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  1. So to be a registered breeder with the ANKC, one must join their state body. (E.g. Dogs Qld. Dogs NSW etc) then sit an exam and apply for a prefix (kennel name) These are the breeders that you find advertised on this site - Dogzonline. That breeder must own a mains registered male and a mains registered female (obviously of the same breed) they can then breed that pair of dogs and register the puppies and provide pedigree papers to their puppy buyers. There are of course rules regarding breeding which are all listed in the relative States codes of ethics
  2. I am pleased to advise we seem to have finally turned a corner. Three vet visits later. Vet had attempted to put a drip into 3 different legs which was probably difficult at the time as he was dehydrated. One spot became infected. He is on topical antibiotics as well as internal and had has first big weight gain yesterday. 35g which is major as he was only holding at 610g
  3. His 2 sisters are little balls of energy. Race every where and are rough with him. He just sits quietly. He is getting around a bit and eats a bit of mince and I have introduced cooked chicken breast. I syringe water just to ensure he is drinking something. He did a small, say half teaspoon poo this afternoon. It was dark black but soft. No weight gain though
  4. I do follow a couple of the FB sites that post stories of dogs that have apparently reacted to flea and tick meds. Seizures seem to be the most common reaction. The group's are also fully against vaccinations also which is concerning to me.
  5. I have a 6 1/2 week old pup he is of a toy breed and from a litter of 3. On Wednesday I took him to the vet as he was quite lethargic and they performed every test possible on him and kept him overnight on fluids. All tests were clear and they sent him home Thursday. They gave coccidia medication to use for 3 days "just in case" as no trace was found in a slide they did if his poo. He has been certainly brighter than he was when he went to the vet but is gaining very little weight. His two siblings gain about 30 g a day while he is lucky to gain 10. He just doesn't hav
  6. We sent a pup from Brisbane to Sydney and a couple of weeks later pup started scratching himself madly, it was driving the owners crazy. They put up with it for a couple of weeks then changed his diet and took him off grain free kibble. The itching then stopped within a couple of days.
  7. Thank you @sandgrubber , a very interesting and balanced article.
  8. I do not know if they have given her a name for it but will ask when we speak tomorrow. Thank you
  9. My sister's cross breed has a lot of tooth problems incl periodontal disease and their vet has given an option of removing all teeth. Has anyone had all of their dogs teeth removed and if so, how did it go... can the dog still have hard foods, do they just chew on their jaw bones?
  10. I have a toy breed girl due to have pups shortly. I have been feeding her mainly black hawk puppy biscuits, as vet recommended, with mince every other day. Also a raw chicken wing probably once a fortnight. She got milk fever with her last litter when pups were about a week old. Vet gave me calcium syrup to give 5ml daily. This prevented further episodes. Can anyone recommend what else I could add to her diet now, or following whelping to help prevent another case of milk fever please?
  11. Yes I paid $30 two months ago. After giving a small fortune for the ceasarian I expected the script for free.
  12. I believe in using a "time out" pen when unwanted behaviour continues. Use a firm No and place pup in the pen when he nips.
  13. Send her to Qld, no waiting time to get a prefix now. Just join, do the exam and your away.
  14. If anyone is interested I took her to the vet and was advised that a clear discharge at around day 30 is a normal sign of pregnancy. She is now due Xmas day. We have 2 further vet check ups between now and then. So, hopefully no complications.
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