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  1. When we decided it was Zenas time I rang our vet and arranged the appointment with them and then I rang the cremation company and told them what time she was to be done and that she’d be ready to be picked up from the vets any time after that. I had already spoken to them some time beforehand and organised her urn and plaque. They were just waiting then for me to give them the go ahead. They rang a few hours after saying that she had been picked up and was safely in their hands. I presume the vets do have a freezer or fridge. I never asked. Our first dog was euthanised in the afternoon and
  2. I’ve had just 2 schnauzers euthanised and then cremated. Both are in urns sitting in a bookshelf in our lounge room where I can see them and think about the good times with them. I admit at first it was difficult seeing them like that but I now like to know they are still close to me. And it wasn’t an option for us to do anything different as they still deserve to be in our company. It’s where we like them to be. I used a cremation company, ( one I researched and chose myself) the same one for both. They did a brilliant job. They rang me once they had picked them up from the vet and brought th
  3. I reckon miss Bobbin will be sleeping in with you and Clive shortly.
  4. All are so sweet but I do particularly like the looks of Kammi and Clives face is just so sweet and innocent.
  5. I’m really sad to hear your news. Wish it had been a foreign body or something fixable. 10 is too young. I’ve lost a dog (schnauzer) at 10 and 9 and it worries me a lot. Molly is 9 and a half and I watch her closely for any “signs”. Just continue having good times with your boy and keep him happy. My thoughts are with you.
  6. Sounds like a great way to start the day Persephone. It’d be nice to be somewhere the four leggeds can run, sniff and do as they please with hardly a care in the world. I’m not a great fan of suburbia. It’s just where we have to be though.
  7. What an awesome tribute to a great dog. Sounds like you’ve both had an amazing time together. Your photos are just gorgeous. When Zena passed I made a photo book of her life. It was going to be just a few special photos but ended up being quite a thick book. I take way too many photos and now I know why. It was hard to do this book but ultimately it helped me also. I’d recommend you make a book of his life. Zena’s book stands on a buffet for everyone to see and I often flick through the pages. They never get forgotten.
  8. Our good luck ran out this last week. Molly started itching again. Just back from the vets now. Another cytopoint injection and fingers crossed that’s it until Oct/Nov We got 18 weeks out of the last one and she usuallly doesn’t scratch in the cooler months.
  9. I’m feeling super lucky ( touch wood) Molly is still not itching and it’s almost 3 months since her injection. Hopefully we’ll get to the cooler months with no issues. I find she doesn’t scratch during the winter months.
  10. Oh how sad. Tallie looks very beautiful. Such a special puss, she sounds like she was great company. Loss is always hard. Take care. My thoughts are with you. sweet Tallie
  11. If you’re a grumpy old biddie BDJ then so am I. Your comments were well put. Agree whole heartedly with all that you said.
  12. I do agree with you snook and I do understand in certain situations it is best to take them in. I can see both sides to this but in order for it to work all dog owners need to be compliant with the rules and there stands the problem. How to enforce rules.
  13. I’m totally against rules and privileges being changed just because of some idiots doing the wrong thing. We’ve seen this many times especially in areas we love to camp. Areas where once you could take dogs but now can’t. And it is wrong. But as much as I love my pets I don’t really see the need to take them “ shopping” to Bunnings or anywhere else for that matter. Aside of the fact that incidents like this do happen, I can also see the side that there are many people who are frightened of animals,restrained or not. Not long after Molly’s attack we were in Petbarn, where you are allowed to t
  14. I agree with you. There is always some a—-hole who ruins good things for everyone else. But as you say if idiots can’t play by the rules then privileges must be stopped.
  15. This makes me truly upset. Agree sandgrubber, the owner shouldn’t have been let in with the dog off lead. My heart honestly goes out to the poor owners of the little dog.
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