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  1. You did absolutely the best thing for this dog She now has a home where you know she is happy - and if you do indeed love her- that should make you feel pleased with your decision, from her point of view. Well Done .
  2. I probably would have done exactly what you tried to do ... hopefully he found his way home safely.
  3. ...the ingredients in milk thistle are not recognised vitamins. the constituents of milk thistle - one of which is in Denamarin - have been found to be very useful in assisting with liver regeneration/healing .It is also anti inflammatory , and may increase the flow of bile.
  4. I have had one like this also , sadly
  5. ..and I fear this pup was sent to you without full disclosure What a shame - for everyone . You are doing things well, I think. Just hope the drug works ..and I would also be contacting this breeder and asking some hard questions as to the conditions in which this pup was kept . It almost sounds as if it was either kept in a kennel situtaion with no socialisation - or is a puppy born with severe fear/anxiety . Can you tell us the type of dog if you don't want to be too specific ? Sighthound/retriever/toy/hound ..etc ?
  6. Chewie is a fortunate boy in that he selected someone who is aware of how important it is to let a dog BE a dog - to communicate in a style which suits his needs....
  7. AHH....you DID find a companion What a story . *'scuse me, I have something in my eyes* Chewie looks a lovely boy- and has obviously chosen his person well. So much work , patience and persistence - and an understanding of the dog in front of you has enabled both of you to have a good relationship - and to ENJOY being alive ps: LOVE that he's getting those yummy things to eat
  8. Oh, Paul- that is so very sad. Thank you for the update- I can imagine how hard it was for you to write it . You put in so much work ..for your boy, who , as you say may have indeed had brain damage and would never be 'right' - and your health was paramount! I hope you heal well , and that one day, with experienced help, you find a four legged companion who will help fill the void.
  9. These are my thoughts as well.I do not believe in dogs living because WE want thm around . I prefer to have them live because THEY enjoy life. If they are not enjoying their life , then I will help them to rest. Dear Chapi - you are doing your best for him It's good you came asking for advice. take care.
  10. Naughty? never! Not that face :P LOL ENJOY- and, Emma- welcome to DOL.
  11. How nice to see Sooty in the "movies' ! She is looking wonderful
  12. Muzzles need to be the right size/shape for the dog breed, and the dog also needs TRAINING so they can be worn correctly. They are not something you just throw on and leave on .
  13. I never give my problems away to someone else ! A behaviourist, as suggested. Vet check up as also suggested . Are they normally friendly ? Was it just one slash/bite? Were you present? Was it noisy? Was there any food or toys involved?
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