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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    well Barbra Streisand solved her problem, she had her favourite dog cloned, think she has three now? found it https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/02/style/barbra-streisand-cloned-her-dog.html
  2. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    Dogs are wonderful companions. the reason so many now are being recognised as "service dogs". except its not a "new thing" as many might think. its no accident that surveys have consistently found people with pets live longer, happier and less stressed. Which is what you too have discovered. Actually for her breed mix she has done very well.. sadly so many of us fervently wish our pets lived much longer. She is not a breed, she is what is called a crossbred. it was the garden knome that I believe decided to rebrand x breds as "designer breeds" in the cattle world, the cross of two different breeds, usually results in the progeny being bigger and tend to fatten faster, than either breed of parent because of "hybrid vigour".... the catch is if you keep the progeny they have to be crossed to another unrelated breed or it fails in the next generation. in dogs, crossing two different pure breeds has been touted for decades now as creating "hybrid vigor" too. the problem is if both breeds carry the same genetic defect then so will the puppies.... so crossing two different breeds that both carry for example, luxating patella, mitral valve, pra, pll. and sorry forget all the others that can be in both, if the parents have not been dna tested..........which does not usually happen if they are intended to produce cross bred puppies. Also there are many defects that there is no dna tests for yet. as recently pointed out there are over 20,000 possibilities compared to, is it less or more than 100 available to date? The problem in dogs, is all are Canis familiaris. With cattle there are two very unrelated lines that can be crossed with far greater hybrid vigour than can ever be achieved with dogs. Bos Indicus – Tropical breeds Bos Indicus cattle are developed from lines of the Indian Zebu, most commonly known as Brahman. Cattle with Bos Indicus bloodlines can be distinguished by a hump on their back. They also have large ears and dewlap (the saggy skin in front of their chest), which help to keep them cool. Bos Indicus cattle are better suited to walking long distances for water and foraging. Tropical breeds are tick resistant and well-suited to the extremes in temperature of Northern Australia. and Bos taurus can be classified into two sub-categories, British breeds and Continental breeds. Continental breeds, also called Exotics, are breeds that originated in Europe. These cattle are known for weight gain and cutability. Bos Taurus breeds are derived from British and European stock, and they are best suited to the cooler regions of Southern Australia. Arguably, the best known Bos Taurus breed is Angus, which originates from Scotland. Bos Taurus cattle have thicker coats which allow them to weather cooler winters, and they do not have the notable ‘hump’ of their bos indicus relatives. There are approximately 100 Bos Taurus breeds in Australia,
  3. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    sounds like mitral valve, nothing to do with smoke, drugs or anything not inherited, a cavalier trait seems to be almost a breed trait from how many I am hearing have it. There was a breed book at one pet shop I read that said the average life span was 7 years... it did not state why, but that's about the age most die of it. pretty sad considering most toy breeds live well into their teens.
  4. So many adds for RARE BLUES. or lately the newest must have seems to be Blue Merle. there's nothing rare about Blue or Merle coloured dogs. its in many breeds, both pure and X bred. way too little information about the dangers of letting two merles be mated together..(some merles do not show they are carrying it), Just like some horses can carry the overo gene without expressing, but bred to another overo and 25% chance of the foal inheriting two from both parents and you have a lethal white and you can do nothing but watch it die or have it put down to save it suffering. In the case of merle,. the resulting 25% with two merle genes can have a sliding scale of defects to varying degrees right down to born with no eyes at all. At least mating two mexican hairless just means 25% less puppies as all who inherit two patterns never survive to birth. Another inherited defect not much talked about. Is low immune system, regardless of the colour of the pup or adult.. it expresses down the track as Demodectic mange. Its amazing how often some vets fail to diagnose this as the cause of the problem.... but either way, this too is a genetic failing and nothing to do with the actual colour of the dog.... .... Knew a beautiful cavalier which developed it after his second vaccination........vet hoped it may correct as he matured but gradually became even worse after his third vaccination. as he was intended as a stud dog , the breeder was contacted... Amazingly his breeder said this was proof of his fine bloodline? Low immune system a sign of good breeding? You have to be kidding.. .... no wonder so many kennels are known for dog after dog presenting with severe itch. One vet said he could name the breeder without asking who, depending on the condition the dog was suffering from. Decades ago he wanted to create a data base of conditions linked to pups from the breeder........ I thought it was a great idea, breeders would be alerted to what lines carry a problem they would otherwise not be aware of if the puppy buyer did not contact them. but he said the AVA refused, saying the information is confidential and could expose the AVA to litigation by the breeders if they were named... He believed it would help the breeder to know which parents carried a problem. But then if intending purchasers could know before hand which conditions they may have to deal with if they buy a pup from that kennel was probably the sticking point the AVA was worried about. the good news with the cavalier boy, was put on low dose ivermectin, he lived demodectic free for the rest of his life. (although there was an expensive hiccup when rehomed) Although he was desexed to make sure he could not contribute to more puppies with the same problem... given to a relative, along with his medicine... when it ran out they didn't call and get more. so within months his skin went red and glowing hot so they took him to the vet.. their vet did not believe he needed the low dose ivermectin his previous vet had prescribed, so did every test available "just to make sure" Man were they furious? they were slugged $2500 for the testing?. no idea what on earth their vet tested him for. some one made a motza from an already diagnosed condition?. Any one want to contribute to other things a buyer might need to know when looking for their next pet?
  5. its not just dogs, ex told me he would kill me, but that's not considered serious, until he actually does it, why so many have avo's but still terminated. the targets have no rights to protection from either aggressive humans or in that case dogs
  6. trouble is dogs are not fur kids, they have pack attack instincts that kick in when in numbers. one can be fine but the change when a pack is major. love my dogs but know to make sure they cannot roam....EVER come to think of it some kids, human kids are just as capable of horrific acts... dont think I need to remind u of the specifics, so calling them fur kids isn't always referring to the warm and fuzzies as for the aggressive when you just walking or getting your mail as someone said.. accident/POSSIBLE disaster, waiting to happen. its about time they stopped the no action until your bitten.
  7. posted on ANKC Pedigree Dog Community. good advice. Admin · 21 March at 23:11 Because we are an island nation, we are a lucky country. Even today, no matter what mistakes have been made by our Federal and State governments to date (and there have been mistakes), we (as individuals and as citizens) of this country can still make a difference. We can still change our fate if we act now. I am pleading to every Australian. Be responsible. It is up to us - each and every one of you to do the right thing. If you love your country, if you care about your family, your friends and your community (and even if you don’t), unless you have to go out, stay home. Unless it is essential that you travel, for once, stay home. Stop whinging about being bored or your freedom to move around. Watch movies, read a book, and most importantly, look up at our beautiful sky today and our Southern Cross this evening and think how incredibly lucky we are. If you have been lucky enough to return to Australia, this is a privilege. Isolate yourselves. I am disgusted and horrified by those who have not respected this. I am shocked by those of our population who are not taking this seriously. Those pictured dancing in the mall in our CBD or at Bondi Beach. What is wrong with you all? Just look at what is happening elsewhere. Which part of – “we have to choose who to save do you not understand”? Italy lost over 700 people in one day! Our country does not have the resources (medical and otherwise) to handle this. Do what you can to support our doctors and medical people who are putting their lives on the line and help buy time. Australia can still be an outlier. Our borders are closing and we are naturally isolated. Most of us are big on personal space and actually pretty good at social distancing. Let us be different. Each day is critical. Do whatever is in your power to break the infection cycle and flatten the curve. Stop hoarding toilet paper and whatever is next. Think about what really matters. Step up Australia and look after your mates. It is up to each and every one of you. We can actually change the course of fate. Our lives and our economy are dependent upon you. Even today, there is still time to change the course of fate. It is not too late. Each and every one of you consider – what can you do? As a nation, we are not good at doing what we are told (myself included). However, just for once, all of you use the brain you were blessed with. We have been forewarned and have more than enough evidence. Help our government contain this. Stay home unless you have to and persuade your family, friends and neighbours to do likewise. Unless you do, with every passing day, the situation will get worse. It is denial and complacency, that is the biggest problem. Stay home until we are forced to do so. And ... cuddle your dog instead. Sandy , thanks Elisa, to my surprise the endurance forum admin shut down discussion.......all our pets will be loving the extra attention. well not necessarily some cats
  8. RSPCA in the news

  9. Pets and our mental health

    Yes, it is well documented now. yet our pollies seem to be listening to the ar nutters who want to eliminate domestic animals, pets first to be eliminated. so strange when the mental health benefits are beyond question now thanks to all the research available
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/mar/17/dogs-have-a-magic-effect-the-power-of-pets-on-our-mental-health?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  11. RSPCA in the news

    Further to the story on Marshmallow. I do appreciate those of you who have been lucky so far would find her story hard to believe. as for me I know differently after all the lies they told about why they took my dog and that was in November 1999 so they have had over 20 years to learn to get better, seems not Posted on Facebook 16/3/2010 Belinda Stevens 9 hrs By way of response to the RSPCA's outrageous lies and accusations, I am requesting the RSPCA publicly release and publish the following documents. I would also like them to provide sufficient answers to my questions and the supporting evidence. 1. Signed surrender form 2. CCTV footage of those pivotal two minutes in question 3. Evidence used to obtain the entry warrant 4. Authority form for the RSPCA inspectorate to open an investigation 5. Results of ALL tests conducted that were used to arrive at the determination that Marshmallow could not be saved and euthanasia was necessary 6. The video & photographic evidence of Marshmallow's alleged seizures, blue lips, etc. 7. Evidence supporting your claims of "alleged deaths" 8. A signed & sworn affidavit from the veterinarian in question which states the facts as they happened 9. All veterinarian notes pertaining to the incident in question Your claim regarding the 4 cats previously surrendered by me is the only true statement you have made. However, you neglected to provide accurate context along with it so I will. As you were made well aware in every one of those instances, 3 of the 4 cats in question were not mine. I took those cats to the RSPCA because I naively believed that you would provide them with a better life than when I found them. There is now little doubt in my mind as to their fate. I brought Marshmallow to you when she got sick because I also naively believed you would help, not crucify me. Since the RSPCA was closest to me, if I'd not taken her in as soon as it became apparent that she wasn't well, travelled to a private veterinarian further away or done nothing at all, would those things not constitute abuse/neglect according to your own standards and expectations? My kitten became sick. I am not an expert which is why I took her to the so-called experts for help.... who killed her, apologised, then immediately turned on me, twisted the truth and made me out to be an animal abuser. It's ironic. If that suggestion and inference contained even a hint of truth, I would not have bothered to seek help for sick animals, whether mine or somebody else's. So instead of my kitten getting the help she needed, she is now dead and I have been falsely and publicly vilified, harassed and threatened, and all without basis. All thanks to the RSPCA. I hate that I ever donated or believed the public facade of the RSPCA; that they are 'experts' in anything other than lying, intimidating and bullying to cover up self-incriminating facts & truths. Your advertising is deceptive and false. Its clear that the RSPCA are about everything BUT the animals. 1. How were RSPCA vets able to obtain my signature, run tests and have the results back in under 2 minutes? 2. How could the RSPCA make a decision regarding the required treatment (and so quickly) if they didn't know Marshmallow's condition at the time of euthanising her; if they did know, surely it would mitigate any NEED for an autopsy....? 3. Why would there be a need to raid me in order to retrieve Marshmallow's body for an autopsy IF they already knew the cause of death? Because, according to their statement, they knew exactly what was wrong with her and stated that she could not be saved. So which is it RSPCA? 4. If the RSPCA have the test results which support their claim that "treatment wasn't an option", why would they STILL require or be demanding her body back for an autopsy? IF they have the results and can prove that is true, why the urgency for an autopsy, but especially one conducted by their own vets? ** The accompanying video taken only minutes prior shows Marshmallow's condition so you can make your own determination. 5. If the RSPCA wanted Marshmallow's body for an autopsy, there would be no need for them to raid me. Why not just ask me and respect my decision as to whether or not I even WANT an autopsy done? 6. Why would the RSPCA suddenly have cause to investigate me immediately after they admitted to screwing up and killing my kitten? If there were legitimate concerns about the welfare of any one of those cats I surrendered over the past 5 years, why wasn't an investigation commenced prior to this incident? 7. What are these alleged "deaths" referred to in the RSPCA's statement? At the time of surrendering each one of the cats since 2015, I was informed by RSPCA staff that they would be rehomed. If they were killed, it was not due to MY negligence. I thought that NOT taking stray cats to the RSPCA was negligent. Ultimately, did the RSPCA raid me due to newly alleged, previous animal 'welfare' concerns or because they wanted Marshmallow's body for an autopsy (which they had no legal right to since I did NOT surrender her)? It can't be both. Again, which is it RSPCA? I'd also really like to know, since when did legitimate (RSPCA) investigations BEGIN with a raid?
  12. I’m being deluged with Ads about dog beds

    i would go online and shop for it, many facebook advertises are scammers and take your money and dont send the item as well a percentage if you pay by card just keep taking money from your account until you cancel the card, then have to apply to get the money back been caught twice so never ever again will buy from a fb add well unless some one recommends one they actually bought from and know its not a scammer. I reported the first and second scammers and fb deleted them but were back advertising within 48 hours so they sure dont keep track of the scammers
  13. RSPCA in the news

    Grant Teeboon · 10 March 2019 · Most nationwide organisations get better at what they do over time.... most, not all. . (With thanks to Lindsey for sourcing this item)
  14. RSPCA in the news

    This is the warrant she was served with. notice it gives them the right to seize your mobile phone, tablet and computer. just in case they contain something they can use to convict you. so even if there is nothing on any of them they are gone indefinitely anyway I have heard they do it, just didn't believe it until now its there in black and white. rather totally negates their continuous wailing about lack of power. in 1990 they already had the power to seize any animal they "formed the opinion" should be seized.. note the wording for all your electronic equipment "reasonable suspects" and it too is gone. that is a great deal of power with no need to prove their opinion or suspicion and the target? has no avenue of appeal even today over 20 years later. Not even the police have that unappealable power.
  15. RSPCA in the news

    well now has been published and her trial by media began RSPCA investigates woman whose cat was euthanased without consent ABC Radio Brisbane / By Rebeka Powell Posted Yesterday, updated Yesterday Marshmallow was euthanased by the RSPCA on Tuesday night.(Supplied) Share The RSPCA is investigating a woman whose cat was euthanased without consent after reviewing her history of bringing animals in ill health to a facility in Wacol, south-west of Brisbane. Key points: RSPCA has apologised for euthanasing 11-week-old kitten Marshmallow prior to its owner signing paperwork The organisation carried out a search warrant at the owner's home over "concerns in relation to other animals" Belinda Stevens, the owner, alleges the RSPCA is trying to "cover up their wrongdoing" In a statement, the RSPCA said it executed a search warrant on Thursday as part of an investigation into the death of an 11-week-old kitten named Marshmallow. Belinda Stevens told ABC Radio Brisbane on Wednesday that she took the family's kitten to the RSPCA after it became "unsteady on its feet". The RSPCA admitted that a misunderstanding over the cat's ownership led to it being euthanased and apologised for a communication issue with Ms Stevens. Warning: This story contains an image that some readers may find disturbing. Claims of multiple deaths But today the RSPCA said it had come to the organisation's attention that Ms Stevens had five other cats from the same litter in her care at home. "Investigators established that the same kitten owner had previously surrendered four cats to RSPCA on four separate occasions since October 2015," the RSPCA said. "All required urgent veterinary care." The RSPCA said two of the cats were euthanased due to their poor conditions, one died an unassisted death soon after, and the other was treated by the RSPCA and rehomed. On Thursday investigators located four dogs, eight kittens from two litters, and four adult cats at the property — none of which had been desexed, the organisation said. In a text to the ABC, Ms Stevens confirmed the RSPCA had attended her property with a search warrant. The RSPCA entered the property to retrieve the remains of Marshmallow, which Ms Stevens had taken home after the cat was put down. Ms Stevens said Marshmellow was euthanased by RSPCA vets without consent.(Supplied) Child told to flee, RSPCA says The RSPCA said prior to entry inspectors heard Ms Stevens "telling her children to flee over the back fence" with Marshmallow's body. Ms Stevens admitted to the ABC that she had removed Marshmallow from her premises. "I had removed Marshmallow from my premises … [police] stated they would charge me in with obstruction and tampering with evidence," she said. "The officer then stated, as I told my 11-year-old daughter to run and hide with Marshmallow, that they were seizing Marshmallow." The officers did not locate Marshmallow during the search. Ms Stevens alleges the RSPCA is trying to "cover up their wrong doing". The RSPCA Animal Hospital is in Wacol, in Brisbane's south-west.(ABC TV News - File Image) No charges laid The RSPCA said Ms Stevens took the kitten's body with her on Tuesday night, preventing the possibility of an autopsy to determine the cause of the kitten's poor condition. "It was cold, semi-comatose, in lateral recumbency, cyanotic (blue from lack of oxygen), gasping for air with a subnormal temperature, and unresponsive," the RSPCA said. "The owner stated that this had happened previously with the kitten and she had cuddled it and it recovered, but no veterinary attention had been sought." Ms Stevens was issued with a welfare directive requiring her to provide treatment to the animals for fleas and worms, attend to the matting of the coat on one of the dogs, and provide treatment of a skin condition on another dog. She has not been charged with any offences. Posted Yesterday, updated Yesterday Share