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  1. socializing pups at shows

    I don't see it much either. I took two of my pups when they were around 10 weeks old if I remember rightly (nearly 10 now). I didn't walk them around but had them crated and toileted them out the back. I also recall a pen of pups ( no idea of age but not teeny tiny ) of a rare breed that someone I know ended up getting one which started them off on a great adventure! It's no different to anywhere else. It's a calculated risk, maybe a bit higher of getting something as so many dogs in one spot, from all over the place.
  2. What Breed Is My Dog?

    I think crossed with a kelpie but really who would know. You love her and that's all that matters
  3. Dos and mobility scooters

    You could try this: get a nylon lead the length you want and the plastic pipe nearly the same length minus the hand hold. Cut off about an inch each end. Take the first ring and tie the lead around it in a knot. Thread the lead through the long section then tie the 2nd ring onto the lead with another knot. Leaving the handle free to go over your arm rest.
  4. Help

    Bring your professional trainer back and in the meantime make sure your beagle is contained when people come over. A vet trip to make sure there is no pain issues going on would be helpful as well. If he is doing this while away from the house (i.e. on walks) he should also be wearing a muzzle.
  5. Dos and mobility scooters

    Any Mens Sheds near you? They could attach a clip to one end of a bit of pipe and put a handle on the other to hook over your arm rest. Any handy person should be able to rig you up something for minimal cost.
  6. Dos and mobility scooters

    don't know about any road rules but for the leash problem could you thread it trough a length of poly pipe or similar? Could one of the bike attachments like the Springer or Easydog walker be adapted?
  7. House Training Trouble!

    at that age I would still be taking pup out to wee, giving a food treat and then let her inside. If she has been out for a while either do as Diva says or, what I do, is walk around the back yard for a few minutes with the pup and they usually go then. If you are not outside with her you don't know when she last went, a little exercise encourages them to go again.
  8. I need help!l

    what's a schnoodle? Have you asked the breeder of your puppy for help? Puppy school? I can't recommend a trainer but I'm sure there will be someone along who could. I wouldn't really like to suggest much because it does sound like you need professional help and good on you for seeking it out. Maybe seek your neighbours out and let them know you are trying to fix the problem but it might stay noisy for a bit longer.
  9. cost depends on size of dog when it's flown
  10. They wouldn't have known the pup was brewing something, breeders don't have a crystal ball. However if this was one of mine I would pay your vet bill/s for this. Maybe you should phone your breeder and talk directly with them.
  11. I too use Jet Pets but use their crates
  12. Phenergan Dosage

    I'm currently using the travel one from HomeoPet Seems to have done wonders for my travel anxious dog.
  13. sometimes bitches who have been best friends end up fighting to the death. Many stories of people owning two bitches that end up having to keep them apart for life or rehoming one. That's what she most likely meant. I've kept bitches together with nil problems but I am aware it could happen.
  14. Breeders insurance

    I don't think there is any insurance that covers pregnancy . I never found one.
  15. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    200 grams was just a guess. At least it prompted some other answers for you