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  1. Tricky. No one can just 'take' a dog, even with the very best of intentions Reporting to the RSPCA is really the only thing you can do
  2. Longest pregnancy

    So sorry to read your news ....
  3. Oh, Stitch.... I feel it ! With a large breed it can be physically dangerous for you as well . Glad he enjoyed 'thinking inside the box " ;) Hopefully some more brain games will help give him a focus elsewhere....
  4. Fertility issue on a young dog

    All I can say is Poor little dog
  5. I suggest - Find out exactly what is happening, SAVE UP . and fix it so the next 10 years can be enjoyed without extra risk of limping/'sprains etc , or know what management you need to start to avoid him injuring it . perhaps, with a weak ankle, fast & furious games are a no-go .... either way I would think it a good starting point instead of almost $200 on a brace which may not work /may exacerbate the injury if not fitted correctly, or not suited to the type of injury , then perhaps more vet fees another time .... meanwhile you have a dog who limps on that foot . and I'm not sure why you put PAIN in inverted commas ;) it is real - it hurts, and your boy can feel it , sure enough . Rest him as much as possible , and I hope he feels much better soon !
  6. The Moo

    What a wonderful lot of memories for a fantastic dog!
  7. maybe this will help ? CLICK
  8. New Puppy - Transport - Fly or Drive?

    Awww Thank you for the update! Hope all is going well.
  9. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    W&H..he's enjoying that walk Picking up the odd wind-borne sniff of goodness....
  10. Neuter or Not

    Tooth chattering(often accompanied by frothing at the mouth) in male dogs- especially if there is bitch-in-season scent is quite common. FLEHMEN response is very different, and is where the top lip is turned upwards/inside out to expose little ducts in the roof of their mouth to the air/scent Teeth don't chatter during this time ..in fact the animal usually holds fairly still . Humping can be done out of pure excitement /aggression /territorial display etc .... sniffing is what dogs DO ..it is how THEY 'see' their world . We check our phone screens, stop to admire a car, or a tree, or clothes in a window..a dog sniffs. If there are certain hormones in the urine/faeces that they sniff..their body reacts. Castration can lower the sex drive, which may stop the teeth chattering . Leg lifting/marking is partly learned, so that may lessen a little ..it will never disappear.
  11. Sighthounds

    I am in love with those eyes.... never seen anything like them You two are going to witness some amazing action when these two get into the real running games !
  12. More Sodapop spam

    Mister roly-poly!! LOL . he is just lovely
  13. Sodapop the spunk rat

    So sleek ....
  14. What should I do?

    Thank you for the update, and it's good to hear that things are going OK for you. I am looking forward to the time when a new puppy joins your family , and you can share the happy news with us