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  1. Where to buy Lycra dog suit

    Well it gets rid of scaly leg mite on chooks, so it does have other useful properties.
  2. Dog keeps taking things off tables

    Be glad he is not Rottweiler height or more. Piper was never really proofed against bench surfing. After some training (thanks Croydon Club Vic) never ever when there was someone in the house. But home alone the temptation was too much. Young Rheneas just grew out of it: 'bedroom retail' was his method. Trotting out with slippers, socks, wallets, whatever he could find and carry. Probably until he was about 2 going on 3 years. Then stopped. It was lovely, a decision to suddenly see what was available was a dash up the hallway to the bedrooms. "Going shopping, Rheneas?" Yep, lookit I got, n it was free.
  3. Where to buy Lycra dog suit

    People using these lycra tubes on horses' necks to keep burrs/grass-seeds out of manes (and protect show horses from sun-bleaching of hair colour) have ended up with nasty skin problems on horses. Not always but sometimes. (I know dogs don't sweat like horses, but they do get hot-spots and other allergy skin probs). Brushing through with an anti-matting product from Horseland or Saddleworld (like No-Knots or one of the Cowboy Magic grooming products) as Pandi-Girl suggested is helpful. Doesn't stop seeds from attaching but makes their removal smooth and easier. Worked well with Frodo (seed magnet doggie) but still needs daily vigilance re ears and between toes, pads. Not sure about a close fitting coat in summertime - even the model in the blue outfit above is trying to lose heat by panting. Jodi if you go ahead with them, I'd be interested in how successful or otherwise you find them to use.
  4. One of these three dogs is very old

    Because you used to mention her on another thread, and I have a maybe for sale hydrobath, so prick my ears up when I see the word. Not higher maths, just a memory flicker.
  5. One of these three dogs is very old

    Katie of course. How is she going with her bath-or-hydrobath issues?
  6. Roo mince advice please

    Vet recently said to me kangaroo meat not as wonderful as its promotors claim, and said if changing Rheneas to it, use human grade and cook it well, don't believe everything about it not being able to nurture worms and pass them on. Wasn't saying don't use it, but certainly not highly recommending it.
  7. Poo bags

    Rheneas always disliked 'going for walks'. And has reverted to his young way of being car-sick even on short journies, he just doesn't enjoy it. So being an old fellow and with vision and hearing not so great, he doesn't go off property often. Which makes pick-up so much less a choice of weapons issue: some waste-paper does the job. He is now making up for all those hundreds of plastic bags used in the past by being ultra green and eco friendly as an old doggie. He has even chosen a spot near the wheelie-bins as his personal spot, so is saving "waste miles" as well. Pick up, turn, drop.
  8. Dog back pack

    Becoming extremely clingy seems to be part of the process when they are becoming really old doggies. It's like a change in them that has no connection with their previous life. Same with becoming fretful at 'thresholds' and reluctant to step through a doorway or from carpet to lino, or from the path onto the lawn. Frodo's quick transition to clinginess surprised me, he'd always been so happy to charge about, just touch in passing and off again. Suddenly I couldn't take a step and he was under my feet constantly, fretting for touch or acknowledgement. I sort of linked it to sight and hearing becoming compromised, as a confidence issue, but it seems to be part of the progress even with oldies whose sight is still pretty good.
  9. Fox taming experiment

    Myxie or Calici will get them sooner or later: short term though, they bounce back. We have myxie through at the moment, it is awful to see but good to see the numbers reduce. A few around the house yards I don't really mind, the sheep have wrecked the garden anyway. And they do keep Ben company, he had one pet rabbit that just hung out with him, it was really cute. It disappeared (hawk, myxie, whatever) a month or so back. Now he has three little buds, not as chummy as the first one, but they help him eat his hay and he pretends to attack them, the dog keeps me sane.
  10. Fox taming experiment

    Agree, although I don't see how foxes can think more than they do already - clever to the core (or is that bad to the bone). Yes Perseph, the poultry pages are full of references to wild foxes. It's sometimes easier there to say nothing because a/ nobody cares and b/ the topic quickly disappears forever (til the next reference). Driving home late last night I saw a very pale cream fox cross the road, really striking, off-white tail and all.
  11. Buying a Hydrobath

    Mine will be for sale (delivered) just before or just after Christmas. It is a two-tank Fidos with heater (colour red), has the insert stand for smaller dogs. I'll post a photo when I take it out of storage this week. Fidos are quality hydrobaths, and Conmurra get good reports. Gumtree also has some hydros advertised In Melb. but I guess you will have looked at them.
  12. Fox taming experiment

    I don't know if I could read it given the warnings in the review. I worked for a couple of years in Poland and had friends who knew more than I could talk about concerning the cage-fox fur industry. The life (and death) of the foxes is haunting. I get that this is not the main topic of the book, and yes the general interest of the research is amazing stuff.
  13. 52/2017

    That's been me for the past two years with the bad arm. Just getting the Nikons sorted out to use again, might have to start weight training. They are great shots Roova, very emotive the first one, and finding a phone, what's all that about, nobody finds their lost phone. I'll never catch up for this year, but will chip away. Arnold coming up from a drink "How you doin' little rabbit, you're up late?" Bunny: Well actually I don't feel too good. It is harrowing to see so many rabbits with myxie, this one isn't showing signs yet, except sitting out in the late morning when it should be in bed. Swallows. As the water dries they find the soft mud at the water-line just right for nest building. Seems late in the season, maybe repairs for next year. Little mud-filled bills as they load up and fly off. And there's always someone doing a "lazy man's load" and drops most of it.
  14. 52/2017

    Halloween morning, the full moon in daylight was superb, didn't do it justice.
  15. 52/2017

    Some alpacas missed out on shearing last year, so this year we have booked them to be done at a nearby stud so we don't get let down (twice) again. It was good in a way because winter has been bitter and they went into it with good cover, we didn't need to worry about the "Sheep grazier alerts". Hermione is a very don't touch me, leave food and don't bother me alpaca, she is not going to enjoy being caught and clipped one little bit. "Did someone say shearer: quick, stand in front of me kids, they mightn't notice me".