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  1. Pain relief

    Yes, it should carry him over. If you see severe indicators of pain, call the vet.
  2. Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate food

    I have seen no good evidence that carbs are bad for dogs. DNA work shows they are much better equipped than wolves to digest them. This food seems to go to great pains (and expense) to avoid them. It also claims mixing seafood and other meat in one meal is natural. Not saying it's harmful, but kripes, lots of dogs never get seafood. Sounds like hype with no evidence. I'd say, save your money, buy a decent mid range kibble and give your dog some fresh or frozen raw meat, bones, eggs, etc. on the side.
  3. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Excellent suggestions. Thanks. Deserves to be pinned under General
  4. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Here are a couple shots of Yoli (aka Yoyo or just Yo). She's from local NZ hunting stock. Affectionate, cuddly, and very active. Seems to require a good long run every day. Extremely birdy and pretty much fearless, except, fortunately, for vehicles. Drives the older dogs crazy at times. Top photo, in the fish pond. She hunts the snails. Bottom, at 3 months, considering what to tackle next. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to get an active ESS pup to return when allowed to run free? It's clear that she does not want to go back on lead, and food bribes don't work. Her recall is great at home, but once she gets running, it's gone.
  5. I think larger, harder dry biscuits do as well to clean teeth as bones. I haven't livrd near a good bone source for many years so bones are an occasional. My old girl, at 14 3/4 yrs, has a little tartar buildup but the vet says it's not enough to worry about. The other dogs have almost no tartar. I have heard that tartar is much worse in little dogs and lots of big dogs go through life with no problems.
  6. A puppy's story

    Not a scenario I've seen, though it may be common with some breeds. I feel the author was anthropromorphising. In my days as a Labrador breeder, I found the bitches pretty much ignored pups by 8 weeks. At six weeks, when pups use their needle teeth on one another's ears, legs, and penises, and there's a lot of screaming, the mums kept their distance abd let the bullies do their thing. Little or no protective action toward people or other dogs. The pups, in their new homes, tend to follow people and sneak into the kids' beds, and of course steal stuff and chew things up. The worst problems seemed to come when kids tried to play chase with Puppy, Puppy nips, kids run screaming, puppy thinks it's a game, things deteriorate. Lab pups generally want to play with other pups or dogs but will come to people if they feel unsafe...I placed quite a few pups in homes near a dog beach, and all reports I got were of dogs who loved to meet their friends at the beach.
  7. Meet Banks

    Or ask to have "problems" dropped and make it just "Puppies".
  8. The old puppy exercise question

    If it's on lead, I'm the one getting forced exercise, not the pup .
  9. The old puppy exercise question

    Over the years much advice about limiting exercise for juveniles has been posted here. I've always been dubious, but now, with a Springer pup, I don't believe anything. The little imp. At 4 months she was running (and jumping) circles around my adult Labbies. At 6 mo, if I let her off leash (a local vineyard is dog friendly and she's a good bird scarer) she will take off and run, full tilt, for 30 minutes or more. I can't believe a behavior that seems hardwired can be harmful.
  10. Interview with Iditarod winner

    Couldn't decide where this belongs. I guess its news.
  11. Pet Mince From Butcher

    Btw, the assertion that raw is more digestible than cooked hasn't seen much testing. The Science Dog blog recently reviewed a study that found lightly cooked was more digestible than raw. My guess is that it's complicated...maybe fats, bone, muscle and collagen behave differently.
  12. Best doggy doors for glass?

    Not the answer you want, but a glass French door doesn't offer much support for a doggy door. Each side normally has two panes with a thin strio of wood between them. I can't see how you could make it work without removing both panes and constructing a substantial wood frame.
  13. Horrible! Please post this in news. I think more people will see it. Hope they catch the bastard and teach him a thing or two (and I don't even like alpacas).
  14. Would you feed Orijen?

    No. Too expensive and too much hype