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  1. Drink Bowl

    Use a bucket, 10+ liters, and put it somewhere where splash will be OK. Outside, maybe. Dogs are fine with walking some distance to get water.
  2. Bees Wasps etc

    My Lab pup looked like a Shar pei after catching some insect with a stinger. I gave her antihistamines... with veterinary advice. She was fine, and became more cautious about catching flying insects. Bottom line, ask your vet for a recommendation as to what to do if she gets a bad sting/reaction BEFORE it happens. It's hard to teach them not to catch flies.
  3. No true. My Springer pup came to me at 14 weeks due to some transport problems. She came as close to screaming as a puppy can every time she met a strange dog, and sometimes went on to 'attack' in a rather pathetic and harmless way. I simply ignored it. She got used to my other dogs (Labs... Big but not aggressive) pretty quickly. Took months before the screaming stopped for unknown dogs. She's just over a year now... It's all passed. She's good with almost everything and not nervous. Sometimes it just requires patience.
  4. Best grooming product brands

    My labs love the furminator. The handle broke off but it works with just the head. I have heard that the furminator takes out too much, and isn't recommended for show grooming. Personally, I care more about reducing the amount of f hair on my carpet.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/11/28/scientists-have-come-up-with-better-way-convert-your-dogs-age-human-years/ I don’t buy it... Varies by both breed and individual. Mental age and physical maturity may be different as well. Nor do I buy the other methods.
  6. Every breeder does this differently, but the answer to your question is no, it's not unusual. Another reason, in addition to those Dogsfevr gave, is that one visit often does not tell you what you need to know. Say you want a pup with high drive, and the most appropriate pup in the litter has just eaten so much that he can hardly move (or you want low drive and the most layed back has just waked up and is feeling vigorous). You will not choose the right pup for your needs. Also, people who don't have a lot of experience with pups tend to go for the cutest color pattern, or the pup that comes to them first ('he chose me'). That isn't the best way to select.
  7. Literal frozen puppy, 18000 yrs old

    I found this fascinating, but can't figure out how a 2 month old pup got frozen. Wolves and presumably proto dogs whelp in the spring. So 2 months old should be high summer. Not the most likely time to get encased in ice. Even in an ice age.
  8. Literal frozen puppy, 18000 yrs old

    BBC News - Siberia: 18,000-year-old frozen 'dog' stumps scientists https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-50586508
  9. Flea and tick - chews vs spot ons

    I was asking about Lenny's pet store spot-on. (I use nothing these days. Haven't seen a flea or a tick since I moved to New Zealand... Bravecto used to be my preference).
  10. Flea and tick - chews vs spot ons

    What's the active ingredient? Some spot ons work better than others. My dogs have had had horrible reactions to synthetic pyrethiods. Seizures etc. I've never seen a spot on advertised for more than a month.
  11. Syringes -- I’m desperate

    I've used a ketsup bottle with lambs
  12. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    What are temperatures inside and outside? Is there a chance he's going out to find a cool place to lie?
  13. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    I'm not sure you can or should do anything. I had to pts my old Lab just shy of 15. Her daughter, a nine year old, is spending a lot of time outside, but still comes in to sleep and eat. I have two other dogs, so I still get my dog fix. Maybe get a puppy?
  14. 'DOGA' brilliant workout!

    My little Springer will put her paws on a Swiss ball and hold for a few seconds
  15. In my experience, retrieving champions whose lines have completely divorced from showing are the most likely to be extremely high drive, though not all (or even most) of them are. Competitive retrieving can become another form of exaggeration. Happens more in the US than Oz. Can be good pets for sporting folk, good for dock diving. Btw, You won't find many Lab breeders in Oz who don't have show titled dogs in their lines.