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  1. so sorry you are going through this. I don't have experience with this disease but................................ It sounds like you have done your very best for all of Ralph's life ensuring he has been a much loved part of the family. Only you can weigh up the effect this is having on Ralph and it's Ralph that comes first now. You are facing a very difficult decision, pretty much every person here has been where you are, often more then once. Dogs live in the here and now, they don't think "oh I might be better in a few days/weeks if I just hang in there", "the pain is worthwhile
  2. agree with Dogsfevr, no to vet. But keep an eye on the bite as the dog matures.
  3. Just remembered. A facebook friend has just gone through intense therapy with one of her young dogs which had an accident and broke both front legs. I know she kept the dog sedated for the first 2 or 3 weeks. Might be worth asking your vet about sedation if your dog is too active.
  4. I'm so sorry you are all going to have to go through this. Are they doing both legs at the same time? I haven't had a dog go through this so not much help except to say you might be surprised how quickly they get back on their feet. I have had a dog with a serious spinal injury so on leash toileting for a few weeks then I made a very small yard for her to walk around a bit more freely while still being supervised. For diet look into things like snuffle mats or licky mats. Any toy that you can put their food in that makes them think to get it. Good luck!
  5. Poor form to pass off horse meat as beef and that's what they were doing, however they like to twist words.
  6. if he is standing there and only trembling then I'd just get into the bathing and get it over and done with as quick as possible. None of my dogs like getting a bath but they tolerate it. I use my bath and the older two will hop in themselves when asked to but the younger one needs a boost. I also spread peanut butter on the side of the bath for her to lick off. In summer time they get done out side with a couple of buckets and the hose. I've had GSD's who love water, playing with the hose etc but still didn't like a bath.
  7. I was always told to get them off because they are usually so loose and can catch on things easily often ripping them out. A simple snip after some local can be done by the vet.
  8. I'd be making a complaint to your local council about the wandering dogs. That way there is a record of them straying. Better still if you got some photo's. You can also ask them about question 2 but my understanding is your dogs would not be punished as long as they remain on your land. A paper trail, i.e. emails would would be good.
  9. Most places have leash laws in place. So no off leash walks regardless of the level of training
  10. @angelsun might be able to help you. She had a hermaphrodite several years ago. Pretty sure it was discussed here. Maybe do a search in the health section
  11. I've seen pool noodles strung onto a collar to do the same job as a cone. There are also soft blow up collars. I usually just use a muzzle, none of my dogs have been big chewers on stitches or wounds.
  12. It could make toilet training longer and harder. As long as you are prepared to have wee pads inside your home for quite some time.
  13. I give my dogs cornsilk and cranberry. I 2nd what Powerlegs has said.
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