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  1. Who said he had to walk more then 30 minutes? As the others above but just walk him for 15 mins and never hot ground ( I see you are overseas and it's summer there )
  2. Have you tried asking on FB? If you send me a message with details on where to send etc I can ask in a couple of breeders groups
  3. I do enjoy a naughty pup ---------- as long as it's not mine Welcome Snickers and Natalie
  4. Livamol was always suggested to darken dogs up. I used to give a rough teaspoon to a GSD with snow nose
  5. I must admit I love my vets Standard Poodle cross, I assume with lab. Would have to be one of the nicest,calmest dogs around. But I wouldn't want to look after the coat.
  6. No, I'd wait out the full month. What if it was a bigger entire male that came along and tried his luck? Might not end well.
  7. I have no problems with breeders, who do the right thing, breeding a litter of pups for the pet people. But that only works for the popular breeds. I only ever bred for myself because it was so hard finding a decent home for the pups that I didn't keep.
  8. A FB friend got a Siberian Husky from a registered breeder and he had 3 cats.
  9. The bottom jaw is the slowest to grow. As above talk to the breeder
  10. Save your toilet rolls and fold them in half and stick them in another one. Could even smear a bit of peanut in the middle so he gets the idea. A whole apple,core it and stuff the middle with some dry food and peanut butter and freeze. Can he have a large raw bone? A marrow bone sawn in half lengthwise. Put vicks vapour rub on your furniture.
  11. Yes some dogs are just cows when it comes to grass I've had a couple. I do believe they will seek out certain grasses if feeling a bit "blah" but it's not likely they will find what they need in built up areas.
  12. You need a word IMO that is easy to pronounce. Also you may change breeds. My prefix that was used for my Greyhounds is actually made up of parts of the names of 3 German Shepherds! That was the breed I thought I would end up breeding. When the time came to register a prefix I thought of all sorts of names to do with greyhounds and yet I kept coming back to my original, put it first and got it. Good luck, I'm not very creative so not much help with a name
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