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  1. "pet/backyard breeders" can register as breeders with their local council - whether they are breeding mixed breeds or whatever - so yes, they may be 'registered' , but NOT registered with any Kennel Control Council - therefore any pedigree they may posses cannot be authenticated/recognised. Ask them are they registered with their State's control organisation. have a look here for the relevant bodies .
  2. yes Nice to see ! Off topic- she has the most amazing plush coat ..with no longer hairs - just a short thick winter coat , unbelievably soft , and lovely to stroke
  3. It is a common practice . Some of the less reputable breeders don't - but any breeder SHOULD . If no one did, many breeds would become sickly and probably die out because of illness/deformities. many, many people buy pedigreed puppies from country/interstate breeders without ever seeing a parent . The pedigree/health test results and breeder's reputation should all be above reproach , allowing for a confident buying agreement . Research/striking a relationship with the breeder is important. Find out as much as you can ! if the breed is a herding breed, for example - Do
  4. had to put this one in - here's the one causing all the trouble . I am standing doing dishes, and here she is ....gotta be touching my feet , somehow . Just before this shot she had her head on my foot! She's a strange wee beastie
  5. I send update messages to her foster-carers , and had to smile last night . I mentioned how she & Clive were almost eating together , and they mentioned their shock at how much the "Flying Ninja Cat" had mellowed! Anyway- she certainly has mellowed- instead of spitting fire & brimstone at Don this morning, she just gently sniffed his paw
  6. if he is on a farm there could be a number of reasons for a quarantine - either a plant or farm animal disease/parasite . Nothing to do with covid, but vitally important to the security and income of a farmer! All sorts of nasties can be carried on car tyres/shoes etc . You visiting before pups are on the ground is not usual practice - and is NO way to check if parents are carrying some genetic disease which may be passed on to a puppy, anyhow. the only thing you can do is research the breed, and ask politely if tests" A,B,C" have been done to check for diseases ..and also ask to s
  7. they are two of the most fortunate Rotties -having such a dedicated owner and a magic spot to live
  8. the next exciting installment : For those playing at home - yes, Clive now sleeps inside- alongside my bed . Bobbin sleeps in her room next to mine , separated by a wire grille and a door which needs to be shut carefully. I was just getting the legs out of bed this morning when I heard that door open ! there glided in Miss B ..right up to Clive, before I could react, and stopped about a centimetre from boppin him on the nose with her head ! I'm pretty sure that was her intent - that's what it looked like ! he started shaking- I unfroze , patted her and told her how wonderful she was - an
  9. If it's any consolation, the owner's in tears as well - she is devastated.I know, it doesn't help ....
  10. This afternoon I sat with Clive & Bobbin less than 1m apart - both eating roast chicken Miss Bobbin did attack Clive earlier and got a telling off from me , so I think they both came back from it very well!!
  11. When she's out in her enclosure she will fizz and spit at the other dogs, but not Clive - so she must be used to him /his smell at least
  12. Thanks, folks ! I will pass all this on. ! the reason this pup was chosen is that at around 8 weeks old she was bomb proof - like a ragdoll cat - would happily go to/with anyone - would sleep in strangers' arms - was happy to be picked up , would just "drape" ...this then continued for a couple of months , too ! She was just one absolute sweetheart - carrying things, fine with kids..perfect .She was fine when first taken into the shop- thought she was in heaven ...this shop/cafe isn't terribly busy - some days there may be 3 people , some days 30 .Open from 10 -4 There is a puppy pen with ken
  13. A friend has a small fluffy puppy @almost 6 mths old . Pup was born at the friend's home and was the most chilled , gorgeous little thing . Friend then took puppy into her work (cafe/gift shop) to be the 'manager'- to greet customers outside and be cuddled . Pup loved it . Then things changed Pup started to dash under the ramp by the front door when people came ..or hide elsewhere. she was reluctant to be caught- but once in someone's lap was the dear sweet and relaxed 'ragdoll' we all know & love. Things have now worsened to her jumping/running at home if shoes get kicked off/a
  14. I once used malaseb regularly on an itchy dog, and never noticed him scratch after baths ..the malaseb was a big help , and left his coat lovely and shiny .
  15. 12 years old!! What a little trouper!! I'm sure she would have enjoyed higher jumps ;) Lovely to watch Thanks.
  16. Poor little man - did the vet say what the problem is ? SO glad he appears to have turned a corner!! may it continue
  17. Dogs will often attack other dogs behaving strangley, yes It is not a rare occurrence. It will not stop. AS the others have said - separation when you are not home/supervising - and a return vet visit for old Bob, for a medication review . So sorry this is happening, but it is just a part of dog behaviour .
  18. with a poo sample if possible .
  19. This. Constipation can have different causes from blockages to dehydration ....it needs checking carefully .
  20. As said- speak with your trainer re: the reactivity and use of a coat . if there is a chance of dog getting soaked thru and remaining damp- then a raincoat is sensible,. If there is a light shower and moisture can be wiped off ( NOT rubbed in ) then no coat needed
  21. Which is why she only has free run of the house for short times each day
  22. haven't put any in here for ages Don Kammi 9 weeks old Ocka Special boy, Clive
  23. I am going to buy a spray bottle for water - my foot stamp may not be strong enough - although she is very smart - she worked out the routine quickly , and pesters me to go back to her room when her time's up ( she gets dinner then) and she's learning how to play with a little kitty Kong ! It has yummy stuff squirted in it ..and she has great fun trying to get it all out LOL .
  24. Thanks folks - It's only about 2 split hrs out of Clive's day , and he gets to stay out & play with whoever else is outside/be a dog /roll in stuff/play with the hose... , something he doesn't get to do much . Apart from that all is the same , but with more playtime/treats when he IS with me. Bobbin is definitely staying - and yes, managing the two is high priority ! I do not want anyone injured!! I have seen a lot worse - but she is not playing, either. We have a routine - everyone knows it , and it seems to be working ok
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