was able to make an excellent rental application with two professional incomes - but in a tight rental market. As it was, the property that we ended up getting was quite unsuitable in other ways, but we took it as it was the only one that would allow us our dog.
  4. Border collie advice

    Your breeder should be able to answer these questions for you and they really enjoy being part of that . But factors to consider would be is the yard safe ,how easily pup can source the right shelter / protection. There is nothing wrong with pup being out whilst at work but setting up a safe puppy run is a better option until older
  5. looking for obediance trainer

    I don't know anyone in canberra ...however , contact k9 pro ..they are EXPERT whIch is what you need in a situation where human aggression is involved, I feel .a PHONE CONSULT MAY BE A HELPFUL AND IMMEDIATE START. have a look here , AND click HERE FOR MORE INFO . How do you get help? Working with dogs AND owners Contact us, even if you are located somewhere far far away, we do Phone consults and people find these really helpful. We have options set up for distance and or Interstate travellers who take advantage of our High Intensity packages which means we work with you for several lessons in a week. A Behaviour consult is our standard starting point and most people find “hope” in these magic two hours. No of course not all dogs are cured and or rehabilitated in two hours, but we can diagnose the problem for you correctly, we can show you how to handle your dog and we can start teaching your dog how he or she SHOULD behave. Then we will support you for as long as you need. In some cases the situation may be so bad for you that we need to take your dog, perhaps just to give you a break or perhaps to run your dog through our Rehabilitation program. Super secure kennels with no access to other dogs Unlike some other boarding kennels, we CAN take your dog regardless of how many problems the dog has. Human aggressive or dog aggressive dogs are standard in our Super Secure kennels, your dog will be managed effectively here. He or she will not come into contact with other dogs during their stay unless it is part of the program we are running. There really is no reason that your situation can’t get better, we can help your dog, but even more importantly in some cases, we can help you more. @huski you around ?

    DD, do you mean the old pts brigade? I don't see them here as much now, not sure whether they have all gone or mellowed a bit (or both).
  7. Border collie advice

    We have a new 9 week old border collie and wanted to know what age they can be left at home outside on the occasion we are both at work
  8. Tear Staining in Japanese Spitz

    Some dogs stain more than others. My first puppies (Maltese) had shocking staining when they were puppies. I was pretty ignorant of the causes and it was so bad that when I was out with them one day, a little girl said to her mother, “They have blood all over their faces.” Out of the mouths of babes . . . . . . With the regular use of Optrex eye wash, the staining disappeared completely on the male and became negligible on the female.
  9. Tear Staining in Japanese Spitz

    Sounds wise
  10. Tear Staining in Japanese Spitz

    Personally if its that bad at this age i would be contacting the breeder & going to the vet to ensure there is no tear duct issue or eye infection . Whilst we use eye gel to help lubricate from the chemist even with teething it shouldnt be that bad if you doing basic eye cleaning .
  11. Applaws: Too good to be true?

    Personally I wouldn’t be buying any food for my pets knowing it comes from overseas. Maybe the Applaws dry food doesn’t but I would stick to Australian Made and Owned. You never know what might be in it. Despite what te packaging says.
  12. Tear Staining in Japanese Spitz

    Go to the chemist, buy some Optrex eye wash and bathe your dog’s eyes with it (soak a cotton ball) every day until the staining disappears or is reduced. After that, maintain the habit of bathing your dog’s eyes with the Optrex every few days. I regularly give my dogs eye drops particularly on windy dusty days.
  13. Applaws: Too good to be true?

    My cat is coming up to 14 and no issues and has eaten supermarket food her whole life, as have all my previous cats, who all died from between 12 and 18. My dogs dry food mainly comes from the supermarket and while it is not their main food it doesn't appear to have done them any harm either.
  14. Applaws: Too good to be true?

    I had the same thing with my cat. She wouldn't eat the fish flavour and vomited up the chicken flavour a few times. But she's a sensitive sod, and i didn't transition her over slowly from her other food.
  15. Applaws: Too good to be true?

    tried the cat food with no success ..it did not agree with my crew.
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  17. Hi all any idea how can I get rid of tear staining in Japanese spitz? My baby is now 11 weeks old and has quite bad tear stains anyone can recommend some methods that did work ? Or would this go off by when she teeth finish ?
  18. I check out Applaws dog food every time i go to the supermarket, but have never picked up a bag... I know a high price tag does not a good food make, examples- Science diet, Royal Canin etc etc But my 2 issues are, how do they make a decent product for $17 for 2.7kgs, and the other is that it is a supermarket food, but that could be me being a snobby pet food buyer lol The food my dog is currently on is Stay Loyal, which is $47 for 3kgs, i think the ingredients are better than applaws, more meat content, and higher protein/fat. But other than that i cant seem to fault Applaws. I know Applaws canned food is made in Thailand I just hope they don't source their meat for the dry food from there too...
  19. I’m looking for obediance trainer in Canberra for my 2 year old German sheaphred with high anxiety, aggression toward other dogs and people.
  20. Anyone shop with k9pro?

    Thanks heaps for the code Do you know when your Syn Tek 10m long like ORANGE will be back in stock? Thanks
  21. Helllppp raw feeders!!

    I think in some cases (like the ones you mentioned), it'd be helpful to work out RER/MER, calculate out kcals for their given food types and actually show owners, with maths, that opinions of total strangers in cliquey Facebook groups aren't always the most reliable way to determine caloric needs of your own dog. Considering MER may vary by breed, housing situation (inside or outside dog), local climate, activity levels, reproductive status, age and a small mountain of other factors, it's impossible to just apply one very basic percentage. It doesn't even account for caloric value of the food. There's a big difference between eating a kilo of kale, and a kilo of Caramello koalas, for example :|
  22. Getting harder. We've lived in some right shitboxes to keep our dogs & we've agreed no more (pets) til we own. :/
  23. Helllppp raw feeders!!

    Canis got domesticated as a scavenger. Yes, dogs have nutritional needs.... But they can thrive on a lot of things
  24. I agree i would look into crating at night whilst its still winter & potentially teach outdoors at night in the warmer weather but this is a massive change for a companion breed that has enjoyed the indoors for 7 yrs . Depends on the kennel you have brought ,what other safe areas out of the weather does the dog have that could also be changed to better suit the dog in the cold . Training a dog to accept a kennel is not easy .my dogs love there crates but would never lay in a kennel
  25. Helllppp raw feeders!!

    The reason I’m not a fan of raw is because of the weight ratio . I feed a combo but we have boarded and groomed dogs feed raw with owners who are so pedantic about measurements they cannot see the poor condition there dog is in a struggle being told the dog is underweight. We groomed one dog that was honestly so skinny it was dying . The owner was on a raw list and they drilled weighs over and over again too the point she could not see the ramifications on the dog . After a big chat the penny dropped and they re assessed there feeding and got back on track but so sad to see an owner scared to feed more over weight ratios .

    A lot of people, as evidenced by many threads here and in other places over the years, don’t realise that ANY effort needs to be put in.
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