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  1. The Cost of Puppies

    I did not say a fraction of what you are going on about. go jump to 14 litters in 5 months? gee dont breed like you, just only for yourself or churn out 14 in 5 months? Nothing in between eh? Exaggeration in all things that dont hug your idea of ethics. So you cannot even conceive others may not do all the dreadful crap you imagine and just said. That's called massive over reaction, but then anyone else has already been accused in your previous post which I quoted. Never said any of the rubbish you just wrote in your accusation. "I just love your presumption of me being "one of those "people who will ruin the future of ANKC ." Never let the truth get in the way . gee what a waste of angst as usual you have no idea or intention to agree to disagree that your way is not the only way. Trouble is the sheeple think agree or be dammed. You dont know me at all either, petal. unlike you, I queried your very words. I did not embellish them, did not exaggerate them to the ridiculous as you have flung, so in a way, you have helped me understand you better. nave a nice day.
  2. The Cost of Puppies

    Joe public aren't creating the need for puppy farms, no ankc puppies to be found is doing that. People deciding they are not welcome is doing that, hence the growth in alternative registers. 99 percent of the population want a pet, they don't want to show or breed anyway, so to so actively discourage the minority who would is shooting ankc in the foot. Been very successful too, its all laid out in each year's statistics.
  3. The Cost of Puppies

    The trouble is, people who "don't have litters yearly" And only "breed when we want to for ourselves " Contribute little to nothing to the continuation of the ANKC into the future, in income, genetics or new members joining. The apparent assumption from your words that any who don't do as you are. "Breed the guts out" "View their girls as money" "move them on for the next batch" Is pretty nasty , no matter what angle. You have the right to do whatever you want. But to insinuate any who are different to your parameter, are less ethical or responsible than your decision for yourself is pretty unethical and denial of their rights to make their own decisions. Particularly the people who actually breed regularly and don't desex every puppy AND sell on main register are the only way the ANKC's can survive, the gene pool cease shrinking along with memberships growing in line with the population of Australia So wrap yourself in your cloak of piousness, certainly. But you and your group will contribute little or nothing to the breed's or future of the ANKC. The ANKC is to record pedigrees AND encourage new members, Sadly been precious little of either each proceeding years since the us and them mentality arrived in the membership.
  4. "or if this is just your own personal crusade ." Pity you chose the use those words. You are assuming something with no reason what ever to form that opinion. the poster has been very polite. what you said is not. another reason to add to the other assumption's and comments made here, this place can be so unwelcome and sadly why so many dont come back
  5. my no bedisde manner vet has another view of what constitutes puppy farmer. He made the comment. "If I was an rspca inspector, I would seize any dogs that are not kept fit. " to given you some context. This chap is a fitness fanatic. he runs km's every day, cycles km's , every day, swims every day. His dogs are muscled up like greyhounds in training., To him mine laying around in the sun snoozing are neglected. so you see, every one has a different opinion of what constitutes good care of themselves and their animals. The problem with here, is it seems, so many are implacably opinionated, is there is so little wiggle room for different opinions. Never heard his one expressed before though. Here or anywhere else. He certainly astonished me, as he has never said this real opinions on dog management before. Certainly made me realise how wide the spectrum's are in peoples opinions. Think, was double startled because this guy despises the rspca with a passion. As has battled them on many occasions to save his patients for the client who owned it. (he is not a dog and cat vet incidentally..) Large animals vet, Never forget the day I took him to a friends injured horse, n after examination, rattled off "how long it will take to recovery, the chances of returning to soundness" and in his opinion, "Better to put it down and with the thousands you saved, use it to get a good horse". as I said, no bedside manner. Thought she was going to pull the shotgun to use on him that day. come to think of it, maybe then on me next for bringing him
  6. just the assumption that anyone wanting a female pup that so many quickly assume they plan on becoming a puppy farmer is so prevalent here. Is guaranteed to alienate the majority who dip their toe in and dont realise how savagely they will be attacked if they dont say the safe things. No welcome here to newbies who would like to become an ankc member and register a prefix. Have to grovel or else Without the magic words, "I want to show." "I will only breed a litter to replace my oldie" the teeth start showing in seconds Sadly. not much bedside manner to be found here
  7. one of my favourite vets has no bedside manner, but when Percy Sykes asked me why hasn't he seen me in ages after I moved and said, too far away now. Asked me who is my new vet, when I named him Percy referred to him as "the best one that got away," after he left working for him. says volumes eh.
  8. wow.......Yes This is exactly whats going on... scary times , yet so few realise its happening and what it means too focused on thinking they are ethical and responsible.... n its only others who arent and blind to the fact others think they are better and damming you as inferior to them.... https://quillette.com/2020/06/26/neo-totalitarianism-and-the-erasure-of-history/?fbclid=IwAR2etrX9G7yacr3HUNB5KGXSlERvnRpMrCANTBwJpJI5ftQgOAc0vovHQ7s Published on June 26, 2020 Neo-Totalitarianism and the Erasure of History written by Benjamin Kerstein We are watching the era of the new iconoclasm take shape, no longer in the form of the destruction of religious icons, but in the demolition of historical memory via the toppling or desecration of statues and memorials across the West. While the removal of Confederate statues can be justified—though it should be accomplished by political consent rather than vandalism—it is clear that this new outburst of iconoclasm is in no way confined to the punishment of historical traitors. Most notably in this regard, a statue of Winston Churchill, perhaps the greatest anti-fascist of them all, was desecrated. Along with it, a statue of Ulysses S. Grant was toppled, despite his legacy as the man who crushed the Ku Klux Klan and fervently defended Reconstruction and human rights. What we are seeing, in other words, is not an attempt to force the past to answer to the present, but the emergence of something else. Over 2,000 years ago, Plato described it in part when he said, “Bad men, when their parents or country have any defects, look on them with malignant joy, and find fault with them and expose and denounce them to others, under the idea that the rest of mankind will be less likely to take themselves to task and accuse them of neglect; and they blame their defects far more than they deserve, in order that the odium which is necessarily incurred by them may be increased.” This, however, is clearly only a tactic in a larger struggle. In his book The True Believer, Eric Hoffer pointed toward the origins of this struggle in his description of “the militant man of words.” Such a man, wrote Hoffer, “prepares the group for the rise of a mass movement” by “discrediting prevailing creeds and institutions and detaching from them the allegiance of the people” and “undermining the convictions of the ‘better people’… so that when the new fanaticism makes its appearance they are without the capacity to resist it. They see no sense in dying for convictions and principles, and yield to the new order without a fight.” For at least a generation, militant men and women of words have been laboring mightily to do precisely what Hoffer described. They have raised up a culture dedicated to the idea that our civilization is a monstrous aberration in human history, an industrial machine of dehumanization, the ultimate product of which is mass murder. It must be destroyed, they said, and replaced by something left vague but that is purged of sin and corruption, bereft of the inherent flaws of being human. No one disputes that there is great sin in the history of our civilization. But historical sin demands a moral struggle. In their erasure of history, the new iconoclasts render that struggle obsolete, and in doing so leave us with nothing but power. And the idea that everything is power is, perhaps, the most essential and absolute principle of totalitarianism. The indications, then, are ominous: Out of the new iconoclasm, a new totalitarianism is being born. And this neo-totalitarianism has learned from the past: It has its inquisitions, its auto-da-fes, its purges and cultural revolutions, reeducation and self-criticism sessions, and above all the ostracization and ultimate erasure of dissidents. It is true that, for the moment, this is a soft totalitarianism—a totalitarianism suited for an age of social media spectacle. But the essence is the same: The penalty for even the weakest sin is damnation, and the sin always remains unknown. The goalposts are ever-moving, and the unspecified crimes admit of no redemption. Forgiveness has become a word voiced by no one. Perhaps most important: if the sin is unnamed, then it is also absolute. Anything can be a sin and everything is a sin. And this leaves all of us vulnerable before the inquisitors, once the mob arbitrarily turns against us. And it can always turn against us, because it demands saints, and there are no saints. They have never existed and never will. What the neo-totalitarians cannot admit is that this is a good thing. Because in being more than human, a saint cannot be human, and as such, his example is useless to us. In response to all this, there is probably only one way forward: People must begin to think again. We require a revolution of nuance. We should admit that historical injustice is real and must be addressed. That there are indeed some beliefs and opinions that are beyond the pale and must be shunned. But we must demand overwhelming evidence before doing so. And we must allow for the possibility of repentance and forgiveness. Above all, we must reject the demand that we accuse ourselves of crimes we did not commit, and reject the idea that there can be such a thing as universal crime or a crime that bears no name. We must assert that anyone has the right to establish a religion, but no right to compel others to recite the catechism. If there is one great and absolute enemy of totalitarianism, it is truth. And to reach the truth, one must think. It is only here, in the solitude of our own minds, that we can begin the slow process of resistance to those who would impose their will on anyone who demands the right to choose the difficult struggle and not the easy bonfire of the vanities. Benjamin Kerstein is a writer and editor living in Tel Aviv. He holds degrees in Jewish and Israeli history from Ben-Gurion and Tel Aviv Universities. You can follow him on Twitter @benj_kerstein.
  9. The Cost of Puppies

    if both parents are blue and neither has blue gene alopecia chances are the pups may not either. a blue pup from other colour parents still has inherited a blue gene from both parents so despite the assumption that using non blue parents is somehow superior to blue to blue is a furphy, a blue pup has two blue genes, regardless of what colour are its parents, exactly the same as a pup born of two blue parents. I've seen non blue staffies with alopecia anyway? so in some lines it is occurring despite them not being blue? I remember my vet commenting when he sees such dogs nine times out of ten when he names the breeder he has seen the most displaying this problem that's where it came from. So some lines have it regardless of colour. I know many friends do believe to put blue to blue or chocolate to chocolate will weakness the puppies in every generation? Blue and chocolate are a recessive gene, it takes two to be able to express, it does not accumulate, two chocolate parents can not give their pups four or three copies of the chocolate dilution, they can only contribute one each, exactly the same as to other colour parents that carry the dilution but cannot display it. I found it was great for me, could get outstanding pups from friends who firmly believed either colour was a sign of weakness. Gave up trying to explain genetics of them and how it works. remarkable how so many believe either one means the resulting puppy is automatically inferior to its other colour siblings. as if the expression of that colour some how changes its type and conformation for the worst? In the chihuahua standard it even states, " Eyes: Large, round, but not protruding; set well apart; centre of eye is on a plane with lowest point of ear and base of stop; dark or ruby. Light eyes in light colours permissible." Yet, one of my friends believed unless a dog had a black nose it should never be placed at a show..... no ruby eyed dog can have a black nose, it will be either, chocolate, blue or liver.
  10. Depends on what you mean by "responsibility"? so far ankc members making the rules now see "responsibility" as shutting down breeding as much as possible. eg less litters born per bitch, regardless of litter size in the toy breeds and smaller litter number breeds especially.. Examining the yearly reduction of puppies registered in these breeds has been highly successful as the numbers continually drop.. The most vocal believe no bitch should have more than one, perhaps two, at most three litters before being desexed. In breeds with from 1 to 5 pups is the norm for a litter and most if not all are limit registered anyway, it is a recipe for extinction. Promoting the majority of those born to be limit registered and Desexing of as many puppies as possible to prevent "falling into the hands of puppy farmers" to the extent a significant number of kennels will not sell any on main register. With the resulting yearly reduction of puppies registered as the available pool of main registered adults continues to reduce along with the number of members. I am not sure what you mean by "that its too costly to support breeders for the value offering in return" What is too costly? I am unaware of any money spent to support breeders? in fact we are often told if you sell to make a profit is to be a puppy farmer? It seems the inference is you need to be wealthy enough to be able to do so at a loss with independent income from other source or sources to support your hobby or otherwise you are a at risk of being called a puppy farmer? and what is "the value offering"? in return for what? Apologies if I sound extremely dumb, had a terrible day and extremely tired so ability to think what you mean, is at a low ebb
  11. ridiculous, you know the parentage and have to pay to verify your honesty. we ought to be buying the labs shares at least then get some of the millions wasted back in our pockets
  12. I remember Nancy Gate discovering a 7 month old boy had climbed into the pen with one of her in season girls... she had 4 pups. she was pretty stunned a pup that young could. She looked up his birth date and he was exactly 7 months and 2 weeks. so never underestmate a chi boy anyway. when I bought my cream girl, my first chi in 1978. My brother bought Chip. He was three months younger than my girl. so we were pretty stunned when she started showing in pup after her first season. We worked out by dates . Chip was only 8 months old when she was in season. no one spotted them up to mischief
  13. Pretty telling this paragraph. Exactly whats occurring here in Australia. The reason so many up front Puppy Farms are being licensed and built here. Otherwise flights like these will be next. "Because a growing number of larger U.S. dog breeders are shutting and smaller-scale hobby breeders are retiring, some of “our breeding has been outsourced to other countries,” said Patti Strand, founder of the Oregon-based National Animal Interest Alliance, which advocates for breeders and other animal businesses."
  14. The Cost of Puppies

    I'ts sad that so many feel they have to "check the breeder is ethical" before they will even think about looking at getting a puppy from them, as you just said, the breeder of your pup is as you said " I checked they are registered! " Lady whose puppies I chip is not happy with the attitude of many of the people who come to see a pup, they look at her with suspicion, check her premises, her home, make her feel very judged, before they decide to buy a pup. I said to her, "Ever get the feeling your viewed as a prostitute? They want their pup, but despise you as the supplier of what they want?" She looked at me in surprise and said, "YES! you nailed it. I hate this atmosphere of today, I've been a member for 41 years and it was never like this. Im thinking of giving up its no longer a pleasure to show off my puppies to so many people who are not those I already know anymore.. I never forget the lady who with her newly purchased puppy, hugged to her chest, ask me "how do you live with yourself? Forcing your furchild to get pregnant and then selling your furgrandchild? " Frankly who wants to deal with such people? The deamonisation of ANKC members in the belief, so many are unethical and irresponsible, is pretty damming of how low the opinion and trust in anyone who is an ANKC member has sunk over the decades since the call to eliminate from our ranks anyone accused of being a backyard breeder and or puppy farmer, that it has come to this is so sad. If anyone bothered to compile the statistics of how many actual members are targeted by the rspca in comparison to how many tens of thousands of members............(Then there is the fact a large percentage of the targets are innocent of the charges anyway). I sure know that first hand. I was targeted in 1999 and its only taken 18 years before dogzonline finally allowed a thread like "RSPCA in the news Started by Two Best Dogs!, December 21, 2018" was permitted and the writer not banned from posting for 12 months with the codicil when allowed back that they must never mention that name. It's taken that long to be recognised that place is not the paragon of virtue it makes itself out to be. Their targets are still assumed to be guilty until proven innocent though. Unfortunately a significant number still believe any target had to be guilty. Doubly galling to see George Pell innocent until proven guilty and now slate wiped clean, not because hes proven innocent but out on a technicality? Even now 18 years later I still have to endure the much loved "where there's smoke there's fire" tag if I talk about what happened to my poor dog Stringy, yet all he had was blue gene alopecia and their stupid inspector and even their stupid vet not only had never heard of it, but refused to listen to anyone (the dogs vet, the Dogs NSW Liaison officer or the Chihuahua club either) in their zeal to charge me with neglect? Yet when they finally surrendered him back to me, 13 days later. (he was lucky, today they dont ) and he survived the Pneumonia, torn trachea, dehydration and spent the night on a drip and antibiotics to save him. My vet wanted me to sue them for aggravated cruelty, but there was no way I could have afforded the court costs. Even the enquiry into the RSPCA revealed a large number of targets although not guilty of the charges plead guilty because they have to make a choice. Fight and lose everything, or plead guilty and at least still have a home to go back too. The mental damage to them is permanent regardless of which choice they make. Perhaps remember, to become an ANKC member the person who bred your pup did so to continue the heritage of the breeders before who created the dogs they are lucky to have. Today its easier to be a puppy farmer and not be an ANKC member with all the hoops and suspicion to deal with AND they charge more from what the websites quote. Get your pup and have a wonderful life with him/her.
  15. Cavalier or toy poodle?

    .Sadly, 7 seems to be the average for many cavaliers, remembering the first book i picked up titled "Cavalier King Charles as pets" in the first pages said "average lifespan 7 to 8 years". My first thoughts on reading that, was, "ridiculous, toy breeds live far longer than the larger breeds?" Unfortunately its true for so many darling cavaliers. oh and that book I spotted was now 20 years ago so their short lifespan for many was recognised by that author that long ago
  16. My vet believes its inevitable given the mind set of members and board in the quest to eliminate "backyarder's" and "Puppy farmers" from the membership. Along with the belief that only those who show are ethical or responsible, even though those who are not interested in showing can and do produce puppies whose new owners have shown and won with if it was their interest to do so. These headlines did take 5 years longer to eventuate than the majority of bets were being made in the 2010"s but it finally happened, they too lost track of why EFA began. It too lost track of the fact the majority of its members did not attain to become Elite either. Can only hope it does not happen to our ANKC The first headlines https://www.theaustralian.com.au/subscribe/news/1/?sourceCode=TAWEB_WRE170_a&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theaustralian.com.au%2Fnation%2Fnew-lab-sets-standard-for-how-kids-read%2Fnews-story%2F72e78e417cbb495f0c2d3feb2745f817&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium Equestrian Australia enters voluntary administration as funding withdrawnEquestrian Australia has been placed into voluntary administration. Picture: Sarah Reed OLIVIA CAISLEY REPORTER @livcaisley The national body that oversees equestrian sport has entered voluntary administration with its high performance program transferred to the Australian Institute of Sport after the embattled organisation had its funding withdrawn over governance issues. In a shock announcement on Tuesday Equestrian Australia revealed KordaMentha had been appointed voluntary administrators in an effort to improve the “structure, culture and performance” of a sport that has cycled through three chairs and had its entire board reconstituted over the past 16 months. Olympic supremo John Coates branded the collapse an “unprecedented disaster”. Meanwhile Sport Australia said it did not “take these measures lightly but our priority is the long-term betterment of the sport and the welfare and safety of all EA athletes, participants, staff and volunteers”. “In recent times, the leadership and governance at EA has fallen well short of acceptable standards with the resignation of eight directors, including three chairs, in the past 16 months,” Sport Australia said. Sport Australia will revisit its position once Equestrian Australia had demonstrated it has implemented a new governance model that achieves its core requirements of being “structurally democratic, representative and stable.” READ MORE:New equestrian hurdle as chief quits|Conflict claims on arena upgrade|Chief puts riders’ body on notice|Equestrian chief out amid inquests furore|‘Journey of nothing but pain’ It follows Sports Australia’s withdrawal of public funds last week after it said it could no longer contribute money to the organisation in “good faith”. Last month The Australian revealed that former chair and Olympian Ricky MacMillan had tendered her resignation after just six months in the role, declaring that change at the organisation had been “unobtainable”. Coates ‘saddened’ Mr Coates said the shock collapse was unprecedented. “I am surprised and sad that one of our longest most successful national federations has found themselves in this state,” Mr Coates said. “I frankly don't know of any other federation in my long involvement in the AOC that’s had to take this step.” Following Tuesday’s announcement Equestrian’s high performance program is now under the oversight of the Australian Institute of Sport, but Mr Coates flagged that the Australian Olympic Committee can only accept recommendations for teams from a national committee and not the AIS. He said Australia would be in breach of international rules if anyone other than a national sporting body selected the Equestrian team for Tokyo. “Fortunately with the postponement of the games until next year — there is time for Equestrian Australia to relieve itself of this administration and put themself in a position to be able to nominate athletes and riders next year.” Olympian ‘horrified’ Olympian Wayne Roycroft, who was once chair of Equestrian Australia and led the national team to three consecutive Olympic eventing gold medals from 1992 to 2000, said he was horrified to learn the sport’s governance was now “out of riders’ hands” and under administration. “We had a very functional good board,” Roycroft told The Australian. “I think it’s difficult to say, but it appears that it went wrong when it got so called academics — those away from the coal face — running the sport.” The Australian understands there are concerns that splitting High Performance from the national body could be detrimental to the development of grassroots clubs. MacMillan told The Australian on Tuesday that the pathway to the Olympics starts with the individual members, volunteers, and grassroots clubs. “Without them there no equestrian sport,” she said. “Equestrian Australia must in the future be member-centric and become a truly grassroots sport.” In a statement to its members Equestrian Australia said it was clear the current model did not work and that it had entered voluntary administration to avoid insolvency, “which would be disastrous” and to create the conditions for a “successful and sustainable equestrian community into the future”. Ricky MacMillan. Sport Minister Richard Colbeck said good governance had been lacking at the organisation and had led to unnecessary internal division. “It has been a distraction for our promising equestrian athletes,” Senator Colbeck said. “The decision to withhold core organisational funding will ensure the organisation can realign its focus after a difficult period of governance.” Crossbencher and Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick, who has previously called for an inquiry into the sport, welcomed the announcement. “Given the turmoil the organisation has been in over the last 18 months, voluntary administration is a step in the right direction to getting Equestrian Australia back on track,” Senator Patrick said. “If meaningful reform is to occur it is imperative that both cultural and governance changes occur.” Equestrian Australia said that in a sport with such diverse interests, it was rare for all the branches, committees, and members to share a cohesive view. “Disagreement, however, should not be destructive,” they said. “We should strive to improve the structure, the culture, and the performance – all in the interests of greater opportunity, participation and enjoyment.” REPORTER Olivia Caisley is a federal politics reporter based in the Canberra press gallery. She began her career at The Australian in 2015 working for the digital team before joining the Sydney bureau as a general news .. The Boards version https://www.equestrian.org.au/news/statement-ea-board?fbclid=IwAR3sSqKb5Ot9nJolkIr2brngZLpkeN4jI584E2p7KwMn1NLIot1svWG5pX0 Statement from the EA Board The Board of Equestrian Australia has taken the difficult decision to place Equestrian Australia Ltd into Voluntary Administration. Craig Shepard and Kate Conneely of KordaMentha have been appointed Voluntary Administrators. This follows the withdrawal of funding by Sports Australia, which had formed a view that, until the organisation is both representative of the membership and stable in governance and operation, they could not in good faith continue to contribute public funds. Combined with the impact of COVID-19 on our forecast revenue, this places the organisation at risk of trading insolvently. Clearly, the current EA model does not work. The intent of entering Voluntary Administration is to avoid insolvency, which would be disastrous, and to create the conditions for a successful and sustainable equestrian community into the future. Effective immediately the High-Performance (HP) program will be transferred under the oversight of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). The HP Panel will remain in place, funding returned to the AIS, and the program will continue unabated in pursuit of equestrian gold at the upcoming Olympics. We have been advised that there will be no change to HP staffing arrangements. The Administrators will take control of the remainder of EA. The constitution is effectively set aside in favour of their powers under the Corporations Act. The operations of EA continue without change at this stage and there is no planned loss of jobs. The Administrator will work with the creditors of EA to determine the conditions for exiting Voluntary Administration. This process is intended to be rapid, envisaged by the Corporations Act to take about a month. This will enable EA to rebuild as a viable, representative, democratic and stable national sporting organisation that is retuned to a focus on sport as quickly as possible. In our sport of so many diverse interests, rarely do our branches, committees, and members share a cohesive view. Disagreement, however, should not be destructive. We should strive to improve the structure, the culture, and the performance – all in the interests of greater opportunity, participation and enjoyment. The current Directors have agreed to work with the Administrator to rebuild the organisation as quickly as possible. 9 June 2020
  17. Puppies with heart murmurs

    Ivomec is for heart worms, but they take months to develop after being injected by a mozzie... so she is way too young to have heartworm. puppy worms for some reason can affect them , cant remember how the vet explained it.
  18. Puppies with heart murmurs

    has she been wormed regulary? some have murmers when they have worms and its gone once they are dealt with. good luck. my brother was told one of his pups was so bad at 6 weeks the vet wasn't even going to bother vaccinating him. he also had over fast heart. Brother told him vaccinate him anyway , will keep him as a pet. he ruled the place for the next 8 years and only lost him when he knocked the kitchen tidy over during the night and helped himself to some cutlet bones and one perforated his bowel , so he lost him to peritonitis instead of his heart anyway. tough lesson to make sure they cant knock the bin over. one of mine developed a murmur at 4 months and died in her sleep at 4 so life is a lottery, as much for our pets as it is for us. One of the reasons I queried the push to force us to "life guarantee" our puppies, when we cant even do that for our own children? Many of us oldies are beginning to wonder is it becoming only those who cant think for themselves should be ANKC members ? Because if you question the ones so busy pushing these agenda's, you will be targeted as a puppy farmer, In which case you will be targeted. The pressure is to keep your head down and dont question or disagree with their interpretation of ethical and responsible. Even when it is not based on reality. let alone expected of anyone else? Really cracked me up that the rspca HAVE always sold "adopted out" their dogs with no guarantees and defended their "RSPCA APPROVED" puppy farmer when the press asked their opinion of her selling a patella affected puppy. Telling the reporter "RSPCA says DVK is compliant RSPCA Queensland solicitor and prosecutions officer Tracey Jackson confirmed they had recently investigated DVK over concerns raised by the public. Ms Jackson said inspectors had found no evidence of offences under the Animal Care and Protection Act, or the RSPCA's Breeder's Standards. "Advice and education was provided to the owner of the facility and she immediately implemented measures to ensure ongoing compliance with the standards," Ms Jackson said. "This included ensuring veterinary checks of her animals to identify any of these heritable conditions, even if they were not obvious, prior to using them for breeding." Ms Howlett says she doesn't claim to offer guarantees.(ABC News: Stephanie Zillman) Ms Jackson said it was extremely difficult for breeders to be able to tell if a dog necessarily had a "heritable condition", which included hip and elbow dysplasia, heart murmurs and luxating patellae. "What is difficult for people to understand is that while the Breeder's Standards prohibit breeders using dogs with these conditions for breeding, they do not prohibit the sale of puppies that have these conditions – or that ultimately exhibit these conditions," Ms Jackson said. "This is primarily because these conditions are not usually obvious or easily detectable or diagnosable at a young age." The RSPCA encouraged people who were purchasing puppies to do their research about the breed, speak to their vet, and speak with breeders before making decisions about their purchases. "There are no lifetime guarantees with puppies, and even puppies bred by breeders in full compliance with the laws, could end up with some of these conditions, or other health issues," Ms Jackson said." just spotted on facebook, pity this isnt more in use
  19. must be doubly galling for the thousands spent on testing to learn its been proven now HD is highly dependant on diet and weight not genetics. that research was decades behind the assumption it was solely genetic in origin. if the diet and weight research had been done decades earlier so many dogs would have escaped getting it. I know us oldies did wonder how this "gene" suddenly surfaced en mass with the emergance of manufactured dog food. until then everyone's dogs were fed meat and kitchen scraps, the only "dog food" in the pet shops was tinned meat, and a selection of dog biscuits, hard as. Think they were baked wheat bran, I know my little brother liked them better than his teething rusks my friends PRA C boy is now 11 and his vet check this week, both eyes fine
  20. https://www.change.org/p/the-kennel-club-stop-registerin-g-cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-puppies-unless-their-parents-are-mri-scanned-and-heart-tested?recruiter=789910933&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&recruited_by_id=97342230-9ecd-11e7-9a62-eb205c5da526&utm_content=fht-2222214-en-gb%3Av2 on paper sounds a great idea. except there is one very big BUT! They are wrong. no one wants to breed a dog that will develop these..............There is a catch. The MRI is only valid for when it was done, it can change. Ditto for heart testing.. Can be MVD clear this month and next year and the next. equally can be showing signs of MVD developing a month later. its very very difficult. Many are clear for their breeding lives but it kicks in at 6 or 7. best case is Jack. he was clear all his life and lived to 16...His sons and daughters averaged 14 years, but as they were bred to other lines their puppies lives got shorter and shorter......The last two developed MVD at 7, one dying two month later, her half sister now 8 although on medication though.............. as I see it the only chance to actually breed for longer sound lives is not use any male under 8 years. Take plenty of frozen semen and dont use it until hes proven by living 11 years or more free of both conditions. THAT is the only way to breed it out sadly. For both the boys and the girls will be past breeding age before you know who will or will not be free of either or both... sadly That is the reality Although if we are really serious then it can be done, by only using frozen semen from males that have passed the parameters I explained Cant do it for the bitches or end of the breed. BUT by using generations of proven clear long lived males should only take three or four generations... six ideally.............12 if you want a geneticist happy. I do know this is what it takes. decades ago discovered a lethal gene in my show stock, my best friends brother is a geneticist... laid me down a plan to eliminate it by only using proven clear males. same scene with the girls would be too old to breed if they were kept until proven clear. in my case it only took six generations to never come up with a carrier male............ but Glen said 12 is the ideal. This is how the old time breeders isolated and eliminated in the hundreds of years before dna tests......in the case of MVD and Syringamyelia there is no DNA test... They are relying on MRI's to show if the condition is developing in the skull.........In the case of MVD... heart checks until dog either dies of old age or the valves start to leak. whichever occur's first. There is a way... BUT its going to take a lot of planning and cooperation between ALL who love the breed. These days anyone who decided to try it and kept the couple of hundred dogs that it would require would be hounded out of the registry as a puppy farmer anyway.. no chance of the large kennels which once existed and created or continued so many breeds in the past. Id love to give it a try, but too old now Good luck folks As Glen told me, There's your blueprint. keep to it and you will succeed.
  21. well remember a WA breeder told two of her pups done with a BAER com machine had imperfect hearing. had a kennel disaster and these two were the last left. decided to take a risk and bred them together.... discovered access to a full BAER machine for testing, all the litter perfect, had the parents tested and they too had perfect hearing. the cheaper machines are not reliable. Then there is the fact as my vet noted.... so much concentration on PRA and Pll dna testing... my vet noted that even pra c dogs can die of old age before any vision loss has occurred........ friends boy is 8 and still has perfect vision although dna profiled C.
  22. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    agreed, but because there is no avenue of appeal save though the courts then you have a choice. Well you are given a choice. Fight for justice and yes many do win. but they have to be realistic, they may have to sell everything they own to enjoy the fact they have proven their innocence. But just like the Murray Grey stud owners. They have won, but at what cost? they have lost everything they worked their adult lives for. or take the plea bargain they always offer, plead guilty and yes have to pay but its tens of thousands instead of hundreds of thousands or millions, not a misprint, ten years and 4 million dollars to be awarded compensation that only paid the balance owing their solicitors with nothing left to buy back the proprieties they had to sell to fund the case, nothing left to replace the stock that were killed or sold off. all they are left with is their reputation vindicated. very heavy price. exactly why the majority take the guilty plea and at least have some chance of saving their homes and or livelihood That is not supposed to be how the system worked. but that is the reality
  23. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    No its not pointless, the ambiguity I suspect is deliberate, OR even if it wasn't. The rspca quickly realised the immense power it gave them. ("to form the opinion" with no avenue of appeal for the target) But they have been very careful not to use it too much so few realise it... (or believe a target when it happens.) For how long have we been told, "They have food and water, our hands are tied". Well they are only "tied" when they want them tied. When they do decide to strike, eg Marion made the mistake of telling him to "get off my land". He rejoined with "I will show you what I can do." phoned for a truck and took ten of her 27 horses. They had grass to their knees, They had free choice hay. They had individual feeds twice a day. They had not only a creek but water troughs at the house. Don't forget when they tricked her into signing them over ten weeks later in exchange for dropping the $7,000 agistment charges. We were not told when back with the magistrate to hear them then say, BUT we still want her charged for failing to worm her horses. The TV adds in 1993 were "Its a crime not to worm your dog". The magistrates next words were... "Its a crime not to worm your horse, $7,000 fine with 3 months to pay". I think he also said "or three months in jail" But not sure if the term was 3 months or more. was reeling with shock by then. As for refusing to sell to any of the people phoning and asking to buy them after they had been signed over, saying they were not available yet. Then consigning them to McGraths Hill sales and (to me anyway ) the most disgusting last chapter in "I will show you what I can do" the same man who made that threat. Told the auctioneer "You are only to accept bids from the doggers" adding as he left the ring "They are all mad" Not sure if the phone call Marion received to advise her "all of them have been slaughtered for dog meat" was made before or after they went into the ring that disgusting day. THAT is YOUR rspca at work. and that was over 27 years ago they had that power Do you really think they may have changed for the better since? That man is now their CEO That's who defended the theft of the Waterways koala's and deaths of two of them, keep that in mind folks Without an ombudsman and avenue of appeal there is nothing to keep them in check
  24. The Cost of Puppies

    I forgot to add, do you realise that for many breeds 70 pups would be some 10 to 4 litters? I know you are allowed to breed ten litters or more if you want BUT it will mean you will be inspected as a potential puppy farmer. and the complaints will start against you if you breed 4 or more anyway, eagle eyes are scanning to dob in puppy farmers. As a friend learned after breeding 6 litters, hounded out of her breed club. even the fact she showed and won does all the healt checks. the eagles are watching and judging. Do you know for a fact that the person you referred to does not care for bloodlines, conforming to the breed standard, testing for breed specific dna testing? etc? thats pretty big assumptions. or is it the number of pups the sticking point? I was accused of being a puppy farmer, the ankc inspector sent out, the stony face said it all, convicted prior to trial... all my dogs are dna profiled, three and four generations health checked regularly. The inspector after examining them informed me as if I would be surprised to know it. "do you realise over half your dogs could go best in breed at any show?" so the assumption, the charge of being a puppy farmer automatically assumes your dogs are rubbish. Nice one Have questioned ever since, why bother being a member of such a nasty group it has morphed into. Yet my dogs are purebreds, descended from many great breeders who kept their lines continued on from the breeders who entrusted them to continue their work into the future. Why should I resign and end the legacy of the breeders before me who expected their hard work not to die in a dead end "ethical" kennel?
  25. Inquiry into animal cruelty laws in New South Wales

    we both know the "costs" are so padded they still come out with a profit. only a small proportion are paid, the executive, the inspectors the legal. all kennel work is done by volunteers, the food is donated. As i said, the "costs" padded to a staggering degree, only we who have been caring for our animals know the real cost. the government and the public believe what they are told That's why any appeal to a government department has so far proven a wasted of time and effort Are you aware that one of the reasons the brumbies are to be slaughtered is because they produce two foals a year? thats what parks submitted to the abc documentary this week to justify the need to kill them all, and it went to air as fact. this is the total lack of knowledge of a subject we have to be dealing with.