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  1. a friend of mine has an Irish Terrier, he is so fit and keeps up with him where ever he goes (he hikes) such a happy dog with all the 'smarts' of the terrier breed
  2. You know what? think outside the box...a Sealyham would suit, such neat little dogs
  3. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-06/lexie-ute-driving-dog-jack-russell/100999102
  4. I came upon this a few weeks ago when I was looking for something else, I don't know if it'll help but you never know https://pet.reviews/best-dog-food-for-diabetic-dogs/ and https://dogfood.guide/diabetic/
  5. I'm so sorry LFF, it's heartbreaking and just so awfully sad when your best buddy just isn't there anymore Big hugs from me xxx B
  6. excellent news PK! thanks for posting
  7. I just saw this, maybe someone here knows the owner https://www.facebook.com/Queenslandlostpets/photos/a.5287896091255168/5307780612600049/
  8. try taking a Dandie or a Westie for a brisk walk...not a hope! Those four short Dandie legs just plant themselves like 10 ton blocks, no moving until the sniffing is done! (at this time of year they are following the wood duck poo-trails along the road )
  9. perhaps you'd be happier with some dogs like these for sale (negotiable) on Scumtree, that way you can quibble to your heart's content "American Staff Terrier pups negotiable"
  10. just in case you are looking for it; here it is those Cocker Spaniels are impressive!
  11. As Rebanne and Perse say... go and see your vet first to find out what is causing the skin problems, don't just presume it is a food allergy and don't be talked into doing allergy tests either as it can be caused from pollen in the air to general dust round the home or a reaction to cereal products in kibble. Your vet will put you on the right track then you can tackle the on-going care. Soothing ointment on the dog's back may help until your vet visit, I have used both Calendula and chickweed ointment with some success as well as a soothing cortisone cream (I had a tube in the fridge) or something like Soove. Your vet will probably start your dog on Apoquil as well as a course of antibiotics. From B-who-has-a-wee-white-dug-from-Qld-Westie-Rescue
  12. This is worth a read (There is a Whippet race video link at the bottom, I have included it here) https://nationalpurebreddogday.com/the-elegance-of-mill-collier-workers-dog/?fbclid=IwAR1L3NkoXz7DUVjp6GI40R8qXnC_ueGdjyzWL_iTS1oMnBHMtNkh2GxWvw8
  13. saw this Well Done Ireland https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=1087551368479460&set=gm.5082508008503023
  14. https://7news.com.au/politics/nsw-bans-killing-of-shelter-animals-c-5735323?utm_campaign=share-icons&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&tid=1645156254895&fbclid=IwAR0V6jwIsT2P2OAUYxMghBz8pOnuz_oNMGHySoQZ3RbIrsFhPD61C7I0Vos NSW bans killing of shelter animals Phoebe Loomes Published: Thursday, 17 February 2022 6:05 PM AEDT The NSW parliament passed a private member's bill to outlaw convenience killing of shelter animals. Credit: AAP Killing cats and dogs because it is cheaper and easier than finding them a permanent home will soon be a crime in NSW. New legislation outlawing the convenience killing of animals passed both houses of parliament on Thursday. The bill was brought forward after 15 dogs and puppies were shot by Bourke Shire Council in August 2021, despite at least two rescue organisations offering to take and rehome them. The council were cleared of any legal wrongdoing after investigations by the RSPCA, the NSW Ombudsman and Office of Local Government. Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst tabled the Companion Animals Amendment (Rehoming Animals) Bill 2021 which was carried to the lower house by independent Alex Greenwich. "The shooting of these dogs should never have happened. Now we can be sure it will never happen again," Ms Hurst said. "This atrocity could have been avoided - our weak laws failed these dogs." She said the law will have ongoing benefits, adding "some council pounds have very high kill rates because they are not working with rescues". "One NSW pound euthanised nearly 150 dogs and over 130 cats but released less than 40 animals to rescue groups." She said the bill was a "mandate" for pounds to work with rescue groups and will stop unnecessary killings where a rescue group is willing to take the animal. "The community will never accept the killing of healthy, re-homeable animals for the sake of convenience." Mr Greenwich congratulated Ms Hurst on her first piece of legislation. He said NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet's government were "true to their word" about being open to private members bills with merit. He said passing the bill as one of the first in 2022 was a "significant sign of respect for the cross-bench".
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