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  1. Adventures of Bella Saluki

    Ooh... puppy spam Most welcome! Hopefully Bella is a good Big Sister
  2. Awww... how wonderful to see her bouncing What a difference you have made !
  3. Your First Dog

    My first dog was Cleve , a border collie .
  4. Allergies

    There is no way hair/skin cells from dog can be eliminated entirely by these machines, in my opinion ....they would need to have a VERY strong suction happening to gather it all up from the floor/furniture cushions, etc ! LOL . Pollen I can sort of understand ..that being microscopic , and suspended in the air ... but dog hair etc ..I very much doubt it. there are so many non- drowsy antihistamines around....there maybe one which suits the person for that short term usage .
  5. What should I do?

  6. Goodbye my precious boy

    Oh, it IS raw..it's only a very short time ..your mind will still be scrambled and reactive ...
  7. What should I do?

    Oh I think it is a wonderful offer- very kind and thoughtful .
  8. What should I do?

    Yes..that thought would steer me away, for sure! Generous offer, or not.
  9. What should I do?

    A new dog is certainly NOT a 'replacement '..it is a NEW beginning - someone different, a new challenge ..new tailwags, new mischief, new ways of showing love . You will start to sort this out when GRIEF start to be a bit less brutal , and yr brain can have a bit of thinking room. Do you want a puppy who reminds you of Kane in looks/manners every day? Do you want the memories ? Are you willing to accept another puppy may be the complete opposite? Lots on which to ponder It is a very generous offer ...and definitely worth considering ...
  10. Seller needs advice

    You cannot compensate them until you have seen proof of the illness. That seems simple enough to understand . explain that you cannot decide on compensation, until you have seen the extent of the murmur, and the prognosis .
  11. Seller needs advice

    You obviously need proof. Perhaps they don't understand they are required to provide proof?It would be the same for an insurance claim for a car/fridge/whatever...the insurer can not just take a buyer's word. Maybe just ask for their Vet's contact details ..that way you can bypass them and get correct information , so as to provide whatever support is necessary .
  12. Just because it has size, doesn't mean it has the temperament . Remember my Kieran? He was a staghound X bred for pigging ..dumped to die in the bush at around 9 weeks because he was a sook..and remained so his entire life .A rabbit could set him shivering ! He was a watchdog , and could , on rare occasions be aggressive toward certain types of humans however.
  13. The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil

    I second this
  14. Adventures of Bella Saluki

    Gorgeous girl And what great news!! Looking forward to puppy? photos!
  15. New Puppy - Transport - Fly or Drive?

    Just a couple of things ..as I really can't help..but what breed of puppy is your new acquisition , and has he/she been exposed to a crate etc yet ?