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  1. Breeding Consecutive Heats

    yup ANKC rules on what WE do with OUR Dogs gotta love it yeh sorry i do mean just the once off, not that i would do more then 2 consecutive matings and rules say cant have 3 litters in 18 months. i know people who breed bitches every heat cos their heats are more then 6 months appart so the litters are being born 1-3 months outside the 3 in 18 months so they get away with it. my point on the wild is its natural for dogs to do so... might not be what they want but they do and they handle it just fine. in my opinion most people who i know who bitches end up having Pyo is because they havent mated them, very rarely have i heard bitches who have been bred get it ... yes they do i know but 90% of the time its bitches who have never been bred or they wait until 4+ for thier first litter
  2. Breeding Consecutive Heats

    Been doing some research into this "touchy" topic and would love to hear others thoughts . im under the belief that mother nature (the wild) dogs will breed every heat in a pack situation. Its only us who think its unethical to do so. ive read a scientific studies that showed a bitch who was bred every heat did much better then a bitch who bred every second heat. they dissected the uterus after they had bred the bitches and desexed them and found the ones the most damage to be the ones who bred every other heat. And the uterus of the one who bred every heat to be in fairly good condition. It said that a bitch who has a heat and doesnt whelp puppies doesnt have a cleaning out effect of the uterus (this is part what can cause pyo) also it said bitches who arent bred every heat are more prone to cancer,s pyo ad false pregnancies etc thoughts?
  3. 16 days old puppies Diarrhea

    puppies got given some scourban and are doing just fine. They did say "its been going around" and i had the mother at the vets a few days prior.
  4. 16 days old puppies Diarrhea

    theyre fine, very strong healthy active pups scourban has fixed them
  5. 16 days old puppies Diarrhea

    puppies are very strong active healthy puppies always very full from mum no loss of appetite or change in behaviour, but have the runs. If they didnt have the runs there would be no concern at all with them. anyways to bind them back as being only 16 days old they arent eating only off mum. who is on a plain diet of dry food and mince.
  6. exporting pets overseas

    Thank you , its an added $135 but a friend of mine suggested to do it anyways as its a bull breeds dog going to a country where BSL is high so any proof of its breed would be handy to have
  7. Export to Hawaii

    thank you i got a great quote from moreholme and the buyer imported a pup from oz 8 years ago and paid $1770 AUD and my quote today was $1840 so very well priced and we will be going with him
  8. exporting pets overseas

    i was just wondering if you sent a pet overseas that wont be bred or shown and not re registered to any canine body do they need an export pedigree still ?
  9. Export to Hawaii

    yup i know this is just wanted to hear other peoples experiences.
  10. Export to Hawaii

    has anyone done this recently and can help me with the process, what was needed, what age the pup can go, and the prices paid thank you
  11. Fly snapping on a pregnant bitch

    Bitch in question is 2 weeks pregnant and last night we noticed she was fly snapping and she was doing it again tonight... a quick recall and she would stop every time. She is also a foot licker. she fed on a grain free diet. any ideas? a new habit? she was fine before being bred
  12. Stud fee + semen fee - AI - what is usual practice?

    yup sounding like greedy stud dog owner... im currently in the process of using australian frozen semen i will be paying stud fee half of collection cost (as breeder keeping what i dont need, which i was happy with as i only had to pay half) 50 release fee from thier vet 100 accepting fee from my vet then all the usual breeding costs ... but i never paid anything different then i would have a normal mating (of course frozen semen needs to be collected and sent so that cost is of course on me) and im the same as mentioned above, when i have stud dogs i charge a stud fee, payable whenever you want and in return you get my signature. if there is no puppies then no fee. i charge maybe $20 fuel if i have to pick up and drop off and airport and feeding one extra dog for a few days costs stuff all so i dont charge that after all if there is puppies im going to be getting a large stud fee so why would i charge a few $$ for some food. people are getting very greedy now days when it comes to studing out their dogs
  13. Progesterone Levels DROPPED ?

    My bitch is on heat and at day 5 her level was 5.4, 2 days later she is full flagging and standing for the dog so i prog tested her and it dropped to 4.2 (day 7) ??? ive never prog tested before and am using frozen semen. i know she should be really high for mating but is it normal to drop and be very flirty for the dog when on the day 5 was snapping at him. (not using the live dog he is desexed but still does all the undesexed idiot things)
  14. Having a conversation with a friends regarding collections and using frozen semen. 1. Firstly they were blown away to hear a dog with a colleciton being 1464mil count. who else has had this type of numbers at first collection (before freezing) as ive heard of some being 800 and 1300.mil etc 2. secondly once semen is frozen and tested and given a count.. is the count on the vial the pre or post thaw number? my analysis reads to me that its the post thaw count. 3. also what is your preferred count on frozen semen breedings ? ive had many vet tell me 100 others say 200. 4. what is the lowest count AI you have had that was successful
  15. Hi i was wondering if anyone has recently sent frozen semen from Queensland to South Australia and could let me know what you paid, thanks just freight semen already collected