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  1. Can mixed-breeds compete?

  2. Selecting a Dog Breed

    You do need to be brave, no because of the dog, but because of laws and attitudes. No, make that 'stupid'. Getting a banned or restricted breed is NOT a good entrée into dog ownership.
  3. I doubt it happens very often. In many / most cases the cost of selling a pet dog will exceed the funds collected. Someone would have to pay kennel fees, advertising, handling... could easily run thousands of dollars.
  4. Tick treatment for puppies

    I'd look into Bravecto.
  5. What to feed a Puppy (& other questions)

    She's a Labrador...chances are that she will like almost anything
  6. Another bad for pet shops

    Outbreak of antibiotics resistant disease tied to pet shop puppies (USA). Seems they have been using antibiotics routinely for prophylactic purposes. https://www.statnews.com/2018/09/20/antibiotics-resistant-bacteria-puppies-people/
  7. Is my Kelpie crossed with anything?

    I've found that confusing. First you click to choose, then you have to click on the + sign on the image to add it to your post.
  8. Selecting a Dog Breed

    I'd say rescue an adult. Staff types tend to be both cuddly and robust, and there are many in rescue. You do need to be cautious about dog aggression with any bull breed type...not always a problem, but common enough.
  9. Struggling to walk - partially blind

    Forgot to mention: One common problem you may be able to fix. Check her toenails. Over long nails can make it hard and painful to walk...especially for oldies with other aches and pains. If too long, trim very gradually. As for blindness... generally not a huge problem for an inactive dog, and likely there's no good treatment.
  10. Sounds more like an unplanned litter than a design. Similar outcomes are pretty common, though, with "oodles" when the pet shop failed to note that the poodle half was a standard poodle.
  11. Struggling to walk - partially blind

    A vet, yes. Be prepared, though. If the old gentleman has tight finances, that must be made clear with the vet from the outset. Testing, xrays, etc. can run up a big bill very fast, and even the drugs for making the dog comfortable can come to $100/mo. It wouldn't surprise me if a strict diet, gradual introduction of exercise, and something for pain relief - with some vet supervision - would do a lot of good. If money is tight, I'd suggest proposing something like that and seeing what the vet says.
  12. What to feed a Puppy (& other questions)

    Agree with the above with some reservations. Some people, including breeders, have extreme ideas about diet. You do want to start the pup on food it is used to. But if after doing some reading, talking to your vet, and seeing what options are available locally, and considering your own lifestyle, you can change the diet. I used to breed labs. I've seen them thrive on a wide variety of diets... All raw, to all dry kibble.
  13. I can't advise as I have not been there. There are two topics currently running in this forum relating to chemo... they may be helpful.
  14. Merle is pretty rare in most breeds. I don't think it is accepted in any gun dog, hound or terrier breed. Not sure about other groups. Happy to be corrected.
  15. Should add, unfortunately, some purebred pedigree dogs have hereditary health and/or temperament problems that could and should have been prevented by more careful breeding. In some cases (trendy high price breeds are especially vulnerable) the mongrel is the breeder, not the dog. Worse, still, in some cases judges reward unhealthy extreme type. There's plenty of blame to go around and, IMO, not enough of institutions taking responsibility.