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  1. We have to keep trying, I'm pessimistic but that's no reason not to do anything.
  2. They do have a point - small species birdlife has reduced dreadfully in the ten years we've been here. I don't entirely blame the Noisies, they have certainly played a part though, as have the huge colonies or gangs of magpies, and the occasional harsh drought conditions. But I have seen the Noisy Miners destroy smaller birds nest, kill baby birds, harass birds enough to prevent them nesting let alone breeding. I don't support the idea of killing any native bird, duck hunting is nauseating, and I dislike the way cockatoos and ravens and ibis are culled 'informally' for being inconvenient or income reducing. There must be a better way of giving the small bush birds a chance, I can't see a solution.
  3. I don't doubt that, it would change anyone's outlook in so many ways. Fear-trauma of that kind can be coped with and managed, but we never really "get over it" and it colours the way we look at people and our daily environment. Not being constantly reactive, but aware - 'risk management' becomes second nature.
  4. I've signed in spirit: but it is only for NSW residents. and I'm watching the wrongness from home in central Vic.
  5. And Teebs if you had, it likely would have made no difference. Because people believe what they want to believe, and all the explanation and logic you could have given them would not have changed what they want to believe.
  6. Sounds like a stupid sale term to go with manufactured designer/crossbred dogs. Its stand-alone meaning is unclear and needs a following paragraph to spell it out. (It could equally mean guardian for life, never to be challenged). Pity that purebred breeders are being caught up in it, makes them look equally dodgy and evasive of clear terminology. 'Breeder's Terms' is a clear and upfront description for new owners that terms and conditions apply - why change it unless the intent is to confuse?
  7. Probably not Sandy - a lot of dirty legislation in connection with livestock has been pushed through under the Covid cloud, not noticed by most people.
  8. Truly sorry Sashas Mum, rest in peace beautiful Lacey, so loved.
  9. Love his work. BBC journalist. This on the book has just come up on u-tube, good stuff, right through to the last bit on the recovery of Serbian Lentils. And there's also some good thought-pieces on the Clarksons Farm (Prime/Amazon) series on how unsustainable farming and bird/insect extinctions are leading to the food crisis Saladino writes about.
  10. He's lovely Kirislin. Cream and a touch of light contrast makes me think of bee-sting cake which is heavenly. Not suggesting Bee-sting as a name, and hope the little fellow is over his sore paw. Would have suggested creme brulee, only Dogsandthemob got in first. But in general I don't really like food or drink names for animals, most of ours have people-names, including the sheep and goats.
  11. It's not always about the money (also speaking around 20 years ago) - when we took Piper the Rottweiler as a young adult from the RSPCA we were second-in-line to someone who let slip to a friend but was overheard by us and a staff member that she looked like a handy dog for their backyard/home-based truck repair business. So their application was rejected and mine accepted.
  12. Disturbing. And makes you wonder what else Councils are not obliged to divulge.
  13. Oops, deleted, wrong thread.
  14. Grass allergy is a misery - would he wear little boots at outside time?
  15. We have had Dysons (not the Animal, earlier models) and just too many filter/head niggle problems. But still have my Henry Junior (made in the UK) which is now between 15-20 years old. Still does a great job, hair and the works. If I need to replace it will be with another Henry, love them. Better warranty/guarantee than most as well. https://myhenry.com.au/products/henry-home?variant=30936982814813
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