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  1. 52/2018

    Well I did til you explained, the preening looked bitey/pushy. Interesting - the crested doves use a nursery tree also, a spreading very old apricot tree - also never use it to nest or roost, just take the kidlets there for the daytime after leaving the nest. Likewise corellas drop the babies off in our gums at the front, disappear all day then pick them up to take home wherever to roost.
  2. 52/2018

    Special film. I feel deprived that we don't have Apostle Birds here, never seen them. And aren't they hard on one another from the start - it's like toughen up kid, this is the real world.
  3. 52/2018

    The geese live in a little fenced orchard, and the magpies are always on watch for food scraps, eggs that they find before I do, and especially any chickens or goslings in the open. It's good parent geese are vigilant and protective - but they can't defend against eagles. And the funny thing is that magpies hate eagles so generally chase them off: if only they didn't return to orchard-watching. (Edit to add: Nashi Pears just starting to flower). 35/52
  4. 52/2018

    The White Chinese geese hatched sixteen goslings. Quite a lovely surprise as they were co-nesting and squabbling over 22 eggs, so it's a wonder any hatched. Now if they can just stay safe from foxes, magpies, crows and eagles while they are growing up I'll be happy-as. 34/52

    And mind your eyes with jack-in-the-box, spring loaded, even just leverage powered ball throwing. Aldis had a power ball thrower maybe something like the petstock link - it was for ball games with a small baseball bat. Force and direction a bit hit and miss but it was a softer ball.
  6. 52/2018

    You little ripper!!
  7. 52/2018

    Waiting waiting Scottsmum, where are you now, home again? I've seen a few rabbits out the window, so will rug up/go out and see if I can get a bunny to sit up and look at the birdy.
  8. 52/2018

    Amazing blue sky Persephone, maybe not what we want all day, but super colour. Been so cold here, dragons and snakes haven't ventured out yet.
  9. 52/2018

    Early morning, galahs have a drink at the dam before they go find someone's newly sown wheatfield to play in. (Hey getting there, only 4 weeks behind). 33/52

    Mulling it over in a "what would I do" sort of way, started to wonder why it is at this stage a need for her to go, or be taken, for walks. Given the walkies purpose aside from mild exercise is a boredom-buster, enrichment, socialising experience. If Gypsy has always been an outside dog, isn't just the challenge/experience/enrichment of learning "inside" as good as a walk from her doggie viewpoint? I'm not saying maintain her indoors for a lifetime, but for now it seems to offer enough of new experiences and learning curves to keep her happy and secure without being bored witless for the time being. If she was happy to meet the dog-washer and accept a bath from a stranger, she doesn't sound needy to get out and about just now to meet people.
  11. Doesn't sound like dementia - there are usually earlier signs hard to miss - spaced out, dislike crossing threshholds, any un-usual behaviour not part of sight and/or hearing fading. I agree it's basically a family emotional issue as you say, might be a pain management need - along with general management. And I don't like the age of parents made a part of the problem, with the crate being ditched long ago it sounds like they have always had their fixed ideas, nothing to do with age. (I'm in my late seventies, and get snotty when people, anyone, plays the 'age card' - it's no reason or excuse for being inflexible or bloody minded - people are what they are). Hope you can sort it with least stress all round Natashja, glad you thought of Steve right away.
  12. 52/2018

    Must be Springtime 3a and 3b - magpie decides only 18 gauge wire suits nest building. Dozen matta it's attached to a roll of wire, gotta have it. 32/52
  13. 52/2018

    Must be Springtime No. 2 - hormone driven Toulouse goose stirs himself into a rage before defensively attacking everything within reach. (Sweet as pie for the rest of the year). 31/52
  14. 52/2018

    Must be Springtime - the swallows have returned and raised their first chicks - had to rebuild their mud nests on the silo as a hawk wrecked them looking for a meal.
  15. I don't have a problem with the planned crossbreds asking and getting higher prices than registered purebreds do. If they were cheaper the demand would be higher and there would be more of them. If the public can buy a purebred for a lower price, surely that's to the advantage of everyone of us wishing to promote breeding and ownership of purebreds. But I do not like to read or hear the term "mongrel" - it is used to insult or degrade a dog which is not responsible - at least save the cheap insults for where the blame lies.