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  1. Did these people have to study at uni long to be able to state the obvious
  2. Did'nt read it , They could of saved heaps of money and just asked what i' and millions of other older dog lovers already knew , Labs are greedy buggers who will eat till they gorge , I can also tell them for nothing . so will my little bitza dog , and feed him the recomended amount once a day say night time , next morning he's looking for food and throwing up white bile , , so he has to have 2 meals a day to stop that , lately because were home more in the colder weather its split into 3 meals , 6am 100 grams ----12-1 pm 100 gms ------ then around 7 pm the last 100 grams , heh presto , no bile , , he's never looking for food anymore , and happy and healthy , There ya go and that info did'nt even have to be funded , ,, can't help but wonder how much it cost for them to state the obvious , labs are a greedy dog I'm basing that on owning a few , plus being brought up with my grandfathers labs , cannot ever remember him not having one , every single one of them called prince has well LOL
  3. Sorry he got caught he means ,, The dog meant a lot to him , Yeh sure did , bet he was thinking about it a lot while he was running away , I'd give him 6 months in the big house to get over his depresion and anxiety , along with a video of the dog being destroyed , he could watch it to cheer himself up ,
  4. Think you done the right thing , it could off worked out OK then again it could of been 15 years of problems and heartache , personaly i would'nt buy that grief
  5. My sister was given one , she loved it large big bundle of fluffy white fur ,, Then it got bigger lucky they live in the country and had a big backyard because walking it became a problem for them , there is only her and my neice and neither were strong or capable enough to walk him , he just dragged them to wherever he wanted to go , lovely dog though that unfortunatly got some desease and died at around 2 ,,, WHAT IT DID DO WAS MAKE THEM AWARE OF WHAT DOG TO GET NEXT they got a little sausage dog (daschund ) , much more suitable to them and there lifestyle
  6. Your never going to stop this because simply theres money involved , I know of a lady , i've only spoke to her a couple of times through mutual freinds , she apparantly bred labradors , i have heard her very vocal in the past totaly against labradoodles , claiming it was byb 's doing the wrong thing for money ect ect , throwing out all the against ideas , not in favor one bit , got to say i agreed with her a lot and could'nt then and still cannot understand why people will pay THOUSANDS for a mongrel she was always happy to hear my opinion , my wifes freind payed 5 grand for one ,, 5 GRAND FOR A MONGREL WITH HEALTH ISSUSES . Anyway that was then , now is now and she's changed her whole ideas and attitudes , now its great there introducing a new breed , there doing a great justice for the dog world and all the other associated rubbish , but what changed her mind , thats an easy one , she bought herself a poodle and now sells labradoodles charges nearly double than she did for the labs has well , she don't like me any more because i just casually said its amazing what 5 grand a pup can do for your mindset LOL .
  7. Mmmm ,, Like i've said numerous times , i don't now or ever , breed or show dogs , but looking at your post of what you have to go through , if i wanted too i just would'nt be bothered with all that , makes me wonder in there aim to stop byb are they throwing the baby out with the bath water , it looks to me that there actually encouraging it ,I can feel sorry for the person up the road with a genuine love for there breed on what they would have toi go through , it would be very off putting ,
  8. I think Honeyhound is just pointing out , the lies and deception that some breeders will go to , this paticular person i would'nt call a breeder , but still theres some for want of a better word , proper breeders out there , who's only concern is the dollar , the dogs come second and thats A FACT .
  9. I don't have this dilima , because i break it down to easy choices , if i want a dog its simple , i ask myself do i want a big or small dog , in the past its usually a big dog , then i ask myself what type , , , pedigree or mongrel , to me theres only two types a purbred which is a pedigree WITH PAPERS (prove ) or a mongrel , a dog without papers or prove , it could well be a pedigree , but it could also have something else without papers , (prove ) i would'nt know sometimes I then look and its simple , theres the dog wheres the papers , no papers , i'm not paying top dollar , they can sprout all the rubbish they want about mains and no mains registered , , Far has i'm concerned if i'm buying a pedigree I WANT PAPERS , why am i so adamant thats easy , because that dog is MY POSSESION and if i want to show the dog , or breed the dog then i will simple has that , but in order to do so i need papers (prove ) its that simple , now with saying that i've had some beutiful dogs over the years (pedigrees ) and i've even had the breeders ask me will i bring my dogs back and breed them they have turned out so good , , but breeding and showing has no interest for me so i've never done it my dogs are purely pets . All in all its a pedigree with papers or its not a pedigree , and that should reflect in the price , want to buy the offsprng of last years cruft champion , be prepared to pay top dollar , want to buy a dog of gumtree with no papers , well you pay what YOU think its worth ,, don't give this backyard breeder your money , me i'd say heres my phone number give me a ring if you get stuck with 3-4 puppys , i'll take one and give it a good home but only for free . Don't encourage bad breeding , these people obviously don't know what there doing its about the dollars . Suppose while i'm ranting i'll mention another pet hate , Breeders who have dogs , breed from them 3 -4 whatever times , make good money on them and when there older , want to0 get rid of them to make room for more breeding stock , then advertize them has wanted a good home to take care of this precious dog , , yeh right that precious its got to go , but then ask thousands for someone else to have the privilige of then bringing an older dog into there home , having to usually house train it often not being able to becuase its lived its live in an outside kennel new owners getting an older dog , which is not going to live that long and will come associated with higher vets bills , , but they still want thousands , Grrrr it pisses me off , when looking for an older dog because were now becoming an older couple this is what i found , so called breeders who love there dogs but loved there dollars even more , ridiculous prices for dogs they did'nt even want anymore , personally i don't have a problem ranting about this BECAUSE to some (ME ) a dog is like familly IN FACT IT IS PART OF THE FAMILLY AND I COULD'NT GET RID NO MORE THAN I COULD GET RID OF ONE OF MY KIDS , to others a dog is just a buisness , when i was working i sdid'nt have any problem or conscience about getting rid of a worker if they did'nt suit could'nt do it with my pet though
  10. When at the vet , last week , had a good chat with the vet , he said he's happy with his diet , this batch mixed veg , and roo mince , has long has i cook the mince , which i always do cook his meat , i asked if it would be better to give human grade mince , he said no he's happy with roo provided its COOKED ,, he also suggested , give him a egg once twice a week , which i already do , and every now and then poor some olive oil on his food , i already cook the meat in olive oil and do sprinkle a spoonfull over his food every now and then , so all in all good to know i'm on the right track .
  11. I'll try human grade meat , more of it less veg , tried pet chicken mince , couple hundred dollars vet bills later , vet said it was no good too much bacteria giving him problems , better on cooked roo mince , but human grade mince is'nt much different in price , don't really care about cost , vets are not cheap , i know today before i even get there , its going to be consult walk in door $90 .. take swab of his ear and look at it $80 , antibiotics $80 steroids $80 and if he can catch me out again , which they will not . ear wash i can buy at petbarn for $40 his charge $85 .
  12. Remember has a kid we always had dogs , they were mine so my job to feed them , and i cannot remember anything except opening a can of pal , chappie , chum , i suppose we were poor so they got the cheapest plus any scraps left over .my old man would always say good enough for us good enough for a dog , and if they turned there nose up at it they got the same treatment has us kids , eat that or nothing be grateful for what you got .Very strict parents who really believed in the old saying s , like get what your given , be thankful for what you got , ect Point being i can't ever remember having a sick dog , later on in life ALL MY DOGS , have been healthy eating kibble mainly , except for 2 boxers i had in the good old days of cheap meat , a friday on way home from work and pop into the abattoirs , pick up 20 kilo or so of rump steak , spend a couple hrs cutting it into chunks and feed it the dogs , my mother in law used to go bunta , she thought it was sacrilige because in England where she come from , she said they could'nt afford meat , changed has'nt it . Fast forward to now and i'm at the vets AGAIN in a couple of hrs , poor dogs got more licking paws , shaking head and lay down feeling sorry for himself , probably another ear infection , , i blame it on partly bad breeding and partly dog food , reason i say dog food , is because although he still gets it , the symptoms don't come has often since i now make his food , usually , 3-4 veg pumkin / sweet potatoe / beans / carrotts , and cooked roo mince usually mix up around 3 kilo of veg with 3 kilo cooked roo mince . . If this is a bad diet i'm open for suggestions , he gets distictivly worse on kibble ,, Personaly i'm at wits end with this dog , he's 10 now but will definetly be the last small dog i get if i ever get another that is , facts are if i was to jump back 30 years i could'nt afford this dog , he's cost more in vet bills than all my previous dogs put together
  13. Agree 100% with this , , my little dog , in fact ALL my dogs has been taught leash time is fun time , this little fella soon has he see's his leash wants t get on it , if i let him off he runs around me jumping up , wanting to get back on it , if he is off , i only have to hold it in the air wave it and shout walkies , and he's back like a shot sitting down wanting it on , very very important you teach a good recall , then you can put him back on BEFORE the play becomes over whelming for him , But personaly i would just never go to a dog park , with saying that i do go to a dog beach but thats 3 kilometres long and only really really busy in summer , and i NEVER go then , say 3pm to 7 pm , to much of what your describing going on .
  14. 6 month old , tell him NO, nows the time to teach him , no if buts or maybees , he has to learn to behave . Good luck
  15. I think your correct , people do not relize a lead is not natural and just do not spend the time with them to teach . I know EVERY SINGLE PUPPY i have ever owned , has had a leash put on it for a short while daily just to drag around , get them used to it , every single dog to start with has never gone out unless on a leash with a big deal made out of get your lead , get your lead , walkies , i have always spent a lot of time teaching them lead time is fun time we go out , even going to the car , its lead on , get in car lead off , before we get out its settle and lead on , My current dog will rarely walk without his lead , , he gets excited , and wants it on , when on my houseboat and out bush where he can go off and run around , he will not go off the boat unless i put him on the leash and take him off . I can walk him out of the house , off the boat wherever , and he just walks jumping up at his leash he wants it on However i do use a retractable lead with him , but never on the road , then its short ALWAYS , on our own , on the beach i use it because he simply will not move away from me unless he's on it crazy really , , but long leashes ( usually long long rope , tied to the leash ) i've always used to teach a dog recall. . I may also add this current dog is a small little white fluffy thing , mixed breeed of some thing or another , and not very strong , i have never and would never use a retractable lead with any of my previous dogs because they have all been large , them i just taught to love being on lead because it was fun and lots and lots of recall training , i think a lot of people don't know the fun you can get from training your dog , to come , fetch , sit , down, heel , ect ect . Got 8 grandkids various ages , and the youngest ones now , love coming around , and hiding , while i send the dog to find them , and its something that the older grandkids used to love , when other dogs i owned , used to do it with them , I used to do it with my boys when they were kids , tell them to hide and send the dog to find them , In fact i can go back to when i was a kid , and used to do it with my mates , play hide and seek in the scrub and send my dog to find them , always border collies , they were the only dog my old man would have in the house , people have forgot dogs are fun
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