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  1. 52/2018

    Oh yes. Beautiful to the eyelashes, lovely shots.
  2. Elbie, Hoover, Dodge & Friends!

    Welcome home, happy birthday, love your work, smaller gaps between would be better, and as the last of the '56 rockers do love Dodge's channelling.
  3. Perses' Pups

    I do love Smoke, could have been in the movies, has the look. But Dagwood is a sweety.
  4. 52/2018

    So good to see George back (and you Scottsmum). Bunny of the Day - waiting for the rain 46/52 Another white Moon in a blue sky, 2 days ago 47/52 Driving home last night, missed the lightning bolts, still a spectacular sky to see 48/52
  5. 52/2018

    We all here, just need kickstarting or rebooting or something like. Gorgeous wagtail, and love its perch: which for one moment I was "what the hell have you done to Rudolph??" Been over time-outed here, hand was too iffy to use camera, stitches out now and all good, well acceptable anyway. Some nice chicks hatching, must immortalise them here before they go from cute to ummm less than cute in the gangly awkward months. Your double rainbow would be hard to beat, lots of atmosphere there.
  6. K9 Security Photo

    Nice shot Gane - is there any background explanation or information to go with it?
  7. Pawshake Dog Sitting?

    Pet-care with most of these franchise type outfits is a gamble. It's underpaid work and does not attract people who could do anything 'better' like run their own business. It is comparable with letter-box-dropping which brings in new droppers til they realise they are working hard to earn less than pin-money and resort to dropping their pamphlets in a waste bin and claiming to have delivered them. It is a flawed system and brings out the worst in people (in both cases) because it is a classic churn and burn business like telemarketing - throw them out and get new ones when they can't make their quotas. Why are pet owners fixated on using these franchises when there are good pet sitters working solo who take a pride in doing a good job to build up a regular customer base for their own business?
  8. 52/2018

    She's beautiful, so is the background: the feral cats ate all our wrens, I was totally devastated: and our feral/pet lambs ate all my lavender, not amused on that one either. (Only a few roses survived the lamb attacks, the yellow one isn't perfumed, old-ish though, around 20 years we're told). Put a clutch of newly hatched chicks in the brooder today, these were incubated - not hatched under a hen. Nice breed, Vorwerks, they are fairly new to Australia not a lot of them around yet. 44/52 45/52
  9. 52/2018

    It's all quiet here isn't it, spooky, where is everybody? All of us busy coping with life: I hadn't even noticed the roses appearing til this one near the door hit me in the face. 42/52 and driving home yesterday afternoon stopped to look at this group, there were about 30. Bit embarrassed that the ute has a jammed side-window button, so this was through a super-dirty car window (with a touch of anti blobs and blurs magic from Photoshop). 43/52
  10. Snake aversion training

    Not being dismissive of risks or commonsense avoidance of them - but many more dogs get injured or killed out of doors than indoors when alone (without making the news the way housefires do). Sometimes it's less stressful to just not cross the bridges til we come to them.
  11. Snake aversion training

    There have been a few threads on this topic - maybe about a year ago - they should come up using the search button with a bit of patience. I think they talked about where and when training would be, compared methods and whether it was all legit (or not) and benefits using real de-fanged or whatever snakes or just rubber snakes. I can't see it being much use unless the owner were there anyway to recall the dog - something like taller bench-surfing dogs won't check out the kitchen bench tops while owner is home, but home alone the rules are put aside.
  12. Ratting with terriers. Which terrier is top

    We always have a rat population visiting from the silos, I so dislike everything about them. Can't get another dog while we have Rheneas, he couldn't cope and I wouldn't cause him any stress at his age. Two Jack Russels would be my choice, seen it work well. But not same sex, and not puppies - I'd like dogs that are already proven ratters. Imagine getting terriers for the job, watching them chase rabbits then saying as they ignore the hay shed "Meh, we don't do rats, only rabbits". (Cats are effective but generally good hunters also target native birds, so not even considering that option).
  13. 52/2018

    Rose: Stupid chain is off, stupid gate still won't open. Harley get Arnold here, he knows stuff. 40/52 Arnold: The blue stuff is holding it, I can't reach it. 41/52 Rose then has a tantrum: WILLSOMEONEOPENTHISBLOODYGATE!
  14. 52/2018

    Like Grizabella's Attila, tiny Rose has so much attitude, it's her world and she is the boss of everybody. Two young alpaca crias a bit nonplussed as she explains this to them. 39/52
  15. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    Rheneas is part-Pom, he has lost 2.5kg probably a bit quick since his near-death vestibular episodes. I'm feeding the same, just keeping him in the house except for short walks plus toilet breaks. So he isn't snacking and grazing on goose, chook, pony and sheep poo (not to mention his own) which had become an obsession habit in old age. And no unseen forays into a feed shed hoping to find a wheat or pellets bin open. Difficult for both of us as he was an inside-outside dog at will. Just difficult to manage overweight ageing dogs whatever the circumstances: friend has an obese choc lab that is like a beachball with feet, she is beside herself trying to normalise it - the dog is a confirmed sheep chaser so also has to be confined, gets insufficient exercise and is a food frantic. I suppose recognising the tendency before it escalates is the trick, and thinking/acting sooner than we do.