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  1. Sarplaninac male dog for rescue . https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/856615
  2. I'm glad you are moving quickly on this as it's a very progressive disease. I hope it all goes well for you. She is a lovely looking dog.
  3. I would recommend getting a 2nd opinion. Have they X-Rayed her chest yet ? https://www.sashvets.com/ollie/ The Oncology Dept at SASH is very good. I highly recommend Veronika or Sandra.
  4. https://www.stockland.com.au/retirement-living/nsw/cardinal-freeman-retirement-village Google this. There are variations on the Cardinal Freeman accomodation style. A neighbour 's mother has recently gone to live there after selling her property. Everyone is very happy with the accomodation & they apparently have their own wine bar & other social outlets. They have assisted living with a Concierge that takes care of everything. Not sure about the pet aspect but hoping it's allowed. Advert show pictures of dogs- hopefully allowed.
  5. I live about 5 kilometres from Sydney. I go to a large busy Vet Practice. My Vet had never heard of Galliprant. From what I read in overseas articles it had good results for dogs. I was disappointed my Vet had never heard of it.
  6. Could this help your dog's joints. https://projectunderdogrescue.org.au/product/4cyte-canine-epiitalis-forte/ Has anyone tried the 4cyte Epitalis Forte Gel for dogs?
  7. Most of the GSP's i've known need a lot of exercise & stimulation. Plus she's only 8 months old.
  8. It's spelt Boerboel.
  9. This situation is only going to get worse as the disease progresses. You are just delaying the inevitable. It's a tortured situation for the dog and your family.
  10. https://www.jumbopets.com.au/hills-prescription-diet-d-d-skin-and-food-sensitivities-dry-dog-food.html I have used Jumbo many times. They are not far out of Sydney and deliver.
  11. I used to show Curly Coated Retrievers when I was a kid. Extremely intelligent, easy going, easy to train & obedient I loved them to pieces.
  12. Imuran was the other drug used for my dog's MM. It is an immune suppressing drug used to treat various auto immune diseases in dogs.
  13. One of my Giants had Masticatory Myositis. He was diagnosed at around age 4 and lived until 10 and a half. He died from something unrelated to the MM. He was on daily predisone for life. Starting with a high dose and gradually tapering the dose down. He was also on another Chemo drug that I can't remember the name of. This was around 12 years ago so there may be other drugs available now to treat this condition. The only way it affected my dog was in his jaw which made it a bit more tenuous for him to eat. He could eat kibble and softer foods quite well.
  14. Could it be one of the medications that makes her unsettled.
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