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  1. Goodbye my precious boy

    Oh my gosh. I’m so shocked and saddened to read this. The poor little guy. And you too. You put so much into this sweet little guy. Please take care of yourself. You gave him the best life.
  2. Perses' Pups

    What a handsome boy. Great photo
  3. I didn’t think that would be. Just things we’ve wondered over the years of being a pet owner.
  4. Thanks Snook. I’ll have a read of those links. We’ve always thought it’d probably work out cheaper to deal with issues rather than keep paying premiums when you may never actually make a claim. This is the worst we’ve ever dealt with. We’ve owned 3 dogs - 1 had a broken leg, Zena needed a ceaserean and this with Molly now. We’ve also had 5 cats and never had any vet issues with them. Touchwood (Lucy) We were just curious as to how insurance deals with emergency situations.
  5. As a lot of you probably know through my other thread, Molly and I were attacked recently by a much bigger dog. Molly sustained terrible injuries but has improved so quickly and wants to act as she normally would. She’s proving to be a difficult patient now. I am impressed with her recovery. My husband and I were just talking about things. Obviously the vets bill was huge. We don’t and never have had pet insurance. We were wondering if we did have, how much would have been covered by an incident like this.
  6. So glad you got help and seem better. Maybe taking Justice out for a walk in the fresh air will help you too. Enjoy.
  7. Opinions on breed

    I’ve been in touch with both my breeder friends. One has just recently temporarily moved to Canberra to help family members so she said she won’t be having any pups until next year maybe and the other is just beginning to breed. This will be their first litter if all goes as planned but they already have a few people interested. I would say your daughter would expect to pay between $2000 - $3000 for a well bred, healthy pup. I certainly hope she can find one to suit her as they are great little dogs. We just love them so much.
  8. Opinions on breed

    Hi NikiandKane. I only know of one very good lady who breeds mini schnauzers but she only has a litter every now and again. She is really good. I can contact her and ask if she has plans of any in the next 12 months. I also have a friend who is just starting to consider breeding. She has a beautiful black boy ( he is my Molly’s son) and they have a little salt and pepper girl. She may be coming on heat in a month or so. I will also check with her and then I will get back to you.
  9. If we didn’t know how old he was I’d swear he was just a young one. So sweet bouncing around like that. Such a happy, lucky doggo.
  10. Bowel obstruction

    Sounds just like Molly. If it’s food related she’s there. And her face fits just nicely in a small yogurt container.
  11. Perses' Pups

    What a cutie Ocka is.
  12. Opinions on breed

    Schnauzers are good for people with allergies as they don’t shed hair and can be very cuddly and affectionate. Easily trained, highly intelligent and very sociable. Although they do need regular grooming. They are a great all round dog but then I am pretty biased. Always had one and just love them.
  13. Bye, BRUCE the sheep :(

    Oh he does sound like a great sheepie guy. Beautiful photos too. Sorry to hear such a decision had to be made. R.I.P Bruce
  14. I agree, instant photos these days are brilliant. And taking a look at all the old photos brings back beautiful memories. Some of which we may have forgotten about. Reminds us of happy days with our young dog friends. Today is actually my Zena’s third anniversary of her passing. We still miss that beautiful girl. I just wish she had gotten to be as old as your Juene. She loved life so much and was just such a beautiful little soul. As they all are but some just grab hold of your heart in a different way.