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  1. Itchy dog

    Just an update on Molly. Obviously I have been working with my vet and she is very happy with our outcome. I have stopped all medication. I just put a liquid omega 3 supplement in her breaky each morning. I have changed her diet somewhat. Eliminated all chicken. Molly does not scratch anymore. And her coat looks amazing, her weight is perfect and she is bouncing around like a two year old. We actually have our annual checkup and vaccination next week so we shall see what the vet says then. I have been speaking on the phone with her. She only saw Molly when she was a very itchy girl. Touch wood everything is ok but obviously her irritations may have been something else which has gone for now, (grasses, pollens etc) I guess we’ll only know in the long term. Happy for now.
  2. What are they scratching at?

    I’ll agree. Zena was a great one for that. She once totally destroyed the box and everything in it prior to giving birth. Ripped everything apart. I had to quickly organise another before the big moment arrived.
  3. What are they scratching at?

    Molly does this too. In her bed, on the lounge and even just on plain carpet. She scratches around, messes up the spot, does the 360 turn, then sits down for a 2 minutes and then she gets up and comes and sits with me.
  4. What are they rolling in?

    Omg. Yes. My Zena would roll in these too. Loved rolling in duck poop also. And basically anything that smelled dead. Molly actually rolled in dog poop once a very long time ago Bat shit is always good to roll in also. And that just doesn’t only stink it sticks. Blah
  5. What type of dog should I get?

    I have always owned mini schnauzers. They are a great family dog. Loyal, very smart and very trainable. Smallish. Barking - depends a lot on training but they do make excellent little guard dogs as they have excellent hearing and are very alert. They don’t shed. However they do need/ should be regularly groomed. Mine have never dug up gardens and although they love going for walks they don’t demand it and are usually very happy to do whatever the family is doing. And we have always had cats and they have got on really well. Best mates actually. Good luck choosing a breed to suit your family.
  6. Schnauzers definitely have a sense of humour and yes, talk . I can have quite a “conversation” with Molly. I might be silly but I can mostly “understand” her. A girl of many voices she is.
  7. Designer dogs

    What would that even look like
  8. @asal That was absolutely brilliant. Even though I sat watching it through tears. A great tribute to all passed animals, great and small.
  9. We have always had cats as well as dogs. Our cats have always been very healthy. We had 2 that were sisters and they lived to 17 and 18 and only visited the vets to be desexed. Our current cat Lucy is 10 this year and she has never had a sick day either. Go figure. I reckon it’s the very pampered, lazy life that cats lead.
  10. I too have lost 2 dogs to cancer. My boy was 10 and my sweet girl just a month passed her 9th birthday. Absolutely heart wrenching but if you read statistics on dogs sadly it is very common. I have another little girl at present, the daughter of the one that passed, and this little girl is the light of my life now. She is 8 and it is always in the not so back of my mind that she too will go the same way. After my boy passed I changed the way I bought my little girls up and then sadly cancer struck again. Long talks with my vet kind of consoled me as to the fact it wasn’t my fault. Could be anything that causes it. Just like in humans. Environmental, diet or even something in their own DNA. I’m scared, I will admit, for my Molly. I don’t want to go down that path again but ultimately I know something will take her and that’s just life. And yes it will always be difficult to own others but I just couldn’t imagine life without a four legged furry friend beside me.
  11. Is your dog afraid of the cold?

    Thankyou @teddybeans your 2 boys look beautiful too. What are their names ? Molly is the darker one on the left ( as you look at them ) and Zena, on the right is Molly’s mum. She passed away just over 2 and a half years ago. We miss her terribly still but forever grateful we have Molly. She is such a sweetheart and helped me through that very difficult time. She is extremely smart and very switched onto my feelings. Gotta love schnauzers.
  12. Is your dog afraid of the cold?

    My Molly sounds exactly the same. She’s a mini schnauzer too. She gets suspicious every time I open the cupboard where her coats are kept and then she puts herself in reverse and usually grumbles at the same time. I can’t say she doesn’t like the cold but she certainly seeks out sunny spots to lay in and usually snuggles up close with us on the lounge and creeps under the blankets in bed at night. Oh, and she loves the hairdryer on heat too. She will come into the bathroom and stand there expecting me to use it all over her body. She appears to love it.
  13. Itchy dog

    @Dogsfevr Thanks regarding diet. The tablets are white. And the course of action was to wean her down to less every couple of days. We are now down to 1 every second day for 3 doses and then less again and again. My vet has come down with the winter bug so is not in today but I will definitely be talking with her by the end of the week.
  14. Itchy dog

    @Dogsfevr The first course I think was over 2 weeks and this course is different. (Had to see a different vet at that time) With the instructions she gave it weans her right down over possibly the month. I guess as we were thinking low dose for a while ( until I got home and really thought that I wasn’t happy having her on it full time) I am going to talk with the vet again this week now that I have a bit more info and are getting my head around it all. We had discussed diet and she also mentioned the crocodile roll. Maybe I will. And no she doesn’t itch after clipping and haven’t been near any mulch either. Obviously you know a bit about minis - as a normal diet, what do you recommend? Just totally curious and always open minded.