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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. my mum had a standard poodle and she was awesome with kids, so much so se think she saved the life of my friends 3yr old. Tammie LOVED water, we had a pool, yet mum and my friend were having a cup of tea and her son began crying, investigation found he and nipped outside when no one was looking and he was at the bottom of the stairs. tammie was standing beside him, mum thought he was afraid of her so told her to go inside. not long later he began crying again, but still no idea why.although tammy was beside him again. so mum and marilyn decided to watch from a window. soon as he thought they had gone he headed straight for the pool. it was an above ground and mum had removed the stairs. but he had stacked things against the side they had not noticed. he began to climb his makshift ladder and tammie came running, took his arm in her mouth and led him back to the stairs and he began crying. tammie got so many hugs she was thrilled to bits, as for tony he got a talking to and a smack (child abuse was rife in those days) its decades now but we are still amazed tammie didnt just jump in with him but somehow knew he should not go in and saved him from am almost sure drowning as he had not learnt to swim
  2. Blue can manifest in a zillion shades, from darkest blue black to pale and everywhere in between, my vote is hes a dark blue. forgot to add, a blue does not have a black nose, its a different shade, paler than black and unmistakably not black. so? What shade is his nose? my silver boy had a black nose, a chocolate has a brown nose.
  3. Judging by the massive number of breeders who never sell any but limit register puppies they sure seem to fail at producing anything good enough to deem worth of breeding from? or more like what so many suspect, have no intention of letting anyone have a chance of becoming a registered breeder and keep out any chance of competition. NOT exactly passing on the line like the breeder they bought their foundation dog or dogs from. Dead end ANKC breeders are now the proud norm. Although if the lady I met at a sports day is anything to go by, beware the breeder who is happy to sell the puppy on main register, but has already desexed the puppy at 6 weeks. I spotted the stitches and since all had them i commiserated at how unlucky all the litter had needed hernia ops. She blushed and explained no they didn't have hernias, they had been desexed. she was meeting the new owners at the park as it was her childrens sports day and yep , every one was handed their signed main register papers. well none of those puppies could ever become puppy farmed. could they? The new ethical Lucky im getting to old. I liked the old ethical of the 70's, welcome newbies and mentor them so the genes the breeders before you entrusted to you, are passed on to the next new generation.
  4. have you spotted how many blue and lilac french bulldog puppies are main registered with ANKC's? my neice was given one for her birthday. Fully mains registered.
  5. incredibly difficult situation, having been a breeder since 1978 I sure have sold a puppy to a pet home that I later regretted. Although in my case I never reneged on the sale, just hoped one as good would turn up in the next litter. Although in hindsight it rarely does happen. Also tend to console myself with the fact that so many people will see what a stunner it is can come looking for one as nice and they sure have. put it down to the fun and the frustration of being a breeder. Every litter is a new book, as is every puppy. This looks like one breeder who has had second and third thoughts after the event and decided she can't go through with the sale. I can understand why she has done it, but she had first pick in the first place, so pretty unfair to renig now, I don't think she has done the right thing by you. I expect your too upset about all this to even think about taking a second look at the puppy she had intended keeping originally? how cute is he? it could still turn out he could end up the best puppy too, and if you get him end up still having the last laugh...... its sooooo hard to accurately asses puppies under 8 weeks. the story of the ugly duckling has a basis on fact remember.
  6. adorable dogs, unfortunately its the last three words in the standard that fails them in the rspca temperament tests . few will forget the darling dog who was put down because although was a showring champion made the mistake of being "aloof" to the vet who the new owner had taken it too for a checkup and who discovered it had been debarked in another state and led to the breeders dogs being seized and charged with breaking the new Victorian law that no dog owned by a victorian could be shown if debarked in another state. Think the breeder was facing 80 years jail as the sentance was if I recall correctly ten years for each time shown or something like that. Then convinced the new owner it was not safe to keep due to the dogs obvious distrust of the vet who then let the vet put it down. Not sure if it was put down before or after the vet sent the rspca to seize the rest of the breeders dogs, terribly sad day for the breeder and the Tibbies Characteristics: Gay and assertive, highly intelligent, aloof with strangers. rscpa dont tend to read breed standards. its so lovely the tibbies like quite a few other breeds have been lucky to have stayed the same over the decades , so it can happen they don't get morphed in the name of "improved" So it is possible.
  7. That is another problem, fellow members of the ankc tend to brand those who are not interested in showing as you just said, puppy farmers. Watching that movie last night about the man who broke the enigma code during the war and how he was bullied at school, think we tend to think but bullying ceases after you leave school, when in fact it still manifests in for example among ANKC members, a percentage of members who show tend to not only look down on those who choose not to show, but a percentage feel the need to make complaints to the rspca in hopes the resulting harrassment will get them to give up and leave. I was pretty aghast some years after the incident when my dog stringy was seized to discover the person who made the call to the rspca was none other than someone who I had considered a friend and fellow member of the chihuahua club and who used to play with him at meetings. She decided because I didn't show my dogs it was her duty to make the call that almost had him die from the injuries he received whilst they tried to find something they could charge me with. I only found out because she told a circle of what she thought was trusted friends that she had done so not realising two were also friends of mine. It was hard to forgive but no sense in carrying a grudge. interestingly some years later someone did the same to her although many of her dogs were champions, NO i was not me, no way I could bring myself to put another through what happened to me. Bullying is still alive and well unfortunately. I like pollyanna's thinking, we all need to work together for the good of the breeds, instead of sniping at those who hear a different drum and choose not to march to the tune you prefer Need to take a leaf from the Peta types and work together like they are.
  8. its not that simple, I know a breeder that had not shown any of their dogs since the 1980's . just wasnt interested in the show scene, fast farward to 2016 Let a youngster keen to show have pick of a litter and it has won some 7 best in shows for its thrilled owner. so just because someone is not interested in the show scene is no true indicator of the quality of what they have.
  9. I bought my first registered purebred puppy in 63, every puppy the breeders considered to be representative of the breed came with registration papers. Unless the buyer didnt want them, or the breeder did not think the puppy was sufficient standard to warrant a pedigree, a pet puppy came with a copy of its breeding. forget the year it was decided to bring in the limit register. frankly at the time I think its only purpose was to ensure every puppy born was registered to ensure an income to the KC's from every puppy born as was not the case until then. somehow in the meantime the hunt to eliminate backyard breeders began and withholding full registration papers began to be promoted as "responsible" to prevent puppy farmers and backyard breeders gaining access to full registratered dogs and puppies. I know when it began I asked where are you gaining anything? backyarders and puppy farmers don't care a fig about breeding registered dogs? All you are doing is becoming a dead end breeder? when you join and become a registered breeder one of the aims being forgotten was to encourage others to become members and continue the lines the breeders before you entrusted to you. No one seemed to be listening then or now. as others above have said, many if not the majority not only limit register everything they don't keep themselves, they are already desexed before even going to their new home, even though it has been found that such puppies end up with lifetime problems including incontinence? as for my suspicions about falling numbers of the breeds and membership, its all there in black and white Really we should thank god for the existence of Backyarders and puppy farms, they will be the only place many breeds will be found at this rate you can check the numbers yourself here think even the akc's are beginning to realise if this is any indication The Ankc's have used this pool in the past to reinstate genetic diversity into dead ended breeds, how many remember the opening of the register to graded up Stumpy Tailed Cattledogs? in the end only registered breeder was Iris, until this was done. so there is precedent already to use the unregistered gene pool available
  10. Just reminded me of my hubbies best sheepdog, Her name was maggot, her mum was named Fly
  11. If this has been up before, apologies, but thought it may be interesting to see. for me I like the before dogs. its as if the show scene is more interested in the 'picture' than the fact the content is a living being in these examples I was at sydney Uni vet clinic this week and watched a modern german shepherd trying to go to the tiolet. his hinds were so wobbly and unable to maintain his weight . would bend uncontrollably untl he fell to either side and stepped in his own mess. sad sight to see, watched one being handled at a recent show and he too could not hold the stack without his hocks crossing each other and yet he still won his class?
  12. Been in that situation too. thank goodness so many dogs know "go home" and or "go to bed" and obey Accordingly. when I was a kid few dogs were ever behind fences and many regarded the footpath as their humans property. so it was often a case of freeze, tell him to go home and then cross the road to proceed rather than walk on 'their' piece of footpath or risk being seen as trespassing. the kids who knew this never were bitten, well my brothers and I werent.
  13. On the subject of vets wonder if any here would be interested in voting for the new Bondi Vet? Naturally I have a favourite. You may choose to vote for another, but this girl has the biggest heart and unstoppable courage so if one of the others doesn't get your vote. Please vote for Sarah Jane Goodwin, her dads nickname says it all, Goody Goodwin, she has her mum and dads ethics, I know most of you have no idea who she is, but she is the bravest and most determined girl. She had wanted to become a vet from the first day I met her. only a tiny tot on an equally tiny pony she joined our Pony Club and within weeks of training qualified to be the youngest team member in mounted games. She showed early her determination to do her best. Finally her dream was being realised and she was studying Vet Science when she was a passenger involved in a car accident, the other car slammed into the passenger side so violently when the ambulance and police arrived it was to find the unconscious Sarah had been thrown into the lap of the driver ,the passenger seat and that side of the car were gone, destroyed by the other car. she has no memory of the impact but as the ambulance and police said the one time a seat belt failed to hold saved her life although she sustained massive injuries including brain damage and was a long time in a coma. Although her Uni gave her a year sabbatical to recover, she refused to take it and went back as soon as she could, battling the effects of the accident she still graduated and has worked twice as hard to make up for the time lost. Her dedication to her chosen field has never wavered, nor her care for any animal that comes into her care. She has worked impossible hours including emergency night vet at Sydney Uni before her present position at Bondi. She saved a pony we bred when its owners almost lost it. researched another way to deal with what was refusing to respond to treatment and saved her, many have similar stories. Please Vote for Sarah, she is down the list at the 40 mark so many clients of the other vets are asking their friends to do the same as I am asking for Sarah, she would make an amazing Bondi Vet. If only those voting for the other vets knew half her story on her road they would be voting for her too. And PLEASE SHARE on your fb pages. This would be wonderful outcome for such a courageous young lady. Judging by all the votes the other vets in the 50 shortlist are getting they have a very large pool of devoted fans, Sarah needs us to get a wiggle on if she is to have a chance to become what I and all her friends believe. she would be AMAZING and an awesome ambassador as the new, Bondi Vet.
  14. I don't think that is what maddy wants to hear, the sports people who cheat actually are bludgening themselves when you learn how badly what they have done does to their health and lifespan, as for the players who were given the stuff by their trainer who didn't care a jot about the effects it would have on their lives and health, same cruelty but hey people are dreadful so what happens bad to them doesn't count, is that the message?