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  1. Omg snickers, you do have many traits, even if they are naughty ones !!!
  2. Well Snickers you seem to have a very obliging Aunty. In the last photo you do look the picture of innocence. You are a very handsome boy.
  3. Welcome from Australia Snickers. You sound like a fun loving pup.
  4. I too have often tried to find info on grass eating. Molly does this too and so does my cat. Doesn’t happen all the time, just on and off and neither appear “off” in any way and I haven’t changed their diets at all.
  5. What a pretty little dog. Shame she has diabetes. I looked after one of Mollys brothers a while ago. He’s got diabetes too and required injections twice a day. I did it but I didn’t feel comfortable or confident about it. But it is easy and I’m sure you’ll deal with it quite nicely.
  6. So sorry to read of your loss. Terribly hard to let them go. Just keep thinking of the happy times you had. Take care
  7. Molly has always been socialised and walked. Some people and dogs she takes an instant dislike to though. Out walking I can tell by her body movements which it is going to be and I change the direction if I think she’s going to bark at them. She’s definitely a little more picky these days since the attack. She gets 2 walks a day and this is as much for her as me but she dictates whether it’s a sniff and stroll or a good fast workout. I’ve always talked to all animals too. And I think to a certain degree they understand and I’ve always had a good bond with my pets. They too come looking for me if I disappear for too long. Molly always perks up her ears but the same can’t be said for Lucy cat. Even my cockatiel appears to understand me. In saying all this, I still know they are animals and treat them as such. A dog can snap at any time and I wouldn’t trust any of them.
  8. Still agree and it doesn’t matter what others think as I think we know our dogs. I know Molly is healthy, happy and is very energetic and she does very well on her diet. Her weight is perfect for her and her coat is shiny and soft too.
  9. Twodoggies2001 I love your comment. Totally my opinion too. With you 100%
  10. Welcome batgirl. What a sweet looking dog you have.
  11. I’m no help but just want to wish you luck with your boy. Hope you can sort out his problems
  12. She’s lovely. Such precious videos. Lucky little dog to have such a wonderful owner.
  13. Definitely sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. If it was me and my dog, we’d be nowhere near there. Foolish bunch of dog owners in my opinion.
  14. Sorry to hear of your loss. So hard when you have already lost one not long ago. Take care
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