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  1. Interview with Iditarod winner

    Takes a special person ..and special dogs, for sure!! it's a punishing thing . I had to swallow hard at the warm bloody soup ... * gulp*

    This little dog was adopted, bringing her aggression along. Perhaps you thought a new and loving home could make her better? She has since been subjected to several different training scenarios and will be feeding off your anxieties and worries, as well as being upset at being separated from her home territory/lifestyle, which, even if it was not perfect was what she was used to. She has had a LOT of upheavals, and it would be surprising if deep-seated aggression improved during this period. , so, it isn't really a 'failing' of yours. The only 'failing' was offering to take on a very high maintenance dog who may live another 10 years ..and for whom you need to construct a suitable management plan. There have been some very sensible and informed suggestions given ... hopefully, you can find something which will lessen the anxiety and worry for you all.

    Welcome.... Has your dog had a thorough vet checkup..blood tests etc ? What was her lifestyle like before she came to you ? Has her aggression stayed the same, got less, or increased? Where are you located?

    @Troy. This is in the wrong spot
  5. Pet Mince From Butcher

    Just realised this is another ancient thread
  6. Pet Mince From Butcher

    ..and if the pet mince is decent PET mince ..it will have fat, and offal and BONE mixed in ..and should not be cooked, really - as this changes the composition of any bones to indigestible ..and hard - and destroys enzymes. I feed raw pet mince from our butcher - it's lovely fresh minced chicken frames & bits ... I would never cook it & spoil it ...
  7. Corneal Ulcer

    Scruffy looks good on him
  8. Cocker Spaniel - update in my post

    Many years ago a friend's guide dog was euthanased for unexplained and sudden aggression, and was found to have had a brain tumour... he was the sweetest dog ...
  9. Clipped Japanese Spitz

    This thread is YEARS old ..and the poster only was here that once!
  10. Kibble+raw

    If you feed a variety of foods .. no supplements needed . Exactly the same as with humans . Feed muscle meat /bone/organ meats ..plus a little fish/egg/yoghurt/fruit/veg ... and there should be no need for supplements . Feed a mix of raw and processed if you're not confident . if you are concerned , there are prepared raw meals you can buy - patties which are a complete meal . T
  11. Agi ...you little survivor ,you!!
  12. Kibble+raw

    so can a chicken neck , piece of kibble, or a tennis ball . I have yet to see a dog gasping around an apple core as I have done with the other things I've listed ...thankfully , and our dogs have been eating apples for decades . Whole fresh chicken necks, certain kibble, and tennis balls are not used here ... whole apples and carrots seem safer , so far .
  13. Kibble+raw

    Feeding dogs ...there as many ways as there are owners. truly!! LOL As sandgrubber said .. don't worry too much Dogs can do well on most diets ... my prefererred feed is mostly raw , with some dry . We do not buy an expensive dry .Our dogs get a lot of meaty bones ..and yes, they bury and dig up their treasures ! pups currently get lots of raw ... bony treats such as chicken feet frozen are a favourite , as are sections of lamb backbone ....they will knock me down for raw kangaroo !! raw whole apples and carrots are playthings/chewy toys for pups .. but , understandably, older dogs can't see the sense in them most times ..and they don't NEED to eat them have a read here ...keep asking questions , and perhaps use the following as a guide . Someone wise once said that , over a week ,if your dog gets all the neccessary vitamins, a variety of meats, bones ..with a few veg ..then your job's done . A diet doesn't have to be measured and weighed every day to work - really -
  14. Perses' Pups

    not quite 5 mths . Mr Dags . "What do you mean PUSHED ? I never raised a paw! "
  15. Perses' Pups

    The veiled lady , and tail-tip waggings
  16. Notified friends at Strathfielsaye ..they have a couple of dams they'll keepan eye on ...
  17. You know, once she settles ..she may well find home . Upsets can take over 24 hrs to settle down .... and when that adrenaline wears off ... hopefully she can find a drink, and make the right moves to backtrack ! I have friends in Strathfieldsaye ..is that near you anywhere? I can let them know tomorrow ( too late tonight)
  18. That is so very sad .... is there a dog she knows well/loves who can be made to bark /howl ? She might hear it and come after some hours ....
  19. French Bulldog Thread!

    perhaps just move this to general ? it it a DOG behaviour question ... and a breed doesn't have any bearing on it that I can see Most dogs will be unwilling to share a high-resource item like a bone or chew .Fights can and do occur if there's not enough space, or dogs don't learn their rules,
  20. Perses' Pups

    My Mobile Doggy wash was in use yesterday ;) The old firescreen used to keep dogs OUT , also provides a sunbaking 'balcony' when dogs are inside , apparently LOL
  21. Luxating Patella op recovery

    And what is the plan the surgeon gave ? be guided by them ..and /or a vet who specialises in rehab work .