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  1. Meet the Winton dogs that stole their scene

    Sounds like it would have been fun
  2. The Claytons 52/2019

    No grass in which to roll, but Pudden rolls anyway ...:)
  3. The Claytons 52/2019

    Aww... damn cats! he has a gorgeous face..stinky, fighty tom that he may be
  4. Help needed training

    hi Sorry to hear there are problems .... When you say "rescue" , from where did you get her ? privately, or a pound, or a shelter ? How long has she been with you now ? What is your daily routine ..yours with your dog's ? What does she do when people come to the house ? Which picture does she most look like then ? CLICK ON THE PICTURE to see a larger version . Which picture describes her best when she won't come to you ? What ARE her very favourite things ? Toys? Cuddles? Racing around? Being massaged? Being left alone ? Chewing a big bone ? Sounds as if you are both a tad stressed
  5. Goodbye Zephy Man

    Such a huge loss. Zeph's grin and presence online will be missed . take care of you & yours .Run free, Gorgeous boy ..grin big.
  6. @mita hello and what terrific outcomes !!
  7. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    he,he,he.... they are fascinating , as they 'discover' parts of their bodies ...practise their grabbing and tearing skills ...and yesterday's wing flapping was pretty good!! I tune in every so often .
  8. Urinary tract infection

    Not really ... it was only for a few days in my goat ... I rubbed it on the skin ..and gave her 40 or so ml per mouth a couple times a day . Tried to squirt some up into the teat ...but...no go ..this goat had never been milked or anything! She was so swollen she could hardly move one leg ..and was very sore ..losing interest in some foods .......yet after a few days she was SO much better .
  9. Separating dogs

    You say you love them equally ... You have had one for ELEVEN YEARS ... how can you now inflict this roughnut of a dog on the elderly one ...the one who's been with you for half a lifetime ...who's been pleased to see you every single time you walked through the door ....who you've cuddled And now ...now you have said .... I love this ratbag just as much as I love you .... so this new dog gets to create havoc . It really isn't fair on the second dog, either as he will not be getting the exposure/lessons needed to calm and educate him .
  10. Poor little dog ..... i wonder ..did she remember them at all ? it's a lifetime !
  11. Urinary tract infection

    no ..it is just used as is ..do not dilute , as the solution is ultra fine particles of silver in water .... at certain concentrations , which is why some are 'better' than others .. look for how many ppm ...parts per million , the solution contains . also ..this may help answer questions. having seen it work ..I will recommend it When something will work on a stinky cat abscess.. it's OK in my book! The absolute beauty of it IS that there's no sting or smell /anything..and if cat/dog licks it off..there's no problems ( a LOT needs to be ingested to cause problems)
  12. Urinary tract infection

    Health food shops do a bit of research first ...there are some which are better value than others..and some which are more 'potent' ....
  13. Urinary tract infection

    I use it for cat abscesses, mouthwashes, wound cleaning,fungal infections, skin infections, gum /throat infections in humans and animals .Have used it for mastitis in a goat,burns on humans..... Silver, like a lot of things, can cause problems if taken internally to excess. Some people drink litres of it !!
  14. Urinary tract infection

    Cranberry gets a vote from me as well if you can ..buy a large bottle of colloidal silver ..and use that to rinse the area it is anti-microbial ..no sting/no toxicity .. can be done several times a day ..just a wipe Much kinder than malaseb , IMO . I use Colloidal silver for all sorts of things here !Animal and human .
  15. Obsessive barking

    probably not . understanding the "whys" and consistent training WILL there are millions of entire dogs around who do not behave in this way