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  1. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    I wonder why this dog was so savage. Did it need a trigger or was it always like that? I’m not asking here, just pondering. She didn’t even have proper fencing and yet she knew it was dangerous. I have a real fear of dangerous dogs, there are so many around.
  2. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I always wonder how they manage to get close to a horse that is going bonkers with either a needle, gun or bolt gun.
  3. Greyhound deaths in Darwin

    Alabama Rot has turned up in England too, so it can cope with colder climates. I hope it isn’t in Australia.
  4. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I've researched a bit more and it has happened but not clear how they managed to do it. Markham was to compete in the Tokyo Olympics and was euthanised because he panicked. I don't know anymore details though.
  5. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I tend to think it's unlikely, but something else I was told years ago that I wonder about the truth of is that when flying horses if the horse starts to really play up to the point of becoming dangerous they shoot it. But I'm thinking how could you safely shoot a horse that was flinging itself around? The danger would be that you would miss and shoot a hole in the aircraft. does anyone know if it is true?
  6. Cuteness overload... you've been warned!

    What do those goats look like now?
  7. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    Where to now? How many humans on this adventure?
  8. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    I used to walk my whippets and ride my mare along that beach! I swam my mare and the whippets across the river at the end. Very stupid idea, and we were all lucky not to drown.
  9. Jonah & Jesse go to Cape York

    I was just looking at his tail and wondering if they have special fat tail recipes. Yum yum i love the look of your camping set up, it looks like you're very well organised and equipped. Have a great time.
  10. Lurchers Victoria

    this is a common cross in the UK. I've seen a few here, but since Bedlingtons themselves are fairly rare here then a Whippet/Bedlington is even rarer. Probably rabbiters might breed them. I think there was one in rescue about a year ago. They're pretty cute looking. They remind me of a tiny deerhound.
  11. Lost dog taken interstate

    I wonder if this dog ever got back to it's owner/s
  12. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    these are the best I could manage for birthday girl. IMG_0351 by kirislin, on Flickr Sleepy IMG_0349 by kirislin, on Flickr windows to her soul IMG_0348 by kirislin, on Flickr
  13. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Neko is 4 years old today! I haven't taken a photo of her today as it's freezing here and she doesn't want to move away from the warmth but her son Obi looks a lot like her in the face. He's just a great big boy version of his mum. IMG_4416dpp OBI by kirislin, on Flickr and this is her brother Arkey who had a happy return to the straight drag lure chase last Sunday. He was the wunder kinder as far as speed and lure coursing went, and Marcus had high hopes for competing with him and then tragically he broke his front leg in late 2015 while in the care of someone else, and we thought he'd never run again. Sunday was the first time he's been allowed to run since the accident, and I admit my heart was in my mouth, especially as he yelped the whole way, but it was from excitement not pain. I dont kinow if he will ever be able to return to coursing though, there's much more risk of injury. We shall see...... anyway, welcome back Arkey! IMG_4476dppt by kirislin, on Flickr and finally Willow who is unrelated but might contribute at some time to the line. She's been to the fun days since she was a puppy but showed no real enthusiasm to chase the lure, until this last time, and only because she was allowed to have a tug-of-war with Minnie the jack russell terrier and it seems to have done the trick, the penny has dropped and now she will chase. IMG_4456dppt by kirislin, on Flickr
  14. Vet consult-how much do you pay?

    $68 I think. They never used to charge for a revisit but I was last time so not sure whether the policy has changed. The wonderful thing about my vet is he will see you afterhours for emergencies. Doesn't fob you off to the emergency vet.
  15. mary & Tallie

    I love Mary's polished horns. Do all girls goats (having a mental blank as to what they're called) get horns?