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  1. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Bald Eagles 2 eggs
  2. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    not enabling at all Falcon and Raptor Observers some video's of the Collins St falcons are there
  3. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Thank you!

    I feed 3 greyhounds twice a day. Raw minced chicken for breakfast ( was cooking it due to a health scare for one dog but back to raw now ) and dry for tea. The dry food I feed is a mix of what is on special at the supermarket or at Budget Pet Products. Supercoat, Optimum, Natures Gift or similar. Can be grain free or not. I don't believe paying $100 for a dry food makes it any better then what I am already feeding nor do I have to feed less of it (according to the bag) because it's "better". My dogs also get raw duck necks or rib bones once or twice a week and whole raw carrots to munch on.
  5. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    about a week behind "our" ones that we were watching. Switched camps now
  6. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    still one bub there, busy preening, still has a little mohawk
  7. As someone who has Greyhounds and an inside cat and have fostered for GAP, quite a few years ago now when I had at least 3 cats, I'd be removing the dog asap. If she can't be easily distracted then I would never trust her with my cats. I don't give them any time, they either are, or they are not, cat tolerant. And it only takes a short time to see that. It's a highly stressful situation for you all, people, dog, cats and rabbits. And no way to live for anyone of you.
  8. I've got the odd squeaker floating around the house/yard
  9. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Think they have both flown the coop. Sad but happy.
  10. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    I've watched them a lot today and yes saw one of them fly from one end to the other. Currently there is one asleep on the high box. 9.38pm Vic time
  11. so she has had 12 months of doing this behaviour? From 1 year to now at 2 years. I think you need a professional behaviourist so they can see your dog in action
  12. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    and what was said was "one of her dogs" and was two? years ago when she had found a stray and couldn't keep it at her place. I've owned more then one dog who didn't appreciate strange dogs in their face and that's fine with me.
  13. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    love the assumption that the staffy was aggressive and should have been walked in a muzzle.
  14. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    There is very clear video showing the 3 loose dogs attacking the staffy. I found it on FB on Sydney's Nine news. Who knows what was being said by the dead dogs people, staffy owner might not have felt safe staying there.
  15. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    Dachies were bred for going to ground, to hunt and kill. Tenacious little dogs. I'd have let the staffy go as well and protect my child first and foremost. Once child was safe I wouldn't be wading into a dog fight with 4 dogs. I also wouldn't have left my details with the dead dogs owners. I can imagine the carry on by them (cause I would be hysterical if it was me). I'd have been trying to get my child away from the horror and also want to check my own dog for injuries. And one final thing, yes the staffy obviously did fight back but which dog actually inflicted the killing bite? The other dachie or the large white crossbred (didn't look like a lab to me) could have easily fatally bitten the dead dog as well. I've read the owner of the staffy put the dog down, no idea if it's true