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  1. Go, Trubs !! It's treat day , you gorgeous girl T xx
  2. Perses' Pups

  3. Happi... my friend's newest addition

    VERRRYYYYYYY cute ....and with a lovely big sister . Love that the two names mean the same thing :D
  4. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Oh ..and A TIRED PUP IS A GOOD PUP. several short training sessions ... some good games of tug ,fetch ,or find the toy ... feed him his meals in the KONG , so he is verty actively using his body & brain . if you have a car ..take him for rides ...
  5. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Pups make all sorts of growly noises when they play ...so that's probably what Tuffy;s doing They growl and bark at toys/humans and shadows .... he 'bites' you . well yes, he does , because he doesn' have fingers to grab you with ;) have a look at the info on THIS SITE (click here ) it may give you some ideas It is still bad manners though ..but NORMALLY just means playing , or frustration .
  6. Perses' Pups

    Practicing for the centrefold ;) Clive & Dags ... ratbags ! We are at 'that' stage . Heaps of new skills all at once ..and being way too smart about it all !! Had to giggle last night ... The Boss wheeling them about singly in the wheelbarrow as he was doing stuff ...
  7. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    It can be tricky to interpret dog language ... It seems he is being like a human toddler .. I want to play ! NOW ! I SAY ...NOW!!! If he has been to toilet etc ... IGNORE. TOTALLY . no eye contact at all . look at the ceiling . no hand stretched out or moved. absolutely do not use his name ...or speak . . gather up the blanket ..and just breathe slowly ..turn your head ..and look away . he WILL give up eventually . It may take several minutes . NO praise or speech when he stops . Just carry on as normal ..s l o..w..l..y and with purpose ..and ONLY praise him when you then ask him to sit , or come to you , and he does Then he gets all the love there is :D ( CALMLY ) Do this EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. it will usually work . |NOT the first time or two ..but it will We currently have 2 pups amongst our lot .. and these learned it quite fast .....they know that they will ONLY get our attention if their backsides (or at least 4 feet) are on the ground , and they are not being noisy and/or silly being boys, and brothers ...well... they need a lot of practice
  8. Yellow Poop ....

    this was started in 2010 !!! ;)
  9. Corneal Ulcer

    Hope he is feeling even happier today ...
  10. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    aggression ? or play ?
  11. JUST from these few words... it could have been instinct ..he got a fright , maybe ? I have seen this before ..older dogs with hearing/sight not 100% anymore ... I may be wrong . Please get EVERYTHING checked ..NOT just his heart and teeth and ears and nails ... make sure there is nothing wrong in his mouth at all ..or throat , or under his tongue . Check his joints ..the spine ..including his tail ... check around his anus for gland problems ... EYES ....HEARING ... if he gets the all-clear ..THEN you can focus more on behaviour . Take a half -step back .I know you are very attached .
  12. I am so sorry it is such a stressful time . Your poor old dog ... As others have said . A full discussion/vet check first . Please keep us in the loop if you decide against euthanasia, and we can perhaps help you regarding changing the management of visitors around your old boy-that sort of thing . It must be very hard when you know it's coming near the time you and he need to part ..then this happens
  13. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    I LOVE this update . What do the others think of this new princess ?