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  1. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    The puppies eyes opened on Mon/Tuesday I’m told but I haven’t been down to see them. Waaah! Both have IG experienced homes already lined up, with the new owners being friends of each other so the puppies will have play dates together which is good. Can’t wait to see the little tackers again soon.
  2. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Those beautiful hands belong to Marcus. I keep telling him he should be a hand model.
  3. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    So, we have 2 new additions to the Widget family. Widget’s son Arkey became a father for the 2nd time last Monday. 2 teeny tiny little girlies of a most unusual colour. It will probably end up some shade of fawn, I really don’t know. Willow the mother is quite small but it was a textbook whelping and all 3 are doing well. The puppies have almost doubled their birthweight in just 5 days. They’re the tiniest puppies I’ve ever seen. 152gms and 148gms at birth.
  4. When you put cooked food into your freezer LABEL IT! Especially if you’re freezing dog food cook ups and people food stews. I had a most unpleasant experience this evening, but luckily ....... I didn’t swallow.
  5. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    This is Arkey and his beautiful daughter Adelaide. She’s just yesterday come to live with Marcus. Hopefully in a showring near you soon.
  6. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    Thanks on her behalf. I usually feed them about 4pm but I gave them an early dinner, and quite a bit more than usual. Neko always loves her tucker and wagged her tail the whole time she was eating. I wish I’d taken a video of her. I don’t spoil them much, my dogs don’t get food treats as a matter of course so it’s fun to let them have a feast for a special occasion.
  7. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    How time flies. It’s 6 years today since Widget had her puppies. The 3 surviving puppies Milton, born in my car on the way to the vets, then Neko in the surgery while I dashed out to grab Marcus’s wallet, so I missed it and lastly Arkey. Neko went on to have a litter of 3 who went onto pet homes, Secret being one, lives with me, Crickett went to “Queensland Nanna” and Obi is hopefully going to be used at stud lives with a friend at the beach. Arkey has sired one litter himself who are all looking beautiful and will be shown, and he’s got another litter due later this month! fingers crossed all goes well. so tonight in celebration of Neko’s birthday it’s roast dinner day. Since Puck is allergic to chicken they’re having roast pork and veggies. I might even get some too if I’m lucky. Thankyou Widget, Tango and Marcus for giving me such a wonderful gift of a life and Happy Birthday my darling little girl.
  8. Italian Greyhounds

  9. That foal looked much younger that what they estimated. It looked pretty much newborn to me. Not that it really matters after all this time.
  10. Italian Greyhounds

    I wonder if you saw Marcus’s IGs run. His little Whippet is often the test dog, although I think from now on she will compete. I think Liz Monaghan’s are doing well too. Sending you a PM
  11. Italian Greyhounds

    I always admire those kind people like you who are willing to take on an older dog, knowing your time together will be limited.
  12. Italian Greyhounds

    Get another one.
  13. Italian Greyhounds

    Arkey and Oranja’s puppies have gone to their grown up homes now. I had the pleasure of taking Floyd, the slightly darker boy, to Albury to be picked up by his new Mum. He was a brilliant traveler, just settled down and slept for most of the way. his new mum is thrilled with him. I didn’t take this photo but just showing Floyd off.
  14. Vintage Dog Photography

    What cute funny little dogs! and WOW! Wasn’t Agatha Christie a beauty!