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  1. A very sad post. I am so sorry you feel so low . Sadly I have no advice to help you - except to look after your own health as best you can
  2. I agree with Rebanne Just be fast & thorough ....& give rewards after it's all done ..a nice bone- extra zoomies...cuddles/whatever he values
  3. I wonder if you have told the neighbour what is likely to happen should your dogs catch an intruder. That would be my first move - thehn they know. Write in down - make a copy - stick it the mailbox. be very concerned & polite , but factual. IF my patrolling dogs feel their stock is in danger - they will react by ...... they will not see a stray dog as less intrusive as a fox...
  4. She is only young - it will take time. When I said search - I meant on this forum There are some posts , I'm sure- and there will be links! Bound to be Enjoy.
  5. hi Try a search on "loose leash walking" (with inverted commas) there should be some help there. My plan would be to perfect loose leash walking, then - disappear the leash when this is solid! Find the way that suits you & your dog..and practice, pratice, practice!
  6. he needs to be trained to accept it Of course he'll act up - then you take it off ...and guess what? he's learned that trying to get it off works! ;)
  7. Will it pull on stitches and cause them to itch? Will it pull on hair? With the wrinkles and wraps there are lots of places for teeth to grab -and it is only chew resistant- not chew PROOF ;) have you spoken with your vet about keeping the wound covered with a waterproof fabric? Some wounds need to 'breathe' to heal well .
  8. Hi - does she have a penis with a bone in, like a real penis, or just an enlarged clitoris ? Does the 'penis' discharge urine , or does she urinate thru a female urethra ? I don't know much about the process at all - but am just wondering if your vet told you any of this information
  9. To be used under supervision only . I tend to use a well-fitted soft basket muzzle One a dog can drink happily while wearing ..and a nice open one for plenty of air . no/chewing/licking of wounds/stitches , no cone of shame , and no covering of something that may not heal well if covered.....
  10. Unless supervised 24/7 and/or sleeve is made of kevlar ..it will probably be chewed ;)
  11. That is because it is HIS choice - often when dogs are out in the rain, it is NOT their choice to get rained on .
  12. Great news Good news about the blood taking as well Now you can breathe.
  13. Not all of them, and with some dogs, getting wet and cold is not good for their health
  14. Smoke, snoozing in the early morning sun Is Don, Was ROBBED .! Kammi -10 minutes into chain training Such a sensible girl
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