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  1. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York


    So sorry PM. Run free beautiful Bella. And thank you for being ok enough through this to keep fostering. I know that can be hard after a loss of loved old pet and change to the feel of your household. XXX
  3. Autism assistance dogs

    Tapua breed and train a lot of service dogs. They are in Woodstock. Not sure about for Autism but she would be able to advise if they couldn't assist. http://www.tapualabs.com/default.asp
  4. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    I am not surprised they already have indications of unaccounted for animals based on comments on the RSPCA's FB posts from people frantically asking about pets they surrendered to the group. This is sounding like one of the worst cases of animal abuse I have ever heard of in this country.
  5. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    So here is another situation in the UK that monitoring could assist with - the prevalence of backyard breeders and puppy farms dumping their damaged goods on rescue and getting away with it. It happens all the time out here and clearly it is the same over there (and in the US). They make the money and then rescue gets hit with all the costs of vet care for these poor animals. I actually think an inspection/visitation/monitoring program would help give a higher profile to this issue too so that not for profit rescues aren't bearing the brunt of the problem. Because it is council and government who approve these facilities without seeming concern for the problems that are created by these money makers for others. They wouldn't get away with dumping chemical bi-products in to waterways so why are they getting away with dumping damaged living creatures on an already overburdened volunteer based rescue infrastructure? Hell they would even be fined if they dumped a load of dog shit on a footpath so why is it ok to dump animals they created that they no longer want? Where is the logic in that? You own it - you are responsible for it. https://www.facebook.com/wonkypets.rescue.7/posts/2371091353109833?__tn__=K-R
  6. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    This feels good TBD! Plus another thing that could help struggling incorporated rescues is to be aware of operating supports and funding options that are out there. In QLD we have funding that comes from gambling monies for everything from buildings to vehicles. So few orgs know it exists. Yes there is a process to follow to apply for it but RSPCA does it pretty much every single round and from the animal world they have little competition. So imagine your ' annual inspection' comes from a rescource officer type person rather than an inspector who is there to both monitor your compliance but also offer you knowledge, support and resources so you could be more successful! Oh be still my heart! These types of roles already exist in other areas of the state government (the old Dept of Families) for the child care sector and community funded programs so it wouldn't even be reinventing the wheel. I agree with T that seizure and prosecution is best left in the hands of the RSPCA. But if not local govt then what about state govt from somewhere like Dept Primary Industries who would already have an inspectorate type role? Yes it would require more infrastructure money but what is the endless cycle of dumped and abused dogs costing each state now? Each region might only have 5 - 10 registered rescue groups in their geo area. It might also spawn some great educational programs for the general public about pet ownership (thanks for nothing there RSPCA) and more knowledge about rescue in general. Honestly my heart is racing at the thought we might find a solution to animals having such a small voice in this country.
  7. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    Yep, legislation takes a lot of time and effort to write and get passed. But I agree with this concept. I'm actually feeling a little suspicious now about supporting any rescue that I cannot ever visit, even just to drop off goods. I don't need the grand tour and I don't need it to be pristine because it's a working rescue but I need it to be safe for the animals there. The state government used to have a Community Visitor scheme for kids in care (not sure if it still exists). I don't think they were paid but they were trained and they reported back to the Children's Commission and only matters of concern or requiring action were progressed. Perhaps a Community Visitor scheme could work for rescue groups too? I know it would be another thing for a busy rescue to have to deal with but it could also give a rescue group more clout and exposure. Certainly the more people who know about a rescue group the more supporters, foster carers and volunteers can be born of that relationship.
  8. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    There was no food or water in that cage either. Up here during a heatwave period. I'm confused about those puppies. Hadn't heard them mention they'd taken on a litter or that a recent rescue had whelped. Normally that kind of thing is a feel good story. And that staffy with a dried out stump horrified me. That did not look like it was healing in a healthy and sterile way at all.
  9. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    That's how I feel. Under optimum care disabled animals can live a good life. But with even only basic care (let alone less than that) their lives are not worth living.
  10. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    There is video footage on the RSPCA's FB page. Speaks far louder about those poor animals than just the photos. So many of them not even getting basic hygiene needs met let alone their special care needs for their conditions. The look of misery on their faces is haunting.
  11. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    This one hits very close to home. The rescue support group I am with (Craft for Paws) gives both items and monies to this group on a regular basis and have done so for a couple of years. There are other connections between group members and the creators of this rescue (dog adoptions and support for disabilities for instance) but they are based in two different states so there are no visits to the sanctuary. This rescue also has quite a high public event attendance with several of their dogs. They post a lot of video footage of their animals on and off the property. There are businesses who have supported them and vet specialists (because of the type of dogs they take on). They are supported by many individuals financially and other rescue support groups. For example the picture of Barry the dalmation (now pts) was on their page only the day before as a thanks for a whole heap of knitted coats and blankets donated from another group (his back end was covered). This rescue also moved from down my way to their current premises only late last year and have been trying to raise money for permanent premises for a while. I also know that the owner collapsed recently and was in hospital so I don't know if this has been going on for a while or whether it has come about due to a lack of physical and mental ability to keep on top of things. They took a disabled dog in only a couple of weeks ago too. The comments on FB from people who have given them their dogs for rehab or lifetime care just break my heart. I will not minimise the photos and what they mean for those poor animals but I am still extremely shocked, as are everyone involved with C4P. We have had some people on the attack for our previous support of this rescue group but honestly no-one had any idea. It's up to the RSPCA now to do their thing. As we have learned over the years there are two sides to every story but the photos of the animals the RSPCA have shown are very far from ok with me. It's getting to the stage that if you want to support a specific rescue group you need to be able to visit their base every 3 to 6 months to make sure what you see is what you are getting. But how much more pressure does that put on busy and reputable rescues? I considered these guys reputable from what I saw and heard. I know I had goods to drop off to this sanctuary and they asked me to drop to their vet instead. I was only disappointed because I wouldn't get to see the animals. But now, as an individual, I am not sure I'll be happy with that arrangement in the future. I don't expect pristine conditions but I do expect a basic level of hygiene and safety for all animals there. Big hole in my gut today for these animals.
  12. Why pups get banned from the bed

    Stussy is 11 and still eats a couple of doonas every winter! She chews all the clips or buttons off the bottom of the doona cover (usually while I'm in the shower) so all the doonas 'accidentally' fall out of the cover. Once out they are fair game! I no longer buy any valuable ones. Once chewed I cut off the worst, give it a wash and then fold it to fit inside dog bed covers. Some stay here and some go to rescue.
  13. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    Oh Minty! What a beautiful girl you have been! Run free and do all the things you love with gay abandon until you and mum meet again!
  14. This footage really disturbed me when I first saw it. I'm glad the person has been caught and the dog is no longer in their care and is getting vet care. I truly do not understand how people can be so angry as to hold down and punch an animal repeatedly. That dog would've been screaming in fear and yet he didn't stop till the dog got loose. I hope he is ostracised by his community (because lets face it, he wont serve jail time) until he proves he is capable of behaving in an acceptable and controlled manner in his society.
  15. behaviour

    My first thought was he has a lot of energy bottled up that he doesn't know what to do with and it is bubbling over in your presence. Is he regularly walked off his own property, allowed to sniff, run around in different directions and wear himself out physically? Have you thought about mental enrichment options to wear him out mentally (good for dogs who can't be walked off property regularly for various reasons)? There are things such as snuffle mats and other treat dispensing puzzles that worked well for my dog (she hated leaving the property but still needed to use up her energy). Just having a playmate for your dog in their own yard and house is not enough for all dogs. Nor is playing with them at home and leaving them a bundle of toys either. Some need extra stimulation and release, particularly outside their usual environment. They will develop more poor behaviours if you don't find a way to address this now and then you will be punishing them for those bad behaviours but the dog will still be frustrated from a lack of stimulation and continue to misbehave. At the very least try taking him for a walk where he can sniff and pursue what appeals to him and then see how he behaves at home after that.