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  1. I normally use carry bags for poo pick-up on the morning walk (3 dogs). My usual grocery store is phasing out carry bags in 2018. I support this; no problem with reusable shopping bags. Not so enthusiastic about the notion of reusable poo bags. Can anyone suggest a green alternative to plastic bags? (Carry a pooper scooper for 3-4 k isn't going to work).
  2. How do they know?

    I get a message saying the uploader has not made this video available in your country. Do you have something against Kiwis?
  3. Sorry your pup has this. The usual recommendation is glucosamine/chrondoitin(sp?). The clinical evidence that this is beneficial is weak, but it probably won't hurt. http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2014/03/legs-glucosamine-study-sows-little-evidence-of-real-benefit/ Do work with a vet. There are meds for arthritic pain. Supplements aren't a substitute if it gets bad.
  4. How do they know?

    How do they know? Smell and hearing. Also helps that dogs' noses and ears are closer to the ground than ours...and dogs don't assume danger will be seen.
  5. Staffy and Australia Bulldog

    I'd say there are breed tendencies, and dislike of other dogs is common in bull breeds in general. But there are plenty of friendly individuals in most if not all bull breeds, as well as many individuals who pick and choose their friends. Starting young often helps. Expect a lot of questions about getting a puppy at five weeks, which is too young, and illegal in many places. Also, you might want to do a search on blue staffies. A lot has been said about them on DOL forums.
  6. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/woman-flees-wildfire-dog-duffel-bag_us_59e22a9ee4b04d1d51822274
  7. Healthy, wealthy and abused: interesting read

    The ones that get me, locally, are pig dogs. Various neighbors have 3+ dogs, kept caged, that are left to vegetate, and howl, except for the occasional outing where they are let loose in the bush to hunt pigs. They love to hunt, sure. But few of them even have decent sized runs, and they can't interact when caged.
  8. Karachi, Dog Island

    What impressed me is the water. Toting out enough water for a few dozen dogs by boat is no small chore. And if it wasn't done regularly, the dogs couldn't stay. Also love seeing the dogs play and share food, despite their ribs sticking out. They look like lovely, good natured, animals. Happier, perhaps, than a good many kept pets or shelter dogs.
  9. Karachi, Dog Island

    The fishermen saving Pakistan's island dogs - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-41351419
  10. Studies About Dogs

    Sorry your pup died. However many many pups are killed by parvo, and without vaccination the numbers would be staggering. A lot of testing has been done on vaccines, and the preponderance of evidence says they are safe. Fake news isn't confined to human politics. Dogsnaturally is a strongly biased source. I started checking sources on the article Jed cites. The first article cited as anti vaccination concludes: "Conclusions/significance: There was no evidence to support an association between routine vaccination and thyroiditis at postmortem examination in beagle dogs after repeated vaccination.". I'd suggest checking all the references before believing the article...or blaming vaccination for your puppy's death.
  11. So worried about snakes!!

    Moving to New Zealand is another solution .
  12. Raw feeding for pregnancy and lactation?

    They're all different, but especially with a large litter, be prepared to up the quantity in the last weeks of pregnancy, and after a week or two post partum, as the pups are drinking a lot and not yet taking solids. I have Labs, all good eaters who will happily go to obese. I usually try to prevent weight gain...that relaxes during pregnancy. I specially like chicken frames due to high bone content. At other times I try to avoid fatty raw foods (and a lot of stuff sold as raw is very fatty). Not with a heavily nursing bitch. Dog milk is very high fat, and a nursing bitch can do with fatty foods. Some girls loose their appetite as the day draws near. But I've had girls eat a frame or two between pups while they're delivering. I had one girl who favored the wild approach to puppy feeding...she ate extra and then puked it up for her brood.
  13. I recently moved to NZ from the US with my three dogs. The rules for Italy are the same as this for the US. Meaning it's a big pain...lots of blood work. The pace is set by the need to have a clear rabies titre test at least three months before travel. DO NOT ASSUME A DOG WILL PASS THE TITRE TEST IF THEY HAD A 3 YEAR VACCINATION TWO YEARS AGO. One of mine failed, and she had her jabs 18 mo before being titred. There only a handful of Labs authorized to do the testing. Basic advice... find a pet transport company that knows the ropes for New Zealand, and be prepared to do a lot of fussing with vets. If you're wanting to import a dog, be sure the person exporting knows what they're getting into.
  14. Elections coming up in NZ and posters are appearing on fences about town. My girls ignored the Labor posters, but had a serious growl at the National candidate :-)
  15. I normally burn prawn tails, etc cause they stink if I put them in the trash. My dogs (Labradors) would love to help dispose of them. Is it ok to give them to the dogs?