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  1. Food Advice Please!

    @MARY H B, I have nearly gone mad over the years with some of my dogs eating barely enough to keep them alive. And I’ve posted exactly the same as you have and spent $$$$$ on trying all the foods and treats in which to bury pills. One of my dogs was impossible to medicate in the normal ways because she was like your Angel - food was something you had to endure to stay alive and there was no way you could force a pill down her throat (I hate that anyway) or put it in food because she wouldn’t eat. I have found success in two ways: 1. For the dogs who are difficult to feed, I crush up tablets in a tiny bit of Nutrigel and home made bone broth and syringe this mixture. 2. With the other dogs who will eat, I also found the skin of roast chicken was 100% fool proof provided the pills were wrapped up tightly so the dogs couldn’t work it around and spit the pill out. All other things, cheese, omelettes, liverwurst, cabanossi, etc didn’t work at all. I’ve stopped using the roast chicken skin as it is very fatty and both the dogs whom I medicated like that are a bit overweight. I now buy human grade chicken mince and bury the pills in that and that, thank goodness, works as well as the roast chicken skin without the calories. In desperation, I also have medication (Anaplex) for the dog who wouldn’t eat and was skin and bone. As she is a fluffy Maltese x Shih Tzu this wasn’t noticeable until you picked her up. My heart used to sink as she was so skinny and a feather weight. Since being on the medication, she is now a good weight (maybe some would say plump ) and when meal times comes, she is bouncing around as if on springs. Anaplex is quite expensive, but worth its weight in gold as it does the trick. I have recently (after seeking advice from my vet,, of course) started giving another of my dogs Anaplex and although it took about a week to kick in, she is now eating so much better. This latter dog is 18 so she is watched extremely carefully and she does have a tumour, but she was going up to two days without eating and losing weight at a frightening rate. She is now eating at nearly every meal; not a lot but enough to stop the weight loss. Hopefully this is of help.
  2. Can Eveyone Please Check Out My Golden Retriever

    I read the whole thread and did not notice the date until @ryansmithnzmade his post. We need a thread “I wonder what happened to . . . . "
  3. Winky is pretty proud of herself

    @Boronia, I can’t open any of your vids - even those on the joke threads . Any ideas??
  4. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    Oh dear. We miss them so much. Your babies are just so beautiful, @grumpette.
  5. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    Sooty weighed in at 3.53kg yesterday. So thrilled. I would guess another 800gm would do it and vet seems to agree as he thinks her ideal weight would be “low fours”. I’ve had to loosen her little collar, so the weight is now starting to be evenly distributed and I no longer get a shock when I feel her hip bones. We even went for a tiny little walk the other day when it was a bit cooler. She seemed to enjoy it. I certainly did: to see her sniffing and walking steadily with confidence was just wonderful. I have some lovely photos for you @persephone but they won’t transfer from my phone to the computer . It should happen automatically, but iCloud seems to be refusing to help !!
  6. Saturday Senior

    Why can’t they give her a bath and a proper clip??
  7. More Monarto Chimps

    Hannah is practising puckering up to shower her baby with kisses
  8. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    Me too
  9. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    I think so.
  10. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    Ebony and Ivory - la la la From this: fullsizeoutput_a64 by Cynthia Waters, on Flickr To this: fullsizeoutput_a77 by Cynthia Waters, on Flickr
  11. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    Nah, @persephone, although it is very sweet of you to say so. I am but a bit player in the scheme of things. Sure there have been a few little doggies over the years, but think of those who have been rescuing and rehoming for years, dealing with the pounds, the ghastly puppy mills, owners who expect someone to take their dog at a moment’s notice because they want to go on holidays, etc etc. I’m glad you feel that way about Sooty; she is remarkable and even the rescuer, who has been around the rescue traps for a long time so has seen more than her share of “cases”, wondered whether we had got her in time. I know for the first few days, I was almost too concerned and worried to go to bed !! As for new comments - I am sure they will all be positive from now on. The vet was pretty impressed with her on Friday. I just hope the news will be as good about me, because, come meal times, Sooty is a real danger to me She keeps her nose on my legs to make sure I don’t get away before the bowl goes down.
  12. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    She sure is. She has a way to go still as her coat is dull and fine, and her skin a bit flakey, but early days still - only four weeks on Sunday night. I was looking at the first photos I took of her and they still made me want to cry.
  13. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    Sooty weighed in at 3.3kg today. Little vid from a couple of days ago: IMG_0581 by Cynthia Waters, on Flickr
  14. WOW! Nearly $13,000 raised already from 201 donations. Fantastic. Hopefully the target of $15,000 will be reached and then blasted through. Hopefully some of that will be used to buy a new couch for Gina with mechanisms to help her stand up.