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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. BEEN GOING on for decades, cannot unsee, the neighbours sheep standing in shock, all her skin torn off, so just a bright pink sheep with her side open, no way to save her.. we did save the two goats, the rips in their sides could be stitched up as their insides hadn't fallen out, around here our neighbours dont call the police, they shoot them on sight. They came back in broad daylight a week later to finish the goats off. luckily they were spotted and a ring around ensured even the one that got away out of the paddock never made it home either that time. At times like that guns are seriously usefull. it was learned all up 36 goats and sheep had died locally before that pack was eliminated, all were so called "pets" that were not kept home. or supervised when let out of their homes for "a run".
  2. RSPCA in the news

    There are now photos of the seized pets. I understand attempts to get tv and media to go with the story has so far been zilch
  3. RSPCA in the news

    well an update. no wonder he hasnt been back to the fb page since his last posts on monday. at least he is in hospital and not home alone as feared. been asked to share as wide as possible but have my doubts anything will come of the calls for accountability for a few more years yet if not decades barring a miracle, pray he makes it. Trouble with ptsd this is just going to compound it more on top of his previous ptsd difficulties. if only he had just stuck to his two cats and one dog and never bought the second but cant change that mistake.
  4. RSPCA in the news

    found out more about Alex in Qld who made the mistake of ringing the rspca when he spotted the dog he bought from them had a sore tooth. He had two cats and one other dog. When they came on Tuesday aside from taking the dog they sold him they took both the cats and his other dog as well, have refused to even say where they are. At this point no reason was given for taking them other than his mental condition, no charges have been laid. This is rspca qld. apparently the original photo i put was exactly what happened to make him open the door. I expect nothing can be done to help him get any back. So hope people can stay with him, he so needs to not be left alone, ptsd is a terrible thing to deal with. From what I have learned presently he is totally alone so pray he can hang in until help arrives. apparently there is a group attempting to get this made public in the press and media, I suspect, but hope I am wrong, but if past is anything to go by the only media release aired or printed will be from the rspca. . eg
  5. RSPCA in the news

    Just received an email from Animal Welfare. such a different story and outcome to the so sad one for the poor border collies. I particulary noticed the sentance I highlighted which I have found worked for any with pups I looked after too only posted the last of it as its very long otherwise. " “I was just shocked, I couldn’t believe the state that this gorgeous girl was in. I truly didn’t think she would make it, I remembered telling the team including volunteers not to get attached to Buffy and her puppy because I knew how heart breaking it would be if they didn’t pull through.” – Dr Deshaylia Moodley While Buffy was under close monitoring, the vet team now had a helpless little newborn puppy in their care. Buffy could not care for Rupert. She could barely lift her head or open her eyes when he cried. Adoringly named Rupert, this little male puppy and sole survivor of his mother’s heartbreaking experience, was also in need of critical attention. Rupert was bottle-fed a specific formula by caring vet nurses around-the-clock during the time of Buffy’s recovery. But what Rupert needed most, was his mother. “One morning I came in to see that Buffy was awake and finally looking brighter. Her small body curled around Rupert, almost trying to protect him” – Dr Deshaylia Moodley Two weeks on from her surgery, Buffy was on the mends and finally able to look after her very excited puppy. Rupert was essential for Buffy’s recovery and helped her overcome her fear of humans. It was soon clear that this tiny girl was afraid of people being near her and was timid even with the gentlest of nurses. Her emotional recovery had only just begun. With loving care, and slow interaction, Buffy eventually began to trust the regular faces she would recognise. The vet nurses that tended to her wound, the Veterinarians who would routinely monitor her, and the volunteers who would offer her a kind hand. Slowly but surely, Buffy was learning how to receive and give affection. After learning to trust, Buffy began to reveal her incredibly sweet and gentle personality. It takes an entire team to care for these animals in need and without your support, we simply cannot do the vital work that we do. Please consider a gift to ensure we can continue to care for animals like Buffy who urgently need us in times of crisis. "
  6. RSPCA in the news

    so incredibly sad and what an indictment of their stupidity. when my friend Nancy had a heart attack I ended up with all her bitches to care for. None of them was happy in any way when I had to catch and put them in carry cages instead of their adored owner. Talking here of chihuahua's who can be incredibly loyal to just one person when its a one owner home, her children had married and her husband had died. As they had to be removed to my home I had no option but to catch them, nine tried barking and growling at me, but didn't actually bite me. five bit me full depth of their teeth, I think that counts as aggression. three months later all could be called and handled without risk of being bitten even though the five biters, still were convinced I had stolen them and still looking for Nancy. do not consider myself a dog whisperer, just bribed em with treats. the ones who were in pup bonded with me as soon as they had their puppies and I had their scent on me, smooth sailing after that with them so I am doubly astonished at the report per the ones who had puppies??????? they must be so longing for their humans, so sad for them Nancy's girls went utterly nuts with delight, when she finally came home from hospital and that was almost six months later , it was miracle she didn't die, over half the muscle in her heart had died.
  7. Yes, its truly tragic what happened. How sweet that baby alpaca is, so beautiful, yet so sad for the one who died for no reason other than no sense of responsibility of the person who owned the dog.
  8. RSPCA in the news

    oh dear, just heard they weren't content with just taking the dog, apparently he had another pet and they took it too on the grounds that as he had ptsd , a mental health issue, none of his pets were safe. so hope he is ok and has friends to help him. so lesson for today, never admit to them you have a problem obviously
  9. RSPCA in the news

    Found the origional OP POSTS on fb asking for advice. apparently they took the dog yesterday. A J New member · 18 March at 16:52 I adopted a dog from the RSPCA and he has a sore tooth. I called them so they could help him and did so expecting their assistance because it had only been a couple of weeks since I got him. I had been delayed calling them because I had been in hospital. They told me it was my responsibility and I had a good old go at them for not honouring their promise. Today I had an inspector on my doorstep expecting me to speak to him or he would get a warrant. The police called me and I explained it was over a sore tooth. I haven't heard back and am now concerned they will be back to take this dog that I love so very much. What on earth can I do about this? Thing is, I live 80 Kim's from the nearest RSPCA and for all the resources they have used to come to harass me, they could have checked his tooth. I am so upset and so angry about this. I have never in my 55 years, hurt or neglected an animal and I am stunned by this behaviour. Comment Comments S B Have you taken the Dog to the vet? A J I can't afford to at the moment. S B . Then I am sorry but you should not have adopted the dog. Can't afford a vet you shouldn't have a pet M M The main thing is the dog should be at a vet, a sore tooth is agony, could you not set up a payment plan with your vet? T S Vetpay might be able to help u. J L RSPCA obviously doesn't want to pay for it. Easier (and cheaper) to seize the dog. They should have checked it before they sold it. S B tooth problems can occur at any time. How would it be cheaper to seize dog. If you adopt a dog as soon as you sign the dog is your responsibility from that moment on. … J L Ya reckon? N C Alex obviously passes the RSPCA s stringent new owner check, that all responsible pet sellers do. And he thought the RSPCA were a caring organisation. It’s the RSPCA being irresponsible S B WOW. Some seem more focused on the hatred of the RSPCA rather than in the suffering of this poor dog A J The RSPCA needs to be held accountable for this situation. If you read my post, they failed to assist in that warranty period and remember I contacted them over the animals tooth and they chose to take that further when I called them on their failure to provide care within a warranty period. This is what this is all about. The animal is fine and eating and happy. He has a sore tooth and isn't compromised in any way regarding his health apart from that. A J Furthermore, it is very important to have an initial agreement that if the animal needs care in the first couple of weeks (especially as my animal is older) it should be provided and not reflect at all on my ability to care for the animal. T S 5 freedoms of animal Care. Free from pain and discomfort. The rspca needs to be held accountable yes, but the dog needs treatment before the infection goes deeper. Please look into vetpay, or after pay, or something like that if u can't afford the direct initial costs. Then send the receipt to the rspca and ombudsman and get them accountable for adopting a dog unfit to be adopted out yet. A J My animals always take priority. Please don't assume otherwise and of course on Wednesday I intend to see to that. Se B WEDNESDAY OMG L C Your dog, your responsibility M M Typical rspca, after prospective cases. See if a local newspaper would take on the story, im sure theyll forget your adress! J G I have been given word that this dog has been taken from this guy by rspca... is there any truth to this pls... ???.. Anyone! T W Absolutely shameful of rspca A S Omg typical rspca bullying bullshit if this is true not concerned about helping dog as per usual won't spend a penny of their mllions helping animals anyway whatdo you expect selling for 29.00 per animal sickens me all those poor animals bastards R S A S its 100% legit.
  10. RSPCA in the news

    Well the rspca $29 bargain sale has had some fallout, not the kind of person to cope too well either, he couldnt take it to the vet before wednesday as he didnt have the money until then, hence him asking the rspca. as we all know a breeder would have been held responsible for selling a dog with such a problem under the 2 week warranty,

    I do detest the practice that is so common, automatically assume, the owner or the breeder is at fault. decades ago one of Nancy Gates girls, Gates Winifred, had to our utter astonishment ten chihuahua puppies. The first was stillborn but the other nine and their mum were cared for by me as Nancy had a heart attack some months previously and was still very unwell. I noticed early that the little black and tan girl would not come out of the nest and play outside with her siblings. She would stand inside on the bedding and bark at them to come back and play with her. when I picked her up and put her outside with her siblings she would run back to bed shaking and didnt relax for quite some time... I am talking two almost three week old puppy. At first I thought let her make the first moves but another week passed and she was if anything more fearful. I spent hours with her daily to bring her out of the shell none of her siblings exhibited... even by 12 weeks she was "different", wary of anything new, wary of visitors. She finally matured into a great little dog but she was always wary. Nancy was well aware she was different to her siblings in temperament and kept her as a pet. She decided to breed a litter from her because she sure was a stunner and to our delight none of her puppies where wary or shy in any way. Only she knew why she was different but she was that was from her first learning to walk... and remember there were 8 others who were outrageously outgoing. I kept her blue and tan sister Bluey and she would race to any visitor for hugs and cuddles. I really wish you well with your girl, and they help both you and her.
  12. Microchip issue for new puppy

    the vet has signed it, I expect you will have no trouble now. it sure is weird though the chipper didn't fill it out and sign it when the puppy was chipped? But at least it WAS chipped and I so hope vaccinated..... you would not believe how many phone me to get their much loved new puppy chipped and when I ask for the vaccination card, it hasn't even been vaccinated???????? Now with out the vaccination card I refuse to chip and tell them to take it immediately to their vet for both chipping and vaccination.... at least they are the small percentage who do want to have their puppy chipped and traceable if they lose it. But figure if I chip and no vaccination they might not get it vaccinated. so far so good ... two were lucky, their pups already had parvo. I tell them to report the seller immediately as to neither chip or vaccinate is against the law. so far in 30 years I have never been able to prise out of them the name of the seller or contact details.... they "dont want to get them in trouble". sheeeesh! until recently I thought only idiots did this... well got a phone call from my own? granddaughter who surely should know better... nanna, would you please chip my new puppy? n nope it wasnt vaccinated either.....UGGGH! where did I fail, how did I fail to get it through to her?
  13. good advice my sons dog went missing. gone for 6 days, did letter box drop and got a phone call , sighted. went out there, now this is a dog I bred, stays with me when they go away for holidays, yet he fled from me. so did the lie down flat as a tack and he stopped running and hid under a shrub. but I had to wiggle on back and tummy to get close enough to catch him he was so stressed out. really strange, once I had his lead on he was all over me like a rash he was so glad to discover it was really me... he sure didn't believe it until he actually had his nose on me?
  14. Advice please

    I know a vet has told an owner their pup has a an inherited deformity , forget what it was called at the moment, caused elbow pain, when we looked it up, what it did say was not to use an affected dog as the condition "may be hereditary" . More questions to find the elbow has a bone chip? that to me says injury, hope the breeder gets a second opinion. A few years ago a friend who bred labradors received a phone call to tell her she was going to be billed $6,000 for elbow surgery to a pup she had bred, and given away to a friend as she had suffered a bad allergic reaction to her vaccinations. The owners vet said the pup had elbow displacia and both elbows needed surgery immediately. told to request a second opinion, her own vet discovered the now six month old pup, not only weighed more than her 5 year old mum, had fractures in both elbows and the owners admitted she had been jumping off a 7' verandah. Yet the first vet had said inherited "elbow displacia"? Some vets, as mine once commented, now have their graduation certificates "but they then are going to learn at your expense." So many new vets today diagnose everything they see as inherited, even injury caused conditions? Hope the poster's vet isn't one of them.
  15. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    no idea. this is the link to the first one, that you pull like a flour sifter so it spins round the paw to clean https://www.wowrexx.com/products/dog-paw-cleaning-mug also found some aussie sellers of one in two sizes that you turn the whole cup to spin the plastic fingers, much cheaper https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AU-Portable-Pet-Paw-Mudbuster-Mud-Cleaner-Washer-Dog-Cat-Pet-Paw-Plunger-Cup/233145554971?hash=item36488ed81b:m:mFMml36XIN4nNneWzX-aOfg and the mucky mutt cleaner https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Dog-Paw-Cleaner-Bath-Brush-Kit-Grooming-Small-Medium-Large-Dogs-Dry-Towel/183477630393?hash=item2ab81e75b9:g:NuIAAOSwyUtbeSb0