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  1. Ideas to extend part of fence height in rental

    A tall visual barrier is excellent Well Done !
  2. Getting better need some info

    short on lead walks ..5 minutes are less damaging than the bouncing around /jumping on furniture, etc . ;) You can hide treats out in the yard for him to find > buy him a ginormous whole raw beef leg bone and let him at it do several short obedience sessions with him each day . put his kibble in a treatball or juice bottle and let him get his food slowly .
  3. Pain relief

    well..may I suggest reading the pinned posts in the PUPPY CHAT pages ..starting a thread for your puppy ..and doing what must be done - showing us photos ! :P (please?) we all need to see cute puppy pics regularly
  4. Puppy Becomes Hyper Active After Having Food

    A puppy has several meals a day .. 30 minutes a time running around each time with a flirt pole after meals = a puppy who ends up trained to be a tad manic... where food is concerned ;) I was always taught that eating leads to quiet time . So .. CALM feeding time - preferably with dog not seeing food being prepared ... eating ..time outside to toilet ..then left alone , or, if trained for it ..in pen/crate/on leash for a little nap Think about baby puppies ... they are really active seeking a nipple ..they crawl/roll/ climb ..latch on, feed hungrily , then slowly stop ..their mum toilets them ..and they curl up & sleep . It's a dog's natural way of living...well , any predator really ... your girl may need to unlearn this habit now that you understand what she should be doing
  5. Tully is very concerned ... look here
  6. That's a positive update, Rebanne ..I am so glad Opal's responding, and is mentally 'back'
  7. Pain relief

    Hopefully your pup is feeling fine this morning Normally there is little pain in youngsters that a good meaty bone or a treatball full of goodies won't help the day after ... on the day , they mostly have something given at time of surgery Don't worry too much ..he'll be bouncy again before you can think!!
  8. Debarking

    agree wholeheartedly .
  9. Obsessive behaviour help

    and being an entire bully - if he is keen , it will need to be a decent barrier .
  10. Obsessive behaviour help

    The dogs need to be kept seperate at all times ...safety and peace of mind are paramount. It is unfair on both dogs to have stress continually . Perhaps speak with owners if you are desperate ..he may need a mild tranquiliser if you can not remove the smaller dog . BUT obviously the owners need to know .
  11. Perses' Pups

    That sense of satisfaction & pride after bathing Pudden ....That merle & white colouring ....That contrast...That puddenheaded dog !!
  12. Flea Treatments Necessary?

    Hi - if there is a heartworm risk in your area, then definitely use a preventative . Heartworm, unlike fleas, can be a killer . For fleas, treat your dog if you see a flea ;) Why add extra chemicals if they are not needed? I dislike filling my dogs with insecticide type things in case fleas jump on them . Living where we do we DO get the rabbit/stickfast fleas, and in the warmer months, dogs are regularly treated to baths or spot-on applications to avoid these devils . In Winter, it is usually not needed, thankfully.
  13. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    lovely reminisces they are, too...
  14. Dogs in paintings - Mitchell Library

    *raises hand* yes indeed. That's an interesting painting
  15. Well, who's the lucky person then ? What a handsome face ! Not much help with the food side of things ..just grow em slow ...and have fun