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  1. @Snook, fair enough but I was so damned upset for that poor little puppy with all that loneliness thrust upon him because someone, although knowing he was too young, “fell in love.” Yes, I know it was harsh and that I’d probably get harsh things said to me. If it gives someone pause and thinks about what they are doing, well I’ll take it. At the moment, I am going over to a help rescuer every couple of days because she has mum and four puppies (see my thread in the Rescue Forum called Megs: Rescued from the streets and her puppies. These puppies turn just four weeks old tomorrow
  2. I want to cry too. What a horrible thing to do. That poor little pup is just a baby and to subject him to what is illegal (puppies should not be sold prior to 8 weeks) is not love, but cruelty. Sadly this poor little darling’s health, happiness and wellbeing are now your responsibility. To show that you can love, go back to the totally irresponsible breeders, purchase one of his siblings, take a fortnight off and give these little ones the comfort and nurture they need to thrive.
  3. Yes, the ache is dreadful. And time is the only solution. Deepest sympathies.
  4. Where did your little guy come from?
  5. Don’t pay until you have the puppy in your arms.
  6. One of the worst and ruinous inventions ever.
  7. We think she and a little boy (Cavalier x Chi and probably the daddy) were dumped because they were suddenly seen in the neighbourhood. The little boy was quickly rescued because he turned up on someone’s deck. He has since been adopted by the vet who saw him. Megs stayed put at a particular house where the people were hardly ever there. She was always running around, but was impossible to catch. As she always went back to the same house, it was assumed she lived there and by the time the family who lived there had been contacted and confirmed she wasn’t theirs, but had just turned up, se
  8. Megs has closed the milk bar. Frank the Tank and Sonny refuse to accept that and little Peaches says: what the heck, I’ll just snooze. Emelio was off being loved by a little human.
  9. Ooooh, excitement. Just had a message from rescuer that the babies all have their eyes open and are trying to push themselves up on back legs. I will be Megs and puppy sitting tomorrow so rescuer can attend a family concert. Can’t wait.
  10. She certainly is pretty @persephone and very needy of her humans. She won’t stay with the pups unless someone is with her - she barks and cries and bashes on the door, poor darling I have been going over to the rescuer’s house to relieve her and spend time with Megs and the pups. We can only surmise what her life must have been like before, but she is crazy for people, so right from the start, we have had no difficulties in handling the puppies although she does do a thorough cleaning job after we have touched them
  11. Babies are two weeks old tomorrow afternoon. Megs is being a bit of a flighty mother - she prefers human company. Puppies are doing well though. Three boys and one girl. The girl is the palest coated one second from left and she was first born. Biggest is first on the right. He was No 3 and has "Buddha’s Thumbprint" on his head
  12. Such a lovely heartwarming photograph. How did the celebratory dinner go? I am sure you all have the best time I love that you have kept us up to date @Debbie Organ. Is there anything that you need? This “adventure” started 8 years ago and I am sure many of us are thrilled to know that John and Carrie are still with you and John looks really very well.
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