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  1. RSPCA in the news

    That's part of my point T - you breed a dog with genetic health issues it is the poor animal that suffers the most - a life full of breathing or joint or heart issues or skin issues and visits to the vet. Why is that ok for companion animals? Multiply that by the hundreds of dogs that might be deliberately bred from one bitch and stud who are a poor genetic match or who are passing on congenital issues and that is a lot of animals suffering needlessly and a lot of out of pocket expenses for owners. It probably also drives up pet insurance premiums for some breeds. But the puppy farmers don't care about any of that, least of all the ongoing health of their puppies. They are only worried about lining their pockets. We wouldn't tolerate any other business selling poor quality products at top dollar so I don't get why it is ok with living things? As for popular breeds not being in the pounds - I think that is because rescue (breed specific rescue in particular) tend to grab them so they can at least get the care they need and be rehomed to a more suitable owner. They don't want them to end up in the wrong hands and used for breeding. I see it pretty much every day with shar pei rescue. Seeing Frenchies with serious health issues pop up too more frequently in rescue now as surrenders.
  2. RSPCA in the news

    Sorry Asal, we have to agree to disagree on puppy farms. When you look at the sheer volume of puppies they produce (and the breeding bitches they discard when they are worthless) they have to be at the top of pile. They make up breeds, they sell popular breeds and they provide little after sales support or quality control for their product (puppies). We know they are even deceptive to their customers. They are also charging so much money for these poor puppies. Tens of thousands of poorly bred, undesexed puppies are flooding our suburbs simply because this one business venture is left unchecked. The financial cost to owners of genetically poor puppies is high (especially when you multiply it by how many puppies they pump out), the financial cost to rescue picking up the pieces with sick, unwanted dogs needing rehoming is high and even the cost to the RSPCA when they have to go in and seize 100+ puppies and breeding bitches is high. We simply don't need that many poorly bred dogs being bred year in and year out. If they are not available people can't buy them and be ripped off. Back yard breeders are another issue, closely behind puppy farmers for me but I feel many backyard breeders are just puppy farmers in the making (ie ones with not enough capitol to go bigger). So you end puppy farming and you also impact the expansion of the next breeding tier down. There will always be enough whoops or idiot litters out there to keep pounds and shelters busy. And perhaps if laws made it easier for quality registered breeders to do what they are good at our canine population would be a whole lot healthier for it.
  3. RSPCA in the news

    I'm on a Facebook page for a US rescue that predominantly has farm animals (and goats in particular). They go to extreme lengths to save those animals and deal with a lot of heartache as a result. They had a post recently where they expressed their despair at hobby/old school farmers still breeding, slaughtering and eating animals. Humans have been omni's since the dawn of time, seeking enough food of any type to keep their hunger satiated and their bodies fueled. Today we have more time, money and ability to eat whatever we want whenever we want without breaking a sweat than any time before. I see no possible way of stopping the consumption of animal products (for clothing, food, etc) regardless of what tactics are used. But for the sake of our collective health and that of our planet we would definately benefit from a significant reduction in our excessive consumption rates. If they focused on people being less wasteful (buying and then throwing away food, clothes, shoes, homewares and the like), more mindful and more balanced in their regularl consumption that would have to lead to less animals needing to be bred, kept in horrible conditions and slaughtered. I know there would be a financial impact on some of the big companies that control these mega farms and slaughter houses but less animals bred and killed has to be a win for the animals. Instead PETA is driving people away from the issue with their ludicrous behaviour (seen this fight with a seafood restaurant? https://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/09/06/1NVzjP/peta-jimmys-famous-seafood). They probably need to have their blood pressure monitored during planning meetings. Same for companion animals. More time, more money and more desire so our buying habits have changed dramatically and people have found ways to cash in on that. If people shopped more mindfully and were less wasteful (ie less inclined to neglect or abandon because they put more time into their purchasing) that could only be a good habit to develop. I don't care what cutesy name you call a breed, for the sake of the animals themselves we can't continue to breed at the rates we are. It is out of balance. And it is not quality breeders who are pumping out hundreds of oodles a year so the tippy toeing needs to stop. Again a national education campaign about the reality behind the different breeding arrangements and their sale/post sale support methods might actually make more of a change than new laws. I couldn't care less whether a puppy farmer or back yard breeder lost money from less sales because less sales means less bad breeding. But RSPCA wants to just keep all their millions rather than educate. Even if they used their Million Paws Walk as an education platform that might effect change in hundreds of thousands of people's minds across our country. It's all getting a bit ridiculous. There is no point banging on about the difference between adoption and buying or kill rates or animals being sentient beings. The core issue is the number of abandoned and unwanted animals that die every year because they don't have a better, permanent option. And if that better option is a lack of permanent places for them all to go then Houston, it is an over production problem. Then you go to who is 'producing' the biggest amount and bingo! Looking at you puppy farmers. I wish our legislators had the balls to focus their attentions there first and see what comes of it.
  4. Sudden personality change

    Don't want to be a panic merchant and my knowledge on this topic is a little rusty but at 5.5 months your pup could be in their 2nd fear period. Is there anything that happened 5 or so days ago that impacted your dog more than you realised? Were you out and something frightened him? Did your household dynamics change in some way? Only considering this given the medical all clear. Here is a link below about it, although it is not necessarily the be all and end all info on this topic. Maybe have a think back to before the behavioural changes for any clues too (I'd also be contacting breeder and considering more medical causes). Also we had a husky/shep cross who was a seriously picky eater all her life. She wouldn't/couldn't eat from a bowl so had a plate - perhaps try that for your pup too in case he doesn't like his nose rubbing on a metal bowl? You never know! And lean is not a bad thing in a bigger breed. https://www.doglistener.co.uk/puppies/criticalperiods.shtml
  5. Bull terrier puppy mill

    Results of the court case can be found here. Very underwhelming penalty applied as usual. https://www.facebook.com/RSPCAQueensland/posts/10157369151309326?__tn__=K-R
  6. I have another tip for you that I used with very scared foster dogs. We had a dog bed in the lounge room and while we watched tv at night the fosters would sleep in that bed. I'd sit on the floor next to them (near their bum) and start giving them a light massage - whatever leg or piece of body that was exposed. Just rubbing and light kneading and walking up the spine if you can get to it. I'd just do it by touch while watching the tv and not the dog. After a couple of nights they'd starting shifting their bodies under my hands, offering me more of their body to massage. At any time they were free to get up and by not looking at them while I was doing it things were also less confrontational. Usually by week 2 they'd be rolling over wanting me to rub their bellies and I could look at them and talk to them while doing it. They learnt to know and trust my hands as something of comfort rather than something to fear. If your girl is hearing and vision impaired in her old age then she definately has a right to be fearful. It is a natural instinct that keeps her safe. And also at her age she may not want to be played with and touched as much but that doesn't mean she isn't happy in your company. Thank you for making her old age more comfortable and loving. X
  7. Custom painting progress of my dog

    What a great idea! Do you know who they organised it through? My sister would love one of her heart dog (now passed).
  8. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    He gave them a great life and thankfully dogs are very resilient and make the most of wherever life takes them. I hope in some way he can see how well they are doing and that it gives him some peace of mind and comfort. Look at this smile from Jonah today (treats were involved!) -
  9. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    I caught up with CT's son today and the son's girlfriend, and of course Jonah with Jesse this time! Jesse was totally obsessed with the ball and Jonah was all about covering other dogs in his slag and scratching dirt over everyone!
  10. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    And here is Coogie hand watering Alf. Pei are not spethal at all! Issy is standing in front. Coogie will probably know the name of the other black pei if she comes in here (don't think he's a Doler though). Desperately tried to get a pic of all 3 together but there was too much going on for standing still!
  11. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    I was at a shar pei meet up today and guess who was there! Not a CT quality photo sadly but he was enjoying himself, having a swim, spreading drool everywhere and kicking up a dirt storm!
  12. Remembering Gypsy - 7 years on...

    She was a beautiful girl. I can't believe it has been 8 years. Time passes so quickly. Hope you and the boys (all teenagers now?) are doing well! X
  13. I am confused by what I have bolded. Backyard breeders and old style small quality breeders are two very different things. They spend time and money and they have very different breeding skill sets too. Another big difference between the two is also the post purchase support they offer to new owners. There are already two warning flags here that sets this breeder apart from a quality breeder - they didn't spend the extra money on vet care when advised by a professional and they weren't jumping up and down with concern that a puppy they had bred was ill so soon after it left their home, particularly with a heart issue. A quality breeder would want to know all about that both for this pup and for future litters. Regardless of what type of breeder they are I'm sure all of us hope for positive experiences for new owners, new puppies, the breeding bitches and of course the breeders who want piece of mind regarding the quality of their puppies and the homes they have chosen for them. That's not happened here so I hope you pursue your options. I'd also report this to the body this breeder is registered with in case they are breaching any regulations. Not to punish them but to ensure they are doing what they should be doing regarding the health and wellbeing of any other puppies they breed and the breeding bitches that remain in their care. Also wondering what the breed of pup was here because perhaps they are a breed prone to ear or heart issues?
  14. Beautiful brindle dingoes

    That was so interesting!
  15. Gosh he is an inspiration! Whatever happened to him I am thankful his organs were all safe in that torso and that it also gave him good counter balance to walk and run so freely.