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  1. Two little Foxies

    Yes, pretty special.
  2. Dog and robot dog

    Dogs barking at lawnmowers - would that excite the internet?
  3. Home alone dog dvd's

    How effective are they supposed to be? I just leave the ABC on for Rheneas. Often enough the same TV commentators' voices there, so a bit of continuity/reassurance all is normal.
  4. Adventures of Bella Saluki

    Griza try to attend some Flyball competitions (without dog). You will have hundreds of single-shots in a day of dogs approaching head-on at lightspeed, thousands if you opt to shoot machine gun. (It is more intensive practice than agility or lure coursing provide).
  5. Nash, my gentle giant.

    Rest peacefully beautiful Nash - so sorry BJ.
  6. 52/2018

    Smugmug was one of the first, still the one I use. They started out with high ethics and an intention of being the best and fairest, but like others who have gone under, had to compromise to stay afloat. A few dolers have been in and out of Smugmug over the years. Don't know what their intentions are with Flikr, but if Flikr was going under and needed rescuing I'm glad Smugmug have stepped in. I've closed my pro account but keep all my old dog shots there for old times sake, and now and then get an ask out of the past for a shot of a flyball dog that has gone to the bridge - wouldn't be many still around from Frodo's time. Edit to add: This spells it out a bit https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/apr/23/flickr-bought-by-smugmug-yahoo-breakup
  7. 52/2018

    Love it, takes me back to camera clubs and workshops and competitions. Space to walk to: the alternative need is space to have walked from - it's there in spades. Two birds in the empty area give scale and depth perception. 'Thirds' balance, and strong low support for visual stability: tick, tick.
  8. 52/2018

    So do I. Explain me what's wrong - it's a bit terrific actually. George is also terrific Scottsmum. I'm behind again, have a couple of almosts, but my photoshop has gone on strike, need to sort what's happened.
  9. Moon special events in January

    Full Moon tonight (30 April) - called the Pink Moon (for some reason I didn't get). It is huge though, and red-orange, must be loads of dust in the atmosphere.
  10. 52/2018

    Lucky kangaroos - not appearing drought affected as they are here. (That shot should be also in Wildlife in our Lives and Gardens).
  11. Good Dog Max ❤

    Lovely to have some good news on the News, what a super dog. I also love Max being a Heeler. None of these newspeak names.
  12. About five minutes. I had just finished reading "Goodbye My Lady" and thought I'd really like a Basenji: I also didn't know that there were any in Australia. Picked up the local paper and there was an ad for Basenji pups listed (from earliest imports: 20 or so Basenjis in the country). Picked up the phone, hopped in the car, chose my pup, joined Dogs Victoria. Breeders were wonderful, taught me to show, took my pup to Champion, bred one litter. Times were different, think it was still miles and pounds days, pre '66. (That is, breeders took people more at face value with less formalised screening).
  13. Ziggy - Poster Boy!

    Super Dog. Leaps tall buildings. HS Photographer had a good eye for a feature shot.
  14. Darwin's dog identification survey!

    "This information is vital to many future projects throughout the scientific world." I'm just not making the connection between the quote and the good point Thistle made about showing how bad we are at identifying dogs (especially in another country where the Standards of the Breeds differ slightly, plus breeds we are not contact-familiar with are present).
  15. Maybe we're breeding from the wrong land races

    Or because they inspire fear? And that's just some of the owners. Okay tongue in cheek, but they can be a challenge to manage, best suited to very dog-wise people - and not always dog-friendly as an attribute mentioned in Sandgrubber's OP post.