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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. Ragdolls are amazing, soon as I saw the pic, thought you won the lottery
  2. Chihuahua Problems - story

    If his immune system has been compromised he may now have Demodectic mange.... its not catching the mites are normal on the skin, but low immunity they reproduce unchecked, is it pinkish? is fair falling out where the allergy is? the only safe way to treat a chihuahua for either type of mange is the CLEAR Ivamec based sheep drench, the dose is very very small 1/10 to 2/10ths of a ml...so dont try it yourself you need a vet to make up the dose for you......... given orally, works well. ................... (NOT the low dose, that's green and VERY STRONG. would kill him) find a vet who knows what I am talking about if they dont keep looking till you do find one ....all the others suitable for other breeds is too strong and will either kill him or make him sick.
  3. my daugher spent not only her baby years but all her childhood surrounded by dogs, horses, ponies, chooks, cattle, cats and any wildlife in need of care. she was exposed to cat dander, dog dander, horse dander, cattle dander, chook dander and anything else the wildlife had. I am allergic to every single animal dander on that list, despite the fact I too grew up with my dads dogs always around and in the case of blue, always beside me as for the cats? dozens of them until the vet explained to my puzzled mum that brothers have no aversion to putting their sisters in kitten so they all got the desexing chop, and there was nearly 100 by the time mum learned that life lesson. Asthma killed my dads father just before I was born, mums advice was dont marry anyone with asthma in their family as it sure in in your dads family. unkbeknown to me my mother in law was a massive asthmatic, just all the medications kept her going so not happy when i discovered that and sure enough my daughter gets asthma, my only consolation I sure made sure she was exposed to every possible contaminate from the day she come home from hospital, everywhere she crawled she had Debbie her very own ACD guarding and probably covering in her dog dander from day one. was pretty gobsmacked when the doc told me , "long as you avoid dogs, cats, horses, cattle and chook's you will be fine!" so still have all of the above but keep my puffers in my purse for emergencies.. it is hereditary as well is my guess.. the biggest surprise is the worst attacks are triggered by none of the above, drop the air tempretature below 4C....I start wheezing.. below minus C and without the puffers... curtains so early exposure isn't the guarantee the doc's would like us to think it is
  4. our stray to moved in, green eyes was the best ratter i have ever seen, not even a rat on a bean 14 foot up the side of the barn was safe, she climbed to the top of a cupboard then lept the intervening 6 feet to grab it and didn't let go in the fall to the floor with her trophy. still miss her, nope feline not canine. when old age finally caught up with her, her successor was Yeti, another someone didnt want, although very pretty, (I thought she was a himalayan) was living skeleton until the vet figured out her health problems. hopeless mouser and ratter, sniffed a mouse and bitten the nose for her trouble, later discovered she was a rag doll. even the chihuahua green eyes had trained, tried to teach her to no avail. chi's make good mouser and ratters
  5. Snake aversion training

    having come home once to three dead dogs laying on their tummies looking at the pieces they had torn the snake into it was a bit late for them. it was in four pices. put together it was 3 inches short of 7 foot.. stuff of nighmares
  6. Snake aversion training

    I have dreamed of this as the answer to every dog owners nightmare. never seen it advertised or done though, would save countless lives all dogs, every dog, seems to be attracted to snakes like magnets? who would think something as cute and cuddly as a cavalier is actually hiding a vermin hunting terrier under that mild mannered image??? found this link https://www.snakeavoidance.com.au/
  7. Location, Location, Location

    went through this with amigo, sorry I cant do better than commiserate. At least with Stringy he would eat the plateful as long as there some some chicken in it or at least the scent of chicken in or on it.
  8. I need help!l

    Sad really, this is a purebred dog forum and increasingly it has to become a x breed advice forum now because thanks to all the pressure on members of the ankc's not to breed, the only place people will be able to find their puppy is buying from backyards and x breeds anyway. If you doubt me, the board of dogs nsw sends out the inspector to anyone who breeds ten or more litters in any one year now. regardless of how many actual puppies were in that "litter" small breeds could mean only ten to 15 pups gets you labled a puppy farmer now. I think powerlegs advice might help. The pup will be feeling dreadfully lost in an empty backyard all alone. I tell my new puppy owner to put a clock under their bed as the ticking mimic's the heartbeat of mum and litter mates and a snuggly toy to curl up, and treat ball to fiddle with helps too. If you doubt my belief Ankc members are not the problem. I will add this link for your learning curve. http://ankc.org.au/media/6598/a-forensic-view-of-puppy-breeding-in-australiav4.pdf Two years ago I worked out the ankc's have ten years before they will no longer be financial or sufficient gene pool left. Well It finally seems recognition has finally began to settle on those in Dogs NSW, no idea if the other states are learning? Of the parlous state of the continuation of the purebred dog. How many intend attending the AGM tomorrow night to vote? https://www.dogsnsw.org.au/media/1717/agm_agenda-2018.pdf 8.3 K Hedberg BVSc to move by Special Resolution THAT the following Clause be added to the RNSWCC Articles of Association as a new Clause numbered 91:- Protocols for DNA Parentage Testing 91. Except in the situation where there is a question as to parentage and a complaint has been made to the Board of Directors, or if the Member Body so requests, there shall be no mandatory DNA Parentage Testing in New South Wales. RATIONALE: At the June 2018 ANKC Ltd Special Board meeting, it was resolved to amend ANKC Ltd Regulations Part 6-The Register & Registration by adding a new Clause 6.12, which reads:- 6.12 Parentage Proven for Registration 6.12.1 All puppies whelped after 01 January 2020 and being registered on the ANKC Ltd database as Main Registered are to be Parentage Proven by DNA. All results are to use the International Society for Animal Genetic (ISAG) marker and are to be submitted to the member body prior to registration. 6.12.2 Where a breeder makes application to upgrade a dog to the Main Register then the dog is to be Parentage Proven as per 6.12.1 prior to being upgraded. 6.12.3 Collection and testing of the DNA sample is to be conducted pursuant to protocols at Section 2 of these Regulations. 6.12.4 All dogs, frozen semen and Fertilised Ova imported into Australia from 01 January 2020 are to be Parentage Proven in accordance with this section. 6.12.5 All Frozen semen registered after 01 January 2020 is to be Parentage Proven in accordance with this section. (……….continued over) Agenda for the RNSWCC Ltd Annual General Meeting 7 November 2018 DOGS NSW Board of Directors firmly believes that mandatory DNA parentage testing is not required at this time and would deliver a negative impact for the following reasons:  Will add considerable cost to every puppy registered on the Main Register.  Will have the added effect of significantly increasing the number of puppies placed on the Limited Register.  DOGS NSW is currently experiencing, dwindling membership and shrinking income, this further impost will drive many to either stop breeding or resign their membership and move to other emerging registration bodies.  Leaving the requirements for DNA parentage testing limited to those cases where there is a clear doubt on parentage as currently occurs, is sufficient to safeguard the database.  The instigation of Australia wide testing would require a framework that currently does not exist.  DOGS NSW does not believe that it was the intention of the ANKC Ltd National Canine Health & Wellbeing Committee to endorse such a recommendation. DOGS NSW does not support this amendment to the Regulations. 9. MEETING CLOSED The page title is a good one on both counts. The purebred dog needs help to survive ... Pandering to the AR mob was never going to work, their agenda is the elimination of domestic animals. including the oodles and x breeds, the ankc's are just the beginning of the elimination process because they are easiest to target.. A friend moved to the country recently, to discover her new local council will not let her keep her two purebred, fully life registered bitches entire unless she builds a $45,000 sound proof, air conditioned kennel for them. otherwise they must be desexed? No mention of how they would stay alive in that "air conditioned shed" when the power fails as it often does even in the city? This is what AR has achieved across much of this country. She MUST build a puppy farm or she cannot keep them entire. You fell for the "we have to get rid of puppy farms," when all along this has been infiltrating councils across this land, Now unless you can build a puppy farm you cant keep your dogs for breeding anyway, tricked haven't you. What is there to be confused about? thanks to the "we have to get rid of puppy farms' the ankc members HAVE agtreed to place so many restrictions on members and how many can be bred the number of members and puppy's available has plummeted and failing a miracle and the return to serving the dogs and the members instead of AR. this forum will be serving to help the majority, which is now the x bred designers buyers who have no such restrictions....
  9. is a case of forewarned is fore armed. it does happen but you can have them get on perfect all their lives but gee if they blow up.. petrifying, only had it happen once with two of mine and had to move super fast . one girl almost had her foreleg bitten off in a matter of seconds her leg was saved because she missed the arteries. but over half the muscles both sides had to be restitched together. another friend had one of her girls kill three of her bitches before she discovered who was the killer. it can happen. as for males even desexed ones. can too. friend had a 12 yr old lab and her sons kelpie was 18 months, she had a bad migrine and took strong tablets, woke up to find the kelpie dead beside her bed and the lab sleeping beside him.
  10. Red Fox Labradors

    as someone said in the thread I found, whatever happened to the golden Labrador and retriever? they have been damped down to cream and almost white from the dogs we used to see? they were not the norm 30 and 40 years ago
  11. Red Fox Labradors

  12. Breeding for colour

    Inbreeding did not create the HYPP gene in Impressive, he carried the first mutation.
  13. Breeding for colour

    Inbreeding is the favourite excuse for when something went wrong, even if it's parents are completely unrelated. Instead of the fact no matter how inbred the parents a faulty gene cannot be passed on if they don't carry it. Likewise outcrossing will still express a fault if both carry it to pass on regardless of there being no inbreeding . It's the favourite blame game word today. Hestia was the result of four half siblings, all had the same sire, Shahzada, some Arabians have 27 and more crosses to him. Hestia did not carry SCIDS nor any of the inbred to Shahzada horses. It took Sala, Razaz and later imports to introduce that lethal into Australia. Two SCIDS genes the baby has no immunity, it's the same gene "the boy in the plastic bubble" had. Only a bone marrow transplant can save them.
  14. Breeding for colour

    Wonder what they make of weimariners? The entire breed is blue with many both double blue AND double chocolate. Inbreeding is the crossing of close relatives not the breeding of two unrelated blues or chocolate. Yet I have never seen one with blue gene alopecia, why because to happen there has to be the faulty Elle present, the old breeders eliminated it without the aid of DNA testing
  15. Breeding for colour

    Kind of ignored the fact that cream is RECESSIVE to black? Recessive does not mean diseased. Blue eyes are Recessive to brown eyes, haven't heard of blue eyes being associated with disease yet , well so far. Had chocolate chihuahua's for decades many long outlived their black and gold littermates? Never had an obesity problem, (unless we're overfed) either. Applied to all colours, although pearl got fat looking at food, but she was copper gold?