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  1. UPDATE Well the boy has been on Apoquel for nearly a fortnight now. Smell has dissipated mostly. Yeasty build ups have gone, though a dandruff like powder still hangs about in places. Mainly around neck. He enjoys a good stiff brush of this twice a day (as well as rest of body) to shift it. Interest in food still good - or increased Scratching mostly gone though as it is 'wearing off' it comes back. No feet chewing, reduced licking Coat seems fine - thick and soft not greasy Goopy eye is better but not completely gone. I have been advised by v
  2. Thanks for your advice there. I looked up Dr Peter Hill and he looks impressive. I will be trying to make the appointment for our boy at Uni Vets for when we get there in a couple of weeks. (we have not moved into new house yet, but am assuming I will need to book as far in advance as possible) In relation to raw food diet, I would be happy to feed my dog raw food but I really think one should get guidance for amounts, types etc from a vet. Unfortunately, the vets I speak to will not even entertain raw food diets and wont help. I have even been referred to a 'chilled' loaf which is
  3. No, he has had no tests whatsover despite being around specialists, and vets for the same issues repeatedly. I have asked but get fobbed off. Hoping the Uni Vets might help a bit more proactively. Since on the Apoquel, things have improved quite well - though not entirely. Mood is much better, I must say. Thyroid underactivity could account for his general low mood, I imagine though.
  4. Thanks for that, I was wondering which campus. Gatton is actually really good for me. Thanks for the info re those remedies. Yes, transitioning to something more natural would be helpful. Just wondering if stress is a factor in all this. Household got a bit going on. Hopefully that will quiet down soon after we move and that could help...
  5. Ah, thanks for that. This lot were in Brisbane but on the the north side and not associated with the University as far as I could see. We are moving closer to Brisbane, so it might be worth checking them out. Did you have to get a referral or anything?
  6. Thanks for that. I know it is so soul destroying. I did go to a specialist but it really was a waste of time from my POV. I came out none the wiser than when I went in, no tests or skin patches taken etc. Perhaps you know of a good one, but I could really see no difference from going to the specialist to going to a vet. Except the specialist centre carpark was full of a lot more expensive cars than the vets Yep, I suppose in the end you have to weigh up quality of life against the pitfalls of the drugs used to 'help' them. Understanding that there is no 'cure' only mana
  7. Hello all, I am hoping to hear from anyone who has used Apoquel for any length of time mainly in relation to its success or otherwise and side-effects etc. I know there is a lot of bad press for it on the internet but I was hoping to hear from an actual user of the product and hear their experiences/opinions etc. I have a 7 year old German Shepherd who suffers terribly from skin allergies/irritations. He eats science diet and hypoallergenic foods and while he appeared to have had digestive issues in the past (and at the same time as skin irritations ), that side of th
  8. Hello, regular contributors may remember our 'plight' with a very full on GSD boy puppy and the slight feelings of desperation and hopelessness that engulfed us as we struggled with what appeared to be very aggressive behaviour. The topic has been closed now as it has been some time since I wrote, but I thought, as we approach his second birthday, it was the right thing to do to let anyone interested, how things ended up. Well right now as I write, he is sitting at my feet. He has not chewed, barked, growled, jumped, corralled me nor stolen anything and chewed on it or ruined any furniture -
  9. We have actually had two trainers, the first came and sorted him out immediately with the aggression and pushiness and the one we have now is working through the remnants of this and everything else. Our first trainer suggested that we tie something smelling of the cat to the dog's collar and vis versa. As we have been working through everything else we had put the fact that they didn't get on low on the priority list until this incident and just vigilantly kept them separated. The cat now comes upstairs (inside) and appears to be tormenting the dog by sitting or standing where he can be seen
  10. Thanks, Raineth. I must say that at the end of today, am feeling a little down as there seems to be a lot of work for little gain. The most important thing for me at this stage is that his aggression is manageable and I am no longer frightened of him. He was so naughty this afternoon, I was talking to my neighbour and he started to bark. I attempted to chastise him and then he started getting really bossy and barking and snapping and herding me into the corner of the yard. Fortunately, my neighbour saw the funny side and said she thought he was wanting me to play with him. I had to explain tha
  11. UPDATE THREE I know it has been a while but I thought I would let all who were interested know of our progress. I believe I have managed to attach some photos as well. One was taken today and the other was when he was about 9 weeks old. As you will see, he knows what the camera is all about. He is quite funny with this, he will sit and have his photo taken and then come up to me sniffing the phone until I 'show' him his photo. Well I feel a lot more knowledgeable now and if only one could turn back time, I would go back to the very first minute our little boy arrived home. He managed to wr
  12. UPDATE TWO! Hello! Well what a day - a wonderful day! The trainer came and within about 5 minutes she had the wee brute under control using a thoroughly calm and assertive manner AND most importantly, I was able to do it. She corrected all the small mistakes we had made and gave basic, simple and common sense guidelines for moving forward. It is like I have a different dog! AND HE seems a lot more relaxed and happy, once he settles. It would seem that the poor boy has some anxiety - born with it, it would appear. So the problems with aggression ie biting and the like seem almost licked, des
  13. UPDATE Thank you to all for your responses and invaluable information. We have FINALLY managed to engage a trainer. I do live in Queensland, but regionally. I have left messages and sent emails with as much detailed information as possible and no one but one has responded. Unfortunately, like all reputable trainers she is very busy and we will have to wait a week or so to see her but at least help is on the way. Her initial feelings from the information I have given her is quite interesting but sobering. Anyway, she wont get a firm idea until she meets us all next week and her work can comme
  14. Thank you for your replies and the wealth of information you have shared from obvious experience. I am really grateful! The stuff about marking with piddle really made sense and the comment that your dog would get cranky just for being ASKED if he had piddled really rang true for me. My boy always gets a 'look' on his face - like a sullen teenage human - when he is asked to stop doing something EXCEPT when he is out and about, then he is very good. To update, last night I kept him out of the bedroom and left him with the new larger and improved Kong that he has graduated to. He wanted to com
  15. Hello to all, My husband and I have a German Shepherd male pup who is 5 and a half months old. We are having some rather major issues with aggression at the moment and am seeking feedback if someone would be so kind. I feel quite silly as I have realised my errors which may be responsible for some of the problem, but at the same time there are some issues I am at a loss to explain. My apologies for the length but I wish to give the ENTIRE picture so an informed response can be made. I am feeling quite desperate, at the very least because my whole life seems to be revolving around the puppy at
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