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  1. An update on Chase

    Awesome update @NikkiandKane... but I'll second @persephone's thoughts on Scout telling Chase off... she's not likely to hurt him, but maybe she needs to scare him a little so he learns not to bite her too hard. I've allowed my older dogs to discipline unruly foster pups (even dingo pups) - a good flattening and telling off (no real harm, just scary as heck for the pup) does wonders for softening puppy biting habits... *grin* T.
  2. Upper Motor Neurone Disease - Tamar update

    The crew are all back together now... snoozing in the shade between chasing bunnies and frolicking in the sunshine... waiting for the time you come to join them and cross that beautiful bridge together. I remember each of those pictured above with love and smiles... I hope you are doing the same... they wouldn't want you to be sad. Hugs, T.
  3. Upper Motor Neurone Disease - Tamar update

    Oh Cyn.... my heart sobs for you... Fly free with the angels sweet little lady Tamar... you have left your Mummy and everyone you ever met with some truly beautiful memories we will treasure forever. Look to the heavens tonight... there will be a new star shining Tamar love down on us all. T.
  4. Upper Motor Neurone Disease - Tamar update

    I am honoured to have been able to meet and photograph them too @Loving my Oldies... such dear little souls... T.
  5. Upper Motor Neurone Disease - Tamar update

    I remember the day Tamar let me give her a pat... such a sweet and soft little lady... Hang in there @Loving my Oldies... Tamar is lucky to have you as her human. T.
  6. Is it just PTSD?

    Small pieces of cubed carrot can be good as training treats... will be a bit easier on the tummy, and not likely to make him fat or get diarrhoea. I used to use lamb puffs (dried lamb lung), as it was less likely to cause tummy upsets... but found that carrot works just as well. Make the cubes small - less than 1cm cubed - just enough that he gets a taste as he gulps it down after being a good boy, OK? T.
  7. Naughty piggies!

    So... we give them nice warm, soft bedding straw in their bed... and this is what they do with it...grrr! Check the one lying down... ratbag is laughing at me... because I have to clean up that mess! They are getting swapped for smaller ones tomorrow... maybe they will keep their straw in their bed... ?? At least for a week or two... lol! T.
  8. Naughty piggies!

    We basically lease them from a pig farmer @Kirislin... they go back to him when they are too big for us, and he gives us more little ones to make friendly/naughty... The new ones we got today are so darned cute! Except for the one with the black nose... she's a bitey evil. So nice to have piglets that weigh under 10kg again... was becoming a chore cleaning up the poop of six 30kg poo machines... 6 weeks from now, today's tinies will be 25-30kg... errr! The pig farmer reckons we grow them really good... lol! T.
  9. Naughty piggies!

    These ones are about 10-12 weeks old... already starting to get too inquisitive about what we taste like... they like to chew on my boots or try for the back of my leg while I'm in cleaning... and don't get me started about the buggers trying to steal the rake! They weigh about 30+ kgs... T.
  10. Baby steps

    Nawww... they are gonna be best buds forever methinks... Good girl Scout!! T.
  11. My new puppy is almost here

    OMG!!! That second photo of him sitting up and looking so gaddarned adorable is to die for! Please give him some extra kisses on his adorable snout from me... T.
  12. Help please!

    Unfortunately, the most you can expect to receive (under the current laws) is a refund of the purchase price of the puppy. Heart murmurs in young puppies are actually reasonably common, and most resolve within a couple of months as the puppy gets older and stronger. Some viruses can have a short gestation period - 2 days is not unheard of - so proving that the puppy got sick whilst in care of the breeder or transport company might be hard. As for the 7 other pups the breeder has had recently, maybe they were all reserved (read deposits taken) prior to your problem happening. The pup that did not eventuate for you may have been from a different breeding that did not have any deposits yet, and unfortunately sometimes luck is not with us when we want it to be. I understand that you are upset and disappointed, and my heart goes out to your family after this not so wonderful experience, but when you are dealing with live animals, sometimes it doesn't work out as we'd like it to. I don't know what the conversations between yourself and the breeder were like, so I can't pass comment on how she reacted to your predicament... but she did refund you $3000. You may have a case to ask for the remaining $500 of the purchase price however... but you may need to go to small claims court (or Fair Trading) to get it. T.
  13. My new puppy is almost here

    Nawww... isn't he just so handsome and looks so happy with his new toys... Welcome little man Chase!!! T.
  14. My new puppy is almost here

    @NikkiandKane.... ummm... we need some photos of young Chase in his new home please... T.
  15. My new puppy is almost here

    Yay!!! Chase is one lucky boy to have you for his family... * looking forward to lots of puppy spam photos * T.
  16. New Guinea Singing Dogs found in the wild

    Best news ever! Not extinct... and genetically diverse enough to thrive if given the chance... T.
  17. Piece of tooth left after extraction?

    Probably not cost much less than the first extraction unfortunately... there are anaesthetic costs, etc... but there shouldn't be any need for the scale and polish that was done in the first surgery, so that should take something off the price. It also depends on the difficulty of the extraction (if required)... just because it's s smaller tooth doesn't mean it will be easier to extract. As a consolation, the issue with that tooth may not have been evident during the last surgery, so they didn't miss it at that time. Sometimes luck is just not on your side in these things. T.
  18. Transfer of ownership issues

    Simple solution would be to desex the dog, then contact the breeder and send them a copy of the desex certificate. I'm tipping that they will be much more accommodating then. T.
  19. Transfer of ownership issues

    Are you planning to keep him intact? Or possibly breed from him in the future? Or are you planning to have him desexed? T.
  20. Piece of tooth left after extraction?

    From the photo, I'd say that the tooth you are looking at is actually one of the premolars - dogs have 4 of them, including the big carnassial one. Looks like the second premolar has been removed, and the third premolar next to the carnassial is what you are seeing there. That said, I'm not sure whether it is an artifact on the photo, but there is a dark colour in that tooth that may or may not be something that could be causing your dog's discomfort. Best to have the vet check it out for a definitive diagnosis though... T.
  21. Transfer of ownership issues

    Seems the simple answer would be to have him castrated, send a copy of the desex certificate to the breeder, then the breeder will have no reason not to sign the transfer. Is there any particular reason you need him to keep his equipment? T.
  22. Shar pei

    @Little Gifts has one... maybe she'll be along soon to help out... @coogie also has a couple... T.
  23. Adventures of Bella and Sappho Saluki

    Gorgeous ladies having a ball! T.
  24. I will be looking for the newest star in the heavens tonight... and know that Dougie is now shining his love down on us all. Massive hugs to you and yours @Mandynchicko... little Dougie was lucky to have you as his family even though it was only for a short while. T.
  25. One Pandemic puppy purchase

    Why are my eyes leaking? T.