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  1. hello, Stella you're looking better already !
  2. She has such a kind and honest face
  3. She will be a pretty girl when she grows up
  4. You know that all dogs are welcomed here ..and taken on as part of the 'family' .... ...!!!
  5. here's hoping that she is healthy and brings you joy.
  6. The dogs are cute .. made up names are not ;)
  7. Glad you're happy .. however , a poodle cross is NOT a pure breed of dog recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council . They are a trendy 'designer dog' , with a very trendy price tag , and most likely no way to trace the dog's ancestry back years & years ... a quote from the D O L pages .: First, exactly what is a pedigree pure bred dog and a designer dog? A Pedigree Pure Bred Dog has parentage that is known AND: Both parents are of the same breed. The breed is recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) or one of its Affiliates. The dog's breeders are registered to breed puppies. The parents of any puppies are registered with the ANKC or one of its affiliates to be bred from and It has a pedigree showing at least 3 generations of parentage A Designer Dog is many things including: A puppy resulting from the deliberate mating of two unrelated breed types. A puppy resulting from an accidental mating of two different breed types (note these dogs used to be called mongrels or cross breeds) A puppy resulting from the mating of two cross bred (or designer bred) dogs. A puppy resulting from the mating of one pedigree or pure bred parent and one cross bred or designer bred dog. A designer dog has not been bred by a registered breeder A designer dog is not pure bred or pedigree. LINK HERE
  8. What a worry Obviously a vet will be able to answer .. and being sedated /having a GA may be the best way to go ? then she can have a thorough check up /get her nails done/whatever needs doing , as well as finding out how severe here injury is .
  9. Poodle crosses are cute puppies I do hope it all works out for you now .
  10. Oh's also useful if you can chat with her breeder She may have info on what that line are like generally - when they matured, that sort of thing. Are her line show dogs , or pets , or ? Answered my own question here .. I looked back on yr posts, @Meg_1985 sorry there seems no sound advice from there. It may make starting off with choosing excellent foundation stock a bit tricky!
  11. I second this. She is now just reaching maturity ..and you may be just now seeing the 'real' adult her . DEf a full vet check /blood tests before anything else
  12. It has only been a short time ! 10 days since you asked on here !! That's no time at all , really
  13. cats spray ... females as well .. dogs are much easier if you find a lovely male ..then it's just a matter of using a bellyband when indoors for a while if you're worried . I use a belly band on my(entire, mostly outdoor)boys
  14. Phyl. Just BREATHE desperation can make for bad choices . I will suggest you keep an open mind as to have a little boy in your life Boys can be/are snuggly and cuddly ..and cute
  15. Vet assessment /treatment essential ... we cannot say what the end result will be ..however , at this stage pup deserves treatment ...the earlier it starts on A/B's the better I presume vet has advised on cleanliness procedures /home first aid in the meantime .