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  1. No insights, I’m sorry, just wishing you, Chase and Scout all the best for quick diagnosis and recovery
  2. And now she is home forever. [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/]Cynthia Waters[/url], on Flickr
  3. An extraordinary thing happened the other day. I’ve been really sick and hadn’t ventured out of the house since Tamar died. Despite the veterinary hospital advising me that her ashes were there to be collected, I was too sick to go out. Anyway, I finally managed to get there earlier this week and when I drove out of the car park, I was behind a big truck with TAMEX across the back. Why is this extraordinary? Because after I picked up Tamar from Canterbury pound over 16 years ago, I was driving behind a truck with TAMIX painted across the back doors. And that is how Tamar was named. I wa
  4. I agree. I think I stopped faxing when my dogs were about 10. And whilst 100% sure I’ll never have another puppy, I would probably be even more circumspect than that.
  5. I found myself watching a fascinating show on SBS the other day. It was about people with hugely heightened senses. One was about a woman who, after some years of marriage, started to think her husband wasn’t washing properly and telling him he was smelly. This went on for a few years until he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. At some stage they went to a gathering of people with Parkinson’s and when they left she said to him that they all smelt like he did. To cut a long story short, she was given all sorts of tests and was always right about who had or didn’t have Parkinson’s. Th
  6. Many years ago, a friend of mine who lived up near Gosford thought it was as cute as anything that the little Chihuahua from across the road used to come and visit her Rottweiler. One day she was visiting me and said she had bad news. Don’t ask me how, but I just knew and said, “Tiger’s been killed.” She said in amazement, “How did you know?” I said that I didn’t, but I knew it was bound to happen. What adds to the tragedy is that the person who ran him over was absolutely traumatised, but imagine a tiny Chihuahua running across a street dappled by trees - she and Tiger didn’t stand a cha
  7. Yes. Danny, Jeune and Tamar were together for so many years. And Gussy Cat. They saw so many foster/rescue dogs come and go and generally took it all in their strides. All so missed.
  8. Thank you everyone. I’m a bit numb - at the beginning of this year, I had five little dogs and I now have only two: Mezza and Sooty, but elderly and health compromised. I have to go back about twenty years to when I last had only two dogs and Gussy cat. The house seems very empty, but Mezza and Sooty are getting a lot more attention. I keep thinking I have something to do and then I realise I don’t have to check that Tamar is okay. A few photos from happier and healthier times which I love so much: Danny and Tamar: Danny and Tamar by Cynthia Waters, on Fli
  9. My dearest sweetest little Lion Queen has gone. Loved and treasured since Friday 2 July 2004. IMG_0496 by Cynthia Waters, on Flickr
  10. That poor woman . I wonder how many more are in her situation? I know identity theft is rife; I mean other breeders. I hope people in Armidale are rallying around her.
  11. Some of the best photographs I have of many of my dogs were taken by you, @tdierikx
  12. Tamar had a check up with vet yesterday. She is definitely deteriorating and it is now a watching brief . She still eats, drinks and toilets without any issues and we all have a little walk along my street. It is an “interesting” job walking three geriatric dogs: Sooty who is blind and wants to channel a spring lamb, Tamar with her motility issues and Mezza who is never sure whether he wants to come or go. They all can spend an inordinate amount of time sniffing a bunch of grass around a fence post, which is what it is all about. IMG_1298 by Cynthia Waters, on Flickr
  13. They could be mum and bub❤️❤️❤️
  14. “Super cute” doesn’t come close
  15. My dogs are 16x2 and 14. Tamar and Mezza are generally fine in the poop department, but Sooty is somewhat up and down. I always have cans of Royal Canin Gastrointestinal on hand and just mix it in with their normal mince. It’s lovely when they decide they are puppies again
  16. Jaison, please go back and read the responses to your original post. Your plans are nothing short of a recipe for disaster. Desexing Buddy now is good, but only for his well being. It will not change the dynamics between him and Wilba. Hiding food and toys to try to make your back yard more entertaining for the dogs is just about the worst thing you could do. Please don’t do this. It is time to understand the unfulfilling, unhappy and dangerous lives these two dogs are living and to give them any hope of happiness, they must be separated by rehom
  17. Yes, there are cases which defy easy solutions. But I have rescued and fostered so many dogs over the years in terrible conditions which were resolved after a couple of baths and regular flea treatment. My little Pomeranian, Mezza, is one. His tail was like a rat’s, hairless, red and raw. And his back was similar taking three baths before I managed to get all the flea dirt out of his fur. All cured in no time. Wilba seems to have multiple health problems, but Jaison did say that his partner was “lazy” and would not bath him.
  18. That last pic Does he feel at home, loved and safe already !!
  19. Just fancy, @NikkiandKane is having so much fun cuddling and playing with her new puppy Chase and looking at him adoringly, she hasn’t had time to come back to us Tsk Tsk
  20. This made me tear up, Jaison, and is something that many of us can relate to, certainly I can. You have one of the most unenviable situations for dog owners. A few thoughts came to me reading your post and other comments - all of which you and your partner need to consider carefully, but quickly. If anything I have to say comes across as seeming a bit hard, please know that is not my intention. Your situation is very sad, but for the sake of your baby, you must act without delay. Nothing is going to stop the two dogs from fighting and their lives must be intoler
  21. Poor little baby. I hope puppy is back with breeder. Presumably, at 9 weeks, the pup hasn’t been given even a week.
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