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  1. Comparison of raw, dry, and fresh cooked

    No, it's not a strong study. Let's hope it's followed by studies that explore the same questions, but are stronger in study design.
  2. Comparison of raw, dry, and fresh cooked

    Please give reference for gut health claim. Also, note that a large fraction of DOL posts discussing "raw" feeding refer to commercially packaged raw products. Had this study used more basic raw foods, it would have been very hard to replicate, ans open to criticism about using the wrong version of "raw" . Anyone who has fed raw knows there's immense variation in how fatty, how fresh, and how meaty the products are depending on source, and I doubt anyone will deny that organ meat differs substantially from muscle, skin, or bone. Not to mention the amount and types of fruit and veg. The "junk food" comment isn't valid. Junk food is high sugar/fat, without mind to balance. Dry foods can be criticized for favoring cheaper ingredients with handling characteristics that work for industry, but they are formulated for balance. Yes, the study is imperfect. I'd love to see other studies with larger sample sizes and different dietary formulations. But as someone who gave up feeding raw a decade ago and has seen no adverse effects, and who has known many dogs to live to a healthy old age on commercial dry foods, I find it credible.
  3. https://wp.me/p3UoTm-2m0 Linda Case has a review a study that compared four types of dog diets. I'm pasting a short clip, but encourage reading the whole thing. "Take Away for Dog Folks: This study found that dogs accepted all three types of foods – extruded dry, moderately cooked, and raw – and remained healthy. Contrary to expectations (and claims), the raw food that was tested in this study was not significantly more digestible and did not result in less defecation or produce better quality feces. Although all four foods altered gut microbial populations, the shifts caused by the raw food are generally considered to be negative changes rather than positive. However, the complexity of the gut microbiome coupled with numerous factors that affect gut health prevent any conclusions about these changes."
  4. Why does this keep happening?
  5. BTW, it's not true that once on seizure meds, it's for life. My old girl (a Lab) had focal seizures at 6 yrs. She got put on phenobarbital after a cluster (apparently triggered by flea meds, but very frightening). I gradually reduced her dosage over two years (against veterinary advice) and then stopped altogether. She's now 14. She has very mild seizures a few times a year... muscles tense up, walks funny then lies down for a minute or two but stays conscious and wags tail...but they are infrequent and not a big deal. For me the bottom line is that seizures are complicated and not predictable. But the label "epilepsy" is not particularly useful... it encompasses a wide range of conditions. You have to play it by ear... and you may have a better sense of where your dog is at than the vet does.
  6. I'd wait and watch. I may be wrong, but I think that relatively mild (not grand Mal) seizures do very little or no lasting damage. A few per year can be weathered. The meds aren't nice.
  7. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    Not saying the tests are accurate, but some purebred dogs are crosses if you go back to the mid 20th century. Mary Roslin Williams comments extensively about hound blood in Labrador lines, and notes that on some estates, dogs of different breeds were run together and often it was unclear who sired which litter.
  8. German ban on Xmas adoptions

    I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Christmas pet adoption ban at German shelters - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46522116
  9. Children's probiotics for my dog

    Have you tried feeding pumpkin? It has a reputation for stabilizing dogs' digestive systems
  10. Children's probiotics for my dog

    Conclusions from a literature review at skeptvet.com Bottom Line This review provides a concise survey of the probiotic research in dogs and cats to date, including an appraisal of the significant weaknesses and limitations on the existing studies. The bottom line is consistent with my own view of the literature. There are few studies, and those that have been done have significant limitations and often conflict. There is reasonable evidence for some clinical benefit in acute diarrhea associated with stress or antibiotic use. There is no high-quality, consistent evidence for most suggested uses of probiotics. The unregulated probiotic products on the market today are plagued with inaccurate labeling and poor quality control. This means that even if probiotics might be beneficial in some cases, it is unclear if the actual products available could achieve these benefits. There do not yet appear to be significant risks to probiotics, though the evidence for this safety also quite limited.
  11. Puppy scared when meeting people

    I'd not be very worried. It's a shock for a baby puppy to be taken from its litter mates and sometimes it takes a few weeks to get their self confidence in line. If shyness persists for months, sure, it needs looking into. But at first, relax, take it slowly, don't push. Let her curiosity and playfulness draw her into things. If she pulls back, let her.
  12. Vitamin D poisoning

    Not clear if this is restricted to the US Too Much Vitamin D In Dog Food May Have Poisoned Pets, Spurring Recalls And FDA Alert https://n.pr/2QfLasj
  13. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    There are people who prefer not to deal with a baby puppy and will want a nearly grown dog. I wouldn't expect much of a discount unless there is a problem with the pup. Was he run on, and didn't come up to show quality? Didn't sell sounds unlikely as cav puppies are generally on wait list.
  14. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    All over the place. Depends on breed, age, why rehoming, breeder's emotions (I've given away dogs when the new home is fantastic) and financials. Not easy to generalize.
  15. Please help me make the right decision

    Confused. The AmStaff isn't the same breed as a bull terrier. If you just want the type, why not go for a staffie? Much greater selection, less worry about breed regulation. Same wiggly bum.