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  1. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    @PANDI-GIRLthe last photograph we had of Simba showed him racing along the beach with his new Bro
  2. Rose Hip Vital - Experiences Please Any Animal

    Thanks @Sagittarian. Both the dogs on whom I was trying it are overweight. As I said in a previous post, the weight loss was going well until I started using RHV and had to feed them too much because they did not like the taste. I am now trying 4cyte and that is comprised of just tiny little balls which the dogs will eat. Sadly, I saw absolutely no improvement over the nearly four months I had the dogs on the RHV.
  3. Dogs in paintings - Mitchell Library

    Beautiful. And is anyone here old enough to remember Sister Wendy, the nun who used to do tours of art galleries for tv explaining with wild excitement the background, history, artistry of paintings? When I saw this beautiful dog, I immediately thought of her and how she might talk about this lovely creature and the history around him.

    Sad news and happy news. Bit of a roller coaster, but through it all the dogs are given nothing but love and attention to their physical and emotional needs. Well done. Rest easy Bella.
  5. Rose Hip Vital - Experiences Please Any Animal

    I have given up on Rose Hip Vital. The dogs don’t like it and I had to hide it in so much food, Mezza gained nearly 300grams . I am now trying 4Cyte which the dogs will eat on its own and they are given only six little “bullets” of it a day. So if anyone wants to buy one unopened 500g powder and one opened, but hardly used, make me an offer . I paid $100 total for them both.
  6. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    The last food or anything I would feed or try would be something endorsed or promoted by a “celebrity”. I’ve seen enough snippets in the written media debunking just about everything Pete Evans talks about in terms of nutrition. I never knew who he was until I started watching some programs on 7 and was constantly bombarded with advertisements for the kitchen program ...... yet again people behaving in ways that if they did it in public they’d be locked up for being a public menace.
  7. Why it's called a love seat

    All you need now are a couple of chooks and a kitty.
  8. Bindi & Cricket are Getting a new Brother

    What a stunner, @sheena. Love the perfectly symmetrical markings on his head.
  9. This morning at the beach

    How did I miss this ? Absolutely beautiful. Beach + Dogs = pure happiness.

    Wonder if poster is going to come back?
  11. separation anxiety .. one person's idea .

    Love and commitment in action. If it works . . . . . Reminds me of a story I saw about dementia patients being given dolls. It relaxes them and makes them content, cuddling and singing to the dolls. I follow a wonderful organisation in Victoria called Edgar’s Mission (farm rescue) and they have huge teddies and other stuffed toys/animals in the pens and you’ll see pix of all the little animals clustered around snuggling up to these.
  12. Where to advertise

    What a wonderful update, Rascal. You’ve done so well in acknowledging and respecting and acting upon Hugo’s needs for a happy life. There can be no greater love or commitment. I received an update regarding my latest rehoming (also a little orange poodle, but of course he wasn’t mine so a totally different emotional journey). It was a video of Simba racing on a beach with his big poodleX bro. Made my heart sing as yours must be doing knowing how well Hugo’s journey has turned out.
  13. Recommended Boarding Kennels (sydney)

    Jane, this thread is from 2010.
  14. Recommended Boarding Kennels (sydney)

    WTF !!!! Very strange
  15. Cocker Spaniel - update in my post

    This is what we need to remember when we wonder if we could have done more. Whenever I think of what more I might have done for Sari (not a Cocker), I recall a photo I have, by pure chance, when she turned from happily accepting pats and strokes to a snarling, biting, ferocious little dog. I’ll never forget her nor ever blame her.