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  1. Help with barking

    I can't help with the barking but don't panic, you have a bit of time. New born babies usually sleep through anything for the first few weeks ( doesn't mean they aren't also crying a lot ) I'd suggest you get some professional help, would be quicker then trying this and that on your own.
  2. What to do when a puppy has an inverted vulva.

    Tell them up front, offer to take puppy back when she has her season (if they feel they can't cope), and if you wish, offer to go halves in any corrective surgery. Not all the costs though as they have taken her with full disclosure. This would be as a good will gesture only not because you have done anything wrong. Sh!t happens at anytime. Ask you vet what they think the surgery would cost so you have an idea. Make sure any agreement is in writing. Just a simple letter saying X has purchased female puppy with possible inverted vulva, recommend to allow puppy to have one season and if it doesn't self correct, then you will contribute x amount of dollars ( or 25/50 % ) to corrective surgery. Or same letter without the contributing part but saying you would refund part purchase price upon the bitch needing surgery, and include at same time of desexing. Just because your buyer is a lawyer does not mean they are any better or worse then others.
  3. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    you do realise that by getting a crossbred it may be nothing like your current dog?
  4. Greyhounds

    Thanks for the lovely update TC, just what the world needs nowadays
  5. Cavs upset tummy

    and please keep your dog at home until this is resolved no matter how much he begs
  6. Regular Online delivery

    I use Budget Pet Products, never had a problem in several years
  7. Greyhounds

    Just beautiful
  8. Boxer eye

    I've never heard of it. Maybe ask on a Boxer group on facebook or shoot an email to a state's boxer club. Google has clubs in NSW and Vic.
  9. Can I bring my puppy home?

    I would wait until 2 weeks after her 12 week vaccination but discuss this with your vet first.
  10. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    so very sorry no more pain Patty
  11. Sudden Attack of the Wobbles?

    could have been a mild seizure. I'd suggest a vet visit and if it happens again before you get to the vet try and video it.
  12. Issues with our breeder

    Take the pup to the vet get them to scan for the microchip number and write it down. You will need to register the pup with a microchip company that covers Australia. As the pup has come from NSW it most likely is only on that states database. Other states have a lot of trouble getting into that database so it's best pup be put on another. Your vet will help you get him registered. I believe DogsNSW process litter registrations very quickly once they have them. I would be contacting them to see if the registrations have been submitted.
  13. Issues with our breeder

    you have no vaccination card?
  14. Working lines vs show lines

    I guessed you were talking about GSD's. I was talking purely good conformation, the way the whole package comes together, how every joint works in partnership etc. No good having good hips and elbows if the toes are crap or going blind from PRA. Plenty of working bred dogs can't work. Ask any farmer how many they have shot over the years.
  15. Working lines vs show lines

    good conformation is a must because without it a dog will break down much more quickly/seriously. Not much good have a very keen/good working dog that can't see out a days work.