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  1. NSW plans $195 annual fee for hunting dogs

    "Dangerous or restricted dog, including those used for hunting" sounds like it's aimed at pig dogs ...not all hunting dogs. Would people with, say, an Amstaff x mastiff pig dog that might be labeled as dangerous seek to avoid fees by saying it was a hunting dog?
  2. Alternative to a "groodle"

    I'd guess she's liking a miniature poodle x GR (they do shed, btw). A standard poodle is pretty near as big as a Lab or Goldie. The obvious suggestion is a lagotto, which I'd advise with great caution. Expensive. Hard to find. Many temperament problems. Need to know age and temperament of the children to make a recommendation.
  3. No surprise...but pleasant anyway

    I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: A dog that transformed a 104-year-old's life - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-44146481
  4. Dog and robot dog

    I can't get this to show only the dog part... it's about midway down. The jogging humanoid robot video that is ‘terrifying’ the Internet https://wapo.st/2wxFuQX
  5. Taste of the wild dog food

    Couldn't find Clean Lanel Product data on Balanced Canine, Sydney's Facebook page, nor could I get the spreadsheet to display. Odd that in your reading, BC gives a different rating for TOTW than the Clean Label Project website...or perhaps there's a logical explanation. I got the feeling that Balanced Canine is pushing a point of view, and remain distrustful of Clean Label as methods, or even what they measure, are not described.
  6. exporting pets overseas

    I got export pedigrees when I moved from Oz to the US. Apart from re-registering with the AKC they served no function. So... not needed.
  7. FREE TO A GOOD HOME: 2 year old child. Genuine reason, I've just got a new puppy so no longer have the time for the child. Also worried the child may bite the puppy. Child is crate trained and up to date on all shots. Needs home by tomorrow or it'll be put to sleep. Thanks! YOU WOULDN'T DO THIS TO A CHILD SO WHY DO U SEE IT AS ACCEPTABLE TO DO IT TO A DOG? If you can't dedicate 15yrs to a dog, don't get one!! ;-)..
  8. Aggression towards other puppies.

    I've been not commenting because I don't want to be alarmist...but in my experience that is not normal puppy behavior, and I would worry about problems escalating at puberty. I would seek an outside evaluation... I have less belief in behaviorists than many on these forums; maybe I just haven't met the right one. I'd look for an experienced breeder who knows Nugget's breed, or perhaps ask your vet, if your vet is good about that sort of thing. Or even someone who has done a lot of rescue work with puppies. Diagnosis without seeing the pup is iffy.
  9. Stolen puppies

    Agree. They learn bite inhibition from their siblings... not their dam. My litters start biting tails, ears and penises at about 5 weeks. They have generally quit, or at least tempered their biting enough that the screaming stops, by 8 weeks. I've never seen one of my bitches try to stop siblings from biting.
  10. Jarrah hits 14 in August. She sleeps more and more heavily, and in the back of my mind I keep imagining that some day she won't wake up. I don't wish for her passing, but I hope she will eventually just not wake up rather than going through the pain and trauma of some awful disease. In these forums we often hear about having to give him/her his/her wings but rarely hear about dogs dying peacefully in their sleep. Does it happen?
  11. Tick Medications

    I used Bravecto for years on a girl who is prone to seizures...and can't tolerate many spot-ons. No probs and that 3 mo dosage requirements is great. I'm now in NZ... using no tick meds, haven't seen a single tick. There may be some problem with Bravecto, but there was unquestionably a smear campaign against it. Snopes.com rates the stories about Bravecto as "unproven".
  12. Types of dogs for 6ry old with autism.

    These guys look like a great match...and are MDBA as well. Note: labradoodles aren't all first generation crosses. Some breeders have been working on the breed for many decades to get consistent lines...and are well past third generation. The Australian cobber dog is the product od such breeding. http://www.ridgydidgecobberdogs.com/the-breed/characteristics/
  13. Then ask your vet friend. It's crazy to ask for dosage recommendations from unknown people on the internet. Ok... there are some meds, like livestock ivomectin used for heartworm prevention, that are widely advocated online, with good scientific support (such as equivalent dosage with the tested and approved dog meds). This is a different kettle of fish. Oops. I hadn't realized claradyne was a common antihistamine...for which dosage charts are available.
  14. Taste of the wild dog food

    They gave it three stars... which is average. Before you decide this is bad, check and see all the other 'premium' brands that get three stars. Unfortunately, this source doesn't identify what it measures, so it's very hard to interpret the results. I hate it when someone makes a big deal about being 'scientific' and doesn't document their methods.
  15. Ivory Coat puppy kibbles

    Who knows? All sorts of things can cause diarrhea. Sorry, there's no recipe here... you can keep trying and maybe the pup will come good, or maybe not. Personally, I'd go back to the food that works. Good reviews for some dogfood mean nothing. Maybe someone was paid to write them.