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  1. You may not have the room but what I use is an outdoor table at the end of our veranda. It's sturdy and non-wobbly and you have room at one side of it to put all your grooming boxes (I keep all my stuff in those make-up cases you can buy for next-to-nothing at the charity shops) The tables are always for sale on scumtree My table is the same as this one and the cases are like these
  2. Unplanned litter

    A few years back I was looking for another older Westie and saw a 7 year-old registered bitch advertised on DOL for $250, the owner was a member of Dogs Qld, the Westie wasn't spayed and there was very little checking of my circumstances, I bought her so a BYB wouldn't, so don't beat yourself up with the ethics of SOME registered breeders, most are pretty good, your friend, unfortunately, didn't buy from one of them (and nor did I) My subsequent bestie-buying has been from good breeders who do check Please do think seriously in surrendering the pups to Yellowgirl's rescue, I think you and your friend will sleep better at night and it'll be a weight off your mind not having to listen to the lies and tall stories from unscrupulous buyers
  3. I am sorry you and your best mate are going through this. As dog owners we luckily have the choice (and moral obligation) to say goodbye to our bestie when the time comes rather than have our dog linger on, comatose on drugs and unaware of anything other than their pain (remember they are stoic and are not letting on how much in pain they are). I feel that palliative care is for humans as their loved-ones don't have this choice, you do and though it's tough, saying goodbye now is the best for your dog. All of us DOLers have needed to say goodbye and we do it because it is the final gift of love we can give them. B xx
  4. Open Pyometra in Golden Retrievers

    That is why the other posters have advised you to go to your vet so don't delay as it may prove fatal. Go to your vet and find out for sure
  5. Picking a breeder

    she is lovely John, congratulations
  6. Nature's Gift

    try your nearest IGA they may have it as I Googled and they seem to stock it
  7. Pet insurance

    most of the companies have a 'quote' available on their website. This link may be of help, though the over-writer is the same company (Hollards), the individual companies have different costs. https://www.petsure.com.au/ Give yourself half a day to search out the insurance that is best for you. (I went with Bow Wow Meow)
  8. Would anybody know where to get giant clips to keep the top of a big bag 7.5kg of dog-food closed? Like these but much bigger
  9. If anyone uses this... Recall info on http://mydog.com.au/ IMPORTANT PRODUCT RECALL INFORMATION: MY DOG® BEEF & LIVER 100G TRAYS RECALLED DUE TO POTENTIAL PRESENCE OF PLASTIC Mars Petcare Australia is recalling a limited number of MY DOG® Beef & Liver 100g 12x Pack due to the potential presence of plastic which entered the food during the production process. The only product affected is batch code 849D1WOD51 BEST BEFORE: 06 DEC 2020. The health and wellbeing of Australian pets is our number one priority, and while we have not received any reports of injury or illness associated with the affected product, we believe it is the right thing to do to recall it. We encourage consumers who have purchased affected product to discard the food or return it to the retailer for a full refund or exchange. The batch codes below should not be sold or consumed. Affected product was distributed to retailers throughout Australia and we are working with them to ensure that the recalled products are removed from shelf. We understand that this recall may be concerning for pet owners, however no other MY DOG® varieties or batches are affected by the recall, and owners will still be able to find unaffected product on shelf. The individual trays and the 6x Packs are not affected. If consumers have disposed of the box and believe their trays came from a 12x Pack, they can check the best before date on the side of the tray. If the date stamp is 061220 you may have affected product and should discard or return the product to store for a refund. We take our responsibility to pets and their owners seriously. Our Consumer Care team are available on 1800 640 111 (toll free) in Australia or visit https://www.mydog.com.au/ for more information. We encourage owners concerned over any aspect of their pet’s health to please seek ve
  10. As I didn't know what the initials DCM meant I did a search and came across this article that's interesting https://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/21_9/features/DCM-in-Dogs-Taurines-Role-in-the-Canine-Diet_21901-1.html
  11. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

  12. Frantic weed eating

    Perhaps she is feeling sick, it maybe a plan to cut back the tripe portion of her diet and just give her 5--10% tripe., give that a go and see how she responds
  13. 37 animals seized from storybook farm rescue

    an update https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/pets-seized-from-storybook-farm-find-original-owners-20190422-p51g33.html Pets seized from Storybook Farm find original owners By Lucy Stone April 22, 2019 — 8.51pm Several animals seized by the RSPCA at Storybook Farm Sacred Animal Garden Rescue last month have been reunited with their original families, including three dachshunds and a bulldog. The RSPCA had put out a call after raiding the farm in March for the original owners of 37 dogs, birds, horses and other animals to come forward, with some animals believed to be at the farm for therapy. Dachshund Frankie with his family after the RSPCA put out the call to find the original owners of Storybook Farm animals.Credit:RSPCA Queensland Many of the animals were allegedly living in putrid conditions with no water and many with open sores, injuries and disabilities. One dalmatian was euthanised by the RSPCA after it was discovered with open wounds along its paralysed back legs, stomach and tail. Photos posted on the rescue group's Facebook page of the dog days before had shown it covered in a knitted jumper with its back legs out of sight. Another dog had its right hind leg treated after it appeared it had been crudely amputated, leaving the wound chewed and open. Two people have since been charged with the RSPCA hitting them with 84 offences, due to be heard in court next month. Dachshunds Charlie and Spencer were rescued from Storybook Farm.Credit:RSPCA Queensland RSPCA spokeswoman Alex Hyndman Hill said several of the animals had been rehabilitated and returned to their families, while others were beginning to go through the RSPCA Wacol shelter to find new homes. "After weeks of specialist vet trips, physio, training and, of course, lots of love from the team here, we’re excited to see them heading for happy forever homes," she said.
  14. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    Yes, also remembering Goodbye Canetoad I know you'll enjoy Campground Heaven