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  1. 52/2017

    Thanks Roova, a bit of zoom, but - just not a Nikon lens: (handy Lumix compact, with limitations). Yesterday four kangaroos appeared, we don't see them this close to home often, they live in some remnant box forest a mile or so away. Goose is sitting clamped and angry on a couple of goose eggs and some duck eggs, they must be due to hatch fairly soon. Apple trees are out in blossom, the birds are already eyeing them off, they usually take most of our apples, and I go pick some at a netted orchard for us. Show season is under way - this pretty Welsh Pony was champion harness pony at Maldon (Vic) Show on Sunday.
  2. $10 bounty

    Agree, and with the restriction to rural properties it should not impact suburban and pet cats. Can only hope for long term benefits in attitudes and responsibility. For the 'how' I don't know - shooting isn't possible everywhere, even rural properties not always suited. Trapping - what are the options then? Vets will not take on a trapped feral cat or fox to euthanase.
  3. Thistle The Work In Progress

    Great shots those last two, and the weightpull sounds interesting. We considered it years ago but decided against for Piper, and to be honest it was some of the two-legged participants that put me off. I like the way very lightweight carting is done with dogs so much in the USA to give them a job and purpose, distinct from sledding - have you looked at that at all for Thistle?
  4. At least he got a sentence of sorts. I am gutted that a Darwin pony was shot to death with a crossbow, and the 17 year old who "turned himself in" was interviewed and released, police have the (illegal) weapon. And those beautiful little wallabies that were slaughtered in the same way in the same area, wonder if it was the same person.
  5. 52/2017

    This is for Zena's Mum - our only frog is a concrete one til it rains. The lamb is a bit intrigued, never seen a frog before. Tiny birds on a wire - baby swifts finding their way around.
  6. 52/2017

    Anyone else in there? Now listen up you rabbits.
  7. 52/2017

    Miles behind so will do a catch up from this afternoon. I am stunningly beautiful. Look at me. I am the King of the World. Just enough okay, you look like a galah. Umm alright, point taken.
  8. 52/2017

    I love a blue sky with a white Moon - there was one this morning. So the apple blossom was lit by sunlight and moonlight. The little orchard is hanging on, but the trees should be twice the size now - just not enough rain or spare water. The ducks like it though.
  9. 52/2017

    Where is Frodo's Mum these days, haven't seen her posts for ages?. She was breeding coloured sheep and did get some white lambs - that was a few years ago, before we had sheep here. We only have lambs from one other ewe and the black lad, - they are wicked jet black twins, ten months old now and naughty as.
  10. Dogs of Vietnam

    Lovely SnM, I remember all the curl-tail dogs, I often wondered if they were an ancient-breed relative of Basenjis. The street dogs were sad to see, yet so many people would give them some chicken and rice left-overs or the like, some of them were lovely friendly dogs, never aggressive.
  11. 52/2017

    Blue Bee. Jealous much. I have only seen one on the lavender, and that was four years ago. Glad they are 'safe' in your patch - wish they were still here as well.
  12. 52/2017

    And this furious little face is Autumn the youngest alpaca. He's much angrier than this with the lamb but this is the angriest face he can pull. He thinks the world should revolve around him and resents any competition.
  13. 52/2017

    Our newest arrival, Natasha. Two days old this afternoon and cute as. Mum sheep is Emily, a Merino-cross-Something or Other who was sort of dumped on us a year ago. Dad is Tiberius, a black Corriedale.
  14. 52/2017

    Maybe a dahlia. (?Waterlily Dahlia).
  15. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    Terrific series. The track looks very only just. Were there ever any times when you thought you might not make it - given that photography minimises slope, so it was probably even steeper than it looks??