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  1. Water Bowl Drama!

    a friend of mine reckons dogs wont drink from a bowl where the previous dog who's drunk from it has bad teeth. He reckons their saliva taints the water.
  2. Whippet

    I've never added it up. It also depends on what you do with your dog and how well trained it is, both in recall and fitness. Whippets dont stand much of a chance if hit by a car for example. If you decide to do dog sports or hunting with your dog there is also more chance of injury so these are things to keep in mind. Overall whippets are a healthy breed, at least they were when I bought my last one 18 years ago. They have changed alot since then and I dont know if they have more health problems now.
  3. Moon special events in January

    You got a great view of it. I couldn’t see a thing here it was cloudy all that night.
  4. That looks like such fun.
  5. Phu Quoc Baby

    Are you able to delete or at least edit your original comment so you’re not calling the new member those names please. I won’t repeat them here so they aren’t perpetuated.
  6. Phu Quoc Baby

    It just happens to show bare cement in those photos. They might have bedding and play areas too. The adult dogs look in good condition to me.
  7. Maremma problem, please advise.

    I have a friend with alpacas and hers came to recognise my own Whippets after a while, so hopefully your alpaca will recognise the neighbours animals in time and learn to be relaxed about them.
  8. Phu Quoc Dog in Viet Nam

    Yes, I agree. I think they’re really handsome!
  9. Phu Quoc Dog in Viet Nam

    I googled it and there are 2 different breed. The Thai Ridgeback looks heavier boned to me.
  10. Phu Quoc Dog in Viet Nam

    Hello. What is this dog used for? It looks like a hunting dog, very handsome too! What do you do with your dogs? wow! I’ve just googled them. What an interesting dog, very rare, even in Vietnam. I read that it is difficult to get them. Do you show your dogs? How many do you have?
  11. Flickr!

    Is anyone else being bombarded with invitations to follow new members who’ve just joined flicker and their only photo is of naked women? One is disturbingly young in appearance. I keep reporting them to Flickr and then blocking them but another one messages me! not happy at all.
  12. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    I wonder why this dog was so savage. Did it need a trigger or was it always like that? I’m not asking here, just pondering. She didn’t even have proper fencing and yet she knew it was dangerous. I have a real fear of dangerous dogs, there are so many around.
  13. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I always wonder how they manage to get close to a horse that is going bonkers with either a needle, gun or bolt gun.
  14. Greyhound deaths in Darwin

    Alabama Rot has turned up in England too, so it can cope with colder climates. I hope it isn’t in Australia.
  15. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I've researched a bit more and it has happened but not clear how they managed to do it. Markham was to compete in the Tokyo Olympics and was euthanised because he panicked. I don't know anymore details though.