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  1. New draft POCTA

    How can they keep missing the point? If you want a pet suitable for a family then raising it in a family style environment will give it a greater chance of being a successful family pet. What does raising it in a big air conditioned shed with hundreds of other barking animals and then removing it while it is still a baby from its mother and litter mates do? Prepare it for the pound? I don't disagree with formal training but some of the staff's learnings wont equate to squat for the dogs. There wont be the staff to animal ratio to do many of the things considered necessary to raise a happy, healthy, well socialised puppy.
  2. Oh DDD, that is so sad! Run free Orla.
  3. Amazing work!!!! I'll be sharing it! Shel I am with 2 animal rescue support groups (and a third I only support from time to time) based on FB. Is there an option to also add a link to support groups that people can be part of or would that be seen as perhaps detracting from the direct cash giving concept? There are some that make and source items specific to the rescue group's needs, there are some who advertise donated items online (or at markets/events) and when they sell donate the money to a rescue group and there are some where the items donated for sale are sold but the cash goes to one rescue and the sold item is then on-donated to another rescue (dog coats is a common example). Being with one particularly support group (who will support and source anything!), the thing that confuses me is a focus by many rescue groups on just money as the best way of giving. From my experience now lots of people can make and source but not everyone has spare cash, especially not large amounts at any one time. Through these groups I've seen personal connections obtain expensive, specialist items a lot cheaper than straight off the shelf and I've seen bulk amounts of highly consumed items (large dog beds for instance) that can be made by hand and supplied at a fraction of the cost if they were purchased. As well as that, bulk orders for consumables like food can be obtained at good prices by one person using small donations from many in the support group. Same with a gift card if that is seen as the best option (like a Bunnings one for building materials). I totally understand that rescue often needs money to cover vet costs (probably their biggest outlay) but I think they are overlooking ways of spreading their money around differently, particularly in leaner times. Some of these support groups are also willing to do the running around, sourcing at the best prices and arranging deliveries. It seems the number of creators and donators out there is increasing (it certainly is in my circles) while the number of money givers is staying around the same. I've also noticed the money givers now giving less to each because they are trying to give to more groups at the same time. Another thing about the creators and donators is I am meeting people through my work who would love to connect with a specific rescue group to support in an ongoing fashion and will make items that they can sell to raise actual money (or for the animals in their care) but they don't know how to make those initial connections and most rescue groups are (rightly) focused on the animals care and adoptions. The biggest downside to rescue support groups that I see is the 'in and out' nature of most (not all). They will help in one instance and you may not engage with them again that year (maybe ever). They are not usually something you can rely on regularly (although the same could be said for monetary donations). On the flip side they can step in when a rescue group is most in need (large seizures, tragic/natural events) and there is nothing stopping a supporter remaining connected to a specific group they've made a connection with (we all have our weak spots!). If a rescue group had cash flow issues it could definately be a way of ensuring kibble and medical supplies were restocked for a couple of months or that all animals in their care had bedding and coats for that winter. It's just another option and if we know exactly what they need we can source or make it. Are rescue support groups something you are aware of through your research? Is there any feedback from rescue about their value to them? I personally think it is an untapped resource that will continue to grow and that a clever rescue group would jump on board. The ones I am involved with are run by people who take the coordination tasks seriously and who try to be professional and reliable in their dealings with rescue groups (nothing like time wasters or people who let you down when time is not your friend). One group has made at least $12,000 and donated it this year to I think 10 specific groups. They are also running several goods donations programs for items being made and donated on top of the cash donation side of things. This support group has a growing membership too of creators/donators and buyers from right across the country. They also have big networks and are creating their own business models that seem to be working if you base success on growth. So I'd be interested on your thoughts on this when you have time.
  4. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    I'm so sorry for you and Claudia. This breaks my heart for you both. None of us would want this to be how it ends for our fur babies. Just remember something is wrong with her and she is unable to be the best dog she can be anymore. It may not be treatable or fixable and that is no-one's fault. I don't know why some beautiful dogs get the shitty end of the stick but there is a reason she came into your life - find it and hang on to it now. X
  5. Where to find a SWF rescue in QLD?

    I've passed all the info on to her. I hope she finds the right dog. Unfortunately (for me) she is off on leave for a few months now so I wont get to find out for a while what happened. Claudette is a fantastic dog's name! I'll have to check her out as she sounds cute!
  6. Dog Stairs

    DDD had some stairs made I think? I bought some for our bed (cheap ones) but my stafford girl found them hard to use (each step too high and not wide enough for her gait). We also had a car ramp we stuck over the stairs for my sister's husky/shep to get in and out of the lounge room as she got older but she wouldn't use it (the younger dogs had no problem using it as a side lane around her!). If the issue is the dismount why not consider a larger, firm foam block half the size of the gap? Then he can ooze down to that level and then off. He probably feels he needs to launch himself off to make the total distance.
  7. Yet another dog attack

    Oh this makes me angry! Your dogs were totally under your control! The loose dog bought the fight to them! We should be safe to walk down our streets. What if it was children fearful of dogs? Would he also tell the children it was their fault. Yep total arsehole who tried to turn it back around on you. You sensed concern and your gut was right. Report his useless arse.
  8. Where to find a SWF rescue in QLD?

    Thank you RP. Never knew about Little Legs - love the name. And thank you Dogmad. She knows about AWL but wont do Gumtree.
  9. Quick question for my beautiful GP. They just lost their Boston recently and the chi is really struggling. Her husband has disclosed he would really like to rescue a maltese next. The groups I am familiar with do not rescue maltese so I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions? I have told her about Pet Rescue, ARQ, BFR (although I don't think they really do small fluffies) and AWL. They have always supported rescue but usually come across a dog in an unusual way, so I'd like to steer her in the right direction this time. I'd be grateful for any groups names I can pass on to her. They are based in Brisbane, would travel to the north and south coasts but I suspect she would prefer to meet and greet with their existing dog rather than source an unknown dog from interstate. She is semi-retired and hubby is already retired so there would be someone home pretty much all the time. Thank you!
  10. Dog rubs face

    What breed do you have? If it is constant I'd get it checked by a vet. I have a shar pei and it is a breed prone to entropian. Even though mine has had surgery for it she still loves her eyes and face to be rubbed so as long as there is nothing medical, if your dog likes it too I wouldn't worry. But if he is doing it from discomfort there can be long term ramifications from ignoring it and not getting treatment.
  11. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    I'm so sorry Rascal. Something is clearly wrong and her unpredictability is concerning. I hope the metacam makes a difference. We are all here for you and understand this is extremely difficult. We want the best for Claudia too. Hugs to you both.
  12. Well, finally happening.

    Don Burke's show always had a breed segment or breed road tests on it. I'm assuming he had staff researching the info though. The Burke's Backyard website also has dog breed fact sheets on it and a quick google shows he has given support to breeders groups in the past. I assume his interest in dogs is part of the 'backyard' type of focus of his shows, with Aussie backyards being for more than just plants. I couldn't see that he had any professional quals regarding dogs or animals in general.
  13. Dog walking & summer heat

    Also what about some indoors fun with some puzzles? You can make some yourself very cheaply and it wears them out mentally.
  14. Mac

    Time just goes on without them but we never forget and we may get other dogs but they are never replaced.
  15. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    Thank you for the update Rascal. I hope it is something as simple as an infection and the pain making her not feel herself.