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  1. Goodbye my Lovely Miss Bindi girl xxx

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Bindi looks to be a very beautiful girl. Obviously very smart and clever too. Sounds like you have lots of great memories of your time together. Take care, it’s never easy losing a furry friend. R.I.P Beautiful Bindi
  2. Licking stitches

    When my little girl was desexed she too had the Elizabethan collar and absolutely hated it and looked soooo miserable. It was winter at the time so during the day when I could keep a close eye on her I put a coat on her. Even though she could then reach the stitches she never did. But funnily enough when I took the coat off to give her a chance to have a scratch etc then she’d attempt to lick them. So coat back on and she’d stop.
  3. Polly’s passing

    Take your time. You can’t get over “12” years in the blink of an eye. It’s two and a half year since Zena left us and I still say goodnight to her every night and I can definitely still be teary about her not being here. Its a specialness between us and our furry friends and I decided to just ignore those who thought we should be over it by now. I think of my girl daily and we always talk about her. Personally I don’t think we’ll ever be “over it”. Maybe we’ll just get used to her not being here but we do and always will miss her.
  4. Jasper

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Jasper looks like such a sweet little pup. Life can be tough.
  5. Polly’s passing

    So sorry to hear of your Polly’s passing. It is such a difficult time. And no matter what anyone says they are like our kids. They love us so unconditionally so why wouldn’t we treat them like a family member. They say time eventually helps but our girl went 2 and a half years ago and we still miss her every day and it’s not unusual for me to have a tear or two just thinking about how much she is missing out on. She went to young in my opinion. (9 years old). What really helped me was making a photo book of all her good, funny times. It still is on show for us to look at any time. Remember her happy days and take each day as it comes. Look after yourself too.
  6. Itchy dog

    Just an update on Molly. Obviously I have been working with my vet and she is very happy with our outcome. I have stopped all medication. I just put a liquid omega 3 supplement in her breaky each morning. I have changed her diet somewhat. Eliminated all chicken. Molly does not scratch anymore. And her coat looks amazing, her weight is perfect and she is bouncing around like a two year old. We actually have our annual checkup and vaccination next week so we shall see what the vet says then. I have been speaking on the phone with her. She only saw Molly when she was a very itchy girl. Touch wood everything is ok but obviously her irritations may have been something else which has gone for now, (grasses, pollens etc) I guess we’ll only know in the long term. Happy for now.
  7. What are they scratching at?

    I’ll agree. Zena was a great one for that. She once totally destroyed the box and everything in it prior to giving birth. Ripped everything apart. I had to quickly organise another before the big moment arrived.
  8. What are they scratching at?

    Molly does this too. In her bed, on the lounge and even just on plain carpet. She scratches around, messes up the spot, does the 360 turn, then sits down for a 2 minutes and then she gets up and comes and sits with me.
  9. What are they rolling in?

    Omg. Yes. My Zena would roll in these too. Loved rolling in duck poop also. And basically anything that smelled dead. Molly actually rolled in dog poop once a very long time ago Bat shit is always good to roll in also. And that just doesn’t only stink it sticks. Blah
  10. What type of dog should I get?

    I have always owned mini schnauzers. They are a great family dog. Loyal, very smart and very trainable. Smallish. Barking - depends a lot on training but they do make excellent little guard dogs as they have excellent hearing and are very alert. They don’t shed. However they do need/ should be regularly groomed. Mine have never dug up gardens and although they love going for walks they don’t demand it and are usually very happy to do whatever the family is doing. And we have always had cats and they have got on really well. Best mates actually. Good luck choosing a breed to suit your family.
  11. Schnauzers definitely have a sense of humour and yes, talk . I can have quite a “conversation” with Molly. I might be silly but I can mostly “understand” her. A girl of many voices she is.
  12. Designer dogs

    What would that even look like
  13. @asal That was absolutely brilliant. Even though I sat watching it through tears. A great tribute to all passed animals, great and small.
  14. We have always had cats as well as dogs. Our cats have always been very healthy. We had 2 that were sisters and they lived to 17 and 18 and only visited the vets to be desexed. Our current cat Lucy is 10 this year and she has never had a sick day either. Go figure. I reckon it’s the very pampered, lazy life that cats lead.