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  1. It doesn't matter how long they stay with you they always touch your heart though some (or one) just that little bit more; it seems that Shala has done that with you as did Sooty and Danny-the-legend. I love the Pekes, I had thought that they were lap-dog sooks until I watched videos of them doing agility...grand wee dogs! Good luck with the adoption B
  2. can't wait to watch this: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/jan/21/muster-dogs-the-new-australian-reality-show-set-to-charm-the-world https://iview.abc.net.au/video/MP2150H101C00GN1
  3. a little more here in this ABC report https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-17/dog-breeder-accused-of-animal-cruelty-goes-on-trial/100762074
  4. hate to put a damper on the conversation but read the forum guidelines especially #5 here https://www.dolforums.com.au/guidelines/ (it'll all turn to worms otherwise)
  5. Boronia


    I am so sorry WnH, I have just said goodbye to my Henry and the missing-him hole in my heart is just there all the time so I know what you are feeling. They don't live long enough B
  6. It does shave too close to their delicate bits, I just use my normal clippers to about 25mm around their wee willies then very carefully trim the rest back with the blunt-ended scissors like these child's scissors
  7. I am more likely to cut a pad with scissors, even the scissors with the rounded tip, the little Shear magic is a good size to get between the pads. It is called Shear Magic because it shears off the hair pretty close to the skin
  8. That link was after I put them in the 'cart' so that's maybe why it didn't work @giraffez Here they are out of the cart ( Auspost eParcel - Regular Post - $6.40) https://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/shear-magic-rocket-4500-battery-operated-trimmer
  9. these are the ones that I have, I love them for cutting the hair under their paws (between the pads) they are quite robust and have a lot of grunt. I see that Oz Grooming World have them a little cheaper than ebay https://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/_mycart?ts=1640634147396087 They are quite small, not like the normal clippers, the are not as long as a biro and about as fat as a bbq'd sausage, matter of fact they are about the size of the bbq'd sausage because the have no comb/depth-guard you need to be careful where you are clipping as they cut off the hair super-quickly especially when they slip out of your hand and make contact with the dogs leg I haven't explored whether blades are available, maybe they can be sharpened?
  10. it depend what clippers you are buying, with the little-yins I just put in rechargeable batteries, when they get sluggish I take them out and charge them on the plug-in wall charger Now for the slightly tricky stuff: The standard batteries usually add up to be 1.5V (AA's or AAA's) the rechargeable ones you put in (NMH) add up to 1.2V, they work ok but don't quite have the grunt. The normal recharger unit (that you buy from the supermarkets) is usually for NMH* batteries The other option is to use one Lithium battery which is 3.6V, if you do this you must either put a dummy battery in the other slot, that dummy has to be drilled out (it can get hot!) and the ends dimpled so it fits in the slot, the other option for that blank space (where the 2nd battery would sit) is to run a piece of copper wire between the top and bottom terminals to short them out...solder in place. You may need to have a hunt around for a wall charger that is compatible with Lithium batteries, sometimes they are hard to find. if you are buying rechargeable batteries don't get the Aldi ones they are cr#p I bought a Shear Magic clipper ages back and it's excellent for clipping the hair between their pads, it comes in pink! have a search on-line for the best prices The Shaver Shop sometimes has good specials here * Nickel-metal hydride
  11. this may be of interest (though drawing blood from the neck rather than the leg is questionable) https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/dec/24/wellness-for-dogs-why-your-pet-needs-vaccines-but-not-reiki-and-raw-meat
  12. I have old dogs, their vet has made clear to me that if (and probably when) they get cancer there will be no operation. It's made clear that the dog's best interests in putting them through a huge operation for a little more time is the main factor. I think you know the answer as you have posted your question here, just cherish her until you know you must say goodbye
  13. I saw this stuff ages back @fiveplusone maybe worth a go https://silverglide.com.au/product/paw-friction/ also these https://toegrips.com/ https://shop.toegrips.com/products/toegrips <--- oh-ho the shipping is $70+ so let's just forget about the toe grips I just has another search and they are available in Australia with free postage https://www.holisticanimalphysio.com.au/product/toe-grips-sizes-xs-xxl/ here's the sizing chart How to measure your dog’s nails for ToeGrips: Step 1: Wrap a piece of dental floss around the midshaft of the toenail. Step 2:Hold the floss, wrapped around the nail circumference, with one hand. Step 3: Use a Sharpie® to mark across both pieces of floss. This will generate two points. Step 4: Stretch the floss and measure the distance between the two points in millimeters. Step 5: Repeat for all weight-bearing nails on one front and one back paw. Step 6: Based on the range of measurements obtained (not the average), use the chart to select the proper size. Occasionally, a dog may require a combination of two sizes.
  14. maybe something like this, it's 20L https://www.bcf.com.au/p/bcf-bucket-with-lid-20l/561129.html edited to add that this looks good though you'd need to buy the lid separately https://www.nisbets.com.au/vogue-white-round-container-bin/gg792 lid here and NSW stores here
  15. sorry Perse, I meant my signature-photo at the bottom of my posts
  16. I remember my Penny (my first Westie) every time I bring the groceries inside; she would have all of the items pulled out of the bags and checked before I had bought in the next load from the car, she could undo the zip on the cooler bag to get to the chicken. The best rat-catcher ever. She is the middle dog my photo below
  17. on the Queensland Lost Pet Register Inc there are always posts about found dogs that have been taken to the vet (to check for a microchip and so they are safe) the poster will say what vet surgery the dog is at or failing that the vet surgery posts a piccie of the 'found' dog with instructions that proof of ownership required before collection. So yes, taking the dog to a vet is an excellent plan
  18. @giraffez we have a Qld Lost Pet register here and I see there's one in NSW, if you can take a photo of the dog with a 'Sighting' title the admins should post it fairly quickly. The other option is that there is usually a community page on FB for your area so you can post there as well https://www.facebook.com/nswlostpetregister
  19. Yes @Deeds there are the same tree dogs with their owners at our local park, their dogs are crackers. they 'own' the park each morning
  20. Auditor-General slams failure to oversee RSPCA Queensland https://inqld.com.au/news/2021/11/30/auditor-general-slams-failure-to-oversee-rspca-queensland/ The State Government department in charge of overseeing the RSPCA’s operations had not been proactive or effective in its oversight of the animal welfare body, a critical Auditor-General’s report has found. Cindy Wockner Photo: Berkay Gumusten/Unsplash Tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, the 33-page report details a lack of accountability, a failure to establish codes of practice for the animal types the RSPCA Queensland regulates, no structured processes for complaints about inspectors and no conflict of interest procedures. The report is also critical of the fact there is no transparent process in place for approval of fees for animal care paid by owners whose animals have been seized. The Auditor-General’s report comes on the back of recent claims where the Queensland RSPCA was accused of targeting certain pet shops and breeders, charging exorbitant fees for animal care and telling anyone who complains about them to “take it to court”. Those claims were included in a dossier of allegations, compiled by State MP Robbie Katter, after his office received a litany of complaints. The document was handed to the State Government for action but they are not part of the Auditor-General’s probe. Katter highlighted one case where a man’s dog was with the RSPCA for seven months and the cost of care and board was $42,000. The audit office was asked, in July 2020, to conduct an audit on the delivery of animal welfare services and the enforcement of the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 and the Animal Care and Protection Regulation 2012. The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and the RSPCA Queensland deliver animal welfare services. The report found that the department’s engagement with RSPCA needs improvement and that the department had not been proactive in overseeing and supporting the RSPCA in exercising its powers. Frameworks should be strengthened to give the department better oversight of RSPCA inspectors and ensure enforcement approaches are consistent across the State. The report makes the point that under the act, RSPCA inspectors are not accountable to the department and are appointed without conditions for an indefinite term. There is also criticism of the fact there is no monitoring of the animal welfare body’s process for prioritising animal welfare complaints to ensure they align with guidelines. “The department has not established compulsory and/or voluntary codes of practice for most of the animal types that RSPCA Queensland regulates – this introduces subjectivity in interpreting compliance requirements,” the report notes. There is also no structured process to share information on complaints about RSPCA inspectors or outcomes of complaints. In addition, there is criticism of the fact that the department has no oversight of the provision for handling conflicts of interest. Related Story Dog's $42,000 kennel bill: RSPCA accused of bullying tactics Cindy Wockner Tuesday, November 16 RSPCA relies largely on donations and sponsors to fund the investigation and prosecution activities. For the last financial year inspector expenses were $4.6 million, of which the department contributed $500,000. “The department has not required RSPCA Queensland to report on how it is managing its conflicts of interest in light of its reliance on funding sources outside of the department’s contribution.” In relation to fees, the report notes that there is no requirement in the regulations for the department to approve a schedule of reasonable fees or to make them publicly available. “The department has not ensured a transparent process is in place for approving a schedule of recovery costs, their escalation rates or oversee their use as part of negotiated outcomes.” The Auditor-General recommends that the legislation be amended and require a fee schedule for reasonable cost recovery be approved and made public and that there be oversight of inspector recommendations for prosecutions. The report also recommends that the department step up its oversight of the RSPCA and actively monitor the outcome of complaints and about investigations and inspectors.
  21. I don't have any solution @Maccer but I am wondering if he's back to normal now I hope so and... it's mandatory on these forums that you post some piccies of the little guy
  22. I agree with what @tdierikx says, I do understand the hell that you are going through as I am one (there are quite a few Dolers here that also do this) of those people that gives a home to older dogs so my time with them is limited, we all must remember that we can't fix old age Your vet has obviously helped but now is the time just to spend time with your little dog and prepare yourself mentally into saying goodbye soon. this is what one of the Dolers wrote about about Bonnie, her little Scottish Terrier that only spent a few months with her Bonnie's time is near. We'll be making the appointment today. She is an amazing dog and has sparked a love of Scotties in me. But she is winding down like an old clock. I promised her when she was diagnosed with cancer that I wouldn't let her be sad. It's time to fulfil that promise even though it hurts so much. So Yes, it hurts, but we do it for the dog
  23. Mix some pineapple with her food LG, it's supposed to work on stopping poo eating
  24. the symptoms remind me of an episode of The Bionic vet...the dog had corns! Here is a little about it http://www.thesupervet.com/lola/
  25. Hi Janiey, welcome to Dogz I wrote this post in another topic but it may help your search, I have changed some of the info to Victoria (it was Qld), it was about a poodle pup, I have just left that in because the info pertains to all registered dogs Posted October 6 perhaps it may pay to wait until a fully registered poodle comes available, it seems you are having second thoughts with this breeder so well done you! Check when the local dog shows are on and go and have a chat to the exhibitors (when they are not busy that is) You can find the details here https://www.dogzonline.com.au/event-diary/list.asp?state=VIC You will find that as it gets nearer to the show date this little symbol will appear next to the listing, click on it and you can check how many Poodles will be there. pick the shows that have these symbols next to them
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