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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. at the present moment cant remember where I read it last night, but an rspca spokesperson was quoted as saying the RSPCA'S intention was to supply the pet market in future instead of puppy farms. they already have the runs on the board selling endorsements for chicken farms and the like already will hunt and see if I can find it later tonight, otherwise has anyone else seen it? Found it on a Facebook page. so not sure if its OK to put the writers names. so just copy and past what was being said if you like? " Agree... they have moved away from beliefs years ago.. it was obviously when I was there..and has since gotten dramatically worse. As far as a charity when I started in the 80's they were.. now.. they certainly are Not! " "Tania the CEO of Queensland quite openly stated a couple of months ago that "it is our aim in the future, that anyone in Australia who buys a puppy will buy it from us". I sat in stunned silence for 2 days after hearing of this. The ramifications are ENORMOUS. This must not be allowed to happen under any circumstances." " One of our vets had already suggested rspca wanted to breed their own. My mother said it right from the beginning, and those of us that had our pedigrees stolen with our animals are now thinking on the same lines. What is stopping them from making up their own data base. They already change micro chip ownership details." "Exactly and they seize the pedigrees to go with them"
  2. A friend used to breed Himalayan cats, she tried to stop them removing from the standard "pleasant expression" after the flat faced gargoyle cats began to appear and their breeders were having trouble winning because they sure do NOT have a pleasant expression. first we need to educate breeders and judges to start rewarding health instead of extremes, how that can be achieved is the challange. Karen Hedberg is a vet and breeds French bulldogs. would love to know her opinion and breeding program
  3. Interesting article. but no hint at encouraging breeders to select away from the flat faces that I could recognise. The comments section at the end are well worth the read too. Bravo to this lady, thought I would post it in case u miss it, Linda Kitson · The University of Melbourne You are 100% right. We are facing the same battle here in Victoria, Australia, with s government trying to introduce legislation that will effectively end both pedigree dog and cat breeding, whilst st exactly the same time as in the UK (coincidence, I think not!!!) we have had an attack on the brachy breeds launched here by the AVA and the RSPCA. We need to all stand strong and united. We in the cat fancy here in vic are united with the dog groups,sharing ideas and information and I think that us what you will need to do there too - the AR agenda is clear - they have a motto here of one by one until there are none. And if people stick their heads in the sand and think they aren't after me or my breed, then think again - they don't care how many you have, they don't care what breed they are, they don't even care how impeccably they are kept. If you are a breeder, that is enough for them Like · Reply · 8 · Mar 15, 2017 7:07pm
  4. there is a video on facebook with Karen Hedberg with a group of french bulldogs anyone know how to find it? I will try but dont seem to have much success finding stuff on faceplant once its disappeared off my page found it, thanks Baronia, I didnt spot you had when I found and posted it too. think both of us broke a record finding it
  5. sometimes its not such a good idea to mask pain entirely, otherwise they wont rest the injoured area.
  6. Valbitz, from what you said, you seem to have already made judgement, anyone who doesnt call and continue to call has lost the right to their dog. is what I read you as saying. the dogs were chipped they were paid up, their owners had every reason to believe they would be contacted. I have had a dog disappear in one case two on the same day and although the council was notified it was missing not once was I notified by council. in every instance it was by a vet who someone had taken the dog too, who then phoned me to pick it up. not once was the dog sent to the pound by the vet it was taken too for identification by the finder. As for one I bred who was chipped and fully registered to her owner, she was held for 3 months while they wrote and phoned the owner., I happened to be at the pound that day and my daughter recognised the dog as one we had bred, checked with the office and she was abut to be put down that day at midday, so we bought her and took her home, it was amazing when we let her go, she was 2 years old and ran to the gate to be let in with her mum, never did find her old owner, a neighbour suspected might have died, just never came home and then the house was up for sale, never saw anyone come to the house so had no idea what had happened
  7. so anyone know what has happened? surely this isnt going to have to be dragged through the courts and the dogs die of old age? process was not done so Victoria should be making sure that so called rescue is sending them back to their legal owner?
  8. THE problem was the hot days, the owners took them to the markets instead of keeping them home. considering how few days were actually that hot, they sure paid a 365 days a year penalty. nothing not even fans was going to prevent the outcry , those days were horrible, I had sprinklers going on my cook shed and my dogs yard. nothing like that was available at parklea. Our produce store a few years ago began to have budgies and little parrots and canaries available for sale, bred by people who bought their seed from them. someone called the rspca who began to give him the rounds of the kitchen re cage sizes and constant cleaning, I saw them the cages were clean, all animals go to the loo. anyway he decided he didn't like how rudely he was treated so the owners of the birds were asked to take them elsewhere. another opportunity to buy direct from the breeder instead of a pet shop gone
  9. Pity it isnt that simple, feral animal particularly pigs are very hard to eradicate, many are caught by trapping, but hunting is also needed some are too cunning to go into the traps. feral pigs are dangerous. I suspect from this line of thinking eradicating ferals animals will also be ultimately banned on the grounds of cruelty. although any farmer faced with the damage they do and the younstock killed will be the losers. Although since so many seem to think all livestock should be phased out as increasingly the press releases are the cruelty of breeding animals that will be slaughtered is cruel. crops dont give gory shots when they are torn to bits by feral pigs so I suppose the farmes left to grow crops will just have to build some darned good fencing if they want to harvest a crop in the 3000"s
  10. different as chalk and cheese to what is called a german shepherd now. this must have been filmed quite a while ago before the ski back arrived?
  11. your logic is tantalizing and the blanket covering is the animals, all must suffer to protect the animals. those 90% are to be denied their right to innocence and treated as potentially or are. guilty as well, to clean out the 10% of scumbags? if you truly believe that logic then all parents should have their children taken from them to ensure no child is at risk of the 10% of parents who abuse and kill their children. As I recall the last time that was in operation its now called the era of the stolen generations? because a percentage of men kill and rape, all need to be locked up and/or castrated? same logic, except human children are collateral damage, women killed or maimed just another case of collateral damage (sure know the culture the woman must have asked or it by the way she dressed or behaved, good old blame culture alive and well) but chuck in the word fur baby and EEEK! all animal owners must be micromanaged or lose their fur baby for its own safety and if you dare ask why the emperor has no clothes, you, like I will be, said to have proven your unfit to speak
  12. Although in this case the dogs are australian born, were chipped, WERE registered yet I bet they were sold to the so called rescue and yep on sold for a tidy profit which is exactly what the rspca are into as well these days judging by the increasing number of people complaining their dogs and cats were taken and either sold or destroyed while they were fighting to get them back. all the worry about backyard breeders and the elephant in the room is the the so called welfare industry seizing, buying, getting by whatever means saleable dogs from their legal owners and cough "rehoming" at a profit The list of heartreak storyies is constantly growing on this fb website
  13. AND note, he wasnt microchipped. that I believe applies to the majority of dogs in this country. stupid stupid pollies, busy passing laws to stop puppy farms, to micromange the idiots who do the right thing and register their dogs and do follow the ever increasing rules being used to smother those who try to keep their breed going. the dogs filling the pounds are the ones comming from the invisibles and it will be the invisibles that keep dogs and dog breeds going. the KCC's will implode, there are less and less members and less and less main registered puppies every year.
  14. no body today would admit their dog is a pitty. looking at the photos of the dog, if that is Buddy, he is identical to the puppies I was asked to chip whose proud owner said they were pure red nosed pitties. but that was before bsl. I dont know about any one here, has anyone ever seen a staffie that that colour? english staffy I mean. americn staffy and pit bull are one in the same in america, many are double registered, funny how a trip overseas to the land of oz they become seperate breeds even x 's from my days of breeding I only see that colouring when the dog has the gold gene and two chocolate genes, anyone seen a different gentic combination to get the same look? either way, in such an awful situation that occured that day, I dont know what the reaction of any dog would have been regardless of breed
  15. I have no idea if it is too late and the dog has already been killed but this is on FB and I am a little suprised no one is talking about it here? a woman attemped to kill her two sons, one is dead the dog saved the other childs life and is facing death or have i missed the story here? anway here is the link it it is not too late to protest the dogs destruction