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  1. Perses' Pups

  2. Perses' Pups

    The veiled lady , and tail-tip waggings
  3. is he walking on a nice loose lead ? Or is this when he is in a dog park/off-lead area ? maybe he can be rewarded with some treats YOU give him for NOT saying hello to other dogs , or trying to pick up stuff ? Saying hello to other dogs can sometimes lead to misunderstandings between dogs and humans make it a fun time with muzzle time ... make it a time when you maybe teach some tricks ..rewarding him with lots of play/praise, or treats , so he has other things to think about! Some of our working sheepdogs wear muzzles on occasion ..and you should see how excited they get when The Boss asks them to come put their "helmets" on !! they know what comes next
  4. https://www.nzonscreen.com/title/dogstar-1986
  5. I don't like this idea..it cuts way back on airflow a decent muzzle won't have huge gaps like those greyhound muzzles do , and a decent muzzle, like THIS ONE is made to allow for proper breathing , NOT to be modified .
  6. You have made a wise decision Now it's a matter of getting a good muzzle , FITTED properly . Then a bit of training for you both , and hey, presto ... walks with no fear of possible surgery! It makes such a difference ...been there, done that !
  7. Unplanned litter

    Good for you . It is a shame things got tangled here,and I hope all works out .
  8. @Rosie Snow Just wondering how things are going ?
  9. @Darkstar Such a sad and heartbreaking time for you . Others have explained it all beautifully . I will just confirm what they have said , and say that as difficult as it may seem,it is time to help your boy to cross over that rainbow bridge , with the professionals there, and you to hold him and love him as you have always done .
  10. Perses' Pups

    Iz Don. Iz very grey !
  11. Dog saves baby

    Oh My Clever Ping Pong That poor child and her baby ..she must have been desperate .
  12. We don't know what the situation was - whether this was a dog who had resource guarding issues , or was maybe an entire male guarding females , or whether it was injured , whether it was being 'disciplined' ....or whether it may have been suffering a brain tumour . We may never know , although the husband will have his story to tell if & when he heals sufficiently. The news clip said it was a large dog - and we know , with a large dog, a couple of bites in the wrong place is all it takes
  13. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    I find it difficult to believe there was a burn ... the prongs don't either heat up ..or shoot out sparks ...whichever it was , I hope the poor dog was OK, and its owners weren't .
  14. White factored Border collie eye/ear issues?

    P.S take one with a greater amount of pigment Pink noses & ear edges get sunburnt
  15. Itchy dog

    No...you wait until the course is finished, and it is out of her system...unless you have found something else in the meantime.
  16. Itchy dog

    Exclusion diets etc are best done off meds so effects can be noticed.AFAIK
  17. White factored Border collie eye/ear issues?

    What colour are their eyes ?if they have pale blue eyes they may have sight problems in bright light...but if their eyes are darkish, or green and they are navigating ok, I would guess at no problems .we have had working sheepdogs with similar pigment and no problems...thats my experience
  18. Itchy dog

    Oh.Originally you just mentioned her back...but with these other areas , ie: pretty much everywhere- that does sound more like an allergy. Perhaps you would be better served by finding a vet who can help you with testing for allergies? Dogs can be allergic to almost anything- from food colourings to certain animal proteins, and a carefully planned and carried out approach will be needed....good communication with someone knowledgeable is essential There are folks on here who have done the elimination diet to test for food allergy...
  19. Itchy dog

    At least with yeast, dietary changes, cutting out carbs can help. The old malaseb used to work a treat when done thoroughly and regularly..and using canex rinse in bedding final rinse also helps.
  20. Unplanned litter

    Indeed. And if crossed with a bulldog ..what skeletal /skin problems might the poor little mites have ? Sadly the course you've taken is not the most responsible , despite much sound advice from caring and experienced members of D O L . Selling these pups which have not been desexed almost guarantees that some of them will be bred & onsold They will be bred with NO background on parentage/health/temperament information . They will be bred , with all their inherited breathing and body deformities/problems passed on .... any unkown genetic problems impacting upon the lives of innocent babies. This saddens me like you wouldn't believe .
  21. Itchy dog

    Itchys don't usually just 'go'...best to find a reason for them, although it takes a lot of detective work!
  22. Itchy dog

    Not really ..just a tendency to put on weight . He lived into his teens , was always very active ...
  23. Open Pyometra in Golden Retrievers

    I hope the vet found nothing serious, and that they are on suitable treatment