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  1. Here's a working link to the photo... @Loving my Oldies - maybe Robert Jones splint bandaging will help. All you need is Softban cotton wool padding and Vetwrap. I have used one on a goat with a badly broken leg, and he could actually walk on it after bandaging. If you aren't confident in your bandaging skills, I'm sure the vet clinic nurses would be able to do them for you if you ask them. T.
  2. http://k9protraining.com.au/ Should be what you are looking for... T.
  3. Fly free with the angels sweet Sari... My heart hurts with you @SarasMum... your soul has been broken in a very special way now... the way only saying goodbye to a most special friend can do. Over 15 years, Sari has given you so many awesome memories... remember them and smile for the joy she shone into your lives for those years... she'd like that I reckon. Hugs to you and yours... T.
  4. Big flashing warning for me is describing parentage as "mom and dad"... scam?? T.
  5. The blood (if bright red) is most likely from small tears in the rectum that occur from straining to defecate. Usually the blood aspect is not a huge issue, but the diarrhoea aspect is - especially in such young pups. Hopefully you have had your next vet appointment by now, and he has done a faecal examination to ascertain the cause of the diarrhoea, and given you something to help clear it up. T.
  6. Good girl Scoutie!!! Chase needs to know his boundaries, and I bet you are doing an awesome job of teaching him. T.
  7. Nawww... she's such a good big sister, isn't she? And you can see that he really loves her - even though I'm sure he drives her nuts at times... lol! T.
  8. You are absolutely NOTHING like the orange man @persephone... T.
  9. Any other tooth than the canine, I'd be less worried about removing from a puppy jaw. Unfortunately, the root system of the canine teeth is such that one wrong move can end is complete disaster for the dog in question - broken jaw bone being the least disastrous of the possibilities. If there is some way to save the deciduous canines until nature does it's thing and the permanent canines start coming in, that would be the best and safest option. T.
  10. I'd be leery of doing full removal of canine teeth on a growing puppy... it's pretty huge surgery to get those particular teeth out, and one wrong move can be a disaster. I'd go for trimming or capping the deciduous teeth, and waiting to see what happens when the adult canines come in. T.
  11. @asalmay have some good advice, as she knows the breed very well... T.
  12. We have a sure fire method for getting all our chooks into their coops at work... just smash an egg in each coop, and the little cannibals rush in to gobble it down... works for our ducks too... T.
  13. Unfortunately the only truly effective way to keep chooks safe from foxes is good sturdy mesh all around the coop. I reckon that foxes would realise pretty quickly that the robot wolf doesn't actually move, and end up ignoring it... smart buggers they are... lol! T.
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