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  1. https://www.facebook.com/7NEWSAdelaide/videos/368242755657285/?mibextid=308UXlBs9A8XJry9
  2. Cooper looked to be an older dog too.... poor boy. The other day with a storm we had a thunderclap right over the house, and one of our dogs somehow got in behind the hot water service ...where she remained - couldn't get out! Paul had to eventually pull her up and over the unit (it's in a corner) ...half strangling her in the process- but once she was out she was fine. (until next time, I guess) One of our old girls bangs the kitchen door until it opens , then usually retires to my recliner, or Clive's bed.
  3. poor posties ..that's not what you need on the job.
  4. Poor little guy - hope help can be found. maybe change the meat he is being fed? Dogs can be allergic to a protein source, ie: beef or chicken.
  5. Some of our dogs just ignore it , thankfully ...some get panicked and hide away .
  6. I hope all goes well for you , and I do hope poor Chase feels better very soon.
  7. That sounds fabulous actually
  8. What a lovely update - Go, little Jilly! I am so happy for you that things are working out and that Jilly is being a little star That sounds interesting - I hope you do All the best - stay well.
  9. Where I live, folks often drive to towns sometimes a 6 hr round trip for less expensive prices...there is a mobile vet , but obviously she cannot do surgeries etc , but she is in high demand for ordinary things.
  10. Our old girl, Dulcie, used to be a top sheep dog , many years ago. She now is free-range and sleeps on a bed in the porch . Deaf as a post , and her bark is husky , but she still thinks she is young, and gets some speed happening when the pack is moving! Every so often she will trot the 300 mtrs to the river and have a paddle , or search for suitable smelly dead fish ... She quite often barks at things in the night LOL , and keeps me company in the (outside) loo. What warmed my heart was the other day, when she devoured a WHOLE rabbit - leaving just the tail !! It took her a while , but she ate the lot - and her tea that night! ( rabbit calicivirus goes thru the local population every so often, and provides the dogs with a smorgasbord!!)
  11. hi You HAVE been through it - you poor thing Glad you are now feeling much better and are getting back into partnership with your boy Yes, urine will smell much less some time after desexing It takes a little while for hormone levels to drop after castration ...but you should notice a big difference . He is definitely a handsome boy , and much loved.
  12. FB LINK https://www.facebook.com/17841400306082997/videos/1168167100824631/
  13. looking forward to updates - what fun
  14. I am so sorry for your loss . It does sound like 1080 Some years ago I lost my little dog in a similar fashion. A bird must have dropped a poison bait in our yard , and she picked it up . It was dreadful to witness.
  15. I honestly didn't think dogs & cats were trafficked! thought that was for exotic animals only .Hope the rescued animals will be OK .
  16. She did amazingly well ! Smoke, one our boys survived over a week in similar country...but months is incredible.I hope she has pups, to pass all that on !
  17. many years ago, a guide dog in training attacked a child ...and a necropsy revealed a brain tumour .he was a lovely dog - and yes, just 'snapped'
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