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  1. A friend of mine lost her 2 greyhounds to this. She definitely thought she was feeding them beef not horse, so someone was being dishonest.
  2. Nothing found as yet. Phew! I’m not assuming he’s house trained as yet, but I’ve never had a puppy that was showing signs of preferring to toilet outside as young as this puppy. He’s fantastic!
  3. I was awake at 5am which is normal for me. Snuggled in bed, warm and toasty. I heard the click clack of the dog door. Hang on, Neko and Secret are right here. Hmmmmm it might be a possum. I’ve sometimes wondered if possums, or worse, RATS can get in and out through it. Maybe it’s the wind? No, I can’t hear the wind. Then I hear the thump thump thump of heavy dog footfalls. Uh oh, unless Tag or Puck have come back it can only be one thing! Soda Pup! Did he manage to escape his crate and actually take himself out to the toilet? If so I’m very impressed with just how clever he is. I just ho
  4. And maybe so and so, as in YOU NAUGHTY LITTLE SO AND SO!
  5. I really appreciate all the name suggestions. Some of them I’d thought of as well, they’re all really good. I tried a few on him and many more that weren’t mentioned here and nothing stuck. I’m going to call him Soda. As in Creamy Soda, or in his case, sometimes, Screaming Soda.
  6. Poor little fella got stung on the toe by a bee. Poor bee too. I put puppy’s paw in cold water, then rubbed an ice block all over it but nothing eased the pain so I eventually gave him a tiny bit of polaramine. It says I could give him half a tablet but I used much less. It seems to have given him relief though.
  7. That’s interesting, I’ve only heard it as Sirocco, and funnily enough, I named one of Penny’s puppies Sirocco, I also had Zephyr, Mistral, Hurricane, Whirlwind and Cyclone.
  8. Thank you for sharing in my happiness. And keep the names coming! I’m loving them but not sure if any will stick.
  9. I have some very happy news. After being whippetless for almost a year I have at last welcomed a beautiful cream whippet puppy into our pack. For those who don’t know, cream isn’t fawn. I first saw cream whippets almost 40 years ago and have been looking for them ever since. This lovely puppy is the first pedigree cream I’ve ever seen in Australia and as soon as I saw him my eyes almost popped out of my head and I asked to buy him. He’s one of the sweetest softest cuddliest puppy I’ve had. His breeder has done a fabulous job of raising him. I couldn’t be happier. I am working on a n
  10. I’ve heard that since there’s little air travel at the moment it’s not as straight forward to get a puppy flown down. Anyone have any details in this crazy Covid climate?
  11. My first thought was a kelpie. hey have you still got that hare? I suppose it might’ve died from old age by now, it was a while back.
  12. Redbubble used to. Not sure if they still do.
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