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  1. Couple of years old probably resolved by now , but my take on this after owning rotties , sheperds and other big dogs ,is simple this owner bought a breed that are big bold and can be agrresive and simply just cannot control it , how it acts in the house proves this put simplyy they just shoulld,nt own this sort of dog
  2. Lol,,, The rottys died years ago i certainly never blamed any of the dogs, i blamed my wife , i think her nervousness when out on her own the dogs could sence it and got protective, she was always very nervous especielly after the female attacked another dog , when its owner stopped for a chat , it did get to the stage where i stopped the wife walking the dogs in the street on her own ,and instructed her only to take them to the dog beach and immidietly unleash them , just walk and let them follow and play with other dogs , both the rottys would generally ignore other dogs and just cas
  3. Just wondering how you did with the dog , was it fixed , Made me wonder if it was you not the dog ,, reason i say that is in the past i've always had big dogs , 2 boxers who were so obeidient i did'nt even need a leash , then a massive sheperd , who was good with or without the leash ,, then we had rottweilers , one a male , the later one a female , each and eveyone of these dogs were great on and off lead , they were all gentle giants ,, but when the wife took the rottys for a walk , they were different , epseielly the female rotty , she was such a loving gentle dog , we found
  4. Don't know if you got a dog yet , But for mr the ideal dog for you would be a blue heeler , fit the match superbly , except they do shed a lot , we have a maltese cross , great companion , but is a bit needy and a bit too much of a suck , although getting better , actually chooses to sleep in its bed now rather than wanting to get on ours ,, well to be honest we have been told it could be a Lhapps Apso , which would be the reason ours is a great watchdog , a suck but he barks only when theres someone there never yaps ,rest of the time just wants to sit with you or on your lap , loves exce
  5. I think a lot depends on the dog , I owned a long haired german shepard , which was the BIGEST and i mean BIGGEST shepards you have ever seen , it was like a small lion , But yet i seen that dog run grab a bird , when i seen it and told it to drop , the bird flew off , only for Sam to lunge and grab it again in mid air , i said drop and he did the bird , (sparrow ) flew off . Supose we have been lucky , my 2 year old used to ride him , he grew up with my youngest , and lived till he was 16 , the dog used to lie down while he sat on his back and then get up and walk , Next 2 dogs were ro
  6. I think your going to be happy with any dog , sounds like you will be a good owner , In a previous post i recomended a stumpy tail cattle dog , but unless your going to be home with it , i'm not too sure i'm finding mine likes to be with people all the time and is getting a bit destructive if left alone for too long . So going back to the draweing board , i would reccomend a Rottie , that is based on the fact after owning 2 for a total of 16 years they are a good dog and do not mind being on there own during the day ,, at least mine did'nt ,
  7. I've had 2 shepards ,, 2 boxers 2 rottys , 1 staffy over the last 40 years or so ,, the rottys were my favorite , because they were the best behaved , shepard used to go other dogs , but if they nipped him he would run away , which was good , the staffy was great but too freindly , if he seen someone a mile away he would be gone and wanting to play , boxers were both terrific dogs but they were scrappers , which made it hard to take them for walks seen another dog they wanted to fight , The royttys were great , noble alert and aloof , , the Aloof part being the best because they
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