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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. Hope you can find someone to show you how to put up her photo. Good luck. actually i realised today, I have no idea if she was a greenie.. all I know is she considered herself a tree hugger. guilty of just using the general term instead I like dingo's. like any canine it cannot be allowed to learn bad habits, be it a pet or wild. they have been camp dogs for over 40,000 years remember met a chap recently who has what he thought was a kelpie x. has only recently learned the people who gave it too him had found her and her siblings when they wandered into their place beside the national park. he has had some training issues. smart, affectionate but needs lots of work on recall, can scale a 6 foot fence as if it wasn't there has made keeping her home quite a challenge. until he solved it by building a large yard with roof for when she is not inside the house. My uncle used to care for the dingo's at the wildlife park that was home to skippy. think u know the one "skippy, the bush kangaroo". Also had a neighbour who had a pet dingo, she was just as affectionate as my border collie, mastered sit heel and stay. although recall was iffy if something caught her interest. She too could scale a fence as fast as a cat
  2. Why pedigree dogs are on the line

    it doesn't matter what some one approves or not. The fact is doing so is the best way to find out if a sire or dam carries not only good genes but will show up deleterious ones too. In which case it can be deleted from the gene pool. Now this cannot be done in dogs. it remains hidden until a dna test can be found. before the test for scids was found, the only way to know if you had a carrier was to either put it to known carriers, or mother to son or father to daughter's. As my horse had been accused of being a carrier even though he had never sired one, to find out I put him to his daughters. The results were not only clear, they were were outstanding saddle horses and in Andy's case became number 3 in the world. Another defeated 7,000 to win the National point score. of course in the dog world that now cannot happen because opinion is more important than fact. Line breeding has been the tool of many of the top breeders of all species, but the codicil is you need to have an aim and be prepared to accept and deal with the knowledge gained. the rules now ensure no one can use this tool in the future the hysteria about inbreeding being the cause of all evil has even extended to vets, now they tell you even a congenital defect was the result of inbreeding despite the fact there are two possibilities. "A congenital disorder is a medical condition that is present at or before birth. These conditions, also referred to as birth defects, can be acquired during the fetal stage of development or from the genetic make up of the parents." Now they just lump everything as genetic AND state the cause was "inbreeding" when in fact if it is genetic and not a developmenatal abnormality the parents genetic make up can still carry a defect without being related...... but it's far easier to say they must be "inbred" than go to the trouble of explaining. Although in the case of some, I dont think they even know the difference
  3. Why pedigree dogs are on the line

    When I bought my first chihuahua, I quickly noticed many breeders saw no negativity in continuing family lines that the mother could not deliver her puppies, some were generations of ceaser only deliveries? to me this was a cruelty issue. How many families who bought a pup from these lines was made aware if they decided to breed if they had bought a bitch puppy that was either too narrow in the pelvis, or too small to deliver. Was being handed a death sentence if they did not live within travelling distance of the local vet? in 1978 the standard had the sentence "In the case of equal merit, the more diminutive preferred" It only took attending a few shows to quickly realise a significant majority of judges didn't even pay lip service to "equal merit" , they simply called in the tiniest in the classes. So show males and bitches were significantly tiny, despite a standard that still stated then AND now............. "Weight: up to 2.7 kg (6 lbs), with 1.8-2.7 kgs (4-6 lbs) preferred." on the main show dogs both male and female were 1.2 k or less. Anyone who had a copy of Hilary Harmers book The Complete Chihuahua, she stressed the minimum weight for a breeding bitch. But the Aussie show scene was ignoring it. Pointed this out for years, suggested to a friend who was an international judge and bred chi's. that the "more diminutive preferred" needed removal as it was detrimental to the well being and health of the breed for decades. So many other things needed addressing in so many breeds but no one listened. and YES, YES, YES, a record of ages of the dogs is needed to help identify and preserve the long lived genes in all breeds. Cant express how disgusted and equally sad for the the pedigree dog world I felt when the first thing done after PDE aired was the offending words I had been asking be deleted for so long disappeared from the standard.........FINALLY. This the greatest weakness of the pedigree dog world. The failure to proactively lead by example. instead of only reacting AFTER being publicly shamed yes short faced breeds are cute.... BUT that is no excuse for shortening and shortening until the living work of art is suffering. the damage is not only to the dogs cats suffer the same insults to their health all in the name of a bloody blue ribbon and CH in front of its name. For decades, fellow members have been questioning, Why are our breeds morphing in the excuse of "improving" them when clearly the changes are getting so marked people have been posting "before" and "now" photos of the same breed, continually moving away from what it was, always excused by those selecting for the exaggerations as they are "improving". Arabians have suffered the same fate, as has the American Quarter Horse. At least the Arabians haven't ended up with hind legs so straight behind they have arthritis by 7. i began to see the "show" scene as the beginning of the end for health, soundness and temperament of so many breeds, Canine, Feline, and Equine. e.g. " OPENING UP A CAN OF WORMS (halter horses) Ok I'm a quarter horse man. Or anything that has QH influence whether it's a paint or whatever. And I like a big stout horse as much as the next guy.....But haven't we gone too far? Years ago in the old QH shows, they used to ride halter horses. YES, REALLY THEY USED TO RIDE THEM! Most (not all) of the modern day halter horses are laughable under saddle. They no longer are the model of what a riding horse should look like. They're overly-muscled, not flexible or athletic, and we've succeeded in breeding most of the good trainable minds out also. I'm not talking out of my butt here. I've been involved with some very successful horses and their breeders. I've ridden some that were good enough to make it to the Congress, etc. in halter. Kudos to the people for having good halter horses ridden! They brought pretty good money as dual purpose horses too. But they're the exception. Trying to talk the owners into breeding more usability into them is pointless. They know they won't win a halter class. Too specialized. In my opinion, a halter horse should be required to perform in at least 1 performance event. I know they won't be successful but maybe it would shame the breeders back into reality. I doubt I'm the only one who sees this problem and halter horses aren't the only specialized ones. Hunters don't even resemble QHs anymore, but I do think Halter horses are the most detrimental to the breed. What do you guys think? " https://equineink.com/2011/04/24/have-halter-horses-become-the-bodybuilders-of-the-equine-world/ My favourite breed the Arabian, has put so much emphasis on "animation" they are selecting for nut cases... The quiet, gentle kid friendly horses I knew in the 60's are the minority in the halter ring. only recently was an add for an Arabian filly.......THEIR selling point? SHE had LOADS OF SNORT!............... a GOOD Arabian, well once upon a time, is asleep until you mount up. only then did the head go up the tail go up and he or she looked like the fiery steed of old. Except said show off was totally attuned to you and loved to please. Temperament in a saddle horse is EVERYTHING. just as it is in your dog. I noted the QH chap mentioned the loss of temperament in his breed too. Will the show scene ever wake up? not so far But can only hope.
  4. Update, Been advised if you had salt to the water it remains frozen even longer.
  5. Keeping puppies comfortable during heat waves. I realise I should have posted this before the heatwaves, but better late than never. Over the years, where I live we used to have frequent blackouts so air conditioning wasn’t reliable if you had puppies. I discovered decades ago, keeping a supply of frozen water bottles, preferably 3 litres, (as they take 8 hours and sometimes more to defrost) I know from experience a 3 litre bottle of frozen water is still frozen in the middle 8 hours later after being put out with the puppies at 12 pm. That was during a 117 F heatwave. They were so comfortable they slept right through it. In the past I would turn on the sprinklers on the roof, but during water restrictions that’s not an option. So share this with anyone who is in a situation where their area can experience heatwave conditions. It works. Another alternative is frozen ice cream containers 2 or 4 litre. Just fill them up almost to the top but leave half an inch so when frozen you then pop the lid on and put it with the puppies, the cold air settles around the floor with the puppies, it doesn’t take them long to snuggle up around it. Works best if they are in a litter box or kennel with at least a 2 inch lip so there remains 2 inches of cold air on the floor. I’ve used it for Chihuahua, Cavalier and Cattledog puppies. For the chi puppies I used to cut out half of those 20 litre water carriers leaving a 3 inch lip to hold the cool air in, and put a 2 litre frozen soft drink bottle in the bottom beside them. Mum couldn’t get in there fast enough either to curl up in the nice cool spot as well. Her body heat wasn’t a problem; it was still cool enough to get them through the 8 hours till the cool change arrived that night. At a pinch if you had no electricity to freeze bottles. Some empty ice-cream tubs/ buckets. Go buy ice from the nearest service station and fill up the ice cream buckets and put with pups and mum would do the job too. (put the lids on in case they get rolled over) Although if you have shavings or blankets underneath they will soak it up anyway and still cool them without getting too wet.
  6. I agree, I love my "purebred" dogs, but. they were created in the first place closing the studbooks is locking the gene pool the people who created these dogs did not have a closed studbook too few remember that so many "breeds" are now locked into faces too short and not enough selection to choose from to stop the slide into unable to survive without surgery to remove their Palette, and the risk of dying on the table is quoted as 50%? is that what we want for the dog we love? I remember being told there is not enough genetic diversity in many of the bracaphylic breeds to undo the damage dont forget the Cavalier King Charles actual lines are what is now the King Charles. They were morphed so much breeders decided to recreate the dogs of the Cavalier King, Charles. there you have what the King Charles once was. far longer face and even the Cavalier is getting shorter and shorter. Not only in the face but the lifespan thanks to the increasing incidence of mitral valve heart failure. My first cavaliers lived to 14, 16, 17 and 18........my sister has the last two I bred, One just died aged only 7 from mitral valve that kicked in only six months before her death and medication didn't help......., the other also 7 also has mitral valve now but doing far better on her medication. I remember when I bought our first Cavalier and reading a book 20 years ago about them it said the average life span was 7 . That is appalling for a toy breed. We deliberately went looking for a breeder with old dogs, ten years or more and finally found one Pribar Kennels.........mum was 6. Grandmum was 10, Great grand mum was 13. My sister and I were so lucky with our choice, they and their puppies by Zambuna Cav King Jack , born in 1994 all lived to became teenagers, Jack lived to 16. Pribar Champagne to 17 , Pribar Tequila to 17, Muffie to 14 and Tia Maria to 18 as did their daughters for me and my sister. Sady as we had to use other line males the lifespans reduced every generation until I could not take it any more and ceased breeding them altogether when the last litters turned up a puppy with syringeamyelia. That was the last straw. After I learned a friends dogs who were from MRI passed parents had still produced an affected pup. one parent had three generations of MRI clear behind, the other 2 generations. In case you do not know it, its not just found in cavaliers, other breeds can be affected as can people, there is still a lot to learn about this. love Cavaliers but if only we could be eliminating those two problems My brother is facing heartbreak and his French bulldog is only 4 and might not survive this summer or an op to help his breathing, this is not what I think the founders of these breeds would want either. how to help them eliminate these problems is the question
  7. Tragedy at Zoo Krefeld on new year's eve

    I hate new years because of the fireworks. so many terrified animals lost or hurt. I had my horses in the stockyards just in case because some idiot in our area sends up the massive rockets with the HUGE opening circles. Has done it every year for as long as I can remember and some of the horses totally lose it. over fences. One crashed the stockyards so desperate to escape she shifted them in some sections 3 foot. but this year to my immense relief not a one went up. I thanked god they respected the total fire ban.
  8. LOL from what I've seen its fellow breeders who do the Vilifying walking to a different drum in the dog world is a bit like risking the witch trials one points the finger and the pack attack starts. Its funny how much dog people without even noticing are mimicking their dogs, or is it they are just reverting to age old instinct? be an interesting study for some ones PhD perhaps? what I find amusing is when a serial finger pointer one day has one pointed at them and their complete bewilderment when its their turn. Have never stopped to think how bewildered their past targets felt too. The human race just keeps repeating the past, although tend to give the inquisitions new names
  9. Greyhounds

    greys are awesome. lucky you
  10. I will scroll through the breeds after chrissie and see if I can find it. its bugging me too Merry Christmas everyone
  11. My puppy has parvo

    If it was a first vaccination, far as I am aware the vaccination doesn't begin to impart immunity until about day 7. learned that first hand when my mum bought an unvaccinated puppy, did not learn it was not vaccinated until already paid for and about to leave and asked for her vaccination certificate. when the breeder said she did not vaccinate her puppies we rang our vet immediately and arranged to take her directly to him.. problem was she wanted to go to the toilet while we were driving and stopped to let her out to go on the grass beside the road. seven days later she was walking along the hallway with her shoulder against the wall to stop her falling over..........straight to the vet and diagnosed with the beginning of distemper. The vet said the only reason she survived and without brain damage was the vaccine immunity was kicking in at the same time the virus was trying to take over. poor puppy, hope she recovers ok. at least parvo is not as dreadful as distemper, usually those who survive distemper have varying degrees of brain damage. awful disease. That was a very long time ago about 1960
  12. You just would not believe what you get if a cavalier king charles gets to a chihuahua girl........ she was so huge we thought she had 5 pups, even the vet........she didnt seem to be getting anywhere in labour so took her to the vet who decided all the pups were so tangled there was no way he could untangle them. so proceed to op and the look on his face when he removed just the one BIG pup. think he was more astounded than I was. never suspected she wasn't just a big singleton purebred chi. well not until she kept growing and growing and growing until by six months blind freddy could see something was seriously odd. by then I was beginning to realise this baby was looking suspiciously like a parti coloured Tibetan Spaniel?????????? long body , short legs.........a baby Tibbie? we ended up calling her Tibbie. the only explaination my vet could come up with was her dad was my neighbours Cavalier King Charles? She so looked like a tibbie I think I could have shown her and no one would have suspected decades ago I saw what his owner said was a chi x great dane... it too had the short corgie like legs... have to wonder about what genes the chihuahua carry to make a cross with some bigger breeds have such short legs?
  13. my mum found a dumped long coat german shepherd. no one noticed when she was in season but obviously my brothers toy, yes white toy poodle must have, because to everyone's amazement she had 11 pups and when we counted back it must have happened about two months after mum found her. the mind boggles trying to imagine how he managed it. the results were as uniform as if they were the one breed.. huge shaggy dark black/grey.........(his dad was a silver, which he must have passed onto all the pups) at the time , early 70's, there was a new breed being imported . Pups were $7,000 and had to go on a list to get one. forget the breed name. anyway mum found homes for all but two which she kept.....so we are at a show with my brothers chihuahua and mum has her two giant oodle cross girls.............there in another ring are their dead ringers.... the new imports? soon as their owner spotted mums pair she made a beeline to ask who mum imported them from, she was in utter shock when she found they were poodle german shepherd cross. Was even beginning to get angry until she learned both they and their mum were now desexed and yep we had heaps ask where could they get one just like them and so referred them to the lady with the new breed. so funny although not for the poor lady who had spend so much introducing her new imports until she calmed down oh my gosh, just realised mum's rescue girls litter predated the labradoodle by almost 20 years umm Kelb, wasnt though. so when my brother married and his wife's champion black pom had a litter to an import and the puppies began to get fluffy faces and the black pups turned silver and the red pups turned apricot not only did she had a fit, but the owner of the import refused to give her a repeat mating, was pretty obvious the one mating he had given didnt do much of a job since not one of the pups were by his dog yet she had been with the breeder from the time she began to come in until he said she was mated and could come home? They thought he meant she was off now. no one spotted Kelb up to anything, but then he was never spotted creating his first oodle litter.... She had two black and three red pups, they had no trouble selling them as pets, but Tom kept two of the apricots, as adults they had to be continually clipped so they were kept in lamb clips, everyone who saw them wanted one.. used to get my brothers wife furious. Lol Kelb so was the forerunner of the oodle's eh? his odd name came from my brother had an arabic dictionary. to name our arabian foals.. eg, Ibn Asal - Son of Honey, (his mums pet name) Asal became my show prefix for my cavies, they won everywhere, including the first shown at Sydney Royal, even against English imports. Percy Shorts black smoothcoat took out Supreme Champion Smoothcoat and one of my long coats took out Supreme Longcoat. he was a glorious white with gold face patches... Have to apologise to his owner, I cant remember her name. Kelb means. not too original......... dog
  14. Perspective on veterinarian suicide

    my daughter was thinking of doing vet science... after three weeks work at a vets she was appalled at how many perfectly healthy pets are brought in to be put down