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  1. What to do when a puppy has an inverted vulva.

    ..and well done on being a thoughtful and responsible breeder
  2. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    He was perfectly happy .... he just always looked extremely relaxed ....for all of his 15 or so years ...
  3. Wary like bumps

    Hi have you checked with the breeder? Also, weren't they there when the vet saw your pup just after you picked him/her up - on the initial "hey, I've just got a new puppy - pls check that he/she is healthy and that everything is where it should be " checkup ? Hopefully, they are just a passing thing.... We cannot diagnose for you - as we are not vets, and can't see your gorgeous baby - the vet is the best idea .
  4. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    We once got a kitten from a house where weed was regularly smoked - he was definitely "speshal" ..kinda slow in development and so laid back it was hilarious .
  5. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Little Secret ..... It doesn't seem long ago that she WAS 'that' secret
  6. Greyhounds

    Awww..what wonderful , uplifting posts .
  7. Playing hide and seek

    probably as it was very different behaviour to your normal interaction ? Maybe yr body language told her something different ?
  8. Thank you a Nice length to keep peoples' interest
  9. What a terrific idea I hope you get lots of interest! How long do the videos play for ?
  10. Cavs upset tummy

    Welcome Sorry your boy seems to have an upset tum. No food for 24 hrs .... & just see how he is . if he is still bright, drinking, barking, asking for walks, etc that's good...and perhaps this evening if there is no more diarrhoea or vomiting he can have a SMALL bit of lean chicken & some boiled rice. if he still has diarrhoea/vomits or is lethargic- then at least phone the vets to get professional advice
  11. LINK HERE excerpt : Jofi Some dogs take the phrase “therapy dog” to a whole new level, starting with Sigmund Freud’s Chow Chow Jofi. Freud, who had never been particularly fond of dogs, became a dog lover late in life. He acquired Jofi towards the end of his career and she became his constant companion, especially during office hours. Freud believed that Jofi could actually “read” his patients’ emotions. The dog sat close to patients who were calm and reacted to anxious or upset patients by moving across the room. Freud also believed that the dog had a calming effect on his patients, especially children, and that humans were more candid and relaxed in front of a non-judgmental presence like a dog. Jofi spent so much time in Freud’s office that she knew the length of the patient session, known as the “50-minute hour.” As the end of the session approached, Jofi would yawn and stretch, even heading towards the door herself. Towards the end of a career marked by two World Wars and the excruciating pain of jaw cancer, Freud is quoted as saying, “Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate in their object-relations.”
  12. Getting a pup to eat dry food

    As long as he's getting food for PUPPIES, not adults - pups have different nutrition needs- like human babies/adults He needs special ratios of calcium and other things in his food- and food made especially for PUPS will have everything he needs to BUILD A GOOD SOLID body . Well done in doing your research.
  13. hello, mysascha. I will recommend you start your own thread you are in someone else's thread here, and so your particular problem is not THE TOPIC - and may not grab folk's attention. ;) Go to the page top (L H side) & click on discussion forums. THEN go down, click on TRAINING/OBEDIENCE/DOG SPORTS , and then click on the green "start new topic" Easy
  14. Getting a pup to eat dry food

    Why does he HAVE to eat dry food? Millions of dogs grow and thrive on a raw diet if he will eat raw, then feed him a lovely balanced raw/fresh food diet - It's not too difficult , and once you start , it will be just like preparing a meal for another of the family . perhaps joing THIS GROUP on Facebook for some support ? The main things to remember when feeding fresh/raw is EDIBLE bone for calcium So - chicken frames , that sort of thing, a little bit of organ meat - liver/kidney , some muscle meat - "steak" heart , and a small amount of veg if you want . Eggs are a valuable add-in , also sardines/other fish , some yoghurt , apples as a toy/treat .. and off you go!
  15. The condition is called ECTROPION - usually hereditary , and can be fixed with surgery at a later date .