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  1. Man dies from severe injuries caused by his pet dog

    With the limited number of public areas dogs are allowed to venture out to nowadays, is it any wonder that so many of them are not as well socialised as we'd like? Just saying... T.
  2. Skin issues can be only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blue/blue bred staffies... I have seen a few hermaphrodites... also some with sight/hearing issues... I'd be more likely to go with breeder who doesn't breed specifically for blue, but occasionally throws same in regular coloured litters. I'd be very leery of anyone who tries to talk up how "healthy" their blue/blue bred pups will be long term. I'd also like to know how anyone can be mains registering (for breeding/showing) Staffords that are not conforming to the colour standards set for the breed. Oh... and blue Staffords are as rare as rocks nowadays, so paying higher prices for them is ridiculous and money-grabbing. T.
  3. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    I assisted a dental on a 9 year old beagle cross the other day... she had a fair bit of plaque, but only one small pre-molar needed extraction. Her owner was so upset that her dog must have been in pain from that one small tooth... but we assured her that where that particular tooth was, it wasn't too involved with her eating, so she may not have really noticed any pain from it actually. All of the rest of her teeth were in beautiful condition, just had some plaque build-up. As for bad breath, that can have other sources... not only from teeth issues. Some gastric issues will cause bad breath too. Best to get a thorough vet checkup (and full bloods) to make sure it's only from a bit of muck on the teeth and not something else more sinister... T.
  4. Rain Anxiety

    Is your roof colorbond or corrugated iron? And the rain makes noise on it? Just because you mentioned she barks at the blender, I'm thinking it could be noise related... There are rain/storm CD's that you can buy to try to desensitise dogs to the noises of same... maybe you could see if she reacts to one of those? I have a storm phobic dog myself at the moment, but just normal rain doesn't upset her much at all - we've deduced that she is sensing the barometric drop that happens with proper storms, so noise desentising doesn't work for her. She knows a storm is coming hours before it happens... *sigh* T.
  5. Puppy with flatulance

    You could try putting a dollop of plain greek yoghurt in her dinner... won't necessarily stop the farts, but will take the bad smell away... a good teaspoon should do it. T.
  6. Is your dog afraid of the cold?

    Pickles is somewhat indifferent to the cold, but if it's particularly chilly, she'll either hog the heater or take herself off to her own nice warm beddie... and of course tries to push me off my electric blanket overnight... lol! Harper has a toasty warm jacket that she will not let me take off pretty much ALL winter... *sigh* I'm more of a sook when it comes to the cold weather than my dogs... lol! T.
  7. antinol - how to feed

    @Snook... from what I understand, Antinol's active ingredient is extracted differently to other green-lipped mussel formulas... something about this process apparently makes the difference as to it's efficacy over other formulas. T.
  8. antinol - how to feed

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2722199/ Another study using green-lipped mussel extract on dogs - with amounts given listed... T.
  9. antinol - how to feed

    https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2011/307121/ Section 6 of the above discusses some dosage rates and testing done on dogs with arthritis @Snook I'm thinking the active ingredient in Antinol is a closely guarded secret at this stage, therefore comparing it to other green-lipped mussel extracts may not necessarily give similar results. T.
  10. Antihistimine brands

    Have you talked about Polaramine or Zyrtec with your vet? I have seen lots of dogs taking one or the other with few side effects... and they are cheaper than Claratyne and Aerius. T.
  11. Some puppy enrichment here

    Love the smarty ones trying to go up the side to not get their feet wet... lol! T.
  12. Looking for Labrador Breeder

    Did your girl have papers with her registered kennel name on them? If so, you could contact DogsQLD and ask whether that breeder is still active... If you run into all the dead ends 16 years could throw at you, then if I may be so bold as to recommend another excellent Labrador breeder in NSW... look at Tapua Labradors... I've met a few, and they are stunning in both conformation AND temperament. T.
  13. @Loving my Oldies... that's most likely so the receipts can go to the right people for their tax purposes... nothing sinister... T.
  14. antinol - how to feed

    My friend's dog is doing great on Antinol... I'd highly recommend it @Snook... T.
  15. Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

    The beauty of a killed/modified live vaccine... doesn't require to be administered by a vet... *grin* T.