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  1. Puppy rash near belly button area?

    Could it be a scratch, rather than a rash ?...it could be a number of things . If you're worried , a vet visit is always the wisest thing.
  2. This is SUCH an old thread the person is not even on the forum anymore ...hasn't been for years. perhaps start your own thread ?
  3. Perses' Pups

    VERY much so
  4. Winky is pretty proud of herself

    She may not be fast, but she;s thorough LOL
  5. I love my job! Working with animals...

    Calf-breath next to puppy breath Lovely!
  6. I love my job! Working with animals...

    Dream job ..(most times ) They all look extremely content and beautiful LOVE the photo of the lamb & goat jumping LOL . GREEN GRASSSSSS * faints*
  7. Perses' Pups

    yes.. not 'just' farmers.. The Boss took me for a drive on one Government-owned property he patrols and proudly showed me groves of young native trees ... all looking healthy, and all germinated/grown since goats have been removed .Goats are absolute death on so many of our indigenous plants , and it was such a thrill to see-even in drought times , the regeneration happening!! He was SO pleased with the visible results of his hard work
  8. Perses' Pups

    Yes..:( I try so hard to not go near the holding yards ..seeing all those makes me sad, tho They put food on the table ..and ARE food ON the table sometimes ... Rge boys showed no fear , whiich is good ..they both used "eye" ...but were a tad too noisy from excitement :P It's a promising start . pudden sat there , wondering ....I am so glad he never got started .
  9. Perses' Pups

    the boys found the yard full of goats. They did spend some time there with The Boss yesterday ... but today was an excursion of their own making oops. Recall? What recall was that ? I had to go in the yard & scoop them up ...they were having such a wonderful time !!! Nothing silly ... the goats certainly were not about to mash them . However , freedom is now severely curtailed for a few days !! 4 mths old & the world's their playground .....*sigh*
  10. North Queensland Flood - Farm Photos

    Sorry, asal
  11. North Queensland Flood - Farm Photos

    I am avoiding photos/coverage ..it cannot do any good -me crying any more . Just heart breakingly terrible.
  12. Brindle Pug in Australia

  13. Brindle Pug in Australia

    I can't put pictures on DOL on my phone either, jus' saying ..FB is fine .
  14. Potty training help needed

    It's all sounding good
  15. Brindle Pug in Australia

    if they are only using their phone .. I can understand !! I have an android phone , and have as yet not found a way to post photos ....