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  1. It has taken a while, but finally these beautiful words: “ [name] has advised that she is preparing Sooty’s adoption papers now and will email to you soon." And here is a little video taken a few days ago - it is a bit dark, but the editing functions don’t seem to apply to videos. The strips on the floor is that material used under carpets/mats to stop them slipping. It is a bit sticky and helps stop Sooty’s feet from slipping. She is wearing little toe grips, but they don’t seem to help much. I have had her groomed since this video and she is now sporting lovely little poodle face and top knot. Must get an up to date photo. Dear old Jeune has a small supporting role.
  2. Food suggestions for my old girl

    Excellent news @SarasMum.
  3. Gosh .... long time no see you here. So many little dogs in the pounds down here. What about looking at the FB pages of them or websites? Hawkesbury (Friends of Hawkesbury Pound on FB) Campbelltown (Campbelltown Lost Found Injured Pets) Hopefully others will contribute to the list.
  4. Food suggestions for my old girl

    Report this immediately!!!
  5. Credit due . . . .

    Well, that’s what I thought. Along with: if you don’t ask how can anyone know what you want?
  6. Help with cropping videos

    I’ve been taking videos for various reasons but have found it an excellent way to show the vets what is going on at home with dogs and their various ailments and age related issues. However, they are generally too big to forward to anyone. I’ve worked out how to shorten them, but I don’t really want to do that and was wondering whether there is a way to crop them to make them smaller the same as a photograph can be cropped. Grateful for advice...... but please talk slowly and clearly and in words of one syllable as I am a bit of a numpty with regard to computer speak.
  7. Credit due . . . .

    Syringes arrived this morning . . . . . . together with a
  8. Credit due . . . .

    My very elderly Chihuahua, Jeune (nearly 19), has been on Piroxicam for a couple of years for tumour between her spine and colon. Obviously at her age and the position of the tumour, there was no question of surgical intervention and my vets prescribed Piroxicam to inhibit the spread. This has worked very well apart from the fact that Jeune has lost a lot of weight as she has always been a nightmare to feed. However, the syringes provided by the supplier of the Piroxicam (BOVA) are a slightly different size from the 1ml I order by the 100 to give the other dogs their meds and the printing on them soon wears off. I am a bit OCD with some things and one of them is messy bottles which I end up with when the BOVA supplied syringes wear out and I have to use the others. I’ve thought about doing so for some time, but on the weekend I finally sent them an email telling them of the size difference and how I dislike messy bottles and, of course, telling them how well Jeune is doing. This morning I received a lovely email telling me they were sending me a supply of their syringes in overnight mail. How good is that? So pleased.
  9. Hello again

    There is very little activity on the Rescue forum these days as most orgs have websites and FB Pages. That said, it is nice to see the bits and pieces that do find their ways there.
  10. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    What an understatement of how time flies, K. But it has been a beautiful journey for DOLers too. Such gorgeous puppies and adults and so much love we have been privileged to share.
  11. Custom painting progress of my dog

    What fun. Brings back memories of painting by numbers over 60 years ago. Mum framed a couple of my “artworks” and I’m sorry I threw them out years ago.
  12. Looking to get a rescue great dane again - finally!

    How beautiful Well done .... Zeena’s previous people and now you. She will have a wonderful life.
  13. Food suggestions for my old girl

    As sandgrubber says, dogs can “gum” as well as chew with teeth. My Mezza (tiny Pom) doesn’t have any teeth and he gets Satiety kibble and a bit of home made mix (cooked mince, rice and vegetables). He is fed in a slow feeder he eats so quickly. I have five elderly dogs and, apart from some GI cans and the Satiety kibble, I make their food. I have a big cook up every couple of weeks. With one dog this would be the easiest thing in the world to do probably only once a month.
  14. Am I going crazy?

    God that is sad. People can be such negative knobs. Fancy making comments like that. Perhaps get a t-shirt with some pithy comment telling people to be careful .... your dog will demand kisses and cuddles. Tell them to go volunteer at pounds and see what big softies most dogs are. It is a long time ago now, but I consider the five years I spent as a Saturday morning walker at a pound was the best education a person could ever have. Pitties, Rotties, Irish Wolfies, German Shepherds, Dobermanns ...... I walked them all. I actually had dreams of having a couple of Rotties when I was older and we’d plod around the neighbourhood together. (Dream over as I am now even older and still have five very elderly little dogs .)