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  1. Taking my dog to a dog park i , liken to throwing a loaded pistol in a toddlers play park ,, you would have to be mental , , Its just not rocket science , most just cannot control there dog on or off leash
  2. I would rather just call a spade a spade regards oodles , are they a good dog , would'nt have a clue never owned one, would'nt dispute one way or another , why are they bred well theres lots of answers , cute ,, no shedding , look good , ect ect ,,, But thats a bunch of answers to another question that should be asked , which would be why do people buy them , which is a totally different question than why are they bred . The answer to that question is just a simple MONEY , people see hear of these dogs going for 5-6 maybee 7000 dollars , think Mmmm 10 pups 50-70,000 DOLLARS ,,, YES 50-7- THOUSAND DOLLARS ,,, are they bred by reputable breeders , the short answer is NO why you may say its simple there not a breed there a mongrel type dog , untested genetics , bred without pedigree , no way of t6racing full backgrounds, do these so called breeders care , not a chance , its money they care about and nothing else , why don't you see shepoodles , or rottoodles , simple big dogs that may not sell so there not don instead its ladoodle look a lot cuter . My wifes freinds daughter bought one , 7 grand ,, yes you read it right 7 THOUSAND DOLARS ,,, now this girl loves her dog , but up till now its a nightmare , the thing is flighty stubborn NERVOUS and i mean NERVOUS , virtually untrainable , she bought it when she lived at home , they paid thousands and i mean thousands , trying to train the thing start with it was kicked out of puppy class , too nervous and biting , put it outside and it screams yelps , cries for hrs , , bring it in its was from day one and still is destuctive , not to mention they cannot toilet train the thing , it poo's and wee's where it wants usually in the hallway carpet or when its weeing itself shaking ,,, the poor girl got married around 6 months ago rented a house , first inspection got kicked out , owner took one look at the mess and destuction it caused and said out and take the dog with you , they could'nt put it outside neighbors all sides called council because of the incessent barking crying and noise , the young couple have had to move back to her moms , with the dog , and she's had enough but can't bring herself to break the girls heart and insist she gets rid . At one stage they rang the breeder to see if they could help they were told , well you bought a poodle cross there highly strung what do you want me to do about it , then he said , it probably needs a mate i've got another you can have for 6 grand . Ther not bred by breeders there bred by puppy mills and backyard breeders for a dollar and thats why there bred
  3. Agree more so with some breeds than others , i think the GSD is a prime example . i see so many every day , i walk everyday morning and evening come winter or summer regardless off sun or rain ,, i live opposite a dog beach and its my daily excercise ,, i see so many that are nervy , un confident and just bad examples of what used to be a very fine confident breed ,, if i was to get one it would definetly only be from working lines the confident self asurance what was once part of the breed is being bred out of it ,, A security dog trainer told me Rottys and dobes are next he's noticing its getting harder and harder to find dogs that will do the job , so much so there company now breeds there own , which is he's job , they get most there stock from Europe he was saying , he stated most of what they can buy in Aust are just fear biters and not acceptable , like i said after spending half my life walking on the dog beach i agree with him based on what i see ,,
  4. Does'nt matter why she's scared of him , size , bigger teeth , big jowls , facts are she's scared so keep the dog away from her not rocket science is it ,, If your brother takes the attitude dogs doing nothing wrong he's not moving it don't visit , she's a liitle girl she's scared why put her in that position , i know adults who are scared of dogs , my father would never go in an house that had a dog he was scared to death of all dogs ,, he said it stemmed from being a kid ,, way your going on your child will end up the same way .... Jeez my youngest lad was petrified of the ghost train at the show , we did'nt fix it by forcing him to go on it ,
  5. Can't even see why they bother doing studies on it . Its not rocket science ,, on the left you have wild dogs ,, wolfs , foxes , dingos ,, these dogs have not yet worked out how to grow grain , they don't know how to build or work machinery , plant corn or wheat , so they chase other animals and reptiles for there sunday dinner . Domesticated dogs on the other hand have come to rely on humans for food and humans themselves gave up hunting there food a couple of years ago so just go down the shop and buy it in the process they buy there dog food , hence dogs eating habits and digestive systems have evolved diferently , So there you have it lesson free , next one only half the charge of an expensive study , save money make me rich win win situation
  6. You would get no argument out of me regards breeding if its done for the right reasons ,, People who pay thousands to import dogs , , transport them across country to be bred , ect ect ect ,, Well they have every right to breed there dogs , sell the puppys , and hopefully make it worth there while to carry on doing it and producing good dogs wether there for show , or pets if there producing good quality pups . However i will say like i said recently i did start looking for another dog , and preferably an older dog and i was disapointed at some breeders , who like i said advertized , brought up in familly home ect ,, but when asked and told its a must it must be housetrained , unnacceptable if not , i was 3 out of 4 times told NO ,, further question like has she been shown how did she do in shows , were met with we did'nt show her ,, she was breeding stock , so it was'nt a familly pet , was'nt a show dog , it lived in the run , and was finished with having litters , so time to go ,,, Err call themselves breeders i call them puppy mills getting rid of there dogs when no further use ,,
  7. Its not really rocket science , i think the main reason for these doodle type dogs is simple its all in the doodle , lack of hair , people simply want a dog , a pet, a freind, a companion, whatever you want to call them . but in this present day and age of 2 people working the cleaner of the house wants LESS HAIR its the fact that a lot of these dogs are claimed not to malt or at least not shed too much .. Plus the fact they appear to be more lovable , cute and gentle ,, hence why its usually cavadoodle , labradoodle , and dogs renowned for the good nature , wether or not they are well i don't know i see them on the beach daily but never really interacted with any . But i think its definetly they are percieved has being gentle familly dogs who don't malt ,, after all i've never heard of a rottadoodle , or a sheperdoodle or really any doodle crossed with guarding breeds ... Do i like them personally i'm on the fence if there a good pet why not , just has good has any other mongrel i suppose ,,I'm definetly in favor of the low shedding , we have a dog that does'nt shed , and that really is a bonus we got him from the pound so did'nt know at the time , i just got him because he was young, and he picked me out ,, I actually went down there to buy a full grown bull mastiff i had seen earlier that day , went home and got the wife to show her ,the new dog that was coming home , Oliver seen me picked me out and 7 years later , i'm still wondering when he's going to wake up for more than a feed , a walk or a quick play , before he starts snoring again ... I do find the price of them insane , and i would NEVER own one simply because theres NO WAY would i part with 4--5 6 thousand dollars for a mongrel and people do , wifes got a freind who's daughter bought a cockerdoodle or some such thing 5 grand , must be mental . But i think there here to stay , because , lets have it right if you don't want to clean the house 3 times a day , and you have Mrs A selling her shepard which you know is going to shed , for 5 grand , or you have mrs b selling her labradoodle , with no shedding for 5 grand , most will pick the designer non shedder , I would'nt but a lot will , most don't understand or care about the breeding and in any case most of the time its rubbish ,, I was thinking seriously of getting another shepard i went to no less than 4 breeders to look at there pups every one of them gave me the spiel about being a responsible breeder , how there dogs were worth more money ect ect ect ,,, and everyone of them were showing me parents that looked more like jackels BAD BAD BAD examples of the breed ... After owning a heeler i love them , but the wife will not have another one ,, simply because when we have a dog its part of the familly and sleeps wherever it wants , inside outside , and dogs being dogs they will normally come inside , and that causes them to shed more , the heeler was the worst shedding dog weve had the wife says no more , i thought about a giant shnauzer , but decided they may be too energetic for my lifestyle and age , so knocked that one on the head . So i can really see why the non shedding or low shedding doodle crosses suit people . But is it bad too buy one i don't know like i said i would never pay that sort of money for one , Breeders seem to be dead against them ,, but heh ,,, I also don't want a pup , wife says nope let others get there house chewed up if we get one we get an adult dog ,, so i went looking for an adult dog and found these same breeders who were critical of oodle breeders calling them puppy farms , were quite happy to get rid of there adult mastiff or shepard they had for 5-6 years after its purpose of breeding had been fullfilled , and yet off 4 or 5 i rang to buy i found 1-- they still wanted top dollar and 2---- Out of them i rang 3 were not house trained whats that tell you they were not brought up in the familly has claimed , the 4th was on severe medication and was going to be a very very expensive pet , yet they still wanted $2000 for a 6 year old dog with problems . So really who are the puppy farmers ,, debatable is'nt it . . There would still be a lot of good breeders out there , after all over the years i've paid top dollar for dogs and been lucky i've bought quality dogs all excellent examples of the temperment and looks off that breed ,,, but i will say its getting harder to find them , Shepards are a good case in point , over the last 30 years , i've looked at them and think there not shepards anymore all the shepard traits and too a extent the true solid sturdy shepard looks have been bred out , what is it i kept hearing , WE BREED THEM FINE HERE ,,,and the fewer breeders the less competition , ,, really is an hard one , i think your just better off going down the pound and rescue the dog , its what i've done for my last two dogs and theve benn rippers , well the one we got nows a ripper when he's awake , but thats only until he can find a lap to lie on
  8. My sister rang me about 2 months ago , she has a little dog dominering snappy little thing , pug cross or something , her son brough home a pup not sure the breed one of them big white herding dogs ,, she rang asking what should she do the pug did'nt like the pug and snapped at it run away from it and just did'nt want a bar of it ,, i advised her put them out together ,and ignore them let them get on wth it , the pug was used to being in sitting on her lap , she did , now there the best of mates the pug she says is a new dog he's come to life and she swears he's not has snappy anymore in fact a better all round dog ,, told her course he is , he's getting excercise and now actually being a dog
  9. Think most above have said it right , Pups being taught some manners , it will learn when and how far to push the play , Only thing i would definetly do is feed them apart , I introduced a male shepard to a full grown staffy male , who was the boss but has he got bigger and older the only time the GS would stand up to the staffy was meal times , he was very food possesive , would gobble his own and then eat the staffys , so i fed them apart , and never had a problem ,,, years later after the staffy had gone , i brought a male rotty in , and was amused at the rotty pup being taught the same manners the staffy taught the GS regards play how much and how far , , what suprised me was the GS did'nt mind the rotty pup pinching his bone , or a bit of food , quite often they would leave one bone and sit chewing the other bone together . However that was only when the rotty was a pup , has he got bigger and older , the GS became more back to normal and domineered the food , he would push his bowl over to the rottys bowl show his teeth and eat both of them Suffice to say it was an easy fix , one was fed inside the other outside , bones one in the run one out the run , and it was important has the GS got older had his own place to go when he did'nt want to play , after he went , we got another rotty and it started all over again but by then when the new pup came in the first rotty had become food dominant , its just a dog thing ,,, i quite often have my sons dog a stumpy tail , come around he gets on well with my dog a little white dog a who knows what he is thing ,, they get on well , but i feed them seperate ,, theres no issues except the heeler gobbles his food , then mine will quite happilly shirk away from his own and let him eat it , he's timid , can't stand up for himself so i have to do it for him and either tell the heeler NO or quite simply put him out till my dogs finished eating ,, Your just discovering natural behaviour in the pack ,
  10. Years ago 1986 to be excact i got two fully grown boxers from the pound , they wanted them to go together so i took them both , Mitz the mother probably about 8 , at the time at a guess she was lovely but starting to slow down , Zac ,was about 4 -5 at a guess , well what a fantastic looking dog , big , lot bulkier than most boxers pure muscle , both dogs had already been well trained , would walk to heel without a leash , would sit lie , stay they actually knew a lot of hand commands , great great dogs especielly when i was given two for the price of one had them , had them for 4-5 years before sac passed pantriatic cancer ,, after he went mitz just lay down and withered away probably around 13 then . Anyway whats this got to do with anything well mainly i like to tell a story when i'm bored , but other than that ,, there was only one problem with them ,,, i lived then and still do virtually on a dog beach , i took them there every morning and every night they loved it , what was the problem , well Sac loved bricks and big rocks , he would always find them and chew them he would spend hours knawing on a big pebble or brick , he would bring home a mouthfull off pebbles bury them in his run , dig them up chew em and bury them , but that was'nt the problem the problem was he had virtually NO Teeth , he worn them down they were just stubbles when i got him , Vet said , heh he's already worn them out let him caryy on he likes what he does , ,, now thats easy to live with except for one other problem ,, he was VERY VERY protective of Mitz , he himself was good with most dogs , she was good with all dogs ,, but on the dog beach ANY dog came near his pebbles or Mitz and it was on ,, so what did i do , this is the part for the original poster ,, I stopped walking them when others were there , i only done early morning or late evening , and if there were other dogs there i put him on the leash , so control your dog or stop taking it where it can steal other dogs balls ,, because i can tell you Sac was a very very strong muscle bound boxer and would of been a dangerous dog if he had teeth , never happenned often but on the odd time before i relized it was a problem he had no trouble pinning down other big dogs who tried to steal his pebble or brick or shown aggresion to Mitz , its obvious that your not really familiar with training dogs , so do has i did , don't put yourself or your dog in a bad position , ,, Besides its more fun on your own playing fetch go to an oval and leash him when other dogs come around with balls
  11. Well to me a dog is a dog ,, my dogs have always been well looked after lived long healthy lives and been happy dogs i treat them has mates , after all thats why i get a dog . my dogs have always had a role which was to be a good dog and a familly dog , but protector of the property has well , hence i mainly owned big dogs , and for at least 30 years i alweays had two dogs , i figured they need company during the day if no ones home , , regards sleeping simple they slept where they want inside outside i don't care , some would want to sleep outside your bedroom door others go outside in there kennel had one dog who during the day wanted to be in with you , but at night would howl and scratch the door if you did'nt let him out , he would lie in the middle of the garden in a storm and would refuse to come in , would'nt even go in his kennel but heh i'd say to the wife leave him , he's a dog , and he's got a doggy door if he wants to come in , they have all been mates companions protectors and a joy to own ,, now thats my version My wifes version is different all my dogs ,i've never allowed on the furnture , i'd have a cushion which was for them they knew they have there cushions , but soon has i'm gone the wife allowed them on the settee with her , she would give them a bit of whatever she had , one for you one for me sort of thing dispite me saying they know there meal times , I have never been able to convince my wife there dogs , you don't have to leave the light on for them , and you don't have to leave the tele on for them theve got each other when were not home , , even now , when we go out she will always say to our dog , has she gives him a kiss , won't be long baba be good ,, leaves the tele on for him , he don't care he just sleeps ,, i've put the security cameras on my phone and said to her look at this he's not watching tele , he's not budged he's in his bed asleep ,, no matter how much i say to her , he's not a baba he's a dog ,, her answer is always the same he's my baba ...... Now this all coincides with the kids ,, she talks about our 3 lads , and refers to them has the kids ,, it annoys me , i tell her for gods sake woman there not kids , the youngest is 35 theve all got there own kids , there adults not babies ,,, her answer don't care there my babies , Point being who cares what people call there dog , call it furbaby , baba , or dog has long has its treated well who cares
  12. Thinking , if i wanted a dog thats easy to train , low maintenance , hardy and fit , capable of long runs in summer , one that likes to stay close to its owner , are usually good off lead ,, my first choice would be a heeler ,, but shedding is or can be an issue , so 2nd choice a kelpie ,,, 3rd choice a springer spaniel ,,, other than that i'd give up and just buy a picture of a dog i liked and stick it in my wallet i have owned a heeler and a springer and will say both used to cross country run with me , both would'nt leave my side and too be honest can't really remember except for the occasional once a week brush spending too much time on grooming with any of them
  13. Think you have to take it into context ,, Always had dogs all my life , but always big dogs and usually two at a time , shepards, boxers , rottys , every single one of them have known there a dog , with bounderies , and always under my control , with verbal commands , never had one that did'nt know his place in the pack , and did'nt respond to commands ,, all of them have been inside outside dogs , Just sleep where they want to , all have been good watch / gaurd dogs , simply because thats what i wanted out of a dog and trained them for ,, But all of them came to work with me and really had to be TOTALLY under control , yet freindly too strangers which they met every day ,, i found the best way to get all this was NEVER forget they are a dog and they have instincts you have to either encourage , or watch very closely , example one male rotty i had , has freindly has he was , with strangers or people he knew , NO ONE was allowed to play rough with him ,, shoving your arm in his mouth and pushing shoving was a no no , he could go from wo to go in seconds it was instinctive in him he just had security dog tendencies without being trained ,, yet he was probably one of the frendliest dogs i've owned he loved people but you had to remember he was a dog and rough play was out , it was never him i had to tell always the other people , who because he was so freindly and wanted a pat , they felt they could go one step further .A security firm wanted to buy him off me , after there head trainer there seen how reactive he could be after being teased . I never did he was afamilly pet , abit one which you really had to remember HE WAS A DOG Now i say take it into context ,, they were all big dogs healthy boisterois , playful , and confident all had the traits and breeding what you expected out of a shepard or a rotty all were excellent examples of there paticular breed and all needed a strong owner and needed to be treated like dogs ... However the dog i have now a little shitzu / maltese cross ,,, he's the most gentle dog you could find , i get on the floor to roll around with him and unlike the other dogs , he's not interested , he just wants to sit on someones lap and suck there thumb ,,, however he's not totally undog , he is actually a good little watch dog definetly lets you know if someone is about , thats when he's awake , he loves his walks and when walking if i let him off the leash he becomes a terrier puts his nose to the ground and will not stop sniffing , but you got to let him do it he's a dog ,, most times if others are around he is on leash and will not walk instead just meanders sniffing one plant to the next , .i have a houseboat and spend a lot of time on the river just us in the bush ,, but he will not go off the boat UNLESS he follows me , he's too scared he'll defo follow me , but no way will he go on his own,,, so how can you treat this fella like the others you cant , he shows dog characteristics , example lying at my feet while i type this ,, if i get up and go watch tv , he will get up and come in jump on the settee and snuggle up , but thats not till after he wakes up from where he is ,,, little fellas like him can be sucks but you tend to treat them accordingly like babys , so like i say its in context , no way would i treat a mastiff or a shepard the same way , these dogs need to be trained , under control and do has you command without question ,,, ths fella well he's just there like an inquisitive little baby walking around when he's awake , so he tends to get treated less like a dog especielly from my wife , who sits with him on her lap for hrs I tend to talk to him has well ,,, I tell him i'm gonna get a proper dog soon ,, he just tilts his head , looks at me like i'm stupid , and goes to sleep LOL
  14. I have purchased a springer spaniel , a German Shepard , a staffy and a couple of rottys from reputable breeders over the years ,, and in every single case i have gone along looked at the litters and been told ,, that that and that one , are top quality and show dog potential , there x amount ,, and this this and this one are healthy but not show quality there cheaper all come with pedigrees , but only them can be shown thats why there more money . This i felt was fair , and has i've said before on posts , a couple of trhem the breeders actually stuffed up because my pet only dog turned out to be great , i just did'nt want to be involved in showing dogs , Now though its different , i was looking for a dog and just kept getting told LR only but still the same price ,, in the end i got a rescue dog ,, worked out well cheaper by thousands , vacc , desexed , and micro chipped all for $450 and he's a great dog But unfortunatly the whole episode made me very very wary of breeders who claim to want the best for the breed but realisticly there just protecting there income ,, like i've said before our council set rules regards breeding , who died and made breeders town sherrif ,,, I actually do know my dogs and too be honest looking for a shepard , most i seen were bad examples of the breed , just has well they were on LP because showing them would of only shown how bad a breeder the breeders actually were ... BUT the prices were show dog prices
  15. He loves ya ,, get him a playmate
  16. I would of thoght it would be a no brainer , to have a fenced area or a dog run , to stop the dogs roaming off especielly at night , and too keep them away from roo's , know a guy who had a lot of roo's come on his property and his two big , no massive pit bulls , and i mean big pitbulls used to go the roo' s and chase them off ,, i warned him and warned him be careful one day they will not run ,, he laughed thought it was a big joke , until early hrs of the morning it kicked off , the roo's did'nt run , and killed one of the dogs outright , the other was very seriously injured , course you should fence your dogs
  17. are dogs still allowed in the back of utes
  18. Bought two dogs in the past , one a GSD the other a staffie ,, i mention these two because both were prime example of there breed , both i paid a premium for , both had really really good pedigrees , both the breeders kept in contavct with me and showed an interest in them ,,, both the breeders tried to get me to show them , both breeders were proud of these dogs , BUt showing dogs was not for me i just could'nt be bothered ,, but i was proud of the fact people used to stop me in the street or on the dog beach and ask , where did you get him he's fantastic , and when i gave out the breeders number i know for a fact they got calls has to regards pups , too me they were pets ,, but the breeders produced and sold top quality dogs these dogs were mine and if i chose to show or breed them i felt i was entitled to do so , after all the breeders were doing it , who says there better than anyone else i was and did pay a premium to buy quality dogs , whats more these breeders were proud of there dogs and actually wanted me to breed and or show , it looked good on them . But both these breeders would tell you when you bought that ones a ripper , thats below show quality he's cheaper but no papers , Now fast forward a few years and its alll LR ,,,, WHY ,, thats an easy question to answer , CONTROL , yep control of there buisness and lets have it right when you have 2 litters a year from your dogs at 5 grand a pup its big buisness ,, limited registar cuts out competition , it also ensures you can throw any two dogs together and still command high prices for bad examples of the breed ,, just look at a lot of the hunchback shepards around ,,, i'm totally against LR , Breeder breeds champions for show or breeding , sell on mains , if its not good quality sell cheaper without papres after all can't be shown ,, but LR sell the bad examples at the show dog prices , win win for the breeder , i will say i've had a few disciusions with breeders over the years who bbject to my thinking , but like i say to them who made them sherriff , in my state you have to be a breeder or get the dog desexed , and the council have the police to help enforce that , breeders don't need to be judge and jury , Its all about protecting there income and cutting out competition
  19. Think your dead right about traits being bred out of dogs ,, i especielly look at the german shepard dogs , i look at a lot of them on the dog beach opposite my house and think poor buggers , they don't even look like shepards , more like large foxes or jackals with a big hump ,, .. although i did see a beuty the other day asked the guy who was the breeder and he was lucky enough he got him from the pound .... I spoke to a guy who actually trained dogs for security firms for a living , he was telling me they have a BIG problem getting good stock , he explained most of what they get will not bite , that protective instinct has been bred right out of them along with a lot of the other instincts that make a shepard a shepard all in the name of good breeding , . He was telling me that the ones he looks at to buy cannot be trained to protect , and when they will bite 9 out of 10 times there fear biters , and therfore not to be trusted ,, we had a discusion about it and i bowed to his 40 plus years of training and breeding shepards ,,, dobes and rottys ,,,, he was adamant that breeders are thinking there breeding aggresion out of these dogs when there actually breeding the characteristics of that breed out of the breed ,,,, basicly because people want a rotty or shepard with a golden retriver temprement and there being catered for , We touched on the look epsecielly the hunchback look of a lot of shepards has opposed to the dogs they import for breeding , that he put down to really two bad examples being bred , by people who just don't have the resources to bring in the good stock , ,,,, suppose these topics are alwayss open for debate
  20. It would really annoy the hell out of me to think that this breeder had conned me , possibly if it had been returned conned someone else and been paid twice ,, i honestly would get all the info together , get a letter from my vet explaining what the dog had , how long ect ect ,, document it all together with a list of phone calls , letters , ect ect ,, pay a couple of hunfdred dollars more and take them to the small claims crt , no lawyers allowed , just you and them and hopefully a judge who see's the breeder for what they are
  21. Gee i've been lucky in 50 years of owning dogs , never had one thats been scared of storms , fireworks , cars , lawn mowers , or anything like that ,, I live on the coast , and come winter the high light of living here is the storms ,, mostly early hrs of the morning , they will often wake me up and i get up open all the front blinds and the doors to the balcony , turn all the lights of and sit watching the storms and lightning ,,, the bigger the storm the more i like it watching the lightning light up the room and the sky , followed by thunder loud enough to make you think the house is shaking my little maltese cross we have now , where will he be ,,, sat alongside me or on my knee , not giving a care in the world , in fact sometimes if i'm inside watching , he''ll toddle off on the balcony and watch himself ,,
  22. HOW TRUE I've owned big dogs all my life, boxers , shepards , rottys ( my favorites ) heelers , close favorite to the rottys and every single one has obeyed every thing i say , and with no training has such , just over time they learnt sit, stay , come and OUT when it was time ,, my rottys especielly i did'nt even have to command them to go out , just a look and a glance and point at the door and off they would go all off them have been good on or off the leash , when i said heel they would bound back and go to heel , i think they want to know who's boss and then want to please you , well thats the only answer i can think off because i never had any formal training on how to train a dog and i never took any of them to training schools just spent a lot of time with them . Today i was at a freinds house and they have there second minniture shnauzer , there first had to be locked away when people came it was a biter ,, this second one was misbehaving its 12 month old , and they were shocked at how i could get it to sit , and behave in a few minuites , i just explained he has to learn No means NO , Inside 15 minuites it was sitting , giving me its paw , and roling over for a treat , they were amazed ,, but like i said to them its a dog not a baby treat it has such and a treat is the best way , Yet i have a small fluffy little white thing , bit of everything , and even though he's well behaved , he will not do a thing i say , just completly ignores me when he gets a mind too
  23. Don't mess about ,, get a letter of the vet , go down and take a summons out in the small claims crt , document every letter, phone call and tex you send , and send plenty reminding her of her obligation also tell her you are seeking a return on vets bills ,, ,, stuff her , what do you think she would do if you paid by cheque and it bounced , treat her the same ,,,, Some love to play holier than thou , defending there high prices because of heart checks , hip checks ect ect ,, and these breeders that charge the high prices and don't do the checks , are ruining it for everyonbe other breeders has well
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