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  1. Dogs eat grass because they like it LOL. I have noticed that they particularly like the long soft type. I knew one dog who, when let off the lead, would race to a patch and spend ages just having a wonderful time munching the grass and jumping around in it.
  2. From listening and reading, I realise I am pretty well on my own, but one of my "pet hates" is calling children kids - LOL.
  3. What a great story and the chap - so laconic, but very much aware of how precious this story is. Loved the dad with the list of jobs.
  4. In this chaotic era of social media, the old adage, “Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but names will never harm me,” has long been way out of touch. Names DO have meanings and consequences, even if subconsciously, that affect people’s actions, reactions and treatment of others. If not, why would millions of people march and demonstrate for them? Disabled people were called retards, or spastics. Gay used to mean happy and bright. Dogs were given all sorts of derogatory names To call a woman a “dog” was an insult Ms / Miss / Mrs. I remember the time when if Mary was married to John Smith, she was addressed as Mrs John Smith !!! Vets are now called Doctor. The list is endless. The point I am making is that, with some people, to call your dog your furbaby can take away its “doghood” and consequently these people may fail to understand the needs and drives of a being that is first and foremost a dog. Here endeth the lesson.
  5. That made me laugh. He knows you have a proper dog: one who has you wrapped around his little paw
  6. I am getting a bit better, but it is hard to hold a squirming dog and give her an injection at the same time, but she is such a good little girl. She forgives me very quickly as I have her food at the ready. Have a look at my post in Photos
  7. How lucky we are to live in a time of instant photographs and videos. First up Shala and Lilo (foster) then out of the bushes comes Bunches and then Beatrice. Lilo has to stay behind to make sure she can sniff everything and then bolts for home.
  8. "I'm sure I'm immune to calicivirus and all the goat, sheep, and cow diseases now... hahaha!" Well that is good to know
  9. That was an interesting and informative read, thank you @Boronia. I have to go basic shopping today, so I’ll be picking up some foods to try for Lilo.
  10. I have googled and googled but cannot fine a home made diet for a diabetic dog. Mostly sites for selling the cans and kibble come up and when a homemade diet pops up, for as many people who agree with it as many disagree. Every body argues about the various ingredients including rice and carrots !! When my latest foster arrived, she came with about 10 days’ worth of Satiety (despite being a little underweight), but these cans are hugely expensive and she has one a day, so that isn’t really sustainable. All I was told at the vet the other day when I went for injection lessons was no red meat but Adult Kibble would be fine. I would like to make my own so the little girl can have the correct, nutritious and enjoyable diet, but need some help.
  11. I was so upset when the first people brought her back, they didn't last even a few days before the said it wasn't working out. Normally, I'll just go an collect the dog, refund any monies paid and no hard feelings because it does happen, but Winnie was a different matter. I'd been over there a few times with her to get her used to them, I had extensive notes written down, etc etc. She is so sensitive and has been mucked around so much, I was sick to the stomach thinking how she must be feeling. But this second family - well a match made in heaven. In fact, had we not already agreed to the first family, I would have much preferred the second, but sadly, at Winnie's expense, I learned a lesson. @persephone, your confidence in my injection prowess shows you don't know me . My second name is Clumsy and, yes, with the first attempt, I managed to get my finger - luckily I didn't press the plunger. This morning's attempt was a little better although it is difficult to fool dogs. As soon as the bottle and needle were brought out Lilo was off and running. I am sure I am hurting her . Hopefully in very little time, I will be an expert and she won't be feeling the needles, because she is on them for the rest of her life. She is very sweet - no messes in the house, absolutely no fear of or aggression towards the other dogs, but mine are so laid back that would be hard to imagine. She is very biddable, but loves to explore and someone is going to get the dearest little girl. She is quite large for a L/H Chi - weighs in at 4.9kg and her bones are sticking out so she needs to put on a little bit of weight.
  12. Litttle Winnie has been rehomed. The first home was a dud. I saw the red flags, but let my heart rule my head. The people were lovely, but unfortunately somewhat anal and had absolutely no idea (despite lots of information written and verbal from me) how to integrate her into their existing home which of course included another dog. Anyway, I still had one application that I wanted to follow up and to cut a long story short, they are experienced with rescue dogs, don't race around saying the sky is falling at the slightest thing and Winnie is now in a home with three adults and two other dogs, so a dog for every person and a person for every dog where the dogs are the most important things in their lives. So, what's next on the cards or perhaps in the dog beds? Here is Lilo, the most gorgeous little redhead, l/h Chihuahua of 5 years. Sadly she has diabetes and will be on insulin injections twice a day. This is new for me, never having had a dog with diabetes, so I have appointment at the vet this afternoon to learn how to administer these injections. I confess to being a bit nervous, but if others can do it so can I LOL. Quality of pic not good, don't know why.
  13. I so understand how you feel. No matter how long we stay with them, it is never enough. Just something else we have to come to grips with. When I scroll through the hundreds of photographs taken over the years of so many dogs, I give thanks I live in this era of smart phones.
  14. When I saw the title of this thread just now, my heart sank and I said out aloud, “Oh no!” Your little Tonka, such a darling boy who had your heart completely. Deepest sympathies, LFF. Our thoughts and hearts are with you and your treasured boy.
  15. I occasionally find a "nugget" in a dog's bed. I think they are just so sound asleep, needing to go to the toilet and a bit slips out. Think of it as a present . Joking aside, if worried take her to your vet. Maybe her poor beginnings have made her muscles not as strong as they should be, but as you say it is a normal poo, I feel it isn't something to worry unduly about. However, I do worry that you haven't posted a photo
  16. I do it to put people at ease as well. Not that I have big dogs, but if ever I am in that situation. I think we can overthink these things and be a bit anal. Although I fully understand the point about how we speak about dogs influences how we [some people] think and act. As with most things, it is a balancing act.
  17. I was reminded of this thread today while helping out Denise At Paws rescue group. They have a Cocker x Cavalier puppy up for adoption and, needless to say, they were absolutely deluged with applications. Someone made the executive decision to task me with going through the applications (I am considering what revenge to take) and I was amazed at the number of people who called their dogs their Furbabies - frightening really LOL. However, depending on other circumstances, I forgave them.
  18. I call my dogs “my babies” because they are my lovely little creatures. They are my responsibility and they depend on me for everything. HOWEVER , I do not mistake them for babies with fur on. They are dogs first and last.
  19. That is just so right @Teebs. I remember (a lifetime ago) when I was a volunteer at a pound, sometimes in particularly hot weather we would just take the dogs down the road to the park and sit under a big tree. The dogs loved it. One of my dogs (now gone to god) could take 5 minutes just sniffing in one spot. I live in a very popular dog walking area and it takes me every bit of self control not to give some owners a whack around the head at their total lack of understanding (or even desire to understand) a dog’s needs, personality, etc. And as for those who get all embarrassed because the dogs start sniffing each other. God help the dogs
  20. I don't see that as a humanising crime. I talk to the dogs, they like to be included, and either their ears perk up or they couldn't care less LOL. They come looking for me if I am in another room for too long by their measurements. They like company and part of that is hearing a voice focussed on them. As for "furbaby" -----
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