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  1. Italian Greyhounds

    I always admire those kind people like you who are willing to take on an older dog, knowing your time together will be limited.
  2. Italian Greyhounds

    Get another one.
  3. Italian Greyhounds

    Arkey and Oranja’s puppies have gone to their grown up homes now. I had the pleasure of taking Floyd, the slightly darker boy, to Albury to be picked up by his new Mum. He was a brilliant traveler, just settled down and slept for most of the way. his new mum is thrilled with him. I didn’t take this photo but just showing Floyd off.
  4. Vintage Dog Photography

    What cute funny little dogs! and WOW! Wasn’t Agatha Christie a beauty!
  5. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    I don’t visit here much these days and I’m sorry to realise Canetoad has passed away. I always enjoyed seeing his fantastic photos of his adventures with his beloved dogs. Hope he crossed off everything on his bucket list. I wonder what became of the pups. I’m sure he would have had that all worked out. I hope they’re happy. They would have missed him the the adventures.
  6. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Arkey and Oranja’s puppies have gone to their new homes now and I had the enjoyable task of taking little Floyd (the darker of the 2 boys) to Albury on Good Friday to be picked up at the roughly half way mark by his new owner. He will go on to a show career and I’m hoping he’ll do very well. His new Mum was absolutely smitten with him when she finally laid eyes on him in the flesh. sorry, not my photo but this is Floyd.
  7. Where to advertise

    That’s a great outcome. Not all dogs are the right fit with just anyone. Sounds like Hugo is happy where he is now too. What a relief for you to know.
  8. New breed in Australia

    I’ve seen one in Victoria. It was a few years ago now. I knew what it was which surprised the owner.
  9. Wolf rescued

    Simple mistake
  10. Monkeying around... and other animals

    WOW! What an experience!
  11. Sighthounds

    First Whippet Fun Day of the year is this coming Sunday at Wandin East Reserve. All breeds of friendly dogs under control are welcome.
  12. All Things Whippet!

    First Whippet Fun Day for the year this Sunday at Wandin East Reserve. All breeds and mixes welcome so long as they’re kept under control.
  13. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Isabella is a dilute colour so lighter coloured noses.
  14. How to cool down your dog???

    I stand mine in the clam shell and using my hands I slosh water over their ribs, particularly over heart and lungs and also up in their groin.
  15. Are Dog Parks Worth the Risk?

    Not worth the risk to me. I have 2 frail elderly Whippets and 2 tiny Italian Greyhounds. It doesn’t matter how well behaved they are, it only takes one out of control dog with a stupid irresponsible owner to come bargearsing up to mine and attack. And there’s more and more of things like this happening.