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  1. Doberman as first dog with kids

    ...and if there is no pedigree , there is no guarantee the dog IS a 'pure bred ' dobermann anyhow
  2. Doberman as first dog with kids

    Hi It seems you are seeking a dog which will look fierce and maybe protect the family ... are you ? or do you just like these dogs? good to see you asking questions , too! Why is the dog being sold ? What experience has it with children? What training has it had? is it good to walk around other dogs /cats /people? is it nice & settled inside & housetrained ? if you are new to dogs , you need to be especially careful!! Have you read the pages on D O L which talk about different breeds? to be honest , if you have not owned a dog , and have young children , these breeds would NOT be ones I would suggest . They are large, strong , and need much mental exercise . They need 'jobs' to do , and they need to be understood
  3. Getting papers for adopted dog

    ..I do suspect they love each other, aside from periods of oestrus they are housemates and have been together for 18 mths , so why not ? Smoke ADORES his daddy, Don ..and it certainly has nothing to do with seasons .
  4. 52/2018

    new week . the things a 'princess' gets asked to do ... all that sensitive pink skin ..esp on dangly bits ..in contact with a dead tree? But he's a good lad .. ;) I had to change colours in this image ..he looked like spun fairy floss covered in some white fluff!! SO pink !
  5. 52/2018

    wow! BDJ :D NICE !
  6. Sorry .. i was NOT saying the attack wasn't serious ..just letting people know that the images were ok for the squeamish It was an awful thing to happen I hope the owners were at the least penalised . A friend's gelding was taught about dogs ...we used to ride along suburban streets back then ..sometimes dogs would rush out - and ,at a whispered word, Jack would snake that neck out & make a grab !
  7. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Grumpette . I am so very sorry for this heartbreak . What a gorgeous big girl ...and I can only imagine the hole in your heart now . Thankfully, over the years your wonderful photo history remains All those goofy grins and amazing facial expressions to remember her by . I am so glad we got to share a little bit of her happiness thru these images . take care .....
  8. excellent update . It was suggested by some that a foreign body-ectomy was the procedure being carried out ... MMMmmmm lovverly stinky possum ...
  9. ..and the owners just kept videoing ... nothing too nasty image wise . http://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/horse-brought-to-its-knees-in-dog-attack-at-popular-brisbane-beach/news-story/2e25ac94a34d5769675f4cb915c5db67
  10. Double Merles

    Puddy is a very useful teaching tool people see him ..love his looks , until they look at his wonky eye ..and watch as he has some sound location probs ..and they see his pink skin ..and I explain about the double merle gene . (90% of them had no idea at all ..and are horrified at the thought that something which they thought of as just a 'colour' could have such far reaching effects .
  11. Double Merles

    accidents happen..and one "special " crops up .....in this litter .. 1 black with white chest , 2 blue/black , 1 red with white chest , and ... my gorgeous Pudden . he has micropthalmia/corectopia X1 , and partial deafness x1 . Had the damage been worse, he would have been euthed . We neither keep, nor pass on , problems .
  12. Pulling hair out

    A vet visit maybe ? She may have some pain in that area ... in her spine or hips , maybe ? Worth getting her thoroughly checked, I think
  13. It would be an interesting study !
  14. worried my dog might injury himself

    Hi Well, I think we now know how fudge put a hole in himself- leaping at the fence!! This is a REALLY dangerous habit in more ways than one. It can cause injuries as he has already had . It can be a real 'rush' for him ... and so, of course he'll do it again ...and again.... and it MAY become an addiction /obsession . One day , a neighbour could get sick of the noise these dogs are making , and complain ... Please have a read of the following threads which are about similar things ... you might get some ideas? I KNOW you said you don't want trainers to be around - however , they are the specialists who can help YOU understand what dogs like Fudge are going through . He has some behaviours which lead him to be not entirely relaxed & confident - a good and respected trainer ,(and they are NOT all good and /or respected) instead of just trying to 'correct' the obvious, can help you understand and manage what you will be living with for maybe the next 15 yrs https://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/266922-dogs-fence-fighting/?tab=comments#comment-6826726 https://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/232274-exercising-reactive-dogs-thread/ http://blog.k9pro.com.au/dog-training-problem-hard-long-much/
  15. There was ... and he said that . he was emotional because of several recent attacks .