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  1. My experience with lots of pups over the years is that each is different in how it will respond to different training methods... some need correction that isn't always 100% positive, and others respond really well to only the positive. There really is no one shoe fits all training method, it must be tailored to the individual. That said, there is no place for extreme or harsh correction in a very young pup. T.
  2. It's really easy to ascertain whether a lump is a lipoma or something else that may need further looking into. Take the sample, then aspirate it onto the slide. Dip into the 3 different dyes/fixers. If the dye does not attach to the aspirant, then you are looking at a lipoma. Simple. In all reality, a vet nurse could technically perform the procedure... but only a vet is legally allowed to make a diagnosis. Vet nurses actually have to learn how to do a FNA as part of their training/course... and we all have to pass a practical test for same. I can understand
  3. Haha! Maybe I did learn a few things in vet nurse school... lol! That said, consulting a vet in any case where one is concerned about the health of our furry mates is best practice... T.
  4. It's possible that she had a spontaneous abortion of the contents of one side of the uterus for some reason... luckily for you, that was only 1 pup, and the other side that had 2 pups was unaffected. T.
  5. Royal Canin Recovery tinned food is also very tasty... and smells pretty good to dogs... Glad to know that Mezza'a wound isn't too bad... poor wee boy. Please give him a few extra cuddles and kisses from me when he gets back home. T.
  6. Have you got any Manuka Honey @Loving my Oldies? A dab on that wound will certainly help... otherwise, a little bit of Betadine will work just as well, but might sting a little. T.
  7. A simple fine needle aspiration is a very quick and relatively inexpensive way the check for lipomas. If the stain doesn't stick to the aspirant on the slide, then you can usually safely assume that it is a lipoma. They are usually fairly readily diagnosed by the way they feel, usually softer and squishy and self-contained. They are also pretty common in older dogs. T.
  8. My first step would be a full vet checkup to make sure he doesn't have an underlying medical issue. If he hurts somewhere, he may be objecting to being handled. T.
  9. Haha! Definitely uncoordinated... poor Joe was playing with Ranger on Tuesday and managed to get kicked in the back... errr! But when Joe said "OWW!", Ranger was so sorry he stopped being a doofus and just wanted to snuggle and make it all better... seriously, that cow (steer) thinks he's human. T.
  10. He's the most adorable boy ever... he is VERY human habituated due to the intense efforts we all put in to not let him die on us when he was little. I'm his 3rd fave person apparently. Amber is his number 1 mummy, then Joe his number one daddy, then he loves me the most... lol! He absolutely loves going out on jobs and meeting lots of people - kids especially - and even though he's much bigger than our other 2 calves (mini belted galloways), he's a fave to take out. The fact that he knows the drill so well helps too... easy to get into and out of the truck/pens, etc... happy to follow you with
  11. That was Emma... She's the queen of getting her head stuck in hay feeders, so we have to use a large wheelie bin with a big hole cut in the side in their paddock instead... lol! T.
  12. Simon loves ornamental pear leaves... so I used some to get him to do this... lol! He was given them in the end... *grin* T.
  13. Wee Gertie had a problem retaining cud when she was a baby girl... turns out she had 3 very loose premolars and they had to be removed. As a result she has a bit of a crooked smile, and her tongue sticks out sometimes... which only makes her cuter, don't you think? Her missing teeth have no impact on eating... trust me, she never misses a feed... haha! She's the sweetest natured little thing... and quiet too... I love her to bits! T.
  14. Not to be outdone by Ranger... Percy wanted in on the photo shoot too... lol! He's such a ham... haha! T.
  15. I decided to get out my camera at the farm today... *grin* Some of you may remember that we had a little fellow that was quite poorly when he was a tiny tacker... well... he's growed up some now, and is a right silly boofhead... lol! He is such a tart! T.
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