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  1. German ban on Xmas adoptions

    Considering the type of applications and phonecalls we used to get at the rescue I worked at leading up to Christmas... I'd say it was a fairly good idea actually. School holidays were also interesting... amazing how many calls you'd get for a small dog or puppy where they were primarily interested in the 2 week trial period as opposed to the actual animal in question. Basically, some people were looking for something to entertain the kids over the holidays, then returning it when it was no longer needed... *sigh* Phonecalls on Christmas Eve desperate for a pup for the kids on Christmas Day... it's scary! T.
  2. Perses' Pups

    Dags looks so fit and healthy... you guys raise gorgeous pups perse... Watch out Smoke... puppies might try to steal that occypuss! T.
  3. Did insincts to chase and kill

    Short answer is probably... yes Maybe you should not take your dog there any more, as it has already shown you what it is capable of with smaller animals. T.
  4. Perses' Pups

    Watch out daddy Pud... those little critters will latch on to daddy "boobies"... and bite if no milk ensues... T.
  5. Perses' Pups

    Your working dogs throw the most stunning pups perse... and the Boss is a huge softie for his mates, isn't he? T.
  6. Puppy Spam Time

    Gorgeous!! T.
  7. Foster Dogs

    Nawwww... how precious is he? Glad to see he got better so fast... and he's looking great now. T.
  8. I've fostered more pups than I care to mention, and a large number of them had kennel cough. First thing is don't panic... it sounds really bad, but usually they are actually just fine about it. If pup is lethargic or has yellow/green snot coming from it's nose, then you definitely need to see a vet... but otherwise, you just need to ride out the 2 weeks of it sounding like it's hacking up a lung every now and then. Also be aware that your pup will be contagious for 2 weeks AFTER the coughing stops... it can give kennel cough to other dogs... so keep it home for at least 2 weeks AFTER the cough stops, OK? An otherwise healthy and hearty Labrador pup should not be feeling "unwell" with a dose of kennel cough. Is pup eating and drinking normally? Playing with toys or your kids? If so, then think of pup as a kid with a bad cold and treat the same. Pup will cough more after drinking cool/cold water, as it irritates the throat... room temp water is best, OK? Of 200+ foster puppies, around 75% had kennel cough... and of those, only 2 actually needed antibiotics and monitoring...
  9. I'll third Jane... she's awesome! T.
  10. I have 3 bitches here of different breeds/mixes... 2 get on fine with each other, but the 3rd one doesn't get on with the other two... deal with any issues as/when/if they arise I say. Just be aware that if 2 bitches do start niggling at each other regularly, the best action is to separate them when they can't be supervised. If they are getting on fine, don't worry about what other people say, OK? T.
  11. Perses' Pups

    Nawww.... poor bubba was tired and wanted a nanna nap... lol! T.
  12. Puppy Spam Time

    Baby Rotties!!! Squeee! T.
  13. Bone biopsy?

    That is truly good news @Thistle the Best Dog... must take such a weight off... Give the crazy beast a get well cuddle from me please... T.
  14. Weird Vomit LOG

    I wouldn't overthink it @Big D... dogs are just wierd and surprise us with all sorts of unfathomable stuff. As long as it's a once off, I wouldn't worry... T.
  15. One last ride with his boss...

    Vale Leo... So often we suburban pet owners forget that the bond between working dogs and their humans is just as, or even moreso, strong as that we share with our furry companions. Please give my heartfelt condolences to the Boss @persephone... he's a good man, and must feel this loss deeply. T.