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  1. Warning...before you click on this link in The Guardian ...there is a confronting picture of Yulin market Link to article here
  2. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets - update 9 April

    I'm so sorry DDD, you will miss her so much, she has been part of the Dogz family for so long, what a grand little one she was. She will have the best company over the bridge and her tummy will always be full and her food bowl will always be licked clean. B xxx
  3. if you do decide to make Calendula tea you can buy ginormous big bags of Calendula petals here (1kg of dried petals=really big bag) https://countrypark.com.au/shop/?product=calendula-petals what is also helpful is to massage Calendula-infused almond oil (you can make this yourself) into his skin, add drops of lavender oil as it's beneficial as well. The above tips are useful in soothing the skin and help very well in fungal infections, Calendula is marvellous though I feel that you should bring out the 'big guns' and take him to a specialist first, finding the source is the first step. Many vets put the itchy dog on Apoquel + antibiotics first as the Apoquel lessens the itch and the AB's clear up any bacterial infection that is usually present, this gives the body time to repair then one can start on finding the exact cause. (fungal, allergies (including contact allergies) bacterial or even household cleaners) I am a little concerned with what the pest-man has been using as well. Do you have this in your yard? link to Google images dogs love to lie on it as it feels cool and soft let us know how you go
  4. Vets All Natural have a mix, sort of like a savoury muesli, you soak it overnight and mix with the raw meat, it tries to mimic the gut content of animals that dog ancestors have killed. It will give your dog the essentials that you are concerned he might miss out on. I give it to my lot and they love it. Free postage as well (there is probably slightly cheaper elsewhere but I have found this company very good. Budget pet products are ok but their free postage is only selected areas) https://www.vetsupply.com.au/vets-all-naturals/b2077.aspx the puppy mix is on special https://www.vetsupply.com.au/dog-food/complete-mix-for-puppies/pet-foods-pack-1730-7119.aspx and all about Vets all natural https://vetsallnatural.com.au/
  5. This info came up when I was looking at Apoquel so I reckon you may be interested @Snook perhaps have a search in Australian companies though I have bought cranberry, slippery elm and charcoal capsules from this company before and they are pretty good and well priced and their postage was reasonable https://au.pipingrock.com/pet-products/pet-allergy-for-dogs-cats-100-14451
  6. Regular Online delivery

    I thought it was dog food Teebs was talking about, I'm more concerned about dog food and meds, bugger the humans
  7. I saw that other dosage in the last link I posted Snook, it's enough to hurt your head that there are two different amounts depending on whose page it is. I wonder if it's worth contacting these on-line vets here or, perhaps messaging @Elise+Hudson who is a vet working at a clinic at Springwood (she may have moved) I would give him 2/3 tablet and see how it goes. (I gave 8kg Maxi 1/4 tablet) and... I wouldn't contact your mean vets AT ALL!
  8. Justice weighs 50.7063 lbs so using dosage chart ( right down the bottom of this link) here it says: In dogs, Fexofenadine is dosed at 1 mg per pound to 2.5 mg per pound of body weight (2 to 5 mg/kg) every 12 to 24 hours so if your boy is 23kg that would indicate that he should have 46mg to 115mg so maybe it'd be best to just give him 1/2 tablet (which will be 90mg) You could phone reception at your vet and ask them to run it by the vet, pointing out that you didn't want to risk going out at this time, most vets will advise regarding antihistamines as there is a lot of leeway.
  9. Regular Online delivery

    I buy most of my stuff from VetSupply.com.au or vetnpetdirect.com.au or vetshopaustralia.com.au their cost may be a little dearer but they often have free postage and are Australian owned (so is Pet Circle but they don't deliver free to my area even though it's right next to Redland Bay, they use a courier, not Australia Post)
  10. Telfast is ok but mustn't be used with ketoconazole or a macrolide antibiotic: (ketoconazole is in Malaseb shampoo + some others as well as creams...it's antifungal stuff and Macrolide: One in a class of antibiotics that includes Biaxin (Clarithromycin), Zithromax (Azithromycin), Dificid (Fidoximycin), and Erythromycin. The macrolides inhibit the growth of bacteria and are often prescribed to treat rather common bacterial infections). Here is some good info and dosages for antihistamines for dogs Albert park Vet---Atopic dermatitis: the itchy dog For dosage I use 1/4 of a 180mg tablet for 8kg of dog Telfast is the cheapest option A little tip...if you need to cut a tablet you will find that a small pair of dog nail clippers do the job really well, if you only need 1/2 a round tablet you put that tablet on a hard surface like the bench and press down on either side of the indentation with your thumbs, it then breaks evenly, much better than some pill cutters that crush the tablet into smithereens (then you have to put all the pill-chips in little piles to make sure they are even) I have edited this to pop in the dosage anyway fexofenadine (Telfast®) – this is a second gen. It is available as 60 mg capsules and 120 or 180 mg tablets. The dose is 5–10 mg/kg once or twice daily .
  11. Tasty food

    @Westie mum used to feed her wonderful Mac with blue cheese mixed with other stuff, hopefully she will come here to suggest some of her recipes. You could also try chopped chicken meat that is lightly fried...just at the stage where the outside is brown but still really soft, you can lightly flour it so it browns better (IGA have whole chickens for $3.90 at the moment) I didn't realise Hamish was so crook, just awful for him and you
  12. Tasty food

    Hamish may like tinned mackerel, it's around $2.50
  13. Vet recommendation

    Hi suziwong66, can't help as my vet is near Victoria Point but it's lovely to see you back B
  14. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    I understand SG, Wee Saffy was sick with cancer in her bones around her sinus, it's so exhausting and worrying with no good outcome in sight and you don't realise how mentally debilitating it is until you have said goodbye. I am sorry about your dear Patty
  15. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    O no! that's just too sad SG I am so sorry, I know that you have fought and fought for her.