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  1. Muzzles need to be the right size/shape for the dog breed, and the dog also needs TRAINING so they can be worn correctly. They are not something you just throw on and leave on .
  2. I never give my problems away to someone else ! A behaviourist, as suggested. Vet check up as also suggested . Are they normally friendly ? Was it just one slash/bite? Were you present? Was it noisy? Was there any food or toys involved?
  3. Arghhh I can understand a bit of how you are feeling . many years ago , we 'rescued ' a wolfhound cross - friendly girl, obedient, - but a hunter . That was fine - we live in the bush - plenty of rabbits , and the odd pig. fast forward to the awful day she killed one of our bitches who was in whelp She was happy to see her humans come home ...but . For everyone's peace of mind, she was euthanased. It is just not worth the heartache /the 'what ifs/the constant preventative measures... Your Poor Sam his personality will change from being attacked. YOU will change from having to try & manage Rebel's behaviour. REBEL is NOT a happy and comfortable dog . You love him? He is lucky. he gets to be respected and sent on "the long sleep" by people who DO love him and want there to be no more mistakes- no more pain. In my mind there is only this one plan of action- sorry.
  4. That would have been terrible to witness- and yes, it was just a matter of 'when'. not if. I'm glad you're reporting it.
  5. OOps....Glad we don't haveneighbours- LOL I stick my head out the door and yell at my dogs to 'Bite your bum' if they bark at The Boss's vehicle or something else they know perfectly well! That is a very technical command, that - and it usually works ;)
  6. Certainly NOT a lightweight That is one very cute photo!!!
  7. So very sorry SM .... do take care of yourself Run free and noisily, Lacey - with Sasha again .
  8. What a great photo ! He will certainly inject more energy into the household
  9. Aww- She is looking fantastic now that energy and smarts can now be expended with her own toys - and learning manners Shehas a sweet face- like she will be an eternal puppy!
  10. Kirislin said : I’m going to call him Soda. As in Creamy Soda, or in his case, sometimes, Screaming Soda. So, the little bundle of gorgeousnesess has his name
  11. That's terrific news! I hope you and the new addition will have many happy years together!!
  12. It's funny - I've always wanted females - and ended up with boys , who have been marvellous ...much more even-tempered. snd 'cuddlier' . At present I have 3 entire boys- not lap dogs ,they are too big! but very rarely notice any discharge from them either.
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