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  1. Kaos

    so sorry Teebs. Another DOL legend gone
  2. VIC Greyhounds unmuzzled

    The leash requirements have not changed for greyhounds in Victoria. I believe Tasmania has also loosened the muzzle laws. I'm very happy with the change.
  3. Collar for showing

    You can show on an ordinary check chain if you wish. As long as the dog is under control and not likely to break a light weight collar/lead. Sometimes collars and lead are used as a bit of a fashion statement as well. I used to show my first girl on a gold snake chain for the look. I could have shown her on a piece of cotton but the chain looked so good on her.
  4. Importing Breed not recognized by ANKC

    hmm could be a bit hard to argue early desexing could be harmful
  5. Importing Breed not recognized by ANKC

    so what age will your bitch be when arriving?
  6. Eclampsia

    I'd give the calcium 4 times a day minimum. You can check with the vet but my understanding is oral calcium is safe to give in large amounts and excess is urinated out. Injectable calcium is a whole different ball game and should only be given by a vet. I routinely give my girls oral calcium while feeding pups, never while in whelp.
  7. Importing Breed not recognized by ANKC

    Dogs Victoria is a member body of the ANKC who is the only recognised organisation in Aus. They are the only body recognised world wide. They are the official keeper of our pedigrees. I have no idea about the cat orgs and how much international transfers would take place
  8. Importing Breed not recognized by ANKC

    ANKC won't recognise it if the AKC doesn't. Best to try council again or move house. Of course you could try not registering but........ What breed and do you have a picture?
  9. What should I pay, German Shepherd pup?

    Unfortunately a lot of breeders do get quite shirty if price is asked early on. Why, I have no idea. Not in the breed but I would have said around $2500. At least ish has no trouble helping someone out. Good luck!
  10. Maybe you should read their previous posts Thistle
  11. wonder if the GSD is white?
  12. you need to speak to the breeder asap.
  13. yeah made me sick as well.