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  1. Today I received an awesome care package from an amazing DOLer with the biggest heart... and it included freshly baked (still warm) scones, home made jam, and cream... YUMMO!! It also had some treats for Harper... which she is really excited about... lol! We have a large number of pretty amazing people here... and for that, I am forever grateful. T.
  2. Don is such a handsome gentleman... *swoon* Naughty Pudden... lol! T.
  3. Pickles has gone to join Trouble and Zeddy at the Rainbow Bridge... Pickles seemed a bit off on Friday, refusing food and just acting a bit flat, but otherwise acting normally... she has done that a few times over the years, so it was no really huge concern at the time. She had been fine on Thursday, eating her dinner with her usual gusto, etc... Yesterday she started to deteriorate in her mood, and started wanting to drink copious amounts of water, but still refusing any solids... and in the afternoon she vomited up lots of water with blood in it... so I took her to VS
  4. @Boroniais definitely the one to get advice from re finding a reputable rescue that may have the breeds that you are looking at... and Westies in particular... maybe she will be along soon... T.
  5. Kammi is gorgeous! And Clive is one spoiled boy... lol! T.
  6. It is a sh!t part of a vet's and nurse's job... make no bones about it... but it is still one of the most selfless things we can do for our ailing furry friends - regardless whether we can physically bear to be there at the moment they pass or not. During my vet nursing work placement, I was present/involved in more of these procedures than I care to count, and I can say that our clinic staff made sure that no animal was scared or distressed for the procedure - whether or not the owner was present at the time. I have had great big burly men sobbing on my shoulder after the passing
  7. Back in the old days lots of (read most) pups went to new homes at his age, and most of those did just fine... so don't be put off by those berating you for taking him this young. Obviously the breeder didn't seem to care that he was very young and could have done with a couple more weeks with his mum and siblings to learn a few more social skills... but that is your job now... *grin* I must say that he is all levels of adorable from that gorgeous photo you have shared... I can see how you fell in love... I have raised more than my share of very young pups over the year
  8. His age indicates to me that he may also be teething... which can be a bit rough on some pups... ask the vet to check his mouth thoroughly in case he has a teething issue going on. It may also be worth collecting some of his loose poo into a container and taking that the the vet with you - they can do a faecal float to see if there are any nasties happening in his gut. When was his last vaccination? And his last worming? What with? T.
  9. Another thing to think about is veterinary costs over the dog's lifetime... the larger the dog, the costlier any surgical procedures will cost - including desexing, which is recommended if you are not looking to breed with the dog in question, and may soften any undesirable hormonal behaviours from developing. Also, Huskies, Malamutes, and German Shepherds are double coated breeds, so VERY regular coat maintenance will be mandatory - and they will drop their undercoats at least 1-2 times a year, which will require a LOT of grooming while this is happening, and you will have dog hai
  10. Lovely healthy bundles of puppy breath... Megs is doing a great job... T.
  11. Jus came across a job ad for ARH Homebush, and it is listed as being Greencross... https://www.seek.com.au/job/52415605?type=standout#searchRequestToken=f5bec264-176f-4cdf-9199-90daba75dee8 T.
  12. Until he realises that a 39 degree heat pillow is a good thing... lol! T.
  13. Good boy Clive! Good girl Bobbin! Small steps forward in your blossoming friendship... Hey Bobbin... Clive will make an awesome warm snuggle buddy during the colder months... just sayin'... hehe! T.
  14. Generally Kennel Cough sounds a lot worse than it actually is... I saw a lot of it when I worked in rescue, and as such it doesn't freak me out any more... *grin* Sometimes we get a bit overzealous with prescribing treatments for Kennel Cough because it is more distressing for us to see/hear them coughing like that than the actual effect on the dog in question. Personally, I tend to only be concerned if they develop a respiratory infection, evidenced by yellow or green snot/mucous, or the dog is very young (under 6 weeks old) or older (over 10 years). The cough usually only lasts f
  15. Is Don... is good! Bobbin seems to be starting to understand that not all dogs are to be bashed up... good girl Bobbin! T.
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