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  1. Personally I would not enter into any more correspondence with the breeders vet. You don't know that the breeder didn't say ok, is pup fit to fly in a couple of weeks after the ear infection has cleared up, and the vet signed off in good faith on that. Or similar. You would just be getting the vet's back up and/or warning them to expect further action. Send an email to the breeder stating you want a refund of vet costs up to the cost of the puppy within 14 days or you will take it further legally. Then wait. No more back and forth. Also re the heart problem, it may not have been apparent until the pup got to a certain weight/size, even if present at birth, so the breeder and their vet may not have been aware. ETA Thinking about it I wouldn't send an email unless you have a good tracking program. I would send a registered letter that they have to sign for, then they can't say they never received it
  2. No point reporting her to the RSPCA, that's not what they are there for. Small claims court can order whatever so try them. Or go straight to a lawyer and sue them
  3. I don't know much about the laws in NSW but it shouldn't matter that the "breeder" is not registered. Make sure you copy the vet's email to another device or print it out. I'd be seeking legal advice. Sometimes, no matter how hard people try, sh!t happens but the "breeder" of this pup has not handled things well at all IMO. Good luck with your girl.
  4. re the microchip, I would consider you the legal owner. What state did you buy the puppy from? In Victoria there are strict laws re selling dogs/pups that are found to be sick. Did the breeder's vet tell you this verbally or in a written form - email? So you were expecting registration papers? It's not unusual for papers to be delayed due to slow processing times by some state bodies. Others can transfer directly into the new owners details so knowing the state the puppy came from would be helpful. I think you should have a refund but it would most likely only be up to the purchase price.
  5. Age Balls should drop

    yeah zinc is supposed to be good. I give my boys until 12 weeks of age before I write them off. One of my litters, pick boy was going to Europe, only one down. Called it quits at 12 weeks, missing one never came down. My reasoning for 12 weeks is, if a male was bought for potential future stud work, did you really want to have a houseful of pups hanging around for months waiting to see if their balls dropped? Sister to dog with missing testicle had 2 males in her litter and both were fine before 8 weeks.
  6. Second dog syndrome

    Archie certainly needs to learn alone time as there is no guarantee he will have Ray forever. I'd have Archie inside more at the moment. An outside pen is a good idea but he also needs to learn toilet training and that's a bit hard to teach if he is outside all day. Good advice above Though I do have to say I always have more then one dog and while they all enjoy being with each other, all very much enjoy alone time with me or even just hanging on their own. i.e 2 dogs inside, one out and visa versa.
  7. used for a litter way back in Feb 2009
  8. I've lost count of how many I have, so many uses around the house and garden. Would easily have 20 or 30 of them
  9. Further info: diet & heart problems

    I wouldn't have a problem complying with any biosecurity requirements either.
  10. No, we never got a definite diagnoses.
  11. Oh my, they are very special photo's
  12. Little update on Opal. All cortisone has been ceased from 10 days ago, she is back to her normal weight and is totally enjoying her runs at the local slipping track. I am cautiously optimistic that Opal is fully recovered.
  13. Further info: diet & heart problems

    The only thing I use regularly is heartworm preventative and even then I only dose every 6 weeks. And not with an all in one that does several different things. Straight heartworm preventative only. Had a heartworm positive dog next door to us years ago so it's in town.
  14. This poor man mauled

    Poor bugger and from the look of his arm he is in for months and months of treatment.
  15. NSW Greyhounds now muzzle free

    No I could never agree to leads off for Greyhounds in an open area.