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  1. Bone biopsy?

  2. It is a normal doggy thing to do ..it is not 'acting up ' . Why not give HIM that part of the yard to dig in/play in/chew bones on /have his pool on ..and know he is entertained, relaxed and happy to keep occupied ? many dog owners would be thrilled if their dog would entertain themselves in a particular area :D Compromise ...pick your battles ... be pleased that he does this instead of , say 'fence running/barking at next door people/dogs' . Sorry ..probably not the advice you wanted :P
  3. Refund on Deposit Paid?

    I would think it depends on what your contract says ...

    Sounds terrific !! You've done a great job
  5. Didi :)

    Oh Gee... look at her now !! All settled and matured and just lovely .... as you seem to be, also I do love the 'pointy interloper' !! Thank you so much for the update ...I well remember those first months , it was difficult for you and the gangly one ;) *sighhhhhhh* just beautiful....
  6. Bone biopsy?

    Ohhh..worrying times for you & your gorgeous girl . You will do what's best . Thinking of you all ...hugs for you, and Thistle and Thyme
  7. Oh, T ... you are pragmatic & all that , but it's still horrible .. Spoil the girl rotten ...& may that final boyfriend visit be a smooth& planned choice ,& not an emergency
  8. 52/2018

    Attila is just wonderful ..that face The last pic of Bowie ..looks as if his head doesn't quite fit that sturdy body ! he's going to be a big boy !
  9. 52/2018

    Better than Sea Monkeys
  10. Border Collie collapse

    Very scary when your dog collapses hope the vet gave her a thorough check and that now you have a better idea of what may be happening .
  11. 52/2018

    Oh ...you think ? I see it another way . Each of the two have 4-5 attendees at all times . Every trip , every time they grab the wrong thing , or look like faltering ...someone's there..several someones!If there is a warning ..the adults surround the baby ..and shepherd it toward shelter . Wish I had the camera when that chick came out the nursery tree the first morning ...it was like Dumbo with the crows he /she was in the centre of a group , being guided on a downward glide/flight, which, when it ended was full of much yelling and preening and snuggling and feeding..then two of them sheltered the bub while it snoozed for some time . here is baby in the bath ..24 hrs exactly after fledging ... experimenting ..as babies do ....often ... but then ,all is well They remind me so much of monkeys LOL
  12. 52/2018

    @PossumCorner Love those geese - when do they get their blue eyes? Lovely photos ...very "Springy"
  13. 52/2018

    May I cheat ? I feel just so privileged to have been able to share the first hours out of the nest with one of my "grandchicks " (the other, a day or so younger, was with several family members safely in the nursery tree..a huge pine tree under which live two dogs ) Oh the nursery treewhere everyone sleeps now there are babies is NOT the normal family roost - neither is it the nesting tree ! These birds are amazing
  14. "small dogs" and "large dogs" actually , like humans, are pretty much all wired the same way . because a lot of small dogs ARE lapdogs /house dogs ..are owned by folks who humanise them and spoil them, they get a reputation ..and ,yes, some behave accordingly . labradors!! ha!! I have worked with/owned labs ..and believe me - they can also be needy and requiring of much work , LOVE being inside on couches watching TV ..and sharing your bed I believe most dogs SHOULD be with their humans as much as possible .It is up the humans to educate themselves as to how to get to this have that discussion tonight ... put all the cards on the table , and remember that we will offer what we can in the way of experience/links and suggestions - and that we have THE DOG's BEST INTERESTS at heart - so, while we might growl, snarl and snap ....it is for the DOG's sake .