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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. MY BOY could cut dogs as fast as he could cut cattle. he would wait till they came running up behind him thinking they could grab him from behind, then he would spin and land with forefeet either side of the stunned dog and teeth snapping in its face.......... few came back for seconds................. he even loved to cut wild rabbits! I kid you not. staying on as he ran, sat, spun, ran, sat spun with his head this low is harder than being on a rollercoaster
  2. Luna in the video is wearing white pastern boots. and next photo are bay with no white feet. Luna in the second photo is a chestnut with one white sock and narrow star and short strip Luna in the third photo is a chestnut with blaze face right to the nose and three white legs. so there is Luna 1 Luna 2 and Luna 3
  3. weird? the owner gave no details and ran off? so how on earth can u fine someone if you have no idea who they are? obviously the horse owner has 3 horses and wanted the world to see all 3 of them
  4. mmmm the breed standard specifically states, suspicious of strangers...... until I tell mine the stranger is ok, If no one is home, they either wont let them in . Or if they do let them in the gate and then wont let the leave. which can be rather embarrassing if im not home for a couple of hours or more!
  5. they are a breed that if you do not train them, they will train you. THAT is a given. As for not good with small children? my daughter was gven Berrilyn Blue Debutaunt by Hilton Sinclair, the day she was born, by the time the pair of them were six months, Debbie was guarding daughters nappy when she discarded it, Her dad went to pick it up and Debbie put her paw on it clearly telling hubby, "U dont touch my masters nappy!" That puppy would protect my child with her life. same as her great grand mum Blue who Hilton Sinclair had given to my husbands first born son 17 years before. She too tolerated Pauls rough house play, the brat at 3 and 3 stone was caught sitting on blue who although gasping for breath did not tell him to get off, his dad gave him the hiding for being rough to Blue. They are amazing kids dogs, if it isn't, its not a true cattledog. They dont just herd cattle, they were bred to guard your home and anything with your scent on it. saddle, horse, clothe's car, truck AND CHILDREN. when Pauls daughter Emma was born, one sniff and Benny and Rosie added newborn Emma to the protected list. In fact from the day they brought her home from hospital, neither slept at the end of Paul and Sue's bed. from that day they slept at the door to emma's room. when Paul found them missing that first night. both were asleep below Emma's cot. so he shut the door to keep them out but they would not leave the door. (no baby should be left unattended with a dog of ANY BREED) So they could only guard the door. Never forget Paul phoning me to tell me "I owe u an apology, I always thought your story of your dads dog blue was bull shit, Now I know its true!" Sue Emma's mum decided to take her out in the pram for a walk. neither Benny or Rosie would walk at heel, both insisted in walking beside the front of the pram. Both Sue and Paul wondered why the people walked towards they crossed the road? So Paul crossed the road and walked level with Benny and Rosie. soon as the people coming towards them got within 25 feet. both dogs smiled, showing their teeth and............ the people crossed the road. (Same as people had done when my dad sent me to the shop, with a note n money, with his dog blue from when I was 7) trait of the true blue Australian cattle dog. guard the kids. it was a pain though when playing with my friends, if we had an argument that turned into a fight, Blue, (dads dog) would push over and sit on the aggressor. end of fight. As the eldest and biggest, I was the one getting sat on. so no hope of winning the argument, sigh.
  6. Connie with her first litter, obviously not 8 weeks yet, 12 of them, also some 9 years ago. Her mum was bred by Arizona, Her dad Ch Itsozi Out of the Blue one of her daughters is Red Foxi Lady, By Ch Pureheel Royal Echo, she won 8 best in shows for her thrilled owner, a blue sister, sorry forget her name won 4 best in show or best in breed
  7. thanks tdierikx , figured how to reduce it. Mareeba the blue whale. gee this pic is some 9 years ago
  8. Well remember Ivor Slezacheck BvSc telling me one day, some 30 years ago," Mt Druitt has the largest vector of unvaccinated dogs in the Sydney basin. When we get the strong winds, I'm seeing up to a dozen dogs a day with parvo" From just one vet? goodness knows what the numbers would be over all the affected area's vets impacted? Nothing has changed. the august winds are just as effective today as they were then. I'd ring to get a litter vaccinated and my vet will tell me. "Don't take them out of the car, I'll do them in the car, I've so many infected dogs in my surgery today."
  9. ive discovered many of my photos are too big to post, got a doozy of mareeba with her puppies. size of a blue whale, but it just wont let me post it?
  10. LOL, i never fed PAL well unless I wanted the place smothered in runny doo's
  11. 3 years ago this one, 7 pups raised
  12. these photos go back to up to ten years ago , never seem to have seen skinny mummies, litter sizes varied from 6 to 9
  13. Actually ankc magazine stopped listing breeders address's because police found an ankc magazine with the litters to be stolen, with rings around them. the driver was caught with cages in the back with either the stolen puppies or puppies and mum. and a tick beside the ringed breeders address for the ones already taken. along with empty carry cages for the next to be cased that would have been over 30 years ago now?
  14. Yes my sisters daughter paid 7,000 for an oodle, 18 months ago. friend just bought one for her mum 1,500. but the dog world and breed and x bred fashion cycles have been in existence for decades. its not new and repeats the fashion starts, people start breeding whats in and flood it. crash fashion starts for another seen it , being over 70, seen so many breeds bred to freak proportions and suddenly no one wants them sadly fact. micromanaging only the ankc and other registers will never stem the flood the invisible backyarders are not huge visible traceable "puppy farms" as so often said, they actually are people with 1 or 2 but there are tens of thousands of them.
  15. We all know none of our mums end up looking like the ar nutters photos. I know Jedda is not unique in the yummy mummy stakes. How about sharing so people comming to dogzonline can see how fab our mum's are when their pups are 8 weeks?
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