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  1. looking for obediance trainer

    I don't know anyone in canberra ...however , contact k9 pro ..they are EXPERT whIch is what you need in a situation where human aggression is involved, I feel .a PHONE CONSULT MAY BE A HELPFUL AND IMMEDIATE START. have a look here , AND click HERE FOR MORE INFO . How do you get help? Working with dogs AND owners Contact us, even if you are located somewhere far far away, we do Phone consults and people find these really helpful. We have options set up for distance and or Interstate travellers who take advantage of our High Intensity packages which means we work with you for several lessons in a week. A Behaviour consult is our standard starting point and most people find “hope” in these magic two hours. No of course not all dogs are cured and or rehabilitated in two hours, but we can diagnose the problem for you correctly, we can show you how to handle your dog and we can start teaching your dog how he or she SHOULD behave. Then we will support you for as long as you need. In some cases the situation may be so bad for you that we need to take your dog, perhaps just to give you a break or perhaps to run your dog through our Rehabilitation program. Super secure kennels with no access to other dogs Unlike some other boarding kennels, we CAN take your dog regardless of how many problems the dog has. Human aggressive or dog aggressive dogs are standard in our Super Secure kennels, your dog will be managed effectively here. He or she will not come into contact with other dogs during their stay unless it is part of the program we are running. There really is no reason that your situation can’t get better, we can help your dog, but even more importantly in some cases, we can help you more. @huski you around ?
  2. Tear Staining in Japanese Spitz

    Sounds wise
  3. Applaws: Too good to be true?

    tried the cat food with no success ..it did not agree with my crew.
  4. 6 month old amstaff food amount

    can't remember now sorry ...I looked thru so many !
  5. 52/2018

    new week Angry bird ;) no ..little fairywren at the windscreen Euro/Wallaroo in B/W
  6. I once rented where dogs were not allowed in common areas ..so yes, carried my dog in ..he slept in my room only . It is also a good plan for your dog to wear a coat/Tshirt when being carried ..to stop hair drift ..then it's just a matter of you cleaning/laundering your stuff separately At 8 ..your dog is used to being indoors, and near you ...it's a big ask to change abruptly ..new house/new rules entirely ...
  7. RIP Genevieve

    So sorry Your dear little dog had to leave in such a way Condolences. Sending thoughts to you all at this awful time .
  8. @ades17 it seems you will lead a less disruptive life with this woman removed from it . When you are ready ..maybe we can indeed help point you in the direction of where your dog is waiting
  9. Little & often would be my suggestion .
  10. Oh gosh, ades ..OK ... talk/txt & casually ask her where she's moved to ...isn't it great she can have dogs etc ... hopefully you have a name/address of the complex . enquire ..and phone or check website ...see if dogs are allowed...or dogs of a certain size/type ?
  11. It is tricky ... life is made to be like that
  12. Ahhh..Ok . sad you will be , but , you know what - YOUR dog is out there if THIS boy IS yours , he'll return. That happened to me many years ago with my heart dog . He was sold basically as I pulled into the driveway ..but came to me a few months later .... It was meant to be. Morally ? I'd return this dog to his owner
  13. Oh gosh The dog is still registered/microchipped in the first owner's name , and if there is nothing written ..no receipt ...sorry , legally this dog is still 'hers' We can possibly assist in your dog friend search - you're going thru a rough patch, and I agree -a furred companion would be a lovely thing for your heart