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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. thanks for that, can add sheepskin to the list, a friends dog stopped pooping and eating, vet discovered his stomach and an awful lot of his intestines were full of wool. he had pulled the wool out of a sheepskin and ate????? it. totally blocked forget what the bill was for opening him up and pulling out all that impacted wool out. but it was a big bill
  2. Interesting article

    i love them, massage bliss
  3. Interesting article

    https://workingshepherds.wordpress.com/2018/07/16/the-dutch-prong-ban/ So many thing being legislated to appease animal rights with little or no input by those who actually know having little to no input
  4. Vet warns of Greyhound Adoption Risk

    Love greyhounds, so many are natural born lounge lizards. The catch with TB'S is any with St Simon 's temprement are only fit for racing and dangerous even for their riders for that, as one writer of the time said, when he became a leading sire his progeny were so hot, their riders had difficulty keeping their mount on the track, but when successful were so fast invariably won. Sovrango, sostunuto and Village square progeny were noted for this, I owned Darmack who was so hot the only race he deigned to finish broke the track record at Wyong, I bred Garthowen boy, so hot although rugged from birth was still hard to rug as a yearling, ran in terror from leaves on a windy day, won many races though after I scotched the plan to make a show hack of him as I had planned, thinking it was being trained for racing that fried their brain, he proved that theory wrong in spades
  5. A baby became very ill and the hospital worked out it was oleander, when her bedroom was examined they discovered oleander pollen on the window sill, the marks of her fingers could be seen where she had played with it and must have sucked her fingers, so all parts are poisonious, the pollen of Paterson curse is too they have found the toxin in the honey, few know that, although Patterson's curse like fireweed is accumulative unlike oleander one dose of can kill
  6. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Ah goats, they can be guaranteed to eat the plants u value n not touch the weeds you would be pleased if they eradicated. Came to the conclusion their aim in life is to so enrage you you strangle them with your bare hands, while they look at you lovingly think the intention is so you feel guilty for the rest of your life As for drench resistant worms, they seem to all carry them so constantly changing drenches to keep them safe from the mongrel worms Anglo Nubian are the worst for that, sweetest most affectionate worm magnets on the planet
  7. Vets and lack of knowledge

    My vet once made the comment, "their gradation certificate is their permission to now learn at your and your animals expense" After I had told him what a newly employed locum had told me when he ignored my request to only vaccinate my chihuahua puppies with half a ml of the vaccine not the full ml. He then gave all four the full dose and told me any that cannot tolerate the recommended dose are better off dead as it culls the weak from the gene pool I asked him, "what about collies and Murry grey cattle? Many of them are ivamec intolerant, his solution, dose them all n eliminate all the susceptible. As I recall the problem came to light when a herd was dosed and next morning only two were still alive! Considering a great Dane puppy weighing twenty times more still only gets one ml, that's idiotic. Three were dead before I arrived home, the fourth survived 13 days as her immune system n internal organs shut down, their mum's last and only litter of beautiful bitch puppies Can hope fate culled him from the gene pool too. He was fired but little compensation
  8. other killers are poinsettia, daffodil bulbs, Daphne plant surprisingly, avacado leaves
  9. Meeting at Dogs NSW on Saturday

    https://www.realestate.com.au/news/sydney-tenant-gave-away-beloved-pet-after-receiving-alleged-body-corporate-note/?utm_source=outbrain&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Outbrain_cpc_Newsandadvicemobile&utm_content=Sydney+tenant+gave+away+beloved+pet+after+receiving+alleged+body+corpo&utm_term=news.com.au Sad how hard it can be to keep your pet today. Yet no one here obviously knew about let Alone attended the meeting I missed because of circumstances preventing it
  10. Why Do Everyone Hate The Rspca?

    Google Leon Mills ex public procecutor's recommendations to parliament, that was 2010. Its even in the Hansard, as for the politicians actually paying any attention or implementing his recommendations. Don't hold your breath, something is seriously rotten in our politicians Found that link http://forum.cyberhorse.com.au/forums/showthread.php?102400-Letter-by-Leon-Mills-submitted-to-Parliament-re-RSPCA
  11. Oleander is a killer one and a half leaves, even dead and dried will kill a horse, as is any plant that exudes white sap. Can't remember the symptoms, but only chance of saving them is multiple blood replacement until out of the system and can still die
  12. Best day ever...

    your welcome to post them
  13. I heard there was to be one on Saturday between 2 and 5 re animal rights dictating animal welfare or something along that line. Really wanted to attend but had to help a friend whose mum was sick. Any news what emerged? Any posatives achieved?
  14. Dog Shows + Undershot Jaw

    As one exhibitor told me decades ago, " I will not keep a hernia free pup if it's herniated littermate is superior conformation, it's not listed as a disqualification in the standard. I doubt you will be able to find a hernia free pup within 12 years. ". That was a few years before "pedigree dogs exposed" hit the airwaves. Scissor bite for your breed is preferred but is not listed as disqualification ditto for many breeds, I have seen many champions with undershot or level bite yet still awarded their challenge certificate because they are excellent in every other department. Its a case of assessing all the dog, the whole picture, not just one point alone. everyone has different priorities, for me hernias versus undershot? I know my priorities are very different to the breeder I had that conversation with. The perfect specimen hasn't been born, nothing is perfect
  15. Bike dogs