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  1. Perses' Pups

    Practicing for the centrefold ;) Clive & Dags ... ratbags ! We are at 'that' stage . Heaps of new skills all at once ..and being way too smart about it all !! Had to giggle last night ... The Boss wheeling them about singly in the wheelbarrow as he was doing stuff ...
  2. Perses' Pups

    The veiled lady , and tail-tip waggings
  3. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    It can be tricky to interpret dog language ... It seems he is being like a human toddler .. I want to play ! NOW ! I SAY ...NOW!!! If he has been to toilet etc ... IGNORE. TOTALLY . no eye contact at all . look at the ceiling . no hand stretched out or moved. absolutely do not use his name ...or speak . . gather up the blanket ..and just breathe slowly ..turn your head ..and look away . he WILL give up eventually . It may take several minutes . NO praise or speech when he stops . Just carry on as normal ..s l o..w..l..y and with purpose ..and ONLY praise him when you then ask him to sit , or come to you , and he does Then he gets all the love there is :D ( CALMLY ) Do this EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. it will usually work . |NOT the first time or two ..but it will We currently have 2 pups amongst our lot .. and these learned it quite fast .....they know that they will ONLY get our attention if their backsides (or at least 4 feet) are on the ground , and they are not being noisy and/or silly being boys, and brothers ...well... they need a lot of practice
  4. Yellow Poop ....

    this was started in 2010 !!! ;)
  5. Corneal Ulcer

    Hope he is feeling even happier today ...
  6. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    aggression ? or play ?
  7. JUST from these few words... it could have been instinct ..he got a fright , maybe ? I have seen this before ..older dogs with hearing/sight not 100% anymore ... I may be wrong . Please get EVERYTHING checked ..NOT just his heart and teeth and ears and nails ... make sure there is nothing wrong in his mouth at all ..or throat , or under his tongue . Check his joints ..the spine ..including his tail ... check around his anus for gland problems ... EYES ....HEARING ... if he gets the all-clear ..THEN you can focus more on behaviour . Take a half -step back .I know you are very attached .
  8. I am so sorry it is such a stressful time . Your poor old dog ... As others have said . A full discussion/vet check first . Please keep us in the loop if you decide against euthanasia, and we can perhaps help you regarding changing the management of visitors around your old boy-that sort of thing . It must be very hard when you know it's coming near the time you and he need to part ..then this happens
  9. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    I LOVE this update . What do the others think of this new princess ?
  10. North Chihuahuas

    I like the understated way some folks write
  11. Weening puppy

    ..and if it is a hurried weaning, or normal weaning ....
  12. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    Go, little one !!
  13. North Chihuahuas

    I am not providing any link or anything .. The terrible spelling and grammar would alert me to something very wrong with this listing . Ok..THAT site seems to be a US one .. note :
  14. Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp

    Lol nothing to do with a dog's actual age, It's to do with the fact that human toddlers and dogs often act and think in similar ways- especially in regards to not being aware of possible dangers. Both need to be protected from themselves!
  15. Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp

    Oh dear. No you didn't blame woody..neither did you accept any responsibility. Sadly. It was because of all the fun times he had with you hunting bunnies that led to his death. Those great and free running times. Many of us have/ had these types of dogs...and work hard at letting them use their instincts in safe ways. It is very possible to do.
  16. Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp

    You KNEW he would chase rabbits . You KNEW there were trains . Dogs can NOT think of 'perhaps' dangers . Their owners keep them safe because of this . Woody's owner did not I am sad for you both .
  17. Weening puppy

    How old are the puppies, and what breed? What is mum being fed ? I always start ours on big meaty eef bones- they suck and chew and enjoy !! It keeps them busy for ages, and get a fair bit of good meat. After a day or two. I add a raw pet mince with dry puppy kibble.in a separate container
  18. Feeding / Food aggression

    Did you know that LOTS of training can be/is done without resorting to food rewards ? Praise /playing with a special toy are excellent rewards !! For many many years I trained guide dogs ..we never used a treat .. We train our sheepdogs ..no treats either ... Mostly my pet dogs have been trained with no treats . if your boy loves his cuddles/physical contact etc ..then- that is his perfect reward!! so reading this ... I assume there is NO aggression towards other dogs when food is present ? ONLY HUMANS ? Hopefully an aggressive response won't be triggered by a splash of something on the floor, or crumbs, or a cat poo out in the garden, left-overs on a footpath or in a park ..or the scent/presence of treats/food on other people with whom you come into contact
  19. A little entertainment: Skye Terrier

    Awww..They both enjoyed that!!
  20. Neighbours treating Puppy Badly

    keep yourself and family SAFE . not just today ..but tomorrow/next week /month . ( 1.5 litres? I think that is physically impossible for a baby puppy..their bellies are just not that large )
  21. Perses' Pups

    Little terror ! he is only the third one of ours to do this ..previous two have both been called Fred!
  22. Perses' Pups

    Not ideal behaviour ....but .... https://www.facebook.com/belinda.hansen.bushwoman/videos/10156252427874007/
  23. Neighbours treating Puppy Badly

    This forum is not a busy one ... it can sometimes be many hours before a post is spotted . Your situation seems awful . Living rural sucks sometimes definitely, and without trespassing ..film what you can ..or do a sound recording, or photograph. IF you need to help puppy ..describe what you are doing, and document everything . KEEP YOURSELF SAFE . The local police may keep a record of any conversation you have ..do you know them at all ? That always helps in rural communities . Honestly ... that's all I can say . be safe ...try & stay legal ..& I do understand some of what you are feeling . been there, done that ...