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  1. Ohhh..I am glad you put in a photo . It IS a cute shot!
  2. ..and you have already worked wonders! he certainly looks settled in! LOL The "Portrait of small Dog on Coffee Table" is just delightful Well Done yet again !
  3. On- leash walking is a very important skill. For owners and pups. The leash is an important training aid ..along with voice, praise, treats, toys, etc. walking on leash is essential if your dog is to lead a life away from the same parks/home routine A dog on leash can go to lunch with you, can walk around the neighbourhood and get to know the area in case they ever get out - they can walk safely along many beaches , in National parks etc where off-lead dogs are not allowed... In the end the leash is just "there' the communication you have with your dog is what keeps it in position/tells it to go slower/to stop/whatever ..the leash is a safety net for a trained dog
  4. Awww- I didn't think those two girls were going to move very far ;) How wonderful! they look so happy :D Shala looks extremely pleased about it all, too.
  5. Fences stop roaming. My bush-living dog is never outside without me , and , like others, I scout the area for roos/euros etc before we go out . I wouldn't trust one of those 'invisible fences' to stop a dog with prey drive ...I think the *zing* would be barely noticed with the adrenaline flowing!
  6. there's a theme happening here...
  7. @Katdogs So very sorry Jodie has crossed the bridge @tdierikx- so sorry you lost a friend
  8. has anyone considered that perhaps he has a career as a worker? All that barking may be of use somewhere....
  9. Aww..she had a wonderful last time with you - she got her spark back, and knew happiness again . Run with tail wagging, dear Katie - over that bridge, with some happy stories to tell... thanks to some wonderful people .
  10. I just came acrosss THIS PERSON's work! Absolutely beautiful
  11. Awww, @WoofnHoof What a beautiful boy he was- and what a life you gave him!(after he moulded you to his specifications) . Take care -
  12. Oh - Welcome to D O L > that is so sad - I hope the next vet appointment can be a useful one and not just fob you off with no explanation. Poor Tobi must be feeling pretty average
  13. ...and much enjoyment was had! Your oldie is certainly still full of the joys of life ! How wonderful to see
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