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  1. Instead of an umbrella consider an actual walking or hiking pole as it is easier to wield than an umbrella and easier to walk with in general. I got mine from Anaconda. Around the corner from my old house there was a stafford who was always loose and who always rushed us. So I simply had to stop going around that part of our street. The couple of times it did start coming for us I would yell and get crazy at it as soon as I saw it come out and that usually made it change its mind. It remains a fear of mine to experience a random dog attack so I am always on the lookout and will imm
  2. I house/puppy/dog sat for Sandra Smid and her hubby from Blackshot. They are out near Ipswich in Brissie. Very well raised and bred dogs. Their details are here on DOL. Also Best Friends Rescue in Brissie started out as a stafford rescue so get a lot come through and have a soft spot for them.
  3. Now I know what to feel and how to 'attempt' to do it myself I will give it a try as soon as I see signs of her obsessing with her bottom again. I've been giving her more vegies at present and will get some psyllium husk with my next grocery order. It's a new issue for us and I certainly don't want her feeling uncomfortable or developing additional problems from it. As it is she will scoot on the coarsest things she can find outside (our carpet doesn't cut it) so I do wipe her bottom and have had to put some neocourt on a scratch as I was very worried about an infected wound developing in that
  4. I've had one for donkeys that has endured a lot. Pretty sure I bought it online from Horseland but I just googled and they don't seem to stock them now. Looked all over the crate and bag and no brand name so can't help. Soz.
  5. In the words of Meatloaf "I will do anything for love...but I wont do that!". Nope! Happy to pay my vet to stick his fingers into Stussy's anus (I did apologise to him)! This is a new issue for her and it seems to be mostly on one side. I'll source some psyllium husk and hopefully that helps lengthen the time she needs it done. I just found a useful link about how much to use too. And thank you Powerlegs for that advice too!
  6. My stafford Stussy has developed anal gland issues. She is almost 13 and it has just started happening over the last 3 to 4 months. She's needed them expressed twice now with one side always being very bad (and obviously uncomfortable for her). I was talking to the vet today and he said we could increase her fibre intake as it sometimes helps - bigger poos push against the gland and help it secrete more naturally apparently. Despite her desire to eat anything and everything she still only does quite delicate poos so I think it might be worth a try. Has anyone else added
  7. Does he like to sunbake and are the spots small? Jonah (shar pei) loves to sunbake in winter (too hot in summer) but it was causing skin changes that turned into like these blood blister things (which can also turn cancerous) so we've had to put the kybosh on it. His skin on his underside (and his nose) has spots of different colours as a result. If the spots are large or he doesn't sunbake then ignore all this, it will be something else!
  8. Not really. I am not a breeder but know several breeders. It is quite common for good breeders or breeders of certain dogs to have a waiting list, including people who have already paid deposits and been waiting for specific litters (it could be certain colours or sexes or even matings they are waiting for). So while the breeder had multiple litters all the pups from those litters could well have been spoken for already. The litter born in July may have honestly been the only pups that weren't already spoken for and sadly there were no living pups from that litter. Perhaps they had no plans fo
  9. Apologies @Belinda Wheeler - I only just realised you'd re-posted. Is she desexed? What age, sex and breed is your other dog and is it desexed? I am no expert but have some experience with pei behavioural issues. Your pei girl is maturing and it is possible she is trying to vie for a better pack position. For now you need to definately feed seperately as you already know that is a trigger. And by that I mean at different ends of the house and at least one dog behind a door. All bowls should be lifted before the dogs rejoin each other and don't let either dog go and sniff around where the food
  10. Hi Belinda! I used to foster shar pei and have owned 2. Currently have a lovely boy called Jonah. @coogie also has 2 pei. Where are you based? We are both in QLD and we have pei meet ups fairly regularly. Fire away with questions. There are also a couple of good Facebook pages, particularly for health issues. If you are on FB I can send you some links.
  11. I dealt with Jane Harper with Dogs On track. She is on the Sunshine Coast but travels. She provides ongoing assistance too and she checked in with us every 6 months to a year to see how things were going. The advice was very easy to implement and worked. From memory it was about $250 (about 4 or 5 years ago) including her travel time but to be honest that was money well spent given vet bills we had when our dogs behaviours went off the rails and caused injuries.
  12. Please don't beat yourself up. She wasn't having a normal pregnancy by the sound of it. Nature did what it did with the pup but you still have your girl. She will be fine. Turn your attentions to her rather than thinking about any what ifs.
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