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  1. I live in Logan and can recommend Jane Harper with Dogs On Track. She is based on the Sunshine Coast but travels. We had made a decision to put to sleep one of our dogs for unpredictable serious attacks on our other dog and at the eleventh hour I decided to give it one more chance with a different professional. She had been kept crated since the last emergency vet visit for them both. Jane was brilliant and she gave us strategies that were very manageable. We have two different dogs today - some is due to age and some is due to the changes we have all made. We have also lost another dog from our pack (cancer, not aggression) and Jane was on hand to give us advice on additional changes that needed to be made to rebalance the two in question - a good behaviouralist does not just come in once and then leave again. We have not even come close to their being another incident and it is about 16 months on now since the last major fight. We are all much happier but we did make a serious commitment to implementing the recommendations and sticking to them. That is the key. You understand your dogs better and remain vigilant to triggers and divert them immediately before they escalate. So if it is not a medical issue causing the behavioural problems then you need to be in this for the remainder of your dog's life. Also I don't think the fee a behaviouralist like Jane charges is excessive for the outcomes that are possible. If your dog is injured or injures another animal it costs a lot more in vet fees! So off to the vet first for a full check up then check out Jane (or someone like her) and see what can be offered to manage the behaviours and get things back on track for your bubba. Using this approach has saved both our dogs lives.
  2. I too just saw that Scotty is gone. Gosh, what love you had for this little man! I'm so sorry for all the pain you are going through. Your poor heart. But he's free now and not suffering anymore. Big hugs to you SM - it's ok to feel as you are - Scotty was a huge part of your world.
  3. Gosh what a fright! I'm so glad she rallied around. I found the hardest thing about caring for a nearly 17 year old girl was preempting the situations she might get herself into when noone was home (or when we were asleep like what happened to you). At least you can make adjustments to avoid this again. And as I have a doona diver getting on in years it is something I will be mindful of too. Not your time yet Miss Feather!
  4. Team SG here all the way too! The purpose of rescue is to save, rehabilitate and rehome. This group did not actively rehabilitate so the chance of Molly being rehomed was zero. They were bloody lucky they had someone as skilled as you but without their active support for funds and proper assessment your hands were tied and Molly was left in limbo. Rescue places dogs in foster care because it replicates a home environment and usually increases their chances of adoption. Molly failed 2 foster homes. On that basis alone she was never suitable for open adoption and the only way she was getting a permanent home is if a 3rd carer took her on and she became a foster fail. But in 7.5 months they still had no 3rd foster home for her. This group failed Molly. This group failed you and your dogs. How dare they try to lay all the blame at your feet and how dare they put you through all this additional stress. You did the right thing for Molly. Hold your head high. Big hugs to you SG. Sadly this could happen to any good carer.
  5. My kitchen bin has lived in the spare sink in the laundry ever since Naughty Stussy arrived some 9 years ago. Still can't leave any food lower than bench height anywhere in the kitchen so our potatoes and bananas live in a drawer!
  6. And Anna please do some homework on the prices for papered and guaranteed purebred chi's so you can compare it with situations like this where it is likely you will get neither. Don't go paying a silly price for a dog that someone just says is purebred. That is how new owners get ripped off and why the backyard breeder industry continues to flourish. I hope you find the pup for you!
  7. I assume so. I was in Hong Kong and China back in the early 80s and dog meat was a staple. So common you had no idea that you were even eating it. Even in HK people who lived on boats commonly raised dogs for slaughter in the same way some people might raise fowl to fatten up for the table. As for China - my experience was they would eat anything and not only that they would eat every part of everything. I also remember some of the things my Asian partner's father told me about delicacies he had eaten over the years. I wont horrify you with details. So much of China is still not westernised (or affected by western norms) so why wouldn't this still be a cultural thing?
  8. I'm just speculating here as I have no science knowledge of such things. In the wild I'd expect that a wild dog would be foraging throughout the day and would need nutrients to match day time activities. They are not strictly nocturnal animals so do not save their hunting for only night time like some creatures. They would probably eat anytime they could get a meal and their activity level probably means those nutrients are used up pretty quickly and the chance of over eating is slim. So in captivity if they were fed only a night time meal and then go to sleep would that meal still be available to sustain them throughout their daytime activities? Does the canine system become attuned to the patterns of feeding and do some kind of slow release thing? I feed twice a day. Same size each time (except for one dog which I've detailed below). It was how all our animals even as kids have always been fed. Even when I have cared for breeders dogs they have always been fed something twice a day even if the size of the meals were different. It's is not even something I've ever questioned! One of our current dogs does bile vomits if she gets over hungry during the night. She wants to be fed at 7am and 5pm every day and some nights will start asking for snacks from as early as 8.30pm. We give them because she knows her body better than us. But if she doesn't ask we don't offer. So we have to juggle quantities at meal times based on the amount of snacks given out the night before. I would never be doing this if she didn't seem to need her food spread out at night time. If your dogs are doing fine on one meal a day then I don't see a need to change unless their health starts to indicate a different arrangement is needed.
  9. I recognise that lot! Glad they all had a good time together!
  10. How terribly sad. Poor Egg just went in the river like he was nothing. Two people who should take some animal ownership classes before ever owning another pet I think.
  11. I do not for one minute believe at least half of that rescue's post. If they have nothing to apologise for then say nothing. Don't engage if you think you are being treated badly by someone who doesn't matter. Hopefully the truth will come out in court or at least some sense of truth will come out. She may not have been the perfect pet owner but she was still the legal owner. I know from experience how hard it is to find a missing pet within your own local area, let alone somewhere you were on holidays at. That council has a lot to answer for.
  12. My stafford is my heart girl and as much as I want to hug and kiss her she cringes when I do so I know she doesn't like it. But she loves other physical touch (inner thigh rubs!) so we do that instead. My shar pei loves kisses and head smooches and will ask for them but if I tried to wrap my arms around her she freaks out and runs. I think if we pay attention to their body language we can usually tell what they like and don't fairly easily. I find if they really like something they will initiate it.
  13. Same old crap. Doesn't matter what laws are in place and what monitoring bodies are in effect, these type of breeders will just continue on and the animals they breed and breed from continue to suffer. Such a detailed story by a more respected print media source and so much money spent by one of the owners and still nothing will change. Seems to me at the very least they should be fined for every case of illegal tail docking that can be identified and Gympie Council should grow some balls and fine them for breeching their license numbers 10 times over. When will it all end? If puppy farms are such a big financial burden on the RSPCA then why aren't they educating the general public on how to source a dog from a reputable breeder or seller? None of us would spend thousands on a car or jewellery or antiques based on just a picture so why the hell do people keep doing it for living things???? Why can't people be more practical when it comes to a possession they need to be responsible for for around a decade? I just don't get the thinking and why people don't do more research before parting with their cash. If people were more demanding of these sellers then perhaps it wouldn't be such a prolific issue.
  14. Hey Pers, I hope I didn't miss anything - is Trouble still around and doing ok?
  15. This is a fundamental issue I don't understand. You have 2 blue staffords that appear well cared for. When scanned they have chips but the chips don't match up to the register you search. Soooooo. If you were genuinely in the business of reuniting animals with their loved ones wouldn't you either find the time to do more research on those particular dogs or delegate it to someone else? Surely one of the best parts of the job would be happy endings rather than keeping crying dogs in kennels and then killing them when their time is up? Why would you not put energy into a positive outcome for a dog where possible, particularly where there were signs of the dogs in question being valuable and well cared for rather than dumped strays? Councils and holding shelters need to accept they are far from perfect when it comes to creating a space where it is possible to find your lost animal. I went through this with mum's missing cat - terrible photos and repeated, desperate phone calls for more information unanswered. I felt my council were so unreliable that I went in regularly just in case he was there and they hadn't listed him at all or correctly. From comments on FB regarding these dogs people are saying that exact same thing happened to them - they called and also visited and there was their animal, in some cases ready for sale. Where was the phone call or even a match worthy description and photo online? What is the point in chipping our animals if that information is not used to its full potential? Do councils want to reunite or are they just offering a wandering animal removal service?