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  1. Thank you for coming back with an update Youare certainly working at changing things! I think we need a photo of the 'good' henry ;)
  2. So Sorry, and although it was scary for you, for Missy it was just you and her ...and she was surrounded by your scent and presence and love , and it was good .It was her time, and the place was with you.
  3. Same here. It's not for everyone.
  4. Hmm...at the vets I worked for it happened a bit - and on a few occasions we sent the owners out. The dogs were becoming so anxious and upset because the owners were beside themselves, that the process was turning into a bad memory for the owner, and a difficult procedure for us. Once the owner was gone, and with a staff member cuddling the dog, everything was relaxed and easy - no struggling or anxiety anymore ..nothing to feed off, so they just settled. I have also stood in for friends who couldn't bear it ..and the dogs were fine with me there- just another vet visit .... ho hum ....
  5. an important job, too! . My condolences to you too, Mark.... I'm glad Sasha and Kira will now be together playing forever .
  6. Take her for nice, interesting walks on lead instead..along a river/down at a beach/on a walking trail She will get enough running around playing with toys at home .
  7. How unsettling for everyone It may be time for her to have some appropriate medication to calm down her nervous system a bit . I don't have any names I can throw at you , but a VETERINARY BEHAVIOURIST would be your best choice of person to seek out - as they would have experience of this sort of thing, and the veterinary knowledge of drugs to help. Hopefully someone here can help with a recommendation Otherwise, can you put a kids' bed at the foot of yours , or similar?
  8. I Doubt this very much Puppies bond with humans , and learn from them . Imagine if people had "try before you buy" programs , and then returned puppies - who would be stressed and missing their humans...plus having learned a household's habits, only to have their whole world changed again ? No, This would be most unfair. This is why it is well worth spending weeks/months - maybe longer spending as much time as you can with dogs of your chosen breed/s so you KNOW what to expect. You can NOT get the experience from books. It's like having a baby . Books are fine - but a real- life crying ba
  9. Ohhh, such sad, sad news..another DOL stalwart trotted over the bridge . Even though you have known this was coming, it is still such a big loss for you - such a shock for her not to BE there She was a gorgeous girl, and has been much loved. R I P Sasha girl ..may there be soft sand in the shade where you can dig the biggest holes!
  10. THE most pressing question - WHAT function will the the dog have ? guard? Jogging partner? Hobby/obedience/dog sports? Cycling partner? curl up on the couch and watch netflix buddy? bedwarmer? greeter of guests/ambassador of its breed and your training? travel partner/work companion? When you have THIS clear - then look at your chosen breed and see how they will fit the role . Will they be happy with a 20 min walk every day or two, or because they are more a working breed, will YIOU be happy going out twice a day ? Are they going to (once they've matured) be solid and
  11. back to the VET . - your pup needs professional help . Diarrhoea can be very taxing on pups.
  12. he is a BABY - he NEEDS attention, and lots of it
  13. He needs a toileting space AWAY from food/water . Dogs don't normally poo/pee where they eat . Somewhere warm to sleep. Toys to chew and cuddle and UNTIPPABLE water bowl and I would leave a large raw meaty bone with him - but that's just me . You could also leave a bowl full of dry puppy food , as he'll get hungry .
  14. @suchit you can find relevant information on a lot of breeds here : CLICK HERE
  15. I would suggest you visit local dog parks, local dog obedience clubs, or local dog shows see REAL DOGS , and talk to owners . THEN find a book or a club on the dog/s which you think you may want to live with for 12 years As a first time dog owner you would be better prepared by doing this than by just reading books. I believe you really need to see the dog, the size/activity level/how it behaves/what the coat is like ....THEN do your homework Maybe even do some voluntary work at a shelter- learning to handle dogs - learning a bit about how dogs behave , so you are better prepare
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