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  1. She is looking terrific
  2. You have a name for all seasons, @Kirislin
  3. In another lifetime, I used to be a morning runner. I was miles from home and houses along a secondary road and stopped to look at some lovely birds about 50-60 metres away, two adults and a juvenile. Suddenly, a Stealth Bomber launched itself on an unwavering course straight for me. I probably could have won the marathon that day. I used to live in Brisbane and my run was mostly along Gympie Road. When I neared a school, I used to move onto the median strip hoping to avoid the Magpies. By god, they were terrifying. I used to carry a handkerchief and when I neared the areas
  4. When are we going to get over this stupid nature/nurture debate? It is a combination. We all have our own examples and experiences. My eldest sister and I are four and a half years apart. Because we lived in small country towns in Queensland, when it came to secondary school education we all went to boarding school when we turned 14. My eldest sister was at boarding school for four years and then I went away. Therefore we didn’t live with each other except on holidays for six years. When I look in the mirror combing my hair, brushing my teeth, having a deep and me
  5. This. ^^^ I have one little dog who is generally pretty good, but a lot of the time considers the deck outside. She will go out, run around the deck and head straight for the mat the water bowl sits on and squat. ETA. She only wees on the mat. Has never done #2
  6. @Megan MOrton, no rescue group has the resources to keep anyone in mind when dogs come in for rehoming. It is up to you to find their FB pages and websites and to put in applications when dogs go up for adoption. Due to all the Covid lockdowns you probably need to find rescue organisation in your LGA and follow them.
  7. Please let us know how Indi is. Pyometra is a killer and a quick one Apart from that, I don’t understand your comment that she hasn’t been desexed because she is a rescue dog. In fact, it should be exactly the opposite. No organisation calling itself a rescue would adopt out an undesexed dog unless there was a very very very good reason and, even then, the dog would need to be very closely monitored. You need to go back to them to get some clarity.
  8. I don’t have any insights into what might be Daisy’s diagnosis, but while you are investigating, have you heard of “bitches britches”? Just search on line and you will find them easily. I was in your situation last year with the constant washing of bedding and washing floors and bitches britches and belly bands for my boy saved my sanity. Despite our loving the perpetrators beyond words, it does becoming very tiring and these doggy garments are worth their weight in gold. Many hopeful thoughts to you and Daisy.
  9. I can’t help you, I am sorry. I just wanted to extend my sympathies to you and Ralph and to let you know that we hold you in our hearts. Such a tough time you are going through and I hope that you can get some answers.
  10. 2 months old. Definitely do not remove teeth. He is a baby. AND …. find a new vet.
  11. It rings a bell with me, too, so I guess I must have seen it there. Beautiful people and I hope the dissemination of their story gets them some donations whether they want it or not.
  12. I agree with Rebanne. Start the paper trail. I wonder if the council knows your neighbour is a puppy farm?
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