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  1. Perses' Pups

    And the goats are stunning, love the two tri-colour ones, have to be full brothers or father-son. Just beautiful.
  2. Perses' Pups

    Attention seeking. Works and he knows it.
  3. Not wrong sg. The chicken of apathy is coming home to roost.
  4. Can mosquitos make a dog itchy.

    Are you sure they are mozzies? I have a severe allergy to sandfly bites - the tiny black ones that can appear in clouds of thousands of an evening when temperature/humidity are right for them. Just one of the ponies is also allergic to them and comes out in awful lumps like hives all over. (Yet most other people/animals don't even feel them biting).
  5. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Here's and add-on. I don't know whether they are wrecked (yet) but OH shore one of the ewes with them. She needed crutching, was getting a bit overgrown around the rear, so a risk of fly-strike. He found they coped with that, so continued and did a full shear. i'd say they have now well paid for themselves. But someone on a fb group said they had used the Kmart pet clippers to do a full shear of a llama - so I'll see how they go with an alpaca this weekend.
  6. I'd be all conservative after what he/you went through and stick to the roast chicken meat and rice. (And not/not minced frames: I'd totally run a mile from anything with bones it it, minced or in any other way). Add some vitamin/mineral supplement like Anitone rather than extra food-types of this or that. If he does good on the chicken/rice I'd be very "if it's not broke, don't fix it". If he likes the pumpkin - butternut or any kind - cook some with you meal, and serve onto your plate. Then give it to him. He'll think he's being given people-food, great joy.
  7. The Claytons 52/2019

    Not terrible - the colour of the light is beautiful (despite the stinking hot dusty reason for it). Plus it's an unusual behaviour documented.
  8. Maremma puppy

    That's so disappointing @Shar290 - and such a usual story. Are you on facebook, there are some Maremma groups that offer some advice and support for new owners. That is the reason we don't consider a Maremma for our own poultry and foxes continual saga - so many people start a young one off, and they end up fantastic. But the bit inbetween seems like the 'terrible twos' that some/most toddlers go through. One friend lost over 100 chickens in a night when the 18 month guard dog went on a spree. Another's dogs are wonderful with general poultry but always hunt and kill the Guinea Fowl. I can only agree with Asal about not leaving a pup alone in a situation where it is free to carry through with a bad decision - setting up for failure. 3-4 months is still really a baby - maybe don't give the chickens any free range time until she is a few months older and steadier. Good luck with her - and a photo or two of the new pup here is pretty much mandatory, as well as her name.
  9. Advice needed re dog's stools

    The pumpkin sounds good for them - I was thinking of adding coconut yoghurt as it is dairy free - any reason not to that I haven't thought of?
  10. A word of caution: lamb neck bones

    I don't think the benefits are worth it - I try to minimise any risk for Rheneas. He no longer has bones in any form. I don't believe any deficiency the lack of them might cause makes a blind bit of difference for a very old doggie, and why chance the sooner or later pain in the digestive process once it cannot cope?
  11. A new perspective on dogs

    Tks both, interesting - the dogs fairly predictable, I guess we all see our dogs rolling on their backs with goof expressions and four paws up. No surprises there. But the horses were more of a first, their very expressive faces and emotions less often seen from that angle.
  12. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    The $37 Kmart cordless clippers did a good all over clip on Rheneas. It was maybe a bit close, but in 10 days or so his coat is re-growing and looks okay. Timing was good to save him from coping with the heat-wave in full coat.

    Coffeesplurt. Like, they'd change anything?
  14. Looking for non-standard size dog crate

    Puppy Bars are good, in FTG Vic. But if you google welder handyman canberra (or wherever nearest large town) you'd find one of those no-job-too-small people, even some in the Grey Army franchise are very reasonable if it's just an angle grinder and re-weld job.
  15. The Claytons 52/2019

    Spicks and specks of colour are always good. Who had rain where it hasn't been seen for yonks? We just had a quick storm of 10 mil. Haven't had fires here, but the smell of wet ashes in the air from the smoke is amazing.