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  1. No not even a little bit, all good. I wasn't having a shot, just think it's all quite interesting the way these issues are interpreted, whether dogs or people or horses.
  2. Not replying to this post particularly, just in general. I don't like calling a dog's follow up reaction PTSD. It's not mental illness, it's pain or trauma memory, two different things. I was in Viet Nam. I still wake up in terror, I have flashbacks to things nobody should have to see. But I don't have PTSD, people I know do have, and you wouldn't wish it on anyone or their dog. I just don't think it is the same as recalling bad stuff waking or sleeping. Memory is memory, no-one says that remembering good stuff is mental illness. Equally remembering bad stuff is not PTSD, its just recalling something seen or experienced.
  3. We have a Numatic Henry, made in the UK, reliable as. They are a small handy commercial jobbie, with full commercial use guarantee. Love it. Previously we have had Dyson, Wertheim, other high-end vacs, Henry is good as any of them, better than most.
  4. Also the Forum (sadly) has shrunk, I guess as people wander off to group hugs or whatever, and there just isn't the breadth of experience, opinion and discussion running through threads as once was.
  5. Ongoing problem Rusty, free range do catch things just as much, often from wild birds which are all carriers. It's all a bit lose/lose. Some egg producers hardly treat birds at all, but then they cull at 12-18 months old, so if birds are infested, well they're past their use-by date for laying anyway. Emptied pens can then be power-sprayed or fogged, and a new lot of layers started. And yes the new stocking rates are sickening.
  6. Poultry farms use it to control lice and mites on chooks. The little bloodsucking things (aside from just inflicting pain which reduces egg production due to stress) cause anaemia which reduces egg production, feather-mites destroy feathering, and scaly leg mite make legs scabby, causes lameness. And that's aside from internal parasites like worms and coccidiosis. So the poultry farms variously spray pens and it gets into the bird's system topically, absorb through skin: or worm them the same as we do dogs, mostly by mouth, sometimes by spot-on treatment. Once in the bird's system it can absorb into internal organs including eggs. There are all sorts of safeguards in the regulations but when did they ever work in the livestock industries?
  7. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/839293/EU-Egg-fipronil-contamination-Belgium-Denis-Ducharme-Netherlands-health-crisis We don't feed it to our animals though, isn't it the content of a spot-on?, so not direct into the digestive system, kidneys, liver. Like ivermectin topical (not oral). All animals need to be treated with parasite protection whether lice and mites or internal worms. The neglect of not treating them is worse than the possibility of damage the meds might do - it's not ideal because poison is poison, but images of totally neglected dogs with mange plus worm infested is much worse on balance than the occasional bad reaction to a med. I think. Another spin off in reaction to this egg throwing is the BRexit - those in favour doing a justified point and laugh because EU members are now snarking at one another - and the anti-Brexit had used the argument that the UK would be the ones suffering from this lack of control, not the EU.
  8. Are these the Koolies from "In the News" - the cruelty sub-section? Glad that some are going well Perry's Mum - any updates on these fosters?
  9. And the owner is still allowed to keep five dogs.
  10. I'm glad she is ticking along okay now Perry's Mum. Is Friskie still on medication or was the one-month enough to get her sorted out?
  11. Nicely wetly. Ours are just touch-damp, we have falling mist!!
  12. Your Crested Pigeon is lovely Perseph - we lost one nest when a flowering gum branch came down in last week's windstorm, wrecked the poor tree. But another pair have just hatched two babies in a hedge bush just outside the back door.
  13. That's a bit disappointing. We have two from BigW, I think they are about two years old, so not in this recall batch. Still, it makes for being more careful using them which is probably a good thing.
  14. All a bit sad. Must admit when that photo came up, I immediately thought of one of the Dr Who monsters, possibly likeable - but grotesque. I was almost waiting for Juice to make a 'designer dog' comment but Juice you held back for once. So I'll say it - one of the google USA-based articles on the breed describes it as a Designer Dog - it was not intending this as a criticism, but lets another cat out of the bag. Just sad.
  15. A "baby gate" will keep dogs from over-exercising on the staircase. I think they are usually min $75-80 through to around $150. Aldi will have them for $45 in stores tomorrow (today, Wed 12th) , so good buy for anyone needing a quick fix across stairs or a room doorway.