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  1. Lab proof dog beds

    I just remembered One thing I have used !! You could try a good shadecloth it isn't as much fun to rip/chew as there isn't the mouthfeel doesn't seem as satisfactory, and there isn't "Tear/rip" noise/sensation. it folds/scrunches, yet holds warm air reasonable well in quantity ..metres & metres. It even survives the pig ;)
  2. Lab proof dog beds

    Sheena..our beasts rip up so many opshop towels & blankets & stuff ..but none of it seems to be eaten ...they are more discerning .
  3. Cute story about service dogs

    This One Was a bit sad in a way
  4. Lab proof dog beds

    same here towels etc to start with ..& then if they do just sleep in & rip ..warm stuff
  5. Lab proof dog beds

    newspaper sheets /opshop towels ! what does said rebel teenager do during the day ..and what types of bed/bedding are we talking about ? Oh ..and he/she is outside in a run only at night?
  6. Awww.. Congratulations !! "Adoption Papers" Two wonderful words I couldn't get a video .. but no matter . Sooty is obviously healthy and happy and proving yet again , how magic happens at your place .
  7. I was watching the dogs ...don't know much/anything about him at all.
  8. Enclosure for feeding dog with food aggression

    with some building help ..a couple of these remote opening devices may fit the bill! http://easyoutpetrelease.com/m/
  9. Kelpies

    She is wonderful But you already know that :P
  10. Getting a new puppy

    There are some excellent ideas here for you to make your own and act upon. CLICK HERE here is an excerpt :
  11. Getting a new puppy

    Can they cope with biking ?
  12. Perses' Pups

    Clive & Carrots
  13. Perses' Pups

  14. Getting a new puppy

    I knew one of these..bought on the assumption he would be a noisy, alert watchdog like the rest of his family ...he was an affable couch potato LOL ( but dog aggressive ), Gorgeous boy ... absolutely kid-proof, too. One in a million.