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  1. I know a couple of people in Australia who have had their non pedigree (entire) dogs put on a UK sporting register for this very reason. They had to take clear photos of the dogs front and side views to submit with the process.
  2. Where do they go when they get too big?
  3. It is unfashionable to buy from a breeder! People are made to feel guilty if they don’t rescue a dog they know nothing about that was quite likely bred by a puppy farmer. if someone gets a dog from a pound or shelter the first thing they tell you about it when you meet them is “he’s a rescue!” As if that defines the dog and you have to be told of their good deed. For the rest of the dogs life, even if it gets to 20, it will always be first and foremost “A RESCUE”. And those of us who have a love for a particular breed are the selfish bad guys.
  4. Happy Birthday to my darling Neko! She’s 7 today. Her brother Milton too. And remembering Arkey who should be with us but sadly is no more. This is the last photo I took of him. Here at home we will celebrate with a roast which has become a tradition now in which the dogs get the choice bits and I have the left overs.
  5. Hello, nice to see another whippeteer here. Unfortunately we can’t see your photo.b
  6. It’s a pity you can’t get to speak privately to those vets you knew and trusted and find out what’s going on or if there’s any way you can get your dogs treated by them. how sad that the company doesn’t seem to be living up to it’s name. It’s certainly not best for vets that’s for sure.
  7. A friend is looking for a Vizsla puppy after her beloved boy passed away suddenly. I just thought I’d have a squizz on DOL breeder, puppy and adult dogs pages for her and was surprised to find there are none at all, not even a listing for the breed. Are they that rare? I’ve seen the actual dogs around occasionally. Does anyone know of any reputable Vizsla breeders in Victoria?
  8. He only had one functional lung, and yet he still ran like the wind. We never saw a sign that he was short of breath.
  9. The horrible images that just floored us. We couldn’t comprehend what we were seeing. That’s his intestines shoved up into his chest cavity. Completely rendering his left lung unable to function. We don’t even know how long it had been like this, but the suspicion is quite a while. Until Wednesday evening the only hint there was a problem was his habit of not eating sometimes. He’d been examined many times for it and the vets didn’t know what was wrong. He was on homeopathic meds to help treat it. Now suddenly seeing this everything started to make sense as to why he sometimes wouldn’t eat.
  10. Some tragic news which I hesitated to put here but then I thought this has become a chronicle of the lives of the Widget family, so it belongs here. Arkey, Roskyle Electrified Kisses had to be euthanised yesterday. It was a complete shock. He’s not even 7 years old. Marcus asked me to go with him to the vets as he was worried about Arkey who suddenly started crying in pain on Wednesday evening and it continued intermittently over night. Turns out he had a diaphragmatic hernia and his intestines were pushed right up into his chest. He only had one lung to breathe from, the other was compl
  11. Are you saying you wonder if your smoking has affected the health of your current dog? I don’t understand how if you’ve never smoked around it.
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