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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. Your First Dog

    Dog I was born with was dads red heeler, Blue . First dog I owned was Pickle a silver toy poodle. Amazingly intelligent trainable breed and just as protective as dads boy Blue. No one could raid my room . Sure didn't need a lock on the door. Fascinated by the Japanese Shih Tzu. Do you mean Japanese Chin?
  2. What should I do?

    so true julesluvscavs and NikkiandKane, Its the price we pay for all that love and joy they share while we have them, few pets have the long lives we wish they had, but it can be hard to remember we made that choice and took that risk when we let them into our hearts. It can take weeks, months and sometime years to remember when the pain of their loss causes you to forget that. Parents dont expect to lose their children either but that too happens. Life truly is a lottery and hiding from that fact denies you the joy of taking your courage and accepting that.
  3. Retriever, Pointer and herding breed, Border collie... Fascinating and sooo true. Felt a bit sorry for the poor pointer. looking to his master for guidance when the birds were advancing on him instead of vice versa as he was bred to do. Their focus on the pigeon was remarkable
  4. Seller needs advice

    a pup my brother bred, the vet said his heart sounded so bad he wasn't even going to vaccinate him. My brother told him to vaccinate him and kept him as a pet. he lived to 7 years and they only lost him when he knocked over the kitchen tidy and stole cooked chicken bones and one perforated his stomach. One I bred developed serious heart murmour at six months and died in her sleep at 2 1/2. it is a complete lottery. Friend had one was diagnosed at first vaccination like my brothers and lived to 9 which makes it hard to as to what will be the outcome. no proof no pay and right to second opinion, and you can decide on money back on return or pup or a percentage if they want to keep it, as the others have said.
  5. LOL The grumpy winner would have to be one of my favourite vets, Prof Dave Hutchins. Head of cobbity branch of Sydney Uni. One of a kind our Hutch . Gave the pollies short shift when he locked us down when Equine Influenza arrived here in a shuttle stallion
  6. mind if you are very active a cavi will stay with you, just not as fast as the other two breeds
  7. big diversity in temperament there, all right , Kelpie, intensely loyal, loving, higly trainable, workaholic, "Quick and agile, Kelpie's are great dogs for families that love to work out. ... Kelpie's are obedient and easy to train , not to mention very intelligent and they will quickly learn new tricks and commands. A Kelpie will stop growing around 12 months old." Dont have any experience with an Akita. but heard they can be a challenge to train. Akita "Temperament: Alert and responsive, dignified and courageous. Akitas may be intolerant of other dogs, particularly of the same sex" "Training can be a challenge, for the Akita Inu is assertive, strong-willed, and bores easily. He may use his intelligence in ways that suit his own purposes. Yet owners who know how to lead will find him eminently trainable via praise and reward methods." Cavalier King Charles. loving, eager to please lounge lizard. "The Cavalier King Charles is a sweet and loving little dog who is highly trainable. Learn how to start their training on the right paw. ... These small companion dogs are highly trainable, and dogs learn most easily during their early months of life." although some will try the roll over. look cute and want to be picked up instead. and you end up trained. Good luck making a decision huge diversity in health parameters too.
  8. The Cost of Puppies

    as for your comment, "registering 14 litters in 5 months" just to get a little perspective on what you said. "Lets do the Math Again ! In 2016 – 6,525 ANKC Ltd Breeders produced 14,091 Litters 3,583 Breeders (55%) 0nly had 1 Litter 1,406 Breeders (21%) had 2 Litters 659 Breeders (10%) had 3 Litters 338 Breeders (5%) had 4 Litters 539 Breeders (8%) had 5 to 10 Litters Only 86 Breeders ( 1.3%) had more than 10 Litters" quote is from this ANKC STATS for 2016 http://ankc.org.au/media/6598/a-forensic-view-of-puppy-breeding-in-australiav4.pdf
  9. The Cost of Puppies

    realised, nobody can "ruin" the ANKC. if it ceases to be a viable register for purebred dogs it will simply continue being a social club for dog lovers. The Royal NSW Canine Council, long ago realised the demographics were changing and decided its public name will be Dogs NSW to appeal to all dog lovers. Not just purebred breeders. That is what Dogzonline will become too. Every single one of us have one thing in common, the love for our dogs. Its a shame some feel the need to see bad in fellow members and drive them away. Wonder if we will hear from ZDM again after your need to add your snide remark? That was only their second post here. Such a sweet welcome from you. did a check, ZDM hasn't been back since June 26.
  10. The Cost of Puppies

    I did not say a fraction of what you are going on about. you go jump to "registering 14 litters in 5 months" gee , be like you, just only for yourself........... or"registering 14 litters in 5 months"? just to get a little perspective on what you said. Nothing in between eh? Exaggeration in all things that dont hug your idea of ethics. Although at least then there will be puppies available... So you cannot even conceive others may not do all the dreadful crap you imagine and just said. That's called massive over reaction, but then anyone else has already been accused in your previous post which I quoted your own words... Never said any of the rubbish you just wrote in your accusation. "I just love your presumption of me being "one of those "people who will ruin the future of ANKC ." shrinking membership, shrinking gene pool is not going to "ruin the future of the ANKC" Just shrinks a little each year until? You dont know me at all either, petal. unlike you, I queried your very words. I not did not exaggerate them to the ridiculous as you have flung, so in a way, you have helped me understand you better. I have no reason to dislike you, you have your opinion, you do your own thing. So many who disagree, take their bag and leave. That's who are making up the numbers in the alternative registries and lost to the ankc. Just dont expect me to copy, I have no need to please you. Its unfortunate there is Some members who believe there is no room for anyone who doesn't agree with their version or foolish enough to disagree or walk to a different drum. They make a lot of noise, but those who disagree tend to stay silent. I know I was one of them, been silent except to my friends in private from 1978 to 2014 I think? finally got the courage to speak up. When I got my first dog in 1978, I had to decide, did I want to buy a show bitch or one that can self whelp. The fodder for Pedigree Dogs Exposed was already there in the show breeders pens then. I decided my responsibility was continue the self whelping lines, this is a big country, if some one bought a puppy from me and lived miles from the nearest vet, they would lose their precious girl. at only ten I had watched a neighbour struggle with saving their non whelping line bitch, then realise without the vet removing them will lose mum and all the pups. Then struggle to save her darling puppies because although she was from all champion show ring lines, maternal instinct wasn't one of the selection criteria in that bitches ancestors either. Another always had to bottle feed her puppies from day 3, because the bitches of her line would dry up their milk from day 3 to 6... but they were all Champions, self whelping nor maternal instincts dont win challenges so no reason to select for them. Don't forget the breeder who refused to even attempt to eliminate hernias from her lines for the same reason. But produces wonderful Champions and Best in Group winners and In Show Winners, as she said "hernias are not listed as a disqualifying fault". Surprisingly I discovered I could still win occasionally in the ring, even sometimes a Challenge certificate............which was nice. but no best in breeds for my middle of the road conformation bub. Although friends ran some for me to Champion, done solely because , if you dont show you will be targeted as a "puppy farmer" even as early as the 1980's. I like hernia free, self whelping, maternal minded quality as equal in importance, always will. nave a nice day. Just realised, it is you who felt the need to make the snide remark to the person who asked for advice as to who to contact re an ankc management matter. I doubt they had a nice day after reading what you felt the need to insinuate.
  11. The Cost of Puppies

    Joe public aren't creating the need for puppy farms, no ankc puppies to be found is doing that. People deciding they are not welcome is doing that, hence the growth in alternative registers. 99 percent of the population want a pet, they don't want to show or breed anyway, so to so actively discourage the minority who would is shooting ankc in the foot. Been very successful too, its all laid out in each year's statistics.
  12. The Cost of Puppies

    The trouble is, people who "don't have litters yearly" And only "breed when we want to for ourselves " Contribute little to nothing to the continuation of the ANKC into the future, in income, genetics or new members joining. The apparent assumption from your words that any who don't do as you are. "Breed the guts out" "View their girls as money" "move them on for the next batch" Is pretty nasty , no matter what angle. You have the right to do whatever you want. But to insinuate any who are different to your parameter, are less ethical or responsible than your decision for yourself is pretty unethical and denial of their rights to make their own decisions. Particularly the people who actually breed regularly and don't desex every puppy AND sell on main register are the only way the ANKC's can survive, the gene pool cease shrinking along with memberships growing in line with the population of Australia So wrap yourself in your cloak of piousness, certainly. But you and your group will contribute little or nothing to the breed's or future of the ANKC. The ANKC is to record pedigrees AND encourage new members, Sadly been precious little of either each proceeding years since the us and them mentality arrived in the membership.
  13. "or if this is just your own personal crusade ." Pity you chose the use those words. You are assuming something with no reason what ever to form that opinion. the poster has been very polite. what you said is not. another reason to add to the other assumption's and comments made here, this place can be so unwelcome and sadly why so many dont come back
  14. my no bedisde manner vet has another view of what constitutes puppy farmer. He made the comment. "If I was an rspca inspector, I would seize any dogs that are not kept fit. " to given you some context. This chap is a fitness fanatic. he runs km's every day, cycles km's , every day, swims every day. His dogs are muscled up like greyhounds in training., To him mine laying around in the sun snoozing are neglected. so you see, every one has a different opinion of what constitutes good care of themselves and their animals. The problem with here, is it seems, so many are implacably opinionated, is there is so little wiggle room for different opinions. Never heard his one expressed before though. Here or anywhere else. He certainly astonished me, as he has never said this real opinions on dog management before. Certainly made me realise how wide the spectrum's are in peoples opinions. Think, was double startled because this guy despises the rspca with a passion. As has battled them on many occasions to save his patients for the client who owned it. (he is not a dog and cat vet incidentally..) Large animals vet, Never forget the day I took him to a friends injured horse, n after examination, rattled off "how long it will take to recovery, the chances of returning to soundness" and in his opinion, "Better to put it down and with the thousands you saved, use it to get a good horse". as I said, no bedside manner. Thought she was going to pull the shotgun to use on him that day. come to think of it, maybe then on me next for bringing him