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    To produce better with each generation
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    Cavies, Chihuahua's, Cattle dogs, horses.

    I learned the art of improving with every generation with show Cavies. Created the first true breeding pure black Cavies (guinea pigs) in Australia. The same with my Long coat Cavies.
    The first time Cavies were exhibited at Sydney Royal. ..
    They won both Supreme Champion sashes on offer the supreme smooth coat was a black all ASAL blood, Exhibited by Percy Short. Defeating even the English imports.
    The yound lady whose name i have unfortunately forgotten, exhibited her long coat and much to her delight, defeated the English imports as well.. The day I began to understand (imp) does not automatically imply “best”.

    My dogs I hope will continue to give as much pleasure and joy as mine have me.

    My horses have won both in Australia and overseas.

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  1. tend to agree with the author, they are reading your body language far faster than you are theirs, actually. https://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/that-guilty-look-that-your-dog-is-giving-you-isnt-actually-guilt-theyre-scared/?fbclid=IwAR3-EhH-zU-KFbtWYLEbFWAW3zJeXE2ypkt-eV4VPNAXzVehb1xrlzTQH64
  2. RSPCA in the news

    what a great summation of the problems https://theoatmeal.com/comics/believe?fbclid=IwAR00wfTlZwlrrysVEBgs0IMUzCWwYLhjS36iZZhSZOeXXi_NyFwINWGBeQo
  3. Man dies from severe injuries caused by his pet dog

    this guy's horse was lucky, he managed to save her and wasnt attacked himself..oops forgot he was bitten on the foot. seems to be a recurring theme here? https://7news.com.au/news/animals/pit-bull-attack-dog-filmed-viciously-biting-horse-on-wollongong-beach-c-164825?fbclid=IwAR1bhQgj3Lk8poOYdULTBuha42eLA62RJ9Cxo4dAFsaM7ZgaBKLxnWUuDRY
  4. yes, we have all been there, just seems so personal you forget it is the same for everyone at the time
  5. RSPCA in the news

    I remember when it was disclosed the video of the cattle abuse that animals Australia used to shut down the entire cattle export industry that sent so many farmers bankrupt was found to have been doctored.... the actual ear-tags of the cattle, proving they were Australian were tags from cattle who had actually been slaughtered a week before at another entirely different Australian MLA accredited place, to date no one had been charged..... No idea where this happened but I suspect happens FAR more often than those baying for the end of dairy's etc would have a clue. Marti FarmsLike Page Yesterday at 07:24 · I debated commenting about the Fair Oaks Farms abuse video... Unless you have been living under a rock, you've seen posts or heard people talking about the absolutely horrible animal abuse video that was released from Fair Oaks last week. You've noticed that Fairlife milk has been pulled from some of your favorite grocery stores. Some of you have even watched the video. This whole situation has been a punch in the gut for dairy farmers everywhere. And I needed to say something. Farmers can't just sit quiet and take this. Just like many farms (and businesses in every industry), we hire employees. We do our very best to ensure that we are hiring the best people we can - people who we can trust to care for our animals and our land with the utmost care. Like we would do if we could do it all ourselves. We hire people who have strong work ethic. People who are calm and patient around animals. People who are kind and will work well with others. We hire these people and we train them. We try to instill our values in them and give them all the support and tools they need to do a good job. But at some point, we can't stand over their shoulders anymore. At some point, we have to trust that they are the right people for the job and that our animals and our land are safe in their care. At some point we have to believe that people are (mostly) good and we have to let them do their job. But sometimes, people are not good. Sometimes people suck. The people in the video from Fair Oaks REALLY suck. And make no mistake - there are sucky people in every industry. Not just in dairy farming. There are bad people working in daycares. There are bad teachers working in our schools. There are bad people working in nursing homes. There are bad priests and bad doctors and bad mechanics. But just like we wouldn't condemn an entire hospital for the actions of a bad doctor on staff, or an entire school for the bad decisions of a teacher, we can't condemn an entire dairy industry (or even an entire farm) for the actions of bad employees. And this situation is even more crooked than that - the activists who are supposedly so concerned about the welfare of animals participated in this abuse, filmed it, and then sat on the video until (coincidentally - or not...) June Dairy Month. :/ What they don't tell you is that other employees at Fair Oaks Farms reported these employees for abuse MONTHS ago and the employees were terminated immediately - long before anyone knew anything about the video. Animals should not be abused - ever - and I hope that those responsible for the mistreatment of the animals in the video are prosecuted. But please do not think that that video is representative of dairy farms everywhere - or even of THAT dairy farm. This was a calculated attack by bad people. There have been several well-written responses to this video online, and I've linked you up to a few of them. Please take a few minutes to read/watch them if you have any questions about the video or the fallout or what happens next. In the meantime, our family stands with Fair Oaks and we will continue buying Fairlife milk and other dairy products and supporting dairy farmers everywhere. We will not let the activists win. ▪️Initial response from Fair Oaks Farms: https://www.facebook.com/FOFarms/posts/10156818467445971… ▪️Post by Dairy Carrie about hiring employees and the need for trust: https://www.facebook.com/…/a.52303688439…/2462210663809631/… ▪️Farm Babe's take on animal activists: https://www.facebook.com/IowaFarmBabe/videos/466978137453252/ ▪️Post from My Other More Exciting Self - highlighting the "other side" of the story: http://www.myothermoreexcitingself.com/…/the-fair-oaks-fa…/… ▪️ Message from Dr. Mike McCloskey regarding changes being made at Fair Oaks Farms: https://www.facebook.com/…/UzpfSTI1MzQxOTMyMTM1NTQ1NDoyNDY…/ 1 comment Comments M M C I read up on it when this first came out and it’s very sad for the farm. From what I read, the employees were actually undercover to find some abuse. When there wasn’t any after a long period of time, they made their own abuse to film.
  6. Red and HowlingLike Page Yesterday at 06:28 · It's World Pet Memorial Day! A big hug and much love to all of you who have had to say goodbye to your beloved non-human family members (I often say "fur kids", but many of you have horses, birds, pigs, goats, spiders, reptiles, furless dogs and cats and I want to be all inclusive!). And remember when you lose a pet, take care of yourself, too. Surround yourself with those who truly understand what you are going through. You've lost a child, a member of your family and it takes lots of time to heal. Grief isn't a straight road with predictable patterns and a finite timeline. We all grieve differently and we all need different things. I recenlty opened a little box that contains a lock of my beloved Pepito's fur and I burst into tears. He's been gone 14 years. I don't think we fully recover from these tragic losses, we simply find a place to put them, so we can go on. It helps me to talk to my babies who have past and on a day like today, I like to light a candle in their memory. I'm surrounded by their happy photos, so they are always with me. Please share your photos, stories, and what you do to honor the memory of your babies. Also, I'd love to know some of the things that have helped you cope with your loss. xoAmy —beautiful music by my hubby.
  7. RSPCA in the news

    Not sure if any here have seen the headlines... interesting letter now doing the rounds of facebook Coalition For the Protection of Racehorses - ExposedLike Page 18 hrs · AN OPEN LETTER TO PETA Dear PETA Australia, Congratulations on hitting the headlines again with your most recent social media beat up about a "half-brother" of Winx being slaughtered for meat in South Korea. It must have been exciting to see so many media outlets running the story without question, despite your organisations long history of false claims, media manipulation and tacky stunts. Writing a letter to the author of the Winx biography was pure marketing genius, and a fantastic example of your organisations dedicated and determined focus on seeking attention, not for the animals, but for yourselves. We were particularly impressed with the deception of the claim "the slaughter of 3,000 Australian horses and their offspring in South Korea", despite only 158 horses being exported from Australia in the last 5 years, and only 12 of these confirmed to have been killed. Counting breeding horses from Australia since 1970 and their offspring, and their offspring's offspring all born in South Korea down the line was a great way to produce a massively misleading statistic. We are also impressed with the claim on your website that "few racehorses are retired to pastures", despite several independent studies showing there are well over 100,000 ex-racehorses in Australia and they are the most common domestic breed. We have to admire your dedicated team of publicity seeking attention activists. There is no doubt that you have managed to make PETA the leading professional trolling organisation in the world. Those fake news, election manipulating Russians must be very, very jealous indeed. There are just so many examples of your magnificent work it is hard to pick a favourite. The bloodied fake rubber lambs in videos, campaigning to ban petting zoos, suggesting that the band Hunters and Collectors change their name, or that we change animal sayings, or attacking the deceased Steve Irwin, there is truly nothing PETA won't say or do to get a reaction or publicity for themselves. It is great that you don't allow credibility to get in the way of self promotion, and you are truly world leaders in how to turn social media trolling into a lucrative and profitable business model. So thank you PETA. Without you, where would we turn to for gimmicks and internet stunts. Lazy journalists the world over thank you for raising "awareness" of yourselves. Just one thing though. Remember us animals? There is a drought on and we can't eat social media likes. Awareness doesn't keep us warm. So, just wondering, any chance we could see some of the $1.8 million in donation revenue you received last year? Maybe you could spare part of that $1 million spent on mail outs for a bale of hay? Or the $350,000 spent on consultancy? The term "animal welfare" seems to be strangely missing from your expenditure list and us animals are getting very confused. Kind regards The Animals CC Animals Australia
  8. it is the luck of the draw, one year or twenty. yes some do make it to such incredible ages, although both were chihuhua's, one even celebrated her 21St. my grandmothers boy was 18, but he was a kelpie, another breed known for longlivativy, well long as they dont play chicken with cars. Best of luck if you do decide to take the plunge again,
  9. Designer dogs

    That is why I have always preferred purebreds, you know what you are getting, If I want a non shedding, i adore the poodle. One friend loves her bichon's for the same reason. I do tend to worry about the oodles in that the people who buy then think they are getting non shedding, but a percentage do shed and on top of that they, like their poodle side must be constantly groomed and clipped or the dog suffers. trouble is after the fashion for anthropomorphism of our dogs began, everyone jumped onto the bandwagon, breeders included. Sounds cute to call them your fur child, whats the harm? We all do it, but we do need to remember they are dogs, What also began was the hunt to 'eliminate' puppy farmers and backyard breeders. Trouble was it was the same in the 70's as now. Unless you live in an apartment with no backyard then you like any accused witch in the past can be labeled a backyard breeder and puppy farmer. We are lucky the accused cant be dunked until they drown or burned at the stake if they didn't drown, (was neat, eliminated the accused regardless, if they drowned they were innocent, but if they survived the dunking proved guilty because only a witch would survive underwater, so then burned at the stake) https://www.thesprucepets.com/anthropomorphism-1118402 His comments about fireworks is interesting, my sons dogs are petrified of the local fireworks, I was babysitting them that night, took them inside and turned on the tv. on the tv was what? the fireworks.... they took one look at me happily watching the screen and and sounds and curled up and went to sleep. ignoring the racket outside. seems the enthusiasm for witch hunts still exists today. Many ankc members firmly believe only the pure of heart. the new word today is "ethical" although some add "responsible" only breed to replace for the next generation. No breeding for others to have a pet or begin a new kennel. Any surplus to their needs litter mates are either steralised or desexed before being "rehomed" or "adopted" to new homes. Proud dead end kennels. so anyone who does not adhere to that belief is hounded mercilessly, doesnt matter if they are a member of their breed club, are on the committee and work tirelessly for their breed, once accused there is no mercy. Watched it happen over and over and over for decades now. The purges have been so successful even blind freddy can now see the ankc members are imploding their own registry..... but they are pure..... have to eliminate the impure.... who cares if as a result the very breeds they love are heading for extinction? the figures are increasingly proving their success. but the pure at heart are blind to the repercussions I am lucky I was a member when people saw the best in others, not the worst. Even though the ankc's know their member base was the very people being hounded out, pensioners who bred their puppies to supplement their meager pension... (there was survey done in the 80's or 90's, forget the year. 90% of new members didn't last 5 years, the long term 10 years or more were the pensioners. ) So even though they knew that most new members lost interest within 2 to 5 years they said nothing when the push to make it harder and harder for a newbie to become a registered breeder? The attrition rate is still the same. But the number who make it though to apply for a prefix is a faction of the number who could before.... that is tens of thousands less members and in membership fees the ankc's do not get anymore. and the shrinking numbers of members is easily checked for yourself. When you realise how many millions more Australians there are who could become members but there are no puppies available for them, it is a tragic loss to the hobby. but am I the only one who thinks that?
  10. Designer dogs

    my vet hated puppy farms and was all for having them shut down, now he said he has come to realise that without puppy farms and backyard breeders, 90% of people would not be able to find a puppy now the ankc breeders are on the main either not breeding, or only one or two litters a year. any ankc breeder who does breed more than one or two litters a year is hounded until they too give up. its the kiss of death to speak up and say I do not back those members who believe no one should be breeding more than three litters at most... (to me this is not being "ethical" its being selfish and only looking after your kennel... it is almost impossible for newbies to get a main register pup or dog to found their own kennel and become a registered breeder.. now the majority are dead end kennels and proud of it.) friend used to breed cavaliers, she had a neighbours poodle get to one of her girls and she had over 30 calls for each pup? She had also done the unconscionable, (to the minds of fellow breeders, even though all her dogs were dna profiled, mri scanned etc) bred ten litters the year before and the number of visits by the rspca was becoming fortnightly. now she breeds cavoodles and made so much money they paid for her first home (she had been renting acreage) which was an ex greyhound breeder, 7 acres and 120 luxury kennels, heated beds even, now has two homes on acreage? now negotiating to buy a 3rd and rent two of them, isn't even 40 and could retire if she wanted? she never has to advertise, she said word of mouth has more phone calls than puppies available. More remarkable, never had a visit from the rspca since she ceased to be an ankc member? doubt it? The garden gnome certainly had a lot to do with the promoting of the xbred, no idea why since he has purebreds himself? I have put this up before, until the ankc's stop assuming shutting down breeding our purebred dogs is the only way to reduce the filling the pounds, its only going to continue be downhill for purebreds and membership numbers.. Although I doubt it is possible for the mindset to change now, all my long term member friends are questioning why continue http://ankc.org.au/media/6598/a-forensic-view-of-puppy-breeding-in-australiav4.pdf
  11. my vet believes if more people titre tested then the price would come down. at present it is way more expensive than vaccination. the catch being if you opt for vaccination booster and your pet reacts then as my daughters friend discovered, it cost $7000 to save her cat after his 3rd bad reaction, the first time it cost $2,500 to save him, second time it cost $3,000 to save him. curiously his vet didn't seem to realise perhaps vaccinating a now 18 year old cat after the previous two life threatening events might have been triggered by the annual booster they had been giving him?
  12. actually they rarely get publicity, well remember a bad batch of kitten vaccine killed over 300 before it was recalled. in the case of my litter it killed 8 out of 9 and the vet kept the survivor in lieu of the thousands he was going to charge me for saving her, at no time did he advise me it was not a fluke all mine died. only found out when a friend who worked there at the vaccine supplier told me how many reports of fatalities before the batch was recalled, so the manufacturer did not tell my vet or he chose not to tell me. No idea if my kittens vet reported their deaths and bet even if he did bet he was not told how many had died all up before the recalled that batch. because i didnt find out until over a year afterwards I had no way of sueing them for the deaths of my kittens and they were worth over 2,000 each so I lost $18,000 as everyone of them already had deposits on them... nope they sure do not take responsibility, nor do our vets advise us either, in fact they charge US to save our pets that are affected, not the drug company... think on that next time it happens N I havent forgotten the litter of 4 beautiful chihuahua puppies all dead within hours of my vets locum overdosed them. Yes he was fired, but even those vets have to carrry insurance, (no idea why) certainly was not offered compensation for four irreplaceable puppies. I am always very aware that when I take mine in for vaccinations, any that die are my loss and no one elses.
  13. Yes the puppies began dying in the 80's and the company concerned told me that the puppies that die are just cleansing the breed of the weak lines. found far less reactions using Canvac and no I never use any but c3 for that very reason
  14. my vet told me over 15 years ago annual vaccinations are not necessary yes they sure can be at risk, one of mine had his immune system collapse after his second puppy vaccination, to the extent his body couldn't even deal with his own skin microflora, had to be given low dose Ivermec for the rest of his life or he would lose his hair and skin go intense red and itchy otherwise. otherewise known as Demodectic mange
  15. Dogs are sentient beings

    yes, still laughing. but hey, dont assume they won't down the track, we aren't governed by sanity anymore are we