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  2. Neighbours’ outside dog

    You may be worrying unnecessarily. Really a lot will depend on what the dog himself chooses. You could donate a large warm kennel and heaps of fluffy blankets and he might ignore them all entirely for his chosen spot on the upstairs verandah. Because it is an upstairs verandah (balcony??) I assume that there is a railing or low fence or some sort of barrier - this may be enough to keep him out of the wind and brick walls do retain a lot of heat. Without seeing the actual roofed balcony in question it is hard to determine much. Sydney has what I would call a fairly moderate climate - ice and snow is not common in winter like, for instance, Canberra.The dog might be perfectly comfortable. The sleeping arrangement is not what I would choose for any dog in my care, but I have had dogs in my care, that chose to sleep outdoors, only retreating indoors at night on rare occasions. Provided that they were not nuisance barking at possums etc. I let them choose (any that did bark were crated indoors). You can try asking your neighbours about his sleeping arrangements - perhaps they are just trying to replicate as best they can what sleeping arrangements he had at the deceased owner's home or perhaps they have tried other things and this is what the dog prefers. You won't know unless you ask. Good on on you for walking this dog and enjoying his company.
  3. Collar for showing

    Thanks! I was hoping to just go with medium weight chain, and in fact that is all I’ve been able to find to purchase in person (online possibilities are endless but I wasn’t sure if appropriate. Was very tempted by a “gold” snake chain style one which would look very pretty on her) . I’ve purchased a black lead. Was tempted by the black slip lead but it was more expensive and I wasn’t sure if was allowed. Will stick with what I have! I think my girl has an appropriately strong neck. A super chunky chain just looks dumb on her in my opinion!
  4. Hi everyone, My neighbours are a young family and have a 9 year old kelpie that used to belong to the grandfather, but he died and they ended up with the dog. He spends all his time outdoors and also does not get walked. He is a bit ignored really. I looked after him when they were away on holidays and ever since then, I have been walking him for them. He is a lovely dog. He sleeps outside on the upstairs verandah, overlooking the backyard. He sleeps in the corner, with the back of the house behind him and a brick wall to one side. The verandah does have a roof so is protected from the rain, but is still exposed to wind and cold. The dog’s bed is one of those pad / flat mattress type beds. He does not have a kennel or blankets, or a bed he can nestle down in. I have never owned a dog myself, so I am just looking for some opinions regarding these sleeping arrangements. Should he have a kennel? Will he be cold in Winter? He slept in this same place last winter and I felt bad for him. Now I have gotten to know the dog, I feel even worse! Am I worrying unnecessarily? Located in Sydney. Thanks! - Martha
  5. My beautiful girl Lakota saved someone I loved. They tried to hang themselves in a shed and she grabbed their clothes and then finally the cord and pulled till it broke. She didn't even like them She would often put herself in-between me and anyone she felt was threatening. Funnily one day I was at obedience classes and there was an instructor who was always in everyones faces. "Your dog is too fat", "your dog is too skinny" etc. Right up within inches of your face and very loud and aggressive. You learned to ignore it if you were there long enough (many left soon after joining as they were put off). Well one day she came charging at me and Lakota just inserted herself between us an bared her teeth for a split second (I never did see her do this again). Lakota has been gone a few years now and this instructor still gives me plenty of space My girl Akayla was always "rescuing" people. If a kid splashed too much, climbed a tree, whatever, she would oh so carefully pick them up by the shirt and remove them from the threat. Parents were not always impressed! She also chased off a burglar at my mums once. They had got in through the back door and shut it (she was fine with someone entering the yard, very friendly but you were not allowed to touch certain things). She of course knew exactly how to turn handles and let herself in after them. The police thought it was hysterical! They didn't steal anything after that fright. She chased off a friend once who let themselves into my backyard. They said they hadn't even noticed her sleeping under a bush until they picked up my mums dog. She would also round up my mums little dogs if they got away. My mum can't walk well and without any training Akayla would just know when she needed her and how. My current dogs are squishy in comparison but they help in other ways! I know when I have been up too late painting because Jerry Lee will leave or if something scary is about to happen on tv. His soft nature has won over several kids that were terrified of dogs. He just knows and relaxes so they can run their hands over him. Such a good boof. Kyhri makes me laugh. Whenever I make toast she cries like a giant baby. Just when I am losing my cool with her she presses her face up against the nearest surface. The crate, the pantry, my leg LOL. Quite an interesting look with her teeth and lips smooshed up. She will also play bow and bark if I raise my voice. Or howl if I yell. Here is to say I am becoming a more patient person Blaez when I lost my Lakota mourned terribly. Kept me busy trying to help him. Sometimes we just sit together at her grave. He just knows. He has also won my eldest over with his gentle persuasion. Aka lean lovingly against you and then roll as soon as you move for a belly rub. She isn't a big animal person so its a big deal she feels comfortable with him. Oh and my youngest child thinks she is a dog so there is always that help She will talk to Kyhri for hours (or an ant for that matter). Like HOURS. That could be me she was talking to I honestly wouldn't know what to do without one of them in my life. I mean it would be a whole lot less complicated but you know...
  6. Minxy, the good thing is that you and your sister are doing your research and also figuring out what would fit with the environment & lifestyle. Rescue people would wish that everyone thinking of getting a dog would do exactly that! Your sister & family, when they get the right dog for them, will be more likely to get one that settles well. Best wishes for their ongoing search.
  7. Kaos

    so sorry Teebs. Another DOL legend gone
  8. Bull Terrires hardly shed at all , robust and tough , some swim . The mini is a bit more manic than the standard . They need very strong leaders and boundaries and socialising .
  9. Well the kids are going to learn very quickly to pick up there stuff or the dog will spend little time inside
  10. First off don’t get stuck on sex ,when it comes to selecting the right dog to suit your son sex shouldn’t be a factor . We have placed puppies into homes with kids with the same issues and some wanted the pretty dog that was not the right fit for there.needs and not prepared to listen so they got no pup others where very happy to listen to us the breeders advice in selecting the pup/ pups that is the best fit before leaving us , The best breed is the one that will benefit your son . So are you wanting a dog that is settling,calm or you wanting a dog that is over the top . If the dog is meant to also help encourage a behaviour with your son the right breed and pup is very important. Ball chasing is no guarantee,some dogs thrive doing it others get no pleasure from fetching a ball . Swimming is certainly hit and miss although some non shedding breeds can have a higher passion for water . Portuguese water dog is one ,sadly I have yet to come across a friendly lagotto but that doesn’t mean there not out there just seek your breeder out . Std Schnauzers love water and thrive watching over there people but require dedicated puppy training . Std Poodles love water and great with jobs ,if in Victoria there is one breeder I would talk with whose dogs are working dogs . There are other breeds that don’t shed that would be just as suitable
  11. Just thought I'd share in here - please share among your QLD friends looking for a performance Malinois - not for the faint hearted as these are kennel dogs with little or no training but too affectionate to pass as military dogs. Or if happy to travel, your interstate friends as well! https://www.airforce.gov.au/news-and-events/news/untrained-canines-seeking-new-homes Check the link for pics. here is the text: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF )Security and Fire School will be offering a viewing of 7 male and 8 female Belgian Malinois,varying in age from 18 months to 7 years of age. The purpose of the viewing is to give people an opportunity to sight the canines prior to a tender submission. The majority of the canines on offer have failed to display the attributes required of a Military Working Dog. Most commonly the dogs have an affectionate disposition, lacking in aggression. Others have failed to meet the strict health requirements for breeding or are mothers requiring a comfortable retirement. All canines have been assessed as suitable for pet life and are of a friendly nature. Some however are a little boisterous and are unsuitable for homing with young children. Canines are predominately untrained; they may acknowledge basic commands but for the most part have no basic obedience. They are indeed trainable and basic obedience training is highly recommended. Pedigree papers are not provided but all canines have been microchipped, de-sexed and fully vaccinated. To comply with Defence Procurement Guidelines, canines must be sold by Public Tender. This requires that interested persons submit a written monetary offer for the desired canine and outline their intended use of the dog via a short questionnaire. This will be provided on the day of viewing. Although canines are required to be tendered, the monetary offer may not necessarily secure the desired canine. Applications will be assessed by a board of members who will determine the most suitable home with the best interests of the canine. Canines will be available for viewing on Fri 27 April, between the hours 10am and 11.30am at Military Working Dog Training and Supply Flight, RAAF Security and Fire School (corner of Haigslea Amberley Road and Tarakan Road, RAAF Base Amberley. Tenders will be finalised 4pm, Wednesday 2 May. If you are interstate or unable to attend the viewing you can request a tender application by emailing [email protected] Tenders may be emailed or posted to Military Working Dog Training Supply Flight, attention Tender Board, or completed by hand on the day of viewing.
  12. Thanks everyone! I've passed your feedback onto my sister to do some research now with her husband. I don't think that would really work for them to be honest. It would definitely be possible to add a doggy door to their laundry but with the two young kids they always have clothes overflowing in the laundry or toys around the house etc that I don't think it'd work having a dog inside when they're not around to supervise unfortunately.
  13. 52/2018

    Because she senses your desperation to just have a quick easy groom!
  14. Types of dogs for 6ry old with autism.

    Have a look at airdales, they are very robust and tolerant dogs, easy to train (can be a bit stubborn) nice size, their coat is easier to maintain than poodles and most of the other curly breeds, all the ones I have met/groomed loved the beach. A smaller standard poodle could be suitable as long as you can put in lots of time to groom, train and exercise them. They are very very intelligent and their coat is high maintenance especially if you plan on taking them swimming, unless you have them clipped shorts all over every 6-8 weeks.
  15. What sort of investigation has been dome into the severe allergies in the family? Is it dog HAIR they are allergic to or dog DANDER? Could this possibly be controlled by antibiotics - the reason I ask is that many people don't realise that the low shedding woolly breeds need a lot of thorough grooming at home PLUS visits to a professional groomer for coat care regularly (probably every 6 weeks). When speaking to breeders (always speak to several different breeders in the breed you decide upon) ask about grooming! If the hair shedding is a real problem, avoid breeds with short spiky hair that hooks into everything. Unfortunately the Bull Terrier and Mini Bull Terrier definitely are in the high shedding short spiky hair category. However, if you like the terrier temperament a really robust little dog without short spiky hair and with a fairly easy care coat is the Australian Terrier - a fantastic little dog. There are probably other terriers that you might consider, such as the Border Terrier that are also suitable. If the allergy is a major problem and a lot of grooming is not then I think you are best to stick with your choice of Lagotto (Italian Water Dog) this is the one that is easiest to source in Australia, there are very few breeders of the Spanish Water Dog here. The Portuguese Water Dog does have a few more breeders in Australia than the Spanish. Personally I have never been up close with a Portuguese or a Spanish so I cannot testify to their temperament, but all of the Lagottos that I have met have had awesome temperaments. Most of the Standard Poodles that I have met have also had awesome temperaments, if that is not too large a dog for you, certainly one to consider. Unfortunately I have to say that the temperaments of Miniature Poodles can be a bit of a grab bag, no doubt there are good ones out there but I would want to see both parents at the very least plus I would want to know just how the breeder socialises their Miniature Poodles before I took one on to be companion for a child. I would rule out the Toy Poodle as not being robust enough. Good luck in your search and keep us informed - we would love to see how you go!
  16. Kaos

    Farewell Kaos. So many old DOL doggies succumbing to old age and related illnesses. I hope you and the kidlets can find some sort of peace in knowing she isn't in any pain now. Run free old girl. Join Maddison up there chasing flies.
  17. Types of dogs for 6ry old with autism.

    Standard poodle? I've met some with robust temperament.
  18. MDBA pups + shows?!

    What TSD says is true. Also you need to know that if your Associate dog with ANKC is not registered with ANKC (that does not include MDBA) it must be desexed before it can be accepted as an Associate (except for herding trials - see list below*). The other thing to know if you want to compete in performance is that some ANKC state affiliates (NSW for sure, I'm not sure which others) won't allow you to have dual membership in ANKC at the same time as unrecognised registries (such as MDBA). Check with DogsQld on that. ANKC is the only body whose affiliates regularly hold all breed confirmation shows - however, some of the breeds in development hold their own confirmation shows (no choice as they are not yet entitled to exhibition at ANKC dogs shows. ) Oh, and I believe the association of pet breeders/puppy farmers or whatever it is called either held one earlier this year in SA or was planning to, but I don't know where they planned to get judges or anything? Bottom line - if you want your dog to compete in conformation showing towards its championship, ANKC is the way to go. For dog sports however, as long as your non-ANKC dog is desexed it will be welcome in obedience, agility, etc. etc. *Here is a list of the accepted working dog registries etc. for herding. If your dog is registered with one of these it won't need to be desexed prior to being registered as an Associate. (I think this list might be a bit out of date, as White Swiss Shepherds are still there but are now entitled to full ANKC registration.)
  19. Immune mediate poly arthritis ???

    Not sure how much Zac weighs but he is just a mini schnauzer and more on the smaller size for a male. Fingers crossed for him and his humans
  20. 52/2018

    A photo of one smug, uncooperative, recently groomed (today) Molly. Why is it my own is my worst customer.
  21. MDBA pups + shows?!

    The advice you have received from Dogs QLD is correct. Only ANKC pedigreed dogs are allowed to participate in ANKC conformation shows. Doesn’t stop you from competing from many dog sports as an Associate though - except for breed specific sports such as retrieving or field trials.
  22. Hi everyone, Our 6ry old son has autism and ADHD he is very very active and absolutely adores all animals especially dogs. We would love to get him a dog and our criteria is that the dog does not shed hair due to allergies in our family, the dog must love water as we live by the beach and fetch balls, we would prefer a female dog and especially great with kids. A breed that is not prone to anxiety issues or a breed that is not prone to barking alot either. Small enough to fit in our car but robust also to keep up with our son. We need advice, we do like miniature bull terriers and the water dogs (Spanish / Italian). We are after any advice possible as the dog has to be a perfect fit for our son. Thank you Flip.
  23. MDBA pups + shows?!

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if MDBA pedigree pups can participate in dog shows? I have contacted Dogs Queensland who advised they cannot participate in ANKC dog shows and are not eligible to be reregistered with Dogs Queensland. I’m not against Dogs Queensland registered breeders or anything but I also don’t want to rule out MDBA breeders either. New to the the whole dog show side of things and having a bit of trouble wrapping my mind around it all. Cannot seem to locate any any other dog shows outside of ANKC, if there even are any??
  24. Immune mediate poly arthritis ???

    Ah! That's what he developed - IMHA. Size of dog might have an effect too - mine was 75kg. His cortisone dose was low for that weight though.
  25. Good things said about Tibetan Spaniels. Only thing I'd ask be re-considered. Being left out in the yard when family is out. Our own Tibbies always have access via a doggie door to go in and out of house (into a weather-proof, secure verandah room) to a secure garden area at back of house. Family next door also own a Tibbie & when they're out, they pop him into that arrangement with our Tibbie. They're a very tribal breed & thrive on companionship, because that's what they were bred to be in the monasteries of Tibet...& also to alert for danger. So a Tibbie breeder might stress companionship, too. Don't know if appropriate on this forum, but Tibetan Spaniel Rescue Australia is soon going to do assisted rehoming for a pair of beautifully raised, well cared for adult Tibbie X Cavs (desexed male & female) for owners with legitimate reasons. A well socialised, good natured, much loved bonded pair. Looking for similar quality new home. Watch the Tibetan Spaniel Rescue Australia Facebook page... or PM me. If inappropriate to mention them here....I'll delete.
  26. Kaos

    O Teebs, I am so sorry, your heart must be broken. Dear Kaos, you will have fun in your next life; there are so many other lovely new friends waiting to show you the best of times. Your mummy loves you and you will see her again someday. xxx
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