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  1. Oh T - Oh Nooooo I am so , so sorry . You and Herbie were a little Team .... What an awful day for you. (((HUGZ)))
  2. I would imagine that's it! tedious work - no wonder it's expensive ! Absolutely beautifully light & warm though - I have a possum/merino (NZ made ) beanie which almost never leaves my head for several months of the year!
  3. How he's grown!! Such a good-looking lad Thanks for the new photos - lovely to see him thriving . Did the vet send any meds home, or was it just one injection?
  4. From memory they're a bit like labs ... some shedding a lot of the time ..
  5. I am pleased to read the update - was thinking about you (well, Chase actually :P ) Great that bloods were OK..and it's good that there WAS something abnormal found ! An inflamed muscle like that could well be the culprit- here's hoping the good drug helps heaps We need a cute "Chase snoozing" pic, I think
  6. Here's hoping all went OK at the vets with your little man
  7. ..and that's about enough time puppies' attention wavers- they get fed up ..they might not WANT to play for more than 5 minutes. It is up to you to remove your pup from situations which might get stressful .
  8. So sorry you've been ill Love the story about the two trucks goosebumps!
  9. Such good news You must be feeling very happy. A testament to your loving care !
  10. Ohhh..babeeeee Herbie he is definitely a very cute and mini bundle ! Look forward to progress reports .
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