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  1. If it has hair in it, I wouldn't worry too much - possibly just pigment changes as she grows ...obviously if you are concerned, a Vet is the best course of action ! Internet "diagnoses" are just ideas ;)
  2. I hope your Mum buys you your own yummy chews - cow hooves, or deer antlers, or deer ears ...things like that
  3. please walk him EARLY , not long after sunrise before the sun has time to heat up the ground!! That's the sensible thing to do. It sounds as though your poor dog is getting burnt and sore feet .....
  4. and walk him EARLY in the morning before the sun heats up the footpath!!
  5. Snickers....you have good taste, but Aunty needs to clear the buffet table ! Too much of a good thing, & all that !
  6. How old is your dog ? How long have you had him, and where did he come from ? (breeder, pet shop, rescue, etc )
  7. That dog is huge in comparison to a small child, and looks very different to 'her' border collie
  8. It's just that so many people have never learned, or have forgotten that dogs CAN be aggressive ..they have a different way of behaving to humans - and need to be understood and treated differently .
  9. Our dogs love grass when they can get it (dry part of the world ) they graze like the sheep some days! LOL
  10. CORRECT LINK A Murray Mallee woman accused of keeping 300 dogs in squalid conditions on a puppy farm has told an Adelaide court the animals' maintenance was her ex-partner's responsibility. Key points: Kerrie Fitzpatrick is on trial accused of animal cruelty offences She told the Adelaide Magistrates Court that she was not responsible for caring for the dogs The RSPCA told the court that inspectors found dead rats in the kennels Kerrie Fitzpatrick, 45, is charged with animal cruelty offences including ill-treating an animal and failing to comply with animal welfare notices in 2018. She and her former partner Colin Ross were allegedly found in possession of over 300 animals during an RSPCA inspection in October 2018, despite the local council permitting the breeders to own no more than 100.
  11. Leilah was enjoying her "nose work " ..and she makes a wonderful model on the red cushions!!
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