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  1. has that only just gone to court? gee no mention of the fact ALL the dogs they didnt take had been given to rescues and all successfully rehomed. Despite the fact they had applied to the court to not only kill the dogs they took but to get a court order to seize all the rest of them, so lucky for the remaining dogs they went to the rescue before the rspca could get them and put them down too. absolute disaster for the rspca's assertion none of them could be safely rehomed. Nor would they let any they had go to the rescues to see if they could rehome them as successfuly as the others they had, public relations disaster only the rspca had problems with the dogs they took, remember the link. the rescue or rescues. forget if it was one or more begged the rspca to let them retrain the ones they wanted to kill. at the time they seized them on the grounds they would not make eye contact with the inspector. it was on tape. Found the link
  2. Also ring and ask if the ones you like are not already taken, saves you lots of time to know first up what are not already taken. good luck
  3. dont know about others but the link wont open for me
  4. surely there was more to be commented on than finding "dead rats" ???????????? any dog would kill a rat, snake, mouse that showed up ? as for the number of dogs, incredible. Although to be realistic, As my vet conceded over ten years ago now, (and he HATES puppy farming) it was getting down to the wire then he believed, we will be needing the legal puppy farms will have to be that big or bigger to take up the slack for the hundreds of thousands of puppies that sure are never going to be available from the registered breeders who are not allowed to breed for the pet market.
  5. How on earth can we get this plastered far and wide before its too late? It almost is too late " This copied from smith oats on regards to AJP policy........ “To phase out the sale of companion animals” Let that sink in a moment, as animal loving owners I think this is too important not to share Those words are from the ANIMAL JUSTIC PARTY “Phase out the sale of companion animals” do you really know what that means? It’s fabulous that they want people to adopt dogs from a shelter BUT, is your courtyard size block really a realistic home for a working dog, Bull Arab or other large breed? Are these large breeds really suitable for your 2 year old to grow up with? Can your 10 year old safely walk the dog you purchase from a shelter? The sad reality is that MOST dogs in shelters are high energy working or hunting breeds, many of which are not suitable for suburban living or a young family. “Mandate desexing at point of sale” Sounds great BUT where does your next puppy come from? If all dogs are to be desexed, in 10-15 years when your current loved house pet sadly passes away WHERE does your next pooch or cat come from? Prices will skyrocket, the current average of 5k will soon turn into 15k when the demand doesn’t meet supply. DONT let the animal justice party fool you with their gut wrenching stories of puppy farms and animal abuse cases, yes we know they exist, yes we know it happens, NO we do not agree with any of it but there are also ALOT of good breeders out there. The Animal Justice Party’s main aim is exactly what they have put in writing TO PHASE OUT THE SALE OF COMPANION ANIMALS. Please remember this post when the time comes to vote think of your sweet little dog waiting for you at home and think, a house is not a home without a dog "
  6. so its not just me though poodle perfect . only needs shearing when due n no loose coat
  7. just ask can you have the puppy profiled first. problem solved my goodness, googled and cant believe what they refused to continue? https://thebark.com/content/dna-test-helps-dalmatians
  8. surely she had more chance of an easy delivery bred to a toy than her own size? I have seen many litters with big differences in size of the puppies in many breeds, not just poodles. some mini's stay so small they are too small for the miniature ring. some toys too large for the toy ring. As for chihuahua's, unreal. a friends girl I was looking after was certainly on the large size, as in 6lb - 2.7 kg. she was beginning to look like a rock melon and expressed my concern about how big she was getting. when she did go into labor no pups were coming to raced to the vet he said she was so full of pups she just couldn't push and she had 10. believe it or not. from that litter some grew to 2.7 kg like their mum, others only to 1.2 kg, that's a huge difference in sizes. many litters do that in the small breeds more so than the larger breeds of dog I think?
  9. interesting, many decades and I do mean many, 1960 I think? friend bred toy poodles, and I think she told me she reregistered the over height ones in the litter as miniatures? which since they are the same breed made more sense than restricting the gene pool as it is now, especially with all the concentration about maintaining genetic diversity within the breeds?
  10. exactly, they completely forgot their very basis for existance. To ENCOURAGE AND MAINTAIN. Instead they turned on each other to eliminate and discourage the majority in their zeal to be seen to be eliminating back yard breeders which all of them are? I keep remembering my friends words only recently. we are both long. long long time members from the days when newbies were welcomed instead of viewed with suspicion. no i better not repeat what she said come to think of it. last time I did I received a letter from the ankc it had been brought to their notice had had committed an offense. sigh not safe to speak too much of the truth anymore
  11. Yes, they fell into line with the AR nutters early on just would not understand that everyone has a backyard so began eliminating each other from the get go
  12. Looks like some in america are waking up too? People have finally began to realise we only have 5 years before its too late. PETA ARE CELEBRATING with good reason Companion and Pets Party is hoping its not to late to save our pets from the extinction campaign is calling for applications to join. This is their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1880909738963642 this is the site to apply to join . membership at the moment is free. https://companionsandpetsparty.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR0P1mXvlucuh21wXXLIp_j4L3lMWd0h4kySKzCy69E6rcUvgGIttcWzztU
  13. the problems are the ones who never train their fur child as they dont want to restrict its options or 'traumatise" it by setting boundaries well remember a neighbour who never said NO to his dog. I could see it was running all the decisions but it all came to a head the day the dog decided he was not dropping his food fast enough and bit him clean through the arm. for some strange reason he got rid of the dog after the second "attack?" He failed to understand his dog had warned him, drop it now or else at the second growl! I learnt fast when he began jumping on me and tearing my clothes, if I told him to stop, he would then discipline me by biting and really ripping my clothes instead of tearing them with his nails. I made sure he could not get into my place anymore. he had also taken to biting my horse on the nose, but my horse soon taught him to back off after almost caving in his head with a hoof. fixing the fence solved my and my horses risk.
  14. good point, wonder if peta will join up and take over like they did the rspca? well remember in 2000 reading a letter received by an rspca member begging her to join up all her friends and family for the pending agm as the writer was aware that sufficen peta members were already on the board and the comming agm was being stacked by peta members to elect the remaining numbers to take control of the board. that was now 22 years ago. peta have been working on their agenda from the 1980's while pet owners have been asleep at the wheel
  15. ooo wow they have decided on a name and now are taking membership applications, wonder if they can muster enough candidates for the comming election in time? considering how many have pets AND if all voted be looking at forming a government. ok dream on BUT! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1880909738963642 ah. bummer. two months wait to be recognised. thats too late this this election isnt it? "We need everyone to visit the website www.companionsandpetsparty.com.au and join the party. It is free to join. We need every member of the facebook group to join up. Without your support by joining the party, we cannot become registered. It takes about two months from the time we submit our application to become registered. So please fill out the application form as soon as you can. Thank you."
  16. This chap totally nailed it Alfonso Hurtado Guzman 92tS5u0po53 Aspfril at 00ce:43h3 ·
  17. Another equally misleading article actually. this writer advocates COI testing and only using unrelated parents where at all possible will reduce, perhaps eliminate the risk of creating homozygous puppies of the as yet unavailable dna testing for the thousands of recessive genes still to be found markers for. the writer is assuming unrelated parents will not be carrying deleterious recessives. the writer is assuming only related parents will be carrying deleterious recessives so is buying into the mantra that "inbreeding" is the cause of any emergence of such results in a litter. when will it become recognised that two patterns of a gene in a pup is not automatically caused by "inbreeding" related parents? anyway read and have a good think about the message because it does bring up how many conditions there still is no tests for yet. https://www.instituteofcaninebiology.org/blog/why-dna-tests-wont-make-dogs-healthier?fbclid=IwAR0HFMIh6D9cc8Ld54EVLcs8YBmCqUAfVPTxxZy0eaHb6n-0duib0t8IiMo .
  18. Breeds and their history has always been of great interest to me The qh is quite remarkable, so many lines so many families, pure TB, Three Bars, Noholome(IMP AUS) etc thousands of them were Stud Book Thoroughbreds, pure Arab, Janus for example was actually a pure Arabian(but its a secret), king ranch, etc , and all the mixes never had to "grade up" pass inspection and your a PUREBRED QUARTER HORSE and their brand marketing is a lesson to all. America has a corner on the marketing industry Doubt me, have u seen the movie "The Big Short" n the money end got away with it, none in the US went to jail, the banks bailed out, always will. im told its going to happen again, just dont know when of course, history just keeps repeating, financially and invasionally sadly, hitler must be so proud of putin
  19. I watched them arrive and corner the market, anything American just had to be better than what us second rate Aussie's had. To me it was the great australian cringe at its best. I watched the ASH society form to try to save our stock horses that had made Australian horses famous as the Waler. I watched as vested interests classified qh's as ASH I watched vested interests decide the way to promote the arabian as the "living work of art for those who have everything" instead of the incredible tough, sound, family friendly breed it had been for centauries and handed that market on a platter to all the other breeds, the show scene opting for the head in the air, tail in the air epitome of the "Mad Arab" Yet one of the founders of the "waler" along with the english tb, timor pony and many others was what? bloody old colonial Arabians! Been interesting times
  20. spotted this photo of it said, two purebred litter mates so still quite a bit of genetic diversity on display here
  21. AND less and less people annually want to. OzzieLioness for good reason lets face it. to breed a litter these days is to risk being a target
  22. nature constantly throw in mutations, eg HYPP arrived with Impressive. Poco Bueno took ages to be found to be carrying a gene that two patterns and the unfortunate foals skin literally falls off. it is now known as HERDA HERDA is a genetic disease in quarter horses and appaloosas, especially cutting horses. Signs of HERDA include stretchy skin, severe skin wounds and scarring along the back and withers. The American Quarter Horse Association requires all breeding stallions be tested for HERDA. There is no cure or treatment for horses with HERDA. A horse affected by HERDA cannot tolerate a saddle as it literally removes their skin from their body. Then there is SCIDS aka the boy in the plastic bubble. found in many species including man. just because mutations occur does not mean they are beneficial in any way to the individual that inherits it. Health wise anyway. show wise? HYPP horses took the halter QH world by storm. many still wish they were allowed to breed for it despite the affects to the horse with it. Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP) is characterized by sporadic attacks of muscle tremors (shaking or trembling), weakness, and/or collapse. Attacks can also be accompanied by loud breathing noises resulting from paralysis of the muscles of the upper airway. Occasionally, sudden death can occur following a severe paralytic attack, presumably from heart failure or respiratory muscle paralysis. Manifestation of clinical signs of HYPP depends on many factors including stress, diet, and changes in exercise. Some horses may manifest severe signs of the disease while others exhibit little or no signs. Mode of Inheritance: Autosomal dominant Alleles: N = Normal/Unaffected, H = Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis Breeds appropriate for testing: Quarter Horse and related breeds Explanation of Results: Horses with N/N genotype will not have hyperkalemic periodic paralysis and cannot transmit this hyperkalemic periodic paralysis variant to their offspring. Horses with N/H genotype can display episodes of hyperkalemic periodic paralysis. Horses with this genotype are heterozygous for the variant that makes them susceptible to sporadic episodes of muscle tremors or paralysis; clinical symptoms and frequency of episodes depends on other factors such as diet and exercise. They may transmit this hyperkalemic periodic paralysis variant to 50% of their offspring. Matings with N/N genotype will result in a 50% chance of producing a foal with the affected allele. Horses with H/H genotype can display episodes of hyperkalemic periodic paralysis and typically are more severely affected. They will transmit this hyperkalemic periodic paralysis variant to all of their offspring
  23. sadly hit the nail there. the tragedy that was Ruffian and the awful way she died is increasingly obvious breeding for speed alone and her line has become known for fragile bones. forget the name of the sire involved, but the more x's to him the greater the danger. But it keeps happening because the survivors win the show scene in all species just keeps morphing them. be it canine, equine, etc
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