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  1. The kennel opening/door needs to be facing where you enter and leave the house... so the dog can see if/when you come out... T.
  2. Wild dogs and dingos

    Loving how healthy the wild older pup is looking... and Midge is SOOOO pretty! Pity the family can't catch some of the mums and get them desexed... but then again, those girls would be pretty smart about getting caught by now... *sigh* T.
  3. Lonely or bored?

    She's prime for mating right now... so is pining to go make some new male friends... give it another week at least, OK? T.
  4. Why Do Everyone Hate The Rspca?

    This is definitely true... mainly due to the incredible PR juggernaut that the RSPCA employs... Thousands of people have horror stories to tell, but the reprisals if one speaks out publicly can be nasty. There are grounds for a class action case against the RSPCA, but try finding one person who will stand up and add their name to one... T.
  5. Worms or maggots in stool

    Yep... and if you get the really cool long stringy ones, they require special stuff from the vet... and it's expensive! A lot of the all-in-one wormers actually don't cover tapeworm... so check the package to make sure they are covered by whichever one you are using, OK? T.
  6. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Neko wins.... look at those eyes! How could anyone resist? LOL! T.
  7. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    FIVE years!?!? Time flies, doesn't it? Still remember how excited we all were waiting for each update about this precious little family of iggies... T.
  8. Vet duty of care

    And do they think they are charging you for it... seeing as it happened on their premises... in their care, no less? T.
  9. need suggestions please

    Huskies are known escape artists... so if she is prone to escaping, maybe you could look at making a secure run for her in your yard where she can be contained when you aren't supervising her... If that seems like too much trouble, then maybe you should rehome her, and tell prospective new owners why you are doing so... so they can make sure she is secured when not supervised. T.
  10. Yep... Labradors... so smart, yet so clueless... lol! T.
  11. Vet duty of care

    I second this... front up there today and demand that he be seen and treated now. And you aren't paying a cent as he was injured whilst in their care... T.
  12. Moon-watch

    I took a look at 5:45am when I got out of bed... nothing too flash happening by then... but kinda pretty. Not exciting enough for me to pull the camera out for though... T.
  13. We're doing ok with keeping infection at bay so far @crazydoglady99... and Trubs is a Labrador - she will eat anything... lol! I've been bringing home duck eggs from work lately... and they are her most fave thing at the moment... but we are limiting to one every other day, as I don't want to have to invest in a gas mask... hehe! She eats them shell and all... yum! T.
  14. Poor muffin was scratching an itch on her neck yesterday and the pressure made her gag... but 30 minutes later she scoffed her dinner down like nothing was wrong... The tumour appears to be affecting her trachea more than her oesophagus... and she now only sleeps on her right side because the tumour on the left is about the size of a grapefruit and it's uncomfortable to lie on. It doesn't appear to hurt her at all, just gets in the way. It has migrated over to the right, but that side is only about the size of a ping pong ball so far. Pickles has become so protective of Trubs that she has taken to shadowing her everywhere... but gets a bit bossy at times... especially if Trubs lies down somewhere that Pickles can't lie next to her... lol! As for the treats... Trubs shared some with a friend's dog, and now her owner is ordering them regularly... and they even have made her a special run of the Turkey Sprinkles as her dog loves them so much. Now, that's AWESOME customer service! T.
  15. Trubs had her monthly checkup last week... tumour still getting bigger, but she's still oblivious and eating fine... We keep on keeping on... *grin* She sends her best dribbly kisses to her fav Aunty @crazydoglady99 T.