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  1. Just send me a message with the topic title if you know it. If it is no longer visible, it would probably have been deleted for some reason.
  2. Yes all the listings have now been removed.
  3. Thanks ... yes I am aware of it and am following up.
  4. There is now a 'Remove Topic' button at the top of the topic when you view it. This removes the topic from being displayed. The button is shown only for the person who originally posted the topic. The 'Past Rescues' forum will be eventually removed.
  5. Check your email address is still valid. If the forum gets bounced emails from emails that are sent, it automatically turns off future email notifications for your membership.
  6. You can start one in this forum if you like and I will then move it across. Access to create new topics was removed to stop people starting multiple topics for one breed.
  7. Above copied from another topic entitled 'Info Needed - Blue Stafford Health
  8. Troy


    Schipperke See Photos of the Schipperke If you wish to contribute to the knowledge about this breed, please answer the above questions. (Copy and paste them into a new post). Please only answer if you breed or own a pedigree example of this breed. You do not have to answer all questions Please keep posts limited to answering questions or for asking further questions if you require more (or expanded) information. See Photos of the Schipperke Schipperke Hound Breeders Schipperke Puppies For Sale
  9. NZ is still active but the UK one is basically dead in the water.
  10. Yes that is correct. It will only ask for the numbers for 'in Group' and 'in Show' wins.
  11. Unfortunately with a catalogue that contains multiple shows like you have, you will need to physically count the number of entries for the particular day. What is the name of the show where you do not have the total? (we may have it here).
  12. http://www.showmanager.com.au It is linked from our events diary where the event is still open for entries.
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