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  1. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    Hard to tell just from that Infection is more likely to produce pain, swelling, redness, smell,yucky discharge...dog not feeling 100%. More saliva can be produced if there's a delicious scent around, or if dog is a bit warmer than usual....
  2. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    I wouldn't worry...that's pretty normal
  3. What are they scratching at?

    Instinct rules!!
  4. What are they rolling in?

    Because the birds living along the river where we are often leave carcasses lying around, or fishermen throw away the carp which are not allowed to be returned to the water
  5. What are they rolling in?

    Pudden rolls in all sorts...dead fish are a favourite.
  6. Foster Dogs

    How satisfying for you, and how life changing for all your pups.
  7. Rescue dog honored at retirement

    Awww...what a good girl
  8. What are they rolling in?

    Oh Lordy ... the exquisite delight taken rolling in human waste , then? !!!!!!
  9. What type of dog should I get?

    Just thinking.... as Dad isn't yet convinced, as your cats, and children haven't had to live with a dog ..what about applying to be foster parents to rescue/shelter dogs - short term, perhaps? That way you have the support of the shelter, are doing a fantastic service, helping a dog, and deciding if a dog will fit in your household It's a big decision ...what can I offer a pup/dog , and which pup/dog best suits what I DO have to offer ? we have a list of breeds with their particulars /notes on their needs, and suitability for families, first time owners etc , if you click HERE
  10. What type of dog should I get?

    THIS is very important . everyone needs to be on the same page , or it's not only a puppy who suffers . have a read of the following link, too LINK Dogs will dig/bark etc if they are untrained/bored. There isn't a 'breed' as such . Pups are similar to human youngsters in their needs! warmth/food/human company ...as much learning as can be fitted into a day , security, love, and discipline.
  11. Annual blood works

    Don't forget animals bring owners . owners who are absolutely distraught . owners who are about to be told their animal has x number of weeks to live owners who need a stern lecture on animal care owners who are often guilty of 'spoiling' their animal and helping it to an unhealthy state . Then there are the owners who are elderly , and alone, and who bring their only companion to 'the doctor' , who can not cure it . They leave with an empty cage/leash ..and go back to an empty little flat ...this is after it's been ascertained they are OK to leave on their own . The emergencies after incidents involving cars or other things ...trying to piece animals back together The emergency caesarians ..having puppies and/or mothers not make it . great job.
  12. Karelian bear dogs

    Aren't they stunning! Powerful and handsome here's hoping they do not get into the wrong hands ..crossbred and in trouble .....
  13. My Polly

    Hey, Pollywaffle - Poor old Polly ... old age catches up , doesn't it ? Sorry she has those problems, but glad to hear that she is still asserting herself with those troublesome passersby! mackiemad gave good advice - best of luck with it all - she is one lucky old girl
  14. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Terrific news :D