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  2. Perses' Pups

    I think I'm in love with the Boss... he goes the full 100% for the fur-workers... That said, you and the Boss raise some pretty resourceful dogs... *grin* ... with the odd exception... Clive, I'm looking at you... and Pud, definitely looking at you my furry friend... lol! T.
  3. Three Feet from Devotion

    I'm so sorry, Tikira. Kira will be even closer than 3 feet now - she is in your heart.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Three Feet from Devotion

    What a beautiful girl I am so very sorry she is not three feet from you any more
  6. Perses' Pups

    @Kazm we presume he just took off running scared...it really was a horrible day,and with all the sandstorm etc happening,in a strange place...he wouldn't have known which way was up !
  7. Perses' Pups

    Wow. Now that is a story. Strange how he just disappeared - “gone up in smoke” ??? At least it was a happy ending. Thanks goodness he was scooped up by a very nice person. He looks such a cute cuddly boy too.
  8. Three Feet from Devotion

    What a beautiful poem, albeit sad. Fly free gorgeous girl.
  9. Perses' Pups

    Clive is always SO helpful when there is a hose ....
  10. Perses' Pups

    This is very true !
  11. Three Feet from Devotion

    I'm sorry Tikira, my condolences on the loss of your beautiful girl.
  12. Perses' Pups

    Never ever a dull moment in the Pers household.
  13. Three Feet from Devotion

    Awwww What a beautiful poem . I am so sorry your girl left you - but , yes, she did it her way , and she will be waiting for you .
  14. Perses' Pups

    Ok...here it is ! @tdierikx @Kazm @PossumCorner Smoke and Dust . It was one of those weeks where the thermometer seemed to prefer numbers beginning with 4.HOT. Windy too, with clouds of dust, and Willy-Willys dancing up to the sky in some places. Summer in all its droughty horror. The Boss and the gang were mustering and trapping feral goats over an hour’s drive from home where there was nothing much except a road used by a mining crew, a homestead- unlived in, and bare dirt. Feral goats take a team of good dogs to ‘steer’ in the direction of a yard/trap. The goats are gathered into a mob, often unwillingly, as goats are family-oriented, and resist mixing- then are made to use up some energy before being shown the way by the dogs – well, that’s all good in theory! When it’s so dusty that vision is affected, scents are whirling in the wind, and trees are making odd sounds, it becomes a bit tricky. Add Willy-Willys, and it gets really interesting! Smoke was sent out to bring in a couple of goats, and off he went, our little ‘dropbear’. the Boss said then there was a HUGE Willy Willy, right in Smoke’s path ..and he disappeared! The Boss whistled & called – no Smoke, but plenty of dust, plus the other dogs, and some rattled goats. Absolutely no chance of tracks in a storm such as that, so he relied on Smoke’s doggy senses to get him back with the rest of them. Time wore on, and still no Smoke. At this point, The Boss was starting to imagine Toto/Kansas/red slippers……! Surely not! he did what he had to do, then left some items for a base to be scented/found by a wandering dog. A jacket, some water, a motorbike. Drove home, looking, calling, listening. We were confident he’d be sitting at the base in the morning. Wrong. More driving/looking/calling/seeking tracks in the sand. Now we notified locals of Smoke’s wanderings- some knew him , most didn’t and we told them they’d certainly be able to tell him from the normal kelpies/koolies! Another day of driving, calling, motorbiking, looking – setting up another base with food & water … Nothing. By this time, with temps in the 40’s and absolutely no sign, we were pretty sure he had gone. Poor little Smoke- Such a perpetually happy boy ☹ . Vanished into the dust and sand. All in all The Boss covered about 300km looking ..and we phoned everyone we could think of. We finally thought of local pounds- something we had never had to do before – checking online, seeing all sorts of dogs/cats/rabbits – dreading seeing a familiar face. A daughter of a friend put it on her FB as she lived in the area – so we had everything covered. We waited. And looked at his bed, and his pooh bear toy, and photos ….and told stories …. One night, after ten days of worrying, we got a phone call late at night. It was this girl, saying a lady had picked up a fluffy grey dog on the town’s main street and was keeping him safe at her house. “Are these photos, Smoke?” they certainly were! Looking tired and bedraggled, but definitely ALIVE, and cuddled up to the lady’s leg. I made arrangements to collect him first thing next morning – and did so, collecting one very weary, badly sunburned, raw footed and prickle-covered fluffy dog with much happiness and thankfulness. <3 I wish he could tell us his story. What we pieced together is this much. That giant, noisy WillyWilly scared the bejabbers out of him and he just took off, disoriented. Then couldn’t find the Boss. He must have wandered until he found the homestead, and sheltered there. Wandered some more km till he found a trough or two with water ( a very scarce commodity), eaten from carcasses he found along the way and wandered some more. Eventually, quite a distance from where he went missing he must have come across the road. He was picked up by a kind truckie, who drove him 80 km to town. The truckie left Smoke in his cab & went into a motel. Someone let Smoke OUT of the cab, hence Smoke trotting down the main street, being spotted by the lady, and scooped up, thankfully! She had dogs of her own and had also lockable dog pens, so was able to keep him absolutely secure for the night. She requested I.D before he could be collected, and everything worked out well. His poor back was scabbed over from sunburn, and a few pads were raw, his eyes were fly-bitten & runny, and he slept for about 3 days – but he recovered quickly, and is back, happily annoying everyone, chasing goats and providing much entertainment for one& all. This pic is when I collected him . the other..a proper 'dropbear'
  15. Three Feet from Devotion

    Kira, our totally devoted 'three feet away girl', so named because if she could be, she was within three feet of us, has passed peacefully away. She was our second dog, a beautiful border Collie. She was the world's laziest dog, we got her because 'border Collies were good at agility'... well, not our 'curly girl'. She could not see the point in exercise (a bit like me, her mum!), Ball games were an exercise into futility, she maybe caught 1 in 10 of the balls thrown, and were, in her opinion, designed to give us both exercise, she would drop it half way between us, forcing me to retrieve it until we taught her the meaning of 'closer'. Like everyone here who loses a 4 legged family member, we are devastated. Di Three Feet From Devotion It was time; I knew my life’s race had finally been run, I had to do what I believed was the only thing to be done. I did not want you to have to give me the wings to fly I did not want my last memory to be seeing you cry. We were so closely attuned in mind, spirit and heart, it would have destroyed you if you had to help us part. No need for heartbreaking words between you and I, no need for grief filled voices whispering a last goodbye. I never was a cuddle bud, I just liked to stay near, watching you, protecting you and allaying every fear. I know after I’m gone the days will seem full of despair, your devoted ‘three feet away girl’ simply won’t be there. The choice was not mine, but I could not let it to be yours, So I chose my favourite spot, on my bed on the office floor, I went quietly, gently, peacefully, without the slightest peep, I did not even wake Jingo, my brother remained fast asleep. You know that I know the pain and anguish you will feel, When you see that your ‘curly girl’ is no longer at your heel. But as time goes on the choking pain will begin to wane, you will think of me with love, and you will smile again. I will wait at the beautiful Rainbow Bridge for you, I will watch for you with Tippy, until you come too. When it is your turn to take the final journey home, I will be just three feet from you so you will not be alone. Di Hoppe (Tikira) 23 Feb 2020
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  17. Seeking PTSD dog

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I would also consider a lab :-)
  18. Seeking PTSD dog

    I'm not sure if you would also consider a Lab? Pauline and Pete from Tapua Labrador Retrievers are in NSW. They are very well known for their service dogs. The pups start training from birth for purpose (probably while still in the womb!), they win awards for both their breeding and acknowledgement of their service skills. They are here on DOL and also on FB. I've cared for their dogs as a house sitter and their are other DOLers who own them. I couldn't fault either the dogs or Pauline and Pete's skills and knowledge. They have new litters during the year but might also have adult dogs available from time to time that might suit your needs?
  19. Perses' Pups

    Waiting for Smoke’s wonderous tales.
  20. Perses' Pups

    Thanx, @tdierikx and @Kazm She did a lot of sleeping yesterday (and eating) but was (almost) back to her crazy, noisy self running with the pack in the evening melee LOL. She slept in The Boss's room last night, and must have appeared hale & hearty this morning, as she's gone to work! He did mention last night he could really use her expertise in a short but vital stint this morning, steering a mob of fresh feral goats into a 'trapyard', but wouldn't take her if she wasn't looking fit enough. I know she'll be travelling on the passenger seat - not in the back, with the 'workers', like Smoke & Dags LOL Dogs are equipped with such amazing sensory organs which enable them to follow scents/remember things - even after a lifetime of being part of a human/dog pack they can still surprise and fascinate me. What I must write up is what happened to our Smoke boy before Christmas - if you think Bo is special !! ;) teaser : "we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto"
  21. Perses' Pups

    That is a very happy ending. I bet she has a story to tell.
  22. Perses' Pups

    It sounds like Miss Bo is a very special girl indeed @persephone... and Dags and Clive may have just inherited some of her traits... Clive the snuggle dog, and Dags the mighty goat herder... Please give Miss Bo a gentle cuddle from me for being such a resourceful girl... T.
  23. Is my dog a dingo

    Doesn't look like a dingo to me at all. But she is such a cutie, looks like a nice dog who will surely love you and offer devotion.
  24. Seeking PTSD dog

    Hi there everyone, I am a 62 year old lady who suffers with PTSD. I have owned Goldies in the past and have bred and shown English Springer Spaniels also. I am seeking a Goldie as my companion dog. I am just asking if anyone would have a dog that they have retired from showing or one that is not show quality I would love to ask if you would consider me as its new future owner. It will be well cared for in a loving doggy family. I am based on the Sunny Coast, Qld.
  25. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    It's good that her appetite and stools have improved, and that you're getting some sleep. Managing a sick dog when you're exhausted seems to make it all so much more stressful and difficult. I don't really know how to respond to the digging of the hole.. I get it but it breaks my heart.
  26. Perses' Pups

    Never a dull moment. Wednesday - mid-morning. The 'middle of nowhere' - around 30 km from home - mallee scrub/sand etc. The Boss & his team of Koolies were subduing and trapping feral goats. Somehow, someway, somewhere, BO - the mum of Dags & Clive, the 7 yr old "Brown Bomber", went astray & got separated. A few hours later, after much to-ing and fro-ing, & searching for her, perhaps with one or two goats she thought to keep an eye on, or her with an injury ..the Boss needed to move on, so left a spare trailer as a 'base', along with one of his jackets, and a drink of water. Later that evening he returned to the site. Nothing. So he drove again. He did spot vehicle tracks pulling over on a nearby road, very near little paddy paw prints! had she perhaps been picked up by well-meaning folks? So - he left his motorbike at another spot in case she scented that ..and came home. It was a sad night. I kept waking up every time a dog so much as farted- thinking Bo had returned! Next day, he found no trace, and so I advertised all over Facebook, and local dog catchers etc ......by this time feeling shattered. Bo was my 'sneak in during Winter for a snuggle' dog - being a short-legged smallish wee lass.....and very fond of a cuddle - she was also The Boss's forceful goat gouger! Anyhow...last night we thought perhaps she had indeed been dognapped and was being spoilt richly and happily... not so bad an ending...as she wasn't in any horrible Council pounds, anyway. Another morning, another deserted bed on the porch ( yes she was a special dog) ..and stuff to do. No news on Facebook, no messages on my phone. back inside to have a cuppa & some chocolate!! Outside to check the washing machine ..." good Morning, Bo-bo" BO-BO ?????!!!!!!!!!!! Happy tears, this time, and much inward emotion, with Bo heading toward the kitchen door, obviously feeling a tad peckish! LOL Anyhow, she was soon munching on whatever I found in the fridge, plus some treats - I gave her feet a bit of a rinse and a check over - a bit bruised, but fine - and then she went & lay in her favourite sunny patch in the sand, flicking off flies, and blinking wearily at me. 48 hrs, between 20 & 30 kms cross country maybe a quick drink at one sheep /goat trough if she went the right way... "That'll Do, Pig" It is SO VERY GOOD to have her home again
  27. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    Didn't know whether to like that post or not, @sandgrubber … but it's definitely good that Patty is eating and poos are firming up. Continuing best wishes to you and Patty.
  28. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    Prednisone gives a boost, if nothing else, by increasing appetite. A Labrador refusing food is a worry, and not eating for a few days must bring a dog down. Patty is now gobbling down chicken necks (just learned that a local meat distributor sells them in 10 kg lots at a reasonable price) and her poos have firmed up. At least I'm sleeping better. So hard to say whether she's improving or I'm deluding myself, and all indicators are that the prednisone improvement will be short lived. To ward off false hope I've been digging a hole...hopefully not a grave... but useful for poo disposal if no miracle happens.
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