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  1. End of an era. Sadly beautiful Widget, Roskyle Preshus Lilywhite, mother to Arkey (dec), Milton (dec), and Neko, passed away yesterday. Her owner will bring her here today to be buried near her son Arkey. Thankyou sweet girl for giving me my Neko.
  2. I started to look but all these ads started flooding the screen and they’re a nightmare to try to navigate with an iPad.
  3. Weird how people post for advice and then never come back.
  4. I see so many overweight dogs and I’m constantly being criticised for my whippet and Italian greyhounds because people think they’re too thin. My brother abused me for starving them. Meanwhile his own commercial fed dogs were grossly overweight and riddled with fleas. The majority of dogs I see are overweight and people think they’re the normal ones. Many people aren’t used to seeing lean healthy dogs. if people have fat whippets they Cooley call them Whoppets and think it’s cute. They say “ as long as they’re happy”. If you try to suggest it’s not good for their dog you’re accused of fat shaming.
  5. I’d love to see how that poor deformed foal moves. Do you have any more information on it?
  6. I remember the furious uproar this documentary created with breed clubs, and kennel clubs all around the world, and right here on DOL! Jemima Harrison was criticised and ridiculed back then. I’m curious to know how people feel about it now.
  7. I bought a puppy from a breeder who usually sells on the limited register and although not discussed with her I’m sure she would NOT want the puppies she sells as pets only to be bred from. From the very outset I told her I am a registered breeder and would want the puppy on the full register, even though I don’t know if I will ever breed from him. I would imagine she checked out that I was legit and then she had no problem selling him to me on the full register. if I wasn’t a registered breeder I don’t think she would’ve sold him to me under these conditions. I think that’s fair enough.
  8. Only just seen your post. I’m so sorry.
  9. Now we await the Lab results. ;)
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