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  1. ..and gradually replace with a better diet /or one you choose to avoid tummy upsets . GRADUALLY being the operative word So - over a couple of weeks, you change over to what you choose...by gradually adding a little more of the new, less of the old - that sort of thing - so puppy tummy gets used to digesting different things .
  2. I would suggest you do a course or two - when starting a business , some accreditation always shows dedication and hard work went into your 'title' . Remember too - training the dogs is the EASY bit . What you need to become is an excellent human body language reader/communicator/problem solver - as it is the humans with whom you will be working the hardest . You will need to educate THEM in what their dog is doing and why, and how to best manage it . Just my 2 cents worth ;) Good luck with it all .
  3. I second what Rebanne has posted, and recommend you find your state's Great Dane Club for good relevant advice .
  4. These poor dogs- specially bred for shape/endurance to run and run in a wheel to keep the roasting meat turning on a spit .... LINK TO STORY excerpt : IN THE HOT, SMOKY KITCHENS of 17th-century Europe, you’d find a lot of things you’d never see in kitchens today; a large open fire, an iron roasting spit, and oh—a giant hamster wheel-like contraption holding a small, live, constantly running dog. For hundreds of years the now-extinct turnspit dog, also called Canis Vertigus (“dizzy dog”), vernepator cur, kitchen dog and turn-tyke, was specially bred just to turn a roasting mechanism for meat. And weirdly, this animal was a high-tech fixture for the professional and home cook from the 16th century until the mid-1800s. Edward Jessy included the turnspit dog in his 19th-century book Anecdotes of Dogs, and he remembered it well from his youth. “They were long-bodied, crooked-legged, and ugly dogs, with a suspicious, unhappy look about them,
  5. An update on Chase

    Thanks for the update he seems to be doing VERY well Pity Scout didn't snap - that's how pups learn! A decent snap/snarl, = lesson learned. Great photo of you both, too
  6. Help!!! What's this?

    "awkward belly button" ? Hmmm. just looks like a little umbilical hernia - ditto to fixing when dog is castrated No need for husband to "flip out" ...they are very common . Did the vet not pick it up on your "hey, we just got a new puppy, can you give him the 'once-over' check please" visit? if the vet wasn't concerned enough to mention it - I wouldn't worry too much either
  7. Upper Motor Neurone Disease - Tamar update

    What lovely memories in those photos
  8. Upper Motor Neurone Disease - Tamar update

    Oh, Cynthia - A treasure always - now no more struggling , just her beautiful spirit , free, and with others of the gang. Sending my condolences and thoughts to you on this very very sad day ....R I P little Tamar . take care..
  9. Victims to vigilantes, article about puppy scammers

    That would be a very frightening way to live
  10. Experiences with dog transport

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow - it will likely be a very emotional day for everyone
  11. Is it just PTSD?

  12. Good for him! the dogs are having a ball!
  13. Is it just PTSD?

    Puppies do things to scare you .....
  14. Is it just PTSD?

    yes! their tummies often just say "NOPE",and throw everything back into the environment. What happened with Darling Kane will have affected you very deeply, and you will react strongly to all sorts of things. Did you know you can train without treats? Just pats/love work just as well <3 Since my Molly had a reaction to 1080 poison in my bedroom /the rest of the house after waking up alongside me one morning, I have not had a dog sleep inside. I can not. I can understand your worries.
  15. Naughty piggies!

    yes, they grow so fast- and require one to be vigilant and to have tank-proof accommodations ! Piglets are , like goat kids, so darned CUTE though....
  16. Naughty piggies!

    During Winter, Trouble's bedding this year was plastic shopping bags LOTS OF THEM ..she made a fantastic nest with them ....re-arranged it in different spots , according to her desires /where the wind was blowing from/how cold it was ...and it was one way of recycling ;)
  17. Spots on belly

    Yes- what breed, how old , and are there any other 'new' things you've noticed?
  18. Naughty piggies!

    isn't that what straw is for ? throwing around ? LOL
  19. Bark Busters

    BB are a franchise - so not everyone is 'reading from the same page' the basics are the same , but you will never be sure what you'll get when you make a booking I did a bit of online searching last night, and couldn't find many good reviews . You have been given some excellent advice here from experience and knowledgable folks I hope you find a reputable trainer , do some online research , and stick around (we love seeing photos, and getting updates.)
  20. Baby steps

    Awww..look at those two ... the start of a friendship
  21. Tear jerker boy and pup story

    Awwww How cute
  22. My new puppy is almost here

    Just when I think I have seen all sorts of cute , this young gentleman pops up! I'm sure he has some sort of advertising career in his future! ;) just delicious......
  23. Fertility issue on a young dog

    If he were mine, I'd definitely be getting the DNA test done - (You then have incontrovertible proof you can show people, too!)
  24. Help please!

    AS far as I know , The DOGZONLINE website is somewhere for breeders to advertise - breeders are not individually assessed as to the quality of their pups ....
  25. Advice beeded

    Yes, dogs can not be forced to 'get along' , experience or no .