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  1. Oh my - she does have an irresistible face ! I am in love LOL. Have watched this video multiple times ..it just makes me smile
  2. 6 month old gulping food without chewing

    Hi - where did your dog come from ? it may be she has learned to gulp food before it's all gone , or before someone else takes it! Feed her seperately ..do NOT let her watch you preparing food ...use a special bowl ...and try feeding her large turkey necks, or 1/;2 chickens- frozen . She can't gulp those ;)
  3. Dog keeps taking things off tables

    And there you have it . Maybe some new habits need to be learned by everyone Alarming a youngster with lots of clattering things may indeed cause repercussions .
  4. Taking for a drive

    I dare say their brain would be a tad overloaded at present .... lots happening
  5. Taking for a drive

    @chrlsrand That is an awful situation . taking a puppy is a generous offer - BUT raising a teeny singleton is not easy when done properly . I have worked with dogs most of my life ..and dealt with tiny pups ..like many of the good DOL members here have . At present having a 3 wk old would be too much for me ..I need my sleep , and am no good anymore with routine. The work is constant , like a newborn human baby , plus it will need absolute isolation to protect against viral infections and children will not be allowed to play with it - it's too small . A puppy needs so much more than food ... and this time in a puppy's life is where it learns to speak DOG, to act DOG , and habits to last a lifetime. being with mum, and/or littermates provides mental and physical stimulation essential to becoming a dog of decent temperament . Rural Pug has made a wonderful offer!! I do hope it can be acted upon - it will take a huge load of everyone's shoulders.
  6. Taking for a drive

    There has to be an explanation for this .... a very short time ago , you didn't think your family could cope with a pup/dog . you were doing your homework , and had a lot to learn , you said ... I am still hoping the numbers are wrong and that you will post that really, you have an 8 week old puppy , all healthy, vaccinated and chipped You have children , right? What did you do with them as teeny babies on car trips etc ? Pups are not much different. They need to be contained in a carrier/crate .
  7. Liquid Tramadol

    or some squished sardine ?
  8. Liquid Tramadol

    Mix with vegemite , or honey ? How many mls per dose?
  9. Taking for a drive

    ermmm..just WHY are you collecting a 3 week old puppy ? Did the mother die or something? Throwing up in the car is the least of your worries , I would think ....
  10. Dear little girl .... Sorry she had to leave you that way , DDD... Horrible to be a part of
  11. Fox taming experiment

    Yes! I have old photos somewhere of a willywag keeping a whistling kite off a raw chopbone I threw out!!The kite had no hope .
  12. presence of bone shards in Dog Roll ?

    LOL.... yes, autocorrect is often a 'funner' game than actual games!! having unchoked rice isn't a good idea
  13. No - I've not found any evidence of any sort of bone in the 3 brands I've bought . Someone , though was angry because of bone shards, which, they said were sharp enough to cut her dog's stomach when eaten. Is ground bone used in these dog rolls? I buy it for treats / something extra for the geriatrics ... and for my bantam chooks - they adore it as a treat !!
  14. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    That's a sad update . She is not enjoying life anymore , poor little munchkin .
  15. Fox taming experiment

    wow!!! that is being very familiar