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  1. Hey everyone, We have just bought a tandem kayak which we will be taking on our camping holidays in future. We always camp beside waterways and would love to explore them more closely. Obviously Molly travels with us and will be kayaking with us. I’m looking at buying a life jacket for her. I’ve had a quick look online ( in lockdown so can’t visit shops) Prices seem to vary a lot so I was just wondering if anyone had ever bought and used one, and what I should take into consideration when I do eventually buy one.
  2. Sorry to hear of your sad news. My thoughts are with you
  3. Sorry to hear the sad news. 18 is a good age.
  4. As we all know with some it’s very difficult to know when the time is right. Those who have followed Pepsi s story know that sometimes it can come as a total shock as to how bad they are. The vet assured us Pepsi only had 1 - 2 days left and yet we really didn’t think she was that bad. With my dogs though it became obvious that the time had come. I’d like to think we chose the right moment. Animals can’t talk so like Pepsi we don’t really know what amount of pain they are in. And I guess we just watch them closely and try to get the decision as right as we can.
  5. Thinking of Sooty and you also. Hope she can make it through this.
  6. Three strikes, definitely out !! Feel for the dog as once again it shows irresponsible owners. Getting out once and killing a dog is bad enough but still able to escape its yard twice more is just unforgivable.
  7. Boronia, Because we can’t quite figure out what Molly is allergic to she has been given the cytopoint injection. She had her first back in March ( I think) and then sailed through winter just fine. I honestly think her itchiness is seasonal as for the last 3 years almost to the exact week she has started itching. This happens usually October/ November and continues through the summer. I took her to the vets and she received the cytopoint injection and figured I’d be back to the vets a month later. So far she has done really well and it will be 6 weeks tomorrow since having it. I know it is exp
  8. I’ve done some research about the product and read a lot of reviews etc. It does sound ok but like sheena I don’t want to give Molly something every day. I was thinking of something that could be given only when necessary. I will talk with the vet. Best to get their advice I think
  9. Thanks very much Boronia. I will definitely be looking into this. I don’t like her feeling anxious. She was never worried about storms before. Just something as she’s got older. She has never liked being left at home but this also changed when Zena passed and is maybe getting a little worse now. But it’s not all the time either. Sometimes she is just very quiet. Gotta love them and their quirky behaviours. But thanks anyway.
  10. Boronia, would this product work for my Molly. I will do my research but I was wondering as she has become a bit “noisy and anxious” when we go out for any length of time. She also gets nervous during a storm but that we can handle as she’s not too bad, just wants to be real close then.
  11. IMHO I feel most people out walking their dogs, whether on leash or not, seem to think their dogs won’t hurt a fly. I now look at every dog, small or big, as having the potential to cause arguments. After all they are just animals with animal instincts.
  12. Hi, I really feel for you. My little girl Molly was attacked earlier this year. An 8 kg mini schnauzer in the jaws of a 30 - 40 kg ridgeback. It had escaped its yard and it was solely intent on having Molly. 2 other woman came to our aid thankfully. It was the most terrifying moment of my life. Molly was in a bad way and nearly didn’t make it. By some miracle and with the excellent help of our vets she is here with us and totally back to her old self. We don’t walk in any parks or side streets now. We just stick to the main road. Molly is perfectly fine but I admit I’m very nervous when I see
  13. What’s the opinion on Simparica chews?
  14. Thanks for that info asal. I might do some research.
  15. I’m just wondering what everyone’s opinions on flea and tick treatments are. I’ve used Nexgard for ages on Molly now but I’ve just finished grooming her and found a flea. ( no wonder she was scratching a bit through the night) She is only part way through the month too so I was quite surprised. I have heard though that fleas can become immune to one product and that it is a good idea to change occasionally. What product is a good one? So many out there to choose from but I do specifically need flea and tick as we do go bush camping plus we have actually had the occasional tick right here in ou
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