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  1. Home made dog food

    I have been feeding mostly a grain-free commercial dry food plus a small amount of home-made mixture, consisting of chicken breast, brown rice, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and green beans. I use a variety of commercial treats, but not every day and none in large quantities. The vet didn’t mention fat levels or anything in particular to avoid, but just concerned that Oscar may have developed an allergy to something in the food or treats. I can definitely cut out the commercial treats, but it’s his everyday diet that I’m concerned about.
  2. Hi all, Our little cavvie Oscar has been intermittently going off his food, sometimes vomiting, and our vet has suggested trying a home-made food diet for a while. We are living in Malaysia at the moment, so I have no idea whether this is what an Australian vet would recommend, but I'm willing to give it a try. I have been giving him a mixture of dry food and a bit of chicken/rice/veggie mix that he really likes. So, I'd love some pointers to how to make my own balanced dog food, using ingredients that I can readily obtain here in Malaysia. In terms of meat I can get every part of chickens, lots of fish, but not a great selection of red meat, and no bones like you would get at a butcher. I can get a few frozen things like lamb shanks, but not much. I'm concerned to make sure that whatever I make has the right balance of vitamins and minerals, and I'd rather give him dry food than an unbalanced home made diet.