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  1. Here's hoping! Interesting studies .
  2. I had no idea rangers are so ill-equipped to do a good job That makes it very hard.That poor woman and those with her ...horrific.
  3. Good boy, Blue!! What a good ending for owner and dogs
  4. Yes- when I was working at Guide Dogs - we had to keep the dogs in good condition - they were working dogs - and often it was suggested they were not the right shape for a lab (ie: coffee table)
  5. I don't envy you your situation - There has to be the RIGHT person out there for him ...
  6. Oh Dear Poor little boy - he had no idea ...but where were his parents? I also feel for the dog's owner , probably having his mate now taken from him ...but why was the dog eating in the presence of a child ?
  7. yes, it all sounded great - it at least got many cats desexed and would have put a big halt to cat population growth for a while.
  8. Our poor dogs don't often see grass- small plants/shrubs grow in the paddocks here- not grass- and any grass that does pop up in the house yard as weeds, the rabbits get! They do enjoy it when it rains and there is soft grass to nibble though
  9. That was a big 'snack'! Glad she's OK now . No more leather chew toys!!
  10. Ricey, That is so sad. Poor Keisha. You did the kindest thing to stop her pain. Take care of yourself - she was such a big part of your life.
  11. I like that the owner has her siblings as well - that line must be just what he wants I'm glad there is a little girl to spoil her a bit
  12. oh I love Rose's ears! They make her look very cheeky Poor giraffe- but isn't that what stuffed toys are for ? LOL Lovely photos!
  13. The rescued kitten looks quite at home My Kieran was a dumped puppy - dumped near a creek on a nearby property at about 10 wks old ....
  14. A dog is still able to father a litter for up to 6 weeks - so definitely separate!
  15. Oh my! She is doing so well, still enjoying her camping trips etc I have never thought of her as 'old' .
  16. Oh! How rude and inconsiderate ...
  17. Hopefully give some reliefe to dogs and owners
  18. I'm on a coping with low income page - and similar is happening. Looking at posts - most folks cook up meat /veges/rice/pasta - but a lot are buying meat offcuts /chicken feet/hearts & feeding that I feel for those who have big dogs and little money .
  19. A worrying trend , too, is people buying el cheapo food , and making their own with predominantly rice..I feel dog health in general will suffer . Cats, too .
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