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  1. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    Yes, I think so too. I sure as hell hope so.
  2. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    Poor little thing. Nothing funny about being doped to eyeballs.
  3. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    I recall many years ago a dog coming into rescue who was blind from living in a pothead house. The people thought it was very funny to blow smoke into the poor little thing’s eyes.
  4. Italian Greyhounds

    Dearest little Secret. How old is she now?
  5. 91yo mauled to death by 3 dogs - Jervis Bay

    So wrong
  6. Greyhounds

    WOW WOW WOW - JUST WOW That photograph has to be one of the best @Taliecat Must make your hearts sing to see them fitting in so well, bonded so beautifully, and most of all loving you and Mr TC.
  7. 91yo mauled to death by 3 dogs - Jervis Bay

    That goes without saying, but I was responding to the video that LG had posted. And if they have escaped and attacked before, my sympathies for the owner are somewhat tempered. (This may have come out in the video LG posted, but I only read the article, I didn’t listen to the man, because I can’t hear.)
  8. 91yo mauled to death by 3 dogs - Jervis Bay

    Hard to find words really. He is obviously devastated. How do you live with the knowledge that dogs you’ve loved have killed another person? Huge emotional burden.
  9. Tasty food

    Goodness, I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. Some weeks ago, sample packets of dried cat food were being put in people’s letterboxes. Normally, I would just give these to someone with a cat, however, this time I gave it to Jeune. She loved it .... then. Won’t touch it now You’ll find it in cat treats area, called Temptations.
  10. Tasty food

    Your vet.
  11. Tasty food

    @Cat we all know how skilled dogs are at sorting out a pill half the size of a pin head from a walnut sized piece of meat. For Mezza, I have started buying Devon, I slice it really really thinly and roll it up. Works most of the time. For Jeune and Tamar, I crush their tablets in Nutrigel. This has two benefits: they get the goodness of Nutrigel, and because Nutrigel is sticky, they can’t spit it out although I do hold their mouths light closed while they lick it down. Jeune has cancer, too, so she is very thin and I know it won’t be long
  12. Tasty food

    @Cat, I’ve had enormous difficulties finding things my oldies will eat. Check out my thread called “Whatever Jeune Wants .....” I have actually started buying dog roll from Woolies - horrors. I wouldn’t dream of it if they were young, as I feel it is a bit like giving children Maccas or pizzas for every meal. But they really seem to like it. I lightly cook human grade mince with lots of home made bone broth and mix some of that in it. Mine went completely off BBQ chicken too. Good luck finding something to tempt dearest Hamish.
  13. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets - update 16 March

    @Deeds it is something I grapple with every day .... sometimes I think she is telling me it is her time to go and then I’ll see her “skipping” up the stairs.
  14. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets - update 16 March

    Three months on and precious Jeune is still hanging in there. She is very very thin and I am still syringe feeding her. Her stools are normal, she will still take herself downstairs (if I notice this I will carry her down) and soaks up the sun - when it is there. I have found something she loves !!!! Late last night I went shopping and all the bread was gone, so I ended up buying a Brioche loaf. When I cut a couple of slices to toast for breakfast, I gave a little bit to Jeune. As she hoovered it down, I cut some more for her and then a bit more. I am sure she’d like more, but I don’t want to overdo it.
  15. I’m being deluged with Ads about dog beds

    OMG! They are so expensive.