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  1. Enzi- Growing Up Chimp

    It was wonderful to see these ratbags last saturday Not any decent pics of Enzi ... he was moving at the speed of light !! Always love your beautiful images, Griz.... ...thank you .
  2. 52/2017

    daffodils.............. :D :D how lovely , @Scottsmum
  3. 52/2017

    ha! go away for 9 days ... and look what happens!! Went to do watering at the homestead this morning ... almost had to put the Sunnies on!! LOL
  4. ..this album will be added to over the next few days ....such an amazing experience always ... never the same !! Monarto Zoo is such an important "ARK" of species ....
  5. 52/2017

    Taken on the Monarto photography Workshop I am a little bit proud of this image... shot from my seat on the bus..thru the windscreen, and into the sun .By shooting in 'RAW' ..I was able to retrieve detail and actually have something to post !! ( I am a fairly recent convert to shooting RAW)
  6. In The Big Smoke. Minus computer !

    Photos https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155110321864007&id=696509006
  7. In The Big Smoke. Minus computer !

    Oh my- such a wonderful gift! LOVE these framed photos ,gifted to me as I am the only one in their friend group who 'gets' birds So lovely
  8. Hidden Fence containment

    If this is to be your primary means of containment, then I would not suggest you try it. Dogs can, and do run thru the zap when full of adrenaline.
  9. 52/2017

    Constructed this yesterday from a photo I took. Seemed appropriate.
  10. In The Big Smoke. Minus computer !

    Rudolph and I had a wander yesterday
  11. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    So glad you're home safe.
  12. In The Big Smoke. Minus computer !

    Tram museum photography workshop
  13. A few phone photos... Resized and fuzzy
  14. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    Hope you have slept, and that you travel safe.
  15. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    We , today, got an Electrolux on special - wow!! Suction is amazing - it'll pick up the DOG , after it cleans up all that hair It's nice to use as well. https://www.electrolux.com.au/vacuum-cleaners/canister-vacuums/zpf2310t