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  1. THE Best Dog food?

    There's no best dog (or for that matter, human) food. Dogs, like humans, are omnivores and do well on a variety of diets. And like humans, dogs tend to be healthier if they're kept slim.
  2. Working cocker spaniel

    I have a working line Springer pup (12 mo). If yours is anything like mine, a harness may work better than a collar. It's far from a complete solution, and a big yes to, training and exercise.
  3. I've killed half a dozen vacuums with Labrador hair and puppy chewing fragments. I've found two things that work. First, get a shop vac. They are designed to pick up heavy mess and don't clog up on pet hair. Alternatively, get one of those 'miracle brooms' and sweep the bulk of it before vacuuming.
  4. Separating dogs

    I don't think it's cruel. If he's used to an outside routine and isn't bothering anything (neighbors?) outside, what's the problem. I would consider it as cruel to subject an older, peaceful dog to agro ruckus.
  5. I'm perplexed

    So glad I'm in NZ. I don't understand why Oz is so stupid about dog matters.
  6. Dog aggression towards other dog...

    Possibly. Kelpies are strong minded and like to be in charge. If you're bred to herd sheep and all you have is dogs, what do you do?
  7. Dog aggression towards other dog...

    I've been around a lot of dogs. I wouldn't want to advise on this without seeing the problem first hand. There's aggression and there's Aggression. Sometimes the owner can inadvertently be a trigger, sometimes a damper, sometimes it's entirely between the dogs. I'm not a big fan of behavioralists, but I do think it's a good idea to go over this with an outside person who has a lot of experience with dogs.
  8. DNA test curiosity

    You can purchase DNA test kits that don't go through a veterinarian... you deal directly with the company. I'd say that's risk free so far as getting reported goes. No guarantee the results are accurate or meaningful. There's so much confusion about pits as breed vs type, and AmStaff vs APBT that it gets quite muddled. If I remember correctly, in some parts of California (Santa Rosa County for one) a Staffy is considered a pit bull!
  9. RSPCA post ....anyone want to post a rebuttal ?

    Annoying that national standards aren't free to access online. A bit like the Middle Ages when the Bible was considered God's law, only elites could access it.
  10. DNA Orivet Massey Main Registration question

    Confused. Sounds like you know parentage. What DNA test?
  11. vaccinations

    "recent scientific data?". It's been known for YEARS! But good on the ABC for spreading the word
  12. Maremma underweight

    Better underweight than overweight. Can't judge from photos. It's how it feels when you move your hand over the bony parts that counts. Best to avoid rapid growth on big dogs.
  13. Bird dog & nest

    Yoli kept returning to my big Echium, sticking her nose in and wagging vigorously. When I let her out, she'd run directly over to check out the bush. I was surprised to look in and see a nest with 3 baby birds, maybe 200 mm above where her nose is in the photo. Yoli loves to chase birds. I groaned, thinking "this is not going to end well". To my amazement, the nestlings haven't been abandoned, and Yoli hasn't made any effort to get at them (she could, easily). They are starting to get their pin feathers now. So I think they may survive the puppy's interest.
  14. RSPCA post ....anyone want to post a rebuttal ?

    Soon full of b.s. it would take hours to rebut. Not worth the effort. What next... arrest people for yelling at their dogs to shut up or tugging on a leash ? That's punishment too, and for some dogs, more distressing than a light tap with an e-device. Even better, why not go after people whose dogs suffer loneliness and boredom. If they want to avoid cruel use of e-device, and it does happen (though nowhere near so often as other forms of cruelty) , they should restrict maximum settings so that the dog can't get more than an unpleasant tap.
  15. If that's plastic mesh, it's very easy to believe.