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  1. Monkeying around... and other animals

    Exciting stuff Grizabella, more please. And just love the duikers, beautiful.
  2. Perses' Pups

    I think most people are reasonably educated now on soil and land degradation, the reasons and the remedies. What 'city people' and equally a lot of country people find unacceptable is treatment of brumbies, goats, camels, on their last day/s - not the fact that they need to be off the land. (Just as so many from both backgrounds will never accept live transport as an acceptable option). Great to hear the trees are being given a chance and able to regenerate even through the dry times, and even more-so that Govt land isn't being neglected totally. The bits of Govt land around us are fox and rabbit repositories, they depend on myxie outbreaks for rabbits and nearby farms to shoot foxes, do nothing themselves. And hey, whatever, stunning photos those two!
  3. Perses' Pups

    What a good sheepie schoolmaster. I thought of Bruce today too - was feeding Jack etc, and realised he suddenly has the "old sheep" look about him, still eating okay but must check his teeth, see if Gumnuts needed yet. (So was going to ask how Bruce is coping with the heat and dust: philosophical or over it).
  4. How to cool down your dog???

    Rheneas doesn't look lethargic, but he'd win the Oscar for it if he thought it would win him a ZD. And lucky he can't read your post, because I keep brainwashing him that dogs don't eat sugar, it's not working. So my question is, how many ZD's per day of above 40-45 degrees would be too many for a 10kg dog aged about 15? (Have to say they have about saved my life on the even hotter days here, seriously). If he was a young dog with good teeth I'd keep on with the (boring) ice only cooler - but with few teeth left, and vision and hearing poor, would allowing him 2-3 a day be reasonably safe, or too risky?
  5. We knew farewelling Trouble would be soon, and that doesn't lessen the sadness - but to have joy and love and dignity - none of us can ask more than that. Rest peacefully beautiful girl.
  6. Perses' Pups

    And he's not sharing it with anybody! (Good long attention span there too).
  7. 52/2018

    Lost track of the days for a bit, it got a bit busy here also with the things we really don't want in our lives. Decided tripping into the new year doesn't matter what's a few days anyway. I think this was Boxing Day morning, something 5.00am just before light. 50/52 A newish silver moon with sunrise just behind it. 51/52 First light behind the silo, moon and stars losing their grip. 52/52 Harry is now more of a sweet little sheep than a lamb, but a long way from independent.
  8. A Christmas Dogtivity

    "Three wise men on pointy-backed horses". Tks, needed a reason to laugh.
  9. Importing photos to ON1

    Can't help Trifecta, but anyway good to see you and so glad you are getting back into it. When you sort the problem please let us all know so it can be added to our info to search when we need it. I am just one of many thousands of us aggrieved that the fees have virtually locked out so many hobbyists. The affordable alternatives are there, but take finding and all seem to come with limitations. Plodding on.
  10. Water safety with dogs

    Can't open the video Sandgrubber - any stills?
  11. Not exactly dog-relevant, but most people bottle-raising multiple orphan lambs through winter have them in the house. In nappies. With a hole cut for the tail. Aldis nappies seem to get a good wrap from the lamb-raising people.
  12. Coping as an only dog

    Running from thunderstorms is impossible to manage once they are out and away. Neighbour's sheepdog got loose in those storms last week, went an extraordinary distance running frantic and was luckily found alive and well aside from exhaustion. I'd have said crate training was the best option til you said why you prefer not to. Most I can say is that it does give them a wonderful sense of safety and security. We have lost two of our dogs at age 16, Piper the rottie to bone cancer and little Frodo to a cumulative overload of issues. I was worried that Rheneas would not cope well, but after a very brief time of mild confusion I think he much prefers being the only dog and enjoys undivided attention. He's also 16 and has finally given up chasing thunder and lightning (he'd always run to it in excitement, never away from it in fear). I always leave the TV on for Rheneas, the constant change of light and sound I think reduces any 'home alone' feeling just a whisker when he wakes up from a snooze.
  13. Perses' Pups

    Alpacas in Australia are vitamins A&D deficient. They need supplement injections twice a year, and a lot of owners won't or don't because it's all too difficult (and that shot, Hideject is the best, should always be accompanied by a CophosB or similar vB shot to enable uptake etc). The lying flat is to expose the greatest surface area to the sun for vitamin exchange in their system, it's a survival thing, hardwired to do it. (For those not supplement injecting, Anitone is the best oral supplement, it was formulated for camelids and is a good second-best treatment). The humping is another issue though: a lot of sheep are killed by alpacas doing this, it's just a management thing as in never run an entire male with ewes, and watch the castrated ones: especially singletons - that's like keeping a chimpanzee alone and not expecting aberrant behaviours with other species, generally with some aggression. Sheep anatomy can't cope with alpacas humping, both the weight and biological equipment, so they can have their back broken or internal rupture or both.
  14. Perses' Pups

    Unlike Rose, who is still tiny, with a thing about closed gates, gotta get through first at any cost. Harley is much sweeter and cares about others. Harley: Mith, are you dead? Mith: Piss off Harley. Your good pups make my lot an embarrassment.
  15. 52/2018

    Talking about rabbits with a coloured past. This one is a dark coated with a ginger hint, and if I hold my head right I can find some white, not quite a stripe and spot, just almost. Bunny of the Day 49/52