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  1. Oops, deleted, wrong thread.
  2. Grass allergy is a misery - would he wear little boots at outside time?
  3. We have had Dysons (not the Animal, earlier models) and just too many filter/head niggle problems. But still have my Henry Junior (made in the UK) which is now between 15-20 years old. Still does a great job, hair and the works. If I need to replace it will be with another Henry, love them. Better warranty/guarantee than most as well. https://myhenry.com.au/products/henry-home?variant=30936982814813
  4. Would that include Aloveen then - more than one vet clinic has recommended it for a skin probs dog. Makes you wonder.
  5. I liked all the Fidos range, depends on the purpose but esp. their Puppy and Kitten. They had a good oaten one also. My vet always suggests anything oat based, milk or meal, for problem skin/coats -Aloveen the main one I think.
  6. It's not just dogs - I'm a bit gobsmacked on some poultry groups pages etc - so many people cooking for their chooks. Morning porridges, baked cake/slice things. Not happening here: when I feed from a feedstore bag I'm paying for something formulated by a livestock nutritionist, not a twee decision of giving them 'lollies' and ignoring the science.
  7. That's exciting. How long is the commute - more than an hour each way? Will both be open - "working two jobs"?? (I like the vicuna nose - so different to an alpaca).
  8. Lost quite a few 100s of kilos to birds this year, plums, apples, pears, almonds, cherries, peaches, apricots. Usually don't care: this year I care. Have only netted a couple of fig trees and will be most upset if the rats decide to try them. We are fruit fly free but it is all around so a matter of time, have to start being proactive about it all. Sheep have enjoyed the "cockatoo attack" bitten windfalls.
  9. This a/noon I drove 40k to buy figs because our trees are way not ripe yet. And you are feeding them to pig!!: nothing against Trouble, but please explain. (Home-grown figs?? can't wait for mine to ripen this year, looking good). Love Don, he gets better and better.
  10. Truly so sorry Persephone, not fair and way too young, Tallie should have had years with you ahead. Rest in peace little cat. knowing you were loved.
  11. Hadn't much thought about it, Rheneas gets the odd frozen meal on super-hot days, not always though. But without going into the "did dogs descend from wolves" science, before people/dog relationship evolved, wolves in northern Europe, Alaska etc would have spent six months in winter snow per year, and need to eat left-overs and whatever they could scavenge when game was scarce and harder to catch. So maybe eating frozen meals is natural to a dog's digestive system - or not??
  12. Maybe it's a flickr thing - I tried copy and paste url but it only put me onto flickr front page, not your image.
  13. Such good new LmO - gives us all a little boost on a difficult day for many.
  14. Yes! And so are you LmO. We're all following her improvement with crossed fingers and lots of hope.
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