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  1. Labrador pup prices

    If the parents have had all the health checks to show they are sound and likely to throw sound offspring, then I'd say the price you have been quoted is reasonable. It costs money to maintain healthy breeding dogs, and even more to raise a litter of pups properly... to mitigate any foreseeable issues later down the line. T.
  2. That sounds very promising @Snook... good boy Justice! T.
  3. Perses' Pups

    Is Don... is best boy! Looks like little man is going to be a god worker with those instincts... the Boss will be happy... T.
  4. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    Dog help me she stays this silly... she's a nutcase! LOL! T.
  5. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    I keep wondering when Harper (nearly 8) will slow down... being part Great Dane, you'd think she'd have matured some by now... but no... *sigh* It's lovely to see Justice letting out his inner puppy... such a happy boy who is obviously much loved by his mummy... and is returning that love in spades. T.
  6. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    Look as his happy face... and those ears... such a good boy! T.
  7. Perses' Pups

    If he follows the good looks of his dad and mum, he'll be stunning methinks... and hopefully he'll also be an awesome worker too... T.
  8. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    Sounds ike a plan! T.
  9. Perses' Pups

    He is a truly stunning looking lad, isn't he? T.
  10. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    You could get a hand towel or the like - something that will fit around his abdomen - and attach some velcro to the ends to fasten it in place. Then simply slip the absorbent part that you cut out from the incontinence pants under his dribbly bits... worth a try... those pants hold a fair amount of liquid. T.
  11. Belly Bands - Pros and Cons?

    Are you at all creatively minded? Maybe try some adult human incontinence pants, cut the absorbent part out and maybe fashion some sort of truss to strap it to his abdomen... That's if wearing something like that doesn't needle his anxiety issues of course... T.
  12. Perses' Pups

    Sounds like young Ocka is a bit of a survivor... a tough little nugget... go Ocka! T.
  13. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Oh jeebus! Those are the scariest images I've ever seen... what a brave little man he was! T.
  14. Perses' Pups

    OMG!! What acutie! Now young Ocka... there are already enough house dogs... so you are going to have to grow up to be a good worker like your mum and dad, OK? Huggles little man... dream of rounding up sheepies and goaties, OK? T.
  15. Perses' Pups

    Good boy Dags!!! Awesome job young man! T.
  16. Oh... poor sweet boy... he's not having the best time of it, is he? Carprofen can take a little while to take full effect, so I'd definitely dose as you've decided... after food... so that the anagesia effect starts to kick in soon. Hope he had a reasonably settled night after his episode... please give him a kiss on the snout from me and tell him I said he's a good boy. Pickles and Harper are sending Justice their very best get well woo-woos too... T.
  17. You certainly have a treasure there... she's a keeper methinks... T.
  18. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Oh @Kirislin... my heart hurts for you and Marcus... Arkey was such an amazing boy... and I'm sure he has given you both some really beautiful memories to treasure. Please remember him with smiles, not tears... Fly free with the angels Arkey... you were a very special and treasured boy. T.
  19. One step at a time... and hopefully the Carprofen does the trick. Isn't it wonderful to have a vet that listens to everything you need to tell them? T.
  20. Waves of trembling, pacing, moaning... usually classic signs of a pain somewhere. I know that it's not the best hope that he has chronic pancreatitis, but it will be a diagnosis, and then can be treated/managed... T.
  21. The shaking is more like trembling, yes? Combined with moaning and inability to settle, I'd definitely be looking at pain as being a factor there. Fingers crossed that the bloods come back as chronic pancreatitis and that it can then be managed once and for all... better than the alternatives in the long run, even though it's not a wonderful diagnosis to have. T.
  22. Bye, BRUCE the sheep :(

    As one who knows the love of a good sheep, I'm so sorry to hear of Bruce's passing @persephone... He fell on all fours when he found your place to settle his bones... sounds like he lived every day of all those years well. Vale brave and handsome Bruce... you will be sorely missed. Love and hugs to you @persephone... T.
  23. Sounds promising that you may have a way to keep Justice more comfortable and with a slightly less full bladder... excellent news really... T.
  24. It's lovely when they love the vet so much that thye want to follow them anywhere, isn't it? It shows that the vet and staff have gone the extra mile to make sure he's comfortable with them and the things they are wanting to do to him. The clinic I do work placement at uses fear free techniques... and it's amazing how well they actually work on some of the more fractious types of patient. Also, sometimes pets are more comfortable when the owner is NOT around... we've had freaking out dogs in the consult room that we've taken out the back and they've just literally sat still and allowed us to take blood from their jugular, and the minute they are back with their owner they go all freaky again... *sigh* T.
  25. Sounds promising @Snook T.