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  1. Goodbye Dozer

    ..and I believe you did, and will They don't disappear that easily big cyber-hugs for you .... and tears .
  2. Goodbye Dozer

    Oh, taliecat - I am so very sorry your wonderful boy had to go What an ambassador for the bully breeds. he obviously picked his humans perfectly and had a life full of love & care. Be kind to yourselves now, cancer doesn't care who it touches .. no one's fault!
  3. Perses' Pups

    Decided to do a bit of Christmas with this pic of Min today
  4. Perses' Pups

    bout 6&a half ? something like that .
  5. Perses' Pups

    managed to catch Don with Min this afternoon .. in a cool spot poor old Don ..Mr Greybeard!! Min is such a gentle soul ..so like her Mum , Bo . Mini-me in more then looks Her & sibling BB found a dead bunny yesterday . BB looked at me over her share ..said "MINE" ..& disappeared . ( we will have a talk about this ) Min came up to me , mouth full of dripping deliciousness , sat at my knee when I asked "Watch'a got, Min?" poked her nose toward me, let me look in her mouth ..& was quite happy to share , unlike the devil-child ( who I also love) LOL ...sigh...
  6. I had to come back for another look ... so soft .....
  7. Awwww..Otto looks amazingly cute I'm glad the first days went so well for you!! Love those ears Thanks for the update !
  8. Drink Bowl

    Ok... so I presume this is during the times he is home alone ? What else does he have to occupy him during the day ? exactly what activities and toys ?
  9. Puppy Blues? Is that crazy?

    ... ;) and many years , and gorgeous dogs, later we all KNOW you are , but love you anyhow :P
  10. Drink Bowl

    or, get him a paddle-pool :D let him play!!
  11. Drink Bowl

    Give him several watering points ( suitable sized buckets ,( water level /throat -chest high) securely fastened) these are dogs ... they don't care if they drink from a bucket ... or a puddle ;)
  12. Puppy Blues? Is that crazy?

    yes! I know a couple who got their first pup ...and after 6 weeks pup had to be rehomed ....they nearly had a relationship split because of the stress "PpD" was cited then as well - they just couldn't cope very sad.
  13. ouch how disappointing and upsetting. Until something brilliant comes to my brain, or someone pops in with suggestions ..have a look here. This explains things very well and is written by someone whose team is one of the best in the country should you need assistance ~ My only suggestion would be to sit at, or just inside the gate for a few days ..playing, feed her there , until she is settled . Then move outside the gate a foot or so ...meanwhile..take her and the other dog/s for car drives so she can see/smell different things (windows down a bit ) ..just around areas you normally walk
  14. Puppy Blues? Is that crazy?

    Welcome, Mrs. O ..and Tama! So..a new baby! No wonder you are feeling a tad wrung out ;) It is hard work..consistently so ..and as a new pup owner , doubly so . Feel free to offload here- we've read it ALL /heard it all done most of it ourselves LOL
  15. Seeking Husky Trainer

    I would suggest you contact THESE folks That sounds like a fair bit of work .