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  1. 300 dogs would need a decent team of staff to care for to the minimum welfare standards. If done properly, it is not unfeasible... technically... One would be concerned about dead rats in kennels if they had been poisoned by rat baits... the possibility of a dog ingesting a poisoned one would be a major health risk. asal makes a point regarding the fact that commercial breeding may be needed to service demand for pets if AJP proposed legislation is passed. The AR nutters don't seem to understand that the vast majority of pets found in pounds and shelters are NOT typically those bred by registered purebred breeders or even commercial breeders... overwhelmingly they are the unregistered and unchipped products of the backyard breeding "industry". Current AND proposed legislation does little to address that particular issue, even when advised of that fact by those tasked with policing that legislation. Another case of politicians needing to be seen "doing something" to address an issue, but failing to understand exactly what the issue is. T.
  2. I think the sentiment is about projecting humanising qualities on our pets. T.
  3. I don't know about the rotties needing a "strong owner"... I've had around 10 of them myself over the years (5 of them at the one time together), and I never had to establish that I was "boss". Mutual respect and love goes a long way methinks... and all of mine would happily stand between me and any perceived danger quietly observing but not reacting unless there was imminent threat (only ever happened once, and the dog stood her ground and saw off the threat without violence). T.
  4. When I fostered wild born dingo orphans, it was abundantly clear that they are NOT like domestic dogs in any way, shape, or form. If fed a standard "complete and balanced" dog food, they developed squirty bums really quickly, and just didn't thrive like they should... the best option was a diet high in lean raw meats. Turkey necks, kangaroo of just about any cut, etc, worked best for fit, healthy, and active growing pups I found... Behaviourally, they were very different too... VERY smart (and cunning), very dextrous, and very inquisitive. They liked to "taste" everything new much more than domestic dogs too, including fingers and toes... lol! Somewhat more aloof and independent than domestic dogs also... they will do your bidding when and if it suits them only... *grin* With the crossbred dingo/dog pups, it was a lottery as to whether they inherited more traits from one side or the other... T.
  5. We seriously need a Love button! Such gorgeous little dogs in an equally gorgeous setting... well done @Loving my Oldies! T.
  6. The trick is the be as confident as possible when delivering the injection... it will get easier over time, honest! T.
  7. When I worked in a boarding kennel, we had a few cats and dogs who came in on insulin. All of them had these lovely injectable gadgets that you just put against the skin and pressed the top button, and the needle shot out, administered the required dose, then retracted automatically... none of the cats or dogs reacted badly to them at all, and the needles were very fine, so very little pain when given. I can remember the first time I had to try to work out how to give two 6 week old calves their vaccinations on my own. At that age, they are a bit bigger than a great dane, and somewhat heavier to boot. I managed to get them from the paddock to where we used to load the animals up a ramp to the trucks for jobs, blocked off the ramp, put their milk bottles on the other side of the ramp where they could see them, then used the stealth approach to jab them while they were distracted trying to get to the bottles... *grin*... they were much more in tune with what was happening 4 weeks later when they needed their booster shots, and were a lot bigger too... errr! As for sticking your finger with the needle... happens to all of us at some point... I'm sure I'm immune to calicivirus and all the goat, sheep, and cow diseases now... hahaha! I remember one new 6 month old lamb we were given who decided to jump at the worst possible moment when I was giving him his vaccination, and the needle hit a nerve near his shoulder... poor boy had a marked limp for the next 3 weeks and couldn't go out on visits. He was given long acting pain relief and moved to sick bay with a friend for the duration of his limp so no-one would make a mistake and take him on visits until his limp was gone. He so loved going on visits and would bleat his little heart out when the trucks and vans left to go out... poor baby... T.
  8. You are very kind in your summation @~Anne~... now I'm blushing... lol! I know I have a heck of a lot to learn about the political processes and how most effectively to enact change for the better... and/or head off bad legislation as it arises. I seriously have a head for radio, but if the time and party were right, I'd happily stick up my hand to do whatever is needed... including running for a seat at whichever level would put my party in a position to achieve our goals... *dog help me* T.
  9. Humans communicate mostly with vocalisations... ie. talking... Animals learn that this is how we communicate, and they choose to respond (or not) to it... most react favourably and try to communicate back in their own ways... if we are "listening". I am one of those people who will happily chat away to pretty much any animal, and I am definitely "listening" to their responses. I get back SO much from animals of all types, so I'm not about to stop because some other human might think I'm silly or strange... more fool them I say... T.
  10. So far it looks like they are only looking at the Victorian State election that is coming up soonish. I kinda got a bit put off by the fact that when I sent a message to one of the party founders to ask a question very early in the formation of this party, I am still waiting for any response whatsoever - 4 weeks later. I have also tried to post a couple of topic starters which have been quashed by the admins without any reason or response. I'm not about to join a party that doesn't seem to want my input or discourse, even if it's free to join at this stage of things. Right now, I'm not as enthusiastic about this party as I was at the outset... the more time passes, the less is becoming apparent as to their actual agenda, ability to follow through, and who the heck is running things. I've joined Animal Care Australia, a seasoned lobby group that definitely more aligns with my stance. They don't run for public office, just stay abreast of upcoming animal related legislation and make sure to make sensible submissions on said legislation, including attendance at all inquiries and committee hearings regarding animal legislation. Much more effective methinks... T.
  11. I refer to Harper as Horse Puppy... because she is a Great Dane cross and is a tall girl... hehe! She'll be 10 in September... so definitely not a puppy any more, but she still hasn't worked that out, as she still runs around like a total idiot at random intervals... I sometimes feel like referring to my friend's monkeys as "the kids"... they are so very similar to a bunch of children, and are primates like us... That said, when I was working with all the goat kids, lambs, and calves, I was often referred to as their mum... which I never got upset about. To all intents and purposes that was actually my job. I was raising them from a few days old, teaching them their socialisation skills, etc... T.
  12. Between that small snippet of a larger q&a session of the parliamentary hearing yesterday, and Emma Hurst referring to the breeders making submissions as "puppy farmers" on her FB feed today... is it any wonder that our animal laws are in such a state? Committee members selectively taking tiny snippets of agreeance by like-minded animal rights activist groups and claiming that those snippets are the most relevant of the entire 8 hour session of submissions, questions, and answers by a very diverse range of stakeholders prove their case is just bullsh!t... grrr! Even the RSPCA said that more legislation (especially a carbon copy of the Victorian model) was NOT going to fix the actual problem mooted to be sorted by the proposed amendment, so what is the actual bloody point? T.
  13. I talk to every animal I meet... it just seems like a natural thing to do... Some people used to poke fun at me for talking to the animals at the farm I worked at... and then whinged that the animals all seemed to respond to me better than nearly everyone else. Ummm... I also fed them... lol! Funnily enough, talking to the animals at the zoo I was working at worked a treat for forming bonds with them too... even the ones I wasn't in charge of feeding. The camels, meerkats, emus, cassowary, lions, deer, llamas, etc were very responsive to being talked to... I get lots of positive reactions and cuddles from them all. Even the cranky intact male goat who would beat up on all the keepers loved being chatted to... he never beat up on me, just would follow me around like a lost puppy looking for more cuddles and chats... and the odd treat never hurt there either... hehe! The tigers that used to live at Symbio zoo even recognised my voice, and would come over to the fence and chuff at me when they heard me there... that was so cool!! Talking (vocalising) is we humans' main communication tool... animals DO respond well to being talked to... we just need to learn their methods of communication to "hear" their responses is all. T.
  14. Doesn't look like the proposed new legislation is addressing those sorts of issues... going by how often it was brought up in all the submissions today. Even RSPCA and AWL brought it up as seriously needing some way of monitoring/policing in order to get best outcomes for the animals used for that purpose. The issue of the worst offenders being completely under the radar and hard to find/trace was a key point too. Nearly ALL submissions referred to more legislation - especially that which is virtually a carbon copy of Victoria's legislation - having the effect of crippling those who are easily identified as breeders (read members of the various breeding bodies), and doing little to actually stop the larger scale commercial breeders... *sigh* All submissions also raised the point that the worst offenders aren't actually registered breeders - commercial or otherwise - but the smaller unregistered backyard operations pumping out pups (and/or kittens) for profit... which STILL won't be stopped by the proposed legislation. T.
  15. Harper was socialised as a pup, with other pups, older dogs, foster pups, foxes, dingo pups, people, public and social settings, etc... but she still decided once she got to a certain age, that she doesn't like going for walks, meeting new people, etc. Her preferred state of being is ensconced on the lounge or my bed. She has a large back yard with 24/7 access, that she only wants to go out in to toilet. She isn't interested in toys - never was, even as a little pup with her siblings. I don't treat her as a surrogate human child by any stretch of the imagination... but she is well loved and cared for in such a way that suits her particular needs. Dogs are dogs... each individual is also different... and we should just be mindful of that, yes? T.
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