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  1. Maybe it's a flickr thing - I tried copy and paste url but it only put me onto flickr front page, not your image.
  2. Such good new LmO - gives us all a little boost on a difficult day for many.
  3. It does sound like something of the Woodle about it - appeal to a niche market who are seeking what exactly? Like the cross becoming available between Anatolian Sheps and St Bernards - the temperament intention is to soften the Ana's attitude while ramping up the St B's guarding ability. Great looking pups, but neither the temperament nor suitability for livestock guardian jobs are givens. I think there would be more risk again with the Husky/Alsatian cross - such different trainability likelihoods, why would you? Edit add: googled and they are quite lovely looker
  4. Yes! And so are you LmO. We're all following her improvement with crossed fingers and lots of hope.
  5. @grizabella - same here. (Smugmug does this to me sometimes, have to to back to the link to work out how to embed with or without thumbnail or text only, or to move image from private galleries or whatever).
  6. So sorry @SarahsMum, Sari was one of the special DoL dogs, we share your grief and pain of loss.
  7. My pens are secure but the catch for me is when a group are out for a day's green-pick there's often one or more decides to sleep up on the shed roof or in a tree - they are difficult to field for 'closing time' at times, depends on breed and numbers etc. - and an easy pick for foxes. The monster wolf does crack me up a bit: so many people closer to town being dobbed to Council for roosters crowing - wonder how the crazed wolf would go down with anti-livestock neighbours. Wouldn't work for long with animals really I don't think, short term benefit certainly not proportionate to what the cost
  8. Tks Boronia. It would likely be more effective than our movement-sensor fox lights near the chook pens. Foxes just say oh thank you for leaving a light on for us. (Why else would I be up at 2.00 am, rhetoric). But would probably cost a tad more, and might traumatise the neighbour's children. Probably doesn't cheer up Japanese kiddies either, but I guess better than a bear in the garden.
  9. We've kind of lost the huge Akubra production that once was. How did they harvest fur from rabbits for the hat-felt industry? Must have been mechanised for the millions used. If there was a good viable value-added industry besides low-value pet food for rabbits it might reduce their numbers here in the same way as NZ/possums.
  10. So sorry tdierikx, if only love and the best care were enough to keep them going.
  11. I thought that was odd. Guess processing is just nice-speak for slaughter as usual, but plucking??? The fur out? Wouldn't they just skin them for dog food - or is 'plucking' how they get the possum fur used in knitting wools and fabric. Creswick Mills in Vic sell beautiful soft skeins made from possum spun with merino etc, all the possum content is imported from NZ as native protected species here. Despite Ghandi's dim view of countries that commercialise their own (or any) wildlife, kangaroo features muchly in dog food - if possum meat was imported I bet it would attract a pet food buying
  12. When I was a little kid (was an early reader) used to get three books fortnightly from Melbourne Library, you'd read the books, send them back on the train, and order the three books for the next fortnight. The train station would phone when the parcel arrived, and it was an hours walk to pick up the books from there. Recall one book was called something like "Ten Animal Stories from England and Abroad". One chapter-story was the life of a kitchen dog, harrowing stuff about kitchen staff forgetting to change the dogs over and a dog having to run for double-shifts, about the fires too hot and
  13. They're beautiful - we'd like a baby pig or two but realistically I know I couldn't cope with them as adult pigs in general management.
  14. Similar to Basenjis - they are also Primitives - and do not bark. It is generally called yodelling but has a wide range of tone and volume.
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