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  1. Labrador pup prices

    With a pup from a reputable breeder, amongst other things, you are usually paying for research, for testing of the puppy's predecessors, for the fact that you KNOW the parentage/bloodline of your new puppy , and for the experience of the breeders in raising their puppies..in improving the breed, in testing and breeding to minimise/cut out genetic health conditions . and providing support to new puppy owners like yourself. Are the puppies from show stock,. or are they from a working line, doing retrieving, or similar ? Have you been able to google older siblings or other relatives, from that kennel, and see how they've done at shows etc ? Doing research like that is always fun
  2. That is a great update on his progress
  3. Perses' Pups

    Very confident puppy prepares to pounce on the head of the BLACK DOG ! IS DON.IS DOTING UNCLE.
  4. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    T, here's hoping Harper still has heaps of zoomies in store!
  5. Bowel obstruction

    With him busting out of his skin, it's the ideal time time for heaps of mental work.....that will tire him, interest and occupy him, without having to exercise him lots. Google trick training......
  6. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    Look at him, NOT acting his age ....just wonderful.
  7. Bowel obstruction

    This little boy has already provided a lifetime of experiences !!
  8. Bowel obstruction

    Clive enjoys a bit of scrambled egg off a spoon...and yoghurt
  9. Bowel obstruction

    Yes you can teaspoonsful of his food! or pureed mashedcooked pumpkin/apple Dogs eat fine off a teaspoon if you sort of help them :D
  10. Bowel obstruction

    wHEN MY DOG NEEDED A MUZZLE , I MEASURED HIM CAREFULLY THEN BOUGHT A soft PLASTIC "BASKET" MUZZLE . it had plenty of room/depth for him to open his jaw wide and pant properly ..he could drink fine, and I could poke treats in the side holes ;) he was not outside unsupervised with it on , ever, but going outside, it was just a part of the process..muzzle on ..outside. Muzzle on/go for walk ... I had it on him straight after surgery so he didn't chew his stitches , so he was comfortable with it when it was really needed
  11. Bowel obstruction

    Cruel? For dogs running thru areas of nasty grass seeds , or an area where there are millions of flies/mozzies not, not at all cruel . For thinking of leaving on a dog while it is in a backyard , not ideal . I dare say it can get hooked on things and tear ..... In days gone by , I wish I had known of these..getting grass seeds out of ears was expensive!! ( and no, we had no seed- free spots here, sadly . )
  12. Bowel obstruction

    Yes! Now is the perfect time
  13. Perses' Pups

    be interesting to see the finished product
  14. Perses' Pups

    I like this shot ...young Ocka has that "far-away" gaze of an Old Master's painted cupid LOL (just needs the little wings)
  15. Perses' Pups

    Welllllll HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!