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  1. Hangry Albert - he sure lets you know when it is coming up to meal time!
  2. Albert likes catching fish and practising his bed dismounts.
  3. And last night helping while I stupidly tried to finish a jigsaw puzzle.
  4. While I took a shower to go on a client visit this arvo he ate my favourite, wear everyday, work shoe. On my bed too. He's playing the 'I used to be very sick you know!' card.
  5. The first picture looks like your average staffy. Don't know how I would've coped if that legislation came in here while my stafford girl was alive. Probably would've packed up and moved with her. A very sad move for many dog lovers I think.
  6. Little f***er kept me awake all night with his licking. Now of course fast asleep under my computer desk while I try to be alive enough to work.
  7. Cone finally came off this morning! He's so happy! Lots of running around and getting up to mischief. My sister has started doing some training with him and I think his sight in his right eye is not s good at all. And getting him to sit is not going well either (he just jumps up to see what you are doing with your hands). We will persist and talk to the rescue if it is likely we need a different approach. Lots of zoomies, drinking out of tubs and rolling in the grass this afternoon!
  8. Have you tried asking a community page on FB? I discovered a swimming spot for dogs and another for dogs and humans within 10 mins of where I live after someone asked the question. I had no idea both spots even existed. I'm in QLD so no point telling you about them.
  9. I reckon he will be one of those dogs who starts glopping his bits next to you on the bed as soon as he wakes up everyday. And then wants to give you kisses.
  10. I've now been relegated to wound inspector and scratcher. He tries so hard to pretzel and get to it still so I try to help where I can. I think the cone will have to stay on till tomorrow night to be on the safe side (we are applying Neocort to help things along) . He's coping fine in it. Normally I'd take off for meal times and when we were directly supervising but getting it back on him when he's in a licking mood requires a battle plan and more soldiers than we've got. The force is strong with this one!
  11. To me the main purpose of a fine is to bring a breach of something you did or caused to your attention. Authorities over time have identified that hitting people where it hurts most is the best way of doing that. I've worked for both local govt and state govt and its just a job. Noone is busy rubbing their hands with glee over finding more ways to raise revenue, but on the flip side a lot of time is spent trying to resolve resident and community problems. And loose dogs are problems. Noone is going to know whether your loose dog is friendly or not going to cause any harm or havoc until they get close either. I've owned staffords for most of my life and can tell you if ANY loose dog came racing over to me (particularly if I was walking my own dogs) I would be on alert. Even a docile dog could have a trigger. So is it worth pursuing in court because a detail of the fine is incorrect or is it worth accepting your dog was out and it did potentially cause a problem and council was merely trying to get you to take responsibility for that problem the best way they know how? I personally would prefer to know my dog was out so I could fix my property because emergency vet bills for a dog fight or car accident while they were out is a whole lot worse.
  12. It's only dog neck size. I don't know the purpose of the extra bit.
  13. In rummaging through my supplies to find a harness for a new foster I found this collar. Just wondering what type it is so I can google how it works on a dog? I have no idea where I got it from of course or how long I've even had it! Thank you!
  14. The cone had to go back on last night. He ate away all the scabs and just would not leave it alone. He chewed off the t-shirt too! Getting the cone back on was like a 10 person job but he forgave me enough to spoon last night. If it was easier we'd just take it on and off but yeah, nah. Training will have to wait till next week when it will be safe to take off again. Oh Albert!
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