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  1. The paps I've known are smart, energetic dogs. Fairly easy to groom yourself. I've never heard they are hard to house train. I wouldn't recommend taking such a small dog to a dog park. If your daughter want to do some training then she can be the one that grooms it and takes it for on leash walks. That way she'll have a good bond when it comes to training.
  2. I will watch it on catch up TV. Was watching the tennis.
  3. as you say LMO, heartache and hope. That video of the peke's really touched a spot deep inside as my parents had 3 boys over my early adulthood
  4. I think this was extensively discussed when it first happened, there were photo's and video's. Most agreed the RSPCA were, um, insert your word of choice here, and the BC's could have been saved.
  5. so sorry Katdogs and tdierkx and all who loved Jodie. She was obviously an amazing dog.
  6. I would just give small amounts of water so he can't guzzle. Most likely a tummy bug as Powerlegs said. If he's happy and playful I'd fast him for 24 hours ( just give water ) and then just some cooked chicken. I'm not a great believer in giving rice for an upset tummy. Of course if you are not happy with him it would be vet asap
  7. I've had multiple dogs together, multiple bitches together and mixed sexes together. Sometimes desexed, sometimes entire, sometimes both. All house pets. Only had one bitch that was a problem, large dog picking on a smaller bitch. She was adopted as an adult and was returned to the organisation I got her from after several months. German Shepherds and Greyhounds and one crossbreed mutt.
  8. sounds like a release of tension. Can you teach a release to an object, one of those treat holders? Something that fits in your pocket and you can drop it within your training area. Send him to find it, should use up some excitable energy, he gives it to you, you treat him and both walk off, no further release word. You could do it several times to help release that pent up energy and he never know when it's coming
  9. I only give my dogs their monthly heartworm every 6 weeks. Have done for years. I know there is/was someone here that only gave heartworm prevention at the change of each season. I haven't been quite that brave. I do usually stop giving it when the dog is 10 or 11 as normal old age wold take them out before heartworm would be a problem. It's not just the heartworm's life cycle but also the mosquito's that needs to be researched before making decision's like altering the time frame for giving the preventative. Warrior is 10 1/2, once Easter arrives he won't get another heartworm preventative. He'll be 11 1/2 before the next mosquito season. That's the oldest I've had a Greyhound live.
  10. and she is my friend I am very lucky to have been gifted several of her paintings/drawings of my dogs
  11. https://pbase.com/greytails/artwork&page=all something like this?
  12. No ticks where I live and rarely do I see a flea. So I'm not much help.
  13. if the owner is not a member of a state body i.e. DogsNSW and has not done the breeder course then the pups will not be able to be registered. Have the parents of the pups had their relevant health tests?
  14. Opal is one to go out into the rain as well, she'd be so restless, pacing around and around, inside and out. She's the one that put herself into a crate last time and stayed there.
  15. I have a shear magic and they use batteries. I bought them to trim the Greyhounds "skirt" mainly. Belly hairs. I still have it, about 15 years old. I think they would be pretty light weight for a coated dog but having Greys I'm not into real clippers so don't know much
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