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  1. Townsville rat bait alert

    WIN News Townsville 22 mins · Townsville City Council has discovered a concerning amount of rat bait pellets located around The Strand and the CBD. Rat bait can be lethal for dogs, even in small amounts. Anyone with information on who could be placing the bait around the city is urged to contact council on 134 810. Full report tonight at 6. #WINNews6pm
  2. Seller needs advice

    what asal said ...definitely get proof and get the puppy back and refund the money, bugger them and their wanting the money back and keeping the pup, that's just not on!
  3. Goodbye my precious boy

    You are allowed to feel exactly what you are feeling now Nikki, most of us here know about that bloody big hole that's left in your heart. It will get easier, it never goes away completely but instead of that awful grief you will have a happier memory that makes you smile. You will never forget your darling little boy.
  4. Goodbye my precious boy

    I am so sorry, you loved that dear little dog so much ♥ Have some great fun over the bridge Kane, there are heaps of neat dogs for you to play with
  5. Hi @Freddie I have asked Troy (admin) to pop this in the Rescue forum but in the mean time you could check out here...A to Z of rescue contacts West Highland White Terrier QLD West Highland White Terrier Club QLD Rescue Amanda Cloughley 32066460 or 0428722577 Email : [email protected] SA (but can assist Aust wide) Catherine Bridgland 0401 144 544 08 8379 3291 (H) DOL contact: Westiemum Email : [email protected] NSW HELEN LEESON 0416 245 321 02 4869 3420 DOL CONTACT MAJOR EMAIL:[email protected] and when the shows start it's always a good idea to go and chat to the breeders, you will have more chance of buying an older dog if you are up to scratch as it's pretty remote you will get a Westie or Cairn through rescue but there are older dogs here: https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/dogs.asp
  6. maybe worth making an appointment for a consult at Koala Park vets, Cleveland-Redland Bay Rd, Victoria Point
  7. This is older news (June 12th) but worth posting as it shows what harm stupidity does in bagging a business and from the occasional recommendations on Dogz I was of the impression that Albion vets were pretty good Shame on her! A Brisbane dog owner has been ordered to pay almost $30,000 in damages for defaming a vet on social media by claiming he was “grumpy”, “took advantage of a distressed pet owner” and overcharged her for drugs given to her pet. Allen O’Grady sued Carrie Barlow, who married during the six-year court battle and became Carrie Curtis, for seven separate comments she made on Twitter, Facebook and review site True Local over 10 days to October 24, 2014. Mr O’Grady, a veterinary surgeon, owned and operated Albion Vet Surgery and Eatons Hill Vet Surgery at the time. According to court documents, Ms Curtis is the administrator of a Facebook group known as “Freedom for Fair Online Reviews – Australia”. Carrie Barlow and her dog Valentine in 2006.Source:News Limited THE VET VISIT The judgment states Ms Curtis took her beagle Valentine to the vet for treatment on October 4, 2014 after it was attacked by two other dogs. “The treatment was provided by an employee of the company and involved sedation, pain relief, cleaning and suturing wounds and dispensing of post-operative antibiotics.” She was charged and paid $427 for the appointment, while also receiving a summary of fees breaking down the various costs of the vet visit. But four days later, Ms Curtis emailed Albion Vet asking for further clarification, stating the “irresponsible owners of the vicious dogs” were refusing to reimburse her bill and the “mark-up” on one antibiotic seemed “a bit high”. The vet practice manager called Ms Curtis on October 13 – a discussion lasting 16 minutes. “Ms Curtis admitted that she had told the woman that she no longer intended to have her pets treated at the Albion Vet and required the records relating to her pet to be made available for collection,” the court documents state. “At the conclusion of the conversation, an appointment was made for 8am, Wednesday 15 October 2014 for Valentine to see the vet nurse for the removal of the sutures.” Ms Curtis received a letter from Mr O’Grady on the day of the visit stating “unfortunately” the vet was unable to provide services for her dog in the future including in-house after hours emergency service and discounted Saturday hydrobaths. Carrie Curtis at the District Court in Brisbane last year. Picture: Josh Woning/AAPSource:News Corp Australia THE ONLINE RESPONSE Ms Curtis then took to Twitter, True Local, the Albion Vet’s Facebook page and her own Facebook page, telling Brisbane dog owners to “Beware of the Albion Vet” and stating she had been “grossly overcharged” and “taken advantage of”. Using an account with the handle @ValentineBeagle, she tweeted “Shame on you #albionvet”. “I was offended by their refusal of emergency treatment if my dog ever needed it,” she wrote on True Local, while also admitting she had told them she’d be taking her business elsewhere. “(I’d) always been a good customer and paid my bills at the time of treatment. This parting letter seemed pretty petty and unnecessary.” In another review on the business directory website, she described Mr O'Grady as "grumpy” and someone “who should not be dealing with people or animals”. “Her justification for describing Mr O’Grady as a grumpy person who should not be dealing with people or animals … essentially came down to him not saying ‘hello’ to her,” District Court Judge Suzanne Sheridan said in her judgment on Thursday. In some posts, Ms Curtis claimed the mark-up was “400 per cent” and in others, 350 per cent. “Ms Curtis complained about the mark-up and asserted in two of the publications that she was grossly overcharged, but in her cross examination admitted that the mark-up is dependent on what is included and that she ‘can’t make a judgment on what is reasonable and what is not’,” the judge said. “In the end, where there is a conflict between the evidence of Ms Curtis, and others … I prefer the evidence of the others and I am not inclined to accept any of the evidence of Ms Curtis at face value.” Brisbane vet Allen O’Grady. Picture: Josh Woning/AAPSource:News Corp Australia The defamatory imputations in her posts included that the company grossly overcharges its clients, takes advantage of them, and engages in unfair and unreasonable business practices. Others were that Mr O’Grady was petty, uncaring and “not a nice person”. Ms Curtis admitted to publishing the comments and the majority of the imputations conveyed within her online posts but denied that any of them were defamatory. Judge Sheridan on Thursday ordered Ms Curtis pay Mr O’Grady and his businesses a total of $25,000 in damages, including aggravated damages, plus $4244.29 interest. She said Ms Curtis had “persisted in pursuing the (failed) defence of justification and maintained at trial that the company and Mr O’Grady had overcharged and had engaged in unfair business practices”. The judge described Ms Curtis’ apology as being at best “an apology for harm caused, not for the making of the statements”. She said she was satisfied the proven imputations alleged are defamatory “in that they would have a tendency to lower the reputations of the company and Mr O’Grady in the eyes of the ordinary reasonable reader”. Ms Curtis is “permanently restrained” from the future publication of comments or “words to the like effect” that she made in her seven defamatory posts.
  8. Puppy opinions

    did you find them @Rebanne? and how is your puppy @RMulholland?
  9. Amazing Dog Dance BELGIAN MALINOIS Owner Polina Il'ina #belgianmalinois
  10. Dog tag size

    I love checking out what's on Etsy, there are some lovely tags there. I just bought an el-cheapo ($13) slide-on tag for Maxi from here he will look very flash when he goes out with his new green tartan collar and new tag
  11. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/queensland-vet-pinned-up-against-wall-after-showing-owner-the-bill-20200525-p54w0q.html Dr Bale is one of the veterinarians who will talk about the industry and mental health in the industry on an SBS Insight https://www.sbs.com.au/news/insight/a-look-at-australia-s-veterinarian-crisis?cid=sbsnews:edm:newsam:relation:news:na:na Queensland vet pinned up against wall after showing owner the bill By Jocelyn Garcia May 25, 2020 — 7.38pm Veterinarian Dr Margie Bale saves a dog's life and is pushed up against a wall by the collar by the dog's owner. She operates on a horse in the middle of the night and receives a hurl of abuse by the owner over the bill. Dr Bale offers to help but asks for the fee and is judged and thrown out of a property by an owner. Queensland veterinarian Dr Margie Bale loved working as a clinical vet but the pressures of the job made her turn away from it. The stories of the pressures Dr Bale endured are endless, but not uncommon. Veterinarians are almost four times more likely to take their own lives than the general public, a 2018 Suicide in Australian veterinarians report says. A 2011 United Kingdom report, Measuring the mental health of the veterinary profession: psychometric considerations, also states they are twice as likely to die by suicide as other healthcare professionals. Dr Bale said she had enough of working at clinical practices after 20 years. She said at the age of 26, she was working in a sole practice on the Gold Coast. "I was on call for two-and-a-half years, working every day and being on call overnight," she said. "We’re happy to work with the animals and that's what we’re trained to do but unrealistic client expectations make it incredibly challenging." Dr Bale said she had treated a cattle dog with bowel problems in the middle of a night, operated on a horse who ran into a barbed wired fence until 2am one morning, and saved a Maltese terrier's life on another occasion. "It was about 11pm on a Saturday night and I got the call from a client - I could tell he had been drinking - about his Maltese terrier who had eaten an entire barbecue chicken," she said. "The dog couldn't breathe. I did what I had to do to help the dog and thankfully, it was a good outcome but I was dreading giving the owner the bill. "With that he launched into a huge tirade of abuse, saying that I was money hungry and that if I really cared that I would've done it for free." Dr Bale said he became more aggressive and grabbed her by the collar and pinned her against the wall. "I've never been assaulted before, I was just bewildered," she said. "I ended up talking him down and he left but the bill was never paid." Dr Bale said the abuse from clients about bills, the low wage and long hours made her walk away from practices. "Three colleagues [died of] suicide from pressures of being veterinarians," she said. "The pressures of running a clinic, the emotional intensity of the job, and people always questioning our ethics over handing the bill after saving their animals' lives - it wears you down." Dr Bale is one of the veterinarians who will talk about the industry and mental health in the industry on an SBS Insight episode at 8.30pm on Tuesday.
  12. Bowel obstruction

    It's a good idea to keep charcoal and slippery elm capsules on hand for tummy upsets, you can open the capsules and sprinkle about 1/2 on some food or buy the powder if you choose that option. I usually buy mine from iherb as they have a good range and reasonable prices (click up the top to select Au) links here slippery elm slippery elm powder charcoal Google those herbal treatments to get a little more info about them and... poo discussions happen frequently here
  13. Bowel obstruction

    Both your revolting fish stories made me laugh...it just wasn't your day! Poor you So glad his skin is much better, you are a good caring hooman (well apart from your fishy smell that is )
  14. there are some good tips here
  15. Grooming

    Maybe try a couple of these tablets an hour or so before grooming, I give two to Westie Henry (9.5kg) when I hear far-off thunder or see a storm coming on the radar, they work pretty well. Have a search on-line for your cheapest option including postage edited to add that you may be better trimming his legs with blunt-ended scissors which are less likely to stab him and don't have the scary noise of clippers, similar to these here Don't buy the Chinese brands from ebay as they don't cut. I haven't used these but they are made in France so maybe ok here and I have a pair similar to these which have lasted and lasted and probably can be bought at somewhere like officejerks here