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  1. Think you will find the more time goes on the more they will , especielly in Aust , ,and it will not be through lack of money to buy them , the oodle outbreak has shown that people are willing to pay through the nose for a dog they want , I went to pick my dog up yesterday from his every 6 week haircut and while waiting was looking at all the dogs there in the doggy day care , Ooodles outnumbered every thing probably 4 to 1 , my daily walk or morning fishing trip to the dog beach i see dozens of them very very rarely see a doberman or a rotty , anymore , , I know breeds do the circle in popularity , but i think breeders are not helping themselves with the ltd registar stuff
  2. I do not have a problem with this breeder or ANY breeder having a waiting list and asking top dollar , no problem at all , whats more to an extent i can understand the not for breeding clauses they may have , WHY well the answer is simple if this or any other breeder is willing to import , dogs or seman at huge costs , they are entitled to get rewards for it no one can begrudge them and why should they pay out just to let someone else come along and profit from there expense , no thats all fair , but it must be relative to the charge , Now i personaly rightly or wrongly do think a dogs looks are important , show me a scraggy looking shepard with a long thin snout big hunchback on the virge of dragging its back legs and i'll show you a dog i could , would never own , show me a big strong , good looking one and i would want to own it , .regards these dogs i like the look of them , and too be honest , i don't but if i did want one i would probably do my homework and end up has customer num 41 on the list , with the expectation the dog if ever i get one is going to cost me a fortune , BUT and theres always a BUT i would feel the dog is mine and if i want to breed or show it , there should be NO RESTRICTIONS and like i said relative to the charge , if said breeder said look i sell mine for $10.000 it costs a fortune to do what i do , and i want to recoup money , fair enough but you should not be restricted from recouping your money , if said breeder said look this ones not show quality , bit of a runt really but a lovely dog , so you can have him has a pet for say $4000 thats fair enough after all not everyone wants to show or breed , thats excatly how i bought my shepard years ago he was long haired and i believe at the time it failed him from showing , but who cared he was what i wanted , big strong and good looking , i paid at the time $500 for him but her other show dogs were all going for around $1000 , i also got papers for him , they just got stuck in the draw and brought out occasionaly to show and brag what a good pedigree he had , he was the perfect dog lived till 18 has well But i'm not silly if i want to own the offspring of this years winning dog at the crufts show , i would be willing to pay through the nose , likewise , if i wanted to own what i consider nice looking shepards , and went to purchase one from someone who imports german working dog lines i would expect to pay top dollar , i actually have in the past and been very happy too , just like my car , my boat, my motorbikes , they have all been purchased because i like the look , dogs are no exception , , but i do have an issue with people who grab any two dogs put them together and breed ugly dogs with no traits of there breed and then have the cheek to charge massive amounts and put restrictions on what you do with your dog , and use the responsible breeder rubbish has an excuse to do so , But people / breeders whoever cannot complain dog lines are dieing then place restrictions on them being bred , and its only the bad . cheap breeders who will suffer the quality dogs will always sell .
  3. What health testing was done on both dogs prior to the mating or did you just hope for the best? This is why breeders put desexing contracts in place in an attempt to prevent irresponsible breeding like this. Sure, you might've been lucky and the pups were fine, but it's a completely unnecessary risk to take by not health testing dogs prior to breeding, especially in breeds with known health issues. Wires have a horrible recessive disease which has considerably shrunken their gene pool. Carriers can only be mated to clear and many breeding wires that I know of are mostly carriers and with numbers so small and importing very costly, litters are scarce. And yes, a carrier x carrier mating could produce unaffected puppies, but it's not worth th Well it was over 25 years ago , and i'm guilty has charged , was extensive testing done , NO but mine was a very healthy well mannered great dog , which is why i wanted a pup of him , the girl he was mated with was the same , my vet at the time knew both dogs and said it was a great match they should have good pups which they did . they were mated , i picked a fantastic pup . they kept 2 pups and sold the rest , getting enough money to pay for all expenses , they were actually sold quite cheap at the time , the 2 dogs they kept went on to win shows , , and do well in the showing buisness , everyone who was lucky enough to get one of these pups were freinds , who admired both dogs , They were not bred for money or profit but for temprement and looks and it was agreat success . . However i can understand the need for testing , ESPECIELLY when dogs are not part of the familly and kept in pens in a yard just meeting there breeder / owners a hour or so a day , BUT would i believe them Not a chance in hell ,, i've watched the GSD go down and be ruined , turned into a hunchback looking deformed dog with non of the GSD temptrement that rin tin tin , and co are famous for ,,, i visited a kennells with labradors the other week , actually it was to buy something they were selling and when i got there they had about a dozen dogs all in kennells and each with a big run , i spent time looking at them and asked the price told between 5 and $6500 , depending which dog ,, they all looked like very poor examples of a lab , small skinny , shy and timid , . Do i really believe this breeder spends on testing , not on your life , still i was guilty has charged , whats mor my sons dog a heeler is such a great dog but getting old now , and we have often said its a shame that he's been desexed , because if he was'nt we would both want one of his pups for sure , but i know for a fact he was desexed young because it was part of the sales agreement the young girl who bought him had to do , suppose that breeder could of been thinking she was protecting the breed i thnk she was protecting her part time income source
  4. Well I can see it happenning to a lot more breeds , , years ago i bought my dogs from breeders , i did'nt want to show or breed , just wanted a certain breed and that was the way of ensuring i got a breed with the traits what i wanted . BUT it was my dog , i went along i looked at the kennels , looked at the dog and looked at the breeder , checked it all out , i suppose the breeders also looked at me see if i was suitable , i handed over cash they handed over the dog , i also got given there papers , and whats more i expected them , after all i was paying for a pedigree i wanted to make sure i got what i paid for a pedigree dog with a checkable background / breeding , furthermore , once the deal was done it was my dog to do what i want with , if i wanted to show it part time i could , if i wanted to breed it with my mates dog i could . I never did show any dog , but ONCE i did breed my rottie with someone elses , because i wanted a pup and i wanted one of his pups i got pick of the litter . The other person , kept two herself and done well with them in the showring Fast forward 20 years and theres definetly a snobbery about , breeders with this mains and non mains rubbish , are just killing there own industry , thers NO WAY would i pay out thousands of dollars and be told i have to de sex my dog certain dogs i would'nt even look at i'll be specific , GSD , no way would i buy one most are scrawny hunchbacks that look deformed , thats had all the good traits bred out of them , now others like the WFT may still have there traits but where you gonna get one , how much is it going to cost has stated above , the breeder has a waiting list of 40 people , and charges $5000 , BET YOU A PENNY TO A POUND , THAT THERE NOT ON MAINS REGISTRAR , AND need to be desexed , after all with that sort of waiting list why would you want competition . . My last two dogs have been one from a young girl who had to get rid of her 10 month old stumpy tail , due to moving house , i took him the day before he was going to be put down , she could'nt find a home for him , my son has him , he's 10 now and still a great dog , and the present one from the pound over 7 years ago . would'nt mind another dog a bigger one , that can come out with me fishing and camping ect , but each time i've gone out to buy one i changed my mind when told , what i can and can't do with my dog , . Granted some breeders are ethical and just want to do the right thing , but i believe most are just protecting there side income source ,
  5. He is but its selective deafness , such has when i come in and he's asleep on my chair , i say c'mon Ollie off my chair , he's deaf then , rest of the time he could hear a mouse tip toeing half a mile away , LOL
  6. We all know that thunder , lightning scares dogs , last night we had some real big thunder , sounded like a bomb , and lightning which lit up the lounge , it came in around 1 am , Our little dog , which usually runs and hides if anyone raises there voice , was asleep in his basket , next to the window , now we have floor to cieling glass windows , stretching right across the lenght of the lounge . When the thunder came in, it woke us up and the wife said to me , you better go get the dog , he'll be scared , , bring him in and put him on the bed with us she said , so i toddled off to the lounge to get him . it was a great show , lightning strikes , big explosions , and where was the dog , lay at the window fast asleep , not a care in the world , thinder shook the window it was that loud , lightning lit up the room , so much so i sat in the chair turned it to face the window and sat and watched the show , . what did the dog who hides if you raise your voice do , woke up , looked at me , jumped on my lap and went back to sleep , LOL
  7. Until this dog i always owned 2 dogs , at a time and never had the problem , i will admit though that except for one stage a staffy and a shepard , it was always big dogs , 2 boxers , GSD - rotty , 2 rottys , i also in honesty usually took both out , But when i did take one out it was always quite simple , never grabbed a lead until i had put one out the garden ,they know don't they , then simply gone out ,, mind you like i said they were all big dogs , and they were not clingly like the little one we presently have, Which too be honest clingy is the reason i would never have another small dog
  8. Terriers are great , but they are terriers , i love the Aussie terrier , poodles , don't know much about them , neighbors got two he loves them , although there not show dogs and i was actually suprised they are poodles , i was same has most poodles look gay , LOL . German shepards , great dogs , little maltese cross , rottys , great dane , bedlington , you name it , if he likes the look of it he's a dog lover he's gonna love it because the dog will mould to him and he will mould to the dog , , however when theres little traits you don't want , (long hair ) nose to ground and bugger off , whatever if the dog has these traits he considers undesirable , it will make it harder so my sugestion , and i thought of this before i even finished reading your post was simple , maybee a little bigger but not has active , A RETIRED GREYHOUND , lovely dogs , i will say not for me i would never have them but seems like the perfect dog for him , because he does something i don't , he likes the look of them ,
  9. I'm not sure so i'll ask whats the drug for , if its to help with its obvious anxiety run away from you problem , its not working , so in that case i think i would personaly off gone with the prescibed double dose see if that works , if it did'nt i would'nt waste my money on medication that does'nt work , and definetly give it a go without medication Regards the vet , think i would of just made a quick phone call and said ,, Heh , sorry to bother you , but think you made a mistake with the script , any chance of me picking up a new one , or do you think the double dose will benefit , Thanks for that , i'll wait for your return call , cheers and thanks a lot .. Cost nothing to be nice , yours was more a impersonal email just telling them they were wrong . My local vets are imposible to talk to and would'nt give a shit anyway , they would just tell you go somewhere else
  10. Nothing anyone can say really except , the soon to be parents if they have half a brain wil watch the dog very very carefully to suss out its temprement , and when the babys born , double , treble and quadruple watching the dog with the baby , and that is for all dogs be it the old or the new dog . When my youngest was around 12 months old , i was given a really really nice doberman , it was from memory around 18 months maybe 2 years old , a bit scatty but a very nice dog , it very quickly became my jogging partner , came to work with me and become my mate , but the wife said get rid , and she meant it , the dog had not done anything wrong it was really a good dog , BUT the wife just did'nt like the way it looked at the baby , she said she simply did'nt trust it , i started to watch it very carefully and soon agreed it did tend to just stare at him , it never went to interact in any way shape or form with him , and when he went near the dog , it would simply walk away from my lad , i myself then become a bit uncomfortable with how he was looking at the lad , so , i found a home , gave him away , to a guy with teenage kids , over time i would ask how the dogs doing , they were rapt there boys took the dog everywhere , he said he was the perfect familly dog . but he also said to me i think you done the right thing , we don't think he likes babys and small children , i was sad to see a good dog go , but heh , it was my son , we my wife and i both just had a gut feeling and never regretted it , the dog went to a good home and we were never put in a bad position , , really they just have to watch it and remember , no matter how much you love your dog , they are just that a animal and personaly i feel people have to remember that , there not human sometimes we think they are , but there not . and jeez this just reminds me i'm getting old , the youngest lad is now 36 LOL
  11. It makes me wonder why them vets would use this drug , then the cinic in me thinks , Mmmm , kickbacks . and for anyone who does'nt believe it happens in the animal world , WHYNOT it certainly happens in the human world with doctors
  12. Can't see why it took this long , should of been destroyed on the day after at the latest ,theres no way would that dog be safe to rehome
  13. Suppose if i came to buy one i would have an hard time nowadays , in the past i've bought of breeders its been a simple case of scour every where to see who has any pups , then when i've found someone i go have a look , if it looks good i buy , once i was asked for a deposit , because it was 8 weeks old and the breeder flatly refused to let me take him until 10 weeks old , said breeder was'nt fussed if i bought or not but wanted the deposit or risk selling him to someone else who came along with the deposit .. I paid the deposit simply because i was impressed with the dog and the breeder especielly the fact that she would'nt let him go til 10 weeks old . Suppose times are different now , but paying up front for ANYTHING to me would be a definete NO NO ,
  14. Killed a big brownie on my houseboat last year , probably a good 6 foot , went out on the back and there it was sunning itself on the swim deck , thing is both engines were going at the time , noise did'nt scare it off and neither did i walked towards it stamping my feet it went for me , so a big shovel fixed it , but be warned there quick and i mean very quick ... lucky the dog did'nt go outside ansd see it , Murray river is full of them , i see plenty every year , but non this agressive
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