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  1. Perses' Pups

    Dear Pudden , I was so pleased with you today . You have not spent much time at all with strangers ..probably 8-10 encounters in all. I took a gamble today ;) Some visitors came - one of who lost his old dog just before Christmas, and who is grieving badly. Puddy, you gave him TWO HOURS of pats & cuddles - not sure which one of you enjoyed it more LOL. I know you enjoyed the chicken sandwich crusts, which you took very politely ... "That'll Do, Pig/Pud"
  2. Advice needed re dog's stools

    dear amazing dog human - If he were mine, he'd be on a probiotic , and would be introduced to the BARF again over the next few days - obviously stopping if there was a major disruption. Lactose-free yoghurt would also be good in small quantities to help that macerated gut lining fully heal Faeces will be soft ..but should firm up slowly with the addition of the barf in slowly larger quantities
  3. Greyhounds

    Loving the vids and photos he looks to be enjoying life ,and has just settled in ...
  4. Similar to Rebanne- as few chemicals in bodies as possible, and would never use a combination like that - esp. for breeding animals.
  5. Pup with different sized ears

    It sounds a tad odd Do you have a photo which shows this ? What did the vet say at Vaccination time ?
  6. Greyhounds

    Great update, @Taliecat, I did giggle at the shoe-throwing ..and how nice to have made a friend! but you forgot photos! Must've just slipped your mind...easy enough :P
  7. Mooch City is in Mourning

    I always loved reading about Bunter, as I am old enough to remember Billy Bunter ..and it gave me a smile Seeing the pic of your Bunter with a mouthful ..well, that made me smile again Such a lovely photo.You must have a Sh!t-load of memories in photos !! Bunter was so handsome with his gorgeous coat!
  8. Teen bitten while hugging dog

    The dog thought so as well
  9. Perses' Pups

    This one . For whatever reason ....
  10. Mooch City is in Mourning

    I am so very sorry Bunter had the best of lives with you - and was adored- what more can a little dog ask for ? take care of yourself ...
  11. Teen bitten while hugging dog

    When this first popped up, I really thought the poor dog would pay. I am very glad it won't! Silly young thing ..all for a photo opportunity. the signs were certainly there - from her angle and attitude not easy to observe , I guess She has learned a valuable lesson - and hopefuuly so will others.
  12. Perses' Pups

    The Boss hasn't taken him
  13. Perses' Pups

    he hasn't been given a proper chance yet .....
  14. Perses' Pups

    He might be .... BUT he's needed for work ..I do keep telling him ;)
  15. Perses' Pups

    Poor Clive he won't get on the motor bike ... he has a new name ..."Precious" named by the Boss. Oh well ... he's good company for me , and so far hasn't marked inside , unlike certain black and white dogs I won't mention .... One day he will be ready to work , I'm sure. meanwhile Dags has been out several days in succession, and has also worked a few sheep As is usual-The Boss's working dogs are mostly ones I do not "LOVE" (Except for BO..the mother of the boys, and the ferals) ..and the ones which gravitate to me ..he cannot stand. *sigh* Dags does make me laugh tho LOL He really is a "Dag" & does some funny things Clive can be funny too.. last night, after The Boss fed a yard full of Feral Goats & came inside he had one straw stalk on his pants leg. It fell off, & precious Pup picked it up & brought it to me . I threw it ..& he brought it back as he does with most things ... so for 5 minutes we played fetch with a bent and split stalk of straw! LOL he's different , alright :P