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  1. Dogzfevr, that would be Westie Heaven
  2. warning: some footage of dogs dispatching rats in this link
  3. Hello there Ruby's Hooman, regarding Ruby's skin problems, message Amanda at Qld Westie Rescue facebook page https://www.facebook.com/westierescueqld/ or email her here: https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/member.asp?name=REDINBRIN she will advise you on diet (Westies do better on raw) she has had many bad-skin Westies come through that have responded well to her care. Amanda will most likely give you her phone number so you can phone her at a specified time. You could also ask he about your new pup's breeder, she keeps a data-base in her head of the not-so-good ones Good luck, B.
  4. Bark Busters

    Contact Jane Harper: Dogs on Track https://www.dogsontrack.com.au/services.htm she has been recommended on Dogz as well as on Steve Courtney at K-9 professional Dog training http://www.dogsontrack.com.au/test.htm edited to add this from a few years back
  5. Tear jerker boy and pup story

    You need a subscription to read @sandgrubber but it appears to be free here https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Living/year-born-cleft-lip-adopts-puppy-cleft-lip/story?id=72898985
  6. Is it any wonder.......

    deleted as I realised it broke forum rules
  7. Advice beeded

    Hi Jaison, welcome to Dogz and I hope we can help with your predicament. What area of Qld are you from? perhaps some of us can suggest a reputable rescue near your area that you can go and have a chat to...whether to surrender one, or both of your dogs or to suggest options, your situation seems fairly urgent as you both must be exhausted and can't think logically, your little girl is requiring most of your partner's and your time (this is normal) and the added stress isn't good at all for your loved ones and, of course, your dogs. This may be the hardest thing you have ever done but you and your partner must seriously think about surrendering both dogs for your family's well being. Keep in mind that the dogs can't be very happy in their situation either.
  8. Boundary fence is being removed

    perhaps some of these links may help Dividing fences a guide - commerce.wa.gov.au www.commerce.wa.gov.au › sites › files › atoms › files PDF What happens if the fence is damaged by your neighbour? ...11. Special rules for ... Local government laws regarding fences or what is a. 'sufficient fence' will ... Dividing fences | Department of Mines, Industry Regulation ... www.commerce.wa.gov.au › building-and-energy › di... Jul 19, 2019 - The Dividing Fences Act 1961 (the Act) combines with local government by-laws to regulate the erection and maintenance of dividing fences in ... Building Permits Licenses and Approvals | City of Perth www.perth.wa.gov.au › develop › building-permits-lice... The occupancy permit is an important document because it sets out the approved use of the building and its classification under the National Construction Code. Fencing regulations Perth - Suburban Fencing www.suburbanfencing.com.au › fencing-regulations-pe... The Dividing Fences Act 1961 (the Act) combines with local government by-laws to regulate erection and maintenance of dividing fences in Western Australia. P350.07 Fencing and Retaining Walls - Your Say South Perth yoursay.southperth.wa.gov.au › widgets › documents PDF Fence. - Residential. Development. Refer to R-Codes. Appendix 1: ... Requirements for Fencing Design - Primary Streets and Within the Front. Setback Area.
  9. Boundary fence is being removed

    Our son had the same problem when the neighbour at the back wanted a retaining wall and a new fence. One of the Qld laws indicated that if the existing fence is still serviceable the neighbour has to pay all of the new fence, the other says: The general rule to retaining walls is that whoever changed the ground level (or who benefits from it, if the property has changed hands) bears the cost in proportion. If the retaining is caused by a ‘cut’, that person bears the cost. If it’s a ‘cut and fill’, both parties do according to the relative proportions.Next is to be sure as to the height of the retaining wall needed. Retaining walls up to 1 metre high generally don’t require building approval in Queensland, depending on load ratings (check with a builder). Retaining walls 1 metre in height or more require a building approval from your local Council. Then, if it’s on the boundary you’re going to need to negotiate with the neighbour about access. It’s difficult to impossible to build a retaining wall without accessing both sides of it. So do a Google search and find out the rules, visit your council to clarify any questions, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! Our son's neighbour's block was large and backed on to the three neighbouring blocks and she wanted all of them to contribute to costs, eventually she paid for everything herself as she didn't have a leg to stand on despite her trying to bully everyone including a 85y/o woman. So do your research
  10. Welcome Orwin Oakley

    What a lovely squishy pup Cosmolo! Lucky you, bet you are over the moon.
  11. Swimmer puppy?

    have you read the topic in the Breeders forum? it may help
  12. Golden Retriever hard to come by?

    Contact Amanda and Stephen via email, the first thing you need to do is show what you can offer one of their Goldies in the way of training, health/exercise, diet (we are talking raw diet here), your house-yard set-up, members in your family and ages. Email photos of your yard. You need to show that you are the right person to match up with one of their dogs as they do check (as will most other breeders) Your first approach may not bring any joy but keep persevering...as you say it's a waiting game. There are their contact details http://www.geocities.ws/redinbrinkennels/ maybe ask to visit for a chat after this virus has become less threatening. Most caring breeders want the best for their dogs so be prepared to run through the gauntlet!
  13. Wahl KM2 Clipper motor wanted

    Ok, thanks Jemappelle and Scratch, I have emailed them and asked for options in replacing or repairing. I will update when i get a reply
  14. Maybe someone would know where I can buy a Wahl KM2 Clipper motor (or good 2nd hand Wahl KM2) for a reasonable cost The motor in mine only works if it's upside down. Thank you
  15. I am so sorry, a dear little puppy gone much too soon .
  16. Wahl KM2 Clipper motor wanted

    the motor has two tiny plastic clips that hold it together but all the innards are pressed in and though the problem is probably a tiny wire to one side of the motor, which could probably be repaired, putting it all back together may prove problematical.
  17. this came up on the 'Camping with Dogs' FB site so I thought I'd put it here, also a cut and paste below the FB post Marilyn Morgan August 13 at 10:52 AM · Baby Scottie female puppy still missing, presumed stolen from our property in Pemberton WA. Polly is nearly 6 months old and was locked on the verandah with the labrador. I was at home and did not hear any body arrive. Our Labrador always barks at strangers always, always but not people she has met. The other dogs did not bark either. Polly has just disappeared in a 10 minute time frame while I took a call No jokes about Labradors will eat anything. Polly was not wearing her collar as she just had a bath and drying off. If you see her or you see someone with a baby scottie please call me or ask them to call me. With thanks Marilyn 0413196843 Very distressed - please share far and wide Large Reward offered
  18. What Powerlegs said, it could even be the meter reader that sees the dog or some random friend of theirs
  19. I can't cut and paste the article successfully so here's the link. The prices of the dogs are truly OTT! https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/jul/30/hot-dogs-what-soaring-puppy-thefts-tell-us-about-britain-today-dognapping-lockdown
  20. LAST DAY - Rescue Fundraiser $5 tickets

    Oi @Powerlegs does PC have time?
  21. Don't waste your money on an ankle support, unless you know exactly what type of damage is caused you could do more harm than good
  22. Interestingly this exam is the subject of this topic back in 2010 and there seems to be little change
  23. How legit is pups4sale?

    If you just do a simple Google check they seem to be pretty legit @SandyReedsthey do run their own scam stopper which can only be a good thing https://www.pups4sale.com.au/content/scam-stopper.html and a review here https://review.easycounter.com/pups4sale-fraud-report
  24. What to feed puppies

    you made your point in your initial post P-G, just stop nagging...you sound like my mother,...always having to say the last word, this is a dog forum, not facebook. How are your puppies getting on @benitas minis?
  25. What to feed puppies

    yes...that's what I meant Rebanne, what I wrote wasn't clear, I blame that on the day on the mainland dodging runny-nosed idiots at the shops and coughing dirt-bags on the ferry home