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  1. I believe in using a "time out" pen when unwanted behaviour continues. Use a firm No and place pup in the pen when he nips.
  2. Send her to Qld, no waiting time to get a prefix now. Just join, do the exam and your away.
  3. If anyone is interested I took her to the vet and was advised that a clear discharge at around day 30 is a normal sign of pregnancy. She is now due Xmas day. We have 2 further vet check ups between now and then. So, hopefully no complications.
  4. Thank you I am aware you are not a vet, I thought this was a discussion forum and was simply asking if somebody had seen this before.
  5. Is it normal for a female to have a clear discharge of eggwhite consistency when about 5 weeks pregnant? Hopefully I am worried about nothing but just on high alert as my other breeding girl absorbed her litter at about this time and I recall she had a clear discharge also.
  6. Join the Facebook group "Puppy SCAM awareness Aust" They are a fantastic group and in their introduction they have a massive list of scammers that is being added to everyday. It also gives a lot of tips of what to look out for. The old rule that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is always applies. Otherwise, Just stick to Dogzonline!
  7. With Dogs Qld: Dogs Qld Rules and code of practice G24. A person shall not breed a bitch causing it to whelp more than twice in 18 months. The age for the first breeding of bitches may be breed-specific based on maturation after the second heat but is preferably 22 months of age. This regulation is not intended to reduce minimum requirements for breeding set out in the code of ethics of Dogs Queensland and the rules of the ankc, national breed councils, and/ or breed clubs. G25. ( discusses the age for the first breeding of a male dog) So clause 4B (Dogs NSW)
  8. I wasn't intending to mate her again, and did not. I was simply asking about the frequency of her heats. I thought the timeframe between heats may differ depending on whether or not they were mated.
  9. On two occasions, I allowed pups to leave with some money still owing. Neither ever paid. One person gave excuses for a month then blocked me, the other just ignored my attempts at contact. Never again. Best of luck. Some people have no conscience.
  10. I am part of a puppy scam group on Facebook and there have been quite a few incidences of people stealing ANKC numbers to advertise. The good thing for you is no deposit paid if there is a problem.
  11. I read with interest several posts regarding the need to sell on mains to continue pedigree bloodlines. I agree. I am a relatively new small breeder of a currently popular breed. We have a couple of litters a year. We live 3 hours from capital cities (no showing) and have just bred as a hobby, selling to the pet market and therefore sell on limited registration. I have been approached a few times from fellow breeders requesting pups on mains registration. I have been reluctant to agree to this simply because I am concerned of my liability, as my understanding is a mains re
  12. Our toy female has come on heat like clockwork every 6 months. On her 3rd and 4th heat we mated her and had successful pregnancies and puppies. We then did not mate her on her 5th heat, then following that she came into season three months later. Is this what is called a silent heat or has she just come into season at a different time because she was not mated?
  13. My girl was pregnant with her 2nd litter. She was about 5 weeks along when she started losing her balance and appeared quite distressed. We took her to the vet who did scans and said she had one or two pups and to just keep a close eye on her. She had 6 pups on her first litter. She was back to normal in a couple of days except following that she stopped gaining pregnancy weight. We took her back to the vet when she would have been about 8 weeks and scan revealed pup(s) were gone. Vet took a swab, gave an internal, said all ok, and has given a weeks supply of antibiotics sa
  14. I am seeking some advice on taking my girls temperature prior to whelping. I have read a few articles on Google but hope to hear from someone who uses the temperature method successfully. Can you let me know when you take it how often you take it and at what day of the pregnancy should I start and what to look for. Thanks in advance.
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