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  1. Perses' Pups

    LOL...how wide is Rose ????!! she can certainly Sqeeeze LOL these pups are weird ...they are different from others we've had . I just keep laughing!!! They hardly eat .... they will deign to have 2 meals a day(fresh) ..but at their own pace .....and don't complain if they sometimes just get one!! (yes they have self serv puppy kibble all night ..never touched) They will flop down and nibble away at a ball of pet mince or some chicken wing bits ...mostly sharing ....and think it's heaven if they score a piece of big dog kibble for sitting & not getting in my way when I feed the adults they LOOVE Bruce the sheep ..he's their mobile lolly/snack dispenser ..... They also got the message in one lesson , that when cars start , and make that VROOOM noise ...it's time to retreat away from where the cars are parked . They will never get run over now one of their favourite play surfaces is on top of some fencing panels .laying flat .. steel panels covered in fine chicken wire! ... they have their toys on there ..and just love it weird, I say ....
  2. 52/2018

    yes! I can see a smidge of white on that there bunny
  3. Out of left field .... unless she is digging under fences ... I wonder if she may be sore ..and is instinctively seeking cooler and soft spots in which to lie ? has she an anxiety ..spurred by an absolute whirl of activity with walks & runs .............then .........................................................? her system needs the motion/noise ... is she teething ..? What does she have to actually GNAW ? You said there are days she eats nothing ..what do her teeth and gums look like ? have you tried making her iceblocks? take a large icecream container . place inside a few bits of apple ... a few bits of tasty processed meat ..hot dog etc ..just 4 or 5 . a few bits of her kibble , and maybe a few chicken hearts . fill the container 3/4 full with fresh water . Freeze at LEAST 12 hrs ..preferably 24 ... and then let her have it The cool may feel nice on her gums & teeth ?
  4. Perses' Pups

    I am so proud of these 2 ..bums on ground waiting for gate to open .....
  5. Would you feed your dog pet mince?

    I buy pet mince from my butcher as it contains minced chicken frames ,hearts, livers ..much more of what a pup needs than meat minced for human use ..if intended as a meal ... I also feed a puppy kibble , and large meaty bones .
  6. Coping as an only dog

    ..and that is a VERY big change poor lad. Even tho he & Hugo weren't best mates ..it was another dog ..smell, sound .... That, plus the stress his humans all have at present, and it's no wonder he is upset. The DAP collars are definitely worth a shot ...and something like this, perhaps ?
  7. have you checked the dosage of D mannose for a baby PUP her size ? remember..dogs aren't human . Cranberry is good usually /I have used cranberry in humans dogs & cats ..but not the D mannose sugar alone . The only baby wipes which should be used are water ones ..and very gently .....really there should not be a need to . i second the idea for a second opinion . it seems extreme for multiple courses of A/B's ..and a cone , etc etc all for a tiny pup yet ....
  8. My dog has a mammary tumour

    Oh ! Glad she is now all free of nasties & ready to heal & enjoy life again you both will enjoy a more settled time !
  9. OK ... I have found out a bit more about your pup , & will post it here so folks have some background from here and from HERE
  10. That is an enormous amount of exercise ..even for a fully mature dog . It's great that you provide Kongs etc Apart from possibly doing damage to her developing joints ...what all this may be doing is just making her need more & more stimulation , so she is seeking it at home ...by digging . That is just a guess. What breed is she ? what else does she do with you ? What does she eat ? Does she dig anywhere in particular ?
  11. A Christmas Dogtivity

    Very nice Thank you!!.
  12. Perses' Pups

    Don't say that :P I am endeavouring to be a detached 'auntie' ... it ain't working !!!
  13. Perses' Pups

    oh, Clive ....You have your Aunt Molly's eyes ....and then you do things like this ! C'mon ..you are the Boss's working dog!! I've told you that ....
  14. 52/2018

    Lady luck was with me Thankyou.
  15. 52/2018

    ahhhh.. if I never get another euro portrait..these two will suffice both 'quickies' taken of the same boy last night ....he is just gorgeous , and I am so grateful ....