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  1. Haven't opened the link yet but totally agree - fear not guilt has been long known. Facebook has a lot to answer for in perpetuating and encouraging the stupid interpretation.
  2. Words don't come easy

    So sorry to read this Sandgrubber, but also glad that you had her with you in New Zealand, so much the right decision. Rest in peace beautiful Jarrah.
  3. It was all a bit of a hell. Hardly saw OH normally as he was commuting 6 hours driving a day on top of very long hours. (Nearly killed him). So he had to take some long service leave to be a carer. I could have had some Council daily help, but they wouldn't feed the poultry or animals, so not much help really. Frodo was jumping out from the front seat of the car and before he reached the ground Piper (Rottie) was racing past the car. Poor Piper smashed Fro in mid air, he made a shocking landing and broke his fetlock, put all the foot tendons out. Was lucky an awesome vet was available, 40 minute drive with screaming dog, me in new plaster, OH in panic. All's well that ends if not 'well' at least best possible result and manageable/mobile at the end of the tunnel. So yes, totally feel for your concerns and the waiting game is no fun.
  4. Oh gee, all fingers crossed for you both. Frodo's month in a cast wasn't easy as I had the full cast on my broken leg as well. We just sat "with our legs up" and let the healing happen. When does she come home to you?
  5. I think it was yesterday on a BSS page, Melbourne area, proper grooming table with arm (set of clippers included) for $250. Probably a fb marketplace search would find it.
  6. Debarking

    True, but the nutters and the idiot fringe invite generalising and labels. (Like the AR man who accosted @Diva - what was his god-given right to 'demand' anything about anything?) - the rent-a-crowd lot are having a very negative effect as they wilfully destroy businesses run by good caring animal owners for their own self importance and I certainly question whether it is animal welfare that drives them rather than using it to excuse their aggressive thuggery - giving the genuine people a bad name while they are at it.
  7. Lambies having fun in the sun...

    Totally right, just gorgeous.
  8. Flyball

    And don't forget to let all your flyball friends know that Better Homes and Gardens Channel 7 this Friday night 7 or 7.30 (not sure which) has a Flyball segment with Dr Harry presenting. Welcome to the Forum both of you, not much of a flyball representation here now - used to be quite a few of us. Came across this old 2006 shot of our Frodo (was a Croydon Rockets flyball dog) on a googled page of flyball dogs. A few years ago I would have been so p'd off at stolen copyright, but that horse has bolted with any photos on the internet.
  9. Itchy dog

    Asal that's interesting that a vet went straight to Ivermectin for mange. I thought it would have been off-label for dogs, not sure though. It is off-label for poultry, and vets are not allowed to recommend it or even advise on dosage. They will decant some for chook people who are known clients/patients. And it works brilliantly for mites and internal worms. When the fox got into neighbour's house and all of our dogs caught mange (hers and visitors alike) vet went straight to Advocate and that worked very fast and mange didn't return. No mention of Ivermectin, and this is a sheep vet as well as small animal specialist. (Neither did the fox, we caught and boxed it in the house and he was put to sleep humanely, poor little bugger was in a terrible way). Good luck Amyp25, we had to go the cortisone way with one dog about 12 years ago, he seemed to 'grow out of it' rather than the various treatments and diet being the whole answer. Rheneas is still with us at 16 with no skin probs, just old doggie probs - still feed him kangaroo-based to be on the safe side but have never ever got comfortable about benefitting from the killing of wildlife.
  10. Bindi & Cricket are Getting a new Brother

    Super-sweet pup, he'll keep the other two on their toes.
  11. Hydrobath's who to repair

    That's a good reminder, thanks both, should get my Fidos tested before I start it (and decide whether to keep or sell), it hasn't been used in years. Piper and Frodo loved the hydrobath, but Rheneas always hated them to the limit - so with him being our only dog now, not much point keeping it.
  12. That is so the best news. What a great community in the area. You should all sleep well tonight - especially Agatha.
  13. I'll be over that way tomorrow, birds-r-us near Petstock so will ask there. Then Carpenter St near Cemetery, will ask horse people to keep an eye out if riding nearby.
  14. Totally distressing - you have covered all bases in getting word out. Many people would never look at lost pet pages, but do check buy-swap-sell fb groups. So there are often lost or found pets on them, worth putting on Bendigo bss and bss All Trades, as well as even Marong/Maldon/Heathcote groups to find any word-of-mouth sightings that people hear of. Will of course keep a good look out if driving on your side of town - we are way out the other side towards Maryborough.