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  1. Got an email yesterday warming me about a certain "grinch"... errr! Looks like @shel has gotten under their skin a bit... hehe! T.
  2. Perses' Pups

    Have I told you lately that I think I'm in love with Pudden? Just want to grab his shmooshy face and plant a kiss right between the eyes... Please give him a cuddle from me and tell him I hope Santa spoils him rotten... T.
  3. What a load of bollocks... excuse the pun... grrr! T.
  4. Fox taming experiment

    We get some raptors over the farm... mainly the smaller types like goshawks and kestrels, but I've seen one or two wedgies... funniest sight the other day was the poor kestrel getting nailed by the territorial willy wagtails we have in residence at the moment... they take on the ravens also... lol! The willies ALWAYS win and drive off the bigger birds too! Won't be long before the resident shed willies take to swooping us as we try to work... Whilst I love seeing the wedgies, I get our baby goats inside pretty quickly if one is about... errr! I had a little superb fairy wren manage to get inside my car the other day while he was attacking my side mirrors (the car was parked)... luckily I noticed him before I got in and drove off! AND we have sparrows at work! Been years since I've seen sparrows in any numbers anywhere... they and the willies keep the spider population down in the shed, so they are VERY welcome! T.
  5. Fox taming experiment

    I don't mind the ravens too much... I've watched them hunting rats too... *grin* Sitting bottle feeding the baby goats one afternoon, I saw a flurry of activity near the back of the shed, and it was a raven sticking it's head down a rat hole... it came up with a rat and proceeded to smash it about then tear it up and eat it... good raven! Not as fussed on the buggers stealing golf balls from the local range and dropping them from above me... or when they've gotten bread from somewhere local and dunked it into the paddock waterers, clogging them up so I have to clean them every day... grrr! I've found numerous interesting items jammed in the waterers too - golf balls, rubber ducks, toy cars... As for the foxes - I'm keeping an eye on our smaller paddock goats at the moment, as they are still small enough to be targets... hopefully the foxes will stick to the myriad bunnies for a while longer... *sigh* T.
  6. Fox taming experiment

    We don't tend to have the DPI dropping 1080 around the farm thank dog! Regular Calici drops though... *sigh* I haven't been taking my foster pups to work of late, as it's either been too hot or too wet for them there... The ravens have been increasing in numbers due to the large number of bunnies too... and the buggers are getting so cocky that I've even caught them nosing under the ducks and chickens to steal their eggs! More fun stuff for the buggers to drop on our heads... grrr! T.
  7. Fox taming experiment

    A really dumb fox would still make the smartest Border Collie look like a dunce... they are super smart... and have memories like elephants to boot! For all the things we don't really like about foxes here in Australia, you still have to admire their adaptability and tenacity to survive and thrive - no matter what we stupid humans do to try to stop them... *grin* Saw my first evidence of fox activity at my work farm in ages yesterday... a bit of bunny fluff scattered near a fence. Good thing too, as the bloody bunnies have been getting so thick on the ground that they have been wandering up to the cattle/goat/sheep feed troughs and feeding happily alongside our animals for weeks now... Even the ravens have been poaching small bunnies at the farm lately... but I wish they'd stop dropping bits of bunny from the sky... I nearly ended up with a bunny leg hat the other day! Seriously, the portion landed less than 6 inches from me! Still hasn't stopped them going into the duck pen and stealing the eggs though... T.
  8. Eating own puppy poo

    I have 2 dogs here that eat poo... and the only reason for it is that they like it... grrr! We have found absolutely no other reason for it... T.
  9. Fox taming experiment

    Belayev also ran a shorter opposite selection criteria experiment with foxes to show that the original premise was not an anomaly... and was successful in that endevour too. The results of that experiment were all destroyed once the premise was proven - fair cop, as they were all quite aggressively dangerous... errr! Since Belayev died, and Trut took over the reins, there have been expansions of the project to breeding pet foxes from the "stock" she had - and there are quite a few now living in family environments across Europe as pets. Personally, while I think the experiment was groundbreaking, the end result is not a "fox" as we all know them from history - they are not just more domesticated, but there are many physiological changes that I believe could possibly now categorise the experiment subjects/descendants as a new subspecies/breed of the fox family... kind of how we differentiate between the Pitbull and the AmStaff (if that makes sense). "True" (read from wild stock) foxes can make interesting pets, but as with any exotic animal, they are not to everyone's taste, and should never be regarded as anything like a truly domestic pet... and I speak from experience... T.
  10. Dog breeding facility planned for Bathurst

    At a minimum cost of $23 per animal per day for at least 60 days - and longer if they decide to take you to court... is it any wonder most people end up surrendering animals the RSPCA seize? Whether or not they have good cause to do so, may I add... you have no rights whatsoever to refuse to let them take your animals - unless you can get a lawyer to make a submission for an injunction before the animals leave your property... which is why the RSPCA tend to "visit" on a friday afternoon... T.
  11. Vaccinations

    I'd get him done at 16 weeks, and his adult booster at 15 months, then titre test at regular intervals (2 to 3 yearly) to check his immunity levels as he gets older... the vaccine can cover for up to 7 years, believe it or not... longer if he has small exposures over time to those diseases and the antigens are being updated by reacting to said diseases... Vets aren't gods... and they DON'T always know everything... T.
  12. Vaccinations

    The reason puppies have a course of 3 vaccinations is to cover all in the litter who may not be covered by maternal immunities from the colostrum/milk. The general rule is that maternal immunity will have dissipated fully by 16 weeks, and that should be when puppy has their final vaccination, so that they should be covered for the worst killer diseases out there (Parvo, Distemper, and Canine Infectious Hepatitis - C3 as a minimum). If puppy is not adversely reactive to the vaccinations, I'd be giving him his 3rd shot at 16 weeks, if only for peace of mind that he will be covered against those killer diseases... and don't forget that he'll need his adult booster at 15 months also... after that, it's up to you whether he gets regular shots (annual or 3-yearly regimes), or whether you titre test to check his immunity levels and vaccinate if/when they drop below proper coverage levels. T.
  13. Perses' Pups

    Such stunning dogs perse... love my Pudden! T.
  14. There are things one can be flexible about, and then there are those things you can't... like fences suitable to contain the dog you wish to adopt... *sigh* ... it should come down to a suitable match for the individual dog (or cat/rabbit/ferret/etc) and a potential adopter IMHO... blanket policies only limit the number of actual possibilities for any individual animal. T.