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  1. Dear old boy - what a treasure, and how wonderful that he got to have his last time with you . I'm sure his grin will live on . Run free now fella
  2. hi Gosh - I remember when your 'puppy' WAS a puppy - how time flies!! My Mitchell was COVERED in lipomas by the time he was an old boy- he had been on long-term steroids, and I had been told to expect something like this ..I didn't bother with vet checks anymore, as the others said - by feel I could tell what they were ( I had worked with dogs, and at a vets for years , too) , and just let them be - but he felt like his his skin was stuffed with M&M's, & some larger ones . As they din't impair his mobility or anything, we just left them there ...& he was just Old Lumpy! I h
  3. LMO - glad you have repairs nearly finished, and Mezza almost sorted as well! What a busy and stressful time !
  4. Didn't he grow into a handsome boy ? I love the one with his chin on the ground Thanks for the update!
  5. Eye removal removes the PAIN . Really . The vet I worked for did quite a few - and it was amazing just how well dogs coped, and how much happier they seemed to feel without that ugly sore eye ! ... . And , as long as her nose works well, and she is 'with it' , being severely vision-impaired is not the worst thing . She can find things by scent Shecan wear a "halo" to help , too
  6. Poor old girl perhaps ask the vet for alternative treatment if it is too distressing ... ? Ulcers can take a long time to treat , too. have you tried offering her the BEST treat at the same time ? Like have the treat there as you put in the drops ..and let her eat it immediately ..roast chicken, or some smelly fish ...something very different she can't resist ! That might help a bit
  7. Ho,. Ho,. Ho Happy Season's Greetings & all that . yes, I guess it's "that" time of the years again At least now you have a good plan which will help. Hoping the Wet brings lots of green, and not much itch!
  8. Oh, Jules- how lovely ! She looks beautiful - and will be a lively addition to your little family.! Welcome, Stephie!
  9. I copied/pasted this highlighted bit into the address bar to get the image - then copied/pasted that into this reply There's probably an easier way. ... @Loving my Oldies
  10. Go, gorgeous boy That eyebrow will take you far LOL
  11. Hi If she's licking - there could be pain there from stretching or fluid buildup ... sorry I can't be of more help. If she had a complete ovario-hysterectomy it should not be a false pregnacy ...weird
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