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  1. @BDJ and @sheena I just give Henry two chewies when I hear or see the storm coming and around 20 minutes after eating them he has settled down and sometimes just has a nap. Henry's calmness settles the other dogs as they were picking up on his anxiety. I don't give him the chewies at any other time...only ever for storms
  2. I had a read about that Cytopint PK, it looks really good and I'd jump at it but... Apoquel costs a smidgen over $60 per month and the Cytopoint is $160 per month (injection) so a bit out of the question money-wise. Bummer
  3. Is there an alternative to Apoquel? Maxi (8.5kg) is on 1/4 16mg tablet daily and though it works quite well I am hesitant in keeping him on it long-term. It does work better than the Telfast antihistamine.
  4. I only give it to Henry when I hear there is a storm coming (or see it on the BOM)
  5. I reckon it would @Kazm you give four of the little chewies daily for dogs between 10-25kg so you could always try just three chewies ((up to 10kg) at first. it just settles down Henry so as he's not really bothered about fussing over stuff. Among the blurb on the jar it says 'being separated from their owner's and loved ones' have a look on-line for the best buying edited to add that I have been buying from this company lately as their prices are fairly good (despite their awful 'white important-looking persons with stethoscopes') home page https://vetproductsdirect.
  6. This stuff is good @sheena I give it to Henry and he just snoozes through the thunder now. I was surprised that it worked so well! Canine Tranquil Formula contains Tryptophan and essential B group vitamins to help maintain normal emotional balance as well as normal nervous function in dogs. 120 chewable tablets for easy dosing. Helps Maintain Emotional Balance in Dogs.
  7. https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/2020/11/18/garry-linnell-trump-biden-dogs/?utm_source=Adestra&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Morning News - 20201118 Garry Linnell: Never trust a man who doesn’t like dogs Garry Linnell says a president's attitude toward dogs tells us a lot about their character. Photo: TND/Getty Garry Linnell I was in bed with my best mate last week when my
  8. In rural Japan robot monster wolves are being used to keep bears out of towns, stopping potential attacks Posted 4hhours ago, updated 2hhours ago The robotic monster wolf has been deployed in the Japanese countryside to ward off bears.(Reuters: Kyodo)The Japanese town of Takikawa has deployed robot "monster wolves" in an effort to scare away bears that have become an increasingly dangerous nuisance in the countryside. Key points: The robot wolves are covered in realistic-looking fur and emit over 6
  9. it seems to have good reviews on Budget Pet Products @sheena , for the price I'd try it anyway https://www.budgetpetproducts.com.au/new/product/dermoscent-essential-6-spot-on-skin-care-for-large-dogs-20-40kg/2182/
  10. update... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-08/missing-queensland-police-dog-found-by-member-of-public-logan/12861466 Queensland Police issue appeal for help finding missing dog https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-07/queensland-police-issue-appeal-for-help-finding-missing-dog/12860270 By Talissa Siganto Posted 49mminutes ago The public has been asked to help find a general-duties police dog who went missing from his handler's home in Logan last night. The six-year-old black German shepherd, who name is Bravo, was off duty when he was last seen in Regents Park at
  11. What do you mean? I think you may be mistaken as it's just not for purebred/pedigree dog breeders, it's a group of dog people whose interest includes purebred dogs (though it does include all dogs which you will see if you read the health and rescue forums) There is a separate forum for registered breeders the logo says it all
  12. What did your vet suggest @Aliciar? and how are the puppies?
  13. and this heading is on the Google search as a PDF then when the PDF is opened there are instructions to download, it may be a plan to double check it's safe to download though Conmurra Hydrobath Instruction Manual - Shopify cdn.shopify.com › files › files › conmurra-hydrobath-i... PDF Download Conmurra Hydrobath Instruction. Manual doc. Visible only for and conmurra hydrobath instruction manual lymphatic drainage guide will give us an ... https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&hs=n4j&channel=fs&q=conmurra+hydroba
  14. @colliehound, there is an old post here that may be of help, not exactly your brand but may be close and here and there is a PDF download at the end of this link
  15. both of those ideas make sense though the wee boy gets combed after his oiling (which makes him sort-of twitch with delight) I will try the F10 shampoo though as it seems to be taking forever to get his skin back to pink. There is still new hair poking through especially on his front legs and back, it's amazing how resilient hair follicles are
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