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  1. It would really annoy the hell out of me to think that this breeder had conned me , possibly if it had been returned conned someone else and been paid twice ,, i honestly would get all the info together , get a letter from my vet explaining what the dog had , how long ect ect ,, document it all together with a list of phone calls , letters , ect ect ,, pay a couple of hunfdred dollars more and take them to the small claims crt , no lawyers allowed , just you and them and hopefully a judge who see's the breeder for what they are
  2. Gee i've been lucky in 50 years of owning dogs , never had one thats been scared of storms , fireworks , cars , lawn mowers , or anything like that ,, I live on the coast , and come winter the high light of living here is the storms ,, mostly early hrs of the morning , they will often wake me up and i get up open all the front blinds and the doors to the balcony , turn all the lights of and sit watching the storms and lightning ,,, the bigger the storm the more i like it watching the lightning light up the room and the sky , followed by thunder loud enough to make you think the house is shaking my little maltese cross we have now , where will he be ,,, sat alongside me or on my knee , not giving a care in the world , in fact sometimes if i'm inside watching , he''ll toddle off on the balcony and watch himself ,,
  3. HOW TRUE I've owned big dogs all my life, boxers , shepards , rottys ( my favorites ) heelers , close favorite to the rottys and every single one has obeyed every thing i say , and with no training has such , just over time they learnt sit, stay , come and OUT when it was time ,, my rottys especielly i did'nt even have to command them to go out , just a look and a glance and point at the door and off they would go all off them have been good on or off the leash , when i said heel they would bound back and go to heel , i think they want to know who's boss and then want to please you , well thats the only answer i can think off because i never had any formal training on how to train a dog and i never took any of them to training schools just spent a lot of time with them . Today i was at a freinds house and they have there second minniture shnauzer , there first had to be locked away when people came it was a biter ,, this second one was misbehaving its 12 month old , and they were shocked at how i could get it to sit , and behave in a few minuites , i just explained he has to learn No means NO , Inside 15 minuites it was sitting , giving me its paw , and roling over for a treat , they were amazed ,, but like i said to them its a dog not a baby treat it has such and a treat is the best way , Yet i have a small fluffy little white thing , bit of everything , and even though he's well behaved , he will not do a thing i say , just completly ignores me when he gets a mind too
  4. Don't mess about ,, get a letter of the vet , go down and take a summons out in the small claims crt , document every letter, phone call and tex you send , and send plenty reminding her of her obligation also tell her you are seeking a return on vets bills ,, ,, stuff her , what do you think she would do if you paid by cheque and it bounced , treat her the same ,,,, Some love to play holier than thou , defending there high prices because of heart checks , hip checks ect ect ,, and these breeders that charge the high prices and don't do the checks , are ruining it for everyonbe other breeders has well
  5. You were sensible enough to know what you done was the right thing , and too be honest the trained gaurd dog thing , with a dog that barks consistently sort of says it was'nt getting the correct training , coupled with the fact that she was too strong for you ,, well sort of indicates problems , later , not trained properly too strong for owner bad mix ,,, if she's with someone who spends a lot of time with her she will probably love it there ,, , sems like your an excellent dog owner , you just got the wrong type of dog , lots of more suitable dogs out there
  6. Totaly correct ,, If someones looking for a dog they want a dog , and 9 out of 10 times these people would'nt know what questions to ask ,, someone wants a springer spaniel ,, they might ask , what color are the pups , what sex ,, but i doubt there going to ask , does it have one ear longer than the other , or are the parents good gun dogs with soft mouths , are the pups used to shotgun fire , have they been in the water to retrieve or are they scared of water , No its likely to be , color , sex and PRICE , what order will differ , and too be honest any breeder who got shirty with me because i asked the price , i would'nt buy of them ,, i'd just think they put money before the dog , so can't be trusted ,,,
  7. Interesting . you mention GSD remember years ago , probably 20 --- 25 years ago ,, out of curiosity going to a show of sorts Shepards only ,I was looking for one to buy , 95% of the dogs i was looking at , too be honest looked wrong , hump backs , too much of a slope , narrow skinny faces ,,, then i come across two absolutly beutiful strong excellent looking dogs they were not together , , i aproached the owner of this big male , had a discusion , with him , and he then told me the other one i admired was his dogs pups , ,, HE TOOK ME RND TO HIS HOUSE AND SHOWN ME HIS OTHERS , HE HAD ABOUT 5-6 , the big male was a german import ,, he shown me the mother she also was a german import marvelous looking dogs , unfortunatly for me no pups available , he only bred the one litter ,, Anyway i said to him , bet you get sick of winning these shows , ,, never won one he said , i was shocked , what about that pup he's marvelous i said surely he'll win today ,, never do he said thats why i'm getting out of it ,, he said ,,, i said to him most these other shepards don't even look like a proper shepard , more like skinny jackals , his answer was ,, they tell me there looking for fine dogs like them ,, i spoke to a few other owners who said we breed them fine nowadays ,, this was bred with that and that was bred with this ,,, i quickly relized , that most these people did'nt have the money and recources to bring in good stock , so bred with there mates and then started to change the awards to suit themselves ,,, make of this what you will , but i can honestly tell you , EVERDAY of the week , i watch people walk past my house , with shepards i live right opposite the dog beach , and everyday i look at the poor things and think they look deformed , most have skinny snouts and bigger hunchbacks than the fella who rings the bells ,, shame really , then i watch a police dog , on tele and think thats a shepard , . Another thing with them , the very things that made them a great dog seem to being bred out of them , ,,, Not meaning to start a argument here , but i believe its all to do with breeders playing police , taking dogs of main registar , and why ,, to save the world or to protect there income , different people different views i suppose
  8. Hard one really , i'm sure a contract is a contract , and it will be covered ,, think if it was me though , i'd probaly sell the puppy again which i'm sure the breeder will do ,, and sling them back 500 bucks , keeping 500 for them wasting my time and just being imbiceles , then i would be really REALLY GLAD it happened and my puppy was'nt going to such an idiot ,,, Thats like wanting kids , then putting your new born in the bin , because no one told you they cry and want feeding at night Imbiceles
  9. Honestly , there dogs , and has much has we all love our dogs , its worth bearing in mind that they are dogs ,,, This one has bit the other so badly its lost an eye , now you can give it all the medication you want , you can see all the dog behavourists you want , but the facts are your never ever going to be able to leave them all alone and not be suprised if it happens again and he loses the other eye , then after that an ear , ,,, My son had a little shitzu cross that used to attack the other little dog he had , , so he gave it away to his brother , its now perfect a beutiful little dog , but first it had to learn its place in its new home , his brother has a blue heeler , and the shitzu went for that has well , virtually the first day it arrived , the heeler put it in its place , and every now and then when he feels brave , the heeler puts it in its place , you just have to remember its a dog not a human , and they need to know there place , its just showing who's leader of the pack and it will carry on doing so , If a dog attacks other dogs or people give them to someone who can control them or change its enviroment ,,, , like i said we all love our dogs but some people think there people not animals , and a daily doze of prozac will fix things , , having a dog which you can't trust with the other dogs or people , i'm afraid just is'nt fun , or worth it , there would be lots of homes out there where he wil be took care off has a one dog familly member , or like in my sons case with another dog he cannot boss or hurt .
  10. Its a hard one , theres 5 sides to the story ,, Rescue dogs are fine , , i've had 3 from the pound including my current dog , all have been great dogs . However if you want a specific type of dog because it suits your needs or you just like the look of them , well expect to pay more from a breeder . Now once that is established breeders , spend copiious amounts of money we all know that and are entitled to a return and maybee even a profit ,, we all know that has well its not rocket scence , Now how much should you pay ,, for me if i want a dog for showing which is going to be good enough for the crufts dog show , i would expect to pay BIG MONEY , and then expect the dog to be on mains regitrar , with the papers and pedigree to back it up , and after i / it the dog won the crufts show , i would expect to get some money back from its pups , But if i bought a dog from jack up the road who just likes great danes , owns two , puts them together and then tells me he's a responsible breeder , and thats why his pups are 6 grand each , well sorry jack unless you give me mains registrar , i'm not giving you 6 grand,, i would also want a good pedigree , and too see that jacks two dogs are a good example of the breed ,,, Now Jack can get has shirty has he likes but for me , its simple ,, breeders of good dogs especielly show dogs are proud of what they have acheived and whaen asking big money are proud there offsprings are producing champion dogs , when the purposly do not want you to show or breed there dogs , that just says closed shop ,, go on bugger off i don't want you breeding and selling pups to cheap , because at the moment i can get 5 grand a pup with no or little money spent and big returns and i don't want competition , Now they will call you a BYB and defend themselves all day long but the facts are most of them are BYB , like i said quality dogs will reflect the price , and if i want a dog to show or breed from , then i will expect to pay big money but for a pet , nope not me i'd certainly look for a rescue dog . But the price of dogs being very high , its really just a case of supply and demand , In days gone by you wanted a German Shepard or a rotty , if you wanted a pedigree champion you went to an established quality breeder if you did'nt well there was always the trading post you could go buy one from , because Jack and Jill had two shepards that had pups ,, thats no longer there or not much , so you have to go too a registered breeder ,, who polices the rules by refusing to sell on mains registrar and insisting you get the pup desexed ,,, But bear in mind they are dog breeders no police ,, now bear in mind in SA , its illigal to buy a dog from a breeder and not desex it UNLESS you become a registred breeder yourself ,, so the laws are there there is no need for breeders in SA to give themselves a badge and police the law ,, the only reason for insisting on ltd registra is simple ,, CUT OUT COMPETITION .. But like i said if Joe Blo spends thousans and thousands , producing award winning show dogs he can expect a return on his money thats fair ,,, If his neighbor Bill spends thousands importing working German Shepard lines to be bred for security , don't expect these dogs too be cheap , you will get what you pay for ,, the problem is'nt with these people its with the others that just register with the appropriate assoc , call themselves reptable breeders and really just offer poor sub standard dogs for ridiculous prices , and to defend them,selve quote the figures that the good breeders spend
  11. Wow .... I think you know the answer , you.ve got a loaded gun there all ready to fire , its just going to need the right circumstances and it will be Whoops , sorry your honor , i did'nt really think he would tear the calf muscle of a tradie , or Sorry Sam , i knew i should of got rid of him ,,,, You know what to do you don't really need anyone on here to tell you ,,,, With saying all that i blame the rescue group , the fact that they had to watch you and the dog for so long means they KNEW that dog was'nt suitable for rehoming , not everyone is Ceasr Milan ,, and a dog that bites especielly one that bites through fear or pain is a potentially dangerous weapon ,, If you paid for him i would be asking for my monbey back , they took advantage of your good nature
  12. I have had dogs from the rspca , over the years , and they have been good dogs , but that was 25 plus years ago , my current dog is from the rspca , i ahd been looking for a dog preferably a rescue dog , for a while and noticed how few there were , I quickly relized they were not keeping dogs for long most of the local shelter kennels were used for boarding , and only seemed to keep a few , just enough to be the rspca and get the grants ,, I came across my little fella the first day he came in , in fact i was there when they brought him to his kennel for the first time and put in public , i straight away went to the office and said i'll have him ,, only to be told he had a hold on him , one of the girls working there wanted him , fair enough , but i insisted they put my name down has a second , 5 days later i was back again looking for a pet , still only the same 5-6 dogs in , plus him , speaking to another volunteer about him she told me the other girl decided she did'nt want him , i went to the office and reminded them i was the second hold , , next day i got a call to come and get him ,, But guess what ,, i was told because he was such a cutie and they would have no trouble selling him the normal standard fee of $350 at that time did'nt apply , i would have to pay an extra $150 dollars ,, I payed it , but it left a sour taste , it was'nt about the dog going to a good home it was about money . I can gaurantee you if you go to my local shelter , you will only find 5-6 scared little cross breeds , at the back of the kennel , who i'm convinced are only there to meet requirements for grants ,, ,
  13. Its simple really DO NOT TRUST AN ANIMAL 100% ,I've never been without a dog my whole life , just never been a time in my life when a dog was'nt there , I took in a blue heeler 18 months old he was / is a fantastic dog , he was brought up by a single mother with a child and a baby , she had to find a home so i took him , what a great dog he turned out to be , so much so that when my son went looking for a dog and he had two todllers i insisted they take him , i knew he was a great familly dog , 7 years later they still have him , his best mate is my youngest grandaughter he follows her everywhere she's 18 month old , she sleeps he snuggles up and sleeps with her , she eats , he paitently waits for her too share her food with him ,, but guess what we still do not totally trust him , he's a animal a dog so you always have to watch ,, my little maltese cross , is the most gentle dog in the world , but i don't trust him around real small kids , he gets excited around them and will play a bit rougher than he will with adults ,, love them , look after them , but never ever completly trust them , Just remember they are dogs not humans , and just like humans , they can snap ,, ,,, example , 30 odd years ago i had two boxers ,mother and son , i got from the pound , well trained , great freindly dogs , everyone loved them , but one time out with me they were both on the leash in a busy street , and for no reason at all both at excatly the same time , took off across the road , they darted that quick and fast , they just pulled out of my hand , run across a busy road , nearly getting run over , and baled up some bloke , out of dozens of shoppers it waas this one guy , they baled him up growling at him i run across got there leads apolagised and just did'nt have a clue why , they chose this fella , but choose him they did , never ever before or after had they shown any agresion whats so ever , but it just went to show , there animals and you always have to watch closely no matter how good they are .
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