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  1. I have a pregnant toy girl and would like some advice as to what people are feeding. I currently feed mostly puppy biscuits as recommended by the vet but would like to transition her over onto fully/mostly raw. If any breeders are feeding a similar diet to their girls would you kindly advise what you are giving them Thanks
  2. What a beautiful story of a life of love from you. Sending hugs x
  3. While there are definitely more listings, note they are mostly male, or people advertising matings. It is hard to get a toy poodle female. While am not promoting Gumtree, it is a good indication of current price 'trends', since the prices are actually listed.
  4. We took on an older rescue dog earlier this year. (We are in Qld). I made contact with our vet and she was able to lookup the microchip to let us know what company the little one was registered with. We then made contact with that company and just had to complete a statutory declaration. Apparently they then attempt to contact the registered owner and if there is no reply in 3 weeks the dog could be transferred to us, which is what occurred.
  5. I suppose if you are not doing anything wrong you should have no fear of anybody coming to inspect.
  6. For what it's worth we owned two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels many years ago and I remember that they would eat anything and everything in sight. Definitely not fussy eaters. Can you let us know if you went to the vet and how you went?
  7. Very normal to pay cash at pick-up. All should be outlined in your contract. I wouldn't buy or sell without one.
  8. Just revisiting this thread following a chat with an old school friend who now lives in North Qld. She and her neighbour have a business together breeding cross bred poodles. (Oodles of some sort) They mate their females on the second season, and then breed for five consecutive seasons before speying the female. She claims the females have very even numbered litters, have no problems, and are under 5 years old when they can be rehomed. I KNOW we I cannot do this under our ANKC rules. And not planning on it. I just thought it was interesting. We bred beef cattle for many years and the cow had a calf once a year, was pregnant for 9 months, and was still feeding her big calf when impregnated again. One has to wonder why well nourished dogs are any different?
  9. Pet insurance is there for this reason. I believe it is about $30 a month. Very affordable.
  10. @asal its off subject for this post but to answer you, we only have to DNA parentage verify pups we are registering on mains here in sunny Qld
  11. You seem to have posted a lot lately in this forum and reading back through all of your post you clearly want to be a breeder of toy poodle dogs. Why not just say that to start with? Some very experienced people on this forum have explained quite clearly the suggested way to go to achieve this. IF you want to breed pedigree pups. Read the replies again. The purchase price of a dog is entirely up to you. What do you want to spend, and what is it worth to you? Breeders can easily ask more for mains, and they get it. If you want the pup you will have to pay it. It doesn't really matter if anybody else here thinks it is fair or not. But, If you think these inflated prices for pups are going to continue, you are fooled. They were inflated due to a matter of supply and demand during lockdown, but this will even out and turn the other way. Every second person sees these prices, wants to be a breeder now, and thinks it's easy money. So there will be many many more puppies bred, less buyers, less money. Breeding is a lot of work, it is a lot of heartache, and it is very expensive, particularly when things don't go to plan. Good luck "Mikey"
  12. So to be a registered breeder with the ANKC, one must join their state body. (E.g. Dogs Qld. Dogs NSW etc) then sit an exam and apply for a prefix (kennel name) These are the breeders that you find advertised on this site - Dogzonline. That breeder must own a mains registered male and a mains registered female (obviously of the same breed) they can then breed that pair of dogs and register the puppies and provide pedigree papers to their puppy buyers. There are of course rules regarding breeding which are all listed in the relative States codes of ethics
  13. I am pleased to advise we seem to have finally turned a corner. Three vet visits later. Vet had attempted to put a drip into 3 different legs which was probably difficult at the time as he was dehydrated. One spot became infected. He is on topical antibiotics as well as internal and had has first big weight gain yesterday. 35g which is major as he was only holding at 610g
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