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  1. RSPCA in the news

    goodness any doubt there is a war going on folks? https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/5861952/family-farms-targeted-by-animal-activists-name-and-shame-campaign/?cs=4698&fbclid=IwAR0SjzQL0NevTQmcVBkhFZdDQt8HKkVMufnsJ7q7xpsUoPZ-lKdBgqYNc40
  2. Help with breeds please

    sumpy might have Aussie terrier in him but his legs are double the lengh of any aussie I know, be interesting to know what else is in him. great little dogs, neighbour used to breed them. pretty much might fit what they are looking for though, nice size etc, sometimes one of hers will follow their nose, but much more laid back than the "everready bunny" jack russel's I know. http://ankc.org.au/Breed/Detail/37 spotted this one is dogzonline listed breeders https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/breeders/australian-terrier.asp
  3. RSPCA in the news

    Interesting, explains a lot. spotted on faceplant. The SHG is in the UK but we get calls for help from around the world. We can not advise outside of England and Wales other than to tell people what we would suggest in this jurisdiction and refer them to those who might be able to help wherever they are. We run a mailing list for those in Australia, purely for information and for people to talk to each other. Seems to have mainly moved onto Facebook now. It is important to watch what is happening in other jurisdictions because the AR people push where they see a weakness and if they make a legislative gain they will use it to try and get others to take it up too. The people involved move from group to group and country to country. One of the most prolific RSPCA people in Australia moved there from the RSPCA in the UK. And took her prosecute everything attitude along with her. So it is important to know your enemy Sorry if I misunderstood the original post. Sadly there have been many claims along those lines, generally put out by those who would like to see us shut down. We have to jump on them quickly because once they go viral the damage is done. Fair enough C H ?
  4. North Chihuahuas

    a few years back, australia had its own scammer. received a phone call to warn me someone was using photos of my puppies? By the owner of one of the puppies, hence they knew soon as they saw it online that person was not the breeder. so called the police and advised them and website address they were on. turned out it was a lady in Melbourne, believe she was arrested and charged but not before she had fleeced people of thousands.
  5. Article on vet shortage

    A number of my friends are vets and it is a tough life. my daughter had intended to become a vet but after doing work experience and the number of perfectly healthy dogs and cats whose owners would bring them in to the euthed for no better reason than, going on holidays, dont want it anymore, too much trouble, sheds too much, costs too much to groom etc and many refused the offer to have them re-homed, must put them down she was appalled, the staff said it is common especially at the beginning of the holidays. so many dont listen to the aftercare and what should have recovered dies because they forgot to give it its medication and so it goes.... I remember when we took my brothers mare with a awful gashed hock and when we took her back for a check up some weeks later, Dave Hutchins was stunned... he couldn't believe how well it was healing. he said the one they were treating for a far less damaging wound died because the owners didn't keep up its dressings as we had.
  6. RSPCA in the news

    well looks like the heat is heading for the right kitchen. so far no mention of the other so famous footage of the cattle being beaten to death and what shut down the cattle shipment's. Last I heard it was going to court after it was discovered the ear tags of the "alledged" cattle being filmed... Turned out the ear tags belonged to cattle that came from Australia BUT they had been slaughtered the WEEK before, the submitted video was filmed, in an Australian approved and equipped by Australia at our cost by the MLA. So far not a peep about who is going to be sued for the tens millions lost by so many affected by it (significant percentage lost their homes and livelihood)............From that instant shut down, from that was finally found to have been a faked video.... Did it go ahead or is it in progress? There is nothing to be found on the subject now. by doing nothing about that one, just emboldens them obviously. anyway latest press release. https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/5857621/animals-australia-under-siege/?cs=4707&fbclid=IwAR37obhnxhnZBQXcsqvEup-2KrqYRZcUFWQLxusXw4A5_6RijHft5ME9ojo the faked cattle video gets a slight mention in this one https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/5856640/live-ex-producers-demand-answers-on-staged-footage-claims/?cs=4707 Personally I think the live export trade should never have been allowed.
  7. very hard, been in the same situation with two much loved dogs. the first had, had distemper as a pup and the brain damage worsened (that was in the late 50's, fortunately just about extinct these days. The other suddenly began attacking even family members in late age, trip to the vet found he was in significant pain and hence suddenly so short tempered and in both cases the vet said they were suffering and should be put down... so this could be a possibility as I think you already suspect. so sorry for you, it is the hard side of having our much loved pets as age, accident or infirmity, catches up with them
  8. RSPCA in the news

    gee, this is appalling! even though AR have been caught out doing this before, just not on this scale https://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/foreign-affairs/live-export-workers-offer-to-distress-sheep/news-story/a10f8b047f379b6b449de5b728b9d3b0?fbclid=IwAR3BBrP_0vFHgci_Hud_a-0JCwYiSP7CjaOr4u3CdxDNUtL2FzHKg2oI_ZE
  9. North Chihuahuas

    Yes, no such thing as a teacup chihuahua. and no such thing as a merle chihuahua. no way they are purebreds registered with any ankc registry.. the contract is reasonable. but on the about us page it says chihuahua's are "non-shedders, and hypoallergenic. " you have to be kidding! All chihuahua's drop coat. http://ankc.org.au/Breed/Detail/20
  10. Neighbours treating Puppy Badly

    Well it is day 4 and heatwave in full swing for the rest of this week. Hope puppy is safe finally
  11. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    particularly interesting article. especially the "there's something called trigger stacking." It is now only beginning to be recognised as a possible cause in horses as well. Found some .. had never heard of it before. https://equimed.com/health-centers/behavior/articles/my-horse-is-acting-out-is-he-stressed http://felicitygeorge.blogspot.com/2014/01/trigger-stacking-and-horses-is-your.html Still rarely recognised problem for people .
  12. RSPCA in the news

    this video I think belongs here really even though it is from a slaughter that took place in 2007.... still happens as the owners of the murray greys discovered, as did a friend in Victoria who came home from shopping to their stud fresien's to find all but the last three dead, then shot in front of them, they were dairy cattle, but also stud and show winners and their descendants. including Melbourne Royal champion winner. https://www.theland.com.au/story/5326636/dairy-strength-in-jersey-reckons-sydney-royal-judge/?fbclid=IwAR3EJqjyMB32U_pe2ruLVeRo-WfB2VynJxi57eAGeGYSlRXlEDD_TwkFx0U Compare the Sydney royal Champion for 2018 above and I think you will agree, she too would have been shot by this idiot... doesn't know a dairy cow from a beef breed same as the killer of the stud Friesian's in Victoria.. https://www.holstein.com.au/static/uploads/files/holstein-j-2017-6-for-web-wfqyrhfmgtue.pdf o my gosh everything in this article on champions would get the bullet at Ruths, particularly those on page 26 and 27 but doubt many if any, would be spared by Ashton... those jutting tail vertebrae would have spelt the end for Fairvale Reg Josie 34th....ditto for Fairvale AJ Nola 28th's cavernous ribs and hips...........page 27... Page 26........... Fairvale Gold Chip Butter 291st, 2 yr old Champion, sold for $9500 it says?
  13. RSPCA in the news

    I will, gee have you seen this? disgusting, one flea hatch when the humid weather kicks in and if its happened before the next flea application and your instant fine, revenue raising at its best. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/home/pets/rspca-wants-power-to-issue-fines/news-story/3bb47fa63bc6cf13db5d0fe97f8791f3?fbclid=IwAR1ptzzl3JvWqD6xHMgX9Ybrfmavraf2DtlauBMlhoIuQGFJ_Sqa7utVpVM received another link today 10/1/2019 overseas but interesting. https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2019/01/08/court-ruling-means-ontario-must-find-a-new-way-to-enforce-animal-cruelty-laws.html?fbclid=IwAR2UnRmuQkMQoR0L1eFHP3n9TwS7c9fw51QVxbgugkSEGaeJ_jdhFNfOKRg
  14. always remember the story of the family dog who bit their child. after the vet put it down and was picking up the body, something jabbed his arm, he found a broken off pencil in the poor dogs ear
  15. RSPCA in the news

    gee more links people keep sending me https://m.news-mail.com.au/news/letters-rspca-ads-warm-and-fuzzy-but-wrong/3181171/?fbclid=IwAR3I8TX7hiRlnjro2WxO8MvDP9QwWO6oFXbwsMmgkunzPk2o-gUMMJCRdjI this ones re england but australia is the same over run by the same inside https://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2017/06/whats-wrong-with-rspca.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR3ia5ym_takowpZQ2NboT171u1RmeK4IHsjer1O1PxzIeJg6CIFgHhjkaA this one has amazing similarities even if the subject is CPS in Texas
  16. RSPCA in the news

    Had the same crash too but missed hitting the tree, overfat bareback shettie decided to take off n dump me at the gallop, gravel rash from hairline, cheek , shoulder to toes. put me off shetties for a long time. the good thing about Jody was he never dumped you until you asked him to stop, then he sure did stop....DEAD.. with his head between his legs and a little hop to make sure you went down the suddenly provided slippery dip... no flying off the shoulder to crash, just a nice slide down the slippery slope, and he would look ever so innocent. the last time he tried it on me even his bridle came off with me. I had definitely felt the hop sending me over the last inch of wither and realised I had been set up and hit the roof, yelling at him in fury at all the times I had come off thinking it was my fault. got up and hit him on the chest and told him "do that again and I will murder you". think he got the message and sort of looked startled and stepped back, thats when I noticed he had no bridle and it was at my feet. then he backed up a bit further and started to trot across the road to get away from the furious human and I realised with horror he was heading for busy Marion Road.... so quickly changed my voice tone to the happy one I use when I'm calling him to come in from being lunged.... the silly idiot looked pretty confused..... looking back at me, then suddenly decided ... gee shes forgiven me... goodies,,, cant miss my goodies and swung round to came expectantly back to me. so had to slap on a grin and give him cuddles and scratchies for being a good boy and not running in front of a car or truck... that's the day I learned its not what you are thinking they read, its your tone of voice. next time he tried stopping dead ... I growled, walk on or else your dog meat and guess who walked on? never dropped me again. taught him walk, trot, n canter on the lunge on saying the word, so even if someone else was riding him I could tell him what gait to do and they had no control over what he was doing :-)
  17. Diary of a Young Dog: 1898

    Love the story... wonderful story writer sums dog and cat relations up so often too, my Yeti would walk in front of my sons dog swishing her tail in his face as if to see his reaction, nearly had a heart attack the day I found her flat on her back letting the dogs wash her though... at first sight I thought they were eating her, she was so lazy she was happy to let them do the washing for her instead. She was a rag doll, old age caught up with her at 18 still miss her so, tempted to get another but worry I would be hoping for the new one to be another Yeti and they are all individuals so keep putting it off
  18. RSPCA at it Again...

    ..this lady has what the rspca once had, but has totaly lost, compassion and teach, instead of just money making such an amazing woman https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5373849/Dorothy-Brooke-spent-life-saving-Britains-war-horses.html?fbclid=IwAR3A-Hm1ZovyrEKK_1yqbp18Vup5x5LPiKWimSS_1n0U-Q6XVIULR-gwoLM more links people keep sending me https://m.news-mail.com.au/news/letters-rspca-ads-warm-and-fuzzy-but-wrong/3181171/?fbclid=IwAR3I8TX7hiRlnjro2WxO8MvDP9QwWO6oFXbwsMmgkunzPk2o-gUMMJCRdjI this ones re england but australia is the same over run by the same inside https://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2017/06/whats-wrong-with-rspca.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR3ia5ym_takowpZQ2NboT171u1RmeK4IHsjer1O1PxzIeJg6CIFgHhjkaA
  19. RSPCA at it Again...

    o my gosh 6 is priceless,,, they spent 7 million fighting the owners of the Stud Murray grey cattle and lost.... still haven't paid the damages awarded which would be a fraction of what they are still fighting it on appeal or maybe its been lost too now? but either way still haven't paid a cent of the damages awarded. https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/images/stories/committees/SCEI/RSPCA/Submissions/Submission_69-Dr_Stephen_Tate.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1ApZ0UBl-k_Yqq0tYS_qWfCh_1LRp47joWc4dCyK5PDJUBkBPs8ViXxkQ
  20. RSPCA at it Again...

    interesting take on the event.... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155644968965216&set=a.10150899063165216&type=3&theater
  21. RSPCA at it Again...

    Incredible https://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/news/opinion/lack-of-representation-deters-rspca-members/news-story/e1dce546ae51a3649687aef19291df8c?fbclid=IwAR0-D51-kthj4WcEuIO_bSiz9D_L_KH760v-LUPHgQ6xw5yiYTdqmYEFiQo surely the 157 can at least vote at the agm and change who is voted onto the board with real people representing real animals instead of themselves? n peta? wonder how many members, rspca nsw and the other states actually have? I know in 2000 a lady I knew was a member received a letter from a member of the then board begging her to get her family and friends to join and vote at eh upcoming agm to maintain the present board as the membership was believed to being actively stacked by peta supporters. considering attitude and policies in place now the stacking looks to have been successful. if pet owners really want real representation they better get off their butts and join and vote in pet owners and breeders instead of peta reps. I think it would take three agm's at least to clean out the present lot as only a percentage step down per year i believe. which is the norm in most societies. wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't brought in the members cant even vote for who sits on the board by now, I know one the clauses is they can refuse or cancel your membership with no explanation; I remember when the Telegraph ran a story naming the new chairman of Dogs NSW and the new committee.... he had been a member of the rspca for a decade or more and on many committees.... he received his notification of cancellation of his membership that week and refund cheque, ditto for another member of the board also. so now they advise government about laws that affect owners and breeders and I suspect none of them even have a pet let alone breed? Did you know they have in the POCTA that you MUST weigh and write down weekly a litters weights? my vets totally cracked up, why? Because as they said if your so stupid you have to wait for the weekly weigh in to ascertain if a pups not thriving it will probably be dead anyway before that.... but folks the laws the law even if its stupid! written by stupidity obviously. Why do I think my vets comments are very relevant? Because. He was RSPCA Victoria's head vet before Hugh Worth. When Stringy was stolen he rang every day to demand his return that nothing was wrong with him, but they chose to ignore him. When he was finally returned 13 days later and I took him straight to Richard, he was suffering pneumonia and so dehydrated he needed to go on a drip, he examined the itemised bill they had given me and he said Stringy had suffered a minimum of 21 needle insertions, torn trachea, been vaccinated despite the fact the only only been given his booster shot 4 weeks before was taken, wormed and flea treated two days before he was taken, yet he was wormed and flea treated as well, the double dosages could have killed him and he wanted me to sue them for aggravated cruelty, when I said we haven't a hope, his reply was I have never lost a case when I was their head vet. From what I had seen when Marion at been in court the magistrate believed every word they said and nothing Marion said, so i figured as a now private practicing vet they would take no notice of Richard, just as had happened when he demanded his return so didn't go ahead, something he still hasn't forgiven me for.
  22. come to think of it, our ammo was still away's locked in the safe .... was out riding with a friend one day and spotted six cop cars patrolling our street as we headed our for our ride... so couple of miles from home hailed one of them and asked whats going on? turned out three escaped prisoners had been spotted in our area, Julia and I looked at each other in horror and high tailed it for our homes to hide our rifles and shotguns... just in case.
  23. although it can be a problem, woke up one morning to discover one of my mares down and obviously in pain and dying, by the time we had everything back together, the firing pin was in one place, ammo in the safe, the rifle in the gun cabinet, all locked. she had died by then.. same problem if we spot a fox. half the time they have gone with the chook's before its all assembled. before that they was under the phone table and ready for use and I can tell you our kids knew to NEVER touch the rifles or shotgun... but today kids are not taught decent respect anyway or safety, so tragic that boy who died because his brother had taken his dads rifle.
  24. RSPCA at it Again...

    apparently under FOI this document is available for sharing
  25. RSPCA at it Again...

    interesting statistics comments attached to it. "They have the audacity to say cruelty is such a big problem. These are the national figures, remembering that possibly a third to a half of these are vexatious prosecutions. I'm beginning to understand why they do vexatious prosecutions, with 100 Inspectors throughout Australia that's only 3 prosecutions per Inspector per year. Pretty indicative that cruelty is not the enormous problem they make it out to be and explains why they are always trying to push those prosecution statistics up - to justify their existence." " Succinctly put . Also, if u take their state figures on 'complaints' seriously, they'd have u believing that the inspectors were following up anywhere from 3-8 complaints per day (365 days) on top of their already allegedly busy 'workload'. That might explain why they're somehow always too busy to deal with starving horses all over the country."