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  1. maybe try some of this @giraffez https://cennutrition.com.au/product/cenoilfordogs/ my friend suggested it as her vet said it was good for her elderly mini horses (oddly enough it also kept the mozzies from biting)
  2. I was just browsing the dried dog food as I sometimes give some to Henry when I've forgotten to get his chicken out of the freezer and I came across this brand: https://www.vetnpetdirect.com.au/collections/dog-food-complete-diets/products/fit-n-flash-dog-food-kangaroo has anyone tried it?
  3. These specialist are recommended by some of the Westie owners https://www.qldvetspecialists.com.au/contact
  4. Jerilderie Veterinary Clinic 19 hrs · PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING: Surrounding farms are starting to spread ‘Mouse Off’ over their crops to protect their livelihood from the impending mouse plague. This is different to our ‘run of the mill’ rat bait, as there is NO antidote and symptoms can start within minutes to hours after ingestion. If you suspect your pet has eaten any, stay well away from any vomit and transfer them to the vet clinic with your windows down or in t
  5. have you looked at the breeders on Dogzonline? https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/breeders/chow-chow.asp You would need to contact the ones you like and build up a rapport with them If you are searching for pups that are not on Dogzonline here is a facebook page that's worth posting the for sale as you have seen and asking if the breeder/puppies are legit: Puppy SCAM awareness AUST the link is here and download this---> Critical information for Chow Chow puppy buyers
  6. There's a ripper of a Border Terrier at Qld Earthdogs, puts the rest of the dogs to shame https://www.facebook.com/QueenslandEarthDogs/
  7. if you like terriers there is always robust Westies, Google 'Westies Agility' if you want to see some happy dogs though Border terriers have longer legs so my be more suitable for your family and I posted just for a laugh...I think that this one would like to compete in dock diving
  8. The reason was some sentences in your previous posts (especially the third sentence) : I called the vet that gave her the needle and they said they are unsure why it’s not growing back at the same rate as the rest of her hair and that it should be. Vet also confirmed it is not scar tissue. The vet was so unhelpful but said there is no reason why it wouldn’t be growing back If it was ringworm wouldn’t the vet notice it. And you would think the vet would of noticed it was there when she shaved her leg The reason I suggested the UV light was to do a home-che
  9. To save going to the vet (and he thinking you are a double numpty) buy a UV light and test for ringworm yourself, an Australian seller on ebay may have an el-cheapo A Wood's lamp is an ultraviolet light with a specific wavelength of light which causes some strains of M. canis (the most common feline ringworm species) to fluoresce. ... Some medications will fluoresce if they are on the hair coat, including doxycycline, Clavamox, and eye ointments.
  10. Oh Perse so awfully sorry dear little green-eyed cat
  11. some more interesting info here https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-28/dog-tick-sickness-disease-on-rise-ehrlichiosis/13096270
  12. I am so sorry LMO, my heart goes out to you. I know how much you loved the little one and though he was old and it was his time it doesn't make it any easier. What a lucky little chap to have you in his life, you are the best ma to all your oldies
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