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  1. I think your correct , people do not relize a lead is not natural and just do not spend the time with them to teach . I know EVERY SINGLE PUPPY i have ever owned , has had a leash put on it for a short while daily just to drag around , get them used to it , every single dog to start with has never gone out unless on a leash with a big deal made out of get your lead , get your lead , walkies , i have always spent a lot of time teaching them lead time is fun time we go out , even going to the car , its lead on , get in car lead off , before we get out its settle and lead on , My current dog will rarely walk without his lead , , he gets excited , and wants it on , when on my houseboat and out bush where he can go off and run around , he will not go off the boat unless i put him on the leash and take him off . I can walk him out of the house , off the boat wherever , and he just walks jumping up at his leash he wants it on However i do use a retractable lead with him , but never on the road , then its short ALWAYS , on our own , on the beach i use it because he simply will not move away from me unless he's on it crazy really , , but long leashes ( usually long long rope , tied to the leash ) i've always used to teach a dog recall. . I may also add this current dog is a small little white fluffy thing , mixed breeed of some thing or another , and not very strong , i have never and would never use a retractable lead with any of my previous dogs because they have all been large , them i just taught to love being on lead because it was fun and lots and lots of recall training , i think a lot of people don't know the fun you can get from training your dog , to come , fetch , sit , down, heel , ect ect . Got 8 grandkids various ages , and the youngest ones now , love coming around , and hiding , while i send the dog to find them , and its something that the older grandkids used to love , when other dogs i owned , used to do it with them , I used to do it with my boys when they were kids , tell them to hide and send the dog to find them , In fact i can go back to when i was a kid , and used to do it with my mates , play hide and seek in the scrub and send my dog to find them , always border collies , they were the only dog my old man would have in the house , people have forgot dogs are fun
  2. Now thinking about it , I wonder what percentage of dogs leash reactive are just sencing and passing on there owners nerves , I'm saying this because my wife and I over the years have had thousands of walks on the dog beach and you can bet your life if my dog has been off leash or even on leash ,if another dog approaches , my wife gets nervous and will tell me grab the dog, grab the dog , i will say leave it let them sniff let them socialize , course i've always kept a close eye for bad body language and on the very rare occasion stepped in put mine on leash or said to the other person grab ya dog mate , but thats been pretty rare . Also two rottys i owned on different occasions i actuallu banned my wife from walking them , she would come home and tell me they were aggressive with other dogs and sometimes people walking towards her , i actually followed her one day to watch and straight away spotted the problem , SHE not the dog was getting nervouse if others approached , she said she was scared to death of dog fights , but facts are i NEVER had the problem with me both them dogs would totally ignore human or animal , with her i think they senced her nerves and went into protective mode . I've also noticed when i'm there , (dog beach ) its easy to tell the confident dogs, there usually with confident owners , theres a lady who first time our heeler went to round up her ridgebacks , 4 or 5 of them , i apolagised , she just laughed , said its ok he's only a pup , and there loving the running , she was just has confident has her dogs were , in fact she was the first one who noticed he was no longer with me often , . Dogs can sence when owners are scared or nervous , makes me wonder if there reactive to other dogs , or going into protective mode , plus its amazing how dogs can quite often settle down and mix ok , when there off leash and just left to sniff , course you always get the odd one who spoils the party , but if people know they have a biter they should stay away
  3. Think the answers to this question are has long has they are varied , its not one thing its lots of reasons , . But i think right up there is bad manners , from owners , that let little fido do has he wants , and do not disciplne or teach there dog manners just like they don't teach there kids , sign of the times I'm not a breeder or shower of dogs , nor am i a trainer of dogs , so i don't claim to know everything we can all learn , but what i am is a guy who has had dogs all his life , and i've never had any problems really , ALL my dogs have been behaved had a couple perhaps not so much , BUT every dog has been under control usually by a look , a call , or speach , and i have never ever hesitated to leash any dog that is remotly reactive to other dogs , , my dogs have been my mates and i don't want to see them bite or get bitten by another dog , but above all i have always treated them has what they are ANIMALS , and you need to control them , I think too many people nowqadays treat there dogs has babys , , even thats OK has long has you relize , babys grow into todllers , --- into children --- into teenagers , and manners need to be taught early , giving a dog a tug and saying a sharp NO is not cruel its quite often needed .
  4. If i was looking for a dog and this one came up , i would jump at it , but thats because i like scruffy looking dogs , and the GWP is up there amongst them , my mates got one he's a great dog , smart but goofy , really nice dogs with a personality that suits my own . However if they became popular and purposly bred for profit i would stay WELL AWAY from them , i would not want to encourage it by giving my money , think i'd just buy a pedigree GWP , if i could afford one , i don't know what they go for Regards 1500 dollars , well Thats a hard one , i argue with my wife over this subject , so i've got no chance with you lot LOL , i bought a dog years ago from the pound , can't remember how much 100 maybee 200 dollars , i'm talking probably 20 years ago , bought him has a companion for a rotty pup i had , , after a few days , i actually hated the thing , just could'nt take to the yapping crying , pooing weeing little thing that annoyed the hell out of my self and my neigbors , it just constantly howled and cried day and night , BUT he was a little white fluffy thing that had become very popular , after a few days and a couple of nasty notes left in my letterbox from irate neighbors i decided he had to go , now i advertized him and my phone did'nt stop ringing , people were actually offering me more than i paid for him , these white fluffy designer dogs were popular . But at the same time a elderly lady we knew , had just lost her long time freind so i approached her , if she wanted him , she could'nt afford a couple hundred dollars like i said it was a lot of money 20 years ago , so i asked if she wanted him for nothing ,, she was reculant at first , so i took him around to her house to show her , well it was love at first sight both of them , , when i left the house , this dog was curled up asleep on her lap , she was promising ro pay me so much a week , i told her NO way i don't want money just a good home , spend it on food , for him , my wife still goes around to see her now in a nursing home , and i believe her room is like a shrine to that dog her companion for many years after money whilst important to me takes second place to finding a good home . But by and large i do think people should pay , not everyone is like me lots of people will not look after something , be it animal or mechanical , if its free . and with that in mind i doubt i would pay 1500 dollars for a rescue dog , i got annoyed at the rspca , when the current dog i own was actually $350 same has all the dogs they had when i went in enquired said i would have it , but when i went in to pick it up the next day , they demanded $450 i asked why the jump in price and was told , because dogs like him are popular we can sell them all day everyday , so want more for him , , i had my heart set on him so payed the extra , but it left a sour taste in my mouth that has lasted for the last 8 years i've owned him , probably because i had actually bought dogs from them before , once i even donated a worker of mine to go in there and spend a week painting kennels i paid his wages for the week , i felt ripped off , it was'nt the money it was the proverbial principal of the thing , Same has recently looking for another dog , i wanted a adult dog skip the mess , so its obvious a breeder with an older dog , i approached a few who advertized , all advertized , brought up with children in the house bla bla bla ,, but NON yes not one of the dogs i enquired about would give me a gaurantee they were house trained , that was my BIGGEST priority , yet all wanted big money for them dogs , not a good home , money was the key factor , so just like the breeder checks out the buyer i was checking out the breeder ,, in fact i could'nt believe it when i seen the price of some dogs 5 years of age , that being big breeds probably would'nt live much past 8 or 9 before they were costing me big vets bills , . Fine line between whats the most important , money or a good home . I know if for some reason my little mate had to go , a good home over money would be my priority all day everyday ,, but on the other hand unless you were like this elderly lady i knew personaly , i would 'nt trust that giving him away would gaurantee a good home in fact iit could work the opposite ,, hard one is'nt it , 12 years ago a young girl had to get rid of her 10 month stumpy tail cattle dog , i said to her i would take him but did'nt want to pay just promised a good home , i had him 12 months ,, then after minding him for 3 weeks while we went on holiday , my son and his children were sad they had to give him back , i decded that they could take him he would be better off with them , outdoor active familly , , he's coming to the end now but had a great life well looked after cherished member of the familly , . If i knew then how he would off turned out i would of paid thousands for him and considered it worth every cent , but at the time alls i was willing to offer was a good home , the girl was just glad someone would take him . Like i said its a hard one
  5. Think in that situation you have NO CHOICE but to do what you feel neccesary at the time , i sometimes don't come across with what i mean , , but i have seen your sort of scenario a few times too many and would agree with any dog owner the first thoughts are save your pet ,, what i'm more on about is i've seen perhaps 20 ---30 --- 40 times more almost daily the scenario where , on a public dog beach people take there little dog and completly panic if another dog freindly or not comes up , grab there baby hold them high , or pull them back and actually wind up a freindly dog into aggresive mode because they are scared not there dog , i see it at least a couple times a week , and shake my head and think if you have a timid scared dog do what i do DON'T TAKE IT do not put yourself in that position , , i don't know how many times a week i see it , freindly but inquisitive dogs getting kicked , shouted at because people take there timid scared dog on a leash free area , i'm not talking about big reactive dogs attacking little dogs , but scared owners demanding other people leash there dogs because they are scared or there dogs are timid . Has much has it was my responsibility to leash my shepard and stop him running up to timid dogs , which i did because i knew he had this fault , i consider it my responsibilty not to take my dog timid present dog to unleashed areas and then complain about every dog that comes to sniff . I really do think if you don't want your dog to socilize take him for a walk on a leash round your block , do not take them to a dog beach or dog park , Course we are not talking about viscous dog reactive dogs thats another story , and like i said when i had a 60-65 kilo black faced mean looking rotty i never had that problem people just leashed there dog and walked around even though he was freindly the idiots are only bothered about consequences
  6. Unfortunatly your correct , i see it EVERYDAY , my little fella has not been to the beach with me once this summer , i look out the window see people there with there dogs and leave him home , come winter when theres less people i'll start letting him come again , he's only small runs around the house so gets his excercise , but the dog beach is out of bounds for him till winter when its usually empty , your also correct about people not having control over there dogs , i see it all the time a total lack of recall , probably the most important thing needed , like i said my previous shepard had NO RECALL , his idea of coming back to me would to run back full belt only to run past me to get a pat of the other person he sen a mile away , and thats why for 17-18 years unless the beach was empty he was ALWAYS on leash , Funny enough though whn i brought another dog in his recall became better , but i've got to admit it was always the second dog he was following not my command LOL ,, he was like the bunny energiser , kept on keeping on outlived two other dogs , 17-18 years of just looking at me like i was stupid and doing what he wanted ,LOL , fortunatly that was only outside , inside perfect dog
  7. I can also tell you about a couple of times dogs were not let go , one funny enough also attacked by a ridgeback , the gent pulled his dog away and up ridgeback trying to get at it got more and more incensed , gent started swinging his dog up and away , virtually hanging it , poor bugger was screaming both him and his dog , ridgeback latched on and a tug of war started , little dog badly hurt , i don't know if it survived . Another time around 10-12 years ago , a big rottweiler got away from its stupid owner she did have it on the lead but brought a dog reactive monster to the beach which when it seen an old ladys maltese cross , it went to sniff , old lady would'nt let go of the lead stirred the rotty up more by pulling her dog and shouting it just pulled its owner and she let go , rotty latched on to the small dog up till then it was agressive but not kill mode , the swinging the little dog once again riled it up like i said it latched on started shaking , i'm a big fella and it took all my strenght to drag the rotty in the sea while its latched onto the small dog and force its head under water so it would let go it killed the little dog , owner of rotty left it and run while the commotion was going on , Both times i could'nt help but think if they had just let there dog have a sniff and cower under supervision off course things would off been different both them times and other times i've seen where its definetly been screaming pannicking owners riling the attacking dog up more , course its going to vary from situation to situation Theres more experienced dog owners tan me on here , ( breeders , ect ) like to hear there thoughts , on let them sniff or scream panic and pull your dog away , course if its a full on attack you have no choice .
  8. I think the operative word here is CONTROL , you need to be in control of your dog at all times wether its in the street on a dog beach , dog park wher ever it does'nt matter if your dog is not under control DO NOT UNLEASH , Personaly i've said on here a dozen times i spend half my days on a dog beach fishing its easy i live over looking it , so i go at least 3-4 times a week , over the years like many i've owned a few dogs . and they have all come down with me to the beach , its a case of know your dog , unfortunatly a lot just don't care , , i had a BIG BIG shepard , he was the most gentle dog i've ever owned , lousy watchdog , freindly has , but when i took him to the beach he was always on leash , he was too freindly he would spot another dog and zoom he's gone wants to play , spot a person and zoom even quicker wanting to lick then and get a pat , my worry was NEVER him hurting anything or anyone but scaring them when he came charging up the beach at them , once he started his run there was no coming back when called , because of that i'd be fishing anyone else came on he was put on lead , till they had walked past patted him and shown they were not scared , On the other hand i had a big rotty who to be honest i did'nt ever put on a lead , i had total control over him , but that dog would lie next to me , and not budge , if i walked 10 feet to cast my rod he walked 10 feet with me would not leave my side , i did have the occasional argument over the years with other people , who's dogs were not under control , and usually about the rotty , because although he would be next to me other dogs not under control charge him at there peril , there were a couple off occasions when dogs had come charging at him and although he was'nt dog reactive he would play with other dogs , show him aggresion and he would return the favor , like i said there were a couple off occasions where dogs off leash has they were allowed , were not under control and charged him , end result being myself telling there owners to get there dog under control , he just would'nt put up with rude dogs , and too be honest i made no apolagies for him , because the owners should do what i done with my shepard and thats leash him if others were around ,, then again i also had a heeler , smack in the middle , he would just run and run up and down that beach , usually trying to round other dogs up , i got too know a lot of the dogs and owners who came down regular and they loved to watch him play with there dogs , especielly when he used to try round them up , once again thogh very freindly gentle dog , what i did notice over the years was people only became accountable and try to control there dogs when its going to end badly for them , my rotty i found when people seen a 60 kilo rotty with a black mean looking face off leash theye tended to leash there dog , and give a wide berth , with the heeler he's been charged a few times , but he was always to quick and nimble and would turn it into a game never the less i have had to say to people leash your dog mate if he's dog reactive get him under control , because all mine except for the shepard ONE CALL and there back by my side , sitting down waiting for me to allow them to carry on , Sam the shepard was my most gentle dog i've ever owned , but unfortunatly outside only , the only one i could'nt control , luck though 17-18 years everyone knew him , and when he was off leash they would send him back to me , other wise he would off gone home with them LOL Its really all about MANNERS ,,, PS i will say though don't want to tell breeders and experienced owners how to suck eggs , but one thing i noticed over 40 years off going to this dog beach is when one comes running , the little old lady / or man who grabs and picks up there fur baby while screaming makes it 10 times worse , let your dog go , let it cower and show defeat , or simply run away , because i've seen lots go into full attack mode when owners are swinging little pugsy in the air by its lead and fido is getting more worked up and attacking
  9. I've found this really interesting reading about these problems , WHY , because i'm having all these same skin , scratching , inflamed ears ect ect , problems with my dog , I ask myself why is it different now has opposed to dogs for the last 40 years , and i keep coming up with the same answer ,, when i was a kid we had dogs , they were always healthy and in good nick , but my parents always said there the kids pets , both of themn were not paticulary fond of dogs and animals , so the rules were steadfast , there your dog , YOU c lean up there mess or THEY GO , there dogs they eat what we leave , we were poor i suppose so alls they got was a spoonful of pal , chappie whatever , over the scraps to give it taste and that was it , yet i cannot remenmber a dog we owned that did'nt live a long live and ever had problems that took them to the vet , and to be honest my dad would of rather spent 10 cents on a bullet than 10 dollars at a vet . Fast forward i got married we still had dogs , i and my wife are dog lovers , but 40 plus years later . all our dogs lived to a far far more life expectency than what they were supposed to , and NOT ONE of our ogs has cost us much at the vets , all of them were not fed speciel diets they were all fed meat , bit of kibble tin of pal , lots of scraps , all of them were fed what we has a familly did'nt finish , all of them topped up by supermarket kibble , for when there were no left overs , quite often a spoonful of tinned meat to give them the taste , and ALL OF THEM have lived long lifes and very very rarely at the vets Now present day , first little dog , first dog i've ever spent the money on in regards money is;nt the object , i buy whatever he needs i buy whatever i read is the best , I've spent THOUSANDS trying to clear ear infections , and he still licks ,m still seems in distress , so i said to my wife NO MORE , stuff the expensive 150 dollars a bag of kibble , stuff everything i read , , for his ears about a month ago i said give him ear , (scuse the pun ) and i swabbed his ears with Cider vinigar , i stopped buying expensive kibble , and buy a small bag has a filler , the rest of the time he gets scraps , meat , chicken , basicly what we eat , times like tonight theres no left overs so he gets kibble and a couple of spoon fuls of pal to taste , , also he gets bones , i have started treating him like what he is A DOG back to basics and guess what , his coats shiny , his nose is wet , he's running up and down the hallway , with his toy in his mouth growling and snarling , jumping on the furniture and behaving like a pup , he's actually become once again a healthy dog
  10. Ok just a question for people , What dog do you really like the look of or desires the traits and temprements of that breed but do not and possiblly will not own for whatever reason , be it too big , to energetic , or too furry . I will start off , I really like the AKITA , but will never ever own one , the fur and grooming would drive me nuts , , close second is the Giant Schnauzer , but once again the grooming puts me off, and the wife says a definete NEVER , we had a long haired shepard for nee on 18 years , and he drove her mad with bags of fur left everywhere LOL
  11. I think your freind has 2 options , Option 1 ,,, Admit to themselves they have a possible dangerous dog on there hands , if a dog growls , bites and attacks children , NO MATTER WHAT THE REASON , it is a possible dangerous dog and a liability , so they must man up , admit to themselves that what used to be a nice freindly dog has turned into a biter , say to themselves not on my watch and basicly ban the dog from children , DO NOT ever allow it near children unsupervised , be very very wary at all times and just admit to themselves , that said dog has to be watched , closely FOR EVER . . and you know what , its not hard i had a rotty , that from a very early age shown , has good a dog he was that he would'nt need much to stir him up , so i just never ever allowed kids to play with him and ALWAYS kept a close eye on him , i loved that dog he was my best mate , but my wife and kids all said he was harmless and i was over the top , that it was my imagination , but i always said better safe than sorry , so option 1 keep him away from kids and constantly watched . Option 2 , get rid of him if they don't want to go to the bother of option 1. If it was my freind i would be reminding them , just how many babys , kids and even adults have been mauled by the familly pet , who NEVER shown signs of agression i would be reminding them a dog is an ANIMAL not a human , , its shown the signs it attacked there is NO EXCUSE if it mauls , Sorry to be blunt , but i love my dogs but do relize there not fur babys , there not children there dogs
  12. Only have a laymans answer , but i think its mainly the price followed by lack of quality , over the last couple of years i've looked at getting another dog and i will ALWAYS go pedigree , not saying there better dogs , just that i know what i want , temprement and looks , and more likely to get it out of a pedigree , however when looking , i looked at so many dogs which were bad examples of there breed and ridiculous with the price i walked away , plus has someone else said , vet prices now , then housing which allows dogs harder and harder to find , , its probably a dozen combined issues has opposed to one or two ,, but i'm sure price and quality are big ones , people come up with big dollars too buy the latest designer dog , but people who want certaiun pedigree breeds are more picky on what they want ,
  13. We all have our preference for certain breeds and unfortunalty some of them get bored , and dig , bark , or get anxious , for nearly 40 years i solved this problem by always owning 2 dogs , just basicly worked on the fact they need company too , , we don't work now so ony have one dog , cameras throughout the house and all around the house , tell me that he does'nt mind being on his own , i look on the cameras while i'm out , rarely see him walking about , he's usually curled up asleep somewhere , mind you he's not a big boisterous ridgeback , , i think really what Rebanne said would be my answer ,, digging pit , backyard . with a marrow bone , you will probably have a few barking sessions till he gets used to it ,
  14. shows what you know does'nt it , Courts do not have set fines , for most stuff , judge , magistrate can give out what they consider appropriate , pleadguilty you get a reduced fine or sentence in a lot of cases , plead not guilty and be deemed to be wasting court time , and expect a harsher penelty , and this is FACT ,
  15. The one thing i can see coming out of this , is YOUR gonna get a bigger fine, once you decide to fight it and waste the crts time , they will hit you harder , make no bones about it your GONNA LOSE , the court is going to fine you the usual amount , plus costs and then they will add on some more for you being so pompous , self righteous and wasting there time .. Let us know how you went on
  16. Longest living , Long haired shepard , the biggest and best looking shepard i've ever seen , just a few months short of 18 years Shortest , Male Rottweiler , around 7 and half , never had a sick day in his life just died young Ok in the morning just collapsed and died in the afternoon Second shortest ,, Female Rotty just over 8 years old always healthy until about 2 weeks before she died , on her nightly walk , she just stopped and i had to carry her home , , did'nt seem sick , vet said she was OK just old overnight , 2 weeks later died in her sleep .
  17. Rough collie . I know they make good movies stars , I grew up watching one , LASSIE lol ,, however what about actual sheepdogs , / working dogs ,, are they still used for that , are they any good , say compared to Heeler , Kelpie , border collie ,, I actually grew up with rough collies , my uncle ALWAYS had one , he had 3 if memorie serves me correctly , everyone of them called Lassie , and every one of them were snappy around kids never me , i could walk and play with them , but others he would'nt allow near them , he always said its the climate , too hot for them here in Aust he would say , especielly there nose he would say , it gets burnt , and they get cranky , don't know if its true i just liked all off them
  18. Nail ,,, Head , you nailed it here , scuse the pun , but you just described my dog not barky or energetic, small , good with kids , very gentle nature , does'nt malt much ,, BUT also constant ear infections , constant licking paws , constant visits to the vet , constant money money money spent , never any results , put to sleep ears cleaned , ching ching . $700 thank you ,,, , its allergys he needs this that and the other , visit %70 , allergy test $80- , steroind tablets $80 , this tablet $60 that tablet $60 3 , 4 hundred dollars later still all back 2 weeks later . Will say i've never had these problems before , but he's the first non pedigree small dog i've had designer dog just bred to make money , never again IF we ever have another dog its pick a breed and pay for the right one , and its cheaper than oodles anyway
  19. Very nice , there lovely dogs , my mates got one its 14 and still in good health , noticed you said you were fostering , and you had just been and payed , whats the score there , i would of thought if your fostering your helping out , therefore be no charge , why did you have to pay , is that normal , curious i've never fostered a dog , i've bought dogs from the pind , but i was under the impresion fostering is just basicly looking after a dog till a home is found , i'm open to be educated , cheers
  20. Nothing wrong with oodles , stoodles , coodles . whatever you want to call them no doubt , some if not most are lovely dogs , after all i own a maltese shitzu cross at least thats what we think he is , i just refer to him has the little white fluffy dog , BUT to refer to them has anything but mongrels is silly because there not a paticular breed , dispite what anyone says , no matter what the breeder of these dogs say , there not pedigrees , does'nt make them a bad dog , just makes people trying to sell something there not if theres any claim to being a breed , after all which ones a breed the cross poodle cavalier . or the cross poodle lab , ir anything else they want to call oodle . The are in fact just a designer dog and it is mainly puppy mills who put thjem out and they DO NOT do it to try and come up with a different breed they do it for DOLLARS , Like i said we own a maltese cross i got him from the rspca 7 years ago, but remember they were probably the number one dog of choice a few years ago , oodles have took over , Told the story on here before after we bought him which was by accident , went in to buy a mastiff they had he seen me , i seen him and that was it , but he had a hold on him i put a secondary hold on him and the first reneged , they rang me next day and said come get him .. But i found out by accident a few weeks later , a perfect stranger , who recognised him on the river 250 klm from my home and where i bought him , , told me they were going to buy him but could'nt come up with the $600 the seller wanted , guess what the original hold , was put on by a staff member at the rspca , . yep a staff member , the price was $300 , for him , but when i went to pick him up i was told $400 when asked why the $100 jump the rspca answer was , because there popular dogs and we can get more for these , pay it or leave him , i paid it . but it left a sour taste in my mouth regarding the corrupt rspca , There staff buying them to sell and make profit ,, them themselves , pricing by poularity , adding money on to there normal price . . Still nothing wrong with ood;es after all they are a dog , but i do keep in mind there bred for making money , not to create new breeds
  21. Couple years ago i seen a snake coming towards me whilst i was on my houseboat , big bugger has well , it got to the water and went under the boat , i spent probably half hr walking around the boat stamping my feet and banging the deck with a broom , i was convinced the thing had got on top of the pontoons , i had not seen it swim off , i also started the 2 motors , telling the wife the moise will scare it of , after 30 minuites or so she was laughing at me stomping up and down , but i still never seen it swim off , i gave up probably 10 minuites later i went out the back and there it was sunning itself on the swim deck 3 foot from 2 very loud outboard motors , noise certainly did'nt scare that thing off ,, the shovel did though , also went to a fauna farm thing , guy there handling snaked told everyone , never to stamp your feet which i grew up thinking was the right thing to do , he said it scares them and they may attack , stand still and let it slide away he said , . Also he said nightime was the worst time to run into them , because there out hunting , i always thought thats when they went to bed , out in the riverland on the boat i never walk the dog at night anymore since he told me that
  22. Rescuoodles ,,, Oh well you can't blame them for trying , I suppose someones paid well to come up with this brilliant idea , I will say these dogs are very popular , p[eople are willing to pay Oodles to get the dog who's name ends in Oodle , But i suspect its more about the idea they do't malt supposudly have gentle temprements are smart , and of course last but not least a present day fad. But calling a staffy cross , or a heeler cross a hoodle or a stoodle is'nt going to cut the mustard , its also about a very important thing LOOKS , Just like your wife or husband people want a dog they consider gentle on the eye , and nice natured , , after all who wants a wife thats they consider ugly , aggressive , and unpredictable , ready to turn on you , . Got a few mates who have one just like that , but unlike a dog it would cost them the house , boat , car and everything else to get rid , (He He started something now hav'nt I LOL ) Theres also the scruffy looking aspect , its popular , personaly i like scruffy looking dogs , but if i wanted one i would go buy a long haired wire coated german pointer , an Airdaile , Shnauzer or something then not cut it too often . But seriously the rspca want to get rid of some dogs , they can start by letting people in too have a look , I told the story not long ago , about going there to buy a dog , they would'nt let me in to look at them , so i walked away , few months later they said on facebook they were having a open to public day , because they were full and desperate to get rid of some , so i rang up there main office asked if its true was told yes just rock up , i jumped in the car left work and drove 80 klm only to be told , Naaw , someones pulling your leg , make an appoinment , when i asked what if i make an appoinment to see that dog on your board don't like it and want to see another they said make another appoinment ,i walked away in disgust vowing NEVER to deal with them again , theve got the lunatics running the Asylum .
  23. Well people can call them what they like , Ooodles , Groodels , Labadoodles , and any othr name you can think off , but to me they are and always will be MONGROOLS . whats more , if the people who bred these things tell you they are a responsible breeder of MONGROOLS , who do health checks , check there non existent pedigrees , care about what they produce , , not just in it hoping for big litters and 5 grand a pup ,, Then come see me i can sell You Sydney Harbor bridge very cheap , Honest . You cannot even say there trying to create a new breed because there not , there so many different Oodles , Groodles , labrdoodles , its obvious the only intention they have towards developing a breed is that the name ends in Oodle , and they can get 5 grand a pup , Wifes mate bought one of a puppy farm , she got sold a right load of crap , nervous little biter that shits everywhere and when its not doing that its hiding under the bed that privelige cost her $5500 , and hundreds if not thousands in puppy school , who by the way will not take it in anymore , they said it just runs to a corner shaking , vets fee's and now medicating it in the hop it will let someone pat it without weeing itself screaming and hiding under the bed shaking for 8 hrs , Will admit its got a bit better but has to take daily medication , and then it acts like its a Zombie ,, apparantly she knows a couple who bought from the same litter and theres are the same . Sooner these dogs do there popularity circle the better
  24. Think you will find the more time goes on the more they will , especielly in Aust , ,and it will not be through lack of money to buy them , the oodle outbreak has shown that people are willing to pay through the nose for a dog they want , I went to pick my dog up yesterday from his every 6 week haircut and while waiting was looking at all the dogs there in the doggy day care , Ooodles outnumbered every thing probably 4 to 1 , my daily walk or morning fishing trip to the dog beach i see dozens of them very very rarely see a doberman or a rotty , anymore , , I know breeds do the circle in popularity , but i think breeders are not helping themselves with the ltd registar stuff
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