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  1. Supplements

    hahaha, I see what you mean PK, I reckon the testimonial from Alick Beggs of Reedy Creek is in the wrong place, it should be in the farming section not the animal health section http://www.nutri-tech.com.au/animal-health
  2. Supplements

    I bought this product ages back and sometimes use it to give the dogs a boost, I used to give it to Penny and Mac once a week, as they were old so it was probably helpful. You can give it to cats and birds as well. https://shop.nutri-tech.com.au/products/pet-saver
  3. My boy Jasper

    I am so sorry Twodoggies

    Thanks DDD, I only got the last 5 minutes so will watch it here on IView http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/compass
  5. Teeny Tiny Dog Boots

    posted them this morning, Katriona at the PO looked at the address and then MADE it go through the letter-slot-template so it only cost $2 Thank You Katriona-PO-Lady
  6. Teeny Tiny Dog Boots

    Edwin would look really 'Hot Stuff' in those boots! I'll post them off to you...I found your PO box address in my messages The only stipulation is that you will HAVE to post a piccie of Eddie in his new boots
  7. Teeny Tiny Dog Boots

    Yes, thanks RP, I remember who it was now: Powerlegs at SSR, I sent them some tiny doggie-socks a couple of year's ago. Would you like these as well? they would probably fit Edwin http://www.seniorsandsilkies.org.au/pets-for-adoption.html
  8. Would any tiny dog rescue like these? Free to rescue brand new size 1 very light woolly lined velcro fastened They are very tiny little shoes for a very tiny little dog
  9. I can't seem to post the photos so you'll need to click on the link, http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-07/kevin-the-bulldog-inspires-cologne-for-dogs/9123872?section=good-news Print Mail Other share options ABC Sunshine Coast By Kathy Sundstrom Updated Tuesday at 07:02 First posted Tuesday at 07:01 Kevin is the inspiration behind a fragrance his owner and vet Dr Dan Capps is busy keeping up with demand. (Supplied: Dr Dan Capps) There is a new brand of toiletries in town that's going off called Kevin, the Fragrance, and it comes as special macadamia oil shampoo or minty-fresh cologne. Dr Capps created Kevin, the Fragrance, purely as a quirky one-off fundraising product. (Supplied: Dr Dan Capps) Except this new, exclusive range of fragrant product is not for the man or woman in your life, it is for your best friend — your dog. The inspiration behind Kevin is none other than Kevin, a miniature Australian bulldog belonging to Coolum vet Dr Dan Capps. Dr Capps said Kevin was such a little celebrity in his surgery he decided to do for Kevin what other managers did for their famous clients, he created a toiletry range for him. It came with its own pre-release tease promising "the largest announcement" in the history of the practice. And then there was an official press release. "Joining the realm of names of stature such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Armani and Delta, comes a new cologne, a new fragrance, a new definition of class, sophistication and style with the arrival of Kevin," it gushed. The press release even included "a statement from Kevin": Dog cologne created for charity Dr Capps created Kevin, the Fragrance, purely as a quirky one-off product to raise funds for the Wildlife Volunteers Association (WILVOS) on the Sunshine Coast. Kevin was the inspiration for the fragrance created by Sunshine Coast vet Dr Dan Capps. (Supplied: Dr Dan Capps) But he has been so surprised by the demand he has had to make more. "It's gone crazy, it was only supposed to be a one-off, but people keep asking for it. I had some guy come into the surgery at 7:30am just looking for it," he said. Not even the slightly upmarket, trendy price tag seemed to be turning people off. The fragrance cost $15.35 a bottle and the shampoo cost $16.89. There was no hidden meaning in the unusual costings. "We took what it cost to make the product and then added $5 to make some money for WILVOS," Dr Capps said. Kevin was not the kind of celebrity to make a product and not wear it. "Kevin only wears Kevin. Thanks to Kevin, Kevin smells a whole lot better," Dr Capps said. Dr Capps was not aware of any other individualised cologne range for dogs. If Kevin was fazed by the hundreds of adoring new fans attracted to his product range, he was not showing it. Thankfully Kevin, the Fragrance, also came with a disclaimer: "This product does not contain any extract of Kevin, nor smell like Kevin".
  10. Water bowl for bearded dogs

    I bought a Road Refresher bow and it's not too bad, I did trim her beard a little sso between the bow and the trim now her chin is not dripping wet. Thank you all for the recommendations
  11. Staffy itch

    hey Terrace...you have some replies now so would you be able to answer so we can help out
  12. New adult dog - where to start?

    it'd be worth while messaging them and asking. I just had a look on Google maps and it appears that I can go a different way to get there so I may just join up. I have a Westie and a Dandie so they would have great fun I reckon
  13. New adult dog - where to start?

    I see you are in Qld so keep this group in mind after you have trained him on the basics https://www.facebook.com/QueenslandEarthDogs/ I would love to join but travelling nearly two hours to get there including avoiding the idiots on the M1 is just too much, and besides, my lot have very little recall and none at all if there is a rat somewhere near
  14. Roo mince advice please

    I have started them on veal with bone, $44 for 25kg (I am sorry little calves that you have ended up as dog food) and the farts have stopped. I'll keep an eye on Henry's weight to see if it's doing the job of knocking off some of his lard
  15. Staffy itch

    What are you feeding your dog? a list of what he is getting would be most helpful also what flea/tick regime are you using? also is he lying in cool grassy areas? check for paspalum and/or wandering Jew also what shampoo? That should keep you busy for a while, we are here to help but we must have more info also a photo of him is mandatory