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  1. Microchip issue for new puppy

    the vet has signed it, I expect you will have no trouble now. it sure is weird though the chipper didn't fill it out and sign it when the puppy was chipped? But at least it WAS chipped and I so hope vaccinated..... you would not believe how many phone me to get their much loved new puppy chipped and when I ask for the vaccination card, it hasn't even been vaccinated???????? Now with out the vaccination card I refuse to chip and tell them to take it immediately to their vet for both chipping and vaccination.... at least they are the small percentage who do want to have their puppy chipped and traceable if they lose it. But figure if I chip and no vaccination they might not get it vaccinated. so far so good ... two were lucky, their pups already had parvo. I tell them to report the seller immediately as to neither chip or vaccinate is against the law. so far in 30 years I have never been able to prise out of them the name of the seller or contact details.... they "dont want to get them in trouble". sheeeesh! until recently I thought only idiots did this... well got a phone call from my own? granddaughter who surely should know better... nanna, would you please chip my new puppy? n nope it wasnt vaccinated either.....UGGGH! where did I fail, how did I fail to get it through to her?
  2. good advice my sons dog went missing. gone for 6 days, did letter box drop and got a phone call , sighted. went out there, now this is a dog I bred, stays with me when they go away for holidays, yet he fled from me. so did the lie down flat as a tack and he stopped running and hid under a shrub. but I had to wiggle on back and tummy to get close enough to catch him he was so stressed out. really strange, once I had his lead on he was all over me like a rash he was so glad to discover it was really me... he sure didn't believe it until he actually had his nose on me?
  3. Advice please

    I know a vet has told an owner their pup has a an inherited deformity , forget what it was called at the moment, caused elbow pain, when we looked it up, what it did say was not to use an affected dog as the condition "may be hereditary" . More questions to find the elbow has a bone chip? that to me says injury, hope the breeder gets a second opinion. A few years ago a friend who bred labradors received a phone call to tell her she was going to be billed $6,000 for elbow surgery to a pup she had bred, and given away to a friend as she had suffered a bad allergic reaction to her vaccinations. The owners vet said the pup had elbow displacia and both elbows needed surgery immediately. told to request a second opinion, her own vet discovered the now six month old pup, not only weighed more than her 5 year old mum, had fractures in both elbows and the owners admitted she had been jumping off a 7' verandah. Yet the first vet had said inherited "elbow displacia"? Some vets, as mine once commented, now have their graduation certificates "but they then are going to learn at your expense." So many new vets today diagnose everything they see as inherited, even injury caused conditions? Hope the poster's vet isn't one of them.
  4. What next? anyone want one :-) https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2220145114717095&t=30
  5. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    no idea. this is the link to the first one, that you pull like a flour sifter so it spins round the paw to clean https://www.wowrexx.com/products/dog-paw-cleaning-mug also found some aussie sellers of one in two sizes that you turn the whole cup to spin the plastic fingers, much cheaper https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AU-Portable-Pet-Paw-Mudbuster-Mud-Cleaner-Washer-Dog-Cat-Pet-Paw-Plunger-Cup/233145554971?hash=item36488ed81b:m:mFMml36XIN4nNneWzX-aOfg and the mucky mutt cleaner https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Dog-Paw-Cleaner-Bath-Brush-Kit-Grooming-Small-Medium-Large-Dogs-Dry-Towel/183477630393?hash=item2ab81e75b9:g:NuIAAOSwyUtbeSb0
  6. RSPCA in the news

    I dont count. As you said what happened to Marion happened 24 years ago, yet still she suffers, perhaps weakness of mind on her part. the target's suffering today and will tomorrow and into the future is who needs to be wished well. Many of them will be weak of mind once they learn the hard way how defenceless they are to protect their pets the way the present laws are. I wish them well, they will need it.
  7. RSPCA in the news

    Perhaps one day, if enough of us keep asking "why is it so" the rspca will finally be held accountable. The target is not guilty until proven innocent. (which is usually too late for either the target or their animals) that the target does have right to appeal, before their animals are disposed of . Better yet, ALL of Leon Mills recommendations are fully adopted........ Love Professor Sumner Miller, one day the faith in Physic's will work.....
  8. RSPCA in the news

    Their practices that made me first question, what is going on? First came to my notice in 1995. But until then, like you and 99% of the population, I thought the same, "Where there's smoke there's fire" they never act unless its necessary and the perp is guilty. that is until I received the phone call to please come NOW! From my husbands recently retired work mate at Sydney University that awful day. The story of Marion's horses happened in 1995. They had been removed from a drought property in Lithgow and taken to Marion's home in Hazelbrook. I helped Marion put out Bathtubs for their water, more bathtubs full of hay.. individual feeders for their morning and afternoon feeds. She expected someone would be calling the RSPCA , 27 half starved horses is a horrific sight, so when he turned up she was expecting it.. but I don’t know what was said but whatever, she was so insulted she ordered him off her land. She said he pulled out his phone and told her, “I will show you what I can do.” Made a call and a ten horse truck arrived..... she had called me in panic because she felt so afraid, but when I arrived the truck was leaving... She was heartbroken, couldn’t believe they could just come and take the ten like that. Ten weeks later she received a court order to appear before a magistrate... interestingly they never came back to check on the remaining 17 still in her care? I went with her as she was very distressed. The RSPCA barrister told the magistrate he would like to try and settle out of court, so we were taken to a side room and he said if she signed the horses over they would drop the $7,000 they wanted for having fed the horses for the past ten weeks. Knowing she still had the 17 at home feeding back up to weight, if she paid the $7,000 she would have no money to feed them. So asked “Will you promise to find good homes for them”. He assured her , “we will find good homes for them”. She was very hesitant and asked two more times the same question and two more times she was assured. “we will find good homes for them.” Also present was the man who took them that day....this is NOT HEARSAY.............I WAS THERE, i SAW HIM THERE IN THAT ROOM WITH ME AND MARION. We then went back to the magistrate where the barrister said Marion has signed them over so please waive the $7,000... BUT we still want to charge her for failed to worm the horses! The magistrate like the adds on tv at the time said "its a crime not to worm your" "horses" The add said dogs... He then fined her $7,000 with three months to pay or three months in jail... we left in a state of shock...still has to pay the $7,000 and they have her ten horses. So over the following days I rang to ask to buy some of them as did many of our friends, all of us told “they are not available for sale yet”. When I rang the Saturday morning, I received the same reply and became angry. I told her “I was there when they were signed over... they have been available for sale for a week now!” She then replied. “well I suppose it wont hurt to tell you, they were sent to McGrath's Hill Sales this morning.” I rang every person who had been trying to buy them, to get to McGrath's Hill sales as fast as you can. It was 9am.. I made it just in time to see the very man who had taken them, been with us when they were signed over walk into the ring with Little Raggy the first mare to be auctioned...... To my horror he turned to the auctioneer and told him looking him straight in the eye...”you are to accept bids only from the dogger’s for these horses.” Then turned on his heel, finishing with “and they are all mad.” NOT HERESAY, I WAS THERE! The man beside me began bidding so I knew he was a dogger... I explained there were people coming who wanted to buy them so he could make a profit ... he told me ” not to worry, Doug couldn’t make it, had rang and I am buying them for him”. Except when the Crenel colt came in he didn’t bid, so I asked him why? He said “Doug had only said the mares.” So I asked him to buy the colts and the fillies for me. But the Crenel colt had sold while we were talking; to the Qld dogger.... but he bought all the others for me. Despite my begging him, the Qld dogger wouldn’t resell so he went on the semi to Qld and slaughtered a week later. I was so busy arranging transport and payment I didn’t ring Marion to tell her all but one were safe so far, until I was home but she never answered her phone. I went to Marion's house the next day but she would not answer the door nor speak to me. I knew she was there I could hear her sobbing... It took me three months to finally arrive as she was walking down from the shops and she couldn’t run from me..... I finally learned she had received a phone call that Saturday of the sale to advise her all ten had been slaughtered for dog meat.... She found homes for the other 17 and no one had ever came to check them... She never recovered she still won’t answer a phone, she lives with her sister now and her sister answers the phone. As for the inspector, he is now CEO OF RPSCA NSW!
  9. RSPCA in the news

    But is it is fine to be rude to one you feel is not quite right in the head is it? Other's have seen fit to tell me I need to see a doctor. something I should not feef offence about, If its any comfort have been constantly monitored by Nepean hospital since 2000 after Stringy disappeared ... Does that help you? what I do DETEST with a passion you seem to have noticed, IS THE FACT that one organisation has NO avenue of appeal...... that they pick and choose who to attack. the softer the target the better. As many have finally began to notice. That so many employed by them are incompetent. yet no avenue of appeal is in place for the target, or the targets animals, many killed with no appeal available to them first, death is not reversible remember. The police are subject to accountability. So should they. It is a very small but hugely important difference get that right. Many people who have realised that have been lobbying governments in all states for that one thing for over 20 years now... Why wont our politicians listen? Why is even an ex prosecutor like Leon Mills ignored? he cannot be so easily dismissed as a disgruntled ex target. 3rd June 2010 The Honorable Members General Purpose Standing Committee No.5 Inquiry into the R S P C A raid on the Waterways Wildlife Park Dear Members, My full name is Leon Andrew Mills and I have resided in Gunnedah since 1982, I moved to Gunnedah as a result of my applying for the Police Prosecutors position for the Gunnedah Local Court Circuit. I continued in that position until my retirement in 2006. In 2008 I stood in the Local Government elections and was successful in gaining office as a Gunnedah Shire Councillor. I am still in that position today. The two submission I would like the Honorable Committee to consider are that the compliance section of the RSPCA 9RSPCA Inspectors) be disbanded and that all the duties that they try to perform in relation to the investigation and brief preparation for alleged offences under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (the Act), be given to sworn Constables of the NSW Police Force in particular the Rural Crime Unit. My second submission is that all prosecutions under the Act by done by Police Prosecutors in the Local Court jurisdiction. RSPCA Inspectors obtain their powers s a result of being issued an Authority under .section 4D(2) of the Act. In relation to this Inquiry it is clear that Inspectors Prowse and French have no idea of their powers. I say that on this basis, the Act is clear in relation to what an inspector can do and is set out in Division 2 of the Act. On the Friday following the taking of the Koalas a report was broadcast on the 6.30am local A B C News that Officer Prowse said the reason for taking the Koalas was that they were “stressed”. There is no power under the Act to take an animal that is stressed. It alledging distress, as referred to in Section 24H subsection (5) of the Act, there is no evidence at all that any of these animals were suffering debility, exhaustion or significant physical injury. To support what I am submitting, the Honorable Committee would note that the Officers examined the Koalas at about 10.30-11am. They gave no treatment to these Koalas from that time until after 4.30pm, why? There was nothing wrong with them, and of course we are talking about Officers that would be expected to take immediate action if an animal was suffering debility, exhaustion or significant physical injury. These two Officers had to do something and they illegally removed these Koala for the sole purpose of the T V show R S P C A Animal Rescue. To further support this submission the head of the R S P C A Mr Steve Coleman said no proceedings would be taken against Nancy Small as a result of community outrage. I completely reject this statement. As a former Police Prosecutor of 28 years both in the city and country on rare occasions there is community outrage when some proceedings are taken. I have never before heard of proceedings for a criminal matter being abandoned or not brought because of community outrage. The reason there were no proceedings brought was that there was nothing wrong with these animals. Offences under the act are Criminal. Officers French and Prowse were supposed to be “investigating” this matter. It is interesting to note the quality of this so called investigation. No interview with Nancy Small or any other carers of these Koalas. No exhibits such as, stool samples, feed provided in the Koala enclosure, photos for identifications of each Koala, no tagging for identification. When one looks at the R S P C A Seizure Notice re this matter S N 010 16 the Officers have not even identified the Koalas to the extent of their sex. This so called investigation is absolutely pathetic and shows the quality of how RSPCA inspectors carry out their duties. The N S W police have a branch now called the Rural Crime Unit these branches operated both in the city and country. They are staffed by sworn Police who have been fully trained in investigation techniques. Many of these Officers are fully trained Detectives. It would be my respectful submission that these officers should take over the compliance section of the R S P C A. Of course it would require extra staff and resources. It would be my suggestion that appropriate funding could be transferred from the funding the State Government gives to the R S P C A to the Police Budget. Another benefit of a transfer to Police is that all Police investigations are subject to review by independent authorities such as the Ombudsman or I C A C. This is not the case with R S P C A inspectors, they answer to no one other than themselves. On the 18th of February last I attended the local branch meeting of the R S P C A as the head of the organization Mr Steve Coleman was attending. During the course of the meeting he answered a number of questions re the Waterways incident. Mrs. Dodd asked him a question being, “who can I complain to”, Mr Coleman’s response was “the Chief Inspector of the RS S P C A”. From a community point of view in this day and age it is totally unacceptable that we have an organization such as this that when a complaint comes in they investigate themselves. The subject Koalas were living in a happy well cared for environment when they were illegally removed by Inspectors French and Prowse. One of the females had a baby Koala in her pouch that Mrs Small was aware of. I have been told that the R S P C A Inspectors became aware of this fact over the 48 hours following their removal. One of the other Koalas was an elderly female that Mrs Small has described as the “Old Lady”. Mrs Small has never denied that this Koala was elderly and whilst ever in good health could live out her days in the Koala Enclosure. Both these Koalas that were supposed to being cared for by Inspectors French and Prowse are now dead so I ask this question what investigation has the RSPCA done in relation to the deaths of these Koala or am I correct in assuming that when an animal dies because of the ignorance or lack of care by that inspector no investigation takes place. This is another example as to why the Police should take over these responsibilities so that when this type of incident occurs it can be properly investigated or reviewed by an appropriate authority. I referred earlier in this document to the fact that prior to my retirement I was the police Prosecutor for the Gunnedah Court Circuit. During the 1980’s and 1990’s and in some cases still to this day besides representing Police informants in Court Police prosecutors represent many other entities, for example, Probation and Parole, National Parks and Wildlife, D O C S, Roads and Traffic Authority and the RSPCA. Over the years until about 2000, every so often I would receive a brief from an RSPCA Inspector who would be the informant usually in more than one information. If the matter was a “not guilty” plea I would present the case on behalf of the informant. If the offence or offences were proved some costs would be sought by the Informant that would usually be for witness expenses and any fodder that may have been required to give to the animals in question. No Legal professional costs were ever sought. In addition a fact I feel is relevant is that Police Prosecutors DPP Prosecutors and Crown Prosecutors have a duty to place all the evidence before the Court. Each carries a custodial penalty of 2 years imprisonment. True there is a difference in the monetary penalty but goal is the most severe penalty for a Criminal Offence. A common assault is one where the victim suffers no serious injury. For some reason the Parliament does not view aggravated cruelty as a serious offence at law. The RSPCA since about 2000, to my knowledge, have been engaging private solicitors to conduct their prosecutions and one might ask why did they move to this system. It is my submission that this practice should cease and that Police Prosecutors should conduct the prosecutions for the RSPCA. I say that on this basis. By engaging private Solicitors or barristers there is no obligation on them to place before the Court evidence that may disadvantage their case. Legal and Professional Costs come into play. If their prosecution is successful they would ask for these costs. It seems unbelievable that recently in one of their prosecutions at Narrabri an amount in excess of a quarter of a million dollars was sought for costs in a matter heard in the Local Court, and as I said before, an offence not serious at law. In conclusion it is my humble opinion that inspectors French and Prowse have no knowledge in respect to their obligations under the Act and it is clear they see their careers more in the field of TV and to add insult to injury when asked a question by myself about the TV show RSPCA Animal Rescue and their role in this incident when he attended Gunnedah on the 18th February last, Mr Coleman’s explanation was and I quote, “the Officers had been on another job with them and when they said they were going to Gunnedah the crew said we might just tag along” end quote. I informed him that I did not accept that explanation at all. It’s a sad situation when the head of such an organization is trying to assist the coverup. Yours faithfully Leon Mills Councilor Gunnedah Shire Council
  10. Grooming dogs with black nails?

    Yay, has its own built in light https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pet-Nail-Clipper-Cutter-Trimmer-With-LED-Light-Cat-Dog-Toe-Claw-Paw-Care-AU-CX/273582276888?epid=13029515653&hash=item3fb2c64118:g:PpgAAOSwhu9b~TuY:rk:1:pf:0
  11. RSPCA in the news

    Shame on everyone involved. Could you please take down the link @asal? are you aware you have put a quote that I have no idea where you got it? it is certainly not in what I posted nor on the links to the videos taken by the girls in question? considering how many people have had their facebook hacked I dont think you have to have known them, but I certainly have no idea if they did or not. does it matter? even if they did and she asked them to leave is no excuse for what happened to her silky hen surely? if you actually read it. they had been asked to leave the property and threatened the owner. they were not threatened . the threats were made then executed by them The point of sharing was the fact, that as pointed out, rspca certainly do use videos to prosecute and or push the govenment to act. the stopping of live export was because of an unverified video. it was later learned it had been staged and no one was prosecuted over that. but action Australia wide happened there why no interest in prosecuting these two self convictors?
  12. RSPCA in the news

    the threats were what the girls who filmed the video made to the woman who owned the chook they set their dog onto. do you have a problem understanding what was written? its ok to slander someone accused of animal cruelty, I have seen it done here and on social media for decades now. nice to see someone does think it belongs in the court, same as I do.
  13. RSPCA in the news

    I am comparing the FACT that any person accused of animal abuse is front page news and IS GUILTY, UNTIL, OR UNLESS proven innocent. These peoples lives are destroyed from the moment they are accused. The hate generated and spread across all social media is immense. I still remember the pages of opinions back and forth over the case here on Dogzonline alone, of the debarked dogs seized because their owner had shown them and their owner facing 70 years in jail.. all over one of the most stupid laws the rspca ever had passed in Victorian parliament. Which I believe is still law. The heart break and stress she suffered when every one was taken and shoved into the rspca's disgusting cells along with dogs carrying or suffering from goodness knows what ailments. All because she had them debarked because her neighbour was suffering cancer and had them done by her vet who was in nsw, At the time the RSPCA said she broke the law, our hands are tied, we must prosecute.. Fortunately the Magistrate didn't consider his hands were tied and dismissed the case and they were finally returned. She was lucky, today they just sell or euthanise them before it ever gets to court now. Think it took 11 weeks before she received them back. The real insanity is any one from another state can show at the same shows in Victoria with debarked dogs and its not an offence? It has taken the two principles of the Murray Grey cattle Stud over ten years to prove their innocence and tens of millions to do so? they have won the case but at what cost? The RSPCA alone admit to 17 million fighting their side, to this day they have not paid a cent of the 1.4 milllion compensation awarded. https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/images/stories/committees/SCEI/RSPCA/Submissions/Submission_43-JA_Heath_Inland_Holdings.pdf The emotional stress both suffered at the hands of the press constantly publishing the RSPCA's versions of their crimes from the first day of seizure (in the case of the cattle slaughter of over 100 stud cows, calves and bulls, along with the undisclosed sale of around the same number) does not happen to anyone accused of a crime against humanity, not even defenceless children. As Professor Sumner Miller used to ask, "Why is this so? Yet as Leon Mills points out this is a crime not serious at law? It is heard by a magistrate and not a judge and jury. What Pell did is certainly a crime serious at law. He got the full Judge and jury trial, yet everything pertaining to the case and after, even now after conviction he is being said to be innocent until after the appeal. this is just so wrong on so many counts. How is it fine to character assassinate one group of people publicly, when accused of a crime, yet not the other group? Why no innocent UNTIL for one. Yet not the other? MANY are innocent, in that first group, but you would never know it. A percentage die from either the stress or take their own lives, same as the children destroyed by the paedophiles, sadly, so terribly tragically, their percentage is well documented, 7 out of ten kill themselves before 30. That's why so few were present to state their own case at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Their heartbroken families had to do the representing for them But no one or the press never mention the percentages for the members of the first group. Accused animal abusers are automatically seen and treated as scum and it never washes off , as those innocent of the accusations, have learned first hand. Yet the accusers, have, time and time again proven themselves incompetent, they even show proof of it on their TV programs and so stupid, neither they nor their editors dont even realise that? Yet, what are the figures for the 30% whose lives were shattered yet fought to hang in there and survive? The figures are also available, the majority have pets to help them, except then their pets put them in danger of attracting the attention of another group completely free of accountability, or avenue of appeal if they decide to target them? I was at my son's funeral last week (no he died of natural causes in case your wondering). One of the people there showed me the photo of a class in Ballarat.(He grew up there) the children were at a school associated with Pell's church. 13 of those children killed themselves before becoming adults. According to the statistics, there are approximately 150,000 Australian survivors of paedophiles across all ages doing their best to survive. The other 1,050,000 are being mourned by their families. Staggering isn't it.
  14. RSPCA in the news

    NIce, first they gag the press for how long so no one knows he was convicted, and now they are still saying he is innocent until the appeal is decided? If it had been an animal he was accused of mistreating, his life would have been public property and guilty until proven innocent. how on earth is a childs life destroyed less? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-03/pell-case-needs-appeals-court-hearing-before-judgement-church/10865634
  15. Luxating Patella op recovery

    went through this with one of mine, she wanted out, she wanted to play, she wanted to jump. AS the vet pointed out, what she wants is going to wreak all the work I did. keep her safe in her crate or she will be paying the consequences later... time to be tough for your dogs sake. not sure if its relevant? my brat was getting over a broken leg and pelvis.
  16. RSPCA in the news

    Been asked to share, so awful. shared a post to the group: Make the RSPCA Accountable to a 3rd Party. 22 hrs I am reposting this as I feel that the public need to be made aware and it is in the public's interest to know. This appalling video that has been filmed by one of these teenage sociophaths was presented to Dr Liz Walker, CEO of RSPCA Victoria. Dr Walker refused to have inspectors investigate on the grounds that the person who submitted it had not seen it first hand. The video was later presented to 3AW and when Dr Walker was questioned about it, she made up one of her stories. RSPCA all over Australia have made negative comments about footage regarding horse racing, greyhounds and live export. This leads to several questions about why this footage can not be looked into. Is it because there is no money and T.V. cameras involved, or is it because the RSPCA Victoria inspectors do not have sufficient qualifications and training to investigate, or do they just not want to get involved. I would like to bring to your attention that RSPCA survives on the public purse. They receive funds directly from the public in the way of donations and bequests. The other way is through state government funding to the inspectorate. In Victoria the inspectors that enforce Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTAA) do so as an Authorised Officer of the Minister, in this case Jaclyn Symes is the Minister for Agriculture. If you find the actions on the video unpalatable followed up by the lack of duty of care for the animals involved in this video, by Dr Liz Walker CEO of RSPCA could you please forward the video to Jaclyn Symes the Minister for Agriculture and the Shadow Mininster Peter Walsh. Please make it clear that the inspectors are Authorised Officers of the Minister. You may also like to mention that the offenders can be prosecuted under two acts in Victoria , POCTAA and the Domestic Animals Act. Peter Walsh email: [email protected] Jaclyn Symes email: [email protected] Daniel Andrews, Premier email:[email protected] Your State M.P. https://www.facebook.com/casey.pauwels/videos/2480991685248908/ https://www.facebook.com/casey.pauwels/videos/2480991688582241/?t=4 Casey Pauwels 26 February at 20:22 Sharing again as the girls that did this were able to get on the the lady’s Facebook illegally and remove it themselves. Everyone please share again so it gets media attention so they’re held accountable. These girls were asked to leave Arkys property and behaved this way in retaliation. By putting their dog on to Arkys beloved silkies. They have sent numerous texts saying they’re going to kill her dogs & kicked her toy Pomeranian who is tiny and weighs no more than 3 kg. Hearing the laughter and delight as the girls did this is haunting Everyone please share again. Lillico victoria The girls names are Holly Williams & Sarah McNair Their profiles are posted below at the top of the comments This chicken died as a result of this.
  17. Sydney dog attack

    so tragic https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-02/man-dies-five-weeks-after-dog-attack/10864514
  18. Grooming dogs with black nails?

    not an experienced groomer, I suspect. its ok to just file the tips off at least. You can easily do that yourself. If you want them shorter, you can just file some more with much less risk of opening the quick, although it sure can take quite a long time that way. To use the cutting tool, when cutting them, some one holding a light against the nail you can see the vein. is a big help. Another think I have done is hold it against the sun so I can see it. but the Torch is easier if you have someone to help. although even if you cant, long as you only cut the tip off you wont hit the vein any way as it does not grow to the tip. this is a good video how to do them and what to look for. first you need this saver. just in case... stops the bleeding anyway if you do make a mistake. https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_nkw=kwik+stop+styptic+powder&ul_noapp=true and dont forget, its fine to file the edges with a nail file to remove the sharp edges as well, so kind to your skin as well. this guy has more suggestions and worth watching. forgot to add,,, the human nail clipper he showed is what I use on a small dog. as it overcomes the risk of cutting too much off in one hit but thats me. give it a try and see how it feels to you. I hook the edge on the bottom of the nail and it only takes a small bit at a time. Unlike the other clippers if you dog moves unexpectedly sometimes, they do just that, but dont panic if you do make a mistake and it bleeds. the powder will stop it anyway. Never knew you could use corn flour/starch or ordinary flour as well? as he showed in that video. my favourite was condys crystals, its faster than anything else but nowadays you cant buy it at the chemists thanks to the terrorist using it to make bombs. sad times we live in today
  19. spotted this dog for sale, never been imported to Australia to my, or anyone else's knowledge.. but someone at rspca says it is one? Last one advertised, also by the rspca was in Qld, so they are breeding and moving interstate now? AND only 29 dollars, its clear the kennels weekend at RSPCA Australia wide. https://www.rspcavic.org/adoption/animal-detail/Catahoula-Leopard/Izzie/83749 this link is to the real deal https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/catahoula-leopard-dog/
  20. Approriate dog fencing

    exactly, Philomena had 5 generations of Golden's over some 20 years who never jumped her 3 foot side fence, even as puppy and adolescent . But if she was going out and not there to supervise, the puppy yard was 6 foot just to make sure there were no accidents when no one was home. Only after they were adult and out of the puppy stage and had never even thought of transgressing was the puppy yard gate left open and all the yard available to roam when she went out.
  21. Approriate dog fencing

    there is the occasional poster who seems to see the worst and go for it, Please dont let them upset you, some don't even seem to realise what they say is hurtful. even the over the top ones
  22. Approriate dog fencing

    " Oh I agree about dogs in the front yard unattended, not only that but I hate to think about strangers being able to interact with the dog without supervision. " too true, remember thats how a friend lost their dog. family stopped to pet it over the fence, then the father picked it up and they took off with the dog. her owner was weeding the garden and by the time she had regained her feet to run after them, they had piled into their car and gone... she was never found.
  23. New breed in Australia

    Well by the photograph it may well have been bred by the Qld breeder. the puppy shot is adorable, better get down to vic fast, she is going for only 28 dollars
  24. Approriate dog fencing

    actually if its chain mesh or welded mesh it wont keep a chihuahua in. One of Nancy's boys I was babysitting climbed clean over, as did the first girl I bought from Phil, some of the little buggers climb like cats.
  25. New breed in Australia

    fascinating well this litter is the closest in age to the add https://www.fairmatecatahoulas.com/5th-litter-august-2016.html And the western australian breeder. well news is the rspca is out to ban all hunting, apparently ACT will be the first state to ban it. interesting they are fitted with radio trackers, scroll through the photos. apparen