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  1. I just take whoever I want out. Only recently has my senior boy started protesting, he's 12 1/2. Seeing as how he's the one needing to go to the vets more often I still just leave. Always have. GSD's and Greyhounds.
  2. if it doesn't resolve then look into adult onset megaesophagus
  3. RSPCA were all about banning breeds until they realised it was "deed not breed". However I firmly believe that if your dog does attack someone then yes, you as the owner, has to pay a penalty. What they may be is debatable and depends on many factors.
  4. I think a new vet with fresh eyes is a good idea. The dog is still in a bad way so I suspect the meds are not working.
  5. well she didn't get all those dogs overnight so who was supposed to be keeping an eye on her?
  6. Oh, blessings on their way to you. Chase has grown into a very handsome boy.
  7. I'd never adopt an adult dog with a baby.
  8. who leaves a 3 month old pup in the backyard for 12 hours?
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  10. One of my Greyhounds that I bred had a brain tumour and the first indication was a change in her temperament. In her case there was plenty of signs and she ended up PTS.
  11. It's a bit hard saying you didn't like the responses when you then say "if you knew the full story". So your first puppy you didn't even get? It died at 7 weeks from renal failure? And your 2nd one died from a heart murmur?
  12. I have used Phernergan in the past, for both me and the dogs. Night time only as it's sedating.
  13. yep $15,000 according to the link in the first post.
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