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  1. https://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/genetic-mutation-in-a-quarter-of-all-labradors-hard-wires-them-for-obesity
  2. fascinating so our pollies are happy to hand over millions to the rspca yet refuse to contribute towards future vets? so much for any concern for animal welfare
  3. INTERESTING LAST post on the subject is 2016 Yet still thousands of dogs and cats end up in pounds WITH NO CHIP! SO nothing has been done to address the underground breeders in the last 8 years
  4. I was asked to microchip a puppy, the owner told me it was a jack Russell. Blind Freddy could have felt it and known it was either a pit bull or an amstaff. owners get pretty creative. If I can tell a rotti, collie, kelpie, cattle, chi, etc puppy I somehow suspect I might have got it right on that one too. When I told Richard my vet he cracked up and said, he had been told Jack Russell too for what he knew certainly was not, as well when chipping. He said on that occasion he too was sure was the same breed I thought the pup I was about to chip. its tough. It was during the worst of BSL people were trying to protect their puppies suspect this cutie is either all chihuahua or minimum 3/4, otherwise it would be long body and v short legs, as for being chocolate not sure if jack russell's even carry chocolate. yes he's chocolate, chocolate nose and dilute eyes. add being long coat, JR only carry smooth or wire. and....... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bradbury/dogs-puppies/9-week-old-jackchi/1322499725 well they do have chocolate JK in UK.
  5. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-03-17/nsw-police-shot-western-sydney-man-bradley-balzan-inquest/103592578 No matter what that coroners investigation arrives at, my bets are on he tried to save his dog and paid with his life. As for being chased like that and jumped on in his own backyard, wearing a hoodie is no excuse for that they did. total tragedy on all counts. know st marys well and it is scary at times.
  6. Catch is I well remember when the first ones arrived here. One imported male was dual registered in America as a Pitbull with one association and an American Staffordshire Terrier with the American ankc. so in yanki land they can be registered as both. kind of muddies the waters. Bit like the american quarter horses. one of their leading sires, Three Bars just happened to also be a Stud Book Thoroughbred. another that became a leading Thoroughbred and QH sire over there was Noholme (imp Aust) Does Star Kingdom (imp UK) and Todman ring a bell? Both leading ASB LEADING SIRES first one is his dad and the second his full brother. Yanks are creative in their breeding and registers. One of his sons registered as a pure bred quarter horse was bought by an Aussie to import here but soon as he found out his sire, cancelled the purchase. If he had landed here just about every horseman here would have recognised Noholme's name and know if he had been born here he would have had to be registered as a first cross QH. the fat sure would have hit the fan.
  7. i was warning members of the ANKC as early as 1990 that ANKC need to get politicly active to counter the PETA threat. Even more so when an RSPCA member working for jacki Lambi mp. that she had received a letter asking her to get all family and friends to join and vote in coming AGM as the writer was aware the membership was being stacked by PETA members to ensure the next 2000 election would complete the election of sufficient PETA members to the board to complete the control of RSPCA board. It is pretty obvious this was achieved by the changes to becoming RSPCA inc , although the changes were already in progress as PETA members had began being elected at the previous agm's already. Last year was the first time the now DOGS NSW woke up and sent out how to vote info for a state election realising the proliferation of AJP and greens was going to end pet ownership the legislations they has been getting past was just about the point of no return. so much so PETA rep in Victoria had boasted on a radio program she anticipated "the extinction of domestic cats and dog's in this generation" did not elaborate if she meant the human or cat and dog generation? if the election being called before the second vote had not ceased the passage of the proposed legislation that females were allowed only two litters and all males could not be bred from after age 7, it would certainly been extinction within 15 to 20 years
  8. I learned first hand one shot done to the right place kills instantly. down and out, not even a twitch. green dream does not, ask any vet, first ingredient is paralysis , that's why they seem so go to sleep so peacefully . mare had broken her leg, vet was out of green dream, but he had all the ingredients to make it save the paralysing one. you never want to see your beloved pet's body fighting to live, even if your vet is repeatedly assuring you "she is completely unconscious she is in no pain anymore, all the twitching fighting to breathe and paddling is just her nervous system shutting down" seemed to take forever .. and ever... and ever. so traumatic. still makes me sick to remember. friends son tried to kill himself with green dream, but he didn't realise have to either have someone else administer it or use a drip so he passed out before had injected enough to finish it. so survived although did quite a bit of damage to the arm he injected it in. At least complete green dream does give the peaceful looking end for us to cope with. the paralysing agent stops the body muscles doing what my mares did
  9. yes its now "humane" to pump 7 to 16 bullets body shot, (no head shot) into a brumby body from above from a helicopter but an abattoir will be closed ff an AR hidden camera films a calf blinking three times on the kill floor proving its not completely unconscious? according to the rspca vet, the shot brumbies were "insensible within 7 seconds" never seen any shooter get 7 shots let alone 16 delivered in less than 7 seconds? any hunter worth the name that cant bring down their target in one clean shot is mortified Hence the hunters and shooters party calling the National parks and rspca out for cruelty over the brumby cull slaughter
  10. the problem with selecting for heterozygosity solely is no guarantee that it doesn't carry one copy of the gene or genes u dont want? its not that simple two heterozygote carriers can produce 25% affected progeny two homozygous clear for example can never produce affected progeny. so many vets scream INBRED when any defective pup turns up even when there is no common ancestors in the parents? Their ignorance of genetics is appalling,. although as Richard pointed out, "genetics isn't a topic studied" as it has no application in veterinary medicine, "the curriculum is so big already they graduate with the basics, then continue learning at your expense"
  11. I have received pup from dogmovers and they had locks on the doors? so glad its been found
  12. Running out of time to have your say. These amendments intend to declare animals as SENTIENT beings. Don't be fooled, it's a token gesture, real agenda, PETA goal towards extinction of domestic animals. https://engage.vic.gov.au/new-animal-welfare-act-victoria
  13. there is no excuse for not making sure your dog cannot attack anyone. But it happens way too often, there needs to be fines enforced hip pocket pain is long remembered
  14. before the days of dna profiling that is the exactly what breeders have always had to deal with. a few years ago I accidently put two carriers together. only after the puppies were born did I realise the error. in panic I had the entire litter profiles and to my amazement every puppy was completely clear???? the odds of being clear? 25%. yet Hawkesbury Ag college used a stallion the breeder had guaranteed all their horses were scids clear. They bred 16 of their mares to him and when all 16 were born it was discovered every single one of the 16 HAD INHERITED TWO COPIES were SCIDS and doomed to die. (SCIDS is the defect that two copies created the BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE) AGAIN each conception of two carriers the percentages were 25% clear, 50% carrier, 25% SCIDS and will die. The trouble is, every conception is a new throw of the dice. can come up all sixes or all 1's the facts are even in the case of there being no test for lethals the deaths of the lethals and the survivers being on average clears and carriers in the case of the arabian horse when the marker was found only 13% of the population were actually carriers. does your head in really
  15. "The whole, "I breed only what I need for show" is supposedly the only ethical stance a breeder can take which is nonsense and a great shame. People want a pet, once they could buy a pedigree pet AND it came with main papers. Originally breeders welcomed new members A few went on to become members and continue the breed. Not to today. The mental midgets populating DogsNSW have been parroting that since 1990's as the only way to proved your "ethical" and "responsible" the perfect dead end kennel. the other is "no ethical, responsible breeder breeds to supply pets" So what else can you expect but the self destruction of the ankc and actually any register whose members strive to be "ethical and responsible" unto extinction. frankly without the untracable backyarders the breeds will become extinct. Peta hasn't fractured them in when they boasted they expect their ever restrictive legislations will "achieve the extinction of the domestic dog and cat within this generation" Remember, now many decades now has it been law that all puppies and kittens must be microchipped before going to their new homes? How many pounds and rescues report over half all surrenders HAVE NO MICROCHIP? I rest my case.
  16. Blue Mountains Council should never have to "buy" back what was supplied by their residents who in good faith trusted rspca. Don't forget the two shops also funded by the residents and included with the pound that had funded the running of the pound for decades until the rspca sold them and pocketed the money from them too, then said they had to close the pound as could not afford the running costs now the shops that had funded it were sold. hypocritical monsters , pity it has taken decades for the mask to slip enough people can finally see what they really are. I was told by a rspca member the 2000 AGM elections is when the peta members gained control of the board. prior to that ANKC members could be members of the rspca, many served on committees. The writing went on the wall when one dual ankc/rspca member became Chairman of RNSWCC. Within days of the announcement of his election in the Daily Telegraph and the committee members (forget the exact year) he received a letter from the rspca cancelling his membership and returning his membership payment, ditto for another dual member named on the RNSWCC Board committee as well.
  17. No 106 goes straight to the heart of it. Bravo. Richard would be backing that vet 100 percent
  18. I do know how impossible it is to cut a 1mg alpro tablet into 1/4's to order the 1/2 mg tablets every chemist I have gone to had had to special order them in.
  19. yes they are the same risk factor. Bravecto was the first on the market . Simparica killed one I bred and almost killed another only weeks after I had warned their new owners not to use any with that in it. One forgot the warning, the other, shockingly their vet gave it to him when he went in for his second vaccination without even asking them. They thought he was giving him a treat, didn't realise what it was until they saw it listed on the bill. He began fitting that night. he took 3 months to recover and the fits finally stopped. At least with him they came and went. the other puppies brain was so damaged she had to be put down, neither vet admitted the drug was responsible and put the blame on the breeder. Despite them telling the vets I had warned them this drug family of isooxazoline has killed before
  20. I learned of its killing ability after a friends pups were treated. of the 7 pups in the litter 4 began fitting, two recovered in a few weeks the other two were still suffering problems months later, of them one recovered the other the vet put down as it was still unable to walk after two months, He called her some 4 months later to tell her that the Bravecto had killed over 20 of his clients dogs since he had been using it after its initial release and to never use it as he was now positive the drug is lethal to a percentage of dogs treated with it. If it crossed the blood brain barrier there is no antidote. I saw a chart that the FDA in America had compiled of death percentages of drugs used on dogs and how many had died to that date . think it had hit 7,000 and that is only the figures sent by the vets who did recognise the reason . I remember the company defending it by saying none of the dogs died from the drug, the vets put them down. which was correct. they were put down as their quality of life had become non existent even if they were alive
  21. in every instance I have seen a pup affected by the seizures, (in pups I had warned the new owners this product can cause seizures and or kill their pup) { In every pup affected there was just one dose . not overdosed as described in the experimental research} The vets who recommended it has in every instance told the owner the parents of the pup must have passed on epilepsy and to bill the breeder and demand a refund of the price of the "defective pup". none have admitted the drug is the cause .
  22. I am sure if you had applied to the tribunal, cant remember what its called but there is an ombudsman you can appeal to hear the case and make a ruling. that breeder would have had to give you your money back. I have been breeding since 1979 and a deposit is just that. Honestly no breeder I know would tell you the deposit is not refundable if circumstances caused you to change your mind. Well I would and so would my friends, its just a deposit of good faith to hold the pup until ready to pick up. ALSO never pay a deposit on an unborn pup, nor should you pay a deposit on a puppy under 4 weeks so much can go wrong under that age. Although I have had some so want to put a deposit on one under 4 weeks in which case they seem happy with a 50 refundable. but if for any reason you cannot go through with the purchase the only caveat I put is I will return the refund when the pup has been sold, as usually u have spent most of available funds raising them . Not one of us would want a puppy to go to someone who has for whatever reason no longer wants it....... As for a puppy that died, unreal, money back on the spot
  23. Used to be a problem when I was a kid. every now and then some one would bait all the dogs in the neighbourhood. whoever it was would throw the baits over the fences. only way to protect them was teach them never to eat anything we didn't give them. cant remember what dad used but would put whatever inside pieces of meat with gloves on and get someone else to throw over the fence, whatever it was must have tasted awful because they never touched anything thrown over the fence again.
  24. Another friend was told by the new owner the puppy needed $7,000 surgery for luxating elbows??????? Either transfer the money now to their vet or face court action! Luckily the op hadn't yet been done, told her to demand the puppy be presented to her for for 2nd opinion. Result, puppy found to have had both elbowed fractured! Turned out they had let a 6 month old Labrador puppy jump off a veranda 8 feet to the ground! Although the distress caused to my friend by the owner and her family even after they learned the damage was NOT inherited or her fault. Meant she never bred another litter. Just couldn't cope with the distress caused or the abuse she received before the truth came out.
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