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  1. Drontal side effects..

    Drontal is pretty harsh on the gut when it does it's thing... but it does actually have a pretty wide therapeutic index, meaning that overdosing is not really all that likely unless you dosed at 2-3+ times the advised dosage rate. Maybe next time give 3/4 tablet for at 6.5kg dog... I've actually seen pups die after being given Drontal, but they also had very high worm burdens, so the shock to the system would have been pretty high there. If your dog has had a bad reaction to Drontal, I'd insist on an allwormer that is kinder to the system (but just as effective) like Fenpral or Canex tablets. T.
  2. Monkeys...

    ... and I got covered in these a couple of times too... lol! One of them even started grooming the back of my head... now, that's called acceptance, yes? I must say, he'd also dropped half chewed mulberry down the inside of my shirt... errr! T.
  3. Monkeys...

    I visited Banana Cabana, a monkey sanctuary near where I work today... I took fruit laden mulberry branches for treats... In return, most of the monkeys posed fairly nicely for me... hehe! T.
  4. Dog aggression towards other dog...

    At 3 the Wolfhound is just coming into maturity... and may decide that the pecking order needs to change. This is NOT a good thing, and is definitely NOT safe for the 2 smaller dogs if she decides to start something. As stated above, when 2 bitches get it on seriously, then that will be that, and they won't be able to run together at all after that happens. I'd suggest that if solo walks and returning is the trigger, but paired walks don't have the problem happen, then paired walks are probably your best option moving forward. I'd still watch for any other adverse nehaviours that may indicate that the big girl is trying to change the order... this may only be the start of things. T.
  5. So precious...

    Feel goods... but a little bittersweet... https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/home/pets/abandoned-dogs-adorable-maternity-photoshoot-after-rescue-goes-viral/news-story/8a65dd64b0cb97bdbbfc6851fe2e8ab8 T.
  6. Got some time to take some pics of our 8-9 week old kids at work today... a nice overcast day... perfect for portraits... Jonathan Jack Pickles Stormy James Gizmo Prince Diego Aren't they adorable?? Jonathan is my fave... he's such a sweet laid back little dude who gives kisses on request. Diego is the naughtiest... he knows how to jump over pen fences. Gizmo is the king of tantrums if his bottle is 5 minutes late. All of them love cuddles and making friends with everyone... I have the hardest job ever... not! LOL! T.
  7. An aged fox hound

    Fair enough @Powerlegs... For the record, I have nothing against rehoming senior dogs, and I admire and respect the work you do in that regard... but this particular dog has many other issues that make him much harder to rehome - PLUS the fact that he is older won't be going in his favour with the general public looking for a family pet... And you know as well as I do that the ranger doing an inspection only has to 'form an opinion' that a particular animal needs to be siezed, and a large dog (especially a senior dog) in kennels for an extended period of time would definitely tick their boxes on that count, regardless of meeting the standards (which are in fact surprisingly low). The onus is then on the accused to prove otherwise in an expensive and lengthy legal process designed to work in the favour of the accusers. Been there, done that... and it's soul destroying... I do hope Brock finds a new home soon... but at what point do you admit that it may never happen for him? 2 years in kennels? 3 years? 4? When they find that he's passed away overnight on his own? T.
  8. An aged fox hound

    I know I would respond positively to Brock's various issues myself @peter fenton... but I've also worked in rescue for a number of years and know the realities. I'm certainly not in the position (or of the inclination) to adopt a dog like him, and I'm fairly experienced (read qualified) in animal care/husbandry (of many species). I personally don't think a dog with his issues will make a great family pet... and asking someone to step up and take him on knowing about those issues, the amount of work needed to rectify them, AND the fact that he is a senior dog with few years left in him... it's a bit of a stretch to say the least... I have had previous experience with a foxhound we had in our rescue... it was bloody hard to find him a suitable home, and he was a young dog with very few issues. We had him in care for 3 months before that suitable home was found - even though we had many adoption requests for him. Foxhounds aren't usually suited to being suburban family pets. @Powerlegs - he obviously hasn't passed all behavioural tests if he's not social with other animals... in fact, this actually makes him a liability - a large strong willed dog intent on not getting along with others is not a pleasure to walk, and he will need regular walks. His time in kennels will have seen any house/toilet training completely gone, he has a loud and annoying hound bark that he's likely to use if he's not got company at home, and I worry about the reference to him liking food a bit too much... He may well be a lovely boy for shelter staff, but the reality is that he's a very poor adoption prospect... and I stand by my previous statement that there are worse things than being given his wings with love and dignity. T.
  9. Change poop schedule

    Does he poop in the morning? What are you feeding him? Some cheaper kibble can result in multiple poops each day - premium kibble may result in less poops... and thus negate his need for the lunchtime evacuations. T.
  10. An aged fox hound

    Well met @Powerlegs... I value and respect your opinion as always... The fact remains that AWL would have seized animals from our rescue if we'd had any in kennels for half of the time this old man has been in theirs... and the double standards are glaring... There are reasons beyond his age that are stopping him from being adopted... but living out his final years in shelter kennels is not optimal for his health and wellbeing either. https://www.awlnsw.com.au/animals/59413/ He needs to be an only pet (antisocial with other animals?), he barks when alone (separation anxiety?), needs great fencing to keep him contained, needs extensive retraining to be a house pet (will not be house/toilet trained)... and he's quite senior for his breed, which could mean a bunch of vet bills not far into the future... I understand fully that after this length of time, shelter staff may have become attached to him, but that is no reason for him to languish in kennels for such an extended period - that alone will have lasting negative implications for his adoptability chances, and sometimes the hard decicions just have to be made. The longer he is in kennels, the more institutionalised he becomes, and thus also becomes less desirable to adopt. There are worse options than being given his wings with love and dignity... T.
  11. vaccinations

    The AVA have been recommending triennial vaccination for some years now... but some vets are still insisting on annual for some reason... The clinic I'm at do triennial for the core vaccines (C3), and annual for the Kennel Cough component. My own dogs haven't been vaccinated in years... errr! Pickles is now 9 and her last vaccination was her first adult booster around 8 years ago. Harper is 7, and was last vaccinated about 5 years ago only because I had to go to hospital for an operation and she had to go into boarding for a week. T.
  12. An aged fox hound

    You'd be surprised mate... 2 years in kennels in a shelter environment - read constant stimulus of confused and unsettled dogs all around, a short walk maybe once a day if there are enough volunteer staff on to do the job - he's an old dog with other issues that make him less desirable to adopt... Maybe you should adopt him then @peter fenton... or are his issues more than you can take on too? How many other more adoptable dogs could have used that kennel over the past 2 years that didn't get the chance because Brock has been languishing there? The simple fact is that we can't "save" them all... and some are actually better off at the Bridge, OK? I worked in rescue (with kennels) for 7+ years, and we would have been crucified if we held dogs in those kennels for any extended period of time - the AWL/RSPCA would have been all over us for POCTAA breaches in that regard.... so what makes their shelter kennels any more suitable to house an old dog for 2 years? T.
  13. Maremma underweight

    @Steve... I think this one is right up your alley... *grin* Note: Steve breeds Maremmas T.
  14. Basically, the stimulus must be enough to get attention, but not high enough or long enough to actually hurt the animal @persephone A wall socket in your house delivers a maximum of 10 amps - which theoretically can kill you (volts don't actually kill, the amps do), so 100 milliamps is about 1/100th of that strength - certainly enough to get attention, but not enough to do real damage. T.
  15. Brock's predicament

    Sometimes the kindest thing is... Two years in kennels will have left it's own impression on Brock also... T.
  16. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Still stunning.... I'm in luuurve! T.
  17. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    We seriously need a big fat LOVE button! Stunning pups! T.
  18. ... and if he couldn't get through, he would have just gone over... foxes can climb like cats! Digging under is the last resort... T.
  19. An aged fox hound

    How in dog's name does anyone justify keeping any dog in kennels (shelter kennels at that!) for TWO YEARS!?!?!? If that was any other rescue organisation, the hordes would be baying for blood... grrr! AWL should know better... T.
  20. Meet Stanley the grass puppy... he's the friendliest moo you'll ever meet! T.
  21. Letter and number tattoos

    All I can find is greyhound tattoo info... https://www.facebook.com/196341957367614/posts/ever-looked-in-your-greyhounds-ear-and-wondered-what-the-tattoo-meanssimply-put-/231610910507385/ T.
  22. Osteosarcoma - what to do?

    I've had 3 dogs over the years pass from the big C... each had something different... and each had different timeframes after the diagnoses. Don't beat yourself up about not going all out with explorations or treatments that are uncomfortable for your boy... I wouldn't either faced with osteosarcoma that has taken hold and messed up at least one large bone/joint. Enjoy your boy, and let him enjoy you for whatever time you have left together, and analgesics will make that time more comfortable for him. As for "knowing" when will be the "right" time for him to leave you... that can be a hard one to answer when one doesn't know the dog or family in question... but please believe me when I say that he will let you know when he wants to have that final long sleep, OK? Also trust in your vet and listen to him/her when you have progress checkups... he/she will keep you informed of the progress of the growth, and the general wellbeing of your boy from a health perspective. Massive hugs to you and your family... from someone who has been there too, and can feel your pain and confusion... Please give your boy an extra cuddle and kiss from me too, OK? T.
  23. Thrifty eaters

    Pickles (17kg) eats the same amount of food as Harper (36kg)... errr! I put it down to Pickles' mobility issues mean that she burns more energy than Harper... neither is fat (or skinny)... They both eat raw chicken carcases, thigh pieces, turkey necks, and/or giblets and are fine specimens for their ages - Pickles will be 9 later this month, and Harper tuned 7 a couple of weeks ago... I took Pickles to my vet clinic work placement yesterday... no-one believed she is 9 years old. The vet gave her a once over and reckons she's on par with a very healthy 5 year old dog - and her teeth are gorgeous... lol! T.
  24. Yep... that's how it's done here too... lol! I also hold the mouth shut and blow into their nose... guaranteed swallow reflex... T.
  25. Couple of quick questions

    The regular flea tapeworm and hydatid tapeworm are fairly easy to see off with a tapeworm specific over the counter wormer... however, there is another type which needs a vet to prescribe some fairly hefty costing stuff to get rid of - but they aren't very common thank dog! Pups should be fine without water overnight in the cooler months, but I'd always have some in the crate during summer - regardless of the fact they may play in it... T.