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  1. For someone who says they don't want to breed you sure are very interested in the whole process.
  2. Yes but is it ethical? If you buy a dog from an ANKC breeder and it's on limited registration you have to ask yourself, and the breeder, why. It may have a fault that makes it not suitable for breeding but no impact on its life as a pet. Who knows what your dog may pass on if bred with another dog. And ignorance is no excuse. I'm in Victoria and the laws are quite strict.
  3. All of mine came back in a carry bag, with a candle and potpourri. The scatter ones had a gift card with the dogs name. I just had a look inside at my one from a few years ago and the ashes have become quite hard . They would not be able to be scattered now. Bit upset they are like that now so if you want to scatter I would recommend sooner rather then later.
  4. The scatter box I got was a very plain one with an easily removed lid. The ashes were in a plastic bag. You just undid the tie and tipped the ashes out. I remember being surprised at how much ash there was for a 34 kilo dog.
  5. I've had a dog use Cytopoint but not Apoquel. Also had a dog on long term pred for a different issue. Personally I'd use pred before most things if using long term. Once under control you can get down to quite a low dose and not have to use every day.
  6. as far as I am concerned the only real registers are the ANKC and their world wide equivalent, the racing greyhound registries world wide and, though I know little about them, the working dog registries that also have world wide connections. All others seem to be made up to suit themselves. Anyone can breed any dog they want. Whether they should is another matter entirely. Anyone can buy a dog from wherever they want. If you are looking for a pup to be a part of your family then I suggest you research the breed/s that interest you. Find out what health tests should be d
  7. I'd make another effort to get in touch with the breeder and yes I think a refund of purchase price at least is a given. But not all breeders would think the same. Suggest you look up small claims court and similar but do give the breeder time ( a few days, not weeks ) to respond as who knows what is going on in their life right now. Congenital does not mean heredity so hopefully all other pups are fine. I'm so sorry for your loss
  8. @stan255this is the sort of thing breeders are up against and why they can be reluctant to give out too much information too early.
  9. Which is why Sam was euthed standing up. Forcing him to sit or lay down would have been so distressing for him and me both. He stood as I knew he would, rock solid, and I lowered him as the drug took hold.
  10. I'm so sorry giraffez. I've been there a few times now. About half at home and half at the vet office. Mainly cremation but I do have some buried at home. I actually switched to cremation because the yard was getting a bit full. As the years have passed I find I am ok with moving and leaving the skeletons behind ( no plans to move ). The ones cremated, I have 2 in nice but plain boxes, not on display. They are to go with me when I depart. Others came back in much plainer boxes that could be opened and those ashes have been placed in the back yard as well and one had his ashes spread over the l
  11. I think you will find most posts saying to see the parents early on are from pet pages. And while it is not bad advice not many breeders allow it. Biosecurity is one reason. Theft of puppies or other dogs are another reason. My last litter I asked to see drivers licences, even of the people interstate. I googled earth their home addresses. Even sending copies of health results can result in those papers being forged and used in scams. The world is not such an innocent place nowadays. I would hate to be a breeder of one of the more popular breeds. Most breeders shed buckets of blood, sweat and
  12. You are wrong. Ultrasounds can pick up from around 3 weeks depending on the machine and the user. OP never mentioned they were asked to pay a deposit
  13. Ok. Take a breath. Lots of breeders won't let you visit until picking up the pup. Quarantine does not necessarily mean Covid. More likely to mean parvo. Many dogs are DNA tested for both purity and health issues. Ask if your potential pups parents are and if you can see the results. As for if the pups are actually purebred, well, I don't know where you are reading that but 99.9% are. There might be the odd case, very rare, that they are not and being passed off as pure but really? You can ask to see Mum when getting the pup but Dad might not even live there or even be alive. And just seeing a
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