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  1. I got one when I took Dandie-Zara to get vaccinated, she was 7 y/o when I got her and the first time at that particular vet I was really chuffed to get a dog passport So, as Mairead said, just ask your vet
  2. That happens with my three as well, bits of red lentil, split peas and un-husked barley, it doesn't worry me as I figure it's fibre and just doing its job, it is the same if they get a carrot treat, the chewed bits come out the next day (akin to throwing money down the toilet I suppose )
  3. Hahaha @Princess Fru Fru it'd be a bit of a shock to the system having those Dandie short legs after a whippet
  4. though I much prefer a terriers so maybe a Sealyham?
  5. what about a Tibbie? https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/mature/tibetan-spaniel.asp
  6. A little off topic but a few years back when I had Penny and Mac there was a woman nearby who decided she'd start an obedience school in the local park, I took P and M as I thought it'd be fun for them and to try to get Mac to be less afraid of walking near/under wire fences or his lead, he screamed out when he was near (I think there may have been electric fence episodes before I got him), She got me in a line and got everyone to walk round and round their sitting dogs so the lead would go over the dogs heads while Mac watched, I then had to join in with Mac, he screamed twice when I walked round him then surprisingly he just ignored the lead afterwards, we did the same to a fluttery piece of string tied between two trees and he went under after all the other dogs did. So repetition of scary things that turn out not to be scary after all seems to work Maybe baby-steps in this direction LMO and another behaviorist may be a good thing. edited to correct spelling
  7. She buggered up the dosage She was too busy to talk to you She was rude in her email reply so... Pfffft to her, do as she says and go to another vet
  8. just putting this out there https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=327285680050049&set=a.132814376163848 POOR OLD AND VERY HANDSOME JAX HAS FOUND HIMSELF NEEDING A LOVING FOREVER HOME AND HE IS AT THE SUNSHINE COAST ANIMAL REFUGE NORTH OF BRISBANE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADOPT JAX, ALL DETAILS ARE BELOW TO CONTACT THE SHELTER - FROM THE SHELTER - Jax - D237362 Male Dog aged 10 years. Meet Jax! This distinguished gentleman is looking for a quieter home for his retirement years. He is a very independant dog with a typical Chow nature, refined and dignified. He will need a home who can help him look after his beautiful coat. If you are interested in meeting Jax please pop into the refuge today! Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge 28 Sippy Creek Rd, Tanawha, 07 5494 5275
  9. try here @sandgrubber https://the-riotact.com/ex-vet-jan-spate-illegally-collected-medications-just-in-case-of-emergency/720082
  10. Glad you are feeling better...cancer is just ghastly. If you and Chase enjoy participating in shows there is the Neuter class, it may be a fun time for you both. There's usually a Best Neuter in Show & Open Neuter in Show so maybe worth thinking about
  11. there's really not much sensitive content so it's safe to click
  12. Hey @mita she must be one tough dog!
  13. I'm not sure if this is allowed but as a Westie-tragic here goes anyway: This little one, Archie, has been missing from his Monaco St (Gold Coast) home since Sunday. Please keep an eye out for him if you live around the GC or even if there is a new adult Westie in your area that has just appeared since Sunday evening. The members on the Westie groups are getting rather concerned about the wee Teucher and another pic
  14. I have used Telfast as a go-to first-aid for itchy skin-Westies, works ok. Apoquel is a god-send for the bad itchies though
  15. I keep thinking about those people who are wondering what awfulness happened to their dogs when they thought they were in good hands, truly awful for them, and, of course, the poor dogs
  16. Yes, thanks Mairead, I saw that in one of the searches, I buy Zara's Glow Groom Tear Stain Remedy from them so will contact them unless someone here can point me to a store that has stock.
  17. Maybe some DOLer knows where I can purchase a large bottle of 1000 tablets of Urimav urinary acidifier tablets 400 mg, I have searched and there seems to be only 100 tablets as an option, I had a few years back bought a large container of 1000 tablets which worked out to be really economical in comparison but now I can't find any on-line store that stocks that size Zara is only 12 y/o so the 1000 tablet option should last her nearly 3 years <---like this but 1000 tablets
  18. Vet and Pet Direct is an Australian supplier, they are excellent to deal with (though other local suppliers are slightly cheaper) they do international shipping so it may be worth while to consider them next time you order, they are also quick to answer any questions. There shipping info is here and the Simparica here I hope this helps a little edited to add that I and checked this supplier who I do buy my Bravecto and Nexgard from and their shipping is: International Shipments Orders shipping to countries other than Australia (International Shipping) will incur an additional $14.95 shipping cost. Their Simparica is here Hopefully you won't incur an import tax so you'd better check that before buying
  19. You could ask your vet about monthly Synovan injections, my old boy did ok on them, check the 'What is Synovan' heading here I give my 12y/o Dandie, Zara, 1tsp Cen Oil daily (I use the horse one as it was given to me) as well as 3/4 tsp of Glucosimine/Chondroitin powder. I have found the most economical is from here I have really noticed an good improvement in Zara's mobility since she has been on the Cen Oil. It has also helped with new hair growth on my 'skin' Westie
  20. Zara has to have 1/2 Urimav tablet morning and night and it's impossible to get the tablet to stay down even when I push it right down into her gizzards (gizzard: medical term for a long long way down her oesophagus lol), she'd just huck it up so I fixed that by dissolving it in a little water and mixing it with her meat and vegie slops...works a treat
  21. https://www.ekka.com.au/canine-streaming/?fbclid=IwAR1UNW0LoDCqTAno7BSE2ZiqpLK75Smb43Vb_JDs5SWaa5UL2WdLKE54DVs and here's the schedule https://online.flippingbook.com/view/589875545/20/
  22. How's life treating you @Adrienne? I hope you and Jilly are well and and fairly happy
  23. Give Cen Oil a go (get the horse one) I use it for Zara, 1 tsp in the morning, she now goes up and down the 17 steps quite happily, it won't harm your dog and it may be beneficial (edited to say that Zara weighs 11--12kg) https://cennutrition.com.au/stockists/ and from the general web search here
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