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  1. I am sorry you have lost your Bestie @Camo76 It may sound a little 'off' but as an alternative: wrap him in his favourite blankie and freeze him, then transport him in an esky full of ice so he can travel with you to Qld. If you are moving your furniture and white-goods you could buy another freezer, place him in it and fill with ice and transport him in that, he will remain frozen for a few days.
  2. A fast dog so perhaps 'Hornet': as in FA18 Hornet
  3. It won't happen T, there would be so much backlash from communities. Imagine the flak the Councillors would get
  4. Take your sniping to facebook chaps, there is no room for that sort of nonsense here, it's just poor form.
  5. Is there scammers on Pets4Homes? Pets4Homes is one of the largest classified ad sites in the UK and whilst it does have more security in place compared to some alternative sites, Watchdog has found that scammers are still able to list fake adverts on Pets4Homes. ... Within a few hours the advert was live and potential buyers started to contact the team. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1XpvqrtgtdmG7l9DXFm79N1/puppy-fraud-pets4homes
  6. I remember you posting that the beautiful Miah was no longer with us, you had disappeared for quite some time after, Dogz would have been difficult for you then It's lovely to see you back
  7. for sure SG. puppy is having such fun with the water bowl. perhaps @old_picker can put several round the yard as puppy-fun-games and a bucket of water with the cement idea or just wired to a post or screw one bucket to a post and slip another bucket inside it
  8. i needed to take Henry to his vet this morning for his Synovan injection and asked the nurse if they could get the DD; she had a look at her suppliers and said she could so that's why i checked on-line. I'm glad you could get some
  9. I had a look here @Papillon Kisses and got as far as the checkout so maybe they do have it in stock https://petchemist.com.au/cart.php?suggest=1ab6007a-9a09-413d-9c66-ca02559d6669
  10. Military Working Dogs 5 hrs · “U.S. military dogs being evacuated from Afghanistan on Sunday.” Phillip Walter All MWDs were evacuated with their handlers. No MWDs remain in AFG, and several sources tell us all Contract Working Dogs have been evacuated from the embassy.
  11. @Megan MOrton maybe try this group https://www.facebook.com/willowtreesanctuary/
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