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  1. Itchy dog

    @Dogsfevr Thanks regarding diet. The tablets are white. And the course of action was to wean her down to less every couple of days. We are now down to 1 every second day for 3 doses and then less again and again. My vet has come down with the winter bug so is not in today but I will definitely be talking with her by the end of the week.
  2. Itchy dog

    @Dogsfevr The first course I think was over 2 weeks and this course is different. (Had to see a different vet at that time) With the instructions she gave it weans her right down over possibly the month. I guess as we were thinking low dose for a while ( until I got home and really thought that I wasn’t happy having her on it full time) I am going to talk with the vet again this week now that I have a bit more info and are getting my head around it all. We had discussed diet and she also mentioned the crocodile roll. Maybe I will. And no she doesn’t itch after clipping and haven’t been near any mulch either. Obviously you know a bit about minis - as a normal diet, what do you recommend? Just totally curious and always open minded.
  3. Itchy dog

    That’s what I figured but obviously I can’t just stop the pred.
  4. Itchy dog

    Thanks @Powerlegs All very useful info. And yes she does roll on her back on the grass but there isn’t much to our grass. It’s very thin and awful really. (Lack of rain and water. ) One question - and yes I will be speaking to my vet also - but obviously I need to run this course of prednisolone but if I go with an exclusion diet how will I know if it’s working or whether it’s still the drugs in her system.
  5. Itchy dog

    Sorry. Sometimes my mind works faster than I type. Didn’t mean to be misleading. My current vet is willing to work closely with us and has mentioned specialists who deal with pet allergies. I guess I would like to try a few things first. Just was after opinions etc and have certainly got info I can relate back to her and I guess work out a plan of some sort. My biggest concern was being on the pred for a while. I was interested to find out if others had their dogs on it for any length of time and how they were.
  6. Itchy dog

    Interesting. Molly has never had any redness or rashing. The only time is when left to chew or scratch she can make little sores. She just randomly scratches her sides and around her neck and tries to chew her back ( she will roll on the ground rubbing at times) Sometimes chews at her front legs and feet. @Powerlegs in your opinion does Molly’s sound like a food allergy? I’m seriously thinking of changing her diet. Maybe eliminating the chicken to start with. Thinking of this due to Dogsfevr saying she had an 8 year old allergic to chicken. It’s what Molly eats most of. I need to do something ???
  7. Itchy dog

    Thankyou. The vet did talk about side effects and did mention pancreatitis and diabetes. This is why I came here asking for info and advice. I am trying to obviously work out what the best course of action is and I can now go back and discuss it properly. Sometimes when things are put to you and you try to make decisions on the spot it’s difficult. I also understand that dogs can start reacting to things over time ( like the 8 year old dog you mentioned) We discussed that also. I will consider her diet and work on it. What do you suggest a mini should eat ? Over the 20 years of owning mini schnauzers I have seen a few different vets and none of them have said I was feeding them wrong. Willing to change though. Her shampoo, yes I have been using the same one for quite a while. I could change that too and as for the groomer spraying her with something different - well no. I’m her groomer and always have been.
  8. Itchy dog

    Why would you not give prednisone for itchiness and also to mini schnauzers? I am after any advice and if there are reasons I would like to discuss them with my vet. I only want the very best for my girl and will do or try anything. I do know that dogs obviously can react to any changes but absolutely nothing has changed. I haven’t changed cleaning products, washing products, nothing inside and the yard hasn’t changed either. And definitely no fleas. I once had a schnauzer allergic to flea bites so know all about that. It is difficult and yes I will be trying to pinpoint what is affecting her. I feed her cooked chicken fillets, vegetables, some kangaroo meat and sardines alternating these through the week. Eggs, cheese, and rice occasionally. Dry biscuits maybe once a week. And a lamb off cut bone twice a week. This has always been the normal for her. I am happy to say that this morning there is a noticeable improvement already. She slept well and seems very happy and bouncing around playfully. Have been for an hours walk in the rain already and have started the day off nicely. Also her blood and urine tests came back fine.
  9. Itchy dog

    Thanks. I am such a worry wart. I will just keep an eye on Molly and fingers crossed the itchys go and she stays healthy.
  10. Itchy dog

    Thanks for your info. Definitely sent to try us. Just so annoying. I actually had wondered if she had a pain that she was trying to get to and relieve although that’s the one thing I did forget to mention at the vet visit. Although I have poked and prodded the poor girl all over trying to see if she was hurting but she didn’t batter an eyelid, no reactions at all so maybe not but it’s worth mentioning next vet visit. @persephone the dog you had on prednisolone for life, did it have any side effects from it at all ? That’s what worries me......
  11. I just want some opinions and maybe some good advice. I have spent time at the vets this morning with Miss Molly. She has become an itchy dog lately and if left she would chew and scratch enough to make little sores so I am constantly at her. Mainly scratching and chewing at her back region. Her skin though is not red or inflamed anywhere. A month ago she was itchy so I took her to the vets and she was given a course of prednisolone. This worked almost instantly but within a few weeks of stopping she was right back to scratching. Nothing that I can think of has changed, her diet, plants in the yard, areas we walk in etc. I took her today and the vet I saw was in my opinion very thorough and helpful with my multitude of questions. Obviously she is allergic to something whether it is food, environmental or airborne. Always difficult to pinpoint what I guess. The vet seems to think it will be an ongoing issue. She has prescribed another course of prednisolone and the main object is too get it down to the lowest dose over the next few weeks and see how she is and then maybe keep her on the low dose. She also took a blood test and urine test. (Waiting still for the results of those)Of course I am willing to do anything to help my girl but I really aren’t too happy with her being on medication full time. So I guess what I’d like to know from you all is, is it ok to have her on the prednisolone full time or how has anyone else dealt with an itchy dog.

    Sounds dreadful to me. But I honestly think getting the story out there publicly is the way to go. On tv and in the local papers. No business likes to look mean and everyone loves a happy ending so that’s what I’d do. ASAP
  13. Meet Banks

    Welcome little fella. What a cutie pie.
  14. Lucky you. Love the piggy.
  15. This morning at the beach

    Awesome photos !!