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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. Your choice of tree is so beautiful, that is the hardest part, saying goodbye. my old girl ACD Misty is nudging 14, face is going white, can still hear well and eyesight ok but when she is asleep . out like a light. nothing wakes her not even I discovered when I decided to put the advocate on the other day, I part the hair put a little dab in one spot then part another spot and so on, some 6 different spots, expecting her to wake up any second, her snoring didn't miss a beat. Was laughing so much nearly put it on myself. As she has aged, fleas really make her itch if she even gets one these days so have to be really on to them. Her walking has really slowed down this past year, no use in protecting the chooks from the foxes anymore, they know it and were taking them in broad daylight so the poor chooks can only be out now when I can guard them then put them away. She isnt impressed no chooks to follow around anymore, she loves it when they leave her an egg under a bush instead of the nest box, she knows nest box is off limits but outside gifts are ok. LOL
  2. considering how many people DONT bother to make sure their dogs stay home, the OP is not a one off. the difference where I live is sooner or later it will be shot the second it is seen in their paddocks preferably before it turns its attention to killing their livestock, another basic instinct that tends to kick in when unsupervised
  3. 4 hours and not one comment. So probably as usual the majority view is it wont affect me. Details of the proposed draft regulations If a member of the public is classified as a "pet shop owner" because they sell, trade or donate an animal or they breed animals for sale they would be required to: · get TAFE Cert 2 training, · document every sale and every birth, · develop 21 written procedures relating to the feeding of animals, the assessment of their wellbeing, the administration of the pet shop, etc. · they would also be required to keep registers, directories, training manuals, and meet standards governing signage, cage size minimums, etc. If you want to have input to the process, you can send a submission to [email protected] There are probably a few thousand members at most if not only a few dozen if not less AR campaigners controlling how our politicians draft the laws they want, compared to how many millions of pet owners who have not one iota of input who this is going to affect. Reminds me of the herds on the African veld as the lions walk past thinking I'm safe it isn't going to target me. Forgetting the one that is brought down was thinking exactly the same thing until it was too late.
  4. https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/many-pet-owners-to-be-classified-as-pet-shops-under-proposals-20180406-p4z82d.html Pet owners better start waking up fast or they are going to be very sorry .. the pollies have been indoctrinated by peta and AR. If it isn't stopped, end of all but puppy and pet breeding farms, they are legislating for exactly what they say they don't want. if you want to keep your dogs entire and breed, for example they have to be housed in concrete floored air conditioned sheds. eg factory farmed. and if there's a blackout? if no backup generator installed. everything will cook on those 40 plus days which are exactly the days the grid is overloaded and konks out. Even Dorrigo Council have already made laws to that effect I learned recently from a friend who moved there to their horror. Not talking suburbia either
  5. Livestock guardians???

    our misty kept the foxes well at bay bay for years, now she is a teenager have to keep them locked up now, the foxes know they can outrun her now. she also loved any eggs that they didnt lay in their nestboxes, but we didnt care most were in the nest boxes and figured the others were a cheap wage my neighbor had of all things a large chihuahua and the foxes were terrified of her with good reason. she guarded their chooks till she was 18 n the crows never dared come near either
  6. Cost for a re-homed dog

    Yes, free tends to not be valued, well remember my uncle used to give away his retired show winners, well that is until my mum pointed out how nadly neglected their coats were (long coat breed, next person who asked my cheeky mum told them the price, higher than if they have bought a baby, 12 moths later guess who had the best groomed coat, loved to bits and looking fabulous. after that uncle took the hint and never rehomed without putting a good price.
  7. Frenchie dies on flight :(

    one passenger went and said they could hear him crying and stratching in desperation then when silent. cant believe no one realised the going silent was a big cause for major concern if not before that the time to act and get him out of there so tragic
  8. ‎ Riana Fern Vogler‎ to QT - The Queensland Times 10 March at 20:08 · In September 2016 the Animal Welfare League of Queensland, who accomplished zero euthanasia of healthy and sociable animals in just 18 months, lost their 5-year contract with Ipswich City Council to run the pound. They lost this contract to RSPCA Queensland. When the AWLQ took over the Ipswich City Council Pound in 2011 they did what they do best, they saved lives. Despite the old and outdated facilities AWLQ, in just a year and a half, established education programs and implemented subsidised desexing programs and achieved zero euthanasia of healthy and sociable animals. These sorts of things are what rescue groups are supposed to do when given the chance to make a difference, so what has the RSPCA accomplished in this time? Unfortunately for the city of Ipswich, the RSPCA are a deceitful organisation who do not deserve to be titled as ‘animal rescuers’. What this group has accomplished since taking over the contract for Ipswich City Council late 2016 has been nothing short of disgusting as the most recent statistics have come to light, but where is the media now? During the tender process the Queensland Times could not help but to report on what was happening and what the RSPCA ‘vowed’ to do and whilst that content was completely one-sided there seems to be silence as the truth comes out about just how corrupt the RSPCA are. In one article published by the Queensland Times RSPCA Queensland CEO Mark Townend was quoted saying that, regarding the cats, that they are kept in a “hot shed and we have space inside that people were using before, we want to use it for animals”. Over a year down the track and has this happened? No. In the same article the public were assured that there would be some familiar faces remaining at the centre as the RSPCA played hero and ‘hired’ three former staff members … Are those staff members still employed in Ipswich? No, as a matter of fact they were all used as media stunt and then released before their probation period was met. The same goes for volunteers, where the RSPCA assured all current volunteers at the Hooper St site that they would be welcomed to the team with open arms – I urge you to enquire as to how many previous volunteers are currently active with the RSPCA because I can assure you that this sure did not happen. When speaking about the contract itself, there is no secret that the RSPCA requested a $100,000 one-off starting fee to ‘improve’ facilities and it has also been publicised that a condition within this contract was for the Ipswich City Council to build new facilities within three years or face a $200,000 penalty. This is something that was never offered to the AWLQ and in fact, AWLQ was never given any significant (and much needed) upgrades during their five years with the contract. So, what has made the RSPCA so appealing to the council that has allowed them to be walked all over and had their pockets reached into? Surely it cannot be because the recently appointed Mayor of Ipswich City, Andrew Antoniolli, is on the board of the RSPCA … That would be absurd ... In the past week the RSPCA Queensland has written a series of articles to local media platforms complaining about how they cannot keep up with the number of ‘unwanted’ pets in the community. So why take over a pound that was running perfectly fine when you can’t cope with the sectors you already handle? Figures have been released showing the RSPCA Queensland outcomes for “surrendered” pets and in Ipswich the statistics are horrid. Not only have there only been 839 adoptions versus a whopping 1769 euthanised, but the total number of animals unaccounted for is 1149 – so where the heck are they?! I demand that the RSPCA, those paid by the government to inspect animal abuse cases, are inspected themselves and exposed for the frauds that they are. For those of you who made it through this post, I encourage you to please email the Ipswich City Council at [email protected] and just let them know what the people think!
  9. well it took 30 years of calls for accountability for something to be done about Pell so we can look forward to perhaps another 13 years yet before something might done about accountability of the rspca in the meantime someone posted this tips to protect yourself. Some comments re the attachment seen on facebook Excellent advice. Better still, don't wait for the Rspca to visit, anyone with multiple animals should do this because they WILL come one day. The catch is that many of the people they target are too poor to afford things like surveillance equipment and extra vet visits. It is sad that you have to go to these lengths all because of a charity It is sad that children have to be escorted to and from school Carolyn It is sad that police abuse their powers. It is sad that it is a good idea to have a dashcam in your car or a headcam when you're riding a bicycle. All of these things are necessary to protect yourself. It is a sick world but I see your point. click on the page below and it will open big enough to read
  10. A actually they are still guessing the mode of transport of hendra from the bats
  11. interesting your observation of foxes, my neighbours chihuahua guarded their chooks from the neighbourhood foxes for over 14 years and they were terrified of her. She has only died of old age at 17 and very much missed by the chooks as well as us. Now the chooks can no long be let out to forage as the foxes are waiting, here they hunt by day and night they are so brazen. we have some very big foxes, one is as tall as a cattledog, their den in the creek has 7 entrances there are so many of them.
  12. This letter was tabled to Parliament and copy available in The Hansard. With this man's qualifications makes you wonder why his recommendations have not been implemented? 3rd June 2010 The Honorable Members General Purpose Standing Committee No.5 Inquiry into the R S P C A raid on the Waterways Wildlife Park Dear Members, My full name is Leon Andrew Mills and I have resided in Gunnedah since 1982, I moved to Gunnedah as a result of my applying for the Police Prosecutors position for the Gunnedah Local Court Circuit. I continued in that position until my retirement in 2006. In 2008 I stood in the Local Government elections and was successful in gaining office as a Gunnedah Shire Councillor. I am still in that position today. The two submission I would like the Honorable Committee to consider are that the compliance section of the RSPCA 9RSPCA Inspectors) be disbanded and that all the duties that they try to perform in relation to the investigation and brief preparation for alleged offences under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (the Act), be given to sworn Constables of the NSW Police Force in particular the Rural Crime Unit. My second submission is that all prosecutions under the Act by done by Police Prosecutors in the Local Court jurisdiction. RSPCA Inspectors obtain their powers s a result of being issued an Authority under .section 4D(2) of the Act. In relation to this Inquiry it is clear that Inspectors Prowse and French have no idea of their powers. I say that on this basis, the Act is clear in relation to what an inspector can do and is set out in Division 2 of the Act. On the Friday following the taking of the Koalas a report was broadcast on the 6.30am local A B C News that Officer Prowse said the reason for taking the Koalas was that they were “stressed”. There is no power under the Act to take an animal that is stressed. It alledging distress, as referred to in Section 24H subsection (5) of the Act, there is no evidence at all that any of these animals were suffering debility, exhaustion or significant physical injury. To support what I am submitting, the Honorable Committee would note that the Officers examined the Koalas at about 10.30-11am. They gave no treatment to these Koalas from that time until after 4.30pm, why? There was nothing wrong with them, and of course we are talking about Officers that would be expected to take immediate action if an animal was suffering debility, exhaustion or significant physical injury. These two Officers had to do something and they illegally removed these Koala for the sole purpose of the T V show R S P C A Animal Rescue. To further support this submission the head of the R S P C A Mr Steve Coleman said no proceedings would be taken against Nancy Small as a result of community outrage. I completely reject this statement. As a former Police Prosecutor of 28 years both in the city and country on rare occasions there is community outrage when some proceedings are taken. I have never before heard of proceedings for a criminal matter being abandoned or not brought because of community outrage. The reason there were no proceedings brought was that there was nothing wrong with these animals. Offences under the act are Criminal. Officers French and Prowse were supposed to be “investigating” this matter. It is interesting to note the quality of this so called investigation. No interview with Nancy Small or any other carers of these Koalas. No exhibits such as, stool samples, feed provided in the Koala enclosure, photos for identifications of each Koala, no tagging for identification. When one looks at the R S P C A Seizure Notice re this matter S N 010 16 the Officers have not even identified the Koalas to the extent of their sex. This so called investigation is absolutely pathetic and shows the quality of how RSPCA inspectors carry out their duties. The N S W police have a branch now called the Rural Crime Unit these branches operated both in the city and country. They are staffed by sworn Police who have been fully trained in investigation techniques. Many of these Officers are fully trained Detectives. It would be my respectful submission that these officers should take over the compliance section of the R S P C A. Of course it would require extra staff and resources. It would be my suggestion that appropriate funding could be transferred from the funding the State Government gives to the R S P C A to the Police Budget. Another benefit of a transfer to Police is that all Police investigations are subject to review by independent authorities such as the Ombudsman or I C A C. This is not the case with R S P C A inspectors, they answer to no one other than themselves. On the 18th of February last I attended the local branch meeting of the R S P C A as the head of the organization Mr Steve Coleman was attending. During the course of the meeting he answered a number of questions re the Waterways incident. Mrs. Dodd asked him a question being, “who can I complain to”, Mr Coleman’s response was “the Chief Inspector of the RS S P C A”. From a community point of view in this day and age it is totally unacceptable that we have an organization such as this that when a complaint comes in they investigate themselves. The subject Koalas were living in a happy well cared for environment when they were illegally removed by Inspectors French and Prowse. One of the females had a baby Koala in her pouch that Mrs Small was aware of. I have been told that the R S P C A Inspectors became aware of this fact over the 48 hours following their removal. One of the other Koalas was an elderly female that Mrs Small has described as the “Old Lady”. Mrs Small has never denied that this Koala was elderly and whilst ever in good health could live out her days in the Koala Enclosure. Both these Koalas that were supposed to being cared for by Inspectors French and Prowse are now dead so I ask this question what investigation has the RSPCA done in relation to the deaths of these Koala or am I correct in assuming that when an animal dies because of the ignorance or lack of care by that inspector no investigation takes place. This is another example as to why the Police should take over these responsibilities so that when this type of incident occurs it can be properly investigated or reviewed by an appropriate authority. I referred earlier in this document to the fact that prior to my retirement I was the police Prosecutor for the Gunnedah Court Circuit. During the 1980’s and 1990’s and in some cases still to this day besides representing Police informants in Court Police prosecutors represent many other entities, for example, Probation and Parole, National Parks and Wildlife, D O C S, Roads and Traffic Authority and the RSPCA. Over the years until about 2000, every so often I would receive a brief from an RSPCA Inspector who would be the informant usually in more than one information. If the matter was a “not guilty” plea I would present the case on behalf of the informant. If the offence or offences were proved some costs would be sought by the Informant that would usually be for witness expenses and any fodder that may have been required to give to the animals in question. No Legal professional costs were ever sought. In addition a fact I feel is relevant is that Police Prosecutors DPP Prosecutors and Crown Prosecutors have a duty to place all the evidence before the Court. Each carries a custodial penalty of 2 years imprisonment. True there is a difference in the monetary penalty but goal is the most severe penalty for a Criminal Offence. A common assault is one where the victim suffers no serious injury. For some reason the Parliament does not view aggravated cruelty as a serious offence at law. The RSPCA since about 2000, to my knowledge, have been engaging private solicitors to conduct their prosecutions and one might ask why did they move to this system. It is my submission that this practice should cease and that Police Prosecutors should conduct the prosecutions for the RSPCA. I say that on this basis. By engaging private Solicitors or barristers there is no obligation on them to place before the Court evidence that may disadvantage their case. Legal and Professional Costs come into play. If their prosecution is successful they would ask for these costs. It seems unbelievable that recently in one of their prosecutions at Narrabri an amount in excess of a quarter of a million dollars was sought for costs in a matter heard in the Local Court, and as I said before, an offence not serious at law. In conclusion it is my humble opinion that inspectors French and Prowse have no knowledge in respect to their obligations under the Act and it is clear they see their careers more in the field of TV and to add insult to injury when asked a question by myself about the TV show RSPCA Animal Rescue and their role in this incident when he attended Gunnedah on the 18th February last, Mr Coleman’s explanation was and I quote, “the Officers had been on another job with them and when they said they were going to Gunnedah the crew said we might just tag along” end quote. I informed him that I did not accept that explanation at all. It’s a sad situation when the head of such an organization is trying to assist the coverup. Yours faithfully Leon Mills Councilor Gunnedah Shire Council
  13. After some legal help - Sydney

    nope thats how they break the targets and our government has done nothing. Despite even the past public prosecutor Leon Mills, writing to Parliament recommending the return to all cases being handled by the public prosecutor as was in the past before the then President of the RSPCA , Wosnik giving his own law firm the work. Letter by Leon Mills submitted to Parliament re RSPCA.
  14. remember folks, my dog was taken more than 17 years ago now. kept for 13 days despite his own vet phoning every single day to ask for his return as he had nothing wrong with him. only after they had run out of ideas to test him for. eg, Demadectic mange, scarpoctic mange, hyperparathyroidism , forget the rest, I have the itemised invoice and seizure sticker still on file incidentally. Alec LaScalles the then head of CSIRO Animal health told me the chance of them getting a posative for hyperparathyroidism in a dog they were saying was "underweight" was one in two million, but they still tested him for it and billed me for everything, including an entire box of omega oil capsules which my vet said I should have been given the box considering it held 100 capsules (I was billed and paid for the entire box/bottle) and he was given only 2 of them? He said from the itemised account the dog had endured 21 needle insertions and two skin plugs removed. He wanted me to sue them for aggravated cruelty. Arguing he had never lost a case when the head vet for RSPCA Victoria before Hugh Worth. I tried to explain to him that he had the backing of the RSPCA'S millions, I didn't have that kind of money to fight. I had taken him immediately to his vet upon leaving that horrible place, he was so distressed and foaming from the mouth so much that this 1.2 kg chihuahua soaked an entire box of tissues in that short trip. Betty Stepkovitch was with me when we picked him up and saw what a mess he was returned in. When I asked what was wrong with him the vet who had done all the damage told me , He had no idea, but now he was in my care now, he would examine him at my cost, I told him he was being taken immediately to his own vet. He was found to be suffering dehydration, pnemonia and a torn trachea, probably acquired when an overlarge tube had been forced for the op to remove the skin plugs, so required a drip and antibiotics to save his life. yet 17 years later I still have to endure people that have the hide to still be telling me "where there's smoke there's fire". There is no "innocent until proven guilty" when those bastards are involved. The Ruth Downy Inquisition was unfortunately written by a journalist with too much flamboyance in his words, but the evil inflicted on that poor woman was utterly true, my poor dog was incredibly lucky he wasn't killed. At present you need millions to fight them. or plead guilty. unless you have millions you will lose everything and your reputation along with it anyway. the chap who won his case over the slaughter of his murry gray cattle, took ten years to achieve his dubious victory. The RSPCA has spent 7 million fighting it, still refuse to pay the 2 million or more awarded in damages and still appealing. I doubt his name will ever be cleared either, smoke leaves ash remember
  15. When oh when will someone in government not only remove their "charity" status, but remove their complete protection from accountability once and for all? over twenty years now the targeted have been asking for an avenue of appeal that has been denied for far too long. Have let them remove the public prosecutor from doing his job in prosecution and substituted their own solicitors and counsel who charge more to prosecute a case than a murder trial and thus acquire entire properties from the target in legal fees alone. unreal, didnt even know the dog was a pointer,? The RSPCA and public accountability Media Watch about 3 weeks ago · What responsibility does the RSPCA have to the public when it releases footage of alleged animal cruelty? https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/38871353/subject-of-rspca-search-shares-photos-of-loved-pet/?cmp=st