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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    not a one, I suspect they have made them hidden, the lady asked me if I wanted my name withheld or confidential. I think I ticked name withheld but beginning to wonder did I hit confidential? just cant remember. have the acknowledgements of receipt and asking me which I wanted them to be so I know they have them. while we were discussing I did tell her I realised how ill submitting them has made me. which I think may have made her decide to make them confidential
  2. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    totally brilliant...........now to pray for a miracle
  3. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    It’s about time RSPCA powers were reassessed The Morning Bulletin 7 Dec 2019 Picture: Zizi Averill ANIMAL WELFARE: The RSPCA seized 1500 head of cattle from the properties of a NSW farmer over fencing issues. They were in good condition not like these "drought affected" cattle after the long dry season. FARMERS need not worry about animal activists coming onto their property and walking off with a cow, pig or a sheep, that they may be trying to rescue and put in the back of a vehicle. RSPCA can get a government department to tick and flick their recommendations without checking the facts for themselves, walk onto your property at any time and seize your stock for whatever reason then muster and stuff them on to several trucks and send them to market. Heed the warning from John Williams a farmer in NSW recently on Alan Jones, Sky News. No one is safe. RSPCA seized 1500 head of cattle from his properties according to John not 1100 in a sweeping raid. When I saw his story on the news I could not help but notice the good condition of the cattle as everyone else did, and the feed in the background. Thinking something was wrong I immediately got in contact with my counterpart in NSW. This person took charge of the terrible wrong that was happening like a dog with a bone and steered John in the right direction to get his side of the story out there. Who are we? We are animal activists who are disappointed and angry at the direction that the RSPCA in these tough times for everyone has taken and in particularly taking against the elderly and farmers, people with intellectual disabilities or those do not have the capacity or education to effectively defend themselves and those with mental illness. They are the most vulnerable people in our communities who have no money for legal representation to tell their story. Their informal advocates are ignored. I thought that the RSPCA supported Beyond Overwhelmed. I must be wrong. In a bazaar twist, John started to restock his property this morning buying his own cattle back that were stolen from him. He should not have to do that. Apparently it was all over fencing he could not get done, not animal cruelty. The powers that have been given to the RSPCA need to be reassessed. Reassessed in WA where they no longer do prosecutions. Many people are now supporting an investigation into the RSPCA and it should be done across Australia. Lyn Laskus
  4. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    I have contacted about the latest rspca seizures of the cattle and he has contacted me to say he will take late submissions when the subject is as important as what has just happened so although it is closed... if it is serious breech he will accept them for submission and has gee some pretty well written ones. for example 123
  5. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    I have known for decades our politician's have increasingly moved away from representing the people who vote . the cushy private jobs and board directorships politicians slide into after leaving yet still retain their life pensions been aware of as well. not that there is anything the mug public has available to do or say about any of it. but now the milk cow must be running short of funding or as pointed out in this press release, we would not now be seeing the poor relying on centerlink committing suicide or pensioners who have worked all their life contributing THEIR wages to go towards their retirement are not only been denied a living amount. in the case of the pensioner its not even an entitlement anymore. the "entitlement" has been removed they are now a burden on government.......................the money isn't there, it is now funneled straight into general funds for the government to spend as they please instead of the pension fund to generate perpetual interest earning as the original legislation had intended and created. read this and notice the parallels with the unaccountability of the rspca........ they are only extending the rspca the same as they expect for themselves no wonder this is happening across the board https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/our-politicians-have-become-an-unaccountable-ruling-class,12985 equally interesting....the corruption pretty neatly spelt out. wonder how long this group is eliminated? Press raids are already reality in australia. https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/an-independent-australia-cannot-be-bought-by-corporations,13400
  6. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    the rspca were awarded every penny of costs they claimed for the weeks of the Ruth Downey Inquisition............she had no conviction recorded nor was she fined even one dollar, but the magistrate awarded the rspca's application for costs...........they submitted "costs" to the tune of over $260,000, which included three barristers, flying in "experts" instead of using local "experts" etc.(dotted every i and crossed every t three times and charged for everything they could rustle up and the magistrate never queried a cent of it)...........interestingly a murder trial held in the same district court ran for less than half the same time and even though it was a murder trial the prosecution fielded one barrister something the locals found pretty interesting so much ammo (ie three barristers) for, as the retired Public prosecutor Leon Mills noted for a "crime" not serious at law, hence heard before a magistrate, not a judge and jury. Yet the far more serious crime at law, murder.............was not considered necessary to appoint three barristers to the prosecutors side and the defendant was found guilty, a conviction was recorded and sentence pronounced, achieved at a fraction of the cost in the same place at the same time?
  7. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    Technically they won, cleared their names, but financially lost everything, their cattle, their properties (had to sell them to pay the legal costs, all up over four million paid out over the ten years fighting for justice) they never saw the 1.4 million, it went straight to the their legal team If the magistrate had ruled the rspca had to replace the cattle and the income lost over the intervening ten income less years and the true value lost instead, but that didn't happen nor did he award them cost's,
  8. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    well, if any had any doubts the enquiry is going to have been a waste of time and emotions the latest news proves they have no fear whatever of being held accountable. The seized cattle photographed on this page indicate all of rural nsw can and if they so choose will be destocked in its entirety Words fail.. broken lives, broken minds. let alone all the needless deaths, or as they say "euthanasia" if you have animals you abrogate any rights, human or animal whatsoever https://www.facebook.com/Dogs-without-borders-Australia-709019335881463/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARAInM18xadsV_FMn6U7FtNmiJ6250ieFtnSUcj2yRr2z90AO3rOJ_T3jQQBI762N_2IrhZG1HNHGplw
  9. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    just released on facebook. so sad one of the calves at the Binnaway seizure " 1 hr ·6/12/2019 Before being shot and put in a pit, this calf sat here for two days with no mum and no milk. Someone tried to take it milk and was refused. The rspca have gone too far, this is bullshit! "
  10. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    yes , true so if it was "euthanised" with out green dream? the only alternative if the body is to be processed is a bullet and its throat cut or captive bolt and throat cut?
  11. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    just listened to the Ray Hadley interview with Coleman. they were taken now they were in good condition so they could be sold. no explanation why the calves were killed though. he said the 50,000 of hay would only have lasted the 1300 cattle a week then they would have began losing weight again. no explanation why at least a core herd of 100 wasn't left to at least had something to rebuild from and 50,000 of hay would have gone a long way with that few numbers... like leave the cows and calves instead of killing them as they did? he admitted the cows were in sale condition, so they were in good enough condition to raise their calves.
  12. Bug zapper terrifies pup

    Yes, I stupidly bought one at Aldi we have mozzies by the score but when I watched it at work what it was attracting and killing was dozens of moths and beneficial insects.....not a single mozzie into the bin it went
  13. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    so true little gifts. the problem is as so many have noticed is there is not money to be made teaching the people who are better targeted for income. Pity the enquiry was probably not appraised of this , you so succinctly put in to words why the rspca has strayed so far from what it once was. the accumulation of money is now its sole aim. the seizure and sale of the 1300 cattle at Binnaway is irrefutable proof of that. the first press release stated they seized and sold the cattle because 200 bodies were counted.....The press release neglected to mention they had been placed there after death for the past five years because they cannot be burnt due to the continuing drought. Not satisfied with that press release, they next state they found 800 bodies. People who know the farm and the farmers vehemently dispute this. Photographs were taken of the cattle as they awaited sale at Dubbo and they said even the saleyard staff were astonished that they were seized on the grounds of cruelty when they were in good condition and even the poorest were described at sale as in store condition and there was stock from other vendors considered in sufficient condition for sale that weighed less. Every farmer who saw these cattle is very concerned if they can be taken and sold there is nothing in nsw that cannot be seized and sold by them. they maintained that the cattle that died in transport were due to their poor condition yet there are photographs of the stock crammed into the trucks so closely that if the farmer or any other farmer had done so would have been chargeable because they were packed too tightly to travel safely. any animal that went down had no chance of being able to get back up. even more shocking if that were possible they separated the calves from their mothers and shot them? why? we successfully transported over 80 head of our cattle during a drought all with newborn to weeks old calves without losing any cows or calves......such was the expertise of the carrier we engaged and loaded to his instructions. Yet they killed all the calves instead? apparently the rspca gave the orders for loading and the drivers permitted no influence yet their owner is going to be charged over the death of each and every one that died under their instruction. I picked up a load of hay yesterday and in the paddocks beside his shed is over 40 head in exactly the same condition as the Binnaway farmers, their owner is well aware how easily he can be next. over a third of the Binnaway cattle were in prime condition and they too were taken and sold. So good condition is not going to save them from seizure once they have "formed the opinion" everything will be seized. there isn't a farmer in nsw not fully aware now of their chances of being next.
  14. this is the cause of my confusion, I specifically put the link to AAR and was talking solely about AAR and this was immediately below my original post So I could only think she was referring to AAR