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  1. Perses' Pups

    Please plant one on that gorgeous boofy head for me perse... T.
  2. Perses' Pups

    He's a smart boy... he wanted the BLUE ball... lol! He's special in so many ways... and I luvs him! T.
  3. Wild dogs and dingos

    Dingoes come in a variety of colours... depending where they are from mainly... I recently had 3 pure pups here (DNA checked) that were black and tan... very pretty! T.
  4. ... and I knows quality rehab and rehoming practices when I sees them... *grin* T.
  5. Wild dogs and dingos

    OMG! Those pups look pretty good for ferals... cute too... *grin* T.
  6. After some legal help - Sydney

    You'd think so... The average RSPCA case takes about 2 years to just get to court... and if they have your animals in their "care", they will charge you a minimum of $23/day per animal until the case is finished... however long they can drag it out in court, appeals, etc... Most people tend to plead guilty to some charge just to save losing everything by the looks of it - even if they CAN prove their innocence, they simply can't afford to do so up against this behemoth... grrr! T.
  7. After some legal help - Sydney

    Also - in the documents I have seen, the dates are all wrong... as though the person filling them in just pulled up an old form and filled in new charge details on it... Nothing is signed or stamped by the court either... nor any notice of attachment to any previous case (which is what the wrong dates refer to, and to my knowledge was finalised ages ago)... T.
  8. After some legal help - Sydney

    RSPCA NSW have 2 lawyers on their board... and from looking at a few cases, they have represented them on a number of occasions... Seriously though, from the charges I've seen so far, none have much merit and can be countered with evidence/physical proof... and a couple have just been at the very least embellished (if not completely false). Also in question is the length of time they have to actually bring charges... POCTAA says someting about 60 days, but this is certainly not the case here... they have taken 5 months to come up with the latest, and indicate that they might add more in the following weeks... it just keeps dragging on in dribs and drabs which is completely frustrating and time wasting (especially if you are paying legal people to help deal with it all). I'm starting to form the opinion that the strategy is to run their cases in such a way that your legal bills get so high that you end up capitulating so you don't end up bankrupt... grrr! T.
  9. I'd come to you @Powerlegs... *grin* T.
  10. Report the rescue group to PetRescue then @poochmad... even with all their faults, PetRescue do hold groups using their service to a certain code of conduct - such as desexing... and they DO follow up on complaints by adopters. Assuming of course that your friend did get the pup from a group advertising on PetRescue, and not from some random Facebook "rescue" group... T.
  11. After some legal help - Sydney

    Can you suggest any strategies to improve the quality of the client's instructions @Danois? What about other things, like the dissemination of documents/information in dribs and drabs by the other party? As this requires the lawyer to read and forward the info - at a cost each time. Would it be feasible for the client to receive this information, then have a meeting with the lawyer at certain intervals regarding same? eg. Email with 10 pages of attachments - lawyer charged 2 hours to read and forward... and no communication as to what he wanted the client to do with said document, nor what he did with it other than forward it on. The document in question was not 10 pages of "legalese" - I read it all twice in about 20 mins myself, and had answers to claims made in same within another 30 mins. (Note: the case is not against me) T.
  12. After some legal help - Sydney

    Thanks @Danois - you make a good point... *grin*... but the lawyers sure know how to rack up the bills... *sigh* T.
  13. Thanks perse, mita, and sje78... I'm not making too much of a fuss of her... Pickles would get jealous, and she can be a bitch when she thinks one of the other dogs is getting more attention than she thinks they should get... lol! Speaking of Pickles... she's 7 now! Who would have thought my wobbly legged camp dog would still be going strong still? She and Trubs are best mates, so it's going to be tougher on her when Trubs has to leave methinks... Harper is oblivious to pretty much everything except her own needs, so she'll be fine (and she's 5 now!) T.
  14. One week update... Trubs is still chomping up chicken carcasses and swallowing fine. Antibiotics appear to have gotten rid of the bad breath smell from the tongue tumour... still have 2 more days of antibiotics to finish the course. Throat lump doesn't appear to have gotten larger... or smaller... *sigh* Vet happy with lack of progress of both lumps, and clearing up of infection on the tongue growth, but we are only controlling symptoms... this will progress, but at what rate we are uncertain at this point. Trubs is completely oblivious to the worry she's causing everyone who loves her... lol! T.
  15. Does anyone know what this is?

    Update @SaffyK? T.