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  1. Perses' Pups

    You have the most stunning and healthy looking dogs perse... love them all! T.
  2. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    There is a special place in Hell for people who allow animals to suffer like that... What is holding me together after seeing the state of the worst ones like Barry, is that hopefully their paralysis meant that they couldn't actually feel what was going on... *sob* Caring for one mildly disabled dog can be hard work at times... how could one small family "rescue" possibly think they could care adequately for so many severely disabled animals? There is NO excuse for not removing faeces and urine, or providing sufficient food and bedding materials... which should have been manageable even with only one person to do it. T.
  3. Rash on the face

    What type of bowl does she eat from? I found that some dogs I've owned in the past have developed a nose rash from metal bowls... especially the squarer faced dogs like Rotties. I'd be seeing a vet regarding the rash first though... to make sure that it's nothing serious that needs sorting - and before it gets worse. Better to get these things checked out and nip any nasties in the bud at an early stage... it must be annoying her immensely, and you want her to be happy and healthy, yes? The vet will give you expert advice on how to treat it properly... better advice than from people who can't see the true nature of the issue... T.
  4. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    Thinking of Barry and his friends dragging their damaged bits through that filth... how does anyone justify that as "rescue"? How can anyone feel good about rescuing an animal with severe disabilities and keeping them like that? Thinking of the people who surrendered their animals to this "rescue", who now must be so distraught at what they suffered as a consequence. When we took in my Pickles - whose disablity is nowhere near as severe as most of those dogs - we were fully prepared to send her to god if her quality of life was going to be compromised in any way. Sometimes hard decisions need to be made no matter the emotional connection one makes with a disabled animal. When Pickles was ready to be adopted, I ended up keeping her myself, as I was leery of the type of person who may want to adopt her - mainly because once the novelty of having a dog that walks funny wears off, one still has to face the reality that they own a disabled dog that will have lifelong special needs... T.
  5. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    That does not happen overnight... nor in a few days... horrendous! Fly free with the angels sweet Barry... you are in a better place now brave boy... *sob* I've seen some pretty bad stuff over the years I was in rescue... but Barry's photos have reduced me to tears... T.
  6. RSPCA in the news

    I think the police had the guy committed... possibly due to the poor bugger having an episode when they were taking his animals... all I can think of as to how/why... That said, some RSPCA inspectors can be pretty pushy and intimidating when they are "doing their job"... and that's from experience... T.
  7. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    The quote from the RSPCA... "Some of these groups receive a lot of money and in a lot of cases, it unfortunately doesn't go directly to the animals," he said. "It's up to you to really look into that." ... pot... kettle... black... That said... the pictures of the animals siezed are extremely confronting... no animal deserves to have that sort of thing going on untreated... T.
  8. RSPCA in the news

    My years volunteering with special needs dogs had me learn that most will respond well to gentle and positive interactions... I've seen cases and helped rehabilitate animals that were in very poor physical and mental states. I will note that a small number were not able to be rehabilitated and safely rehomed... but that was very SMALL percentage. The key is staffing appropriately to ensure that those needing rehabilitation get the proper amount of positive interaction/attention... something that I feel may be sadly lacking in a busy shelter environment such as RSPCA kennels. We had 80 kennels at our rescue, but limited the numbers in care at any one time in order to make sure that each dog got the proper care and attention it needed if staff levels were low on any particular day - remember that rescues and shelters rely a lot on volunteer staff, who may or may not be competely reliable as to whether they turn up on any given day. I'm appalled that 10/10 of these border collies were deemed still as "broken" as when they were siezed some 4+ months after being taken from the only home/people they had ever known. Surely, if proper efforts had been made to rehabilitate them, most should have been showing some signs of improvement? I find it hard to believe that 10/10 dogs were unable to be rehabilitated in any way by so-called "experts" in the field... T.
  9. The first story made me ashamed to be part of the human race... ... but the follow-up reaction from really amazing people makes me believe that maybe there is some hope... My eyes are leaking both sad and happy tears about this story... T.
  10. RSPCA in the news

    27 purebred puppies for them to sell at an inflated price, and kill off the adults after doping them stupid for 4 months... most likely charging the breeder kenneling costs for those 4 months (and all those lovely drugs don't come cheap either)... grrr! People wonder why so many have negative opinions of the RSPCA... Thanks @shel and @Powerlegs for sharing this story... T.
  11. Corneal Ulcer

    Oooohhhh... I just want to scoop him up and give him lots of kisses and cuddles... such a handsome lad... distinguished and unique. We seriously need a Love button here @Troy... *grin* T.
  12. Worrying behaviour? Please help?

    You mention that the lady was older... could she possibly have had some medical issue going on that we humans might not have noticed? I had a Rotti some years back that picked up something from people who weren't well, and she'd go into a barking/growling and backing up mode if approached by them. Also, if I was unwell, she'd go into defensive mode towards anyone who approached me. All other times, she was perfectly social with humans and other dogs. Case in point... an elderly friend who my dog absolutely adored, came over one day, and she reacted by growling, barking, and backing away from him... we were all perplexed at this sudden change in behaviour towards him... until 2 days later when he had a massive heart attack and required quintuple bypass surgery. The dog appeared to have realised that something wasn't right and reacted to it... Just putting it out there... T.
  13. Corneal Ulcer

    Has Ella possibly got some Kelpie/Lab mix going on? I've met a few of that mix who have very similar pretty faces with those soulful eyes... T.
  14. Corneal Ulcer

    Pickles has decided that Zeddy's old bed is hers... I think she misses Zeddy more than she misses Trubs... and Zeddy passed nearly 4 years ago! She's adjusted well to not having Trubs around though... especially as she can now have prime position Harper never ran with Trubs, so she doesn't miss a thing... lol! She's a bitch... I really love the expression on Ella's face... wise beyond her years methinks... and soooo pretty! T.
  15. I'm tipping that they will solicit all enquirers that weren't UNsuccessful anyways - seeing as their software already knows who missed out after you've ticked them off to send the bulk messages... *sigh* T.
  16. Corneal Ulcer

    How good is it looking now... wow!! Go Teddy, you little trooper! As for walkies... if he doesn't want to do it, maybe just playing ball with him should be enough to get his exercise requirements, yes? Pickles and Harper are still sending him their best get well faster woo-woos... Ella is stunning! What a pretty girl. I love those gorgeous eyes... T.
  17. Corneal Ulcer

    Can we have a Teddy update please @crazydoglady99? ... and 2 photos please... one of the eye, and one of all of him for us to ooh and ahh over his handsomeness... *grin* T.
  18. Perses' Pups

    Nawww... is Don... is good! Poor Dags... "you wanna make me smell nice? Ewwie!"... lol! T.
  19. RSPCA in the news

    In asal's defence here, I can back up the feeling of trauma that lasts after action by the RSPCA... and I wasn't the actual target of same. Unfortunately, due to the conditions placed by the court (at the behest of the RSPCA), one is not allowed to say anything negative about the RSPCA once one capitulates and pleads guilty in order to avoid being bankrupted trying to fight the charges laid. This means that once they have "won" in court, they can report to the media that you were found guilty (not that you pled under duress) of whatever charge... but you actually have no right to tell your side of the story in response. The only way to have your side of things heard is in court, and the tactic is to swamp your legal team with so much unnecessary paperwork and other crap that the bills climb astronomically... basically, if you don't have a few spare hundreds of thousands of dollars, your defense just will not be heard. Add to that, if you do spend all that money and end up in financial ruin, you'll never see a cent back in costs from the RSPCA. The system is badly broken in this respect, and there is no accountability placed on the RSPCA at any point. I have no doubt that a large number of "guilty" parties are in fact not guilty of anything but the fear of bankruptcy... Then there is social media... the backlash against those "guilty" parties once the "verdict" is published is intense to say the least... which is a whole new level of trauma inflicted... T.
  20. Perses' Pups

    Must be an old soul... he's gonna be an awesome worker methinks... T.
  21. Perses' Pups

    Intelligent blue eyes at that! He's truly a stunning boy perse... T.
  22. Perses' Pups

    Looks like Dags is gonna be larger and a bit chunkier like his dad, while Clive takes after mum Bo's finer build... They look really great perse... doing a great job keeping them fit there! T.
  23. I get to work with some amazing personalities and characters... and they are purty too! ... more coming... T.
  24. Worms

    Such a pretty girl... what is her name? Home visit will be fine to check her glands, but a blood test to check for heartworm will need to be done in the clinic, unless they have portable check kits nowadays. I give my dogs raw eggs... they love them, but it can be messy... hehe! Kibble is fine to feed if your girl drinks enough water.... otherwise it can get a bit hard and irritate her bottom when passing out the other end. Sounds like this isn't the problem though if she guzzles from the pond, and you feed her other good stuff as well as the kibble. As for poop sticking to her butt fur, you could trim it a bit to make it less able to trap the poop... if she'll let you... *grin* T.
  25. I love my job! Working with animals...

    Got me LOTS of slobbery leg action yesterday... we have got 3 new tiny calves at work... woohoo! Randy Reggie Rory Reggie and I already have a bit of a bond going... he's such a funny little larrikin... we played games like walking under Aunty T's legs and learned how to give kisses. Randy is the lazy one...likes to lie around in funny positions making you think he's dead... *sigh*... until there is a bottle on offer... then he's all action... lol! Rory is the quiet shy one...but coming out of his shell nicely with lots of chin and cheek rubs... Damn, my job is so hard sometimes...NOT!!!! T.