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  1. A massive care package arrived safe and sound today... and Trubs sends her Aunty @crazydoglady99 huge woo-woos and slobbery kisses. Currently chowing down on 2 small chicken frames and a large handful of yummy treats... *grin* Pickles and Harper have a few treats with their frames as well... and they think it's Christmas... lol! Thank you so much @crazydoglady99!!! T.
  2. I'm going to let Trubs know exactly who her parcel is from @crazydoglady99... as I let her gobble them one by one by 10... lol! Trubs shared some of her last care package with a friend's dog... and now the company has a loyal repeat customer. They have the best service ever, yes? Trubs also sent a couple of each type for my boss's pet fox to try... Luna peed on them... then she ate them. Foxes are weird! Thank you so much for your kindness... it really means a lot to both of us. T.
  3. I'll be more likely to make that final visit before it gets to that stage perse... I'd rather too early than have her suffer in any way... she deserves that much. At the rate it's grown in the past 4 weeks, we only have 2-4 weeks at most now... and I'll call it well before she loses any dignity. T.
  4. At least she's still pretty oblivious to what's actually going on... small mercies... As long as she gets her dinner on time, she's a very happy Lab... lol! We have a really amazing vet... so caring, and a great bedside manner with animals and humans alike. Trubs loves him so much... and she's grabbed his heart too. Should have seen her carry on when she saw him this morning... and he took another dog in before us... she whinged up a storm... *sigh*... the tremelo whine... lol! As soon as her name was called, she shot into the consult room and threw herself at his feet for her checkup... hahahaha! T.
  5. We saw Trubs' boyfriend the vet today... bad news is that we are now into the end straight with this bloody tumour... it has nearly doubled in size in the past 4 weeks. Vet's advice this visit is... "now you can spoil her rotten if you want to"... so she got a nice warm mango/coconut bread with lashings of butter from the local coffee shop... she loves them so much... lol! No more diets for Trubs... which she will be very happy about... *grin* In the past week, she has been gagging more often when lying about, but still has no issues swallowing food. I have noticed that she's chewing her food more before swallowing, so I think she realises that the passage is narrowing some in there. Her colour is mostly good, but is slightly darker than it should be... as her breathing is a bit compromised by the tumour. Overall quality of life is still good for now, so we have the next appointment in 2 weeks time... and if anything changes before then, the vet is immediately available for us. She's giving me plenty of time to be ready for the inevitable... expecially as we didn't expect her to still be here this far down the track when first diagnosed. I'm good with it all... T.
  6. When I am ready to get my Allerzeit puppy... I'm going for a laid back boy... lol! Don't think I could deal with a whirlwind terror... *grin* T.
  7. OMG!!! Have you been feeding her growth hormones? They are such a gorgeous pair... Zeph has really taken his big brother role on so well, hasn't he? Thanks so much for the updates... T.
  8. Perses' Pups

    THREE?!?! Where have the years gone? I think he's getting handsomer... T.
  9. Tick treatment for puppies

    Frontline Spray... http://www.frontlineplus.com.au/Products/Pages/product-dog-spray.aspx T.
  10. Designer mngrels tend to have higher prices than actual purebreds nowadays... *sigh* T.
  11. I wouldn't put any money down until you have physically sighted the pup... T.
  12. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for your situation... sending him off somewhere and expecting to have someone else "fix" the issue isn't going to work... YOU need to work with a qualified and experienced behaviourist/trainer to address the dog's issues and understand that he's always going to be unpredictable around strange children. persephone has given you the best advice re trainers above... if anyone can help you work on this issue, it's Steve and his team... T.
  13. Thanks @grumpette... Trubs sends you and the furries big slobbery kisses... she loves Rotties, as she grew up with a couple... T.
  14. @dogbesotted- Trubs learned that counter surfing wasn't appreciated here very early in life... she used to spring from the floor onto the dryer, then onto the kitchen bench and run along it! If it's in her bowl, it's fair game, but everything else is MINE... lol! If I say "Mine" before leaving a room with food in it, she won't touch it... she's actually quite a good girl about that, considering she IS mostly Labrador... lol! @MadWoofter- we aren't trying too hard with the diet... just taking her back to how much she SHOULD be eating in a day... *grin*... in all honesty, she won't lose too much before it's her time... T.
  15. That first link has it in Melbourne... great fact checking... NOT!! The 3rd link has got some VERY spurious stuff added to embellish... *sigh* I have all of the ACTUAL facts regarding everything alluded to in those stories... and what's been reported is so far from the truth it ain't funny! What I'd really like is the name of the Telegraph reporter that posted the first story on this that all the others have copied and embellished... T.