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  1. What should I do?

    When I had German Shepherds I only had bitches and I never had a moments worry with them. Over many years I had several different pairings. I think the oldest was around 7 or 8 when I introduced the next pup. Only ever had two GSD's at a time but also had a smaller crossbred bitch for many years so 3 bitches together. The main problem with bitches is, from what I have seen and read, is if they do decide to take a dislike to one another then it's for life.
  2. What should I do?

    I would be asking your vet some very serious questions re the health issues Kane had and the chances a full sibling ( I am assuming ) will present with the same. Not so much the bowel obstruction but the skin problems. When would the next litter be?
  3. Vizsla breeders?

    They are Hungarian Vizsla's https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/community/hungarian-vizsla.asp
  4. Goodbye my precious boy

    Love is love Nikki. Don't be ashamed. You have been robbed of years with Kane. It isn't fair. Anytime I have lost a pet sooner then expected the grief has always seemed to have a bit more of a bite. Have a doona day or two or three or whatever you need. Take care of yourself. Eat well. Cry hard. You will learn to live with the pain and it will ease, but it all takes time.
  5. Goodbye my precious boy

    I am so so sorry. Kane was lucky to have you as his Mum. Flying with the angels now.
  6. Albury has a good obedience club. https://www.facebook.com/Albury-Border-Kennel-Club-Inc-262785393804640/ There is a search/track club in Wodonga, https://www.facebook.com/Wodonga-Track-and-Search-Trial-608720519297957/
  7. Humping could also be a stress release.
  8. Vet could give her an injection of female hormone possibly. I had a female cat who was quite nasty and she had a couple of shots some years apart. I also know of a colt who was way too colty and had a shot. He was a thoroughbred yearling to go to the sales so not for gelding. Both of these were many years ago. I'm sure there are other ways to manage it.
  9. Puppy litter

    Normal to be nervous. Just stick to questions re the pup and the health tests. Don't ask about the bitch cause, in the end, it's nothing to do with you. And I mean that in the nicest possible way as it reads a bit harsh.
  10. Puppy opinions

    couple of links to read https://dogsvictoria.org.au/members/knowledge-centre/the-law-and-you.html http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/pets/domestic-animal-businesses/breeding-and-rearing-businesses/code-of-practice-for-the-operation-of-breeding-and-rearing-businesses
  11. The Cost of Puppies

    I would be wary of a blue staffy that has two blue parents. The health problems that have been posted here are numerous. Of course there may be nothing wrong with your pup but it is a gamble but so are most things I'd be looking at a state clubs site and see what health tests are recommended for the breed and then check that the parents of the litter have had such tests and their results. I would also expect to get copies of these when you pick up the pup. I've never done puppy packs so I wouldn't hold that against any breeder but I also never took deposits. Make sure you get a receipt and a full description of which pup is yours and also what happens if either party change their mind or pup is no longer suitable for sale. I think the full price is reasonable. As for future breeding then I suggest you show your dog and see if it meets the standard of the breed and get all health tests done. You and hubby will need to be members of DogsSA and pup needs full rego papers. Also be prepared to lose your bitch ( if that's what you are getting ) during whelping etc. It's not always plain sailing. Keep in mind that there are a multitude of staffies and crosses and while you might do the right thing will your potential puppy buyers? Lots for you to think about. Good luck.
  12. Puppy litter

    Sh!t happens. Pups are often lost, either still born or in the early days after being born. I've had one put down at birth and one at 7 days due to health problems, different litters. Depending on the breed I'd be wanting to see original health testing certificates ( parents and sometimes the pups i.e hearing tests, I think hearing tests for breeds like cattledogs and dalmations are done at 6 weeks of age) and expect to get a copy when I picked up the pup. I'm a little bit more concerned that the bitch has had her 5th litter, hope they are not going to breed her anymore.
  13. I would be taking him to the vet now and take a poo sample as well to check for worms. Your talking about another 2 - 3 weeks before he sees a vet yet you are concerned enough to seek advice here. Was he also desexed or do you have a contract for later desexing? Just curious, it wouldn't have any bearing on his weight now unless he had a hard time of it.
  14. ANKC Internal Complaint Process

    ANKC don't really deal with day to day issues, they are not set up that way. I'd be going back to Dogs QLD and asking for clarification and an actual contact person and email/phone number if they try and send you back to the ANKC.
  15. Welcome to DOL. Ares should be getting a minimum of 3 feeds a day IMO. My experience with a "runt" puppy was by 10/12 weeks of age you couldn't tell the difference. I would have thought since Ares was fostered from 5 weeks of age, as long as the foster carer knew what they were doing, there should be no long lasting effect on him. However he may have an underlying health problem which has not yet made itself known. I also don't think 300 grams is anywhere near enough food for a large breed puppy. My breed, where the males get up around 36 plus kilos fully grown, 300 grams would be breakfast at 12 weeks of age. Is he skinny? Coat in good condition? When was he last wormed? I'd be taking him to my own vet for a check up asap. I'd also consider adding in some dry food unless you can get in touch with a rottie breeder who also feeds raw to guide you in the correct way to feed what should be a large dog. Large dogs are harder to raise correctly on a totally raw diet. Hope some of this helps