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  1. Perses' Pups

    Good boy Pudden!!! T.
  2. Mooch City is in Mourning

    Oh @Loving my Oldies... many hugs to you and the Moochers... Master Bunter will be in the very best of company at The Bridge... and my beloved Woosie will make sure he gets all the best sunny spots... she was always enamoured with the little white fluffies... T.
  3. Perses' Pups

    Has that been the Boss's choice... or Clive's? Maybe he knows that his perfect job is with his female human? T.
  4. Perses' Pups

    Of who's choice there? LOL! T.
  5. Perses' Pups

    Maybe Clive's work is of a different nature to what the Boss needs... his work is to love and protect his skin mum? If so, that is honorable work too... T.
  6. Perses' Pups

    Good boy Dags!! Clive... don't you want to go out on the same adventures with the Boss? I reckon once you get up the energy/nerve, you'll be as good at it as your brother... T.
  7. Perses' Pups

    Good boy Dags!!! Clive... sleep in's aren't part of the plans for you... lol! T.
  8. Is my dog a dingo

    OMG!!! That is a cracker photo... lol! I think what you have there is a very rare and much sought after Cuddlehound... never sure of parentage, but a delight in every respect... The snout and feet don't look "dingo" to me... and I've been around a few - fostered pure and crosses... She doesn't need a "breed" label... she's unique. T.
  9. It does look like canine acne... but always best to have lumps of any kind checked by a vet just in case. Awesome job noticing and asking though... you are a good doggie mumma! T.
  10. Does your dog eat from a metal bowl by any chance? Could be something like canine acne, which isn't a big problem... very similar to human pimples. Best to have the vet check any new lumps or bumps in any case... better safe than sorry, yes? T.
  11. Tragedy at Zoo Krefeld on new year's eve

    Now the news media are slamming the zoo for having a thatched roof and trees near the structure... FFS!! T.
  12. Just one stray firework... *sob* Warning - distressing content. https://news.sky.com/story/germany-fire-kills-all-animals-inside-monkey-house-at-krefeld-zoo-11898973 T.
  13. My puppy has parvo

    Good to hear she's keeping you all on your toes... Staffords can be real little terrors when they decide it's playtime in the middle of the night... lol! The best thing for her is lots of rest and cuddle time now... chilling on the couch with her fave humans is the first "trick" she can learn, yes? T.
  14. My puppy has parvo

    That is wonderful news @Leon! I'm sure she'll really thrive now she's home with you... If she did actually have Parvo, your very quick action in getting her to ARH was the one thing that saved her life... I'm hoping that it was similarly symptomed bug like Coronavirus or even Giardia, as both of those are much easier to deal with the disinfection and shedding aftermath. Parvo pathogens can live in the environment for 12 to 18 months, but the other 2 have MUCH shorter lifespans. She sounds absolutely gorgeous... baby blue Staffords are stunning little whirlwinds... *grin* Merry Christmas little Belle... your daddy loves you very much and you gave him such a scare... but now you can get down to the job of giving and getting lots of love and cuddles, OK? T.
  15. My puppy has parvo

    Hoping little Belle has had a comfortable Christmas, and is responding well to her treatment... Hmmm... Metronidazole (Flagyl) is usually indicated for bugs like Giardia... personally, I'd be going for Panacur (fenbendazole) to combat that. And if the breeder's vet suspects that Giardia is a likelyhood, then Belle certainly would have picked that up well before you took her home... thus the breeder could be liable for some compensation regarding your vet bills. Gestation for Giardia is 5 to 12 days in dogs... Right now, the best sign is that Belle is still with us and hopefully will recover in due course. Parvo can kill small pups within a few days - even with treatment - so your prompt action in getting her to a vet and onto fluid/medical treatment is the best christmas present she could hope for. Well done @Leon! What breed is little Belle? Maybe I can get a mind picture of her to smile about... *grin* T.