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  1. These places have their own lines of urns, boxes, etc and, depending on who you chose you will be shown pictures of them for your selection as well as what you want engraved. I imagine jemappelle had difficulty getting a scatter box, because they are much cheaper (and in a lot of cases, prettier) than the urns. Make sure you see written down what you want on the engraving. Happened to me once, but luckily what I had asked for was there in the vet’s order book and the engraving was replaced. I’m about to fall into bed, but tomorrow I will take some photos of the u
  2. Pets at Peace and Pet Rest have to be watched very carefully. Edited to add that there isn’t much choice.
  3. I don’t have my urns on display (would you believe I have 17 since 1997?), but I keep the most recent ones on a bookshelf in the study because I do like to look at them, reminisce and remember how much I loved all these little dogs and one cat. I could not countenance even the thought of burying any of them.
  4. This is such a sad time for you and your boy @giraffez. The day will indeed be very sad, confronting and scary even if you know totally that it is time for him to go. I will try to help with some answers based on my experiences. 1. Talk to your vet to ensure you are comfortable that he/she will make the time as gentle and as smooth as possible. 2. Ask about the companies they use, either for burial or cremation, or interment at your home or whatever you want to happen. Research the companies your vet uses as you are right in that some are better than others and I know f
  5. I am going to get in touch with a member of this forum who is an expert on small dogs and their ailments particularly Chinese Cresteds to come into this thread. @yellowgirl
  6. Poor little pup. She must wonder what the heck happened to her lovely life. Makes me want to cry and wring that owner’s neck.
  7. You must be devastated. Shocking and disgusting thing for them to have done.
  8. It can be so hard and distressing. Best wishes to you and Bob and Bonnie.
  9. And perhaps add: I’ve put this all over social media to warn others about this “dangerous and disgusting” drunk.
  10. Poor baby. Sounds as though he may have a mild case of Haemorragic Gastro Enteritis. Hope your trip to the vets was productive and pup is well on the way back to good health. What breed? Some are more prone than others.
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