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  2. English setters ETA- And English Pointers?

    The working lines of both breeds differ significantly - similar to my working ESS vs show type. Less coat, a bit smaller, less exaggerated features and lovely work ethic. I’d have a working English Pointer from a particular breeder in an instant if I had the time. Soft, sweet temperaments. He offered me one for nothing because he wanted to see me train it but having just had a litter I’ve got a Springer keeper on my hands Good luck!
  3. I saw this on several news sites today, couldn't find it posted anywhere here already https://www.9news.com.au/world/balck-hawk-dog-food-product-recall-after-mould-found-growing-in-batches-manufactured-last-year/53ed71cd-f820-44cf-bab7-67a5c4e4f873 Black Hawk – voluntary recall of certain dry dog food. The quality of our products and the health of pets is paramount. As part of our ongoing quality control processes, we have discovered an issue with specific batches of Black Hawk that were manufactured last year, resulting in mould developing in some products. To date we have had no reports of illness in any animals and if product is affected the mould is very obvious to consumers. We have made the decision to VOLUNTARILY AND IMMEDIATELY RECALL all of these batches from the market to ensure that we can deliver on our own quality expectations, as well as those of our Black Hawk customers and their pets. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team directly: For Australia: 1300 654 279 or [email protected] For New Zealand: 0800 738 546 or [email protected] These are the affected products – please check either the Black Hawk Australia or Black Hawk New Zealand website for the best before dates of each product that are affected. Black Hawk Adult Chicken and Rice (3kg, 10kg and 20kg) Black Hawk Adult Lamb and Rice (3kg, 10kg and 20kg) Black Hawk Adult Fish and Potato (3kg, 10kg and 20kg) Black Hawk Adult Large Breed Chicken and Rice (20kg only) Black Hawk Puppy Large Breed Chicken and Rice (20kg only) You’ll find the best before date on the rear of the bag towards the centre, stamped horizontally in black, near the ingredients listing. Required actions Immediate removal of all products that match the disclosed best before dates within your stores. Affected stock must be destroyed and disposed of and can be reconciled for credit. Notify your customers using the communication we have provided to return their affected product to your store for replacement. Please get in touch if your store hasn’t received this communication. Non affected stock is available for order and replenishment immediately as per your normal process.
  4. Temperament testing on wolf pups

    Thanks Very interesting
  5. Last week
  6. I LOVE (English) Pointers. No idea of the comparison between them and setters but if I was ever to get a big dog again it would be another Pointer. Soft and sweet and clever, active but also happy to take up the whole lounge. I don't know why more people don't have them.
  7. Temperament testing on wolf pups

    I was just reading this! It’s so neat
  8. Temperament testing on wolf pups

    Fetching With Wolves: What It Means That A Wolf Puppy Will Retrieve A Ball https://www.npr.org/2020/01/16/796715763/fetching-with-wolves-what-it-means-that-a-wolf-puppy-will-retrieve-a-ball?sc=18&f=1001
  9. Perses' Pups

    Good boy Dags!! Clive... don't you want to go out on the same adventures with the Boss? I reckon once you get up the energy/nerve, you'll be as good at it as your brother... T.
  10. One pup of a litter aborted

    Don't know if this helps but had a mare abort a twin foal late pregnancy and go on to have a live foal at due date. Can't recall that any intervention was done.
  11. Has any one lost a pup but the girl retained the rest of the litter my girl 2nd litter - first fine delivered a very small pup on day 48 took her to reproduction vet and he scanned her and found two or three more she is now on progesterone tablets as he did an in-house progesterone test and she was 8. Hope we get to full term with remaining pups but never had this happen before any one had this happen and did the remaining pups get to full term
  12. I have lots of experience with Pointers . Pointers have similarities but thrive more in the all round dog sport area . They are gentle,birdy,love to stand upright on you ,love there humans ,the beach They are another great under estimated breed .
  13. Perses' Pups

    As long as I live, I will never REALLY understand these creatures thankfully. Dags has been out to work a few times now- mustering large mobs of wild/feral goats . tied up in the back of th 4WD ..some rough riding on the motorbike...learning to cast out wide around goats..to move where wanted ..work with the others ...in the heat . And he's doing OK. The Boss is quite pleased, considering the housedog existence so far .... the thing that's got me is since then , he doesn't rush to come inside of a morning when unclipped from his chain ..& after the mad morning run ... he just goes & lies down at 'his' spot where his chain & kennel is! he will come in on occasion , but not like a week ago when he'd be almost knocking Clive & I over ! LOL It's almost like " I'm adult now- I do things differently" . Makes me laugh at the look on his face . The Boss came home the other day & asked Dags had he got in big trouble to be outside? LOL he had a wry smile too ... And at night ... I just walk out the door, and Dags jumps up on the stones at 'his' place & waits for me to attach the chain .... before you OOh & Ahh too much- the lad sadly likes to throw his weight around ..except with his dad. Pud rolls him regularly!! ( now for Clive to put on HIS 'big boy pants" HA, HA !! ) here's the hysterical princess....
  14. Itchy dog

    Just a further update on Molly’s itchiness. All has been great until December and the hot, humid days arrived. She had an itchy incident same time the previous year also. We saw a different vet then who just gave her a shot of something that stopped it all. We ( my new vet, as of April last year and I )now think it is environmental/seasonal. My main concern is that if we take her for a walk when it is still quite warm and the sun is directly on her she comes out in red blotches which drive her nuts. As soon as this happens if I can cool her down the redness disappears in less than 10 minutes and she calms down. Obviously we do try to avoid those situations. We visited the vet this morning and we are now trying an antihistamine. She thinks she may just need it through the warmer season. If of course they work. Summer weather doesn’t appear to be much fun for anyone.
  15. Greyhounds

    You and J-J are going great guns.
  16. Thanks for all of the information. The client Setter i have comes and stays at my place regularly and I think he's great- I only actually noticed the slobber after reading about it- then I started to notice he does slobber but that doesn't bother me. Do any of you have experience with English Pointers? Any thoughts on the differences (behaviour and temperament) between the two breeds? I think I've joined the English Setter group though i'm not sure if there is more than one?
  17. Greyhounds

    he's looking very much at home Also sounds as if he's learning house rules well , and that he has manners photos are always welcome ;)
  18. Greyhounds

    I thought I'd pop in for a mid-week update, since Jay has had a few days to settle in. Mr TC and I are debating changing his name since Jay sounds a lot like stay, but I mostly call him J-J so I don't think it's really necessary. So far he's settling in much faster than we had expected. He's now sleeping through the night without needing to go out for a wee and has been granted medium stay alone in the aircon privileges. 4-5 hours in the gap between me leaving for work and mr tc getting home, mainly because the weather is threatening to storm and we aren't sure how he'd react in the yard alone, even with 6ft colourbond fencing. I'd much rather clean up a wee or some shredded wool than be heading to the vet with a injured dog who panicked in a storm. Yesterday was his first time inside alone, and he did really great. No accidents and he only stole the flyer bobbin and yarn on my spinning wheel to add to his dragon's den of plushies. We've been working on bonding and nice leash manners on our short sniff and wee strolls. Which we have the before and after: The before "hurry up and put on pants mum!" And the after:
  19. The Michael Jordan of dogs

    Happy tears! I just love their relationship and loved that story! Thank you Boronia!
  20. The Claytons 52/2019

    Oh 10 mm is a help...I am so happy for you. Blue skies and light dust here
  21. The Claytons 52/2019

    Spicks and specks of colour are always good. Who had rain where it hasn't been seen for yonks? We just had a quick storm of 10 mil. Haven't had fires here, but the smell of wet ashes in the air from the smoke is amazing.
  22. An aged fox hound

    Great news for Brock.After 820 days at the shelter,he has finally found his permanent home.Brock has been adopted.
  23. The Claytons 52/2019

    yay..I found some flowers Some 'Naked ladies' and some Crepe Myrtle
  24. I've never lived with one, but I have a pair that come into my daycare 3-4 times per week and i LOVE them. They've also been added to my list of potential breeds. They are goofy, fun, eager to please and very jovial. The male is larger, has a lot more flew and slobber and i'm not sure how much he has going on upstairs but he is the sweetest dog. His female companion is a lot smarter and more independant. Both VERY birdy. Plus they're pretty to look at
  25. The Michael Jordan of dogs

    Oh wow, he's fantastic! Thanks for that, was lovely to watch.
  26. Is my dog a dingo

    Something Foxie-cross cross Kelpie-cross. With legs. Reminds me of a dol dog from way back, what was Riley Riley Long Legs?? (Aside from black).
  27. Perses' Pups

    What a sweet boy. Maybe he was more interested in “counting sheep”. Lol
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