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  1. Is Don... is good! Bobbin seems to be starting to understand that not all dogs are to be bashed up... good girl Bobbin! T.
  2. Hmmm... it sounds a little hinky to me... due in 6 weeks? Dogs have a gestation of roughly 9 weeks, and I'm pretty sure it must be at least 4 weeks along before one can tell for sure if there are actually pups growing in there. At 3 weeks gestation, it would be nigh on impossible to tell exactly how many pups, nor to tell whether the bitch will carry to term. I wouldn't be handing over any money, that's for sure! If you are getting a vibe about this breeder, trust your gut and run a mile... T.
  3. Bloody hell!!! That is just so sad... Massive hugs to you @Elle23... T.
  4. Such happy shmooshy faces... I just wants to grab those cheeks and plant a kiss right between their eyes and on their gorgeous snouts... Methinks Apollo is going to be a very big boy when he finishes growing... *grin* Luckiest puppies having such an awesome place to live... T.
  5. Who euthanaises a pup without contacting the breeder before doing it? Surely his issue wasn't so grave as to require that as a first option? Especially as his condition was disclosed prior to them agreeing to take him, and diet, etc was provided to ensure he stayed as healthy as he could be... You managed to raise him to 10 weeks as a happy healthy pup... so what went so horribly wrong within 24 hours of him leaving your place? T.
  6. Canex, Fenpral, and Popantel are all a lot milder than Drontal... they are the ones I used to use when I fostered lots of very young puppies. T.
  7. Clive is a big boy now, and I'm sure he will adjust to the new normal just fine... he does still get his one on one time with you, so all is well with his world really... The big test will be when Bobbin has to deal with the inevitable puppies she's going to meet along the way... errr! Maybe she will be a little less mean as time goes by and she learns exactly how life goes on in her new home. T.
  8. Yep... that it is... already undergoing transformations now... We have meerkats!!! ... and antelopes... Keep an eye on their Facebook page @grizabella... the boss tends to advertise there... https://www.facebook.com/Central.Coast.Zoo ... and/or here https://www.facebook.com/amazement10 There will be primates... monkeys, not apes... but that could change - the boss is a very resourceful guy... lol! T.
  9. @Luke GSP, is this course theory only, or is there a hands on component? I'd be more likely to look at going the TAFE route - Cert 2 Animal Studies, then Cert 4 Vet Nursing - if your daughter really wants to work in a vet clinic, as a quick lookup of the course in question seems to indicate that it's a pathway to Vet Nursing anyways. TAFE also has the Smart and Skilled fee structure, which can work out very cost effective in the long run if your daughter is receiving any Centrelink income assistance. None of the subjects in this online course will gain your daughter any RPL (recogn
  10. Hahaha! I asked a vet that question once, and she said "about 10 mins before they pass away"... lol! Good girl Indi!! T.
  11. Congratulations... sounds like you have a perfectly normal Labrador puppy. They are into everything, very inquisitive, and SMART! The level of SMART requires some training to redirect, and just changing diet is NOT going to be the solution... you are going to need to keep Indi BUSY. I'd suggest that if she is as highly food oriented as most Labs, then puzzle feeders, frozen kongs, etc will be really useful tools in keeping her occupied and getting rid of some of the nervous energy - spending time training and playing games with her will also help a lot. Teach her to "go find" after
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