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  1. Well the chap who had to pay 3000 has been using the same vet for 30 years and sure is not happy. they seem to have trippled in price over a pretty short period from what I've heard and when u need a ceaser u dont tend to have much wiggle room for negotiating
  2. The problem is, the "crazy prices" are not just the pups. vets prices are going up and up too. Friend just paid $3,000 for a ceaser. My puppy food is now $127 a bag and fresh meat is not going down any day soon. Neither are vaccinations or microchipping. Its the incomming costs are going up inexorably too. The reason I stopped breeding my horses. I could get far more income from my cows and you sell your calves before mum has the next one. so five years of income from your cow. Yet horse people want it 5 years old, broken in ready to ride and thought 1500 was a fair price?
  3. excellent muscling no idea what x she is. but kind of reminds me of honey my daughter in laws sister greyhound? she was amazing girl
  4. I just discovered this morning Moosesmum one of my puppies is now studying law. he is now going to work with his human and attended his first case in court yesterday Had no idea that dogs are allowed in court. Learn something every day
  5. from the quotes ive seen you will need to be sitting down if you ring jet pets for a quote
  6. just took a 10 week puppy to friend who had to quarantine due to possible exposure so couldn't get him till now. I was worried he was growing so fast his now much bigger size might cause her cats to be more inclined to see him as a threat. Her boy she had lost last year had obviously missed the no dying until covid is gone. He had never met her till now So what happened? She called. Here puppy puppy Amazingly. Well if the thought police are to be believed. He sure wouldn't have ran to her tail helicoptering with joy at meeting a new best
  7. I keep reading that. Socialisation of puppies in lockdown is not possible? Socialisation is the breeders job. Talk to your puppies. Play with your puppies Laugh with your puppies and what happens? Happy enthusiastic puppies You don't need a crowd to Socialisation baby puppies They are so young they don't yet differentiate between faces. They run to anyone who sounds friendly and happy Its not rocket science as the thought police try to convince everyone. I haven't had one single person call to get a pup who isn't r
  8. An excellent tool I was told helps get your dog used to far more noises than they hear at home was do a tape of street noises. or any that worries your dog and run it at home until they get used to it as background noise. also playing the radio gets them used to hearing voices different to you and your family so less reactive when you go to shows. worked a treat
  9. pardon me while I laugh my head off. If i was going to breed to make money it wouldn't be cattle dogs, all that work for less than half the return of the cavaliers, oodles u name it "popular" breeds. As well as the fact if the buyer had no knowledge of working dog breeds its a disaster waiting to happen. They are way too smart for the average dog person. Will end up in charge and training the human.
  10. As one told me when I asked, she isn't in it for the money. Which is the mantra I know my friends have been repeating too. I asked them then does your doctor treat you for less than the cost of running the surgery to prove they are not in it for the money? Why is your time worth nothing? We all know how long the hours are raising a litter. I know when the first one put up the add for 1000 each, I had someone ring me and ask would i like to come and we buy one each? To resell for 2000 . I didnt, but did wonder how many have?
  11. Think last count, three ANKC have been asking 1,000 I actually rang two and asked why so cheap, to be told," I am not breeding for the money." It is nice people can buy a cheap ankc puppy, but too few being bred anyway I know how much it costs to raise a puppy, so lucky to cover costs . From the photos all the cheap puppies were FAR better quality than the ones above. SO why is asking less than a puppy is actually worth believed to be proving your a better person? We are Registered breeders with Dogs NSW, we are not back yard breeders. Our litters are planned
  12. I just cant believe this, that they are asking and I suspect getting more than ANKC bred ACD's? What on earth is going on? these are not even from health tested parents? afraid to go checking on prices for all the other breeds, to compare the differences, just cant believe this has happened 4 images 879 views Post Similar Ad Report Ad Australian Blue
  13. well, I cruised gumtree . .The pet breeders have not only stepped in the massive gap. they are even asking more than ANKC breeders if comparing the litters advertised on Dogzonline? Asked in the breeders section as at this morning 92 read it but not a one has made a comment. Is there any recommended prices? For the various breeds? I noticed in the Dogzonline litters for sale in Cattle dogs, two breeders are asking 1,000 each for their puppies. Others dont put the price . This add is among others on gumtree and interestingly
  14. thanks Troy I forgot that. anyway 2000 to 2500 for not even dna profiled is pretty amazing
  15. Is there any recommended prices? For the various breeds? I noticed in the Dogzonline litters for sale in Cattle dogs, two breeders are asking 1,000 each for their puppies. Others dont put the price . This add is among others on gumtree and interestingly realised are not even ankc registered? They are advertised as ACD's yet all described as stumpy tails? as anyone who knows cattle dogs, stumpy's do not have black and tan on them.
  16. well at least its not a horse doing it. Had a stallion I am sure thought he was a dog played the same games. gets a bit trying when its 400 kg your trying to get to move in the direction you want
  17. Could be wrong but I think? The bitch has to be in her name before its mated?
  18. last but not least. Lets address the hyprocity of the thought police. according to the ankc's very own code of ethics. "10. A Member shall not breed a bitch that results in it whelping more than six times without prior veterinary certification of fitness for further breeding and without prior approval of the Board of Directors except under extenuating circumstances where application for registration of the litter may be considered by the Board of Directors." What does this mean? That a bitch may have 6 litters. But according to the self appo
  19. On or before ( I forget the exact date) 2010 Dogs nsw brought in the rule that before you could apply for a prefix. You must be a Dogs NSW member for 12 months first. Then and only then can you sit the exam which once passed you may then, and only then apply for your breeders prefix. Not sure when they make it that you still could not until you owned a registered bitch in your name. so lets go to the experience of my friend Lorraine. she had purchased a male and female . loved them so much decided she wanted to breed and bought a second girl. Is told the new
  20. Yes they finally caught on they had necked themselves making people wait 12 moths to "prove" they are ethical
  21. too funny, we all know that already nice they now have it official
  22. the half wits did it to placate the AR nutters without understanding their agenda is the extinction of domestic animals. soooo over the last five to ten years they have eliminated 90% of potential ANKC members and sent the membership numbers and the gene pool of the breeds into endangered figures. as a friend said, these days stupidity seems the first requirement of an ankc member She is incredibly fortunate to have one on mains register. so few breeders will main register a pup now. Because being a dead end kennel is viewed as the epitome of re
  23. Actually many "breed" societies embrace "grading up" to "purebred" status. the only ones that dont are the Arabian Horse Society and the ANKC's come to think of it. although the ANKC's do embrace grading up occasionally, dont forget the opening of the stud book for stumpy tailed cattledogs. I expect many "breeds" will be needing to do this in the future if they are to survive
  24. when I was young it was called the dog in the manger mentality. it doesnt want to eat the hay but no one else can have it or use it. Your words "evil" is spot on Sandgrubber but the thought police have sanitised it by conversion to "ethical, responsible.. I am so over what has happened The ankc's are being destroyed from within Along with of course the gene pool new members are supposed to be working to not only preserve but pass on to the future. Well that was what the ankc's were meant to be doing, maintain stud book an
  25. had a chi girl who just got so excited she trampled to death her first litter and when she had her second was no better. nancys vet gave her a sedative. no memory what it was. but ask your vet, she slept like a log, puppies had great feed so got all their colostrum and gave her less the next day and the next. by then she was cool with having a real LIVE litter and was wonderful mum from then on, and didnt forget when she had her second litter was top notch mum no sedation needed. Lot to learn breeding is not always like the books say
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