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  1. you are replying to a post made in January. Bit late for a possibly ill pup don't you think?
  2. @Ramesh so what's your background in dogs? You are answering a lot of posts, mostly old posts. Are you a troll/AI or an actual person?
  3. Phoebe getting back first
  4. poor little giraffe
  5. the aftermath
  6. Rose turns 7 today and has been with me 5 months tomorrow. Has totally destroyed her stuffed toy and I put her new ball away after play or it would go the same way
  7. Well you would actually if there was a chance of producing pups that go blind, or pups that would be dead before 12 months if you breed the wrong adults together. My breed for example has a disease that affected pups would be dead by 12 months if not sooner. Luckily we have a very active overseas group who got onto it very soon and it was a simple gene to trace.
  8. I spoke to the local vets and yes you have to speak to vet chat first but they do put you through to the local on call vet in an emergency. But it's a screening service. The vets said it was to stop the prank 2am calls like how do you spell Rottweiler! The minds of the people who would do such a thing. Makes me angry because it just adds more time before you can speak to the vet. Luckily my emergencies have been very few and far between and hopefully continue that way
  9. Definitely need to speak to the local vets.
  10. can someone tell me how this works? I will go to the vets to ask them about it during the week. Vet has been arranged for the dog. Friend had a bit of an emergency with her dog and I was ringing around the local vets for her and one has vet chat. It's a 1300 number and from what I can gather you ring vet chat and talk to them and then they either pass on your details or give you the vets number or something. The clinic using this did say they had a vet on call but you had to ring vet chat first. When Opal died I had to get a friend to do the same as I couldn't find a pen etc in my panic.
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