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  1. Sheltie puppy

    You probably have already checked this but just in case http://www.sheltierescue.com.au/rescue-links.html maybe contact the Bethia Tennyson...Victoria, she may be able to advise Edited to say that there are some litters here (though I have no idea about the breeders at all) https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/puppies/shetland-sheepdog.asp
  2. I know you are trying to do the right thing but get that enclosure NOW Children need to be protected, it appears you are avoiding what is in front of you and hoping the dog may change in the short-term, well that's not going to happen unless you enclose the dog while children are around, a muzzle won't cut the mustard. Honestly you have to 'man up' and get that enclosure and work with your council (who have done the correct thing)
  3. Terrier Dog Show In London (1939)
  4. had a search and found these alternative news sources T https://www.kidspot.com.au/news/petting-zoo-charged-after-goat-dies-at-childs-birthday-party-in-melbourne/news-story/b06f2a20778a8018f7b50ff4c06ae20b scroll down in this one http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6114979/Mobile-petting-zoo-baby-goat-dead-kids-childrens-party.html http://expressdigest.com/mobile-petting-zoo-baby-goat-found-dead-in-front-of-kids-at-a-childrens-party/
  5. Just a bit of silly this morning... From the Chicago Tribune http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/huppke/ct-met-trump-omarosa-dog-racist-huppke-20180815-story.html
  6. From The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/aug/16/my-dog-was-looking-into-my-eyes-as-she-died-the-grief-of-losing-a-pet-is-real My dog was looking into my eyes as she died: the grief of losing a pet is real Marieke Hardy This year’s Melbourne Writers festival has dedicated more than 20 events to animals. Its director Marieke Hardy says it’s natural to mourn our pets Marieke Hardy and her dog Photograph: Marieke Hardy When the tired-looking woman at the animal emergency clinic shuffled into the holding room wearing an apron spattered startlingly with blood, she told me I had a choice. I could submit my dear, doddery 14-year-old Staffy to some major surgery to determine whether the painful spots in her beautiful belly – causing her now sleepless nights and great, whimpering distress – were in fact a cancerous cluster, killing her slowly from the inside. Or I could save her from the ignominy and terror of being sliced open (“at this age, she might not survive it anyway,” the nurse offered helpfully), ease her out of pain and help her to leave this mortal coil. That night in September 2015, under the too-bright lights of the clinic, with a faint chorus of anonymous animal sniffles and howls echoing faintly through the building, I processed The Choice. I duly wept. I held her sore little panting body. I texted friends who had been in parallel situations. I called a woman who worked with rescue animals and thus surrounded (too often) by similar decisions. She told me, in a firm voice, to be brave. “Too many humans reach this stage in an animal’s life where they realise it’s The End and are overcome by a sudden wash of guilt,” she said. “Maybe they travelled too much, worked too much, didn’t spend enough time playing in the park. Then they see the opportunity to prove how much they loved their animal by throwing everything they have at keeping it alive. It’s selfish. Take her home, smile so she doesn’t pick up the depths of your grief, and let her go.” It was the hardest and best gift I’ve ever given. We drove her home, made her comfortable. I smiled and sang to her and a kind, gentle woman came to the house and assisted with the needle. My dog was looking into my eyes as she died and I carried her warm body out to the car before falling into a howling, on-my-knees trance I didn’t emerge from for months. ‘It was the hardest and best gift I’ve ever given.’ When writer Michelle de Kretser said goodbye to her beagle-whippet cross, Minnie, she wrote: “Every death, human or animal, that I’ve witnessed has brought only a crushing sense of loss: an overwhelming, unbearable not-here. Minnie weighed 12.5 kg and she was a world. She featured in one of my books, had a run-on part in another and led me to a third. I can’t imagine walking the streets we knew without her ballast beside me.” Learning how to grieve for a pet – and asking for that space – is something many of us struggle with. To attach too much sentiment to a non-verbal creature is seen to anthropomorphise; to ascribe a familial relationship upon something that would probably have no qualms in eating our corpse were we to go first. And yet, when we are brave enough to acknowledge the emotional impact an animal’s death has upon us, we are free to reach for the symbolism and ritual essential to start letting go. Some of us dig a hole in the backyard, paint a little wooden sign. Keep a tin of ashes on the mantel. Light a candle on the anniversary of Goodbye. We must acknowledge that the death of an animal is indeed the loss of a true love and friend and that our life, of course, will never be the same again. It is the brave and true course and the more we can hold space for those who are suffering silently, afraid of looking foolish, the better we will be together as humans. My symbolism of grief is with me always – I mixed my dog’s ashes in with tattoo ink and had her attached permanently to my forearm. When I see the tattoo, I see her. We remain together in life and death and farewell, as it always should be. Animal and human, friend and family. Love.
  7. Genuine West Highland Terrier

    you could follow on in this wee teuchter's steps https://www.facebook.com/theweewhitedug/
  8. I have been hesitant in posting but will put in my ten bobs worth anyway...whenever I see anything promoted by Pete Evans it is usually a con full of half baked quasi scientific data from an 'institute' somewhere in LaLa land I get so angry that people, including the media, just blindly follow; remember that awful young woman who had cancer then didn't, the one that promoted some diet and was found to be lying, PE reeks of the same self-promotion. It seems the world needs snake-oil salesmen (like Peter Foster) and I have a feeling that PE is another. And... I don't feel much better after posting this rant ps, Pandi-Girl; you can buy 15kg boxes of turkey necks from Naturally Australian Meat and Game at Morningside, you will need to buy a very sturdy mincer though
  9. Ekka dogs info please

    sure did work Bulldog, thank you! 13 Westies and heaps of Staffies and 24 naughty little Fox Terriers but only one Wheaten and one Dandie, no Cesky or Glen of Imaal well... that is so annoying
  10. I am trying to make my mind up if I'll go to the EKKA on Friday 17th (Terrier day) Is there anywhere I can find out the numbers of dogs of each breed exhibited?...I know there are always Westies and Scotties but I'd like to know how many Dandies and I would love to see some Chesky's and Glen of Imaal Terrier. Thanks
  11. How'd this get missed?

    Here Sandgrubber, it does say that it was first posted about 3 hours ago but still a little late http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-02/dog-attack-neerim-junction/10064818
  12. need suggestions please

    Hi Kate, can you contact Troy (the administrator) and ask him to pop your post into General Discussion...more traffic there to be able to answer your questions here is the contact details for Troy https://www.dolforums.com.au/contact/
  13. 361 golden retrievers

    from CBS news SO MANY GOOD BOYS: 361 golden retrievers just gathered in Scotland to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the origin of the breed during the dog days of summer
  14. Hound Show, Carmel, New York

    I have posted this as there are some lovely dogs that are the same breeds that many DOLers own there are more hound photos if you click the Dogs Outside The Ring link Dogs Outside The Ring Feel free to share.