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  1. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    Are you saying you wonder if your smoking has affected the health of your current dog? I don’t understand how if you’ve never smoked around it.
  2. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Yes they melt my heart.
  3. Italian Greyhounds

    She was 4 in January! How time flies.
  4. Italian Greyhounds

    Neko’s daughter Secret.
  5. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Widget’s grand daughter Secret again. She’s very photogenic.
  6. My puppy has parvo

    Hoping little Belle has recovered and is now a happy puppy loving life with you.

    I’ve never had pet insurance. I’ve had a few big expenses over the years but I am certain I’m still better off with out it. I wish I could do the same with my house and contents insurance. With all the money I’ve paid them I’m sure if something happened now, if I’d banked that money instead of giving it to insurance companies I’d have enough to cover a rebuild.
  8. What is the youngest you have seen a male mate

    I’ve heard of a 4 month old male tying with a mature bitch but it didn’t result in puppies. Phew! Not sure if it’s because he wasn’t fertile or because it was just too early in her season.
  9. Literal frozen puppy, 18000 yrs old

    Unseasonal cold snap? We have them now so I’m sure they occurred back then too. I was snowed in for 3 days in the High Country at the height of summer. It happens.
  10. Aliya Taylor shows off Bahir, an Azawakh

    There’s a few in Australia. Some compete in lure coursing as well as in the show ring.
  11. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Yep, one took the leap this morning.
  12. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    my living sculpture. This is Widget’s granddaughter Secret.
  13. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    She’s fledged! 8.51 this morning.