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  1. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    What a cracker of a dog you have been Dee Dee! I'm so sorry Grumpette. The good ones always leave a big hole in our hearts but you have so many wonderful memories captured of her to cherish. Run free in mischief beautiful girl!
  2. Reducing plastic in relation to dogs?

    Possum there are places that get 4 litre juice bottles. I'm thinking of trying Maccas and the type of places that have juice in those machines (maybe Donut King?). I went to 2 food places yesterday and they were so excited to give me their bottles! I even got a 3 litre caramel sauce container and I made that into a watering can for my sister's herbs. I made 2 storage containers and they were so easy! I can even imagine storing my fruit in them in the fridge as everything always gets knocked around in the bottom of our fridge. I took photos of my creations on my phone so will get them on the computer and add them to my OT thread.
  3. Reducing plastic in relation to dogs?

    I've just discovered a new idea the past couple of days. You can make containers from old plastic juice and milk containers. I don't buy any myself so I'm going to ask my local coffee shop for some. I have seen ones with snap closures and some with glue on velcro but I have some flat timber beads and left over hemp cord so I'm going to punch holes and make toggle closures for mine. I haven't posted about it in my OT thread because I haven't done it yet! But here is a link to a tute and to a taller image idea that wouldn't be hard to work out. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.curbly.com%2F11213-how-to-turn-a-milk-jug-into-a-sandwich-box&h=ATPsYgUGwDpx1WCuuS8FG3fKkCsDLmsoV9fXh33VT67uK-xbNHTPYDi99UixtjadHSKeVTycW6nN2zWMLK75WYI0ImX_z7bF6NwTyCMIk8Dxa6GJ28CHli_M5z8zBJq8aLqXint6A8fE
  4. Gentle Giant Breed Recommendation!?

    I've been around a few neo's and they were all gentle giants. I can't remember any of them being overly active either. I don't know much about health issues in the breed but their nature seems to be quite good.
  5. I know. I see dogs in need (mostly pei) every single day on there but he is the one constantly on my mind for the last few weeks. The games will only be 11 days of madness but Floyd will belong to myself and my sister so she will be here when I am not. Between us we've always managed to make sure the dogs have what they need when they need it. She is studying full time now so has the life of a slacker uni student! What did you think of your pei experience? I can't imagine my life without one now! I'm actually upset with Tempeh because she finally became a snuggler at night while we sleep but the last couple of months decided she wants to sleep in her crate again! No matter how much I coax her my bed is only for lying on during daylight hours now! It's like she does it on purpose! Anyway I am just going to leave my well wishes for Floyd with the universe and see if it leads anywhere.
  6. Funny enough both my sister and I have just started to 'notice' other dogs but Floyd is the first that hasn't left my interest. Our old girl has been gone long enough for us not to feel like we were trying to replace her. It's just been a natural process. As I said usually a dog just finds us so it is a very different experience to feel like we are planning for one. My sister's been the one encouraging me to contact the rescue about Floyd while I am a bit scared. Part of that is because I've never been on this side of rescue before! I honestly think us humans and Stussy have a good track record with dogs like Floyd so could give him something extra. Tempeh is the unknown quantity. She's had other dogs in the house but most of them have left by dinner time so it hasn't been an issue! How will she go sharing meal times and bed space? I am trying to be practical and sensible both for any new dog and our own two. It could be magical or it could be terrible depending on how Tempeh feels about the particular dog joining the pack. I hope she is old enough and confident enough now for it not to be an issue (with us guiding the situation), but??? And I would go back to fostering but I have no group I've gelled with and she wouldn't like ongoing change so if we are going to add another dog to our life it would need to be adoption. I know I'm talking myself out of it and finding more reasons not to but part of me wont let the issue go. Grrrr. I could be wasting all this energy thinking about it when we wouldn't even be suitable for him (eg he needs to be in an only dog home) or something else about us wouldn't pass muster on an adoption application. Plus he would need to like us and vice versa. Geez! How do people do this! Imagine getting your hopes up over a dog and not even getting a look in!
  7. It's sooo hard! I see his pic and he is calling me! Lots of thinking to do. I hope he foster fails and then I wont have to think about it anymore. This is him after a couple of weeks in care. Still some wounds not seen in photo.
  8. I would never be dishonest to a rescue. I would tell them up front my concerns and need for meet and greets off premises and on and I hope they would decide what is in Floyd's best interests as I have to decide what is right for my own. I just wouldn't want to risk upsetting Floyd or my own dogs (Stussy gets stressed when Tempeh is). But I'm thinking a male could create a nice balance between the girls and a younger dog could give Tempeh a play buddy now Stussy is getting a little older and slower. I'm leaning more towards simply asking if they are taking applications, giving them some info about us and seeing what happens. He might be a dog who would prefer a quieter household. Or he mightn't even choose us. That can happen with a pei. It's not a commitment I take lightly so I'm struggling with making sure it is the right thing.
  9. There is a pei called Floyd in rescue at present and he had the most horrible injuries when surrendered. It has been suggested he may have been a bait dog. As soon as I saw his arrival pics I nearly put my hand up to foster him (we did well here fostering pei like him previously). But he went to a lovely couple and his health is improving so now I am thinking I should make application to adopt him! But something is holding me back. Stussy loves all dogs who come here but I don't know how Tempeh would cope and Floyd does not need any more conflict or chaos in his young life. I know if our application was successful we would do meet and greets but even that might affect Tempeh if it doesn't go well. Outside the house she is very non-plussed by other dogs but in the house she likes everything just so and what if she doesn't like sharing her life with Floyd? She doesn't need anything else to stress over and that kind of conflict would also stress the peace loving Stussy. Plus we are hoping to move this year and change is Tempeh's arch enemy and we will need to put extra effort into managing any changes that arise in her already quirky behaviour. And on top of that our focus is still on clearing mum and dad's and selling their house and we are neglecting a lot of our own stuff while doing that. I guess it boils down to me not being sure we are good enough for Floyd? Can we give him what he needs and deserves? And are we doing the wrong thing by one of our existing dogs who we already know is not a fan of 'new'? How do other people determine what's right? Usually a dog in need just finds us and fits in. I don't know whether I should apply and just see what the universe does with it? Stussy is a desexed female of 10. Tempeh is a desexed female of almost 6 and Floyd is a desexed male of 2.5. Maybe him being male might be a good dynamic for the 2 older girls? Big decisions always hurt my head!
  10. I hope someone can give proper advice. I wonder if the cat was in a council area where it was supposed to be suitably contained? If that's the case then some blame will be on the cat's owner for having it loose too. Then there are the dogs. No history but a potential disposition to chase and catch based on breed might be considered. And then we have the fact that even though the dogs were leashed the parents were unable to restrain the dogs at a critical time. No intent and no history to suggest they are a public risk but several unfortunate contributing factors have led to this incident. It could've been avoided if the cat was contained and the parents were able to manage the dogs under all conditions. I hope they are not seized (or worse) for instinctual behaviour (perhaps muzzling in public might be a safety measure that is now needed) but it is an eye opener for all dog owners really. Of course we don't want our pets to cause harm to others but I don't know how well I could control both of mine if I was walking them at the same time and a cat ran in front of them either. I hope you find out some factual information so your ex can take a sensible course of action.
  11. Continuation of “The Universe has Spoken"

    Yep that's how I would say it!
  12. Continuation of “The Universe has Spoken"

    I was wondering who this was when you posted the pic and I thought maybe it was one of your fur babies you don't post many pictures of. Can't believe he is a newbie! Welcome Mezza! And Mezza is the female word in Italian for half, middle or medium. Mezzo is the male equivalent and a term often found in music so maybe you can pretend you just happen to like Italian words!
  13. Dog Rescue Flight: Puerto Rico

    Where is the f*** off button when you need it?
  14. Dog Rescue Flight: Puerto Rico

    What a brilliant story! I have a friend in Washington DC and he and his sister foster homeless dogs that have been brought over from Europe by a local rescue group. They are mainly large breed mutts. Obviously their quarantine enables this kind of thing more than ours. Good to see.
  15. We say goodbye tomorrow

    I'm so sorry Rascal. I'm sure Claudia is very glad she found such a wonderful family. Run free tomorrow without a care in the world beautiful girl. XXX