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  1. But who should make that decision, when? The pedigree dog fancy has made a mess of it (although a few countries are seriously trying to clean up the mess...Finland is doing some amazing stuff). If clubs were seriously trying for health and good temperament, health data and indicators of temperament would be kept along with parentage, and decision about what to breed would be postponed until breeding age. BTW, the expense of breeding a pup is usually exaggerated by citing the case where things go wrong...unless you pay a living wage for the hours put in caring for the littl
  2. I disagree. The beauty pageant should be no more important in determining what dogs get bred than temperament and health. Show rings are capricious and fad prone, often favoring extreme characteristics and failing to filter out unhealthy specimens. Sure, show folks do health testing, but they commonly ignore obvious health defects, especially allergies. Some things that I personally would consider to be faults, such as an extreme coat that is high maintenance and unsuited to Australian climate, are elevated to being virtues. Another problem is that the registry decision is ma
  3. "last breeder i went to had 2 bitches she was breeding , she told me her pups are always healthy ansd strong and they usually have 8-10 pups twice a year" You must have heard wrong. The KCs don't allow two litters a year. I agree with you. ...mostly. limited register, as practiced, is a bad institution.
  4. IMO limited register should ONLY be used to prevent breeding of dogs that shouldn't be bred from, especially for reasons of health OR temperament. Problem: Many such things cannot be identified by 8 weeks. As stands the two tiered register is used for various things. Increasing revenue. Preventing competition. Perpetuating some interpretation of a breed standard. Pretty stupid. The system needs a major overhaul. I'm not optimistic it's getting one any time soon.
  5. I googled and found that colostr might be a good thing for strengthening immunity and preventing digestive problems. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/bovine-colostrum
  6. I was surprised to read the label on ProPlan medium puppy food and find they add colostrum. I thought colostrum was only valuable for neonates. Is it really good past the first month?
  7. The active ingredient in the tablets is probably Ivermectin. It is a pretty safe drug (the dosage for mange is 10 x that for heartworm prevention, and even that is considered safe), so don't worry about starting while the injection is supposed to be in effect. On the otherhand, if there are no mozzies there'sno danger, so don't worry about delaying. Also, my vet says Ivermectin every third month is sufficient to prevent heartworm...so some lapse in coverage isn't a big deal.
  8. About time. It's more like kidnapping than theft.
  9. I'm picking a pup from a litter of 7. The one I liked first off has gotten into noisey wining at 5 weeks, while one I had previously overlooked is silent, stands back, and gazes into you eyes when he wants attention. Are these traits likely to hold true as the pups grow up?
  10. Dear Customer, Congratulations on acquiring your spaniel. Please find the instructions for your particular model listed below: Although your spaniel comes fully assembled, due to particular issues during production, we do occasionally have issues with components such as screws. They invariably are either loose or missing altogether. Mode 1: This is the sleep mode, activated for the majority of the day as the spaniel ages. This is normal and you should not worry about it, just accept the peace and quiet while you can. Mode 2: Anarchy. Although we have tried to e
  11. I found solid tabs are fine IF you jam them down the throat. The first time I tried I found 4 spit up quarter tablets in the whelping box
  12. I've always used buckets rather than bowls. If the pup persists, some concrete can help, either cement the bucket in, or put concrete at its bottom.
  13. Sounds pretty loose to me. Maybe identical twins tend to end out with lifestyles that are compatible with having a dog. My family is full of dog lovers...but we all live in rural or semi rural areas.
  14. I chop up chicken frames and feed them alongside puppy chow. The lactating bitch needs more calcium and secondary minerals) more fat (dog milk is 9%+ fat) and more protein. Frames are a good source of all of these and better balanced than calcium supplements...plus they are prettyeasyto find and cheap. I don't trust pet mince. It's often made from a scrap pile that's been sitting around and is none too fresh. My dogs are larger...but a good meat clever will reduce frames to a near pulp in no time.
  15. Have you looked over the hounds? Especially the American varieties such as blue tick, red bone, coon hound, various tree hounds?
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