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  1. The article notes that we humans have caused the problem by clearing the natural habitat and making the area more suited to the Noisy Miners... it also provides some advice on planting shrubs and the like to provide better shelter etc for the smaller bird species. It all just seems that once we humans create an imbalance with the natural order of things, our first thoughts of "fixing the problem" are to kill things off... T.
  2. I'm sorry to say that my advice would be to give Rebel his wings... he is in pain, and he's aggressive. He most likely will not change his behaviours, and he will eventually kill Sam, or injure him so badly you will have to have Sam put down. It sounds like no-one has had the guts to call it like it is with this boy... he is not a happy dog by any stretch of the imagination. He is in pain, and most likely has some anxiety issues as well. Just because he has a pulse and can be a "nice" dog sometimes does not mitigate the fact that he is a ticking time bomb... a very strong time bomb with teeth... His reactions to strangers (of the human kind) is also a real problem. If he decided to take umbrage with a child, you could be in all manner of trouble with the authorities. Please be a really good mate to Rebel and allow him to sleep the long sleep... I really think he deserves that respect, as it's not exactly his "fault" the way he is, but it is cruel to continue on trying to "fix" him. Sam also needs to feel safe in his own home, yes? T.
  3. Has anyone xrayed your dog's lower spine area? Degeneration there can cause sciatica from pinching on the sciatic nerve, and a few other issues that may present with a limp. If you are in Sydney, see if you can get a referral to Dr David Lidbetter... he is one of the top orthopedic vet surgeons in the country, so is most likely your best option to get to the root of the problem, and hopefully get it sorted out. T.
  4. Where are you located roughly @Catman77? That info will give us an idea of which rescues are closest to you that may be able to help... T.
  5. Parliamentary petition against this legislation... https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/la/Pages/ePetition-details.aspx?q=qBOar3qjYoueNu%2FqGMaIEQ%3D%3D&fbclid=IwAR1O6-uwz4GQZ_trCox454E0Xm1bi7qwqYWeovPMymtsKRnNQ3KF4lKJJtE T.
  6. Now they want to cull noisy miners... grrr! https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/annoying-bird-thats-outsmarted-us/news-story/413f5198b65edc74318b84e90d66e27b T.
  7. A lot of good advice on the topic was given after your previous post... have you tried any of that advice? T.
  8. Goldie Rescue is also worth contacting... https://www.grr.org.au/ T.
  9. Is this the ad for the pups in question @Roseinwinter? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/holmview/dogs-puppies/pure-red-toy-poodle-puppies-/1282266161 @Rebanne, only mention of papers is on the sire... Pre Covid, a friend of mine paid $5000 for a papered toy poodle... and other Gumtree ads are asking around that price or less right now in QLD. T.
  10. We still don't know what the actual problem with this pup was, and as the original poster seems to have disappeared, I guess we never will, as there is a distinct possibility that something they did once the pup was in their care caused the issue. Here's hoping that the pup is now OK... Jumping to conclusions based on little to no real info - and no follow up - are ridiculous at best, wouldn't you say? Same goes for allocation of any fault... T.
  11. Rottweiler... *grin*... from one of our lovely DOLers lines... T.
  12. The fact that the pup could have contracted the illness whilst in the care of the new owner blurs that line unfortunately. Circumstances beyond the control of the breeder should not be their burden to bear. If you bought a new TV, then plugged it into a faulty power socket and it blew up, your chances of a refund would be reduced significantly, yes? There is still the issue of a 100% diagnosis of any such disease in the pup. As I noted earlier, if the pup had been vaccinated within 10 days of that diagnosis, there is a high chance of a false positive test result for the diseases covered by the vaccine, as that vaccine actually uses a modified (inert) form of those diseases to initiate antibody response. Not to mention that the original poster hasn't really given an accurate disease name - could be referring to Parvovirus or Coronavirus, both of which present with similar symptoms, but can have different end results for the pup. Then there's the possibility that the pup has vaccinosis, which is an adverse reaction to the vaccine where a pup can get a bit sick for a few days to a week, then be fine. Compound being given a vaccination with worming on the same day, and you can see pups getting a bit sick from the experience more likely. Alternately, the pup may also just be suffering from a growth spurt that has put it off it's food... or a change in diet that has caused a tummy upset reaction... or a combination of all the possibilities. All of which are well beyond the control of the breeder, so they can't necessarily be held to account for the problem. Anyways, until the original poster comes back with an update, we are all in the dark here as to what was/is actually going on. T.
  13. The problem I have with anthropomorphising is that the lunatic fringe tend to take things to the extreme and lobby loudly to end our close relationships with animals. T.
  14. The simple economics of the matter is that the market will price to what the buyer will pay. I see no problem with a reputable breeder making a profit from the sale of their quality pups... why the hell shouldn't they? And I also have no problem with reputable breeders dictating what register they put their pups on either... if they would prefer their pups not to be bred from, then that's their perogative. I have already picked a breed and breeder that I will be contacting once I'm able to take on another pup... fingers crossed that I can afford the pup I want at that time... lol! T.
  15. Coronavirus in dogs is a form of haemorrhagic gastroenteritis... basically the lesser nasty cousin of Parvo in symptoms. It causes internal bleeding that can manifest in bloody stools or vomit. Pups with this disease will display a range of symptoms, from mild illness, to life threatening internal bleeding. It is not exactly a disease I'd be trying to put off getting vet attention for. As for attempting to connect the contraction of any disease back to the breeder, it's not that simple... many factors come into play, most of which are not within the breeder's control. Many nasty diseases have a very short gestation period, and can be contracted in any number of ways. If the original poster has had the pup for a week, and symptoms came on 5 days prior to their post here, good luck trying to blame the breeder for it, as canine coronavirus has a gestation period of 1 to 4 days... so at least 2 days in the owner's care before onset of symptoms... impossible to entirely correlate to any breeder fault. T.
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