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  1. The Claytons 52/2019

    So love Pudden. No, no grass, (that didn't last long). But a dust-roll must feel good, ginger cat likes edgey tractor tracks for a back massage, grey cat not impressed.
  2. The Claytons 52/2019

    More cat woes - yet another feral has moved in to call the car-port home. He was calling on the previous stray, I think she has a de-sexing tattoo - but this boy is all battle-scars and male hormones. Will try to trap him and take to vet, get desexed and whatever shots - I'd like them to go back to their old homes but obviously that's not in their plans
  3. The Claytons 52/2019

    Not many bees around this spring, it's been mostly too cold and windy. There were just a few around the pear trees, would be hundreds in better weather.
  4. Bunnies...

    With rabbits, I only see adults at the local farm-pet-pat marquees at shows etc. I think baby rabbits are a bit fragile to be over-handled. I know the owner of one does a lot of farm animal rescue, and on-sells lambs etc to good homes to help fund the rescue work. Can't speak for all of them, but those I have personal knowledge of are ethical and re-home their animals - a couple of our lot came to us this way - from a drought property and via a 'petting nursery'.
  5. Elbie, Hoover, Dodge & Friends!

    Expressive little faces - did they have the desired effect?
  6. Urinary tract infection

    I don't use it, but do have friends who do - and for quite everything, people and all animals. Especially poultry, they say colloidal silver is better than giving them antibiotics for all the usual chook infections. Don't know why I'm hesitant, just the feeling that heavy metals are not good unless under professional advice. (As if the mainstream treatments have never caused any massive problems, reactions etc). Not hijacking thread Rascal, but @persephone can you recall how you treated for mastitis, method, quantity, time-period, how bad it had been, results, all that.
  7. The Claytons 52/2019

    Not wrong on the colour or lack of it - I did nothing for about six months or so, it was depressing enough just looking at it without creating reminders. That's lovely that your animals share nicely with the visitors, mine tend to carry on like selfish little brats. That young euro is a gem, gorgeous attitude.
  8. Urinary tract infection

    Poor baby - sounds the same only different as lambs when they have turned in eylids - so the pain is severe with the eye-lashes rubbing on the "inside" as well as infection usually being part of the deal. Lambs often relatively easily fixed with anti-biotics, pain relief when appropriate, eye ointment and sometimes very minor surgery to correct. Treatment is sometimes an antibiotic injection into the eyelid, this makes it puff up a fraction, enough to correct it outwards. Hope the vet will fix Abby's issue with least difficulty and best outcome.
  9. The Claytons 52/2019

    We didn't do 52/2019, I sort of finished 2018 then like everyone ran out of puff to keep on. But it's spring summer so will chip away til Christmas, no promises, and hope everyone who takes the odd shot will join in. September snapshots. A bit of rain last month was a welcome novelty, a dry finger dam filled up and the Spoonbills found it, lovely to see them again. A feral cat moved in, initially unwelcome - we don't choose to have cats because life is difficult enough for birds already - but this one picked off the hundred or so rats that over-ran the hay sheds, we also can't poison because of the danger to owls especially. So she was allowed to stay on and has doubled in size - so much younger than we thought when it first appeared. Full Moon a week or two ago - one of those nice Halloween orange ones. From the front door - kangaroos on the neighbour's land, they don't much come onto our spot because the alpacas get all "bells and whistles". From the back door - Arnold the littlest pony and Harley the tiniest sheep catch some morning sun in the freezing cold.
  10. When you click on the link, scroll down the comments on the right. Bit of a cat-fight about copyright: then another movie clip of a fox having some temporary difficulty at a similar fence. I think their whiskers first tell them if the width is do-able - and if they say yes, it can then be achieved even if a bit of effort is required.
  11. Quite a few dolers not on facebook - that includes me today, I'm being ticked off by them for suspicion of selling some chickens (which I wasn't, but their rules are getting difficult to cope with).
  12. Pilling advice needed please

    If it's not put far enough back, and they are holding onto the tablet, cheese or peanut butter are substantial and sticky, just helps the resistance. Butter is better as a carrier, melts and triggers the swallow reflex.
  13. Each State sets its own regs. In suburban Vic we can take dogs on the train as long as it's muzzled and on a lead. Country trains (regional trips) require a proper pet carrier or crate. Trams require the same. We had an outer suburban station near us in Belgrave, so I used to hop on the train with dogs for one or two stations then walk home - that's a few years ago, they didn't have to be muzzled then, just on a lead under control.
  14. Reed diffusers / home fragrances

    Anything 'chemical' in the atmosphere can be very toxic for gold or tropical fish - even cigarette smoke or mosquito coils. Or washing floors with a strong cleaner. But that's not from the literature, only general fishkeeping advice or instructions. Maybe just a matter of degree, not as risky for larger pets but not enjoyed.
  15. Enclosure for feeding dog with food aggression

    Yes, fingers crossed it works out well.