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  1. Thank you so much for your advice on this I have started to pick up their bowls and put away after they have finished and we are sending our other dog off for a play with one of my kids while my pei sniffs around where the bowls were once she has done that for about 10mins they seem to be ok. she is desexed we got her desexed yesterday actually and our other dog is also desexed too, they don’t share a bed or toys, and our pei is 10months I believe she had a checkup yesterday with the vet too and all went well her eyes look well, I haven’t contacted the breeder yet where we got her from but I might. i have submitted my request on the Facebook link thank you I really appreciate it, they are fine now and sniffing each other, just after feed time which is really annoying. I will post a photo up too
  2. Hi thank you for your message I’m in Melbourne and I do have Facebook, this is our first shar pei that we got from a breeder down here and she turns one next month, and lately in the last few days and only after eating she is being aggressive towards our other dog and we aren’t sure why. I have separated them during feed time but once they have both finished she attacks, I thought she was playing being a pup and all but today it seemed more than that. i am trying to start training her and showing her who is boss but I’m not sure why she is doing this. I was wondering if you had had any problems like this or if you might have some tips for them?
  3. Hello I am new to this chat and I was wondering if anyone on here has a Shar Pei we have one we got earlier this year and she turns one next month so still young, but I just had some questions and wanted to chat to anyone who may have this breed.
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