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  1. 2x4 dog biscuits

    there is this article from 10 years ago https://www.dailyliberal.com.au/story/847976/pet-food-factorys-battles-continue/ but maybe they are still trading...why don't you give them a call http://ibizprofile-au.com/biz/best-care-pet-foods-pty-ltd-dd92vc0rt
  2. 2x4 dog biscuits

    Hi Cheryle, and welcome to Dogz I had a look and it appears that Pet Stock and Pet Barn have run out in every store, the only shops I can see are here http://petstoretoyourdoor.com.au/product/box-1-extra-4-x-2-baked-biscuits/ and https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/ The postage may be prohibitive though but you may have no option if you really want them
  3. Skin fungal infections

    thanks for that @Rascalmyshadow I knew Malaseb was good but hadn't realised that Aloveen could be useful as well as soothing. Did you do anything diet-wise?
  4. Skin fungal infections

    yes Perse, I have been checking my old herbal books, the Vit C and vegetables including some raw (soaked) rolled grains help to lower (so they say) blood temperature which helps. I will suggest infused calendula, neem leaves and chickweed as a topical wash, these links appear to have the most economical items https://www.australherbs.com.au/shop/item/chickweed-herb https://www.australherbs.com.au/shop/item/neem-leaf-organic https://countrypark.com.au/product/calendula-petals/ A pity there doesn't appear to be a veterinary solution available
  5. naaaa, it didn't work, no piccie to be seen
  6. I have been looking up articles on fungal skin problems in dogs (not my dogs) and came across this info which was interesting. Can anyone here suggest veterinary treatments that work, FACTS & MYTHS about YEAST DERMATITIS in DOGS has anyone treated their dog with the medications mentioned in this second link Malassezia Dermatitis (there is heaps of info out there but so much of it is b/s)
  7. Jester 13/05/2007 - 06/01/2020

    I am sorry BJ, what a lovely boy. You will miss hugging all that squishiness
  8. Basil

    You will miss him so much, what a lovely little dog, he looks so full of piss and vinegar, such a cheeky face. I am sorry he's no longer with you, you must love him so much
  9. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-01/dog-cancer-tumours-experimental-treatment/11819284 Dog's 11 cancerous tumours 'disappear' after experimental treatment By Ashleigh Stevenson Posted about 2 hours ago Photo: Griffin began the experimental treatment two years ago. (ABC News: Ashleigh Stevenson) Related Story: Dog gets salon treatment as Townsville shopping centre becomes makeshift refuge Related Story: Double trouble for Tassie devils battling second transmissible cancer Related Story: 'The wind blew him over': Inside the world of dog dementia A beloved family dog who was given three months to live after being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer is still living years later, after taking part in a Queensland clinical trial. Key points: Rottweiler Griffin's tumours were growing at a rapid rate Undergoes treatment that uses part of a tumour to create bespoke vaccine UQ researchers looking for more dogs to prove the vaccine works to send cancer into remission Adam Johnson noticed a lump on his dog Griffin's back in December 2017. "I thought we'd take him for a routine check," Mr Johnson said. "It didn't seem like anything untoward, I just thought it would be medication and 'he'll be right' sort of thing. "A few days later we found out it was a cancerous lump. "It was devastating, absolutely devastating right before Christmas." Photo: Griffin's owner Adam Johnson and daughter Layla. (ABC News: Ashleigh Stevenson) The rottweiler was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and given three months to live. Veterinarian and University of Queensland PhD candidate Dr Annika Oksa said that type of cancer was usually a death sentence for dogs. "He had a really big lump taken off his side but by the time he went back to have his stitches removed from the original surgery, he had another three lumps, so they were growing really quickly," Dr Oksa said. Rather than the more traditional route of chemotherapy, Griffin was enrolled in a medical trial using immunotherapy treatment, designed to "wake up" the dog's own immune system so it recognised a foreign cancer. "I took a sample from his tumour, at the time when I saw him he had 11 lumps on him," Dr Oksa said. Photo: Dr Annika Oksa was giving Griffin weekly injections during the treatment. (ABC News: Ashleigh Stevenson) Once a dog was diagnosed with the cancer, the trial's researchers removed a small piece of the tumour and mixed it with a chemical to bolster the dog's immune response. This was then injected back into the dog as a vaccine, each week for a number of weeks or months. "With this one we make it specifically from the dog's own tumour," Dr Oksa said. "So it's very, very personalised and then we hope that the dog's own immune system will recognise the cancer and start fighting it." Photo: UQ researchers say they need more dogs to conduct the trials. (ABC News: Ashleigh Stevenson) Mr Johnson said as the weeks of treatment progressed, he was surprised by the results. "One by one, the cancerous legions began to disappear to the point where two years on we've still got him here," Mr Johnson said. "At that point in time it felt like a Hail Mary. "My little girl has still got her dog." Dr Oksa said researchers were encouraged by the results. "Eventually at about week eight or so, when it came time to have a look at him again there were no lumps. That was fantastic," she said. "Griffin is really rare because he had such a bad disease. "We've had a number of dogs respond to this treatment and do really well but they were ones we'd hope would respond. With Griffin it was a surprise. "We're hoping that this will be a way forward to include in the treatment protocol for these dogs. "We need to have more dogs in the trials obviously, so we have more evidence. "So at the same time we're researching what happens to the tumours, how do they respond to the vaccine — can we make any changes to it? Or combine it with different treatments." Scientists hope to expand the research into human trials for similar cancers in years to come. Topics: animals, human-interest, diseases-and-disorders, cancer, qld Contact Ashleigh Stevenson
  10. Foster Dogs

    Lovely photos KTB, you should feel proud you have found excellent homes for them Thanks for posting and I would put my hand up for Esme in a flash if she had sticking-up ears and tail
  11. My puppy has parvo

    It's such good news she is now home, you must have been so worried. I hope she continues to get better every day
  12. hummm perhaps a precocious Westie has had his way with a Husky girl, those are the most disconcerting eyes
  13. My puppy has parvo

    Hi Leon, you haven't been a DOL member for long so it's important for you to understand that the members here are passionate about dogs and their welfare. You said in your post that you had the pup for one day, that it had parvo and asked if it'd be ok to ask the breeder to pay for her vet bill, you received quite a few suggestions, some which were not tactful. You appeared, (from reading your first post), to be floundering in what to do, but from your subsequent posts it seems that you have the problem under control, so your comments about the suggestions made by members here are a unwarranted. You are welcome here but keep in mind that it's not facebook and that DOLers will not put up with drama-lamas when the main concern is the dog so please don't try to make us feel bad because some posters offended you. We do care about your little pup, there is realms of info to be had from DOLers so ask questions but don't get confrontational with members
  14. Good thing she's color blind

    You have the stutters this morning @sandgrubber