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  1. That’s what I meant. Head is not working properly. God knows where Advanced came from and needless to say the ladies down at the vets when I picked up Mezza and Sooty were scratching their heads until one of them said, “Recovery is very good.” And in the midst of all this, I forgot about Mezza’s ultrasound. I am feeling a bit like a Jack-in-the-Box, @persephone. So we just have to see how Mezza goes over the next few days. The strange thing is that he has not lost any weight. Anyway, next time something goes wrong, I’m just going to consult @tdierikxbec
  2. Thank you everyone. Well, it was an ulcer, but vet says as far as they go, it is not too bad. Apparently some can be caused through pressure and he has seen some down to the bone - horrific thought. Vet is still mystified as to why Mezza would have done those big throw-ups. And, yes @tdierikx, he did say that a weak solution of Betadine would have been fine . He also suggested trying Mezz on Advanced which is a highly flavoured canned food. He isn’t going to dress the ulcer as he thinks it is better to just dry out and, of course, the AB injection is helping. At least, that is what
  3. I thought about Betadine, @tdierikx, but didn’t want to in case it was ulcerated. I will be calling the vet immediately the switch the phone on at 8am. I have repairers everywhere today fixing roof and internal damage caused in a storm in October so I will just have to leave them to it when I get an appt. OMG!! The roofer has finished already. Took nearly three months to get around to replacing a batten and three tiles which took less than 1/2 hour. The kitchen plasters and painters will obviously take longer. Have now called vet and have an appt for 9.40 am.
  4. I am in shock, but I think I might have found what is wrong with Mezza. When I was putting on his harness on Friday to take him to the vet, I felt a lump on his leg. When I checked it, was horrified to see that it was a great lump of poo which had become all rolled up in his fur. It felt dry, so I started to cut it out, but had to stop to get to the vet on time. Awful as it sounds, I forgot about it until I started to bath Mezza this evening and got to work while he was in the bath to cut it out. He is so tiny and with so much fur that I really needed a couple of more hands, but eventuall
  5. Well done sheena . . . . naughty Cricket. LOL, he loved it so much he had to show approval somehow.
  6. Thanks @Snook. We’ve been through the ringer haven’t we with our oldies ?
  7. I’m so sorry hear about your dog’s diagnosis. Medicating some dogs can be such a difficult and worrying thing and something I’ve experienced and quite often failed at. With some dogs, I’ve had to get the meds compounded at the chemist and given via syringe. I’ve gone to the deli and bought bits of just about every cold cut available, but that can be dangerous for a dog with renal problems. I’ve whipped up cheesy scrambled eggs and on and on and on. Remember that your dog will be feeling very unwell, so whatever you try to hide the meds in needs to be highly flavoured and delicio
  8. Thanks @stellnme. Good to know that it was of benefit to you and your dog . Funnily enough, Mezza hasn’t lost weight which, considering his self imposed extreme diet, is a worry. He is a teeny tiny so the dosage is watched carefully.
  9. Thanks @PepperP. Yes, belly bands have been in fashion at this doggy retirement home for many years. Bitches Britches too . I’ve lost track of the number of seniors I have adopted over the years hence my forum name. @Papillon Kisses, I am worried about the Propalin although from what I have read about effects, appetite loss is the only evident one apart from the two huge throw ups which now are two in 7 days: ie last Sunday and Thursday. Mezza isn’t picky, he is not eating at all even what are generally his favourite foods!! Poor darling Malcolm; he has b
  10. Thanks @Boronia. At the moment, that wouldn’t work because Mezza isn’t eating well. 5 drops is quite a lot so it must taste okay?? Definitely worth following up if we find that Propalin is making him unwell. I’m so worried about my little boy.
  11. Caveat: Mezza has been seen by the vet, bloods and urine samples taken and I am waiting for results which should be available later today. Mezza is a 17 years old Pomeranian whom I adopted 3 years ago from Campbelltown Pound. (Our very own @shmoohelped me with that via Gina Fallon’s Golden Oldies as he was being released only to rescue because of the condition he was in.) Sometime ago, Mezza became incontinent at night and whenever he slept or was just lying around. I was constantly washing bedding, wiping him down and wiping wherever he’d been lying. He became very
  12. Not much worse than having to give meds that hurt or taste really horrible. Hope you can find Annie something that heals and does not hurt.
  13. Champ looks singularly unimpressed by that upstart newcomer
  14. That’s wonderful, @luvmybulldog. Dublin looks a treasure (naughty or not)
  15. Oh you people are just so clever. The trouble shooting gene has missed me by a long shot. Thanks @persephone
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