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  1. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    She’s fledged! 8.51 this morning.
  2. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    Yes one has definitely left the nest. Not sure where it is or how it’s going. The other one is very close to being fully fledged. Maybe tomorrow.
  3. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    One of those eggs is from last year and the other from this year.
  4. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    I can’t believe she will be 4 in January!
  5. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    My “ dirty little Secret “ who isn’t a secret at all.
  6. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Earlier in the week I saw Willow and her puppies. They are doing well too. I can only post one pic at a time, and heavily cropped so they’re not sharp. Sorry about that. Florence and Mia.
  7. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    She’s such a pretty little thing. A girl version of Arkey. She’s definitely taken after her daddy.
  8. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Marcus brought Pangi up yesterday. She is Arkey’s daughter from his first mating with Oranja (from Germany). She’s looking really good. I got funny shot of her pelting around my paddock. She’s never been to the country before so this was all new and very exciting for her. That’s Puck in the background. He just had his 15th birthday on Wednesday.
  9. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    The puppies eyes opened on Mon/Tuesday I’m told but I haven’t been down to see them. Waaah! Both have IG experienced homes already lined up, with the new owners being friends of each other so the puppies will have play dates together which is good. Can’t wait to see the little tackers again soon.
  10. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Those beautiful hands belong to Marcus. I keep telling him he should be a hand model.
  11. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    So, we have 2 new additions to the Widget family. Widget’s son Arkey became a father for the 2nd time last Monday. 2 teeny tiny little girlies of a most unusual colour. It will probably end up some shade of fawn, I really don’t know. Willow the mother is quite small but it was a textbook whelping and all 3 are doing well. The puppies have almost doubled their birthweight in just 5 days. They’re the tiniest puppies I’ve ever seen. 152gms and 148gms at birth.
  12. When you put cooked food into your freezer LABEL IT! Especially if you’re freezing dog food cook ups and people food stews. I had a most unpleasant experience this evening, but luckily ....... I didn’t swallow.
  13. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    This is Arkey and his beautiful daughter Adelaide. She’s just yesterday come to live with Marcus. Hopefully in a showring near you soon.