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  1. Just send me a message with the topic title if you know it. If it is no longer visible, it would probably have been deleted for some reason.
  2. Yes all the listings have now been removed.
  3. Thanks ... yes I am aware of it and am following up.
  4. There is now a 'Remove Topic' button at the top of the topic when you view it. This removes the topic from being displayed. The button is shown only for the person who originally posted the topic. The 'Past Rescues' forum will be eventually removed.
  5. Check your email address is still valid. If the forum gets bounced emails from emails that are sent, it automatically turns off future email notifications for your membership.
  6. You can start one in this forum if you like and I will then move it across. Access to create new topics was removed to stop people starting multiple topics for one breed.
  7. Above copied from another topic entitled 'Info Needed - Blue Stafford Health
  8. Troy


    Schipperke See Photos of the Schipperke If you wish to contribute to the knowledge about this breed, please answer the above questions. (Copy and paste them into a new post). Please only answer if you breed or own a pedigree example of this breed. You do not have to answer all questions Please keep posts limited to answering questions or for asking further questions if you require more (or expanded) information. See Photos of the Schipperke Schipperke Hound Breeders Schipperke Puppies For Sale
  9. NZ is still active but the UK one is basically dead in the water.
  10. Yes that is correct. It will only ask for the numbers for 'in Group' and 'in Show' wins.
  11. Unfortunately with a catalogue that contains multiple shows like you have, you will need to physically count the number of entries for the particular day. What is the name of the show where you do not have the total? (we may have it here).
  12. http://www.showmanager.com.au It is linked from our events diary where the event is still open for entries.
  13. Glad you like it. I would love to take credit for Show Manager but it is not our site. We are however working together as we feel our sites complement each other nicely.
  14. It is annoying not knowing exactly who it is. Private registrations of domains shouldn't be permitted. The site is hosted in Australia.
  15. Can you confirm that the ABN number above was displayed on their web site? I want to make sure that this is the same people and not another business with the same name (and hence has nothing to do with the web site).
  16. We have received reports of an email being sent to our users requesting their username and password for verification or their listing will be removed. THIS IS A SCAM! We did not send this. If you replied to the email with your access details, please immediately contact us at [email protected] so that we can reset your password. We will never request your access details via unsolicited emails.
  17. Yes, I am wanting to do this. I will be creating an article library and links will be prominent from various sections of the site (including the puppy buying page). 'Before you buy your puppy, read this etc.' At the moment my site does not have a lot of information and I want to change this. I will wanting to give as much information as possible to visitors to help their decision. From breed information, benefits of health testing, ANKC activities they can do etc to give people good reasons to buy pure bred dogs and restore the image they deserve.
  18. You are still pushing that barrow ..... if I have said that, I apologise. Please point it out so I can amend it as that is not my intention. http://www.dogzonline.com.au/puppy-ads.asp I said recognition will be given to people who participate in ANKC activities.
  19. This is why I want the clubs to supply information to assist the buyer. What is each test, what is an 'acceptable' result and why the test is done. Give information to the average person that is easy to understand.
  20. You seem to keep banging that drum .... as I stated before, please show me where I stated that you need to show to be able to advertise on the site?
  21. Thanks for the feedback so far. I think however some people are blowing things way out of proportion and are thinking I am immediately going to remove everyone who doesn't show etc. There has also been ridiculous scaremongering comments on facebook that the ANKC need to be wary of Dogz Online as it has too much power and will soon start it's own registry and wipe the ANKC out of existence. Please highlight in the proposal where I say if you do not show, you cannot advertise? I do realise that the public needs to be able to easily buy pure bred puppies and this is one of the main reasons why I have resisted doing anything before now and never have had any restrictions on who could advertise. Despite constantly getting emails over the years complaining that I need to only allow 'show breeders etc' on the site, I have always known that these breeders do not always have a litter available (and what's more, this is no guarantee of a good breeder). If it comes to the point where DOL never has any puppies available for a breed, it does no-one any good long term. If visitors abandon the site, it will be no use when a 'show' breeder need to advertise a litter. Comments saying I will contribute to wiping out pure bred dogs are again, just scaremongering. Over the thousands of breeders that are listed on the site, I would say there would only be a very, very small percentage that could possibly be removed. As for leaving ourselves open to complaints, we already gets complaints daily so I can't see any change there. It doesn't mean we remove the breeder. We give more value to complaints from puppy buyers rather than other breeders as we want the puppy buyer to have a good experience. One complaint from a puppy buyer doesn't mean they will be removed either. If we get multiple complaints however then we know there is an issue. My aim to to give as much information as possible to the puppy buyer so they can make an informed choice. In the proposal, I say 'recognition' will be given to breeders who do some form of activity. Recognition could mean anything as basic as a symbol on the listing. This is for the benefit of the puppy buyer. As for comments about us policing breeders and more regulations etc, we are not a regulatory body, we are an private advertising site and like most businesses, we have 'terms and conditions' for the use of that business. If people do not like what we have planned, they simply don't need to use our site. They can then still breed how they like and how many litters they like and there are multiple other places where they can easily advertise. We realise that we will lose some members. I have taken on board the concerns about listing the sire and dam and will consider that further. The reason given of the owner of the sire not wanting the others know that the sire has been used doesn't seem to make sense though if the litter is going to be published in the journal eventually and they will find out anyway. As for listing of health testing done, it will encourage breeders to do the appropriate testing and raise the standards for pure bred dogs overall. When buyers know that breeders are doing everything possible to ensure their puppy will be as healthy as possible, I see that as a good thing. Putting a limit on the number of ads is also a good thing and gives more equitable use of our site to the breeders who breed one litter a year and a breeder who breeds 10 litter a year.
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