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  1. Registration in Australia

    oh yeah, it's becoming a real mine field trying to breed a registered dog now. Plus some councils have mandatory desexing laws and often the only way around that is to be a member yourself and have your dog on an ANKC mains registry. Please make sure you get copies of all health testing done on parents and, depending on the breed, any health testing already done on the pups. And I mean something a bit more then the vet said they are all good to go. proper health testing usually means DNA testing where samples are sent away or specialist involved ie for hearing tests
  2. Registration in Australia

    Ok, depends what your end goal is. If you would wish to show or have your puppies available to show homes your bitch, and any dog used over her, must be registered with the ANKC. It is the only recognised orginisation here in Aus. If you just want to breed for the sake of breeding then mdba would suit particularly if you are just breeding for colour/dollars. Sorry but you won't get much support for mdba from most breeders here who are, in the main, ANKC breeders.
  3. Arthritis in small breed

    I would be getting a 2nd opinion. She may well have arthritis but I've never had a dog fall over from it. Were bloods done?
  4. not all breeders advertise on DOL. Does the breed have a state club? Or even a working dog club. Try asking Dogs NSW for a list of breeders. Otherwise all you can do is keep sending emails or brief phone calls saying you are still keen.
  5. My dog ate a shirt

    no nearly 8 week old puppy weighs almost 80 pounds. Good try though.
  6. Etiquette when talking with breeders?

    I wouldn't have been offended but we are all different and if it did bother me I would have told you so during the phone call. What does bother me is your assumption that the breeder prefers to sell the pup to someone who doesn't ask questions. You don't know that at all. Most breeders have had a puppy buyer that seemed great to only turn out not so great. You could have triggered something unknowningly and they decided not to take a chance on you and used the reference thing as their excuse. Maybe they are dodgy, maybe you are. No one here knows. Best just to move on and find another breeder and build a relationship.
  7. Picking a breeder

    I think you are wrong to be wary. I think you would be more likely to get a healthy pup from a breeder who actually shows or whose dogs are shown. Find out what health problems can occur, find out what can be tested for, and find a breeder who is happy to show you all the paperwork for the parents health tests and possibly even the pups health testing. ( some breeds test puppies for deafness before selling them, for example) You also need to keep in mind that sh!t can happen no matter how careful everybody is. Go to some shows if you can, talk to some breeders, develop a relationship and be prepared to wait quite a while.
  8. Just curious

    You would have to ask the sellers that question.
  9. Dog Shows + Undershot Jaw

    I don't show SBT's so don't know what would be passable. If it has taken this long to be picked up I would assume it's not severe. There is only one way to really find out and that's to enter some shows and see what happens, knowing it's a very hotly contested breed. It would also be wise to take some show handling lessons and prepare your step daughter for the losses - which there are going to be regardless. Not every one wins. It's important to be a good sport, win or lose.
  10. Dog Shows + Undershot Jaw

    I don't show Staffords but yes an undershot mouth will effect her results. They are judged against a standard which you have already quoted re the mouth. If everything else was exceptional a judge may overlook an undershot mouth depending on how bad it is. Does your breeder show? I've never heard it said that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier should have a short nose. Maybe contact your state's breed club and have a chat with an impartial person.
  11. a pet sitter who has no idea what they are doing. If, in the future, you want a dog then go to one of the assistance dog places and get a dog from them. But stop trying dogs on like they are a piece of clothing or something. They are not. Instead of getting dogs and discarding them do some damn research, do a lot of research, and be prepared to fork out some decent money to get a dog that might, just might survive in your household. Which I doubt will happen anyway.
  12. Puppy food guarding around my cat

    I have 3 greyhounds with a cat. The cat's food is up put of the dogs reach. The cat is not interested in trying the dog's food but if she was the cat would be removed from the kitchen quick smart. The dogs are allowed to eat in peace, no swapping of bowls etc so cat not allowed either.
  13. For God's sake give up! You are not the right family for a dog. Plain and simple.
  14. Staffordshire Bull terriers shouldn't be boofy.
  15. no, you would be better crate training it so it is still part of the family. And as the child is school aged they can be trained as well to leave the dog be. As for being quiet then that also needs training.