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  1. I didn’t know that about pumpkin. He gets pumpkin in his diet already, although not much.
  2. I suppose if I don’t like it I’ll just stop feeding it. I’m curious to see what it does to his colour.
  3. I’m really only trying it out of curiosity. I have a cream whippet and I want to see how it affects his colour. I might not actually like it if it lightens him off.
  4. Yes I know. That’s the table on the back of the pack. Way too vague. I’ve just heard back from the company. The bloke was equally vague. I said I’ve got a 2.8 kilo dog and he just pulled an amount out of his backside and suggested a teaspoon. I said what if I’ve got a 60 kilo Great Dane and he unflinchingly said 3 tablespoons. Why they can’t give a ratio per kilo of dog I don’t know.
  5. I bought a pack today and the feeding rate is very vague. It just says 25-50grams. I don’t know if that means per kilo of dog’s weight, or per kilo of food. I rang the number on the back of the pack but the woman who answered has no idea. This stuffs been around for years. I can’t believe I’m the first person to query this. does anyone know?
  6. 2 Italian greyhounds killed by dogs in Melbourne in the last week! That’s why I often pick mine up in public places
  7. People are now giving their dogs actual pet funerals, through funeral homes! Service and all. I bury my pets at home, I keep my old pure cotton sheets for the very purpose of wrapping them up, but I won’t be having a funeral for them.
  8. Sometimes a puppy is fine as a pet but really not of breeding quality. Unscrupulous breeders can still use it to breed from.
  9. I’m surprised she hasn’t come under scrutiny of the ATO. At those prices she’s racking in the money.
  10. And here’s their goofy housemate Soda the whippet. He’s just had a milestone today, he cocked his leg for the first time. Hopefully now he’ll stop pissing on his front legs. Because he’s soon of dating age we decided to get his Tinder profile shot. We’re going for the thoughtful, intelligent yet McDreamy look. Has he nailed it?
  11. Neko and Secret are alive and well. Neko turned 8 in August and Secret had her 6th birthday a bit over a week ago. Neko is still quite playful sometimes which I love. If anything, Secret is the more serious of the 2.
  12. Follow Aticia on Pilbara Working Dogs on Facebook. She’s fantastic with her dogs. She always thanks them and the cattle when they work well.
  13. Lots more breeds need to be included and breeders need to stop exaggerating the conformation of their chosen breeds to the nth degree. Even whippets have changed so much in 20 years, and not for the better.
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