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  1. Question for moderator

    Thanks, but that wasn't the post.
  2. Question for moderator

    Could one of the moderators please contact me. I have a question about a post that seems to have disappeared and I haven't been able to find who to contact to ask what happened to it. There is a 'contact us' button at the bottom but I don't know if that would be the appropriate way to ask or not.
  3. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    I got my Embark results this morning: 22.5% Miniature Bull Terrier 18.1% Great Dane 14.9% Boxer 13.1% Mastiff 12.3% Irish Wolfhound 10.8% Bullmastiff 8.3% Supermutt! Unfortunately he passed on before we got the results. I've been struggling with his loss and although we loved him irrespective of his breed mix it is nice to have got the news that he really was a great dane mix.
  4. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    Just don't read the comments.
  5. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    As an ex rescue it's impossible to know for certain what was in him but he was listed as a Great Dane cross and he definitely appeared to be a cross with one and when I started to read up about the breed he shared a lot of personality characteristics with one. I just find it hard to believe there isn't some in there. Kind of like when a person has a black and a white twin without knowing that there was a long lost relative who was white/black. Yesterday I ordered the Embark test. I probably won't get that until early next year now that Christmas is so close, and then the weeks waiting for results. I'm attaching a pic of him in his prime, very soon after he was adopted. He's very clearly not a 'real' Dane but he just has to have some in there. From certain angles and with certain facial expressions he is strikingly like a Dane. Other angles and expressions, not so much though.
  6. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    I made a typo alright but not with the 13. We adopted him on 17 Feb 2007, so he's been with us just short of 11 years. He was a fully grown adult when we adopted him time. I know very large breeds don't tend to live very long but he's not huge, roughly 3/4 the size of a proper Dane I feel very blessed to have had him so long and part of my wondering what else was in him was finding the explanation for him living so long, that there had to be a much longer living breed in the mix. He is very grey these days, and can only do short walks, but he still has that special something that made me fall in love with him the moment I saw him. He has the most gentle, loving, happy nature but not terribly bright. For some reason I find that very endearing.
  7. I recently had my dog DNA tested through the Orivet kit. I was only sure of one breed in his mix and had no clue what the others could be. Turned out that one breed I was sure of wasn't identified but almost 40% came back as mixed breed unidentified. I was absolutely certain he was a Great Dane cross and it's thanks to him that I've fallen in love with the breed, but apparently he doesn't even have that as part of his mix. Instead he has Mastiff, Bull Terrier, Boxer and Irish Wolfhound, but the majority of his breed mix is unknown. Are there other tests that are more reliable than this one? I don't need any genetic testing to uncover possible health problems because he's already at least 13yo, probably more (we got him Feb 2017 and he was already an adult, estimated to be 2yo).