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  1. Goodbye my precious boy

    Oh, it IS raw..it's only a very short time ..your mind will still be scrambled and reactive ...
  2. What should I do?

    Oh I think it is a wonderful offer- very kind and thoughtful .
  3. What should I do?

    Yes..that thought would steer me away, for sure! Generous offer, or not.
  4. What should I do?

    A new dog is certainly NOT a 'replacement '..it is a NEW beginning - someone different, a new challenge ..new tailwags, new mischief, new ways of showing love . You will start to sort this out when GRIEF start to be a bit less brutal , and yr brain can have a bit of thinking room. Do you want a puppy who reminds you of Kane in looks/manners every day? Do you want the memories ? Are you willing to accept another puppy may be the complete opposite? Lots on which to ponder It is a very generous offer ...and definitely worth considering ...
  5. Seller needs advice

    You cannot compensate them until you have seen proof of the illness. That seems simple enough to understand . explain that you cannot decide on compensation, until you have seen the extent of the murmur, and the prognosis .
  6. Seller needs advice

    You obviously need proof. Perhaps they don't understand they are required to provide proof?It would be the same for an insurance claim for a car/fridge/whatever...the insurer can not just take a buyer's word. Maybe just ask for their Vet's contact details ..that way you can bypass them and get correct information , so as to provide whatever support is necessary .
  7. Just because it has size, doesn't mean it has the temperament . Remember my Kieran? He was a staghound X bred for pigging ..dumped to die in the bush at around 9 weeks because he was a sook..and remained so his entire life .A rabbit could set him shivering ! He was a watchdog , and could , on rare occasions be aggressive toward certain types of humans however.
  8. Adventures of Bella Saluki

    Gorgeous girl And what great news!! Looking forward to puppy? photos!
  9. New Puppy - Transport - Fly or Drive?

    Just a couple of things ..as I really can't help..but what breed of puppy is your new acquisition , and has he/she been exposed to a crate etc yet ?
  10. What to do? Changes at vet hospital

    Especially when they will impact on those in your care I am sorry, and hope you find someone in whom you can place your trust .
  11. The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil

    Such a cute photo ...
  12. canine tooth extraction is NOT cheap . Canine teeth are difficult and time-consuming to remove , because of the anatomy / depth of the root in the jaw structure , and I would imagine a BIG bill . Anaesthetics/medications also go on weight ..so large breed = more expense
  13. Goodbye my precious boy

    It's hard. It can be worse than losing a person. Grief will do what it need to do . Sleep is good, crying is good .... you have been hurt, badly . Eventually it will lessen a bit . Not tomorrow..maybe not next month..but it will . It takes a long time when the hurt is deep. If you need to, talk to a counsellor , or your GP . They will not think you are being silly . Most of all, remember , while it is all so very raw and fresh ... please take care of YOU at this time , now it's YOU that needs the looking after .Snuggle with Scout ...she'll appreciate it, too
  14. Goodbye my precious boy

    Oh...oh Dear . He was not meant for this earth, little darling ... what a terrible shock. Take care of yourself ..you certainly did give him everything you could . Forever a puppy, R I P little Kane .
  15. Golden Retriever Breeder

    Ah, so the breeder has offered to take pup back. She has offered something. No way will you ever get a refund AND get to keep a pup. She did the right thing, offering that, at least, whatever else is amiss.
  16. ... all I can suggest is that you do a phone consult with Steve at K9Pro . he is one of the best . here is the number, and HERE is his bio. He may be able to advise you on which course to follow.
  17. !!!!!!!! Just because she's large and DOG aggressive does not mean she would even HUNT ..even if you wanted to do this to her . Dogs for pig hunting are usually bred for their hunting abilities..not just random large dogs they really have to have skills and be , ermm, good at working with other dogs , usually. (yes, I do know something of pig dogs) Folks I know work dogs in pairs, mostly ....
  18. Golden Retriever Breeder

    can that still be done after two years though ?
  19. Golden Retriever Breeder

    I am sorry about your dog. :(. No, nothing you can do now re the breeder...yes, they will be probably still selling cute puppies to unwise buyers Enjoy the years you have with your beautiful Golden.
  20. I'm glad she didn't get anywhere. That vet may not have been a cheery 'people' person. I have known one good vet like that ..grumpy and very 'short' with clients, but a terrific vet. He had a huge clientele..people knew how good he was.
  21. Puppy spam

    Soda!! I think I'm in love
  22. Rescue dogs in SA

    Hi, Jules... I'm no help, but I'm sure you will find the perfect new companion ... whichever lucky dog it is will have a great home <3 I remember years ago , with your cavs ....Will keep my eyes & ears open . Are you steering clear of SWF types?
  23. Sheena...pls email/phone the team @ k9 Pro . This redirected aggression is serious . Steve does do phone consults - and he ( or one of the other excellent team members) can give you the best advice. Are you able to get one or two short videos of the behaviour to show them? that will help. What a worry for you. I'm sorry this has cropped up
  24. Feeding

    We use a lot of supercoat puppy , plus fresh food ..pups seem to do Ok with it . My thoughts are if it is not the entire diet- why not? if dogs are getting fresh and good quality wet food..I'd be doing it .