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  1. Decent inexpensive dog food brands?

    Bonnie is pretty reasonable... get from Petbarn or the like. T.
  2. Vebo crates have a slide out tray at the bottom... https://www.vebopet.com.au/dog/crates-and-cages/ Just thinking of logistics here... does the dog get aggressive as soon as he sees food? Do you need to have him contained prior to the food appearing, or can you place it in a crate/enclosure, then let him at it? Does he settle down after the food is gone, making it easy for you to just let him out and then clean? T.
  3. Sounds like a decent plan... works for the big cats I've worked with, so why not for a dog? I'm assuming he can't be near anyone when food is around at all? That must be so hard on you and your family... T.
  4. Salmon bones are usually very easy to chew up and don't shatter like normal bones... I'd say as long as your dog tends to chew it's food, then I'd leave the bones in... T.
  5. RSPCA in the news

    I've found that there are not so many oodle types in the pound system (around Sydney anyways)... more likely to be the not so popular crossbred or bull breed backyard types that were cute when tiny pups, but have grown larger and become more destructive/naughty as their novelty wore off and they were banished to the back yard. Most of those are unchipped also. Funnily enough, most of the puppy farmed types are chipped - but whether or not the details have been entered or updated can be questionable. I'm not a fan of poorly bred animals just for the sake of making money... but I really haven't seen as many of the popular mixes in the pounds here. I do see plenty of them visiting the vet clinic I have vet nursing work placement at... and despite any ongoing genetically or congenitally linked issues, their owners are generally more likely to bend over backwards to make sure little fluffy is well cared for. T.
  6. Post operative complication

    Possibly a reaction to internal stitches? I've seen it happen... T.
  7. Kangaroos dog food issues

    Kangaroo is high protein, low fat... I find I need to feed my dogs a lot more of it as oppsed to other meats in order to keep weight on them. My dogs have cast iron guts though... T.
  8. Definitely! If the cause is a torsion or intussusception, then the longer you wait, the more of your dog's intenal gastric tract can die off, leading to very aggressive surgery to remove large portions of same... or death if not treated asap. If you even suspect bloat in your dog... vet asap... don't wait! T.
  9. I'll be there around 9ish, OK? T.
  10. Is this sunday good for you @asal? T.
  11. Would you like me to come out with my whipper snipper @asal? We can clear any longer grass to deter the wrigglies from visiting the dogs... T.
  12. Bonnie or Connie @asal? Thank dog she's OK! T.
  13. Credit due . . . .

    That IS good customer service! Lucky Jeune to have you as her mum... T.
  14. Nose2Nose

    Nawww.... looks like she found herself a friend... lol! T.
  15. Stud a dog

    Have you been showing your boy at all? That would give you the networking and kudos for good wins that may be required to get him out there and recognised as desirable by others... Unfortunately hiring your dog out as a stud isn't as easy as just advertising for him to get "dates with the ladies"... T.