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  1. Italian Greyhounds

    So proud of my 2 girlies Neko and Secret. I took them to Sandown Greyhound track for the Victorian Whippet Racing Club monthly meeting. They’ve never seen a racetrack before or a proper racing lure. I didn’t expect them to run, I thought they’d be too timid. Many Whippets won’t even go near a proper lure first off. I pride myself on being a fairly good judge of their characters too, but I am delighted to say I got it very wrong. As the lure came rumbling ‘round the bend I could feel their little bodies stiffen and their muscles tremble. They’ve learnt the words Ready set go! And that’s what I said and then released them and they shot out like arrows from a bow. Neko probably ran about 150 metres but little tiny Secret stuck with it for about 300 metres before she doubled back. Her big brother Obi and little Willow stayed the whole circuit! Very tired little puppies this evening.
  2. I haven’t fed commercial dog food for many years and I agree with your suggestion but it’s hard for some people to realise what’s right when there’s so much supposedly good advice telling them to feed dry dog food and beware of raw. Their own vets will try to convince them it’s the best food for their dog. I would have believed it years ago too. I wonder if they will will be able to sue the company.
  3. Help!

    Can you feed them separately to avoid the trigger?
  4. So worried about snakes!!

    thats not a venomous snake
  5. Feeding whole raw animals

    I found a fresh roadkill bunny a few months ago and took it home, left it in the freezer for about 3-4 days and then gave it whole to my Italian Greyhound. She’d never even seen anything like it. She danced around it for about 20 minutes before plucking up the courage to lick it. She eventually licked a hole in it and proceeded to eat it. I then shared it amongst all 4 dogs and they ate everything! Bones, fur, guts, eyeballs, the lot. There wasn’t a trace of that bunny left. I’d love to get more fresh food for them like that.
  6. Moon special events in January

    I watched it and took some pics but my longest lens is 200mm so no good. What I did do a couple of mornings later was to get out of bed and take the dogs for a walk up the local park at 4.30am and it was magical. The moon was so incredibly bright, I didnt use a torch, just walked in the moonlight. the dogs love it when we do stuff like this. It was one of those walks I will remember forever.
  7. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Yep she pretty much stopped growing at 7 months old when she weighed 2.5kg. Then at her first season at 12 months old she had a growth spurt and put on another 200gms so her adult weight is 2.7kgs. Her mum fluctuates between 4.7-5kgs so almost double her weight. As cute as Secret is I am constantly afraid something will take her. There were Wedge Tailed eagles hovering over the yard last week. It just puts me into a panic and fills me with dread at the thought of her being eaten! She's still at risk at night too because we have powerful owls here. I would never intentionally get such a tiny dog while I live in the country.
  8. that Cavalier looks nothing like the ones I see here.
  9. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Here’s Secret and Neko ❤️
  10. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted here. Widget has just turned 10 years old! Neko and Arkey turned 4 in August and Secret is already over 2! How time flies. I called in today and managed to get all the dogs in the one shot. There’s some new faces you won’t know and some dear old ones are no longer with us.
  11. Old age and the big question

    Not really. It will probably be the one that forces me to act. Right now I don’t think he is in pain, but at times he must feel uncomfortable. He has an inoperable growth in his colon that will eventually either bleed continually or just get too big. for now though, he still loves his tucker and the prospect of a walk or a ride in the car, or a game, so we take it Day by day.
  12. Old age and the big question

    Thanks for this. The questions didn’t apply exactly to one of mine but I was still able to apply them. He got 54 but on one he got a 1
  13. Sighthounds

    Whippeteers and others. Be advised that Yarra Valley Whippets Fun Day scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled for safety reasons. TOTAL FIRE BAN and therefore unsafe to hold an event in a bush fire prone area. We hope to see you at out next event.
  14. All Things Whippet!

    Whippeteers! Be advised that Yarra Valley Whippets Fun Day scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled for safety reasons. TOTAL FIRE BAN and therefore unsafe to hold an event in a bush fire prone area. We hope to see you at out next event.
  15. Banksia Seed Cones - Poisonous?

    I think that’s what macadamias are. I’ve heard they’re poisonous to dogs.