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  1. Tell me about Cancer

    yerrsss ok, but look at those faces sigh...
  2. Tell me about Cancer

    O Man! no, I don't need any more dogs stop looking at them NOW
  3. Blackhawk Grain Free Salmon

    yes, how stupid is that 52% eeeek imagine what that'd do to a dog's kidneys
  4. Blackhawk Grain Free Salmon

    Thanks for that Tassie, it is the exact page I was looking for Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein 28% (min) Crude Fat 18% (min) Crude Fibre 2% (max) Crude Ash 9% (max) Calcium (Ca) 2% (max) Phosphorous (P) 1.20% (max) Moisture 10% (max) ME 3750 Kcal/kg
  5. Tell me about Cancer

    Yes, photos are the go, copy them into unusual places on your computer that way they pop up when you're looking for something else, it's sad but lovely at the same time. I found a couple of photos of Penny and Mac the other day in a folder marked Garden Pest Info (subfolder 'Rats') Thinking of you and Jeune. Dog-oldness and cancer is the pits!
  6. I looked on-line at this food and it appears to have 52% protein; is that rather high? I feed dry infrequently, it's usually when I have forgotten to get their frozen meat and vegie slops out of the freezer https://blackhawkpetcare.com/au/our-products/grain-free/tasmanian-sustainably-fished-salmon/ I can't seem to find the exact ingredients breakdown and fat% Zara has been treated for a bacterial infection in her urine and tiny struvite crystals were also present so I reckon I need to be careful with her diet. Henry is a piggy and puts on weight quickly so fat content is important
  7. Ticks???

    can you try Bravecto or Nexguard, one or three months coverage (depending on which one you get) in each chewy
  8. Pet Insurance

    does your pal Aizaz work in the insurance industry?
  9. Ages back the vet put Penny, my old Westie on Zantac syrup for her sore tum, it wasn't overly cheap and I asked my doctor about it so he wrote me out a script for a 300ml bottle (my doctor has a dog, we talk about dogs) I can't remember what Penny's dosage was but it was a minuscule amount and would have lasted her 'till she was 45 but she passed away before even a smidgen of the contents was used. Anyway, perhaps get a script from your doctor Juice, as unfortunatel,y you can't buy it over the counter at a chemists, at least it'll save you some money
  10. When is it time?

    Yes, you do know: Saffy who had cancer in her sinus' was still cheerful until one evening, she had her tea and hopped up on the sofa, she sat there and then put her head down and just rested the tip of her nose on the cushions, it was obvious she had the most awful headache. I took her to the waterfront on the way to her vet the next morning, we walked along the beach and she barked at a bin-chicken and a really fat Cavalier, she had a good time. When we hopped in the car she put her nose on the seat again so then i was doubly sure. In my arms she gently went to a happier place as her favourite vet and nurse stuffed her full of liver treats. It just breaks your heart but it's the last good thing we can do for them.
  11. Dog pram/stroller/pusher advice please

    and one more
  12. Dog pram/stroller/pusher advice please

    Found them... we pulled the top part off an old stroller and Penny sat on her comfy cushion in the parcel-rack. We removed the handles and bolted on the handle of an old carpet sweeper
  13. Dog pram/stroller/pusher advice please

    I think I found that old topic Ming and SM, I had posted in it but used photobucket so the photos have gone to photobucket heaven, I'll hunt up the photos of Penny's trolley and post
  14. Hot spots between toes

    this stuff is pretty good http://www.ausnaturalcare.com.au/grahams-natural-alternatives-calendulis-plus-cream-50g?gclid=CjwKCAiAj53SBRBcEiwAT-3A2GSCgN5Wyk--5P16dCpVTY97YQeLZkQ2XaN3u8p9fMci9lDMGazQXBoC3msQAvD_BwE and this http://www.return2health.net/first-aid/tea-tree/thursday-plantation-tea-tree-cream/?cur=aud&gclid=CjwKCAiAj53SBRBcEiwAT-3A2Ap_Mv2hgULa1DV8Nn5eaFHZtYWdRFT5YAAsHvZoh_0pGQ5UBqfyNhoCvkUQAvD_BwE shop around on-line for better prices as I just inserted the first search that came up