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  1. sadly mother whelped yesterday 1 puppy apparently 3 x bigger then normal so was dead
  2. The owners do not own a male and are a very close friend of mine, and they also dont have neighbours
  3. well i got some news today .... the said young dog who we couldnt get a collection from is going to be a father ... the bitch he was supposed to mate at the time we did the first colections has tested pregnant today by ultrasound .. 2 puppies were seen. so hes got a sneaky tie or slip in.
  4. Anyone do thier own at home semen analysis ? what microscope do you use ? is 200x powerfull enough ? how do you do count numbers? where do you buy slides? thanks
  5. no but i might ask to check that on his next visit hes due for vaccinations soon before hes due for another collection
  6. tested him today, had a very low count, but deemed sterile and to test again in 2 months.
  7. thanks for the messages i am taking him to be checked i just wanted to know after i had collected him what the best time to wait was before i collected him as i found mixed answers online on when i need to book him in .. some said u can collect a dog daily while others says weeks to months wait between
  8. how long after a collection can you collect again for semen testing? i collected a dog at home to check semen cloudyness at home after a clear vet collection. what i collected was cloudy so now wish to take him back to be tested ... how long would you wait ... im not collecting to use or freeze just to check fertility
  9. got him home ysterday and he wanted to mate his mother so took opportunity and collected him... in 20 secs i got more fluid then they did with 2 tries at the vet and it was cloudy ... so looking ok .. started him on menevit too for now
  10. yeh i did the math and its actually cheap LOL i worked out the cost on buying the same vitamins etc as whats in it and its 10x more expensive the line of his sire is highly used around the world and ive never heard of any issues regarding the stud dogs used from the same lines. same really of the dams line. but yeh anything can happen im just very surprised a youn healthy dog is infertile and this particular dog of mine i have built up to for years .... just so dissapinting and hoping that it was just the situation and he just didnt ejaculate he wasnt in a good state of mind at the time
  11. yeh it was his first ever "sexual" experience other then humping others. and he was tense when they started and he didnt even hump when he was being collected.. he wasnt into it at all ... im really hoping thats all it was but the fact there was zero sperm is concerning. yes ive contacted them about thier semen booster and its quite costly. but definitely an option
  12. this is his maiden mating with a friends bitch and the service was free ... but a mating never happened with both bieng maidens and shes now been missed .... my issue is about the dog having zero sperm at the collection and wondering cos he was very tense being his first time if the issue was the or hes infact infertile and if there is anything i can do to boost a sperm count
  13. he was going over a maiden but no matings never happened and shes gone off heat (this was in the bitches owners care not mine) but the issue is the collection showed Zero sperm
  14. Dog in 14 months old, went to collect him yesterday for an AI and he gave nothing .... got about 1-2mls of clear liquid but took a lot to get that from him (he was collected twice in an attempt to get something) used a teaser bitch that was spot on ready. 1. as we walked into the room he stopped halfway and froze so had to be dragged into the room 2. the nurse started to attempt a collection within 30 seconds so he was still tense ive done some reading and a seen a dog can withhold an ejaculation, especially if not happy with the situation? far as i know there is no
  15. whats the youngest youve seen or heard of a mating happening ... the puppy in question is 4 months 8 days old
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