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  1. Cute story about service dogs

    Warning ; The video is an ad Very Good Service Dogs Watch 'Billy Elliot: The Musical' At The Theater https://www.huffpost.com/entry/service-dogs-watching-billy-elliot-theater_n_5d57d824e4b0d8840ff3be13
  2. Lab proof dog beds

    Get a pallet. Nail (or screw) a bit of carpet to the top. Change carpet as needed. That's what we did for destructo dogs in the boarding kennel. My own labs have a nest, made of old doonas, blankets and other soft stuff from OP shops and garage sales. Destruction is permitted.
  3. Car Sick

    it's warm enough to leave the window cracked. My little Springer kept her nose to the window the whole way and did 50km without puking .
  4. Chicken Frames

    Yup, I can see that happening. I have labs. Just because a Labrador can eat it with no bad effects doesn't prove it's digestible . I can't remember the last time one of mine got constipated.
  5. Chicken Frames

    Don't be surprised by hard dry white turds. More bone than they can use, but doesn't seem to do any harm.
  6. Car Sick

    My 10 mo old Springer vomits on 20 minute drives. However she's crazy wild about wanting to come. I worry that some day she'll sneak into the car and get locked in. I just put her on an old blanket and let her vomit.
  7. Chicken Frames

    Only if they are lean... Lest you end up with a 35 kg collie. When I had a source of cheap frames I spent a lot of time filling the trash with gobs of fat.
  8. Boring book

  9. Im really afraid to walk my dog

    I walk two Labs and a Springer together. I'm in a small town in a rural area and opportunities for socialization are limited, and it's a long drive to get to any sort of training. It can get crazy when another dog approaches, especially if the dog is off leash. I tend to walk before dawn, which avoids most other dogs and there are a few streets I avoid. The Springer is much better in a harness than a collar. A prong collar (initially used under guidance from a trainer) has helped to teach the younger and more reactive of the labs not to pull me off my feet when a dog approaches.
  10. Post operative complication

    Neuter : boy or girl? Very different sets of possible complications.
  11. BBC: Dog language; Play

    If only humans played by such rules.
  12. Be Smart. Don’t be like Me!

    A taxidermist/school teacher I once knew was in the habit of putting road kill in the freezer. His wife wasn't impressed. Occasionally he would find a small bird sandwich in his packed lunch.
  13. Stud a dog

    There are good reasons to broaden the number and range of dogs used at stud. Show ring criteria don't always improve a breed, IMHO. I'd rather a dog with great temperament and some conformation faults than one with great conformation and problem temperament, especially in a bull breed. That said, almost everyone thinks their dog is special. You need to define and make clear what makes your dog worth breeding.
  14. Hips

    Why are you getting him scored? Health? Stud work? My experience is that scores aren't very good at predicting problems... some dogs who have 'bad' hips go to old age without ever limping and some with good scores go lame. So unless there's a clinical problem or you want to breed him, why bother?
  15. grain free health problems

    Hardly hysteria. Are you God that you have Answers (as opposed to answers) and can judge what is bad and good? There's a serious lack of studies on long-term effects of diet on dog health, and a generous abundance of fads that aren't backed by much research, but greatly increase the cost and/or trouble of feeding your dog.