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  1. The Kennel Club has announced the winners of its Dog Photographer of the Year competition. Monica van der Maden was the overall winner with an image of Noa the Great Dane seemingly alone in a forest https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/gallery/2018/jul/18/dog-photographer-of-the-year-2018-in-pictures
  2. Back car seat cover

    I haven't read the previous posts but saw this, unfortunately it is a Florida company so I don't know if they post to Australia It looks good https://gboxstore.com/products/car-seat-cover?utm_medium=CPC&utm_source=facebook&utm_term=23842856500840717 Dog Car Seat Waterproof & Hammock Convertible Regular price$108.31 AUD Sale price$54.15 AUD Discount BUY 1 (SAVE 50% OFF) BUY 2 (SAVE 55% OFF) BUY 3 (SAVE 60% OFF)
  3. From The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jul/12/heartbreaking-nine-greyhounds-found-in-mass-grave-in-sydney 'Heartbreaking': nine greyhounds found in mass grave in Sydney Other greyhounds found alive but emaciated on the property of a licensed trainer • Warning: the story contains graphic images Naaman Zhou Thu 12 Jul 2018 17.38 AEST Last modified on Thu 12 Jul 2018 19.27 AES A sick and emaciated greyhound discovered at a property in Sydney. Photograph: RSPCA Nine greyhounds have been discovered in a mass grave in Sydney, along with 12 greyhounds that are alive but emaciated and diseased, on the property of a licensed trainer and breeder. The chief inspector for RSPCA NSW, Andrew Clachers, said the greyhounds had been held in appalling conditions on the property in Marsden Park in Sydney’s north-west until they were discovered this month. “Some of them have such horrendous dental disease that you could actually smell the rotting in their mouths,” he said. “The compression sores and the condition they were in – it’s heartbreaking. “Some of the kennels were just hopeless. Inspectors had to open some with a hammer. They were rundown. They were not in a fit state. “To chuck them in a pit and treat them like disposable rubbish – it shocks me and I’ve been investigating in animal cruelty for 10 years.” The state’s new greyhound regulatory body, the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission – which was set up as part of an industry-wide reform – said it would investigate the matter together with the RSPCA. At the time the greyhounds were discovered, the owner of the property had a valid greyhound licence. Guardian Australia understands the property was inspected in September last year, and was approved by the commission’s precursor, Greyhound Racing NSW. Mass grave A mass grave of greyhounds discovered at the property, which belongs to a licensed trainer. Photograph: RSPCA However, a GWIC spokeswoman could not explain how the property was approved, how long the owner had had his licence, or if he had any previous infractions. “Legally, no further comment can be made, as investigations are ongoing,” she said. A special inquiry into NSW greyhound racing in 2016 found up to 68,000 “uncompetitive” greyhounds had been killed since 2004 and one in five trainers used live animal baits. Repeated discoveries of mass greyhound graves prompted the NSW government to ban greyhound racing, before then-premier Mike Baird reversed the decision in October 2016. He also established the independent GWIC to take over the regulatory functions of Greyhound Racing NSW – an industry group – on 1 July. In November 2017, the Australian Capital Territory banned greyhound racing, becoming the first state or territory to do so. Clachers said he found the continued abuse of greyhounds astonishing. “To have all this still happening with all that we know about the reform process and the industry [being] given a real clear message from the community – for this to still happen, we still have a long way to go,” he said. “We are astonished that we are still pulling greyhound bodies out of mass graves. There is an element of people for whom no amount of regulation is going to stop people from this kind of conduct.” On Thursday the NSW racing minister, Paul Toole, said there was “zero tolerance” for animal abuse and said offenders “will be caught”. “There is zero tolerance for such abhorrent behaviour and those who engage in it can expect to be removed from the industry and face criminal prosecution,” he said. He added that he believed the GWIC was doing a good job at regulating the industry. “The Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission formally assumed its powers on 1 July and its staff are already attending race meets and conducting investigations,” Toole said. “The government has been fortunate to appoint high-calibre people to the commission.” But NSW Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi said the findings proved “nothing has changed” in the greyhound racing industry. “This incident just shows that the second chance given to the industry was a huge mistake and all the promises they made to end the cruelty lack any kind of credibility,” she said. “This is not yet another bad apple. This is evidence of continued systemic cruelty.” All the greyhounds are now in the care of the RSPCA and are being treated by veterinary surgeons.
  4. Veterinary records/notes retention

    Can your regular vet obtain the notes? They would be required for insurance anyway
  5. toltrazuril in a lactating bitch

    How is your dog getting on Rebecca?
  6. toltrazuril in a lactating bitch

    Excellent! good luck at the vets and please keep us updated
  7. toltrazuril in a lactating bitch

    Can you whizz her and the pups to the vet this morning? Time to bring out the big guns and get her some veterinary help... like now
  8. Bike dogs

    Sandgrubber; when my old Westie, Penny became just too old for walks with the other dogs I pulled her along in her trolley until we were a few hundred yards from home on the return leg, I then lifted her out and she walked the rest of the way home, she thought it great fun as she queened it over the other's and really enjoyed her trolley ride and her walk home
  9. Labrador owner's (as well as DOLer's) may be interested (lovely smoochie dog ) edited to add that the family owned 'Old Ginger' the Dandie Dinmont terrier...grandpappy of them all scroll down here http://www.countrylife.co.uk/articles/dukes-dogs-britains-aristocracy-just-mad-canine-friends-rest-us-171496
  10. Picking a breeder

    message BoStoNmAdNeSs and ask him as I have an idea that DOLers can recommend a breeder (and often do) but it would be difficult to comment (especially negatively) about a breeder without getting in all sorts of poo From reading the for sale ads on-line it would seem to be the better bet to contact breeders who do show, at least you can talk to them and get advice on who to contact about buying a pup
  11. Picking a breeder

    well I had a quick Google for Boston breeders and came across some 'breeder' I went at their list Beagle - Beaglier (Beagle x Cavalier) - Boston Terrier - Bugg (Boston Terrier x Pug) - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Cavalier x - Cavador (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Labrador Retriever) - Cava Tzu (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Shih Tzu) - Cavoodle (Cavalier x Poodle) - Cockalier (Cocker Spaniel x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) - Cocker Spaniel - French Bulldog - Frug (French Bulldog x Pug) - Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever x Poodle) - Labrador Retriever - Maltalier (Maltese x Cavalier) - Moodle (Maltese x Poodle) - Pomeranian - Poochi (Poodle x Chihuahua) - Poodle - Pug - Pug Zu (Pug x Shih Tzu) - Pugalier (Pug x Cavalier) - Puggle (Pug x Beagle) - Samoyed - Schnoodle (Schnauzer x Poodle) - Shoodle - Siberian Husky - Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle) - Speagle (Cocker Spaniel x Beagle) - Welsh Corgi there is another advertising with a breeder number that has Boston's and Boston x for sale There appears to be a large amount of shonks out there so you would be best to contact the NSW breed club and have a chat, or go to a show and ask the Boston owner's if you can contact them when they are not so busy to talk about owning a Boston. The list of shows are here; maybe contact the show secretary to ask if there will be any Boston's https://www.dogzonline.com.au/event-diary/list.asp?state=NSW edited to add; post on this forum and BoStoNmAdNeSs will most likely get back to you
  12. Lumps & bumps

    maybe they took the coal tar out of it as it's carcinogenic, try using pine tar ointment instead...it's pretty good
  13. Lumps & bumps

    if the OP used Ichthammol it'll do the dog's skin no damage, it has been a natural and safe remedy for aeons so let's just hope
  14. Lumps & bumps

    a little severe I think. maybe next time use magnoplasm, it works and is of less concern on the skin. I would rather poke a stick into my eye than put that on my dogs, it is irresponsible to do so edited to add a couple of explanatory links https://www.healthline.com/health/black-salve-cancer https://www.sciencealert.com/what-is-black-salve-and-can-it-cure-cancer
  15. Barking collar advice

    I think, in Zena's Mum's case, the citronella collar beats a kick up the bahoochie