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  1. Reducing plastic in relation to dogs?

    When I looked at the link I thought goodo, because OH takes a cut-lunch to work daily. Gluten free bread is stupid-small so the sammos fit in normal cheap disposable takeaway containers which I recycle endlessly. Anyhoo, a sandwich will not fit in the bottom of a 1 or 2-litre milk container. Then I read the instructions which are American and they all talk about one-gallon milk containers. That's about four litres: so a larger plastic container than our milk comes in. Bummer. Back to the takeaways. On the up-side, I pick up the left-over fruit pulp from a shopping centre BoostJuice stand. The daily 'take' is one plastic shopping bag full of goodness - from every known fruit and veg that Boost juices. That's for the chooks and geese, mixed with their milled grain, great fresh feed. The Boost staff put my load into a ten-litre white square tub container with good lid that their frozen yoghurt is supplied in. Stronger quality than ice-cream containers. They can't be re-used commercially, just as plastic milk bottles cannot. They scrub up beautifully to store rice, pasta, all that needs to be mouse-proof and moth-proof. Plus for dog food, fridge or freezer containers, waste-paper baskets etc. This size costs around $10 to buy as a food storage container, Décor and all those brands (let alone Tupper, un-affordable these days). So doing my bit with both food wastage and plastic container wastage. Some of the recycling project ideas are just too twee to take the time to fiddle with, but I do like the little boxes from milk containers.
  2. 52/2018

    Expensive taste!
  3. Perses' Pups

    So many, they just keep coming don't they, is there an end in sight - will they ever be even slightly eradicated. I keep looking at your shots of them to see if there are any lovely Cashmere types, but don't see many if any.
  4. 52/2018

    Yummo to both subjects. This should be Week 5A(or5B) as per page 1 (or not) - but must ask is this the new camera? I've just started with one, so I'll start a 'new cameras' thread rather than clog up 52/2018.
  5. 52/2018

    The muffler and the dog tag - both images pose a question rather than tell a story. I don't think I want to know. Lovely furry fern-babies Roova, little clenched fists.
  6. 52/2018

    Even at the worst end of a cheaper 600 lens you see the expressiveness of a Corella's face, it's like "eek a mouse". 5/52
  7. Moon special events in January

    I so missed the event. Didn't catch the early moonrise, and then we had enough cloud across the eclipse to miss it. Next morning I was still sleep deprived, but went out for moon-set just in case it was awesome. It was good, just not what I'd had in mind. This morning I was a bit earlier and there was a lovely white moon in a blue sky so made another attempt. Did anyone have a good view of the eclipse? Take photos or yawn and go back to bed?
  8. P.E.T.A. now Aus registered charity

    Yes it's enough to make you cry - well I think I just about did, and that was re the poultry issues, destructive horrible people.
  9. 2 kids, a dog . And a cat.

    Lovely shot, (are they the 'BJ' reason??)
  10. 52/2018

    Oh sorry, stand down, the ref is the Banksia in Mingaling's photo. Big bad bold Banksia Men. The gumnut babies, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Australian classic literature. S&C just turned 100. The only comparison we have with Peter Rabbit - Beatrix Potter's books are well over 100 years. Another Australian artist of bushland and fairies is Peg Maltby, very much overlooked and under-rated, worth a look on google if you've never heard of her.
  11. 52/2018

    Who turned 100 last week? No prizes, naughty corner if you don't know!
  12. 52/2018

    Beautiful shed shot Persephone. We shore our few ewes in November, that was leaving it a bit late. But Chocccie ram was only done yesterday, had some let-downs with shearer and he is too difficult for us to risk getting hurt, so he had to "wear it" (read: I'm scared of him and he knows it). And did I get the before and after shots, no I did not, kicking myself. But I now have two bags full of chocolate wool to play with, he was carrying so much.
  13. Silver birches in the snow

    Magical aren't they, nothing compares to birch forests in the snow.
  14. 52/2018

    Can't see it Zm, do you need to make it public or the like?
  15. 52/2018

    Wow the finger nails on that animal (and on the koala now I notice). Bunny of the Day - standing up to catch the first sunray this morning. 3/52 And a backlit pair of hairy feet and a hairy chin - has to be one of next-door's Clydesdales. 4/52 - and I'm up to date (for now).