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  1. Maybe their fencing practices are as out dated as their webpage ;) It is showing 2017 highlights, and 2018 annual report ! Guardian dogs are powerful and territorial .It's fortunate there was only one dog killed , IMO.
  2. You're Right I think - once I thought he was considering jumping, but thought a bit about it and went the safer way
  3. had my phone- but truth be told, I was so worried, it didn't happen
  4. Don is 10 - and pretty sensible . he does LOVE trying to dig rabbits out of burrows - but is basically settled. yesterday morning he treed a feral cat , and then proceeded to climb the tree! Don is not little, and not athletic like most of our Koolies . One of his grandfathers was a lab, so he is solid. The tree concerned is a very old, large and gnarled peppertree - with big thick branches of all shapes under a canopy of foliage . It is a bit like a spiral staircase ....and after Don clambered up the trunk to where branches started he then climbed 10-12 feet up ! I didn't call him as he was climbing for fear of him losing concentration - instead I marvelled at just how well he was doing! When he couldn't go any further I suggested he come back down - all the time worried that he might just jump and break something , but he wound his way around the trunk again and landed safely. Mild heart attack time ! LOL
  5. He certainly looked as though he was very well cared for! Sleeping outside can mean many things - including sleeping in a very cosy dog bed on the verandah - merely a wall away from the family .... or it can mean a hole dug in the dirt of a bare backyard .I am sure oakley had an appropriate comfy bed and good shelter . there was nothing specific on that contract ...what a sad story .
  6. IF he is being the aggressor at 6 months old , this is not wonderful, and you will need to do some work . If he has had enough play and the other dog persists, his behaviour may well be defensive - he is still a baby and may be feeling pressured. It is your responsibility that play is monitored and controlled, that he feels safe , and that he responds to you MORE than he does to other dogs . have a read here, and here Greeting all the humans is another problem - many folks do not enjoy being approached by an unknown dog..especially if it is a bit bouncy . What is pup like on your leash walks ? Does he try to approach people and dogs ? Does he walk along calmly , listening/watching for your voice/hand signals ? What is he like with general manners/obedience around home ?
  7. Oh What a terrible thing to happen .
  8. he did well to survive those weeks - a tough little terrier! may he now be happy in his new home with his dads
  9. Can Council not help ? It's terribly rude and unfair
  10. hopefully it will lead to maybe better breeding - less exaggerated back length etc ...they are great little dogs
  11. he certainly isn't one to just let life pass him by
  12. So many people just do not treat dogs with the respect deserved of something with its own mind and very sharp teeth! T- when is your book coming out? In all my years around animals there have only been a few noteworthy injuries - a decent concussion after being accidentally headbutted by a labrador - a deep puncture wound to the ball of my thumb- trying to break up a dog fight in kennels - A bite to one calf from an absolute biatch of a kelpie named 'cuddles' by her owner, but known for sneak attacks on anyone working with sheep in the yards. It put me down on the ground very quickly - but there was no punctures, just a massive deep bruise and a very stiff muscle. Oh - one lucky escape once when training dogs at a community farm, I was mounted by an in-season heifer! No great damage done there.
  13. it is apparently only certain rows of seats too...
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