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  1. Cats may get Covid19

    You'd think we'd be a bit past intentionally infecting animals then killing them. Still, in the interests of science ..... @sandgrubber aside from the ferrety/stoatie beasties, are NZers looking at the possum invasion and thinking "we wish".
  2. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    And she employs an excellent photographer.
  3. 91yo mauled to death by 3 dogs - Jervis Bay

    I'm surprised at that, maybe the police should be a point of approach rather than Council: menacing is a thing, not just attacking resulting in bite. Menace doesn't have to mean full attack-mode threat, just an attitude causing fear.
  4. Walking a dog with diarrhea.

    If walking on the streets (and being aware in advance) pocket some ziplock bags of something absorbent - like sawdust or organic kitty litter rather than being caught in full view of the passing parade 'doing nothing'. I get away with doing nothing, one of the minor benefits of living semi isolated and no streets. Dogs are still walked out on lead because they have zero traffic comprehension and the farm utes all drive like it's Bathhurst on our dirt roads.
  5. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    Sad and unfair, so sorry Sandgrubber. Resting peacefully now Patty, but so missed.
  6. Sudden Attack of the Wobbles?

    Rheneas had vestibular about 2 years ago, the vet saved him, he was 14, very touch-and-go for a while there. (He is now 16ish and coping, just). It does need treatment - pain and nausea management, antibiotic for probable ear infection and fluids because being unable to control standing, walking, bending to drink they are dangerously dehydrated. I think the fluids saved Rheneas, other treatments kept him going. @sandgrubber I have severe vertigo attacks, apparently just about everyone carries the mostly dormant virus, and it kicks in at times of stress when the immune system isn't at its best. It is a rotten debilitating thing, no real treatment beyond nausea management and wait it out - 2-3 days or up to 6 weeks. And for sure does have a lot in common with vestibular so far as symptoms.
  7. I've not used supermarket brands, but they are looking better suddenly as the top-end treatments become more complex and over-treating.
  8. Perses' Pups

    And the goats are stunning, love the two tri-colour ones, have to be full brothers or father-son. Just beautiful.
  9. Perses' Pups

    Attention seeking. Works and he knows it.
  10. Not wrong sg. The chicken of apathy is coming home to roost.
  11. Can mosquitos make a dog itchy.

    Are you sure they are mozzies? I have a severe allergy to sandfly bites - the tiny black ones that can appear in clouds of thousands of an evening when temperature/humidity are right for them. Just one of the ponies is also allergic to them and comes out in awful lumps like hives all over. (Yet most other people/animals don't even feel them biting).
  12. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    Here's and add-on. I don't know whether they are wrecked (yet) but OH shore one of the ewes with them. She needed crutching, was getting a bit overgrown around the rear, so a risk of fly-strike. He found they coped with that, so continued and did a full shear. i'd say they have now well paid for themselves. But someone on a fb group said they had used the Kmart pet clippers to do a full shear of a llama - so I'll see how they go with an alpaca this weekend.
  13. I'd be all conservative after what he/you went through and stick to the roast chicken meat and rice. (And not/not minced frames: I'd totally run a mile from anything with bones it it, minced or in any other way). Add some vitamin/mineral supplement like Anitone rather than extra food-types of this or that. If he does good on the chicken/rice I'd be very "if it's not broke, don't fix it". If he likes the pumpkin - butternut or any kind - cook some with you meal, and serve onto your plate. Then give it to him. He'll think he's being given people-food, great joy.
  14. The Claytons 52/2019

    Not terrible - the colour of the light is beautiful (despite the stinking hot dusty reason for it). Plus it's an unusual behaviour documented.
  15. Maremma puppy

    That's so disappointing @Shar290 - and such a usual story. Are you on facebook, there are some Maremma groups that offer some advice and support for new owners. That is the reason we don't consider a Maremma for our own poultry and foxes continual saga - so many people start a young one off, and they end up fantastic. But the bit inbetween seems like the 'terrible twos' that some/most toddlers go through. One friend lost over 100 chickens in a night when the 18 month guard dog went on a spree. Another's dogs are wonderful with general poultry but always hunt and kill the Guinea Fowl. I can only agree with Asal about not leaving a pup alone in a situation where it is free to carry through with a bad decision - setting up for failure. 3-4 months is still really a baby - maybe don't give the chickens any free range time until she is a few months older and steadier. Good luck with her - and a photo or two of the new pup here is pretty much mandatory, as well as her name.