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  1. Awfully pointy for a Lab, and the set of the shoulder blade is wrong. Looks more like a greyhound to me. But really...breed identification is not easy for probable mutts, and with a photo like that, it's impossible. Maybe they should just say 'large dog' and show what they have for a picture.
  2. If he's weighing in at 35 kg, maybe his body is telling him to eat less. The amounts recommended on the bag are often on the high side. My adult Labs eat less than 450g dry food a day...they get some veggies, occasional eggs, a pinch of fish meal, and opportunities to 'lick the bowl' when I'm cooking. But the dry is by far the mainstay of their diets. If you do supplement, feed less dry food. You don't want to end up with a 45 kg dog. I agree with ish, 'boring' is a non issue. If a dog likes it's food it is happy to eat it every day. Variety is a human concept. On the other hand, 'treat' is a concept many dogs appreciate from the bottom of their hearts.
  3. Jarrah turns 13 today. Apart from being deaf and night blind, she's in pretty good nick. Still goes three to five k on morning slow run. Still plays with the other dogs, though not for more than a few minutes. No lameness. She's still able to jump up on the bed and into the car, thought it takes a little encouragement to get her to do it. And, of course, she sleeps a lot.
  4. But the news reports mention liver damage if taken over a long period of time. Not good...or perhaps other animals metabolize it differently?
  5. Curious. Can anyone explain why there's such a big fuss about fipronil being found in eggs when it's been permitted in flea meds for years. If it's that dangerous, why is it allowed in routinely used pet meds?
  6. Please put location in heading. It helps people figure out whether or not to look at your post.
  7. I'd go with a good kibble and avoid rolls. No point paying for water, and dry food doesn't clutter up the fridge and keeps for months. Personally, I don't think it matters much what brand, though I tend to avoid the cheapest stuff with grain as first ingredient and mystery meat.
  8. Tragic. As for Dr Lindsay's comments. Sure, most any dog could turn aggressive. However I'd much rather cope with 20 kg (or less) of aggressive dog than 60 kg. Caution needs to be scaled to a dog's size, musculature, and signs of aggressiveness. I look back to a huge, bad tempered Dane I once looked after and say, "That could have been me."
  9. Having fed a mostly frames diet, I'll make a few comments: 1. Evidence is poor. No one has fed pure frames and monitored the outcome in a scientifically meaningful way 2. If you feed a lot of frames the dogs turds get whitish and hard...they seem to excrete excess calcium. 3. The biggest problem I had was dogs getting fat. My source of frames supplied a lot of fat and skin with the skeleton. Also lots of meat. I did a lot of trimming. No fun... disgusting waste. 4. Too much of anything tends to become a problem. I found other cheap raw stuff to horse carrots at $5 for 10 kg. I also fed some dry kibble for 'balance'... whatever that means. 4. Some sources warn that salmonella can kill pups and oldies. I'd pay attention to freshness, and perhaps hold back on raw where there's doubt about immune system health.
  10. Thanks, guys. It does kinda seem like this product is fat rich floor sweepings. Supplement could indicate that it doesn't qualify as a balanced/ complete diet. Just provides extra any high fat food will. Also a bit of a worry that they aren't specific about what critters the meat cam from. I'll give it a miss.
  11. Oops. Senior moment. You're right. Praziquantel is what is used for tapeworm. Fenbenzidol treats various other worms. In the USA praziquantel relatively expensive, enough so that people with many dogs sometimes get the same chemical as sold for fish farming to avoid the mark-up on veterinary medicine. Sorry I got mixed up. But I think it makes sense to taylor meds to the worms you anticipate ...or see. I worry that worms may develop resistance if workers are used indiscriminately.
  12. There are lots of local add for a frozen dog food supplement called Mighty Mix. Some locals swear by it. I have Labs, who eat pretty much everything except citrus and onions. A friend gave me a few cups of the stuff and I tried it on the dogs. They turned their noses. From the online description it's very fatty (30% plus) and could be anything from lamb/mutton to salmon. I've never seen them turn down high fat food. Curious to know if others have experience with the stuff...or ideas about why my crew don't like it.
  13. Fenbenzidol (sp ?), used to treat tapeworm, is expensive, and unnecessary if tapeworm isn't present. Not sure what it's like in Oz...but in the US I did regular heartworm treatment and only treated worms when they were detected. Tapeworm is gross, and very obvious. Roundworm and other easy to treat worms are covered by some heartworm meds.
  14. I'd be more worried about a kid drinking coca cola than a dog ;-). It's just sugar water with a bit of caffeine and some flavoring. Kids will clamor for more. Dogs don't love it.