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  1. Goodbye Zephy Man

    Wonderful wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Bunnies...

    Where do the animals go when they are all grown up and not so cuddly for children?
  3. Goodbye Zephy Man

    As @juice said: Zephyr (and his mates) was a DOL legend, as are you @grumpette with the stories of your wonderful wonderful dogs and the love that poured out from every post, every photograph. Farewell magnificent Zephyr. Such a sad sad day.
  4. I hope little Dutchess lives many many more years so the lonely and difficult ones can be obliterated from her memory.
  5. Anyone want a swimming pool?

    If ever
  6. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets

    What a memory! Yes, they are still on the floor and they adapted very quickly, but I still feel mean and nasty. Sooty wakes up anytime between 1am and 4am and I have to let her onto the bed because there is no way of outlasting the crying becoming screaming if I don’t . Poor Mezza is so jealous. I have nearly weakened several times because of Jeune - she would wander around to my side of the bed and look up at me with such an appeal in her eyes, but one of her lapses was the final straw and I have to remember that. They now all settle down straight away. I miss having them on the bed, but I can get a few hours of unbroken sleep now .
  7. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets

    Dogs are living longer and longer, @PANDI-GIRL, which is why here is so many more medications around these days. As for humans, now that dogs are living longer, all the ailments of old age are being presented and need to be mitigated. When I hear that someone has a small dog aged 11 or 12, I think .... oh that’s young . You’d know from being a DOLer for a long time, that I have always been drawn to the older dogs. My youngest dog now, Sooty, is 14 soon. I still think of Tamar as a puppy, but she turns 16 in January. Mezza is shortly to turn 16 and Bunter is 16/17. Since Jeune and Tamar came to me in 2003 and 2004 respectively, I have had many many more dogs, some only for a couple of years and some only for a few short months . I guess in the past (ie a couple of decades ago) some of my dogs would not have reached the ages they have.

    WOW @jemappelle, that sounds great. Yes, it is Best For Pets. Good to know that you have found it so worthwhile. On every invoice from from my vet there is a large box at the bottom saying how much I would have saved had I been a Best For Pet member. The amount is always $0.00

    Reading further, I’ve come across two quotes from the CE of Choice, Alan Kirkland, that are totally damning of this industry. “Pet insurance is the insurance a business sells when it wants to make money without providing any service at all." “Pet insurance is one of this country’s worst value insurance products. It relies on emotionally manipulating your love of your pet to sell worthless insurance.” Not holding back !!!

    I’ve never taken it out as I’ve always had dogs from pounds and older dogs, but the veterinary clinic I have been going to for over 12 years has sold out to a pet insurance company Edited to say that this company says it is not an insurance company, rather it is a club and you pay an annual membership.

    The ABC is asking for people’s stories: most are thumbs down, but there are some responders who have had a good experience.

    And the winner is .......... Pet Insurance. Choice doesn’t recommend even one. I haven’t read the full articles, just heard it on the news.
  13. DNA test curiosity

    Yep. Don’t rock the boat.
  14. Yippee...Merlin has been found

    Tear here. I think Merlin is going to be one spoilt doggy.
  15. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    So precious x million