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  1. The Claytons 52/2019

    Beautiful photos @PossumCorner. Particularly love the spoonbill and moon shot.
  2. @juice my comment was worded maybe wrong. I told the couple that they needed to take him or a new home found for him. Of course I was going to step in and look after “my boy”, in finding a new home. All my buyers know that I am here to help in anyway. Anyway as soon as I mentioned “new home” it was sorted. The guy had a friend at work who had been looking for a schnauzer pup and had met “Charlie” previous to the couples breakup. His family, wife and 2 teenage girls took Charlie in and gave him the home he deserved. I met these people several times, spoke on the phone etc. They kept in touch with me, sending me emails and photos of Charlie enjoying his new life. Photos of being cuddled by the girls, snuggling with the family cat, running on the beach. They even bought him back to me when they went on holidays. So, yes, I believe he went to a good home.
  3. Phantom dog pregnancies

    Thankyou for those of you that replied nicely. For those others, well I will only say this once as I am not an argumentative person, but please do not judge people you haven’t met just by reading a few words about what is going on in their lives. Usually comments can be taken either way - good or bad. Nobody should assume “bad” first up. Give the benefit of doubt. I love this forum and love reading about everyone’s experiences etc and I have also learnt so much myself but the one thing that I see frequently is people making nasty replies and judging people. People come on this forum to get opinions and advice on problems they may have and just because we don’t always agree with what others are doing we should not criticise them. Most people try hard to do their best but when confronted with new things well hey none of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. We have all started out inexperienced. My lifetime motto is “ if you haven’t got anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.
  4. Phantom dog pregnancies

    An update. The little female is not pregnant but she is healthy and happy. She is eating, sleeping and playing as she should be. Seems her normal self.
  5. I have been in a similar position. I sold a puppy to a couple but sadly a few months later they split up and neither of them could take the dog until they had sorted out their arrangements. I was told it would only be a few weeks and she at least would visit weekly so the pup wouldn’t forget her. Well, a few weeks went by and no visit from her. He dropped in once just to bring me some things for the dog. I sent numerous messages to both however when it turned into months I ended up telling them that they would have to take him or find a new home for the dog. I gave them a date and insisted. He was a lovely boy but there was no way we could take him on permanently. He was a full male and I already had 2 females. One being his mother and the other his sister. And 3 dogs doesn’t suit our lifestyle. They found the dog a new home and to this day he is happy. Your boy could in time adjust to the new little one. All youngsters start off annoying but you also need to figure out if you need or want a second dog. Give them an ultimatum, see what happens and then make your decision.
  6. Phantom dog pregnancies

    Sorry @Rebanne if my reply sounded a bit stroppy but people should not automatically assume that others that want to bring puppies into this world are doing wrong. These 2 dogs, the male and female are much loved family pets and are totally well looked after. Couldn’t ask for better dog owners. Breeding is something her husband wants to get into and they have not taken this decision lightly. These people are good sensible people not just someone who thinks “oh , we’ve got a male and female , let’s have puppies”. They are much better than that. They assumed their little girl was pregnant as signs were there. The dog has been totally healthy and happy the whole time. It has just been the last few weeks when my friend assumed that the dog should have been putting more weight on that she started to have her doubts and that’s when phantom pregnancy was mentioned. Hence my starting this thread. People just need to offer advice without thinking the worst of those asking.
  7. Phantom dog pregnancies

    Actually they have been looking after her very well and giving her all the necessary care a pregnant bitch needs. They have everything set up and on hand for when birthing takes place. The only thing they should have done was visit the vet in the first place. And I can’t help it if the vet they wanted was on holidays. I know all to well that labour may not start if she’s carrying 1 or 2 pups. I have been down that road personally and this is why she has been in constant touch with me and has listened to all my advice. And for the record I got my girl to the vet. Needless to say she had a cesarean and spayed at the same time. We lost 2 pups but took 2 beautiful boys home with their mum. Obviously my advice to her today is get her to the vet.
  8. Just after some general information, opinions and experiences with phantom dog pregnancies. A really good friend of mine has a mini schnauzer who ‘should’ be pregnant. She owns both the male and female. Both purebreds, both first timers as is my friend. Neither her or her husband saw the dogs tie (they both work) although there was plenty of action going on. She has been in contact with me the whole time. I haven’t seen the little girl but from what I am told she has shown most of the signs of being pregnant although hasn’t put on much weight. And my friend seems doubtful. I know that with my girls I never had any doubts. Tomorrow is actually 63 days from when the “action” started so really she should be due anytime. I am talking to her later today. They were going to do an ultrasound weeks ago but the vet they wanted to see was on holidays so they decided not too. I would love any info that might help as I don’t want them having any problems. Obviously a vet visit might be a good idea. I don’t know a great deal about phantom pregnancies but if that is her case then when would she be back to her “normal” self again?
  9. Goodbye my Lovely Miss Bindi girl xxx

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Bindi looks to be a very beautiful girl. Obviously very smart and clever too. Sounds like you have lots of great memories of your time together. Take care, it’s never easy losing a furry friend. R.I.P Beautiful Bindi
  10. Licking stitches

    When my little girl was desexed she too had the Elizabethan collar and absolutely hated it and looked soooo miserable. It was winter at the time so during the day when I could keep a close eye on her I put a coat on her. Even though she could then reach the stitches she never did. But funnily enough when I took the coat off to give her a chance to have a scratch etc then she’d attempt to lick them. So coat back on and she’d stop.
  11. Polly’s passing

    Take your time. You can’t get over “12” years in the blink of an eye. It’s two and a half year since Zena left us and I still say goodnight to her every night and I can definitely still be teary about her not being here. Its a specialness between us and our furry friends and I decided to just ignore those who thought we should be over it by now. I think of my girl daily and we always talk about her. Personally I don’t think we’ll ever be “over it”. Maybe we’ll just get used to her not being here but we do and always will miss her.
  12. Jasper

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Jasper looks like such a sweet little pup. Life can be tough.
  13. Polly’s passing

    So sorry to hear of your Polly’s passing. It is such a difficult time. And no matter what anyone says they are like our kids. They love us so unconditionally so why wouldn’t we treat them like a family member. They say time eventually helps but our girl went 2 and a half years ago and we still miss her every day and it’s not unusual for me to have a tear or two just thinking about how much she is missing out on. She went to young in my opinion. (9 years old). What really helped me was making a photo book of all her good, funny times. It still is on show for us to look at any time. Remember her happy days and take each day as it comes. Look after yourself too.
  14. Itchy dog

    Just an update on Molly. Obviously I have been working with my vet and she is very happy with our outcome. I have stopped all medication. I just put a liquid omega 3 supplement in her breaky each morning. I have changed her diet somewhat. Eliminated all chicken. Molly does not scratch anymore. And her coat looks amazing, her weight is perfect and she is bouncing around like a two year old. We actually have our annual checkup and vaccination next week so we shall see what the vet says then. I have been speaking on the phone with her. She only saw Molly when she was a very itchy girl. Touch wood everything is ok but obviously her irritations may have been something else which has gone for now, (grasses, pollens etc) I guess we’ll only know in the long term. Happy for now.