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  1. Weening puppy

    I start with some minced chicken frames. I rarely add any milk unless I have some left over formula.
  2. Desexing a Bernese Mountain Dog

    at least 12 months of age.
  3. Heart murmur detected in 6 month old Lab

    I can't help with 1. As for 2. Yes the breeder has been reasonable. But I would have returned the purchase price to you anyway. But I am under no legal obligation to do so without requesting return of puppy. How long had you had the pup before finding out about the murmur? It is possible the pup did not have a murmur when checked by the breeders vet. As for another litter on the way, is it the same parents? A back to back litter for the dam is permissible under certain rules laid down by the governing state body, assuming your pup is from a registered ANKC breeder. Good luck on Tuesday. Fingers crossed for your family and little girl.
  4. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Please research what to feed a very young pup. He needs more biologically appropriate dog food.. Otherwise he's never going to grow correctly and possibly often be sick.
  5. Puppy vs raw chicken wings

    relax, highly unlikely to cause any problems. Feed frozen as Ruralpug suggests or after a normal meal.
  6. Nutrition

    If you are putting out your dogs dry food in the morning when you leave and you can't be sure she'll eat it then I wouldn't add eggs etc in case they go off. You could add to her dry food when you are home at weekends. Plenty of people feed raw chicken pieces as a separate meal and would do wonders for her teeth/jaw/wellbeing.
  7. Progesterone levels again

    been thinking of you and waiting for news. Congratulations
  8. Nutrition

    I'd put her back on what she liked and ate. I only feed supermarket brand dry food to my dogs. (They are also fed other stuff) I do have one dog who is a very reluctant eater. I find a sprinkle of parmesan cheese helps her to eat her meal. I never leave food out. If it's not eaten within a few minutes I pick it up. I'd be adding extra's to her diet and I wouldn't consider it spoiling.
  9. Socialising a dog - daycare?

    depends what your aims are. My dogs don't socialise with other dogs as such. My expectations are that they don't lose their brains when seeing other dogs/people and can remain calm and walk on by nicely. I don't want my dogs to play nicely with other dogs, I want them to ignore them. My circumstances are different to yours, different breed and multiple dogs, so sort out your goals and go from there.
  10. He be having a full health check up if he was mine. What you have written above does not sound like a healthy puppy.
  11. Pet Pads For Dogs With Incontinence

    try searching bitches britches and similar, plenty of people are making them but I don't have any links. If you are on Facebook ask a breed page for the them.
  12. You should hear my greyhounds go for it, though we call it rooing, not howling
  13. I had a GSD cross cattle dog (witnessed matings) who looked very much a dingo cross. She was a lovely golden colour. Had several people (pig dog owners) who were very disappointed she was spayed, they were after the 'dingo' part LOL
  14. woah, that is an insane amount of exercise for that dog. And she is your 2nd aggressive dog. Instead of physical exercise try some mental exercise. Exercising the brain tires a dog out - a lot. And I'd look into getting some sort of secure run for her. That would limit her ability to dig and help protect people who visit. "i had an american staffy who was classed as a dangerous dog"
  15. a decent vet should know what an inverted vulva looks like. I'd be taking her to a different practise to get a 2nd opinion. I'd also be talking to her breeder. While I, if I was the breeder, couldn't give you any more advice about an inverted vulva then google could, I would be very concerned about selling a pup that had a UTI at time of sale.