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  1. "pet/backyard breeders" can register as breeders with their local council - whether they are breeding mixed breeds or whatever - so yes, they may be 'registered' , but NOT registered with any Kennel Control Council - therefore any pedigree they may posses cannot be authenticated/recognised. Ask them are they registered with their State's control organisation. have a look here for the relevant bodies .
  2. yes Nice to see ! Off topic- she has the most amazing plush coat ..with no longer hairs - just a short thick winter coat , unbelievably soft , and lovely to stroke
  3. It is a common practice . Some of the less reputable breeders don't - but any breeder SHOULD . If no one did, many breeds would become sickly and probably die out because of illness/deformities. many, many people buy pedigreed puppies from country/interstate breeders without ever seeing a parent . The pedigree/health test results and breeder's reputation should all be above reproach , allowing for a confident buying agreement . Research/striking a relationship with the breeder is important. Find out as much as you can ! if the breed is a herding breed, for example - Do
  4. had to put this one in - here's the one causing all the trouble . I am standing doing dishes, and here she is ....gotta be touching my feet , somehow . Just before this shot she had her head on my foot! She's a strange wee beastie
  5. I send update messages to her foster-carers , and had to smile last night . I mentioned how she & Clive were almost eating together , and they mentioned their shock at how much the "Flying Ninja Cat" had mellowed! Anyway- she certainly has mellowed- instead of spitting fire & brimstone at Don this morning, she just gently sniffed his paw
  6. if he is on a farm there could be a number of reasons for a quarantine - either a plant or farm animal disease/parasite . Nothing to do with covid, but vitally important to the security and income of a farmer! All sorts of nasties can be carried on car tyres/shoes etc . You visiting before pups are on the ground is not usual practice - and is NO way to check if parents are carrying some genetic disease which may be passed on to a puppy, anyhow. the only thing you can do is research the breed, and ask politely if tests" A,B,C" have been done to check for diseases ..and also ask to s
  7. they are two of the most fortunate Rotties -having such a dedicated owner and a magic spot to live
  8. the next exciting installment : For those playing at home - yes, Clive now sleeps inside- alongside my bed . Bobbin sleeps in her room next to mine , separated by a wire grille and a door which needs to be shut carefully. I was just getting the legs out of bed this morning when I heard that door open ! there glided in Miss B ..right up to Clive, before I could react, and stopped about a centimetre from boppin him on the nose with her head ! I'm pretty sure that was her intent - that's what it looked like ! he started shaking- I unfroze , patted her and told her how wonderful she was - an
  9. If it's any consolation, the owner's in tears as well - she is devastated.I know, it doesn't help ....
  10. This afternoon I sat with Clive & Bobbin less than 1m apart - both eating roast chicken Miss Bobbin did attack Clive earlier and got a telling off from me , so I think they both came back from it very well!!
  11. When she's out in her enclosure she will fizz and spit at the other dogs, but not Clive - so she must be used to him /his smell at least
  12. Thanks, folks ! I will pass all this on. ! the reason this pup was chosen is that at around 8 weeks old she was bomb proof - like a ragdoll cat - would happily go to/with anyone - would sleep in strangers' arms - was happy to be picked up , would just "drape" ...this then continued for a couple of months , too ! She was just one absolute sweetheart - carrying things, fine with kids..perfect .She was fine when first taken into the shop- thought she was in heaven ...this shop/cafe isn't terribly busy - some days there may be 3 people , some days 30 .Open from 10 -4 There is a puppy pen with ken
  13. A friend has a small fluffy puppy @almost 6 mths old . Pup was born at the friend's home and was the most chilled , gorgeous little thing . Friend then took puppy into her work (cafe/gift shop) to be the 'manager'- to greet customers outside and be cuddled . Pup loved it . Then things changed Pup started to dash under the ramp by the front door when people came ..or hide elsewhere. she was reluctant to be caught- but once in someone's lap was the dear sweet and relaxed 'ragdoll' we all know & love. Things have now worsened to her jumping/running at home if shoes get kicked off/a
  14. I once used malaseb regularly on an itchy dog, and never noticed him scratch after baths ..the malaseb was a big help , and left his coat lovely and shiny .
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