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  1. That's difficult - too easy from a distance to say his vet should have done some straightforward talking, not just hinting. @tdierikx I won't put any links re Jan Spate - but google picks up most of the newspaper articles - and maybe some for and against arguments. Of course with my closed mind I only accept the for. How bloody dare they, but they did.
  2. Especially since Jan Spate was crucified by the system. Systematically. She was the best vet I ever knew, definitely my hero.
  3. Goodbye my precious boy

    Oh NikkiandKane, so sorry, we share your grief. Rest peacefully beautiful Kane.
  4. Coeurdelmer Whippets

    No images or links. ????
  5. Totally depressing. There was an article, I think Liz Richardson's, in the (Vic) Weekly Times - something similar concerning the Show Horse Council, unfortunately it was used to light the fire before I could rescue it to read. It will be interesting to read their report on this EFA news in the WT, from an informed 'inside horse events' perspective rather than from a political reporter or even the EFA Board itself. @asal as this is dol, I agree with your concerns re ANKC, DogsVic etc also in danger of losing their way. But mostly I just grieve for what the establishment of the EFA was - the way forward - which has ended in people tearing themselves or others apart over the past few years. I wish the old Eques forum was still ticking along to get some insight, me being so out of touch these days. Any thoughts @WoofnHoof ??
  6. Bye, BRUCE the sheep :(

    So sorry to hear that Bruce is gone, the right choice but still so sad. Our old boy Jack will probably not see another winter after this one, and I am already dreading the day.
  7. My doctor said the same, but used many more very angry words. Always ticked the 'no substitue' box, and said the generic supports Big Pharm, and damages the original company who have no come-back against it. Refusing to accept generic is an active vote for the scientists and research companies who made the original, and who don't get fat and rich off some-one else's work whilst contributing to nothing except shareholder profits. And that's aside from the other issue of "not the same" - even if its just sugar coating over the same active ingredient and/or strength content per dose.
  8. New dry food option at Coles

    Yes it's as American as Walmart which also stocks it. I can never get my head around Australian dog-owners falling about over dry dog food imported from USA. Food miles just one reason, supporting Australian industries another, likelihood of 'reject' quality being fobbed on us another. All valid.
  9. Sniffing out Covid19

    What, as opposed to having a nose stuck up somewhere else? No, no, I didn't say that.
  10. New arrivals

    Beagles are about the best - hope they have good years with you BJ.
  11. Blind dog help

    We are coping with a blind dog now Mark powell - one of the key things as above is how much they rely on whiskers to not hit their face on things, if you get him clipped (what's his name by the way) be sure to ensure none of his whisker are clipped either by accident or intention. And use lots of touch in his day to day doings, because one day years from now, like most dogs he will lose some or a lot of hearing. That makes its own problems for communicating with a vision challenged dog, so being accustomed to some touch communication lessens that distress. He looks a super little dog, I hope all goes well for him. I also have a totally blind pony - and a lot of the same commonsense advice works well, like different footing near food and water, or around anything dangerous to walk into such as a tree (or a coffee table).
  12. The Claytons 52/2019

    Is that a little mist of green grass? That's about what we have and it is so welcome. Just need another nice fall to back it up before it dries off. The euros will appreciate it, I was just looking at the "asparagus hay" shot. Oh and thanks, Cleo it is - I mean she is. This little fellow was snuffing around before the drop of rain, I hope it encouraged some ants to the surface for him to find a meal.
  13. The Claytons 52/2019

    For a change from being so down about so much - just before Covid was upon us I had decided life would be better with a couple of peacocks posing around. I was offered a 'lend' of two very special ones, a pied girl and a white boy, whose home had been caught up in the bushfires. These are loosely under what with dogs we call breeder's terms, it doesn't have a name with poultry, not common. Then had the offer of two pairs at a low price as the owners had sold the farm and they had to be off the property urgently. Then was offered ten chicks only if I could take the ten - I only had room for six, but found a home for the other four. So suddenly I had twelve peacocks, another case of be careful what you wish for. Then Covid happened and I wasn't up to taking photos or much thinking of anything but CoronaVirus. This is the pied girl, who needs a name. and the white boy, who will be stunning when his tail/train is full size in spring (they moult their long tales every year). He also needs a name. And the Pea-chicks: growing fast, about half-size now and starting to get some colour. Two male and four female, that was lucky odds.
  14. The Claytons 52/2019

    There are too many images of sheep looking at the sunset to think they are not actually looking at the sunset rather than gazing vacantly into space.
  15. The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil

    She's still lovely. Super shots Grumpette.