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  1. One pup of a litter aborted

    Don't know if this helps but had a mare abort a twin foal late pregnancy and go on to have a live foal at due date. Can't recall that any intervention was done.
  2. Greyhounds

    He's so handsome!
  3. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Many years ago I bought clippers from K Mart to use on a GSD that required frequent washes for a skin condition, year round. Think they were put out by Dr Harry. They did the job required of them, pretty sure they were corded, just used an outdoor rated extension lead with them and clipped my girl in the back yard.
  4. Why pedigree dogs are on the line

    My parents had 3 pekes, 2 related, one not. Yep lived to their teens with very few problems.
  5. Basil

    so sorry
  6. Advice on breeds

    you could consider being a foster carer for the times you are in Australia
  7. What does a person do if they have a dog that can't be vaccinated and need to board their dog? Thinking of taking a holiday late in the year and it is recommended that Opal is not vaccinated again. I would be willing to try her with the killed parvo vacc, Parvac, but nothing else. Not keen on someone staying in my home.
  8. Heart murmur detected in 6 month old Lab

    Hazel is very lucky to have you
  9. Greyhounds

    Ask GAP for a small amount of the Royal Canin, take your own container and offer to pay and then transition to what you want. Or just switch him straight over. I mix and match dry foods all the time. My barrel usually has 3 different brands mixed together and when I fill it up it's often more different brands. If I only feed dry food my 40 kilo boy only get 4 cups a day, split into 2 meals. I think the 2 meals is important. If the QLD Gap collar is the same as the Vic one, then I don't like them. I think they don't adjust down tight enough. I prefer a proper martingale, one that needs to be adjusted each and every time to get the right fit. If you can get it on or off without adjusting then it is too loose. For everyday wear I prefer the 1inch wide ones. For fancy times I have some 1.5 inch wide with matching leads I don't like the 2 inch or wider ones. I don't use a harness on my dogs so can't help. The shaped leather collars are what the greys wear at the track so very secure if done up tightly just behind the ears. I used one on Warrior when we did his ET as he had to have a fitted collar. Pretty sure they are called fishtail collars. Usually only worn by sighthounds. My dogs go naked when home. Can't wait for the photo overload
  10. I'm so sorry LMO. It's such a hard decision to make. For me, if I start asking myself should I or shouldn't I, then I usually do.
  11. Megaesophagus

    Yes it was me with my girl Fern. 32 kilo greyhound. I never bothered with the chair etc, was 100% confident that it would not have been suited for us. I did elevate her food bowl and the water dish as high as possible. She slept in a crate which had pillows etc each end which kept her head up high. I always thought Fern had a rather mild case and most likely had it for at least 2 years before being diagnosed. There was no known cause and I didn't bother with any further testing. I did experiment with different foods to see what had least chance of coming back up but can't recall what I settled on. I do remember being surprised that dry food, slightly moistened was ok. It was approx 12 months later that I had Fern pts, she'd had a very bad 24 hours and gave me the look. She had slowly gotten worse over the 12 months. I'm so sorry Basil has got this
  12. My puppy has parvo

    The breeders vet hasn't seen the pup so can't say it is not parvo. Trust the vet treating Belle. If Belle is sick enough to be hospitalised for several days then yes her body may not cope with such an antibiotic. I am finding it strange the breeder and vet are so insistant that Belle has a parasitic bug. Surely they have put a name to it? What has happened that they are so insistant? Another sick dog? Previous problems?
  13. Merry Christmas!

    Just home from nightshift. Got to play Santa delivering a little wrapped gift, lovingly made by a former nurse, to my patients which was a big hit when they woke up and saw Santa had been. I got a wonderful warm feeling from this little act. And on the flip side spent time with one patient who will be leaving us soon, may he go with peace and love.
  14. My puppy has parvo

    Hi Leon, sounds like everything that can be done is being down for your girl. Actually the breeder was a bit remiss letting the pup go only 4 days after vaccination, unless of course it was the 2nd or 3rd. I'm about to head off to work (nightshift) but yes you have a case for some reimbursement, I think only up to the purchase price. Hopefully someone can point you in the right direction re the legislation in Victoria. If not I'll have a look for you in a couple of days and post here.
  15. Puppy Vaccinations

    I only ever do 2 puppy vaccinations. 8 weeks and 12 weeks. I do believe the nobivac vacc given at 10 weeks is the last one needed until 12 months later. No idea about the nasal component though. However there is no way at all that I would be taking a puppy to a dog park. IMO you are just asking for trouble and not just from the various diseases she could pick up. Your vet would be able to advise you on how many parvo cases they have seen lately.