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  1. Cats may get Covid19

    You'd think that pigs would be able to catch this from us... like they and us can share many other strains of cold/flu... Interesting about the ferrets though... T.
  2. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Her eyes do it for me every time... gorgeous girl! T.
  3. Perses' Pups

    Such a beautiful boy... you can see that he has a gentle soul... T.
  4. Perses' Pups

    I never get over the look he has reserved just for you... his all time fave human on the planet. How old is he now @persephone? I'm loving the distinguished grey highlights... such a handsome boy. T.
  5. RSPCA in the news

    It certainly does appear that they are retaliating with a witch hunt for any transgressions they can pin on this woman. Regardless of the fact that she may not necessarily be following best practice with regards to her animals, and seems to be economically challenged (hence fronting up at RSPCA vet)... I'm in agreement with @moosmum that this should have been on their radar BEFORE this incident. T.
  6. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    I want to know why Emma Hurst was allowed to ask so many questions of the various people giving evidence... when she isn't a part of the committee. Starting to look like a massive Animal Justice Party farce... grrr! T.
  7. RSPCA in the news

    The warrant gives them the right to enter the house and take whatever is listed in that warrant... As if it isn't bad enough that they killed her kitten without consultation about it's prognosis... now they are resorting to bully tactics to hopefully find something to negate their own negligence in duty of care to the kitten and it's owner. This is what people are afraid of when publicly telling their horror stories about experiences with the RSPCA... grrr! T.
  8. Perses' Pups

    Pudden is perfect just as he is... we all need that one funny/silly character in our lives, yes? And between Clive, Don, and Pud, @persephone has the best helpers/looker-afterers ever... T.
  9. Perses' Pups

    I think I'm in love with the Boss... he goes the full 100% for the fur-workers... That said, you and the Boss raise some pretty resourceful dogs... *grin* ... with the odd exception... Clive, I'm looking at you... and Pud, definitely looking at you my furry friend... lol! T.
  10. Perses' Pups

    It sounds like Miss Bo is a very special girl indeed @persephone... and Dags and Clive may have just inherited some of her traits... Clive the snuggle dog, and Dags the mighty goat herder... Please give Miss Bo a gentle cuddle from me for being such a resourceful girl... T.
  11. Perses' Pups

    Go Dags!!! Good boy! I love how only 1 goat is actually looking at Dags... the others seem to be much more interested in the person taking the photo... lol! I so wish you were so much closer to Sydney... my work would love to buy the baby feral goats in those colour patterns... *sigh* T.
  12. Perses' Pups

    Hahaha! Pudden is such a doofus... ... and check out the look Clive is giving Pud... hahahaha! T.
  13. Introducing Cassie (kelpie)

    I don't own a Kelpie or working breed mix dog, but I have been advised once or twice, that some Kelpies seem to need to have a "job" to do... something that keeps them mentally and physically stimulated... possibly why so many urban Kelpies can be a little ball obsessed - that is their "job"... T.
  14. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    I notice that very few private citizens are being interviewed... just industry groups... Hopefully they will call a few of us private citizens to talk about our experiences with RSPCA... not holding my breath at this point though... *sigh* T.
  15. Perses' Pups

    OMG! What a cheeky lad! Trying to turn the workers to "the dark side"... lol! T.