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  1. K9 Angel - hello 6 years - wow .... It probably seems both like yesterday , and a lifetime ago for you .. Hope all is well with your family ..and that you are still enjoying making lovely things .
  2. Puppies are wonderful - also a LOT of work . These links might help you : I have not used these ... but find that input from many sources can help with making your own plan > Just remember - your pup is very much a BABY ..and will still be locked in to the habits of where she grew up . Much thought, time and patience will be need for the next 12 mths (and beyond ;) ) LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK
  3. Congratulations on the Full House!!! ;) Looking forward to photos at some stage
  4. Yep, sadly it is done to prevent unauthorised breeding
  5. maybe phone your vet if you are worried ?.. I don't know what's in Coca Cola ...or how it affects dogs ...
  6. Spent some time with this old guy & his dog yesterday (click on image to view larger )
  7. Cute little A.I punkin, and such a pretty pink sky, scottsmum!..once again , where you live has great views!!
  8. @SmokeyR67
  9. Aww.. half mast ears We have lots with our dogs . They just add character . As Mingaling said ( and she is a very experienced groomer/dog person ) It is NOT something to just "do" for a beginner ..or to a pup this age . The ears might still shift shape - .
  10. You're right tho ..Winter would have been very difficult for everyone . he was blessed
  11. an arm and a leg. It may seem disabling, BUT. FROM AN ETHICAL BREEDER, pup's family would have been tested for genetic faults , been vaccd, been handled a lot, come with info on feeding and care, and be supported by the breeder . All this stuff costs breeders half a leg and an arm. A rescue is another idea ? That way desexing and vacc are done
  12. Welcome . he looks lovely I will also suggest you start with the breeder . Skin irritations - such a frustrating set of symptoms ... a LOT of detective work needs to be done to find out the WHY . Different causes can be food/plants/ immune system problems /parasites ... The ligament etc problems - what exactly are they ? We can't help if we don't know the problem/s
  13. I hope you have contacted the pup's breeder and let them know of these problems. the best answers to your questions about insurance would be found by contacting them Just look online, or phone ..don't give them details ..just ask a general question ..and then you'll have the info. What results did the pup's mother & father have in their hip/elbow tests ?
  14. With a mixed breed pup ... you cannot compare it to any of the purebred breeds used in its making . Once someone mixes up all that genetic material - anything can happen !
  15. also..this might help