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  1. On Wednesday, I took Trouble (Lab) to the vet to have a looky at what I thought was an enlarged mandibular lymph node... ... and we found that it wasn't the lymph node, but an inoperable malignant tumour of the tongue/larynx. She's on a course of antibiotics and Meloxicam to reduce possibilty of infection if she accidentally nicks it while eating, and to reduce any inflammation it may be causing... but we are actually just on a watch and wait, and reassess at regular intervals ride now. No predictions of how long before the tumour grows enough to have to make any final decisions, but as I only noticed the swelling about a week or so ago, it probably won't be very long... maybe weeks? She's her normal happy and crazy self still... eating and swallowing just fine... and the vet was very impressed with her overall health considering that she's 12 - and should be slowing down (hear that Trouble?) This is the hardest part about living with our furry companions, isn't it? And just not fair... grrr! T.
  2. Trubs received a care package from a very special and wonderful lady... thank you so much @crazydoglady99!!! This afternoon at 5:30, Trubs will be going to join Zeddy, Connor, and Woosie at the Bridge... it's time... ... but until then, it's TREAT TIME!!! Woohoo! T.
  3. Was his growling behaviour towards the same person both times, or different people? T.
  4. RSPCA in the news

    Had a look at the map thingo... thank dog my work isn't on it... They do have the other petting zoo near us though, but only the location, no photos of anything or any real info. That facility is open to the public and we aren't, so that may be why we aren't on the map... we only do mobile. Also there are a heck of a lot of other facilities in the area that aren't on the map... which is a good thing IMHO. T.
  5. Perses' Pups

    Lovely lanky, happy, healthy boy... When do they start being tested for being able to work with the Boss? T.
  6. RSPCA in the news

    You should see some of the crazy vegans that love to post nasty things about my boss's animals... who actually LOVE going out and meeting their adoring public. Wouldn't be much of a mobile petting zoo business if the animals didn't thrive on all the interactions they have... duhhh! T.
  7. Happi... my friend's newest addition

    Bonni was one of my fosters many moons ago... she's 8 now! She's been so good with Happi... at first she had her nose out of joint and didn't want to have a bar of him... but now they play like there is no tomorrow. Already, she's shown him how to use the doggy door, where al the water bowls are, and is slowly teaching him that he has to go outside to potty. He's such a smart little fellow too - he already knows how to sit and mostly waits until his dinner bowl is on the ground before starting to eat. He's cheeky though... when he is told not to do something, he will growl and bark in true stafford cheeky fashion... lol! His mum lets him get away with some little naughty habits, but he's also worked out that Aunty T won't cop those, so he behaves nicely for me... *grin* I'd forgotten how tiny they are when babies... but he's a confident and happy little boy, and Bonni is so good at knowing where he is, and only trod on him once early in the piece. Poor girl was so upset that she'd made him yelp... T.
  8. @crazydoglady99... this is Happi... ... and with his big sister Bonni... T.
  9. Corneal Ulcer

    Awesome news! Go you good thing! Only a few more days little man... then the cone is gone and you can get on with finishing your healing in comfort. T.
  10. Perses' Pups

    Nawww... Pudden is just such a handsome lad, isn't he? T.
  11. Corneal Ulcer

    Nice and pink... good blood supply... looking pretty good methinks... I reckon he's more worried about the fur and eyelash shaving than the actual eye surgery... that is probably as itchy as all getout as it's growing back... poor little moppet! I see that there is still cloudiness behind the red... hoping that clears well now. Trubs has enlisted Pickles and Harper in sending all their best get well woo-woos so that little man feels better soon. T.
  12. Corneal Ulcer

    And she loves you right back @crazydoglady99! T.
  13. Corneal Ulcer

    Sounds like Trubs' get well woo-woos are working some magic... yay! She's still sending them... T.
  14. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Tuffy is in beautiful condition... not fat and not skinny... perfect! The barking and biting looks like he's trying to tell you what he wants (barking), and when he doesn't get it, he is trying harder (biting)... he wants to play, but if it's not time for play, he's pushing the boundaries to get your attention any way he can. This is where a crate will be very helpful... he will have to learn that quiet time is quiet time (and that you need to sleep sometimes). Also remember that he is growing, and it won't be long before he works out how to get ON the bed when he wants... As for not obeying unless there is food... maybe try changing up his rewards for good behaviour - does he have a favourite toy you can sometimes use as a reward for doing what you want? A tug rope or teddy bear for example. So sometimes he will get food, sometimes he will get praise and a pat, and sometimes he will get a quick tug session with a toy... keep him guessing as to what reward he will get for doing good things. T.
  15. Corneal Ulcer

    Excellent news!! Trubs has been sending her most powerful get well woo-woos all morning... Give the little man a snuggle from me and tell him he's a good boy for healing nicely... and not to scare his mummy any more... *grin* T.
  16. RSPCA in the news

    The dirty tricks that some AR groups will stoop to in order to make their point is appalling... T.
  17. Corneal Ulcer

    Thinking of you today... hope all the news is good for the little munchkin... T.
  18. I'm thinking that there will definitely be a background process that will capture pertinent info on those people who actually do donate... then PR will spam them regularly for their own "fundraising" efforts... nothing like a sure thing donor... grrr! And why only run the direct donation thing for only one week? Rescues have continuous financial needs after all... T.
  19. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    I think Tuffy might benefit from NILIF training methods... http://k9protraining.com.au/2007/03/07/nilif-nothing-in-life-is-free/ ... now is when you need to be setting his boundaries, as he's obviously getting more confident and pushing them... *grin* As for his testicles, I would have the vet check them when you next need to go... don't panic just yet, some puppies descend a bit later sometimes. I've had pups not descend until around 12 weeks or more... T.
  20. Latest email I received from PR... ------------------------------ Hello PetRescue members! We've been hinting at this for a while now, but we are super excited to finally announce the details for our upcoming February members donation campaign! This love-filled campaign kicks off on Valentine's Day, and will use the might of the PetRescue website - Australia's most visited charity website with over three million unique visitors a year - to drive donations direct to YOUR rescue organisation. Your organisation must be a registered charity, and be signed up for a PetRescue donate button via the Shout for Good donation platform, in order to be a part of this campaign. For all groups with a donate button, we will be implementing a pop-up on your pet listings. This pop-up calls on website visitors to make a donation direct to your group via the love-coloured magenta donation button on your pet listing, to help cover the costs of desexing, vet work and general care. This campaign will run from Valentine's Day, for one week, and we really hope it drives some dollars direct to your team. Find out more about signing up for your very own donation button here. If you have any queries or feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch via [email protected] Cheers! Maree & the PetRescue team ------------------------- One week only? How generous of them... Wonder what is running in the background to capture data from anyone who actually donates to a rescue? And how many begging emails said donors will get to send more money to PR into the future? T.
  21. Corneal Ulcer

    I don't think it's dying tissue @crazydoglady99 - if you look very closely at it, it appears to have blood vessels in it, and they look to be the right colour(s) for the eyeball. I'm no expert, but wouldn't be panicking just yet... Sounds like the little munchkin is now milking the drama to get you to do his every bidding... and that's always a good sign, yes? Please give him some more soft snuggles from me, and tell him Trubs is still sending him her best get well woo-woos still... T.
  22. Corneal Ulcer

    Have they stitched the third eyelid over the eye there @crazydoglady99? The pink looks pretty good actually... not overly inflamed... he must feel quite a bit better already. Get well fast little man... T.
  23. Corneal Ulcer

    You can add the pic as a spoiler if you think some might be squeamish @crazydoglady99... I'd like to see it... animal health things fascinate me. Trubs is still sending her very best get well woo-woos for little man... T.
  24. Corneal Ulcer

    Poor little moppet! Hopefully he's on the road to recovery now and will at the very least be pain free... Please give him a cuddle and soft smooch from me and tell him I said get well soon... and Trubs sends her very best get well woo-woos too... T.