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  1. It drives me absolutely crazy when I see dogs off leash on busy streets. They do it all the time in my street. It's quiet for Inner Sydney but there are still passing cars and other dogs walking to the park. Half the time the dogs are way in front of the owners or way behind. Talk about having absolutely no control over your dog.
  2. Definitely Havanese. I'm not a small dog person but all the Havanese I have met in the park have been absolutely delightful.
  3. LMO it takes a special person to do what you do. Giving love and hope to older discarded dogs. Thank goodness there are people like you to take care of these dogs and bring happiness into their lives.
  4. She may have had a seizure and the poo hanging from her was because she defecated during the seizure. As well the pacing you described is consistent with post ictal pacing after a seizure. Dogs can also become temporarily blind during and after a seizure.
  5. Anyone who buys one of those dogs will be spending a fortune on the dogs at local & Specialist Veterinary Clinics.
  6. My packs of 3 were all the same breed. I don't know if that helped the ambience or not.
  7. I've often had 2 entire males & 1 female (obviously desexed) and they have all lived happily together. The females always came to me as urgent rehomes so they were the last to enter the pack. And they were usually around 5 yrs old when I got them. Everyone got on famously. I don't think I would put 2 females together from what I've heard over the years.
  8. You did do your best for her. She was lucky you took her in. I'm very sad for you & Katie. It's never easy making that appointment.
  9. I knew the original enquiry was in regard to a mini schnauzer.
  10. BTW if you do find a tick and remove it you can apply some Advantix to the wound in order to kill every thing off . Just in case there are some bits or venom still there.
  11. BTW if you do find a tick and remove it you can apply some Advantix to the wound in order to kill every thing off . Just in case there are some bits or venom still there.
  12. If the dog keeps having seizures one after another he is in danger of going into Status Epilepticus and that can be life threatening. https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/seizures-general-for-dogs
  13. https://www.sashvets.com/services/neurology-and-neurosurgery/ I recommend Dr Patrick Kenny or Georgina Child. I have a dog that has cluster seizures i.e. more than 1 seizure in a 24 hour period. You have to stop the seizures as soon as they start as 1 seizure begets another seizure. My dog started having seizures just after he turned 4. I have had around 15 dogs in my life. This dog was a rehome. I have never had a dog with seizures before and I found it an awful thing to watch and deal with. It is very stressful as it usually happens when they are asleep. Then there is the post- ictal phase that can last for days. It's almost impossible to find what the trigger for the seizures is. The best you can do is manage the seizures as best you can. Usually with medication. The general rule from Vets is if the dog has more than 1 seizure in a month it should be medicated.
  14. Sorry for your loss and in particular how it happened. I can imagine the size of the bill and it didn't save your dog. This chemo we had was around $10,000 and around 17 years ago and we lost the dog as well. Also at one of the Specialist Clinics in Sydney. We would have been better just putting the dog on prednisone and letting nature take its course. All easier said in retrospect of course.
  15. Richard I'm sure a lot of us dog owners have been in this situation. We had a similar experience years ago when one of our dogs was being treated with Chemotherapy for Lymphoma. We paid thousands for the treatment and lost the dog due to the Chemo affecting his heart. Was it a local vet or one of the Specialist Clinics in Sydney. I am curious because that is a major operation to remove a lung . I can't envisage a local vet clinic taking on such a major operation.
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