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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. if they cant even get it right for identical triplets your paying a lot of money for the bitsa tests with no way to prove they pulled the results out of a hat. but this proves they do just that with your dogs too. ( http://www.dogbreedaustralia.com/dog-breed-testing.php ) http://www.worldlifestyle.com/shocking/identical-triplets-take-dna-test-just-discover-worrying-truth/16?slides=1
  2. probably same kind of person who forgot they were to drop the baby off at the preschool and went straight to work and left it in the car, that baby died too just read the bit about texting the owner when she remembered, how horrific for the owner
  3. wasting your time moosesmum destroy backyard breeders the world will be a better place but they are too blind to see they are advocating the destruction of themselves, if you have a backyard you can be labled too. lots died in the salem witch hunts as did in the spanish inquision, good way to get rid of anyone you dont like, same scene here
  4. although they do have one little defence under their belt. they can refuse or cancell any membership without explaination. remember the kerfuffle when the Telegraph announced the name of the new Chairman of the Board of the then NSW Canine Council. his decades long membership of rspca nsw was immediately cancelled as was the membership of a member of the Board who too was a dual member. dont get your name known for being a breeder or they chuck u out so fast your head will spin. funny that eh? does any ankc cancell the membership of anyone who is discovered to be a member of the rspca? surely hope not
  5. the real stupidity is the rspca could be stopped in its tracks and rerouted from the peta agenda back to actually caring for all creatures great and small in no time flat, if every dog and cat owner and breeder became an rspca member, we number hundreds of thousands yet are too apathetic to join and by voting put in people who actually know and care about animals instead of letting the peta mob take it over. I learned what was happining in 1999 and suggested same to many members of the then Canine council, now Dogs NSW. their member ship then was in the tens of thousands, but actually all pet owners should get up off their proverbials and turn this mob back onto their charter instead of letting the animal rights mob destroy it and everyone with a pet, their membership, alllll members ship isnt 10% of the number who are members of Dogs nsw. so it would be an easy fix, why so lethargic? Its your pets at risk EVERYONES PETS! pedigree and x bred
  6. hadnt seen this post. far as I read it once this is signed you cant even keep one entire female unless she lives outside in airconditioned shed, if it looks like a puppy farm, is legislated to be a puppy farm then surely thats what they are legislating to create? I received this in the mail "URGENT NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS REGARDING CHANGES TO STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES OF POCTA Meeting for information and Question and Answer night for members has been called for Monday 18 December 2017 at the Dogs NSW comples commencing at 7.30PM with various speakers which will be live-streamed for those in country areas or who cannot attend. DPI has drafter changes to the Guidelines and Standards of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (POCTA) - it is important to note these changes can/will be actioned witout Parliament Discussion let alone vote as they are a change to the standards written under the Regulation of 2012 and can be signed off by the Minister alone to take affect" So looks like Dogs NSW is taking it pretty seriously.
  7. New draft POCTA

    If the letter I received from Dogs Nsw is anything to go by if the minister signs this , its the end of hobby breeders, paves the way for only factory farms. yet the pollies and even the members of all breed groups, both pure and x bred as well as the rest of australia has been duped into believing the constant revamps were to shut down puppy farms, not create them as the only place that will have or afford to have the infrastructure to meet these requirements. It was 32 deg in my kitchen both days this weekend, does this mean I cannot rise a child in my home? certainly cannot raise a puppy or a kitten according to this. unless everyone takes the time to ring and write to their local pollie this is the end of all but factory farms. PETA/rspca must be dancing with glee.
  8. New draft POCTA

    i just received a letter from dogs nsw about it, says "within 2 years, you will be required to hold at least a certificate II in animal studies and comply with ongoing training including those who assist in feeding/watering etc" n that applies even if you only have one? correct me if I am wrong, but this does not apply to rspca staff, not even the special constables who have to power to 'form the opinion" an animal should be seized? They only need to be " preferably ex police with prosecution experience willing to undertake animal care course," (the exact words I have copied and pasted from previous employment adds) attend the course, they do not have to pass, this was told to a tafe teacher of the Animal care course
  9. New draft POCTA

    BIT astonished no one has posted or commented? if this is passed no one will be able to keep an entire female unless they can guarantee she will never experience less than 15 deg C or 30 deg C. page 17, don't forget your not allowed to keep them in your home has to be purpose built. many australian homes do not have air conditioning so this will mean only puppy farms with airconditioned facalities on top of all the other demands will be breeding . this does not reduce puppy farms it creates them http://www.nswcfa.asn.au/notices/notices/News/Breeding Dogs and Cats Standards - Consultation draft of POCTA (Breeding Dogs and Cats) Standards 27 October 2017.pdf just spotted this add for a property for sale, the future already up and running, wonder if it has "RSPCA approved" on the gate? http://brilliantbusinesses.com.au/tamaruke/
  10. your comment about people being pressured into surrendering. reminded me of what happened to Marion Alcorn. she had 22 horses on agistment (she bred arabians) received a phone call, better check your horses. when she saw their condition immediately booked trucks to take them to her home where she had 7 acres and hand fed them. she expected the neighbours might call the rspca. what she didn't expect was ten were taken immediately the inspector arrived. he made a phone call, the truck arrived and ten were taken. the really weird part of this was they never came back to check on the remainder? but the ten taken were kept ten weeks and she had to appear in court to face charges of $7,000 for agistment. I went with her and they asked the magistrate could they settle out of court so she and I and them went to a side room and they told her they would waive the $7,000 agistment charge if she signed them over. three times she asked would they promise if she did, they would find good homes for them. She was told each time she asked, they would. she signed. all went back to the magistrate and he was advised settlement had been reached, then the surprise. BUT they still wished to charge her for failure to worm the ten taken? The magistrate, just like the add that was doing the rounds on TV, then replied "its a crime not to worm your horses" this despite the fact they had been seized the day he arrived? when could she have complied? the fine? $7,000 and three months to pay or face jail time. that week many people who knew these horses including me phoned to ask to buy them. to be told every time, they was not available yet. by saturday when told the same thing again, I replied that's ridiculous, they were signed over on Tuesday. they could have been sold from that day? the lady gave a sigh and then said, "well I suppose it wont hurt to tell you, they were sent to McGraths Hill sales this morning". I rang all the people I knew who wanted to rescue these horses and hot tailed it to McGraths Hill myself. I arrived in time to see the seizing Inspector walk into the ring with the first of Marion's mares and tell the Auctioneer "You are to accept bids from no one except the doggers". he then turned on his heel and as he left his parting words were "and they are all mad". Bidding started and the man beside me was bidding so I asked him would he buy them for me and I would pay him a commission. He replied "Doug rang me and asked me to buy them for him as he cant get here in time, lucky im a dogger, they wouldn't have accepted his bids even if he had been here." except when the crenel colt came in he didnt bid and it sold to the qld dogger. He refused to resell so the colt was trucked to qld and slaughtered. I asked him why didnt he bid and he said "Doug only said to buy the mares, " so I asked him to buy the rest for me. so all but one were saved. what shocks me to this day is that inspector became the CEO of RSPCA NSW and still is........... As for Marion, I did not try to contact her until the next day as I was pretty occupied getting them home that afternoon and sorting who got which. by the time I remembered better call Marion she was not answering her phone. I went to her house but although I knew she was there, (her car was in the carport) she would not answer the door or the phone. Tried talking to her through the door hoping she could hear me but no response. it took me many visits none of which had any success in getting her to answer the door. over a month later I happened to arrive as she was walking home from the shops with food, did I finally get to talk to her. Frankly she had lost it. After I calmed her down, learnt that the day they had gone to McGraths Hill she had received a phone call advising her all ten had been slaughtered for dog meat. She said the caller did not say their name, but that they were calling on behalf of the RSPCA after that she said the guilt of having signed them to their deaths, it was as if her mind exploded, she has lived as a hermit from that day and even though she trusts me and will answer the door is still very nervous and has PTSD and OCD ever since. But then the way it is now if you have animals and that vehicle is parked outside your gate all rights to "innocent until proven guilty" just went out the door.
  11. WHY there has not been a huge public outcry has me totally baffled? Dont people realise they could be next? or is joe public so brainwashed they really still believe only the guilty have their pets taken??????
  12. I just realised something? the very organisation that the politicians listen to and draft legislation accordingly as per the "Code of practice for dog breeders" No one seems to have twigged or gone mental over is the fact that they have now applied to be permitted to sell seized animals that are pending court proceedings before the matter goes to court on the grounds that to keep these animals in their facility is not in its best interests because of the fact such cases do not go to court in less than 2 years from the date of seizure. That their facilities are not suitable for long term . I think it was on a forum that they will sell them within 3 months of seizure to prevent repeats of the medical disaster of injuries and temperament damage recorded by the Roxy case? Haven't the cattle dogs seized in Victoria already been sold, pending the outcome of the court hearing? Even if their owners won, their dogs are already desexed and gone. Yet aren't those facilities in accordance with the 'Code of Practice for dog breeders" that they demand breeders have to build instead of the homes they used to enjoy with their owners? no one seems to have realised this? Are they admitting the facilities they have, are not in accordance with the said Code or are they admitting the very pens they demand breeders build to a minimum standard set by them are not suitable for long time residence? no grassed area to play in or saints forbid, dusty ground to dig in, just easily disinfected hard on the legs and body concrete. Mind you once said concrete pens are built then is that not what it is said by some people, defines a puppy farm?
  13. so many good points made by so many. I think what shocked me the most in that legislation victoria tried to push through was the assumption that any breeder had only two options they would choose for their retired breeding dogs, rehome or euthanasia? thanks to the idiot laws on how many you are allowed to have now. its assumed you have no wish or thanks to that if it had become law no right to keep them for the rest of their lives like the population can keep the puppy or dog they bought solely as a pet. Well I have news for the rest of the population, just because you breed your dog doesn't mean its any less loved as your pet! Dogs same as so many domestic species serve a purpose way beyond whatever else reason they are kept, the new buzz word is "therapy" dog, cat, horse etc. Domestic animals, especially dogs have been "therapy dogs" for thousands of years, not just the few years that the amazing contribution they make to improving quality of life for the people who have them, how many times have we heard someone say after trauma both psychical or mental that their pet "saved my life"? Simply by being there and giving comfort the second they sense their human is suffering whatever? Moosesmum is right about the kc's being their own worst enemy. I know it didn't take me long to realise after becoming a member very few actually knew much about genetics or breeding for health. the majority love their dogs, love to show and want to win. If winning means selecting for shorter and shorter faces, bigger and bigger eyes, less and less ability to self whelp then so be it. as for hernia's, when I queried on breeder why all her's had anything from one to three hernias, ie navel and groin, she replied no way am i going to keep second best just because its hernia free! she even went on to say "I doubt within 12 years you will be able to find a hernia free cavalier". I had been looking for a puppy for my sister, as she had asked me to find a nice puppy for her. I was miffed she didnt want one of my chihuahuas but did her bidding and trying to find a hernia free puppy, let alone a hernia free litter took me 6 months. that was over 20 years ago now. It did prompt me to decide to prove her wrong and I certainly did, but all that achieved was to have war declared on me by the show fraternity, because I didn't show them just sold them for what they were actually bred for in the first place... pets. Even worse, as they were very sound, both hernia and mitral valve free, I hoped some would continue the lines so were sold on main register in hopes the lines would be continued. interestingly 99% were desexed by their happy owners as they didn't want to breed. yet try and find a kennel that will sell a puppy on main register? the stats show the story, the number of breeders is declining the number of puppies is declining, the pedigree dog is imploding and will soon qualify for the endangered list. the number of times the rspca were called to check on my dogs at some stages was an average of every fortnight, was on first name terms with the inspectors by the time they told me not to worry the next time they would be charging the caller with stalking or harassment. But that rspca no longer exists its now a peta clone. once I realised the danger after the stringy incident I gave up and dispersed both my chihuahua's and the cavaliers. The biggest danger to an ankc member is their fellow members. The rspca is used as the weapon of choice to eliminate anyone that another member thinks or decides doesn't belong and in their opinion is really a backyard breeder. bit like a kangaroo court but the target doesn't know they have been tried and convicted till the knocks on the door start. I became a member in 1978 and it was about 1980 that Betty Stepkovitch and Nancy Gate began telling me how much damage backyard breeders were doing to the reputation of pedigree dogs. even then I asked them, how do you define a backyard breeder, when everyone has a backyard? Well its 39 years later and so far I still do not see a definite description? it was about then the "ethical" became the watch word too. An ethical breeder always showed their dogs, an ethical breeder never sold their puppy with registration papers or it would fall into the hands of puppy farmers. Neither Betty or Nancy agreed with what they were hearing and telling me was now being said among members, both encouraged newbies to become members and keep the lines they had continuing into the future. They loved showing and worried about me as I quickly lost interest in the show scene, my pet hate was the sentence in the chi standard that said "in the case of equal merit the more diminutive preferred" it only took me 3 shows to realise the majoity of judges didnt bother with the "equal merit" bit but just selected from the smallest in the class. so when they heard the murmerings about me being a puppy farmer because I didn't show mine any more would take one of mine and show it for me. Ok so a few with my prefix became australian champions, in chips case he was the 3rd best of my three stud boys. but what it it achieve? he was still the same dog and all he did was stop the reall showies dogs achieving their Ch in front of their names sooner. The two we didn't show were still better than chip? the lack of Ch in front of their name made no difference to their genetics or their abiltiy to sire beautiful sound puppies? But then as now the vast majority just want a pet. Breeding is hard work not just time, but emotionally. Few cope. decades ago there was some research done and I think less than 10% who joined were still members after 5 years and the remaining 10% tended to be in their 60"s. now with the plethora of dead end kennels who only sell limit and a high proportion already desexed, the only place you will be finding most of the breeds someone looking for a puppy wants to buy, will be from a non member . I don't think the ank's will fold, once the numbers of registered dogs falls to near extinction level, they will do the same as they did for the stumpy tailed cattledog, open a register for breeding up to purebred status so all probably is not lost. there are probably a couple of hundred thousand purebred but unregistered's for every registered dog of that breed out there in backyard land anyway. as for x breds millions. the future will be interesting as it unfolds, although I doubt I will be around long enough to see it. my vet is of the opinion without puppy farms people will be unable to find a pet without a ten year waiting list the way its going at present . If he is right we will be seeing the same "RSPCA APPROVED" logo appearing on breeders gates same as the chook and pig etc farms are paying for. its all about income not welfare for PETA/RSPCA now.
  14. Every one of you nailed it, nothing wrong with the puppy she is training her human. Owner is male and is way too soft in every way spent an hour just teaching him to tell her to sit, he talks her with that please do it tone, he has lost with the first word, she she see's 'sucker' in capital letters on him
  15. can anyone recommend a dog trainer near castle hill? a disrespectful puppy and a way too soft owner is not a good combination. beginning to suspect he would listen to another man better than a woman.